Caylee Anthony’s Autopsy Photos May Shock Cindy, George, and Lee To Finally Stop Defending Casey

The prosecution team has just filed a motion to include images which  have been under seal because they show Caylee Anthony’s remains.

When a jury sees these photos and puts two and two together, Casey will no doubt be sentenced to death (unless of course there is a someone on the jury who will be the lone holdout because they have a crush on her).

That is the only thing that concerns me greatly and makes me wish I was doing the jury selection for the prosecution so this would never happen.

If Cindy sees the autopsy photos of Caylee,  maybe she will stop making a fool of herself and stop saying that she thinks Caylee is still alive.

These graphic photos will give her the reality check she so desperately needs. They may  help her to get in touch with her real feelings towards Casey and out of denial.

She will no doubt hate Casey for getting back at her by killing Caylee so that she couldn’t have Caylee.  While Cindy  should hate herself for pushing her aberrant daughter over the edge by saying I will throw you out and keep Caylee, she is too narcissistic and controlling and self-absorbed to be that introspective in my view.

Like Casey, Cindy  has shown that she loves all the media attention and has tries to manipulate it to her end since day one.

The photos may  also  shock her into reality in terms of her  being such a “stubborn mule”  and not trying to locate her allegedly beloved Caylee.   Cindy  had never been away from Cayleee for that long- 31 days But to show Casey a thing or two, Cindy’s  pride got in the way. She refused to try and contact Casey,  thinking that it is Casey who needs to come crawling back home and apologize , not Cindy.

Well Casey did come back home  31 days later,  without Caylee. If Cindy had not been so stuck on being prideful and stubborn,  perhaps Caylee might still be alive.

George needs to see the autopsy photos to stop defending Casey and realize what a she devil he spawned or created, especially if he sexually molested her, as Casey  has repeatedly claimed.

If he sexually molested Casey or Caylee for that matter,  he needs to rot in hell. He needs to never show his face in the courtroom unless he is the defendant for his alleged egregious acts.

If  he did not molest Casey as she said, then these photos will shake him up so much that he will see how evil Casey is and how she has no soul.

He will see that she coldly killed her baby and coldly accused her own father of molesting her, especially  if it is not true. That is when he should never show up in court except to on the  last day to hear the words” Guilty” and “Sentenced to Death by Lethal Injection or Electric Chair.

Whether or not he molested her, those explicit photos will shake him to the bone in terms of  how he non- parented Casey, and let her get away with so much. Casey’s words “Act like a father for the first time in your life” will resonate loudly when she sees those autopsy photos.

Lee needs to see the photos  as well. He needs to see what CMA, the sister he loves so much in every way did to an innocent soul. He needs to get that he can’t play two sides of the fence and coöperate with Law enforcement for his own selfish needs to become a PI and then sit in a courtroom and inappropriately mouth the words” I love you, like some star-crossed lover.

If he  actually molested Casey  as she said  on numerous occasions. he needs to see how his actions contributed to her deviant actions.

And of course Casey needs to see it. These images need to be etched into her brain forever. She needs to see what she  allegedly did  to this innocent baby.She needs to see the actual fruits of her labor.

When Casey  last saw Caylee, Caylee has skin on her body and was a whole intact person. She also last saw Caylee with duct tape over her nose and mouth.

Now Casey can see how Caylee’s body morphed into bones and a skull with hair with the  duct tape over what used to be Caylee’s nose and mouth, but are now only bones.

Of course Casey  will cry,  but not for Caylee.  Instead, she will cry because she got busted and is now in big trouble. She will cry because of what Caylee did to her by messing up her life and being born in the first place.

Caylee will never accept responsibility for Caylee’s death. A sociopath she can only blame others and can never look at themselves. They are not capable of feeling remorse or guilt.

We will no doubt see some crocodile tears or a look of anger when Casey views Caylee’s remains.But rest assured that we will never see remorse, or genuine emotion for anyone other than Casey.


170 thoughts on “Caylee Anthony’s Autopsy Photos May Shock Cindy, George, and Lee To Finally Stop Defending Casey

  1. I believe that your analysis of the Anthony reactions to the autopsy photos is right. However, no doubt all of them will hang their heads down, and ignore them, similar to ignoring little Caylee’s demise in lieu of defending Caylee’s murderer.

  2. DNA testing was done over 2 years ago and determined that neither Lee nor George is the father of Caylee…..Why would you post this and say otherwise?

    1. I would post this otherwise becuase just a few months ago they found new research – that an incestuous union does not requite DNA analyses. Please read the link I provided that appeared in USA Today as it will firther explain this to you.

      1. Dr. Glass, I have to respectfully disagree with this assumption that because there are new techniques to show a person was born of insets that Caylee should again be speculated to be such a child. Caylee had DNA alleles that NONE of the Anthony’s had. Not George, not Cindy, not Lee, not Casey. These “foreign” alleles clearly came from a non-family father. Period. That new test can only be useful for cases where insets could NOT be ruled out before. Caylee was never such a case.

        I obtained my data from this blog compiled from released discovery:

        I may be off on this but I believe that I read that it was Cindy who named Caylee and yes, she used the names of her children (I’m speculated that she fancies them since she used them herself).

      2. I understand what you are saying Dr. Glass but please tell me how Caylee had gene’s that she could not have received from Casey (because Casey didn’t have them) and therefore she got from her father but neither George nor Lee has them to give them to her either. Are all these gene’s sudden mutations? The above link shows 4 genes that George did not have and 3 that Lee did not have that Caylee had to have received from her father (and that’s a sample of only 7 gene sets out of thousands so how many more did George nor Lee not have?)

        I understand that incests is a creepy topic. Personally I think that Casey was lying in her letters about George and Lee molesting her (though I wouldn’t doubt a consensual relationship between Casey and Lee). Even still, seeing listed alleles of the 7 gene’s stated proved to me that it is impossible for Caylee to have been fathered by either George or Lee. They just don’t have the gene’s to contribute to Caylee’s gene makeup.

      3. hey she didn’t say they had sex with her she said they touched her breast no DNA left from that maybe finger prints if she turned them in at the time.But hey whats the diff they all said she was a hoe . oh but Bozo he said she was a slut and a liar

    2. Because she can in her professional view.

      You can take from it what you perceive.

      If Cindy and George set up a non profit organization in Caley Maries name .

      Cindy admits to Casey in jail written letters she nows Caley is dead.

      Cindy then goes on national t.v. claiming Caley is alive how would you perceive this.

      Why can she discuss Caley is dead with Casey in a letter but claim she is alive to public .

      Someone has a serious lieing problem and George sitting next to her the whole time.

      The whole family has serious issues and feels it’s o.k.

      George acts like he is so inocent walking right next to his wife and following along .

      Please ! Big Liars no wonder this girl is not right in the head.

      1. Amen!!!! Thank god someone agress with me! The whole family is lying and knows the truth! They should all be blamed and all be on trial!

    3. I think the test where sealed and they mentioned Lee was not the father .

      I don’t think it a incest child , but I don’t think Casey knows who the father is .

      Casey was a wild party girl , so who knows ?

      All that mattters is there is justice for a murdered child.

      A child that was decomposing in the pontiac trunk while Casey drove around creating a new life for herself.

      Sand though no guy ever wanted her for a real relationship except Jessie grund.

      To everyone else she was free sex and free beer and food.

      Let’s not leave out free housekeeper as well.

      She was otherwise known as free booty call on wheels.

  3. Dr. Glass please go on HLN and explain to Vinny, Jane, and Nancy that the so called “loving video” of Casey playing with Caylee actually shows Caylee pushing away from Casey. Caylee grabs at Casey’s nose, kicks her in the throat, and constantly looks around for an escape route. I’m just a lay person but even I can tell Caylee is not interacting emotionally with Casey.
    Also very early on in the investigation there was a rumor that Casey had inappropriately photographed Caylee and was possibly selling these photos on the internet. It seems like this evidence may have been sealed very quickly. If this is the truth and the photos/videos are shown at trial I think it would do alot towards changing Cindy & George’s minds. I believe it may be true because I have seen the one disgusting video of Casey filming under Caylee’s high chair. In my opinion Casey only viewed Caylee as a liability and if she could turn her into an asset by selling pedophilic pictures she would do it. Thanks for the very intelligent analysis you do for us.

      1. Casey Anthony – aka amyjohnson5048, the only person who could write something like this is YOU – a year after the trial involving the baby most people feel YOU killed.

  4. Dr. Glass, Wish you would volunteer to help the State with jury selection. Caylee needs you. It would be your good deed of a lifetime.

  5. If the autopsy photos are shown to jurors during the trial, will they be available to the public after the trial is over?

      1. What I meant to say was, currently, I don’t think the public can see the photos on the internet or anywhere else. After the trial, don’t they become public domain and then they can be seen by anyone? Didn’t the judge order them sealed until the trial at the Anthony’s request so we can’t see them using the FOIA until they’ve been viewed at trial?

  6. I don’t believe we will be seeing those autopsy photos. IIRC, photos like that are usually shielded from public view out of respect for the victim and their family.

    I would desire that those photos would shake the Anthony clan into reality but I fear we will see just how cold their hearts are. I couldn’t trust tears shed by any of them upon seeing these photos. All of them are too narcissistic. So sad.

  7. I agree with Tuscany. Even though there is new testing now it’s already been established in this case that Caylee’s father is not George or Lee. And I disagree with you that Cindy should feel guilty for what Casey did to Caylee. Cindy should feel guilty for trying to cover for her lowlife daughter but that’s all.

  8. I thought some kind of law was passed in Florida to prevent autopsy photographs from appearing on the Internet, after profiteers attempted to show pictures of Dale Earnhardt after his fatal crash at the Daytona 500. That said, I still wholeheartedly think the jury should see them in Caylee’s murder case.

    Regarding the lying grandparents, wanna bet they storm out of the court room for effect when the pictures are shown? Narcissists LOVE drama and are never wrong, and no amount of factual evidence is going to make Cindy Anthony take her share of responsibility for what happened or admit the truth. Poor Caylee never stood a chance in that family.

    Pretty fascinating about the new DNA testing. Did anyone ever notice how huge Lee Anthony’s eyes are in that picture above? Hmmmmm…….

    1. I didn’t realize there was a law like that…that would make sense.

      Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but if you look at a picture of Caylee and George side by side, both looking straight on, they have the EXACT same nose! I’ve never thought Caylee looked anything like Casey, but there are some resemblances to George in some photos I’ve seen.

      1. The genes that shaped Caylee’s nose, even to resemble George’s nose rather than Casey’s, could have come from genes passed on by Casey, and would simply be a physical characteristic passed on from one of Caylee’s ancestors. That said, I should also state here that I cannot see a resemblance between Caylee’s nose and anybody’s nose.

  9. I think Lee is a huge creeper and possibly more shady than Cindy. JMO

    And I totally agree that we’ll probably see a lot of drama queen behavior, especially from Cindy

  10. You sound like a angry fool and mad at the world. How do you sleep at nite spewing things about a family who has been through hell and back. You think you have all the answers about this case when infact you sound like a angry obcessed jerk talking about things you think you know. Try waiting till trial and let the jury do their job.You may be surprised to learn a few things that you have no clue about. I see it in your writing the natural high you get tearing the Anthonys down. Glad I have a life.Hope you can get one.

    1. Your comment sounds like someone from the Anthony clan defending Casey, claiming personbal knowledge of what took place. What exactly do YOU know that would surprise everyone to learn a afew things that they have no clue aboutl. How come you have these clues? Are you involved in the child’s murder or are you a part of Casey’s legal team to defend her?
      As far as been angry- yes I am angry at a baby being murdered and all the lies and deceptiona nd wild goose chases by Casey and the lies media manipulation by her family. As far as being a fool, I am no fool but an educated and experienced and seasoned professional who says it like it ois from my vantagepoint. The family created their own hell by raising an entitled lying daughter with no bondaries.
      As a jury consultant I have added insight as to what juries like and don;t like and I can assure you that they will not like what they see int his case.
      As far as getting a natural high by tearing the Anthony’s down, you are grossly mistaken, There is no high here in seeing and hearing lies, deception and a dead baby who was tortured and murdered and smothered to death with duct tape over her nose and mouth.
      As far as geting a life, I have a very rich and productive one for whoich I am grateful. As far as youa re concerned your post speaks volumes about you and who you are.

      1. How can you work as a jury consultant, if you yourself convict people before they’re tried under the law? You are a menace.

      2. Give me a break with your ignorant and nasty comment Cindy. You are the menace for writing such a ridiculous comment. I am weighing in on Casey Anthony’s body language and behaviors, NOT picking a jury here.,And by the way, if I feel that a client is guilty, I will NEVER work as a jury consultant for them and pick a jury for them. I do have a great deal of integrity! I pick and chose cases I believe in.

      3. Dr. Glass, I think every thing you said is true and naysayer’s will soon see. You don’t need to have a PHD to figure that out!!

    2. The Anthony family sure has gone through Hell and back…..but mostly from their own doing. Their actions have brought a world of criticism down upon their heads, and it is much deserved criticism.

    3. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, the Anthonys paved the way to hell with bad intentions – lying to LE, replacing evidence, cleaning up evidence, of the murder of their grandchild.

      They deserve no respect or consideration.

      Personally, I don’t think George or Lee is the biological father of Caylee. I believe it was a one-night stand and the father will remain an unknown. JMO.

    4. Who do you think you are to call someone so great like Dr Glass or anyone else a fool or a jerk? Are you more educated than anyone? It’s very easy to hide behind the monitor and type bad things to people – this means you’re just a coward, but why not try to battle against us – the fans of Dr Glass – we’ll kick your a** in person! Poor you! Then you won’t be able to even type such gross things to anyone!

  11. Thank you once again Dr. Glass…

    CA knew what Caylee was reduced to, skeltal remains, that didn’t shake her, did it? What she does need to see are the photos that depict the duct tape over Caylee’s airways, that might do it for the entire family…however, this Caylee is alive nonsense is all in an effort to save the prisoner from certain death…too bad she didn’t demand the prisoner tell the truth but truth is not in that family…
    Since no cause of death can be determined, even if it’s an inferred opinion with the jurors, they might opt for LWOP…which is okay since it will prevent this prisoner from having another baby…Caylee was not a wanted child, it was forced on the prisoner to keep that child…too bad the grandparents didn’t try for custody…they knew the prisoner didn’t work but they allowed her to continue down that path of decietful behavior. Poor Caylee, did she ever have a chance…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee is just 27 days away when a jury is presented and panelled and then on to getting real justice for Caylee. I always wondered who will give a victims impact statement on behalf of Caylee Marie, the victim..JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

  12. Dr Glass, you have out done yourself… Thanks.. you are so much appreciated in alot of blogs that follow this case…Thanks again,, stay in there with this case.. please..

  13. This is purely my opinion only, but I think there is nothing that will ever “shock” Cindy Anthony enough to ever stop defending Casey. I think Cindy’s stance goes far beyond defending or covering up for Casey. I’m no professional, but I think Cindy will forever defend and cover-up for HERSELF. Because she seems to me to be one of those people (we all know at least one!) who are never wrong. Even when they know they are wrong, and they know that you know they are wrong, they will never admit to being wrong, and continue on. For Cindy to stop defending Casey, it would mean that Cindy would have to stop defending herself as well. JMO.

  14. Kitt, good points,, I think you are right… cindy actually is defending herself when she defends casey… But, you know, it really won’t matter in the end… casey has killed her child, and cindy has destroyed evidence and covered up for casey … There are NO words.

    These people defy description..

  15. I don’t know how you can possibly insinuate that Lee is the father when DNA tests have proved that neither he n’or George could possible be the father. They were excluded period.

    I also have great concerns that you are insinuating the George or Lee molested Casey when she is a known liar and did not even bring up these accusations until she had been in jail for a long period and came to realize she was truly facing the death penalty. I am a victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of a family member and nothing in my make up would ever ever have caused me to harm my child – who incidentally is now a responsible grow-up.

    In my opinion this post is irresponsible for a person of your qualifications.

    1. I completely agree with you Carol I know abuse effects people differently but what mother would even allow her child to live in the home where that supposedly happened Its just absurd & heatbreaking

  16. I also believe Kitt, Cindy is defending her bad parenting by supporting Casey. My mother is a narcissist and image was everything this woman may secretly despise Casey for putting her reputation on the line, but defend her to cover herself. Also Cindy has no clue that she looks worse and is transparent anyone can see through her

  17. Carol, you are misinformed. The defendant told people her brother had molested her long before she was ever charged with the heinous crime of murdering her beautiful daughter. She threw in she was pretty sure her father may have also molested her but she wasn’t positive after her arrest to her jail house buddy Muffin or Cookie, or whatever her term of endearment was. How can anyone believe a word out of the woman’s mouth? I’m doubtful of any tales of incest that comes out of her mouth, but there is something odd in the family dynamic so who knows what the story really is.

    And whoever pointed out Caylee Anthony looks like her grandfather George Anthony, well duh! She has his genes FGS. I’m the spitting image of my maternal grandmother and look nothing like either of my parents. I’ve got old black and white photos of my grandmother from when she was a young woman of 20 and you’d think it was me when I was the same age.

    1. Yes, Terrytsk! The comments about the facial similarities that ppl have made. Exactly as you said….”Duh!” To that, I say “Ditto!”

  18. Yes the family dynamic is very sketchy they seem like a selfish bunch with an image to uphold. No doubt with this case aside they have secrets whether it is sexual molestation or multiple affairs they have grown covering for another. They remind me of those people ya know it dont matter how much coke ya snort or who ya screw as long as you iron your clothes in the morning and put on a good face.

  19. Great article Dr. Glass. We can only hope the autopsy pictures bring them to their senses.

    I’m trying not spend too much time anymore anticipating that the Anthonys will see the light. Each time something happened that would give them a true wake-up call, it failed.

    The poster who said you got a high from tearing them down has no idea what they’re talking about. It’s actually hard to watch them, my jaw always drops at their shenanigans. It’s tragic and so, so sad that none of them seem to be on Caylee’s side.

  20. Mariann- THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone sees it- why are ppl so blind- caylee is expressing disorganized insecure attachment behavior- this is not a healthy mother-daughter relationship- this is a passive aggressive- ready to explode (grounds for premeditation) bad relationship- caylee was fixing to do casey in- and casey had to do her in first or give up her claim of control of her parents (and getting the house- which was the goal in the first place).

  21. one more thing- I’ll eat my hat if caylee is not a product of incest- I have worked in the child sexual abuse filed for 30-years and even tho i don’t KNOW- i KNOW- not doubt about it.

  22. Last post promise- while I’m here- I must tell Dr. Glass how amazing she is- and a hoot-to-boot! I appreciate your straight forward, honest, unpretentious reactions and reporting- you’re a breath of fresh air!

  23. I remember when LP stated on Nancy Grace…..”it is being kept under a gag order, so people won’t find out what they will find out at trial”. This case is not Rocket Science people.

  24. Thanks TerrySk I have lived with a narcissist and a co narscissist for twenty years, and Cindy screams it. Narcissist believe there children are a reflection of them(often stated by one) so an attack on Casey would be an attack on her. Here are some interesting things, Cindy had her talons in Caylee,named her after her children. She wanted control of the child but not provide for its emotional well being. She like Casey may have used Caylee as a conversation peice something to boast her image nothing more. I may be going on a limb but I can tell you first hand living with a N will make you very numb emotionally so Casey may either been a product of enviroment or genetically a sociopath or both.

  25. Thanks TerrySk I have lived with a narcissist and a co narscissist for twenty years.Narcissist believe there children are a reflection of them(often stated by one) so an attack on Casey would be an attack on her. Here are some interesting things, Cindy had her talons in Caylee,named her after her children. She wanted control of the child but not provide for its emotional well being. She like Casey may have used Caylee as a conversation peice something to boast her image nothing more. I may be going on a limb but I can tell you first hand living with a N will make you very numb emotionally so Casey may either been a product of enviroment or genetically a sociopath or both.

  26. Dr. Glass, thank you for being giving, and sharing your insights and knowledge with us.

    I find it so strange that Caylee has a father somewhere, who may not even know he was a father. Is there any sort of law or procedure or something that would require the coroner’s office to try to determine Caylee’s father and notify him of her death?

  27. Dr. Glass, while I respect what you do, I have to say that suggesting that Lee or George is Caylee’s father is ridiculous. Casey is a LIAR and everyone knows that. When she accuses her father or brother of molesting her she’s only digging deep to find any kind of a defense for herself. She killed Caylee and everyone knows it! And yes, Cindy named Caylee after her own two children. I pray to God that the jury will see through any kind of “defense” that her team comes up with and sentenced that evil person to DEATH….and to Suzanne, why in Hell would you want to see autopsy photos of Caylee Anthony? That is just sick!

    1. I never said or suggested that Lee or George were the father. I merely asked a question based on the new DNA type testing that can tell incest unions. Who knows what is true when it comes to Casey. the one thing that is true is that her family set very little boundaries with her and this is the result.

    2. Why did Cindy name Caylee? Why didnt Casey name Caylee? That is the beginning of the problem. Cindy was too invasive and controlling and by the same token wanted Casey to be a good mother and in charge . She can;t have it both ways.

  28. Whether Casey, Cindy, George or Lee had anything to do with this child’s death…is not in question! They were privileged to have the right to be responsible for her safety, health and well being. They ALL are responsible and failed this poor, innocent baby in life and their failure continues in her death. If my son were to have done the things to my granddaughter, that Casey did or didn’t do for Caylee…he’d be worried about MY condemnation, not the justice system. The difference is…he’ll be the first to tell you that and my granddaughter will be entering high school in the fall! They all should be ashamed to look in the mirror…but Casey, as late as this afternoon, made sure the her blouse was open as far as possible the second she sat at the defense table today. Once more, her quest to try and seduce and deceive is evident. Her day of reckoning isn’t far away…thank god, the death penalty exists in Florida. It will be well used in this case.

  29. I agree with you Dr. Glass. I feel this is a sociopathic famly. Cindy A. has the coldest demeanor and George is a supreme sociopath!

  30. amen to all you said. I just hope she gets what she deserves. I realize that is not christian thing to say but this baby deserved better than her or her parents. I pray God has given her peace in heaven for a precious angel.

  31. Dr. Glass,

    Isn’t the Anthony family in basic denial? They are sickening to the max. Whenever I hear Nancy Grace talk about feeling sorry for these parents, George and Cindy, I just want to gag. Their daughter should have known better. That sweet baby didn’t have a chance in that family.

    1. I have NEVER felt sorry for these parents. They are a huge part of Casey;s problem in my view. None of this would have happened if Cindy wouldn
      t have kicked Casey out and said ” Im throwing you out and keeping Caylee. She knew Casey had issues, Casey was desperate and here we are in a death penalty trial.

      1. So,Dr. Glass you’re saying it’s Cindy’s fault that Caylee is dead!!! Are you for real? So Cindy and George should just have continued to put up with Casey’s crap and all her lies!!! NO, they were acting like parents!! Casey’s #1 priority was HER and HER alone. So of course Cindy wasn’t going to let Casey put Caylee in harm’s way and possibly let something happen to her!! Oh wait, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!!! Casey killed Caylee, i believe, for 2 reasons. (1) because she didn’t want the responsibility anymore and (2) she’d rather kill her than give her up to Cindy. She wanted to get revenge on her mother for calling her a “bad mother” and here we are in a death penalty trial!!!

  32. If Caylees Biological father knew he was the father of caseys child, and told anyone before he “Died” You can bet they would come forward to sell thier story. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE.

    1. Something is wrong here, you are right. Casey has shown that she has had so many sleep over dates!!! She even had Jesse grund think he was the father of Caylee till DNA testing proved different.
      I think Caylee’s father was a shot in the dark. All the men who knew they slept with Casey at the time of conception should step up & volunteer their dna.

  33. All the “stuff” that Caylee had was provided by the working family members. Casey did not work! Grandparents dote on grandbabies, and you see all the stuff they had for Caylee. The new laws made it impossible for grandparents to get custody of or protect their grandchildren! Parental rights over-ride all others. Sad as it was, the family was doing what they could…yes, Casey “fixed” Cindy good..out of anger and out of spite! I feel sorry for Cindy, George and Lee, as they will have this haunt them for the rest of their lives…..all of us are screwed up some or a lot….

  34. I believe Jesus Otriz I think thats how its spelled is Caylee bio dad, he was killed in 2007 still has my space page and it use to have hellos and love yous to Caylee and from Casey and caylee, they seem to be gone, I would bet anything thats her dad but his parents hasnt tried to find out.
    Not at first but sfter she found out-Cindy had a big part in this. Lee is a sick’o and George is weak yes but he’s shady as well.

  35. I just don’t understand how a mother could do this My daughter just turned 4 & if she falls off her princess bike I run to her No mother or atleast one that cared would not call police if a drowning occured Nomatter what the circumstance! Or get a tattoo after “Bella Vita” (good life) Sick

  36. I have been watching the trial..Im very shocked over the defense stating Caylee drowned in their pool..why the duct tape? If it was an accident wouldn’t she have any sympathy for her daughter?..I also looked at some photos Casey had of Caylee on her photobucket account..some pics had red hearts she put on there …heart on duct tape? Hmmm.. makes you wonder..This woman wanted to party and didn’t want to be bothered with a sick..RIP Caylee..may justice come to you.

    1. I personally think they are all just insane, I have been watching the trial for a few days now.. the father just gives me the creeps. I wondered myself about the drowning in the pool and the duct tape, makes no since whatsoever. I have a theroy that CA was just a …. slut ? for lack of better word. I looked at all the photo bucket pics. I believe she was drunk/high or both one night and wanted to keep poor little Caylee quite, and everything went over board. I think her dad is just covering for her cause he found out about the murder,if it were intentional or not. Everything about this is wrong, you don’t drug your kids so you can get laid! And you sure as hell don’t cover for them when they have commited a crime!

      1. I agree. I think George knows what happened and is covering for Casey. I have a feeling that the bombshell will be dropped in short order. Someone’s conscience is going to come forth with the truth – JMO

      2. There is no way in HELL that George Anthony had anything to do with this murder! He loved that little girl way too much (as any grandparent does). He would never have left her body out in that weather and let animals eat away at her! NO WAY!! Why is it so hard to believe that Casey did this all on her own? She’s NOT stupid, she’s just a patholigical liar!!!

  37. It breaks my heart to hear and see this! What kind of Monster would do this to anyone, especially their own child! I have a 4 year old little girl, She is my world. As a parent you want to protect and make your kids happy. That Poor little girl, what did she go through! I am balling my eyes out just thinking about it. I read it a statement that they found Fabric Lettering that appeared to say ” Big” & “Trouble” with the remains of a toddler. If you scroll up to the picture with her mother playing guitar, Little Caylee is wearing a shirt that appears to say “Big” & “Trouble” . There is no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony did this to her daughter. she should be sentenced to death. RIP Sweet, Sweet Angel. You are safe now.

  38. I have been following this case, and have notice the behavior of George, Casey’s father, is very evident that he gets upset or anxious, when he is questioned. You just see fear in him, afraid of been point at, for the death of his grandaughter. What is Casey hiding and why?

  39. Nicole, you took the words right out of my mouth. I am a law student and have followed many cases. I have never seen anyone quite like her. The lies and absolute disregard for her daughter makes me physically ill. I absolutely cannot understand her actions. To add insult to injury, she blames her dad saying he molested her and helped her cover up an accidental drowning. If you listen to her jailhouse videos, Casey tells her dad how wonderful of a father and a grandfather he has always been. The most sickening aspect of those videos is that she is constantly saying she knows Caylee is “coming home” and she “misses her so much”, all the while she knows she is already deceased. Casey is torturing her parents by giving them hope. A reasonable person would not entertain Casey’s accusations considering the plethora of lies she has spued from day one. Casey Anthony and her crocodile tears should be put to death. I believe there is a special place reserved in Hell for people such as Casey Anthony. Justice will be had whether it’s here on Earth remains yet to be seen.

  40. wow the lies… the audio of the police questioning her at universal makes me cringe.. . She TALKED to Caylee?!? wow.. I would be so scared and embarrassed if I were her..
    I don’t know how she didn’t crack in that interview.. I would have been terrified.. it just got scarier and scarier..
    poor Caylee..
    i feel bad for George and Cindy.. they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.. in one hand, it’s their grand daughter.. in the other it’s their daughter.. that’s got to be hard to deal with.. and they will more than likely lose both.. . Cindy on the stand seemed very very genuine to me. especially when she asked for a break.. she looked like she was ready to pass out..
    Casey has torn that entire family apart.. completely..
    If Caylee drown whats with the duct tape.. so many holes in the defenses story.. if she drown why not just call 911, and mourn her properly.. give her a proper burial and let her rest.. why throw her away…

  41. i believe wholeheartedly that casey is guilty, but where is ur professional analysis? ur blog reads like a vigilante. EVERYONE is guility acording to you!! if casey did this then her family all need to take thier part of caylee’s death? where the hell did u go to school? so innapropriate of u to rant about this with a scatter gun approach!! cindy was making a fool out of herself for desperatly beliving till the very end that her granddaughter was alive and her daughter could never harm her?? how dare a grandmother belive that!! Caylee might be alive if cindy ran after her daughter when she was acting like a brat? dont professionals usually tell paretns not to enable thier children? its cindys fault caylee is dead cos she finally put in some boundaries with her daughter?
    i have worked with sex abuse surviviors for years. no excuses. she has shown no evidence of the defence theory, but arent u all in a tizzy over it!!
    u wanna pick jurors so they are swayed in the manner you want? u are the juror u claim to have contempt for!! despite ur claims, u appear to be sitting on the fence and beliveing Casey’s crap.

    1. You Amanada need to re- read this blog as we are in agreement for the most part .Casey’s parents have enables her and play a role in why she is the way she is. Look at the jailhose tapes to see how they enable her. They gave the police the wrong haribrush and when there were physcial remains Cindy kept looking for Caylee and Zanny. tWhen you look at the dymanics of Casey and her parents, they walk on eggshells around her. her. As far as her being sexually abused you have not interviwed Casey nor have you seen her records, Only she and George know for sure. Something happend to make her this messed up. She may have been born this way but there may have also been an environmental influence like a apossible sex abuse. I only want a juror who is fair and who can look at thing objectively, I have no contempt for jurors whatesoever as you mistakenly state. Unlike in other countries, in the US, we need ALL the information before we decide if someone is innocent or guilty.

  42. First of all I think people who post on here need to learn how to spell. I feel sorry for everyone involved in this sad situation.No one will ever know what really happened,except God. We need to leave judgement for him since he is the only One worthy of such judgement. Casey apparently has problems that she needs to get help for. Everyone please pray for this family,Caylee is already in Gods hands. As for the parents, they have lost a precious grandchild, no amount of blame could possibly amount to the blame im sure they feel already,and the unbearable thought that they could have done more to save this beautiful child.They will live with this horrible pain and blame their entire lives. God says sin is sin,and each little sin we commit every day of our lives is no worse than the big ones. God will take care of this in His way and in His own time. God bless you all..

    1. Shouldn’t you let God judge the bad spellers?

      BTW, how do you obey God’s admonition to discern, i.e., judge, evil and expose it? Oh my! With your thinking we should get rid of the court system because only God can judge who is a person who does evil.

  43. I am sick to death of everyone always saying how guilty Casey is! BREAKING NEWS: You weren’t there!! What happen to innocent until proven guilty?! And not by the single sided media and every person who “thinks” they know it all because they’ve watched Casey on t.v or heard the bias media!! I know Casey lied but to assume she lies about everything is absurd and untrue! Her reactions to the accident weren’t normal by most standards but everyone reacts differently to different situations for many reasons. Although it’s not that uncommon to drink away sorrows, surround yourself with friend’s or “try” to go on with your life normally while putting on your strong/happy face and even denial is fairly common. I wish everyone would stop judging Casey for everything and anything she says or doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do, if she doesn’t cry she’s a cold hearted killer and if she does it’s said she’s crying for herself or the camera, seriously stop judging Casey Anthony! She was a good mother to Caylee and everyone who knows her knows this but yet those who don’t are quick to say she wasn’t when they don’t know! She loves Caylee and would give anything to have her back but yet no one could possibly believe that because she lied to her parent’s and then to police and this may shock everyone but that does happen when your scared like she was and is! Look for the evidence and Support Casey Anthony because you don’t know everything!!

    1. “Friend to Casey”, oh boy oh boy, where do I start. First of all, are you actually watching this trial? I paid very little attention to the story prior to the trial starting and have watched every moment since the opening statements so I have not been exposed to all of the supposed “bias” media as you claim, just the trial. I think she is guilty as hell. What is more likely? That everyone else is a victim of bias due to the media or you are a victim of bias and apparently ignorance because you have some emotional attachment to Casey Anthony? I’m betting on the latter. Her explanation of events makes absolutely no sense and the evidence is mounting and mounting one piece at a time. I hate to tell you this but she did it! Whether by accident or intent, Casey Anthony is responsible for her daughter’s death. Poor Jose Biez has the unenviable task of trying to explain away dozens of incriminating statements, circumstances, and pieces of evidence. It doesn’t pass the smell test, none of it. Wake up, Casey Anthony is a murderer and very likely will be convicted of it. I wonder if you’ll still be living in that fantasy land after the conviction. She’s guilty, crawl out of denial and join the real world.

      1. Oh Ryan K!!!! I could not have said it better!!! “Friend of Casey” is in DENIAL!!! Of course she was a “good mom” in front of her friends and family!!!! But obviously there were other secrets going on like, who the hell was watching Caylee when Cindy was at work and Casey was out partying? HMMMMMM? could it have been Zanny AKA Xanax!!! in the trunk!!! Casey is a sick sick sick person and deserves to be punished for her crimes. Prison will be her personal hell for the rest of her life!!!

    2. Hey friend to Casey.Why are you friends with her and what do you believe happened? You are like one of those people that marries a serial killer. I don’t understand people like you….You talk about innocent until proven guilty well I have been watching the trial and guess what…I feel she has been proven guilty. Caylee is the innocent one who wasn’t protected and people like me are the voice for Caylee not Casey. Whether she was abused or not has nothing to do with murdering your child.I can’t believe you want us to believe everything she says is a lie EXCEPT that she didn’t kill her daughter.You have all this compassion for Casey but not for all the people writing about how horrible it is that this evil witch killed a little baby. FROM FRIEND OF CAYLEE.

  44. What happened to personal responsibility? Why is it Casey’s family’s fault if she did this? Some people would pray to have an over-bearing mother that loved them and took care of their child day in and day out. Many would also pray to have a father, whether slightly emotionally uninvolved or not, to take care of them and their family. Matter-of-fact, if you take a poll, I would bet that the majority of people would say their father’s were not that emotionally involved in their upbringing. Not uncommon. CASEY got pregnant before she was emotionally responsible and in a committed, healthy relationship. CASEY got her parents so involved in the raising of her child because she didn’t grow up and move out… get a freaking job… rent an apt… do what the rest of us adults do. CASEY lied about everyone and everything she did. CASEY didn’t report her child missing, dead or whatever. CASEY (allegedly) murdered her child and threw away the body. This is not her dad’s fault for not being a perfect father. This is not her mother’s fault for being overly involved and stubborn. Caylee was CASEY’S responsibility…. and regardless of how she actually died…. CASEY failed her. And as far as the sexual abuse accusations, I see them as nothing more than another lie to help her get out of this. Watch those jailhouse videos, read their letters… read the letter she wrote to her little jailhouse buddy when she said she “thinks” her day may have because she was having dreams… not that she remembered, but that she dreamt it. If having the dreams wasn’t a lie! Have you ever dreamt of something weird or crazy that was in no way fact???

  45. No wonder Caylee had separation issues with Casey. They say she screamed and cried when Casey left her. The poor child was having separation anxiety because her mom was drugging her to sleep and putting her in the trunk of the car. She probably was in fear of being left alone in the trunk. Something horrible happened to that Poor Child.

    Casey thinks she can charm the american public but we are not as naive as her family. She is selfish, self centered, pathalogical, desparate!

  46. I just realized that in virtually ALL of the photo’s of Caylee taken in the last weeks of her life where Casey is also in the picture she is wearing the shirt that they found when they recovered her body. WOW, I understand that Jose is only doing his job but I do not understand how he can honestly believe that the defense he proposed to the Jury in opening statements is going to fly. Did he not review the evidence prior to the first day of court?

  47. In our hearts you will be George, Cindy, Lee and our dearest…. CAYLEE we Know that none of you hurt Your beautiful baby Granddaughter We all know That you 3 are not guilty It is That no good piece of Trash CASEY shes nothing but a lier she has to lie about all this stuff to try and get out of trouble if i was you all i would call in a phsycic thats what i would do thats where you can prove all the facts and to prove that you are the most awsome grandparents that Caylee Ever had I hope and Pray that one day you all can get a closer on things but things i know wont be the same without that beautiful smiling baby girl…. I wish you 3 the best our thoughts hearts and prayer are going to yal.. Love always Bobbie Thurman From Lindsay, Oklahoma My # is 405-323-5817 God bless you 3 we will follow out and keep watching the trial and praying each day at a time for the 3 of you

  48. Dr. Glass, unfortunately I believe you have this all wrong. Nobody gains from blaming George, Cindy, or Lee for Casey’s actions. Let’s keep in mind that Casey is the one that evaded her parents, lied repeatedly and never reported her daughter missing. In addition I think it is very likely she killed her daughter. To blame her family is absurd. Casey is an adult and is responsible for her actions. I believe her family is in an incredibly difficult position and I am amazed they haven’t completely disowned Casey yet but I do not believe anyone but Casey deserves the blame for Caylee’s death. As far as the allegations of sexual abuse go; it is clear that Casey Anthony is a liar and she has absolutely no credibility. I have no idea why anyone would give her claims any validity. She will say and do anything she can to try to get out of trouble including throwing anyone that has ever cared about her under the bus. Some people need to get a clue.

    1. I choose to hold George and Cindy accountable for their actions. They do NOT get a free pass from me. They have enabled their TOXIC daughter and now they have to suffer the consequences of their lack of parenting and lack of boundaries.Cindy was trying to throw innocent people under the bus in her attempts to continue to enable her TOXIC daughter and that can never be forgiven.

      1. Dr. Glass, can you be more specific about about how Cindy Anthony “enabled” her daughter to kill Caylee? I guess I’m just not seeing that leap. By your logic, we should be condeming the parents of all adult criminals if they weren’t necessarily perfect parents. I’m not sure if a perfect parent exists. I guess what I want to be kept in mind here is that Casey was an adult when this happened and Cindy was attempting to contact her constantly as well as Lee to see Caylee during the “31 days” Caylee was missing, which we now know was too late anyway. George and Cindy let Casey live with them and were supporting her and Caylee to make sure they were near her and Caylee was being taken care of. I think if anything that can be interpreted as being proactive about their granddaughter. Would it have been better if they kicked Casey and Caylee out on their own? If you are referring to how Cindy acted after her daughter was suspected of having involvement in Caylee’s death: two points. By that time it was obviously too late to even contemplate attempting to prevent this and secondly as far as her actions go, do not forget the incredibly difficult situation George and Cindy found themselves in. They love their granddaughter and love their daughter and are faced with the unthinkable; that Casey may have killed Caylee. I’m betting that’s tough for a parent to believe. I don’t think Casey’s family ever thought about coming out and saying they thought Casey was guilty, even if they have their suspicions it isn’t something a family would do publically. Also, George, Cindy, and Lee have all testified in what appears to be truthful testimony even though it is devastating to Casey so again, I’m just not getting your point that they should be held partly responsible for Caylee’s death. I know that if Cindy could’ve prevented this, she would have most definitely done so. So I ask you, are you condeming parents of all criminals and holding them liable for their adult child’s actions? If so, there are a lot of guilty people in this country in your eyes apparently.

      2. Dr. Glass at what point are parents no longer responsible for their daughter’s actions!! this girl was an adult, a very selfish adult, that knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She said so in her diary entries that she had no regrets! Stop blaming the parents. These poor people are going through hell that no one would ever wish upon their worst enemy. No parent is perfect and Casey was spoiled BUT so are a lot of children and they don’t grow up to kill their children because they want to party!! Casey and ONLY Casey is to blame for that baby’s death.

  49. Ms. Glass, would you not think that they should be seriously looking for Caylee’s father? Should he not have some legal rights in decision making regarding his daughters death?

    1. Everyone in our whole country has had their input in this case: Here is what I have to say, Mind you, I have followed this trial and every document to be recovered, youtube, all the interviews and media (that is worthless) Autopsy reports,private investigators, phychics and I will never stop until I find out what happened to that little girl.
      I believe that each response around the world from every mouth is only the perception of previous experiences and place that each citizen comes from out of their hearts and minds, so you are going to get people who have been sexually molested saying they know what happened to Casey and then the Caseworkers who let the molested slip through the cracks from missing the boat. Blatent sociopaths and pedophiles rob in the front of your very own eyes and they dispose of deeds through the backdoor, I believe that was not the motive of Casey Anthony. Our Western hemisphere culture is to attack the youth of this Me-generation because theyhave been raised to be narccistic and it would be easy to believe a 20 yr.old wanted to party and was too immature to properly care for a child, ( not true if ya have a Mother who needs one more peice of control) If the daughter is a surragote sexual partner to the father than for a the old maid who has been replaced and a possible incestual new child enters the picture, this is a weight to keep the toxic triangle hostage ,to the terrified who are not willing to let go. The terror of learned helplessness striangluates victims at an early age and if this were true for Casey, GEorge stayed home for plenty of reasons when she was young.
      We do not know what went on in that household, One thing for sure! The family will stick together from losing out in way or form, however the scapegoat eventually takes the fall, Not shuck responsibility for any lies of Casey. There are many questions , I personnaly would like answered, like Why did Cindy and George pour the large amount of cement and remodel the backyard on Cindy’s vacation around the first of July? (Where the dogs hit twice) Why was George’s cell phone records and pay stub or clock in hours not monitored, (I do not believe that Caylee was missing for 30 days, this family needed time for decomposition) they all knew it was an accident! Now all the sudden after all this time they are gonna say they always knew where Caylee was and she comes up missing ,Bull shit. George wanted out of the marriage long ago and Casey did not want him back into that house for a reason. George was in law enforcement and knows the ropes er I mean(duct tape) rules with a nurse that does not recognize pregnancy until the 4 month, (feed someone else this crock of shit!) Come on people , it was an accident that snow balled, didnt George say that. Well there you have it, I could rant for years, Truth is Satan is ugly when he twist sugar. I want someone to pay for dumping that baby Angel the way they did. In a swamp for animals to tear her carcuss up, God in heaven what is wrong with the USA? Read the autopsy. That duct tape was someone with sick compassion for last thoughts of the bugs crawling in out of the orfices of that toddler and the perpetrators mind. I will never get over this.

      1. I meant to say a nurse who does recognize pregnancy until the 7 month in her own daughter whom George slept with quiet often, I guess Cindy was not around enough to notice anything, which is common with long nurse hours. And on the Autopsy of Caylee , and no Chloraform detected in bone marrow or on remains. At least Lee tried to rehearse her before ,shit hit the fan, but to no avail, they still needed more time for Casey to sit and be used for distraction while they collected money and the decomposition could take the guilty verdict from anybody away, They paid with their own lives for the money.

  50. Look i do not believe i can not get my head around that Casey set out to kill her baby ,but evil enough to give her drugs and /or cloroform to knock her out so she can party i am sure that is what happened here ..Casey thought she can fool everyone buy making up this naany story which all the kids with babies in orange county know what zanny the nanney means [zannax] so she needs to do no less than 30 years killing her we will never get the truth from her and thats what her family needs the truth from her not me not a jury from her she needs to come clean maybe after na 30 year sentence she will tell her wicked story . one other thing that professor Alan Derkerwitz said which was AN APPEAL IS A DEFENITE IN THIS CASE DUE TO NO MIRANDA RIGHTS those cops had her pegged as a suspect as soon as her called out on lieing to them at universal studios. SHAME ON YOU DETECTIVES WE NOW GET { FLORIDA VS, CASEY ANTHONY 2

    1. There will be appeals but it is doubtful there will ever be a retrial and her appeals will very likely fail. The way it would work is that Casey’s statements, if obtained improperly, would have been deemed inadmissable in this trial by the judge. Obviously they were deemed properly obtained and admissable. So in the highly unlikely event the defense is successful in an appeal to get a retrial, blame the judge for allowing the testimony, not the cops. Additionally, Casey continued to make the same exact statements after being mirandized which would have no legal basis whatsoever to be excluded. So worry not, she’s busted and there won’t be a retrial. The only question is whether she will get the death penalty or not. I happen to believe she won’t even though I think it is appropriate. A jury is notoriously hesitant to give a recommendation of death for a female suspect, especially a young and attractive female. I may not agree with that but unfortunately, that’s how it goes and is demonstrated through statistical data.

    2. To kobie228…..Casey was not read her Miranda Rights because SHE WAS NOT UNDER ARREST AT THAT TIME!!! She was free to leave at any time and/or stop talking to them….as was stated on the recorded tape that she agreed to!!!! Casey loves the spotlight no matter who she’s talking to and that does include the cops! If there’s an appeal it’s gonna be because her own lawyer, Baez, is an idiot and has no idea how to defend her!

  51. In Feb. of 2005, my youngest daughter imformed my wife and i that she was pregnant. This was after i had sustaned a serious enough injury to my left rotator cuff tha it ended my career as a chiropractor. We ended up losing more than i ever imagined. But we accected and acknowledged our daughter’s pregnancy. She was 19 at the time and had a job. My wife was disabled enough that she would not be able to watch our future grandson and I decided to stay home and not seek any type of work. By that time we lost our house and had to move we were both devastated. Nevertheless we stood by our daughter. My wife and knew there was no way she was mature enough to take care of a newborn, but we never made our daughter feel inadquate in any way because we knew that would not lead to any positive results. The baby’s father dumped my daughter and his son day she checked out of the hospital. Her young adult life was taken from her because of a decision she had made. Needless to say my wife and i practically raised him. Yes it was difficult for all of us but we were determind to make the best of espcially for our grandson. He was after all like one of our own, but we did not belittle her in any way and made sure when he got older he called her mom, i was papa and my wife was nana. To make a long story short she met a very respectable young man, becasue that was her greatest fear that no one would want her she had a child. I can only speak from personal experience but if my daughter or grandson have gone over 24 hours without contacting my wife or me WE would have called the police and reported them both missing. I have not seen this issue raised anywhere at this point, but WHY did George or Cindy not call the police and reported them BOTH missing. Just food for thot. thanks for reading.

    1. Legally, she was not missing. Cindy had contact with Casey as did George. Additionally legally the grandparents have no right to see Caylee if the mother decided she did not want them to. That being said, I’m sure in hindsight Cindy wishes she would have done more but as I have said before, it would have been too late anyway. Caylee was dead on the first day Casey left the Anthony home. So if one is to blame Cindy and George for Caylee’s death, I think you need to go further back than that. What exactly did Cindy do that led to Caylee’s death, or George? Can someone answer that for me? I guess it just gets to me when blame is assigned other than where it belongs because it takes focus off who actually killed Caylee, which is Casey.

    2. Thomas Smith, one more question. Do you take responsibility for your daughter getting pregnant at 19 and unmarried? Do you consider that a result of something you either did or neglected to do? Is it you and your wife’s fault? See my point?

    3. If ya read my post above (laura) I have to agree, the family knew something! You are right not 24 hours would have passed. I dont think you would spray ferbreeze to cover up a smell, that you would need to know about. Why would George have two cents for anything his wife walked with his balls years ago.

  52. mho—-> casey is/was a drug addict, probably a prescription drug abuser. she lived in florida, the oxy/xanax capitol of the country. i believe her drug problem greatly outweighed her love for caylee which ultimately led to that beautiful little girls’ gruesome, horrible and unnecessary death. i think george and cindy knew that casey had a serious drug problem and they know now that they should have taken caylee from their broken daughter. this is a horrible tragedy for all involved. now whether casey is guilty or not, she was a horrible mother and is a horrible person for allowing this to happen to that beautiful little baby girl. my opinion on casey being a drug addict is based on her lies, actions and trickery. i have seen all of these indicators of drug abuse first hand, a very close friend to me. ultimately i believe that casey was high, not paying attention to caylee and something happened causing caylees’ death. which then led to casey trying to cover up caylees’ death by making it look like a kidnapping and murder. i think casey tried to cover up the death because of fear of her parents and fear of going to jail. i believe this whole ordeal couldve and shouldve been avoided, all by telling the truth and taking responsibility for their actions. Thats just my OPINION. I just hope the truth eventually comes out and all responsible for the death be brought to justice. Finally I pray to God that caylees’ soul may rest in peace!!!!!!!

  53. Caylee is the one that went through hell. You must be part of Casey,s defense team. Are you Linda Badin who says you aren’t on the defense anymore but goes on every show to put down the prosecution? Hey Linda do you really need all the attention? Thank God for Dr. Glass who seems to really know her stuff and seems to be in it for Caylee not to promote her own ambitions? As far as a life….you are on Dr.Glass’s website.Where’s yours?

  54. Does anyone think Casey is really crying? If you look a one of the pictures from when she was arrested and then look at her now she now has these really dark marks under the inside corners of her eyes. I guess that’s what 3 years of digging for tears will do to you. When she’s “crying”, she digs her fingers under her eyes to try and get some tears to form. In the past when I’ve cried, my eyes get red and swollen and my nose gets red. Not her. She digs with the tissue and then looks fine.

      1. I found it very interesting and telling today that while outside of the presence of the jury, Casey watched a video closely that featured a picture of her daughter and a picture of her decomposed skull being superimposed over it. After the jury returned and the video was being shown, Casey would not watch it and acted upset. Seems she is just putting on a show for the jury. Additionally about the crying, watch her tissue. It lasts forever! She uses the same one for hours and it never gets wet and never gets make-up on it. Hmmmmm….. Unfortunately for her though, I don’t think the jury is going to buy it.

  55. This is absolutely a horrific atrocity. Murder or intentional harm of a child is unforgivable – especially if it’s at the hands of someone they love and trust. What I wonder, though, is how so many people are so sure of what happened? Based on the evidence presented thus far, yes, Casey looks absolutely guilty. But to say you know that she was drugging Caylee and putting her in the trunk so she could party? If you know that to be fact, I suggest you contact the prosecution to give a deposition. Fact is, no one but Casey knows what happened. I agree with some of the points made by Charity above. It is a matter of personal responsibility. Casey got pregnant and had a baby, it was her responsibility to take care of her. And to blame her parents for all of this mess is irresponsible – especially coming from someone with a PhD. We know for a fact that some people are born with certain character traits in them. Were they enhanced by her upbringing, probably. But unless you were with the Anthony’s day after day, you cannot – and should not pretend to – know for sure.

    1. Bella Sarah you are being ridiculous! If you go back and re- read my blog you will see that it says “in my view”. It is MY view that she chloroformed Caylee and placed her in the trunk as a bed so she could party. It is speculation and it is only a theory not fact so please don’t spool yourself up and tell me I need to give a depo to the prosecution. You are being nasty and it is unacceptable. And YES I blame her parents for not setting boundaries with their daughter the first time she lied. I blame them for enabling her and having their head in the sand and not knowing she was pregnant, didn’t graduate and didn’t have a job, let alone a nanny. And forget about your attempt to throw my PhD at me for having an opinion. As an educated woman with a PhD , I worked hard in my life to get that degree and worked many jobs to support myself like Casey. Just as my parents have had an affect on who I am today, I can say that her parents have also contributed a lot to who their daughter is today. Yes, I hold them accountable for their lies and for their attempts at obstructing justice!

      1. Nasty? Really? It certainly wasn’t my intention to be nasty – what I said certainly wasn’t any more “nasty” that some of the other comments being made. But I digress. My point is merely this: We do not know what happened for sure. By saying we do know what happened (like saying that Casey had been regularly drugging Caylee and placing her in the trunk) is dangerous. It perpetuates falsities. We were not there. We do not know for sure. Let’s say it is true and Casey had been consistently drugging Caylee, wouldn’t that have shown up at Caylee’s regular doctor visits? That is not excusing anyone’s behavior, it’s just simply stating facts. Unless we witnessed the act with our own eyes, we should not pretend to know for a fact what happened (beyond the facts presented) to that innocent child. My other point is that we cannot blame Casey’s parents for her actions. Personal responsibility. Yes, George and Cindy obviously could have done a better job in raising Casey to be a responsible, functioning, honest adult, but they are not guilty for the death of their granddaughter. Ultimately the only person responsible for that is the person who put the duct tape over her mouth and nose. Obstructing justice? Now that’s a different argument entirely. Bottom line is Casey was Caylee’s mother and it was Casey’s responsibility to protect her. Casey failed Caylee and there is no arguing around that.

  56. Anyone hear of split personally? Zanny the nanny is Casey, and grandpa may have had a problem with the truth but I do not believe for one second he would have chosen to cover up her death. Casey is a severely troubled ( child ) she never bonded with Caylee and she was like her playmate, that is why Caylee cried when she would leave. I think they should have gone with the insanity case, would have been better for everyone concerned specially Casey, she would have gotten the help she so very much needs.

    1. She was evaluated and did not qualify for the insanity defense! there’s nothing wrong with this girl except that she is a pathological liar!

  57. Does anyone realize that caylee could have been cloroformed to put her to sleep and then had the tape put on her mouth so that she could not scream!
    Casey anthony is a good actress, she cries rather fakes it when the prosecutors are on and then when her defense is up she looks at them without even putting her head down.
    She is also smiling with her defense, i lost my 10 year old daughter over 30 years ago and i cried every day and went to a priest asking why there was such a hole in my heart.
    I loved her so much and could not even say the word died for 13 years, i still love her as she will always be in my heart and in my soul, anywone who has lost a child knows what i mean especially if they loved their child.

  58. I have been watching this from the beginning, but have not seen some of the videos you have mentioned here. I have a theory on what happened however.
    The grandparents are very posessive of this child more so than their own daughter. the mother of Casey has even said she will keep Caylee and throw her own daughter out. Everything came to a head on the fateful night Casey left, asuming with Caylee. I do not believe she left with her daughter. I do not think her mother even let her leave with her car or any belongings she as mad and controlling. I think her mother is the babysitter Zanny the nanny. Her mother watched the child everyday Casey went to her fake job. Thus making her mother the Nanny, the nanny she describes is a describtion of her mother. The message Casey sent from jail to the nanny was a secret pleading to her mother. Her mother very coldly responded on tv. I would like to know if Casey anthony’s mother had a script for Zanax at the time or any time before?
    The night Casey left is key. There was a huge fight. The grandparents of Caylee thought of this child as their own. They would never let her mother, Casey leave with her unless police or Casey’s friends were involved somehow. I think Casey had had enough and was leaving with the child, had packed items in her car and was leaving. Her mother went off the deepend. Makes a grab for Caylee and tries to pry her from her mothers arms. I think she managed this with her husbands help. Then they made Casey leave, maybe even gave her money. but not her car or belongings thinking she would return in a day or two and all would be fine. Or maybe buy time to file custody of the baby, since they had stated repeatedly Casey was a bad mother they seemed to be headed in this direction anyway. the night of the fight is important. during the fight and battle over who kept Caylee i think the baby was injured by her grandmother. This woman is very passionate and easy to anger and I believe she would of been livid at the time and done anything to keep that baby in her home. I think she injured Caylee when she tried to force her from Casey’s arms. I believe the baby’s neck was injured in the scuffle and the grandmother did it by being forceful. That after Casey left the home and Casye’s mother had won and the Caylee was still at home, sometime during the night the child died. Looking back on the fight the grandparents realized they would be soley responsible. So they set Casey up. Placing the baby in the trunk of Casey’s car. Someone needs to look into whether Casey was seen with her car during that month the child was “missing”.
    Next I see the grandparents waiting for the car to be discovered with the baby in it. When it was not imediately. The mother calls the police and fabricates a story and leads them to her car. Casey oblivious that anything is even wrong is going about her life as usual believing her child is safe at home with mom and dad.
    At some point during the wait for the car to be discovered they get scared and remove the body, thinking they need a new plan. After the call to police and Casey realizes something happened, her parents get her at home and tell her the baby died the night she left and it is her fault because she fought to hold her instead of letting her go. they will help her they say. they will get her an attorney, she can stay there, they are sorry. Blah blah blah covering there asses. Casey being young ans used to be under hteir wing goes along ans assumes yes it is her fault. i see Casey breaking at some point is SOMEONE anyone will just ask her about the fight that night? Was she holding Caylee. Did her mother wrestle with her over the child? Did she tear Caylee from her arms hurting her?
    Let her know holding and keeping her child is not a crime. Her mother should not of done that.
    Some fo the videos of Casey’s mother are extremely telling when wathc them with this theory in mind. The father is just going along with the mother usually. He has cracked already and cannot take it, he tried to commit suicide, to me that spells guilt. The man is torn.

    The truth I believe is Casey’s mother injured this child by grabbing at her with such force she injured her little body. Believing that her daughter being less of a good parent to this child than she herself could be deserved to be blamed for it. This woman is cold and devious and is the murderer in my opinion.

    1. Do you have any evidence of that? Maybe aliens came here and killed Caylee, as long as we are totally making stuff up…

    2. Wow…. imaginative theory… but many of your facts are wrong in the first place. Just for example, Cindy was not watching Caylee when Casey went to work. Cindy worked a full-time day job.

    3. @Karen Boyd.. I couldn’t even read your entire post because it is absolutely absurd. Have you read any depositions from her friends or viewed any police reports? Have you viewed any police interviews? I think not, you are completely unaware of fact and fiction in this case and for those of us who have followed this case closely, spending hours upon hours sifting through the details, your post is uninformed and rather insulting. Do your homework and try again after a week or so of catching up with the rest of us!!

      1. I agree with the previous post above this one, this person has not seen transcripts and again in my earlier post, Everyone has their take on this by media ,speculation and their own preception of experiences, Sad when you dont watch every document closely, start with the autopsy. When George is out of the picture there will be answers. I promise.

    4. WOW! I couldn’t finish reading it either! too bizarre! You should write books! You’ve got a great imagination Obviously you aren’t up to date on this case! Please Dear God, do NOT ever serve on a jury! These grandparents LOVED That little girl and would’ve done anything to protect her. They also loved their daughter very much. There’s not a chance in HELL that those grandparents did anything to that baby!!! You’re in lala land!!!!


    1. You have got to be kidding me!!! Seriously!!! First of all you can’t believe a word that comes out of Casey’s mouth! Casey is a pathological liar and has thrown her family under the bus without a care….all because she felt like they loved Caylee more than her! Jesse Grund even told police that Casey broke off her engagement to him because she felt like he loved Caylee more than her! What a selfish bitch!! But you want peope to believe that George Anthony molested Casey, then helped her dispose of the body, and then let her sit in jail for 3 years AND could possibly be sentenced to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!! Oh and the only reason the cops tested Lee and George for paternity is BECAUSE OF CASEY’S LIES!!! They had to rule them out! And NO George is not the father.

  60. I believe there is something suspicious about both Lee and George although I feel Casey acted alone in the accidental murder of Caylee. My theory is that Casey was drugging the child while she partied and something went wrong……..then either George or Lee was asked to help get riid of the body. I also believe that Casey and Lee were in a consensual sexual relationship. Isn’t it possible that they buried caylee in the back yard as was indicated by the cadaver dogs and then after the police searched the area where the body was eventually found (and while Casey was in Jail) that Lee then moved the body knowing that they would not search that area again since they already searched it thoroughly? Also takes some suspicion away from Casey since she was in jail. Especially since now some are trying to say that the body was moved. With Casey in jail at the time they claim the bosy was moved it makes for reasonable doubt………so say the defense. But there is something not right with George, Cindy or Lee. The family is a mess………………………………


    1. There is MORE than enough circumstantial evidence to convict Casey!! All fingers point to her and no one else! Justice for Caylee is FIRST and FOREMOST.

  62. I am wondering if Casey’s behavior is typical for a sexually abused person.
    She certainly didn’t seem to have a “beaten down” personality. Or low self esteem.
    If you have low self esteem do you enter yourself in hot body contests?
    Do you act as” Lead Shotgirl” and direct others?
    To me , it seemed like she had PLENTY of confidence and TOO MUCH self esteem.

  63. i belive casey is responsible for the death of her daughter..if not by her own hands then by her actions..that being said she should be punished and for the grandparents not to feel this way is unforgiveable..if they loved lil caylee the way they portray..and i belive they do…i agree they shouldn’t want her to get the death penality but should not lie for her and expect her not to be punished..anyone no matter if it’s their daughter or not shud be punished for killing that little stand by their daughter is understandable..but to turn away from justice for caylee is a disgrace..

  64. She’s guilty, no one goes out to a party days after the disapearance of there child, she is emotionless in this trial she has dead eyes, people come on, I don’t care if if you are friends to her, she’s killed her own child in cold blood and your up holding her, and yes God is the first and the last judgement, but we as people do judge and I choose to say Casey your guilty I see it in your eyes I see it in your soul and I hope you read this, and I hope they don’t give you the chair instead I hope the plaster caylees pictures all over your cell for you to look at until the Lord takes your last breath from your worthless child murdering body, burn in Hell Bitch!!! Yours Truely George Collester

  65. what i would like to know…
    is why this question.. and this question alone wasn’t asked to casey anthony..

    look into her eyes, deeply.. and ask…
    when did it cross your mind.. what exactly were you doing…
    were you looking at your child when the idea came to mind.. that you should murder your child?…

  66. The mother did it. Let me tell you as a mother of 2, the second and i mean the SECOND my kid was missing I would be going bonkers looking for her/him. If I coulnd’t find them I would call the cops and get the community and press involved. This psycho waited 1 MONTH, 31 flippin days to report her daughter missing… that in itself is suspicious. The fact that she lied to cops, people only lie when they have something to hide. There is a difference between lying and omitting the truth. During times of high stress, things can be forgotten or hazy, but you won’t flat out LIE. The fact that she did not seem to care to look for her child within the first month of her disappearance or the second she was gone says the mom KNEW where and what had happened and she didn’t care. I’m sorry if my kid came up missing and i was put on trial for murder, even being dismissed of ALL charges, I wouldn’t be smiling because my BABY IS GONE! She doesn’t get it. There is no emotion there as a mother or anyone with a concious. Seriously, you want to defend them, ask yourself what the hell you would do if it were your child that came up missing? Would you wait a month to notify someone especially it being a toddler? Would you go out and party and keep on enjoying life or would you drop everything and dedicate your time to finding your baby? C’mon it’s clear she’s guilty. They better be glad I wasn’t on that Jury, because I would have been the one to cause a hung jury! I hope she rots in hell for what she did to that innocent HELPLESS baby!

  67. Honestly, I’m glad that Casey was found not guilty of the supposed murder. I get that her child is dead, and the manner in which she handled herself within the time following her disappearance was less than ideal, but who knows what truly happened? The cause of death is unknown, so how can this case be truly classified as a homicide without a proper cause of death? Explain that, Dr. Glass.

    Also, if the prosecution was going for the death penalty in this case, they should have prepped themselves better and had enough sufficient evidence to use to convict Casey. It appears that the majority of people demanding to know how she wasn’t found guilty have never truly served jury duty. Sure, everyone must do it, but how many people actually stay and serve on an actual jury? In order to convict it must be “BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT” so if there is even one possibility that Casey may have not killed Caylee (such as the whole no cause of death thing) then how could they have convicted her?

    At least she’ll most likely be leaving the courthouse tomorrow and going home, not back to prison.

  68. Casey won’t be free for long because therer will always be someone out there who will track her down and she will end up dieing to…….. her sweet little girl is in heaven with the most beautiful wings that an angel can have….. AND CASEY WILL BE IN HELL GETTING THE DEVILS PITCH FORK STAB IN HER ALL THE TIME

  69. Why do people find it so hard to believe that this girl can just be sick!! Some people are just born crazy!! I wish people would stop making excuses for her. I think she was spoiled and enabled her entire life until Kayla was born. Once Kayla was born, she was no longer the center of attention and her parents finally started requiring her to be responsible!! There is NO WAY that selfish, princesses sat in jail for 2 years if she knew the whole time George killed Kayla. Now she has gotten away with another thing!
    And people, what family would not be considered ‘dysfunctional’ if you had a whole police department tearing it apart. Good god, my family would look like the masons. Before you call any family dysfunctional, take a look at your own. I 100% believe Casey killed Kayle!! However, George and Cindy are her parents. How would you act in this circumstance? I think they now know she did it, but before were very torn on which way to lean.

    1. Thank you Jamie. Very well stated. I have children and I don’t know what I would do or say in a situation like that. I would want the truth to come out, but I still have to think about if that truth will send my child to death row. I believe she killed her also and I do not blame her family. They got caught in the middle. I would have questions about a family that would have automatically believed from the beginning that she had killed Caylee. I feel she is a sociopath and has been given a chance to do it again. Woe the day she has any other children…

  70. Heres what I have to say, ONLY CASEY has to answer to GOD, And Im sure he wont give her the time of day!!! How horrible for these people to say she was not guilty when all the facts are right there How horrible

  71. God has turned his back on us as a conscience …. a moral, loving, human fiber … people have become a species below even that of the animal kingdom … I’ve had dogs who treated litters of 12 with more love, devotion, and selflessness than people treat their children today. 12 people took less than a day to set a murderer free … there was no justice for this child who meant more to strangers like myself than to her own mother. May the jurors stay as anonymous as most from the OJ trail did for their own safety and may the slugs who represented that sick, twisted, baby killer slowly meet the same fate the “Dream Team” met with … short lives who went down in history as the scum who like this defense team gratifyingly fought to free a murderer, and relished the notorious thrill of winning the freedoms of a guilty person… basking in some sick self imposed greatness for winning a case that put a soulless dark heart back on the streets to indulge in all that life offers, even the beauty of having more children though she murdered her first and tossed her away like garbage. May Casey Anthony’s La Bella Vita be short, difficult, and her flame put out by the vengeance of the soul of the child Florida failed. Godspeed sweet angle I deeply regret that you were failed twice. May human kind save itself and find their way to lives lived with dignity, humility, selflessness, love, and kindness as far to many have lost their way.

  72. Get over ot folks. If you analye the prosection’s case, the only thing they proved was that poor little Calee was deceased and that her family lied over and over again…which is likely where she learned it. I am a victim of child sexual abuse and now a clinical psychologist dealing with incest/abuse “survivors” if that’s what you want to call women who will never shed the guilt and shame of their experiences. Casey shows EVERY sign of having been abused including inventing her own world to escape to when she couldn’t bear her ‘real’ life. I also believe Cindy Anthony was aware of the abuse and wanted to keep Caylee as her own, thus causing all the tension and dysfunction in her family. I guarantee you will later find out that she spent her life demeaning Casey due to her jealousy.The dynamics in that family were explosive so I wouldn’t be surprised to find that ANY member of the family could have killed her to cover up George’s perversions. Maybe Casey caught him trying to abouse Caylee and thought death was better than the life she would lead if left around George. As far as the prosecution is concerned, they never showed one scintilla of real evidence. They relied on character assasination, suspect science and innuendo. They never connected Casey to Caylee’s death in any way. BTW, most of Casey’s “imaginary friends” existed years before Caylee’s sad death. I think Casey was involved but I’d bet a lot of money that George was involved in some way. George cares about George…no one else. The phoney suicide note proves that. Who tries to commit suicide then spends hours calling all his friends to tell lthem and then tweets those he can’t reach by phone. The whole case was tainted by the family and the vengence of the prosection to obtain a death verdict without even proving the cause of death or who could have done it. Wisen up folks…you’ve just seen a great smoke and mirrors case presented by a state set on getting vengence.

    1. I agree with your post in that I am an overcomer and see the case as I have worked with others in this triangle, (read my earlier post) although, I was angry when I posted, the family dynamics certainly make a triangel possible for this end result, and may I take this one step further, not to impose my spiritual beliefs that Satan has come to Rob, Kill , steal somemore and then Destroy. It starts with witchcraft in the form of control in our emotions,Pride and shame and these come from fear and rejection then Jezebel (the one whos says “I am on the throne” takes over which allows prostitution of the heart ,others ect. comes along , combine that that with perversion and a stronghold takes over ,with the door wide open for a theif to come and rob the souls of the innocent but willing, now to finish this off once the poverty of destruction is complete, murder steps in to silence the guilt,shame,pride , you see denial and deciet believes that it will take the throne and it anhilates the very legion it has formed, Satan takes the lie and twist it and that is what is behind pornograph, murder. This family has lost the war because they did not have the armour for the battle, they mentioned God but Deceit had stepped in long ago. George with adultry,gambling and perversion, Cindy with Jezebel, exalting herself as head, the spawning results are conclusive.

  73. @ Stop The Killing,
    I find it funny that you called yourself ‘stop the killing’ but aren’t at all upset with Casey getting off. OK here is my issue with people like you who are saying that the family, particularly George, was guilty of the murder in some way (which I do not believe, but hey we all have our theories)along with Casey. She didn’t come up with that theory until the 11th hour (which I think should somehow be illegal). If that was the case, and George covered it up etc. WHY didn’t she report it sooner so that a investigation could have taken place??? Because, they would have found NOTHING to link George to abuse or murder and Slime ball Biaz would not have been able to argue that. The jury didn’t get to hear that this theory came out of NOWHERE and had NO proof! I think that is a huge injustice!
    Please stop giving her excuses ~ or making it less evil that she took her daughter’s life, or had ANY part in it.
    Sexual abuse is a horrible thing – agreed! Murder is worse! How about the fact that she was 18/19 when she had this baby and was clearly unfit to raise a child. Let’s have more dialogue about that, let’s stop making it OK for 16 year olds (16 and pregnant) to have children! Let’s stop calling anyone who says that being 16 is to young judgmental and ignorant! How about people start taking responsibility for their life!

  74. Did anyone besides me notice how Cindy cowed down to Casey anytime we got to hear them speak, i.e. jail phone, & calls to Cindy’s house from Casey in jail? All I hear in my head is “Well Sweatheart…is it my fault your in jail?”. And after Casey whines & bitches at her mother “Sweatheart, you weren’t telling us the truth”, etc… It sounded like Maple syrup dripping from Cindy’s mouth. No wonder this generation is made up of kids who never grow up, don’t learn how to take responsibility, feel “Intitled”. Who taught them that & then left them like that? Seriously, how could a grown “child” with a baby, get away with this lie for 2, yes, 2 years lying about a job & a nanny & 100 stolen checks from her mother’s checkbook?!? COME ON (to quote Casey), really, these people lived in the same house, are they even related? What the hell is going on in the homes across this nation. No wonder we didn’t see 9/11 coming, we don’t even have a clue about what’s going on in our own homes, with our own family members. God Help America & every other family & home in the world. GET THIS; I live in a tiny town with a nuclear plant 6 (six) miles from a military ammunition depot. I wondered about this years ago when I worked at the nuke plant, the red flags really went up after 9/11.
    God, please, please, look out for Casey Anthony’s next child, please!
    You know, parents kill their children on a regular basis, yet we only focus on a white child, why? Let’s start looking closer at our own dyfunctions, our own children’s well-being, as well as our community’s children. When something dosen’t feel right, trust that feeling.
    Thanks for letting me vent, if only it wakes up one person to stop something terrible from happening to those young & old, who can’t help themselves.

  75. i too have a comment: Please people wake up ! Only our Lord has the power to judge and that day will come to everyone ! even casey will have to answer for what was done or not done .. only casey and “God” knows what really happened to her baby girl, and if she really did this she will answer to the all mighty one day ! so i agree with what the last person said lets look at our own family and see what we can do to help them cause their is so much disfunction’s. if we look close and maybe we can stop someone else from Drying !

  76. Casey Anthony may have gotten away with murder in the court system down here, but the real supreme court is up in heaven. I would not want to be her on the real judgement day.

  77. John 8:1-11. The mobs outside the courthouse this morning reminded me of the story in the Bible where the people brought the woman to Jesus and they wanted to stone her. Guess who was the only one on her side? Yep. It was Jesus, basically telling them not to judge her. Think about it people. Wash your own judgemental hands.

  78. I disagree with 80% of America…I think Caylee died as a result of an accident & she was not even there. I read an article and i believe what it said. I think that anyone in that house could/should have been charged with manslaughter. Casey was just the one who ran scared when they all ganged up on her. She knew she had already been in trouble with stealing the money, etc…but just because she stole…that does not make her a murderer. And she lied so much because she did not know the real truth. I don’t think she was “let in” on the rest of the family’s “little secret”…that Caylee died as a result of an accident when Casey was not there…when Casey ran out of the house after her mom tried to choke her. Sorry folks…but thats how I feel…and I have from the beginning. And as far as all the crap on tv…there should be a law that a person has the right to their trial before they are condemned to death. The news stations have made a ton of money. This is a shame. I feel sorry for her.

  79. I hate the message this is giving the children..I try to teach my grandchildren there are consequences to your action when you are an adult and they need to reflect and practice this as children now. Buth they are smart enough now to know that someone just got away with murder and or neglect, and maybe only because she is young, white and easy on the eyes, even though I see more of a cold and evil look radiating from her, my grnd kids all think if you are cute and stay quiet in court and lie and hide the body long enough, you can and will get away with a crime…..SAD MESSAGE TO GIVE OUR CHILDREN….what future personalities are we creating. I know I will never give up on my children’s questions. Hopefull somehow she’ll have an ounce of remorse someday and pay for her original SIN !!!

  80. Dr. Glass. whether you are religious or not. The Lord warns us of pride and envy. He was right it, destroys the soul and clouds your judgement. Makes you do things to “get even” all the time……This crime is awful for sure, but not unexpected when you leave the Lord out of your life. Like most people nowadays, I bet they rarely went to church as a family, thinking they could go through life figuring out all of their problems on their own. BUT YOU JUST CAN’T. This whole ordeal has gotten me back to church and apologizing to anyone I may have hurt in the past. My pride seems so petty after and ordeal like this…….I will stay humble for God commands us to…..and I will do it for Caylee.

  81. To Tony,
    You are certainty entitled to your opinion, but while this may have brought you closer to ‘god’, it has, once again, confirmed my mind as an atheist!
    You may want to think of me in your shallow mind as a person with no moral standards, who dresses in black and sacrifices goats but the fact of the matter is GOD didn’t have anything to do with this! You need god to explain this all away.

    How can you say ‘this crime is not unexpected, since most people these days don’t in god’. That just might be one of the most ignorant things I have heard (and I have heard my share). So the only way to be a responsible adult is to believe in god. How about trying to understand why people, like myself, don’t believe in god. We, horrible non-god believers, have spent an awful lot of time tip-toeing around your feelings so we don’t ‘scare’ you, just for you to spout some ignorant words.

    Casey got away with murder! End of story!

    OK I really didn’t want to make this a religious god thing – but since about 14 of you did it before me I guess it is OK. Although I have NO DOUBT that my opinion won’t be respected

  82. This is just ridiculous, we all know that Casey killed Caylee.. Can’t we just put her in a death sentence or penalty already!?!?!??!?! C’mon, even if she does get the $50,000.00 worth of plastic surgery somebody will eventually find out her new looks and shoot her with a 22′ shot gun with one bullet. If that does end up happening, I don’t think that the killer of Casey Anthony should even be put into jail!!!!!!!!! D:<
    This whole trial for Anthony, Casey really breaks my heart and I really also hope that Caylee Anthony gets her peace ASAP!

  83. this is why people have no care for the system. they worry about people selling drugs ect but someone who kills a little girl her own daugther and she out in the street that messed up.. and she should feel the same pain that her daugther felt and not be able to be walking like nothing happend.

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