Jose Baez ‘Red Bull” Fix Gives Him Fidgety Body Language Bouncing Around Courtroom, Annoying Prosecutor With Pen Clicking


After watching Jose Baez, jump around  the courtroom like a maniac the other day, there is no doubt that  the Casey Anthony case  has finally taken it’s toll on his nerves. But Jose’s taking Red Bull  isn’t the answer. Normally Jose has been cool, calm, and collected but how he acted in the courtroom was completely  out of character for him.


Since we have never seen him act like this before,  I  choose to blame the Red Bull, one of the most dangerous drinks out there which contains   80 mg of caffeine  and other additives including taurine designed  to give the drinker energy. But it is not safe as studies have shown that it can raise one’s risk for stroke and other heart problems.

While it may be popular among young college students and not affect them, especially after  drinking it to pull an all nighter before an exam, Jose is not a college kid and he is not a youngster.  It is even  considered a health risk in countries such as  that Norway, Uruguay and Denmark, who they  banned the drink.

Jose had his other attorney bring him some red Bull (and not the diet kind either) which he promptly poured into his cup. But  as you can see in the photo above, he poured it into his cup when he needed to be standing at attention when Judge Perry entered the room. Instead, he was crouched over pouring his drink. Had Judge Perry seen that, no doubt Baez would have been fined and called out for this unacceptable courtroom behavior.

Whether it is a health risk or not, there was definitely something in that  substance that made Jose so hyper that he was difficult to watch.

He kept fidgeting and wandering around  as Ashton was speaking. His head was cocked to the side and he couldn’t stop moving.


He was constantly shaking his pen even when talking to Cheney Mason. He was clearly  annoying to  watch and even more annoying to be around.


Just ask prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick who is  level headed, cool, calm collected and the ultimate professional.  ce kept clicking his pen incessantly. In the photo above you can see how she is looking directly at Jose’s clicking pen and how annoyed she is by it.


Here she  that she  bluntly tells him  him to stop it! He had no clue that he was so annoying and even leaned over to have her repeat what she said.


He even thought it was funny as he turned around to stare at her. She completely ignored him while he continued to hold his pen in hand and click away.



Then when he was up at the bench during a sidebar, he was an embarrassment. He was jumping around and walking from side to side.


He was even  looking away from the bench into the courtroom when he needed to be looking at Judge Perry.



Jose needs to get it together and stop drinking Red Bull because he is all that Casey has. If Casey has one iota of having her life spared it will be because of Jose. As I said in my previous blogs, a jury will like him, based on  what we have seen in the past. He is likeable and presents himself well., he is well spoken, has a very soothing and calming voice, and dresses extremely well with well fitting suits, silk ties and matching pocket squares.

While he may not always act professional because of his inexperience I believe that he has done his best in this Herculean task of representing one of  the most hated female sociopaths of our time.

The stink of Casey  and her repugnant has spilled over on to Baez  with his self admitted death threats and barrage of hate mail. He has managed to step up to the plate and handle everything.



If a jury sees him acting like he did in the courtroom where he constantly fidgets, and shakes his pen and acts moves around disrespectfully during a sidebar (no matter how boring it is) and most of all smiles and flirts with Casey, they will be completely  turned off with him. As a result  he will have put the final nail in his client’s coffin as far as the death penalty goes.

Jose MUST keep it together for a number of reasons. For one, he does not want to mess up in any way shape, or form so that his repulsive little backstabbing lying, sociopathic client will demand a retrial because of her claims that he did not represent her properly.



 Next, his professional career depends on how well he comports himself in the courtroom. After his “Baptism By Fire” legal experience Jose may wonder if being a lawyer is for him after all. If he decides that the career is for him, then he needs to do all he can to make sure he does not get disbarred. If he gets disbarred for any reason, then his  new career choice has essentially been decided for him.

If he decides being a lawyer is not for him, I have no doubt that Jose  could do well on television as a legal analyst. Heaven knows this experience has put him up there with the big boys. He has lived it all. Everyone in the media  also really likes him a lot because he knows how to present himself very well on camera. Geraldo loves him and could even set him up with a steady gig on his show. He could even get a reality show- “The Aftermath of Hurricane Casey”

While I am against the Anthony’s writing a book and exploiting their granddaughter and this tragedy, I see it differently when it comes to Jose. I think that a book from his point of view  detailing what an  inexperienced lawyer who was suddenly thrust into an  into an emotional hell experience and the behind the scenes details would be an interesting read.  I think it would make a great movie as well- not about Casey’s case as we know that story already  but we don’t know it from Jose’s viewpoint.

While he couldn’t break his sociopath client – attorney relationship, he could certainly present the intimacies from his point of view, Frankly I want to know about all of this flirting. Is he doing it because he really has a thing for her or is he responding to her and trying to appease her so she doesn’t sue him for malpractice down the road or demand a retrial because of his inadequacies.


 Whatever the case he needs to STOP it NOW! There should be NO MORE smiling and flirting and nonverbal communication between the two in the courtroom . He needs to distance himself from her and treat her objectively. He did this several months ago and it worked< he really came off more professionally but now he has fallen back into Casey’s web of seduction and it is ugly. A jury will pick up on it and they will HATE it and HATE him.

If he actually has the hots for her,  he needs to keep his flirting with her confined to his jailhouse visits with her so it is done behind the scenes and not in front of millions of people from around the world.


Casey now seems to do the flirty act with Cheney Mason who used to ignore her initially.  I wonder what happened there. I hope that he has not succumb to her manipulative sociopathic bs? If he has, he too needs to keep it behind jailhouse visits not in the courtroom for all to see. Maybe he is trying to appease her so she doesn’t sue him as well.

Here is the reality- no juror wants to see Casey Anthony having a good time, laughing, smiling, or flirting. Even if she didn’t kill Caylee (which I believe she did) the fact that a mother can  be laughing, smiling, and flirting when a baby has died is incomprehensible.

Also what in the world do Jose and Cheney have to speak to Casey about, If they need to say something to her, they need to write down their questions or comments on a piece of paper and have her respond that way. There should be NO verbal communication between her and any attorney because she does not know how to communicate with anyone unless she is flirting with them.   


The bottom line is stop drinking Red Bull . You don’t want to get a stroke and become debilitated or have a heart attack. You are under enough stress already.

  Find another way to get energized and to relieve your stress. Get up an hour earlier and do some pool aerobics or have your trainer work you out. Don’t eat junk food, Eat healthy and have your assistants bring you some dietary meals with lots of protein. See a private therapist to help you deal with the barrage of hate that is thrown at you daily. Have a paid professional therapist  you can talk to who won’t spill any of your secrets regarding your feelings about this case.

Stop flirting with Casey. In fact stop talking to her all together when you are in the courtroom. Stop greeting her with that excited facial expression. Just nod when you see hr and have a serious face. THERE IS NOTHING TO SMILE ABOUT IN THAT COURTROOM! NOTHING!!!! A BABY IS DEAD!!!! ALWAYS KEEP THAT THOUGHT IN YOUR HEAD!!!

61 thoughts on “Jose Baez ‘Red Bull” Fix Gives Him Fidgety Body Language Bouncing Around Courtroom, Annoying Prosecutor With Pen Clicking

  1. Well i seriously doubt that appeasing her today would in no way stop her from sueing them another day.
    I just realized the other day when she flipped the bird and all of them got their chuckles….perhaps it was because Baez had an erection which KC mimicked with her finger…..?
    When i watched it again with that in mind it looked like it could very well be so. Stranger things have happened.


  2. First let me say it was a good article and well written, and in fact I agree with you on many issues. Now with that being said, stop it! A jury should see the REAL goings on and not some prepared controlled behaviour acting in a way to fool them. They SHOULD see Casey laughing, flirting, and acting the way she does. It is part of the “evidence” that points to her guilt!


  3. It seams that anyone who supports Casey becomes tarnished in some way. From what I have seen, her legal team is a bit immature, pen clicking seriously? The flirting is totally disgusting, she loves having these bumbling idiots falling to there knees for her it gives her power. Putting your reputation on the line, losing your wife for this psychopath is very stupid. As you said, her defense team is grasping at straws, deep down they have to know what she is, a cold hearted baby killer.


  4. Watching these two in court gives me the most unsettling feeling. Besides the speed-aholic Baez, Casey has done herself in. Too bad~


  5. It’s interesting to watch Casey in court. She is a sociopath, no doubt about it! She will not be able to contain herself every single day in front of a jury. She doesn’t have the self-awareness to understand how inappropriate her behavior is. I understand in the DSM V, they are adding the diagnosis of “psychopath”. I wonder if Casey had anything to do with that? heh heh….just kidding….


  6. I have to wonder if Dr. Glass is working pro bono for the Anthony defense team. Why provide them with tips, strategies, suggestions which might possibly help set a killer free?

    To Mr. Baez—I think you should keep on smiling at your client—show the jury she is liked by you and they will like her too. Keep letting her rub your leg and Mr. Mason’s arm. Show the jury how “innocent” people act when they are accused of murder. There is no reason for you to stop flirting with Casey—don’t hide your love—fill the room with it!


      1. I’m glad you are writing these posts and I hope Baez sees them! I would like to watch the trial without cringing at the disrespect for the court. So, thank you, Dr. Glass. It is as you say, the body can’t lie and their body language will give them away.


      2. Dr Glass, I hope Casey does reveal herself. It has happened in the past after you gave advice to Baez. He learns for a while but I, like pipkin50 want to see Casey and her defense team in their full glory with the jury. Providing what you see is one thing but giving them strategies is another. You have helped many celebrities and others. I for one do not want to see him get your great advice. Baez was not “thrust” into this hell. He chose it and from what I have observed, he did it for his own show. But, then again, I am not a body expert.


  7. Wow. I didn’t notice any differences in Baez behavior but to be honest, he always annoys me. From day one I’ve never though of him as anything but a smirking self-righteous fool who believes he better than everyone else (just like his client). I’d be shocked if the jury actually liked him. He just doesn’t present himself well and I can’t believe that the jury wouldn’t take notice.
    I think he’s disrespectful to the court and the judge constantly. Just the way he says “judge” instead of “your honor” seems to be slightly “put-downish” to Judge Perry. The bit on 4/1 when he stick his tongue out at the camera shortly after giggling at Casey’s bird salute is just another example of his disrespect. And yes, the flirting has to stop. It is downright disgusting.
    I understand his job is to defend his client, and there are often times I like the way the defense lawyers present themselves more then the prosecution does but the is not one of them. I think that the star attorney that the jury is going to like is going to be Ms Burdick with her calm even keel demeanor.


    1. I completely agree with you. I do not find Baez likeable in the least. He would make my skin crawl if I had to watch him every day. His courtroom demeanour is appalling. He belittles the seriousness of the occasion – a toddlers life lost and a woman’s life on the line. Casey may not be mentally competent to see the entire picture but he is a professional and he should know better. I agree with Dr. Glass that Mr. Mason will not be liked by the jury. He is not a pleasant man and is not easy to listen to. This behaviour between himself and his client is very uncomfortable to watch. I agree with you Cuttler, Baez is downright disrespectful. And I also agree that Linda Drane Burdick will be the attorney who most appeals to the Jury.


  8. You have hit the nail on the head Dr. Glass. I have read that sociopaths have an extra-added amount of sexuality and charm and this is why they can attract so many victims into their webs. The female sociopaths are supposed to have more testosterone which is supposed to make them an ‘unforgettable’ sexual experience, which makes it easier for the sociopath to exploit his/her victim.

    I tend to think that Mr. Mason is somewhat experienced enough to know a sociopath when he sees one because of all his years defending them. I feel he does a good job in keeping up professional appearances in the courtroom. I did not get the feeling that he was particularly pleased when Casey touched him on the shoulder in one courtroom appearance recently. It irked him, but he must not show that he dislikes his client. It did throw him off however. I picked up a quick negative reaction from him.

    The defense team of Baez and Mason have a ways to go to get their ‘professional acts’ together for the trial. You’re right – Casey’s life depends on it.


  9. Thank you again, Dr. Glass…as always a fine analysis…

    I said very early on, Jose Baez it too emotionally involved with ICA to see through the evidence. I can only assume, this prisoner told him what he wants to hear and none would be truthful. He’s putting too many eggs in one basket and has told this prisoner, there would be a mistrial! Is that what he’s trying for?
    It appears the defense should make one defense and stick with it. There seems to be no defensable reason which is why we’ve heard many scenarios trying to create doubt.
    The behavior between Baez and this prisoner appears very inappropriate. Remember in the early stages of her incarceration, he’s been asked repeatedly at the jail to stop touching the inmate.
    This prisoner happens to be man crazy, there is no man she’s ever met that she didn’t like. If this continues during trial, a jury will see her through jaundiced eyes and will seal her fate.
    While the attornies are talking about Caylee’s remains, plant root growing through her tiny bones, not once did she flinch, not once has she shown any remorse, other than the time Mr. Ashton told of the reason the DP was put in as a sentence, was when he mentioned how the duct tape might have been place on Caylee, as Caylee looked the killer in the eyes…and that was one of anger and rage, Make him stop!!! was what she mustered out of her mouth.
    I believe the Red Bull drinking is adding to Baez’ inappropriate behavior and it shows in his preparation. His thoughts are all over the place, they are not organized as he attempts to present this evidence at the Frey Hearings. Is he trying for a heart attack to take him out of this trial? It appears as if he’s speeding…using stimulants such as this is also bad for the heart and will gain weight…which I believe he has…
    I believe, when all said and done, Baez might not be that effective as an attorney. Many attorneys’ have commented on his behaviors and none say anthing that resembles good…here is a link to one other Florida attorney…
    Baez is not a DP qualified attorney. I also said early on, he is using this prisoner and her charges to gain that stance. He is using this as a stepping stone to become a DP qualified attorney, which would mean, he could set his own price for defending anyone. He might just price himself right out of a J O B….I do wish him luck, for they will all need it…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  10. First let me say it was a good article and well written, and in fact I agree with you on many issues. Now with that being said, stop it! A jury should see the REAL goings on and not some prepared controlled behaviour acting in a way to fool them. They SHOULD see Casey laughing, flirting, and acting the way she does. It is part of the “evidence” that points to her guilt!


  11. During yesterday’s hearing Baez was madly weaving backwards and forwards while holding onto the podium. Like he was doing sit-ups while standing. I disagree that he has been seen as likable up until now. His perpetual FU smirk is not endearing in the least. As matter of fact, it’s usually completely inappropriate behavior for the situation.

    The man wears his emotions on his sleeves. You can tell when he’s worried or doesn’t like where the testimony is going. He “creaks” his neck to the side. He practically stomps his feet when he’s mad. I don’t think there’s a hope in he!! that he’ll stop the flirting. It could be quite lucrative to play poker with him.


  12. Maybe Baez thinks he must drink the Red Bull because he has nothing for a defense and a client who wants to take it all the way! He lays awake through the nights and is sleeplessly nervous as the trial looms closer. I think his arrogant smirk is a mask hiding his insecurity as Casey’s lawyer. I’ve noticed that about people who have the outward appearance of an overly confident/arrogant spirit-within they are fearful of exposure of who they really are.


    1. Is RedBull addictive? I have never had it so I have no idea what its affects would be but if watching Baez is any indication I am not missing anything!


      1. I have no idea. I can’t drink anything with caffeine in it because I’ll do just like Baez-all over the place and fidgety. He looked to me like he had to go to the bathroom-I thought maybe that was why there were all those breaks!lol


  13. Dr. Glass I respectfully but strongly disagree with your statement that baez “is likeable and presents himself well . . . he is well spoken, has a very soothing and calming voice.”

    I can’t bear the sound of his voice. I don’t think I’m alone in this, in fact everyone’s opinion I’ve ever read supports this. Yours is literally the first comment I’ve ever came across in favour of his voice.

    Soothing and calming is how you describe him. I find every word that falls from his silly, smirking mouth is dripping with sarcasm and is very condescending and disdainful. Even when he speaks to Judge Perry. No matter what he says it sounds insulting. He sneers. He could read a phone book and it would sound the same, he just naturally has that inflection and the facial features to support it. I think that’s what provokes the strong reaction in so many people that wish they could wipe the smirk from his face.

    And it’s a double whammy because he not only sounds like an insulting fool he is stupid to boot so in my opinion he has absolutely nothing going for his physical presence at all. Sadly, sadly lacking. In my opinion. But even while i say it, I love it. Because just like the anthonys baez is who he is. And that is exactly who I want the jury to see. A pen-clicking, insult-dropping, sneering, body-bopping fool.


    1. Condescending and disdainful – exactly! His behaviors are the same – imagine a grown man, a lawyer at that! – sticking his tongue out at a camera while encouraging his client, who BTW is on trial for her LIFE – to flip the same camera the Bird!


      1. Agree with you Kim and Katrina too.
        I wish Dr. Glass would do the body analysis on the bird being flipped.


      2. Kim, All I can say is it takes All Kind 🙄
        To do that in Court for the Cameras to pick up is beyond stupid and childish on their Part!


    2. Baez is a disgusting amulance chasing caliber lawyer. He’s a fat, obnoxious tub of lard & it’s no wonder Casey & he found each other.

      He’s so jealous of the taller, more intelligent, more attractive Jeff Ashton & attempts to make it personal & cut Ashton down at every opportunity.

      I don’t know why Dr. Glass seems infactuated with Beaz & seems to give him qualities the twit does not possess.

      Also, why do you want to help him, he’s a grotesque slimy flirt whi I think carriued on with casey when she visited his office every day 6 hours a day.

      Casey, Baez, the Anthony clan, Mason, etc. all scum of the earth looking to get the baby killer off & profit off a dead baby.


    3. I love it, I await to see the look on Baezs’ face when the jury says “GUILTY”. He will look at Casey and cry , I’m sorry Baby, I tried. LOL And the nerve of him to say that maybe Casey Anthony could be the 1st one that the media would be blocked for. hahaha. Who the hell does he think she is, maybe to him she is something but, the People of Florida are doing Jusctice for Caylee, she was all alone somewhere and Casey didnt care.


  14. Good artical but also disagree with baez handleing everything. Up to date exsamanation of witness’s and experts are far below steller. He repititious and voice has a whine that goes from cry baby whine to cocky and arogant. IMO he needs the Red Bull because he’s out partying instead of doing homework for his client and it shows by the lackluster defense he has mounted so far. I also think he may be abusing illegal substances or tugging on alot of booze with his increased weight gain.


  15. While I enjoy your articles, and totally believe that body language speaks volumns about a persons trutfulness, I am in total disagreement with your assessment of Jose Baez.

    He is swarmy, obnoxious, arrogant (for what reason I have no clue) unprepared and stupid. When called on his stupidity, he becomes unhinged, snide and snarky. He clearly has not got one caring thought for the victim in this case, as he has decided to make the murderer the victim. This will be his downfall, more than anything.

    As for his looks, he looks like squirrell, which is just perfect for the defender of the woman whose car stunk from Squirrell decomposition.


  16. My message to Baez? You should have asked for LWP instead of going to court. Your girlfriend is going to end up on death row.


  17. Bees Knees said it all for me, except that I’m convinced he has an anti-authority disorder, & has below-average intellect. He graduated from THE lowest ranking law school in the country, & was not top of his class by any means. (Two of my siblings went to law school, both have been prosecutors, one later became a physician, & not only completed a Residency in one field of medicine, but is not “smarter than a 5th grader”, HE DOESN’T COMPREHEND simple concepts much less the more complex ones involved in scientific research. His LACK OF COMPREHENSION is evident in his inability to answer the SIMPLEST of questions asked by Judge Perry; one recent example: the hearing in which he asked to admit 6 new witnesses 4+ mos past deadline (Nov 30, 2010) & HHJP asked him to give him (verbally) “the good cause” for adding them. He blubbered & blibbered & eventually, Ann Finnell had to come up to answer this first question of HHJP’s. How unprepared & disgusting for a alleged criminal defense attorney in a Capital murder case. IMO.

    He acts like a person who didn’t graduate from high school – in fact, he did not graduate from high school he earned a G.E.D., & judging by his comments, appears more like a street thug or schoolyard bully who has arrested development.

    He lacks a moral compass as demonstrated by his lies to the Court in writing in motions (Robin Lunceford motion; TES motion) & has been called out for his blatant lies to the Court by the OC SAs. He also lacks professional ethics, as demonstrated by the emails between he & Cindy Anthony re: TES & Brad Conway. jmo


  18. correction:
    He graduated from THE lowest ranking law school in the country, & was not top of his class by any means. (Two of my siblings went to law school, both have been prosecutors, one later became a physician, & not only completed a Residency in one field of medicine, but is currently completing a Residency in Anesthesiology). Baez is not “smarter than a 5th grader”,


  19. The hallmark of a skilled defense attorney representing defendants in capital cases is negotiating a favorable plea bargain. More lives are saved as a result of a good negotiator;someone who can convince his/her client that the road ahead could cost them their life and that the plea deal is something to seriously consider. I honestly believe that had others been called upon to help Ms Anthony see her “right to a fair trial” as a death knell perhaps she would have looked at the plea bargain differently.

    He should have told Ms Anthony that with or without a body she would eventually be charged with Felony Murder.
    With or without a body she was looking at the death penalty.

    Mr Baez only knows how to drive to the courtroom – he doesn’t know what to do when he gets there. That is a travesty of justice. She deserved a vigorous defense and she got a boatload of lawyers who didn’t know what they were doing. The horror of it all is that ‘not a one of them’ sounded like they ever read a book or were even remotely aware of what to do in the courtroom. Crying, pissing and moaning are not lawyerly skills.They are a bunch of no-nothings.They have been conning their colleagues for years!!!!!!!God help Casey Anthony.


  20. Dr. Glass-I always read and sometime post-let us realize that Mr. Baez and Casey are mirror images of each other as sociopaths and lack of impulse control-NEITHER can control themselves for very long and their disrespect and lust is going to come through ,He is smarter than anyone in his mind and will not listen to your advise as he cannot accept his we3akness and his weakness is Casey and himself. Jean p.s I should have said his other addiction is casey as well as red bull.


  21. Anonymous, I agree Baez is a rotten lawyer but remember Casey was asked by Judge Strickland if she was satisfied with her lawyer Mr.Baez. She said yes so she got what/who she wanted to represent her. She really deserves nothing but because we are a civilized nation we give her a trial which is more than Caylee the victim got. You said God help Casey Anthony, God will not be helping Casey Anthony, but the devil will.


  22. KnightOwl-It would be logical to assume that the truly guilty have no moral right to a legal defense. But since we want all citizens to be protected from the will of the state our system provides representation of the guilty and the innocent. We know there is overwhelming evidence to convict but we also know that she has a right to be represented by someone who can go beyond the evidence and talk about who she was before and after the commission of the crime. She needed an advocate who could “tell her story” (Gerry S.) and mitigate her penalties.

    This defendant deserves someone who could do this in ways which are moral, ethical and grounded in sound legal practice. Mr Baez does not represent the hard working, thoughtful and prepared advocate that both the innocent and guilty require.

    If we think Ms Anthony deserves Mr Baez than I weep for all those who are innocent and seek out Mr Baez to represent them. If you had Mr Baez for a lawyer wouldn’t you ask God to help you?


  23. Anonymous, Casey doesn’t want an ethical lawyer or she would have fired Baez early on. She likes him because she is made out of the same cloth he is. You asked,” if you had Mr.Baez for a lawyer wouldn’t you ask God to help you? No i would be too ashamed to ask God any favors after i killed his child he gave me to love and protect.


    1. Knight Owl-Casey likes Mr Baez and has no intention of letting him go simply because she is incapable of evaluating his ineffectiveness. She is not plagued by moral or ethical issues or swayed by or interested in telling anyone the truth. She is not interested in anything but her freedom. The fact that others believe or come to believe that she is a “baby killer” means nothing to her.

      These are defendants who need guidance and a dose of reality early on. Mr Baez should have walked away and allowed a more experienced legal eagle to defend her.

      Mr Baez opened the door to ineffective counsel (by opening his mouth) which if upheld could get her another trial. Had he done his job the appeal would go to her sentence not her guilt.


  24. Anonymous. if Casey had an advocate to tell her true story from before or whenever she wouldn’t be any better off than she is today. Her background is liar, and thief before. If Baez is still allowed to be a lawyer after Casey’s trial and an innocent person get’s him then if they can’t see what he is when it is glaring them in the face then they will just have to muddle through it the best they can. They have the option when they see what he is to fire him.


    1. Yes, that’s very true. But I am hopeful that as a result of Mr Baez’ incompetence the Florida Bar wil look into why it was possible for him to advocate for Ms Anthony once she was charged in a capital case. Why did someone with three years of experience get to fire a death qualified attorney? Was his advice to Ms Anthony correct? Why not accept a mental health defense and accept the penalties? Why not allow your child to have a proper burial when the evidence was overwhelming that the defendant discarded her dead child.


  25. Let’s not forget George Anthony did not like Baez and wanted to get Casey another lawyer very early on but she would not have it. She praised Baez instead of listening to sound advice from her father George. Casey is a brat and thinks she knows everything.


  26. Cindy and George tried to tell her she was “the boss” but Casey said in late July, early August 2008 that “the only information she was getting about her child was from Mr Baez.” That was stated in a jailhouse phone call and if you look at Mr and Mrs Anthony you will see two stunned parents. Casey was and always will be a lost cause.

    Evil does not describe Casey Anthony. She is, according to Thomas Sheridan, “non-human”. Hare refers to people like Casey as “emotional androids”.


  27. Anonymous, good points. Casey is indeed screwed with Baez and although Cheney Mason has a good record in the past he seems off par now so i don’t see him as an asset as her death qualified attorney. Simms is not good either. Seems everyone that get’s involved with Casey becomes weird and basically dumb~ maybe it is karma~~


  28. Anonymous, i remember George telling Casey she was the boss in a jailhouse tape. Casey said, No Dad not anymore, i’m not the boss. George said, “oh yes you are” I found that interesting. Your right on her evilness too.


  29. Anonymous, forgot to say i do agree one hundred percent with you Baez should have walked away from this case early on. In fact he should never have taken it. He knew he was not qualified. He is like Casey and cares for no one. That is why they are so much alike and Casey likes him so much.


  30. Knight Owl I look at all those who have had the misfortune to walk into Ms Anthony’s “altered universe” and see them all, with the exception of Caylee, as the walking wounded.

    Casey had few friends, one set of parents, no extended family but grandparents who cared for her when she was an infant, and countless boyfriends (look at who comprises the defense witness list). She separated some of them from their money and all of them of their dignity.

    The long parade of pretend, incompetent and worthless counsel she has at “her beck and call” have nothing to offer her nor can they hold back the oncoming “assault” that the prosecution has prepared. They thought they could come forward to defend her without legal skills and, with the exception of Ms Finnel, woefully absent a seriousness of purpose. Who goes to a Frye hearing and has to be schooled by the judge? Why would it be important for Mr Baez to call Dr Voss an “alleged scientist”. Maybe because it is “alleged” that he is a lawyer?


  31. I agree!!!!! Jose Baez undresses Casey A. with his eyes, I am afraid to say what he may imagine of her. A child is gone, there is no reason for laughing, smiling or flirting. This shows the same attitude that Casey displayed after Caylee went missing, she partyed and had a great flirting time. She is still doing it, even in the court room, she is a cold blooded mess. If the mother wants her to go free, she will do it again, Florida needs to STOP Casey. Now.


  32. BTW, I would like to know why Casey is not in handcuffs while in the courtroom, she is an escape risk, she is confined to a prison, right? Then when she is escorted in the courtroom it will keep her from “pawing” all over them lawyers like she is their “legal aid” or someone important. She is awaiting trial, no wonder acts this way, she is even trying to run the courtroom. Justice for Caylee


  33. Jose biaz dyed his hair over the weekend! It appears he did it to try and cover the bald spot he has. He has always had a bald spot in the back of his hair that is noticeable when the camera is in back of him, Today, his hair is aztec black and the bald spot is less noticeable. It also looks like he has a new sew-in hair piece over the bald spot. It is so sad that this is where his “head” is”. I knew he was as shallow and insincere as he came off!
    He is a short and little man.


    Please ask Jose Baez to STOP clicking his pen in court! Very rude, unprofessional and disruptive.


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