Casey Flirts! Cheney Touches! Casey Gives Finger! Jose Sticks Out Tongue! Casey Gets iphone Lesson Everyone Laughs! A Baby is Dead!

Had I not viewed the in  recent court tape of Casey Anthony  and her lawyers with my own eyes, I NEVER would have believed it. I am stunned by everyone’s joyful and lighthearted behavior.

Maybe  they  actually believe that the magic golden wand will be the testimony of the two upcoming psychiatrists explaining away  Casey’s Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to account for her not reporting a missing Caylee for 31 days. No human being will buy that. What about the years before where she told Cindy she had a job and graduated from high school ?  Come on, there is no way that these therapists can create reasonable doubt with whatever they say. The police goose chase is not indicative of post traumatic stress syndrome. It is indicate of sociopathy!

They were ALL in  high and happy spirits as you can see from these screen shots below.


Cheney Mason not only initiates a touch he actually puts in middle finger int he crook of her elbow and rubs it as you can see in the photo above.

Casey looks down and laughs as she continues to have physical elbow to elbow contact with him.

Then there is two finger touch on Mason’s part  here while their arms still touch and physical contact  between the two is taking place.

They continue to touch arms. Casey places her arm over her body and holds on to her other arm as she braces it go that she can maximally extend her other arm which is touching Cheney Mason.

Now, while still clinging  her arm into Cheney Mason so she can have some physical contact with him, she reaches her other hand over and places her open fingers on his arm.

After removing her hand from him she looks down with a  very self satisfied facial expression. Cheney is all smiles.

They are back to arm touching.

And continuing that touch so that there is definite physical contact between the two.

And finally Casey  attentively looks into Cheney’s eyes in order to get his attention.

The bottom line is that Casey obviously craves attention and  physical contact from a man even if that man is old enough to be her grandfather. There was no need for her to be touching him and less need for him to be touching her either, let alone sticking his fingers in the crook of her arm.


Now Jose Baez shows up and stands to the right, in front of Casey and the TV camera. Casey is excited to see him as you can tell from her wide eyed look and genuine raised cheek smile. She knows she shouldn’t be so happy and smiling so she puts her thumb over her lip in an attempt to repress the smile. She clearly adores Jose.

Casey is very flirty as she coquettishly places one hand over the other and coyly looks at him wide-eyed wile cocking her head to the side.

Next Casey mouths the words NO and looks down as she raises her middle finger up to the side of her head at the temple and keeps it there. The other attorney thinks it is funny. So does Jose as he smiles as well.

Casey thinks it is funny too as she looks over at Jose all the while keeping her finger in the vulgar bird like position as if to say “F You” to Jose.  The other attorney thinks it is funny too.

Now Casey has taken her bird finger down and laughs. Cheney Mason is amused as is the other attorney. Casey is loving all of this drama and attention as Jose is smiling too as he has his back towards the camera in an attempt to block the view.

Jose and Casey are clearly flirting and Casey’s demure hand position with one over the other and her raised eyes and cocked head confirm it. From the looks of Jose’s raised cheeks he is happy and smiling away.

Casey now shows Cheney Mason something under the table. Are they her hairy unshaven legs because they won’t trust her with a razor blade or is it her crotch? At any rate, Jose looks on as Cheney Mason smiles. Jose’s cheeks are no longer raised as the attention is off of him. He is not smiling but rather looking at Casey and Cheney. Is this an attempt to make Jose a bit jealous in her immature schoolgirl way?

Jose now smirks and turns to the camera, His expression says that he is about to do something mischievous.

He sticks his tongue out to the camera! Why in the world would he do this? Does he not care that the whole world is watching him? Is he trying to be funny and playful? Well here is a new  flash Jose, your client may get the death penalty because she killed an innocent little girl. That is nothing to laugh about  and clown around. This is NOT the place or the time.

Jose is clearly amused with himself. Why is this man being playful and joking around when his client is in such serious trouble? He needs to take his playfulness out of the courtroom and not act like an immature schoolboy.


While Jose stares at Casey, the other lawyer gives Casey a tour of the latest iphone G4. No doubt Casey is not up on the latest phone gadgets since she has been in a cage for two years with minimal human contact. So the other attorney is explaining what the new phone can do.


Casey looks right at Jose and gestures to his with her pinkie and thumb as if she was holding a phone, that Jose has a phone call on his cell phone.

Casey even extends her hand to indicate as an attempt to show Jose the phone  in case he didn’t understand her previous sign gesture language, The other attorney is now involved and reaches out to  physically pick up Jose’s cell phone as Jose, with his cocked head begins to process what is going on.

Jose has picked up the phone and put it to his ear while Casey has a self-satisfied grin on her face as she feels she has something useful as his legal assistant and letting him know he had a phone call.

Now Jose checks his  text messages  as Casey looks on with her now vacant eyes.

This whole scenario of Casey and Cheney’s flirtation, her flirtation with Jose and his odd behavior is very disturbing, It is obvious that her attorneys like her and may be the only two people in the world, aside  from some sickos who are enamored with her.

There is now talk on other blogs and some news reports that Casey will be dressed differently and there will be a change in her image when the trial starts.

While I gave my opinion that she needs to  be dressed  in all black for the whole trial in one of my blogs, if they follow my advice it won’t really make a difference because Casey is bound to leak out who she is – a sociopath and no doubt the jury will feel it.

As they say you can put a dress and lipstick and pearls on a pig but it is still a pig.

She has clearly manipulated Jose and Cheney as they seem to be enamored with her and titillated by her. After all she has spent her whole life flirting and manipulating men so why should she not turn on what she knows how to do best with the two men who happen to be around her all the time and give her the attention she craves.

A jury will hate Casey! You can only be on your best behavior for so long until you leak out who you really are. Even the most accomplished Academy Award winning actor can’t do it for as long as Casey will have to be under scrutiny during all these months during her trial.


55 thoughts on “Casey Flirts! Cheney Touches! Casey Gives Finger! Jose Sticks Out Tongue! Casey Gets iphone Lesson Everyone Laughs! A Baby is Dead!

  1. Thank you so much Dr. Glass for doing this anaylis.
    I have been waiting for it.

    There is another video posted on face book that is also silent but it shows Jose’s dislike for how casey was dressed for court on April 6th i her grungy greys.

    Jose goes back to tell Cindy (who chooses Caseys outfits for her) that she needs to dress Casey up more, Jose has a lady in a black jacket with a purple
    blouse beneath it turn around to show Cindy how Jos would like to see Casey dressed. I can give you the title of the video if you want it.

    Thank you again for your expertise !
    Love It!


    1. I hope I’m saving you, Ruth, some trouble getting the video! Here it is:

      Very good post Dr. Glass! I read the rules of decorum for the courtroom and must say that both Baez and Ashton need to reread them!


    2. Ruth, do you have a link for info on it being Cindy who chooses Casey’s clothing? I don’t doubt at all that she does, but I’d just like to read the article.

      And is there also a link about what Jose went back and said to Cindy? Did somebody in the gallery actually hear them talking? I don’t mean to be nitpicky, I just like to read actual accounts. TIA!!


  2. They are all disgusting! Caylee is dead at the hands of that tramp and they are all chits and giggles. I’ve never in my life seen atty’s or felons acting this way in court. There is nothing psychologically wrong with her as far as her mental state, she is simply a sociopath and has always been. She didn’t just become this disgusting evil whore after sitting in prison, this is the way she is in her soul. I wish there was a way for the jury to see this flirt session. I agree though, her inner filthy self will show through during the trial. A leopard doesn’t change their spots. Welcome to your death trial casey, welcome to hell!


  3. Hey Sherry, thanks for that video…it is fascinating! Casey looked like a farmer at this hearing. I’m not sure I agree with Dr. Glass that KC and her entire family should dress in all (complete) black like she advised in an earlier is just too severe and would like like Johnny Cash. If everyone dressed like the lady in front of Cindy…that would look good!

    I’m glad Dr. Glass did an article on the KC with Cheney conversation. I watched that whole thing and it seemed like they talked like that forever…very animated like really good “pals”. I remember being 25 years old and working for someone around Cheney’s age…I knew him pretty well and I can tell you I wouldn’t have looked so “familiar” talking with him! It is very telling that they appear so friendly. Cheney is not immune to the flattery…and as Dr. Glass so correctly pointed out, KC is incapable of not flirting. She is like a moth to a flame when there is a man in the room.


  4. This is beyond appalling behavior. She needs to be put to death not grooming and flirting. Do those attorneys not care about human life. She’s a monster.


  5. Thanks Dr. Glass for your spot on interpretation and great title. I also wondered about her attire and guessed that Cindy had chosen it. I actually have that same b+w blouse and i am 67! It will be in the charity bag first thing in the a.m.
    I think she should wear all black like you said, but if Cindy comes up with hot pink or bright yellow for her that’ll be good too.


  6. Dr. Glass
    Isnt the Casey dress code against a law? Isnt it a lawyers place to encourage their DP client that there is a morale dress code in the USA court system. The finger at Bozo and their antics should be agaisnt every law in this land. thx Sherry for the video.


  7. Thanks for your insight Dr Glass! I have hear many think that defense are trying on different looks on kc as a defense stratagy.That her more serious demenor was all a ploy to show her consern for proceedings. I disagree, all we saw was a pi**ed off gal sulking at her mothers choice of clothing. Just goes to show kc ‘s only consern is about herself. This gal has no clue what is in her future.


  8. Casey is disgusting. Cindy is disgusting. George is disgusting. Lee is disgusting. Cheney Mason is a pig and a misogynist. Jose Baez will cost the Florida tax payers two trials. A little two year old who got in the way of a sociopaths fun ended up chloroformed, duct taped, and feeding the swamp critters. Enjoy your first class ticket to hell Casey. Maybe she can charm the Devil. Whew that feels better…


  9. Ms Anthony has not been told how to act. Mr Baez cannot guide her because he doesn’t know. Even though the cameras are rolling Mr Mason and Mr Baez engage in behavior that is unacceptable and in contradiction to the Orange County Bar Association Standards of Professional Conduct and Courtroom Decorum. A brief synopsis:(see link below)

    1. Attorneys shall refrain from disruptive and disrespectful behavior
    2. Attorneys shall abide by the spirit and letter of all rulings
    3. Attorneys shall be, and shall impress upon their clients and witnesses the need to be courteous and respectful towards the Court, opposing counsel, parties and witnesses, etc
    4. Attorneys shall make an effort to explain all non-party witnesses the purpose of required attendance at depositions, (and the importance of being on time!!)etc.
    5. Attorneys should act and speak civilly to courtroom deputies, clerks, clerk reporters, JAs, (and I might add all those operating AV equipment!)

    Presently the courtroom is used to showcase a remorseless, callous and defiant client whose fearless dominance goes unchecked and apparently unnoticed by the ones who are carrying on and allowing her disrespectful and inappropriate behavior to be documented.

    If anyone of them fully integrated the seriousness of the charges they would conduct themselves in ways that reflected that indeed “death is different”.


      1. Dr. Glass, I’m glad to hear you say that you will be doing it for Tru TV “when the case starts.” That’s how I think any interviews, opinions (whether professional or layperson), etc. ought to be done. WHEN THE CASE (trial) STARTS. In my opinion, that is when anybody could say anything about whatever, and it would be safe to put on the air. Because, once the trial has started, a jury will have already been chosen, and they will be sequestered at the end of each court day, with limited options/exposure to television and other forms of media.

        “48 Hours” showed a preview of next Saturday’s episode (April 16) and it’s about the defense’s strategy in the Casey Anthony murder case. There was a very short clip of a mock jury aquitting the defendant. But we all know how previews can be misleading and out of context. The clip did NOT specifically state that this mock jury was deciding on a verdict for Casey Anthony. However, with how the program laid it out and led up to the verdict, they make you think or assume that the jury was making a verdict in the Anthony case.

        I want to say that I applaud you for having the class and common sense to wait until the trial has started before you will offer up your professional observations and opinions to a nationally televised program. You rock!


  10. Excellent article Dr. usual i was waiting for this article after the previous one on how to dress the defendant and her family for the trial…i am somewhat disappointed that the Judge has allowed the behavior of the defense team so far. The only thing I can ASSUME is that when the jury selection and trial begin the Judge will come down hard on the defense and all of their courtroom shinnigans. I can not believe that Jose stuck his tongue out at the camera, and later Mason gave some sort of arm gesture toward the State, as everyone was leaving the courtroom. The camera did not catch Mason’s gesture. Surely the judge is seeing all of this…jmc


  11. wow none of these people on the defense, including the defendant hasn’t emotionally matured beyond that of a middle schooler…
    the red bull article too… shows how immature jb is also..


  12. Thank you, Dr. Glass. You totally get this family. Sickening, really. What I don’t get are the actions from these lawyers. Fun and games representing the accused killer of a baby? Who are these people? Classless as the Anthonys, do you think?


  13. During the trial when it gets down to the horrible details of Caylee’s death that will have most if not all the occupants of the courtroom gasping, Casey will be acting the same. This is her demeanor and she can’t change it overnight. That won’t sit pretty with the jury.

    Make her look spiffy and like an old school teacher but what’s inside will show to the jurors. The same is true with Baez. He appears to want to change the court systems laws with his own brand of ideas, poorly tested I might add. Not only will the jury see this but they will see the lack of substance to back up what he is ranting about. He will appear as some lawyer who is way out in left field and not trustworthy as well as very boring.

    The jurors will see the professional state side and the court jester defense side. I just hope the jurors are not some of my neighbors.


    1. John-Please see ABA Guidelines for the Appointment and Performance of Defense Counsel (Removal 7.1 and Training Requirements 8.1).

      If these Guidelines are acted upon, who is to say that jurors will see Mr Baez make his one minute opening statement explaining away the “31 days”?


  14. Baez always struck me more as narcissistic then a sociopath – the showboating for the camera, his pronouncement that Casey would be shown as innocent, his arrogance with news reporters, his preening, and of course why he picked this very public case to begin with being a mediocre attorney with no death penalty experience etc…

    Since neither Baez or Cheney are visiting their client in jail, I hope Casey still gets to see them when she is sitting on Death Row. Cannot come soon enough for me.


  15. i love your evaluations and postings. when i see casey anthony’s court demeaner it sends chills down my spine. it is so scary to me. she is so crazy. she is sociopathic, psychotic, and dangerous as hell. if she is allowed to choose her own clothes for court, i believe she will wear loud, seductive clothing and bright red lipstick. exactly what one sees in long term psychiatric facilities. sooo scary!


      1. This is a bit off-topic, but does relate to sociopaths. Remember the Diane Downs case? That happened just 30 miles from where I live. There was a lot of publicity about the case, from the time it happened and leading right up to and during the trial. Now, there’s a sociopath! Her interviews with LE and her interviews on tv were just fascinating (I’ll admit) to me. I’d never seen anything like her (until now). It was almost as if I was captivated by whatever she said, because she was just so bizarre. Things that would make me shiver and break out in goosebumps because she was so chilling. And her out-of-place laughing….ewwww….so creepy. She even laughed while re-enacting the crime for LE, which was video-taped. She and Casey are very much alike. Diane flirted with men all the while as she was in custody, like Casey does. If Casey were talking out, like Diane did, I’m sure the similarities would be astounding. As you said…”seeing a real-live sociopath in action and yes- it is scarey.” No doubt!!


  16. It is hard to believe that this is the mother of a deceased child and her defense team. In court no less. At this hearing they were talking about her child’s decomposition, the smell of her decomposition and her remains. They are having a ball. It sickens me.


  17. Dr. Glass, I’m glad you pointed out the defendant even flirts with the old boy Mason. How a 25 year old woman can be touchy-feely with an old geezer unless she’s being paid by the hour is beyond me. (I’m way older then 25 but I was an attractive 25 year old once). She’s manipulating him and he looks like a foolish old man.

    We’ve watched Baez be unprofessional with the defendant in court as well as out of court, prior to her arrest. He was even warned by the jail to keep his paws off of her and he claimed ignorance to the jail rules. There are no boundaries between the defendant and all members of her defense team, including the ones who sit at the defense table baby-sitting. I recall Michelle Medina surreptitiously opening Mason’s laptop during a sidebar so she and the defendant could read the “Real Time” transcription of the conversation taking place. I can provide a link if any one’s interested.

    I guess we’re witnessing a true sociopath at work. Master manipulator.


      1. Hi Kitt! I don’t want to watch all of the hearings again if I can help it. Check out this link starting at 10:46. Ms. Medina lifts up the screen and she and the defendant start to read. The defendant visibly reacts to what she’s reading, which is the Real Time Reporting of the side bar conversation. There was another incident, I think the day before, where you can see Ms. Medina surreptitiously raising the screen in the same way and they are reading what was being transcribed. They know they’re not allowed to be looking, but they do it anyways. They were caught red-handed on tape. You will notice the defendant now makes a big production of leaning over and closing the screen shut whenever the attorneys approach the bench. I can’t blame the defendant for this particular infraction. The young attorney Medina, should know better. This is what I meant when I pointed out the lack of boundaries between the defendant and her attorneys.

        I can find the other incident where Ms. Medina was being really sneaky when she slowly opened the screen so that she and the defendant could peek at what was being transcribed if you or any one else would like to see it. I believe it was probably on March 3/11 because this one was on March 4/11. Hope this answers your question!


  18. Dr Glass: I, too, was aware of the exchange between Casey and Baez, where she flips the bird, and he sticks out his tongue. It appeared to me as if she was actually flipping the bird for the camera man (perhaps at Jose’s egging on) and then Jose turns to camera and sticks out his tongue. At any rate, this is not the first time Casey has made that obscene gesture in court. She thinks she is being subtle- HA! Or else she plain out doesn’t care. Or both. Thank you for your blog. Will be most interested in reading your analysis during the trial.


  19. One last comment. Does every one remember when George Anthony made the ludicrous allegation against the attorney during the Zenaida civil suit deposition? He accused the attorney of “flipping the bird” at him when the attorney was merely pushing his glasses back up on his nose. Holy smokes. George Anthony’s allegation was so ridiculous that it wasn’t worth mentioning. But it was real to George Anthony.

    After watching the defendant in action the other day when she blatantly proffered her middle FU finger, I bet that happened all the time at their kitchen table. That’s why George Anthony went psycho when the attorney innocently adjusted his glasses. Can’t you see Lee and Casey Anthony sitting at the kitchen table secretly giving the finger to their dad, whom they had no respect for? You know the dad they were going to buy the book “How to Get a Job For Dummies” or some such thing. I sure can!


  20. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you for your professional analysis!

    I have a question, JB told In Session he will explain away the 31 days of KC’s bizarre behavior within the first two minutes of his opening arguments in trial. We know he has two mental experts primarily added to the defense witness list for the penalty phase and now he wants to use mental experts for the guilt phase, anyway, I believe these experts are specialized in PTSD, how will it fit KC’s behavior in your opinion. I have read KC is a sociopath. Why would a mental expert agree to this, in the first place. I believe they might throw KC’s parents under the bus for that. But will it work?
    Thank you!


  21. hi there……….the whole charming and manipulating way with her lawyers and they fall for it, reminds me of the movie “the case paradin”……..from alfred hitchcock…..


  22. Thank you Dr. I enjoy reading all of your articles, but I especially appreciate this one. Do you think Judge Perry is aware of this even though he hasn’t entered the court room? If so, can’t this be a factor when he sentences her?
    Lastly, I enjoyed listening to you on TruTv. People need to understand we all have normal emotions and those normal emotions would have been “panick” if our child was missing for one minute!
    Thanks again, Dr. Glass.


  23. I think it would be very difficult to convince jurors in the guilt or penalty phase that Ms Anthony suffered from PTSD. How will they explain the “flight, fight and freeze”? Was that before or after the tattoo? Perhaps she was experiencing “depersoanlization” when being questioned and no one realized she was actually “having an out-of-body-experience”. Perhaps she was experiencing “derealization” and was detaching from the world around her before and after her arrest. Oh, and then there were the panic attacks-the ones that mandated she deflect blame and punishment onto anyone and everyone. And of course we have all been privy to the “debilitating fear when the trauma is triggered” as evidenced by her courtroom behavior over the past 2.5 years. See more at:


  24. Dr. Lillian,

    People are speculating “48 Hours” might sponsor KC’s outfits during trial. Media says they don’t pay for interviews but we all know they might do favors, we are not stupid! It’s very sickening the way JB plays with the Media, he favors the ones who are not hard on him!

    I also believe Caylee will get the justice she so deserves, her grandparents wanting it or not!


  25. Dr. Glass – it is so informative reading your site and the analysis you give on the persons in this sad case.

    I feel the atty’s, fashion designer’s, TJMaxx can provide clothes for Casey, they can’t change her demeanor, her fake tears, nor her inappropriate laughing, in front of a jury.

    Dress Casey up or dress her down, nothing can make a jury understand a mother not reporting her baby daughter missing for 31 days and not reporting it.

    It might benefit the defense to have Cindy & Lee to dress appropriately for the trial — and Judge Perry to tell CIndy to leave her cud of gum in the garbage can when she walks in.


  26. If Casey is found not guilty (God forbid and I pray she will be found guilty), is she responsible to pay the State of FL back for her legal counsel and court costs, since she has been declared indigent?

    If she is declared innocent and does not have to pay a dime, that would be a double travesty of justice.


  27. Not to defend Casey in any way, The girl has enough problem and mental and emotional flaws, and is probably a sociopath. But she HAS been in jail for three years. What is so strange about a woman who’s incarcerated craving physical contact when she’s out of that environment. I don’t see the point of this article at all.


  28. I had been telling my husband that Cheney Mason keeps touching CMA. And when the lawyers are pow-wowing, Mason is looking at and smiling at CMA. Then, he pointed out to me: “Look, Cheney Mason just looked down Casey’s shirt. He’s looking at her chest.” And he was. And then I heard Mason was going to take her in. Whoa. And after I’d seen him give cameramen the finger, I realized he’s a lecherous old goat, willing to get it on with a probably baby-killer.


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