John Edwards Suicide Threat Shows Cowardice , Selfishness-If Carried Out He Should Unselfishly Donate Organs

Former Senator and VP and Presidential Candidate John Edwards may very well face criminal charges for his violation of  federal campaign laws. He allegedly removed some of his  campaign  funds to coffers to pay for  mistress Rielle Hunter and baby’s expenses. There is evidence put forth by his assistant Andrew Young who confirms what he did, saying   he lied for Edwards in a cover up where he claimed to be the babydaddy.  The FBI and IRS have done extensive probes, leaving no stone unturned.

That was why Edwards kept denying that he was the babydaddy. But I figured out he was the babydaddy anyway and was the first to call it publicly in the media. 



I don’t know what this Toxic Man didn’t sell some of his assets or do a few speaking gigs to pay for his mess. He made millions and millions of dollars when he was an attorney. He could have spoken to his money manager and worked things out. But in sick mind he may have believed that the mess he got himself into occurred while he was campaigning, so why not have the campaign funds take care of this!

 He  could no doubt get  50 to 100 thousand dollars  per talk and a few talks could have taken care of his financial woes instead of  his doing something illegal.

If a jury finds Edwards  guilty, could end up being cellmates with Bernie Madoff. It might not be such a bad thing since he is one of few people in the world with whom Edwards shares so much in common. They sociopaths in my view-  both liars, heartless, cheaters, soulless creatures who have no feelings of remorse. They even  both lost their  sons.  


Apparently, last month, his , legal team told him there was a strong chance he could be indicted. According to sources he “completely lost it” and sobbed non stop and said  .”I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first.”

Edwards has allegedly mentioned it over and over again that he would rather do  himself  in than go to prison. This wimp would probably get a maximum of five years and he would be 62 when he got out. He would probably do less time for good behavior so he might even be 60 when he got out.


 Also I am sure they would isolate him so he wouldn’t have to worry about being shived or beaten or being someone’s girlfriend.

 He would have plenty of time to relax, work out and exercise, and write his” mea culpa I found Jesus ”  book in prison . They might even give him  a prison job like picking up trash, cleaning toilets or picking  weeds just to humble him a bit. He may even do some jailhouse consulting with other inamtes on their cases. But he has to never have their legal papers in his cell or he will get additonal jailtime.  

 Since he has no conscience, he wouldn’t be spending anytime crying over Elizabeth or the past. His tears would only be for himself and his predicament. His anger would not be at himself but rather at those horrible people who did this to him.  He could never accept any accountability for his actions.


Also when he got out, there would be the mea culpa tour to feed his ego and put him back in the limelight to promote the book he would have written in prison. He will no doubt have found Jesus and become a minister of sorts and  preach the gospel of forgiveness on his media tour.

Then could  convince himself that he is loved  by the public and that all is forgiven. Even though the reality is that most  will hate him, his kids – legitimate and illegitimate will probably forgive him and love him. It might be harder for the oldest daughter though as she was old enough to see what torture he put her mother through.

He could get 50 to 100 K a pop for lectures on the  lay speaking circuit  or the religious  speaking circuit, He could be  speaking about how bad he was and  how he destroyed so many lives by his cheating and how Satan made him do it. He can say how Satan made him break Elizabeth’s heart which killed her. He can then say how now that Jesus is in his life full-time  he is a changed man . He can tell us how being in prison made him take a  good hard look at himself and see the light.It may sound repulsive but there are many public speakers out there who have been cheats and swindlers who have written books on how bad they  once were and  ended up in prison and now make a good living at telling the world to give them a second chance int he world. 

Characterwise they are often still the same and just found another way to manipulate people. Edwards is no doubt the same type.    



Who knows, he may also be offered a reality show. Look at how bad behavior  appears to be rewarded  these days from Charlie Sheen to Kate Gosselin.  The teen moms can beat up on their babydaddys and all sorts of drama can occur complete with jail time and they still have a show.

 Kate Gosselin  can beat up on her husband, verbally abuse her kids and lie all over  the airwave,  be obnoxious and still gets rewarded with a show, a DWTS appearance, and co-hosting the View. The same thing can happen to Edwards. Having a show would feed his ego and his pocketbook. 


Since he has had so much experience as a politician, he could be a political advisor to some up and coming candidates and share his knowledge with them.


Most important of all when he gets out, he could be a real hands on father not just a photo op for political pictures dad. He can go to  recitals and plays and ball games with his kids, who will still be of ball game  and recital age. He can make amends and do right by them- especially with his oldest  and already grown daughter.

 He could help the kids with their homework and watch them grow. He may even decide to have more babies with Rielle or with someone else he finds more fetching and more “Christian” now that he has a new image to uphold.


But obviously Edwards is too small minded to think these things through. He obviously  has a pattern of not thinking things   through like his cheating with Rielle and how it would devastate Elizabeth and  his not admitting the baby was his, which will have last repercussions on the baby as she matures.

 Clearly he is not thinking through his suicide plan either. Suicide is not the answer. If he is depressed then he needs to get some antidepressants and a good shrink to work things out.

He actually could turn his life around. While it will be an embarrassment for his kids to have a dad who is a convicted felon, who fell from grace, if he lives they can at least say they have a dad.

It will be even more heart wrenching for them to know that they had a weak coward of a dad who was so selfish that he did himself in  during hard times, rather than have a future with them.

Edwards may want to meet with Reverend Jim Baker  of  Jim and Tammy Faye fame, who had a similar fate. He went to prison, came out, got  remarried, started a new family, lectures and is doing quite well these days.


But if Edwards insists on being his selfish stubborn foolish TOXIC self and makes good on his  suicide threat when he is indicted, I hope that at least he will do one unselfish act for once in his life-give his organs to others.

Each of his kidneys , heart, lungs, corneas, pituitary gland, ear bones, jaw bone, facial skin, body skin, heart, and other organs can be used to save or better someone’s life.

 Maybe then can he not only get some of the respect back from others but some self-respect, if there is any after a person commits suicide.    


10 thoughts on “John Edwards Suicide Threat Shows Cowardice , Selfishness-If Carried Out He Should Unselfishly Donate Organs

  1. Well…he could get a cheaper haircut in prison that is for sure…

    I hate hearing this for his kids…selfishness reaps selfishness….I have heard they have prisons on beaches (fort walton florida is one)

    I shudder to think how close he came to being our president.

  2. Thank You Dr. Glass for the wonderful post…if he is indited for those federal charges, which prison do you think he would go to, and would his family both grown and toddler be able to see him. He really does need to do a turn around, and the thing about John Edwards is HE IS SUCH A SHALLOW can see right through him…I never believed any of his BS and i feel the american public would certainly see through him…BUT Alas Americans as a whole are forgiving and he would make millions off his crime, and make many friends…He seems to ‘PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS’…only when he is allowed to be the school yard bully…..jmc

  3. He won’t have the guts to kill himself. He’s just trying to get sympathy so the feds don’t indict him. Let’s hope they don’t fall for it because he deserves to face charges for breaking the law. And it would be a plus for his kids to be raised by someone else – a decent person who will give them values and put them first. Elizabeth’s family would be wonderful to them!

  4. Can alcoholics donate their organs? It’s well known around Chapel Hill he has a drinking problem and spends many nights closing up the local bars. (Too bad he’s not home with his kids.) Plus it gives him the chance to hit on coeds.

    He’s one sick puppy and prison would serve him well. Hope he get a nice long stretch maybe sharing a cell with his co-conspirator Andy Young. Ha, ha, ha!

  5. Where is Reille? Didn’t John promise her he would marry her when Elizabeth died?
    He probably has to drink because he cannot stand himself. It would be said for his children if he committed suicide. Whatever happens to him, he deserves.

    1. Yeah, I bet that “promise” was another lie to keep her quiet (how well did that work out Johnny?) and putting out. He still needs her following orders in the ongoing legal battles over the indictment and sex tape. He’ll keep stringing her alone and she’ll keep buying it unless he actually does himself in but I wouldn’t bet on that happening!

      You’re probably right about the drinking. How else could he live with himself? Especially now that Elizabeth’s gone and his behavior must have contributed to it. He should ask Rielle about karma biting him in the butt.

  6. I’m not sure John Edwards is a sociopath. I would agree with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as I’ve known one of those firsthand. Based on my experiences, the reality that someone as educated, sophistocated, and independent as Elizabeth Edwards would have willingly been a source of ‘narcissistic supply’ for all of those years is puzzling. I guess it exemplifies the behind-doors horror of living with personality disordered individuals and how much mothers love their children and the fathers of their children, regardless. Frankly, from what we’ve learned, I consider Rielle Hunter as bad or worse than John Edwards. We just don’t have enough information to ‘type’ her disorder.

  7. Ha! Right on Dr. Glass, you are so right. Edwards stands more to gain by going to prison than being free!

    Interesting, and sad, how Madoff and Edwards lost sons to suicide,may they rest in peace. Sociopathic fathering does that, unfortunately.

  8. Dr. Glass,
    This man is sickening. I agree with your take on people being rewarded for bad behavior with a reality show. What is the matter with this society? John Edwards had everything, but after ruining his reputation, he has nothing.

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