Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows She Will Be Hated By Any Jury

Above is Casey Anthony with her new oversized sweater with the sleeves rolled up over her collegiate striped  black and gray checked blouse with it’s sleeves rolled up, It looks  as though she is making a fashion statement.

Her hair is in a pony tail but there is  a long coiled curl which she must have spent days twisting for it to look like that which she wears pulled over on the side.

And what does she do as soon as she gets into the courtoom besides haveing a  nauseating smile on her face? She  grooms her hair, pats it down at the top and plays with the coil. A jury will HATE watching her do this all day long!

They will also HATE  it that she will have on a different outfit each day. Since they are not the most stylish outfits and look hideous and inappropriate on her  with her form fitting sweaters  and low buttoned tops,  Jose Baez needs to get  that   this is not a fashion show and that her choice of outfits will negatively affect a jury (especially women jurors).

He needs to dress her in the same black outfit for her whole trial.It can be washed  or dry cleaned each week but it needs to be a very conservative pair of black pants, a black blouse and a black jacket that fits her well.

Cindy should go to  Sears or Macy’s or Ross or one of the many discount outlets in Orlando and  to get Casey a back one piece pant suit with some black low heeled pumps with a black shirt underneath.  That is all Casey should be wearing for the whole trial. Period!!

She needs to be wearing black out of respect  to show she is in still mourning over the death of little Caylee and in mourning for her future.

Of course we have all seen that she is elated that Caylee is dead  but Jose at least needs to put her in black anyway when she is in front of a jury so at least she gets a fair trial and they don’t hate her more than they already will because of the inappropriate clothing she is wearing to court.

And while Cindy is at it she needs to lose the sandals and the ugly dresses and that awful white sweater and buy herself an identical black pant suit and a well fitted bra in her size so that her breasts don’t hang down  on her stomach. I am not being mean or catty here. I am being serious. A jury looks at everything and I mean EVERTHING!!! Ans she needs to loose the Caylee is still alive act and stop protecting Casey and just answer the questions that are asked instead of going on and on and being ugly and hostile and defensive.

She needs to see a therapist to deal with what SHE contributed to casue Caylee to be dead at Casey’s hands. She needs to work out her own guilt issues privately and not in the courtroom. The car smelled like a damn dead body as she said on the 911 tape. She said it and that is the truth. It smelled like a dead body because there was a dead body locked up in that car for days if not weeks-  her granddaughters body which was put there by her daughter to get back at her for throwing her out of the house.

And  while  Cindy is out shopping for Casey and herself she needs to get George a real man suit with a real man tie.  George needs to man up and dress like a man in mourning. He has lost his grandaughgter and will lose his daughter forever. He needs to mourn that loss and needs to also mourn how he abused her with his non- parenting. If he sexually molested her he needs to wear black to show he is in mourning for doing this egregious act.  And by chance  if he didn’t molest her, he needs to wear black to be in mourning for  having a daughter who tried to throw him under the bus.

He needs to wear a black suit with a white shirt and a TIE!!! The tie can be in Caylee’s favorite color- purple to honor her, But  he needs to wear a TIE  and dress like a MAN for the first time in his adult life!

And as for Lee, he needs to also wear a black suit and a tie and black dress shoes not tennis shoes. He needs to take a shower and shave and brush his teeth and comb his hair . He needs to look clean in the courtroom out of respect fro those who are forced to look at him.


As soon as Casey walks into the courtroom, she needs to show some humility.

But humility is not something that Casey has. She prances into the courtroom each day as though she is some type of rock star.

Jurors will also HATE it when she walks into the courtroom with that sickening flirtatious  grin on her face.

In sync with public sentiment, there is no doubt that many of  the  jurors will fantasize about  slapping that smile  off her face as soon as they start hearing what she allegedly did to that innocent baby girl she birthed.

After watching Casey all this time, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be despised by a jury. They will see right through her. Casey cannot help herself from her OCD like grooming and her smiling.  Even though she stopped grooming and smiling  for a while after Jose no doubt tried to coach her, she is back to her old behaviors which shows that just as  a leopard does not change its spots, Casey does not change her aberrant behaviors.

When they hear her history and couple it with her in court behaviors she will be TOAST!

No matter how she looks, she  may very well get the death sentence because of how hated she will be after the jury  is forced to spend months with her and being exposed to  of what is important to Casey-, her hair, her grooming, her clothing, and of course  her flirting.

If Cindy or George write a book about this trial and what happened I pray that no  one buys the book.  I pray that no book publishing company gives them an advance to write these exploitative books and if they do that company  should be boycotted because they are making money off of a dead grandchild.I hope amazon doesn’t put it out in ebook form or allow the Anthonys to self publish it.

There is nothing more the Anthony’s  can tell us . We are sick of the whole family’s  manipulation and   lies. We have seen it all with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears.



41 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows She Will Be Hated By Any Jury

  1. Doesn’t even flinch when discussing Caylee’s decomposing body. NO REMORSE. A jury, and Judge Perry, will despise her. Game over Casey.


  2. I look forward to your blogs everyday. I bought your book Talk To Win 30 yrs ago and to this day I practice the excercises. I really enjoy your other books on body language. Four years ago when I saw George on late night tV talking about his missing Granddaughter, I could tell over the TV someone was not right with him. And now I realize I was wacthing a Grandfather, who knew his GD was dead and he was acting like she was missing.


  3. She needs to see a therapist to deal with what SHE contributed to casue Caylee to be dead at Casey’s hands. She needs to work out her own guilt issues privately and not in the courtroom. The car smelled like a damn dead body as she said on the 911 tape.

    Yes, iand t is smells to this day! The jury will get to smell the car because Baez won’t give it a rest with his statement of false alerts by cadaver dogs and the air test.


  4. I completely agree with you Dr. Glass! When I saw KC walk in the courtroom today she acted like that lady corrections officer behind her is her body guard that a celebrity would need. UNBELIEVABLE!!! The judge should have never agreed to the shackles coming off when she’s in the courtroom!!! She is a conficted felon!!!



  5. I personally would be offended to see Casey in pseudo mourning for the child she killed – her child. I do however, agree she needs to stick to a simple suit, possibly in gray or navy blue.

    Too bad nothing can be done about those eyes though


  6. The jurors will probably wonder why a mother on trial for the murder of her own child is all smiles and then once they’ve heard the state’s opening statement and Cindy’s 911 call, they will really despise her.


  7. Good work, Dr. Glass. I completely agree with all you said but at the same time I worry about the defense (and anthonys) taking the good advice they glean from the blogs (we know they read them) and I hate to give them any help. But I suppose the reality is, as you said, a leopard cannot change it’s spots and no matter how much good advice we give them they cannot become who they are not. Thank God for that and thank God the jury will see exactly what we see.


  8. May I suggest that there be no buttoned shirts or blouses? Casey has a problem finding the buttonholes above her breasts. And, I’m with Kim about her wearing black.


  9. Dr. Glass, Your keen eye for all the details is amazing. For many years I have followed, read, observed and studied the crimes and court cases of ordinary people who commit crimes against their husbands, wives, mothers fathers , grandparents, children, and those who are closest too them. It is amazing how many traits these sociopaths have in common. In most cases, by the time of their trial their attorneys have them dress to impress. Scott Peterson wore a suit and tie, and looked like the perfect gentleman. However, he still behaved in a way that caused him to be hated. Do you remember all the lies he told? Casey lied to her family, her friends, and the police. As you noted Casey can’t change her behaviors. She is what she is.


  10. Dr Glass, I agree with you Casey needs to dress in a more appropriate manner. Cindy and Casey both need to find a good support braw. As for the way Casey behaves, do you think they will give her some prescription medicine to help her control her inappropriate behaviors? Maybe Baez will hire a jury consultant to do a makeover on Casey.


  11. Excellent article Dr. Glass, i look forward to your blogs daily. I live about 5 miles from the court house so i am not stranger to the Anthony behavior. They do need a jury consultant however you are to good for them. In fact Baez did submit a PROPOSAL after casey was declared indigent for a jury consultant and Judge Perry said NO immediately. He said if you want a consultant, you pay for it out of your own pocket..the people of Florida are not going to pay for a jury consultant. Baez did not pay for one, so there you go folks…look for her in her sloppy outfits like we saw today…the grandparents are sloppy also. Look at how they showed up at the OCSO *sheriffs office* in shorts and sandals on many many occasions, this is hot Florida but the offices are air conditioned….they show absolutely no respect for anyone, and really not even themselves…thank you Dr. Glass again…jmc


  12. Casey looks like a slob, a person who doesn’t care or doesn’t care what others think.

    About George and Cindy writing a book, we all know they will. My guess is that the bank, (BOA) in order not to get dragged into this mess is letting them live free in the house, (Cindy’s house) with the promise that they will be paid when the book is written. Sort of a gamble on the banks part but for BOA it is better than foreclosing on someone who is on talk shows and could give them bad press.


  13. Great article Dr.Glass. I see where your going with the clothing but i say Cindy needs to save her money as it would be in Casey’s language a huge waste. The jury will see her and the fam as their true self anyway so Cindy needs to just go ahead and bring Casey that blue dress and those black go go boots she was dancing in at fusion lounge. Cindy, George and Lee may as well dress like we always see them too. I guess what i mean is, it is like the old saying goes, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and you can’t pull the wool over a juror’s eyes with a dress code makeover. lol.


  14. Dr.Glass, yes heaven forbid anyone would buy a book any of the Ant’s would write. We have heard all their lies for almost three years now so what would be the point like you said? However something tells me they will try too. I have a name for their book, ”LIES AND MORE LIES”.


  15. I also noticed when she comes into the courtroom she struts or walks with a wiggle ! showing her body off and that will not work! the first thing you see is her shaking her bootie and playing with her hair!! not good first impressions for the jury!!


  16. The body language will do the family in regardless of what they wear. However, in the name of fairness and decency, Dr. Glass’ recommendations should be considered. Baez should at least give her a fighting chance. Now she’s a sitting duck.

    Perhaps the gray or navy blue would work best so that the body language isn’t so grotesquely out of synch with the body language, that it it unduly distresses those of us with normal consciences.

    Excellent commentary from everyone. I learn so much from this blog and the responses.


  17. I do hope if the anthonys write a book it is put in the fiction section! there is no section for mistruth/halftruths.

    great article dr. glass!!

    what a combo her and baez he clicks his pen incessively and drinks red bulls all day!!


  18. What irks me about Casey is, she acts like she is scoping out attention from men in the courtroom. Your baby is dead, you hear how her body had been decomposed and yet you flirt smile adjust your clothes. Dr. Glass you are absolutely right, she will be despised by jury they must think the nerve of this girl. The Anthony’s are sickening the Caylee is alive thing was a rouse to stall the sentencing of her daughter and being drawn out to anyone who will listen and delay justice for Caylee while cashing in on peoples good faith. They will never work again they will exploit this childs death forever, something tells me this mess which started with them paid off quite well, what a horrible message being sent.


  19. I understand what you are saying regarding Casey and her family dressing in court, but to have these people to NOW
    show some modicum of MOURNING for Caylee at this late
    stage of the game is FRUITLESS and in my opinion an INSULT Caylee.
    Dressing in black for the Anthonys is out of the question and the public would be laughing loudly at that one.

    Something on the line of an outfit that is at least respectful to the courts would surfice….ie jacket with blouse and matching slax.
    A complete overhaul for Lee…..beginning with burning
    his filthy jeans, shirt and toss the sneakers, haircut, shave and a good hot bath to scrub the dirt off him.

    Their dress demeanor and their actions when they enter the courtroom shows me their TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT not only Judge Perry but to the MEMORY of the child they
    have professed to love.


  20. Agree knight owl – the blue dress with the boots (or jump suit until trial).
    “A monkey in silk is a monkey no less…..” (Rodriguez)


  21. I do believe everyone will be in the courtroom, including Casey, when the jury is brought in. That said, this means that the jury will not see her strutting into the court room like we do.

    As for Casey’s clothing—I think she should wear Red satin low cut form fitting blouse with no bra—perhaps the courtroom will be cold and certain body parts will react—her lawyers will enjoy the eye candy. She’s an evil tramp—and should look the part!


  22. Whatever happened to criminals looking like criminals and wearing prison jumpsuits? I would like to know what the hell she could possibly be writing down every few minutes. Looks like someone told her to pretend to be concerned.


  23. Hi Dr. Glass: I love your postings. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that Casey appears in court in these slightly oversized sweaters (the lavender one in particular) and I was wondering whether or not they were trying to get her into a “waif like” appearance to garner some sympathy from people. She kept pulling the sleeves of the lavender sweater down over her hands. It looked like a sympathy ploy to me, but I may be biased. I absolutely detest Casey and her family so may be looking for things to point out.


  24. I will never contribute one cent to the anthonys or the defense in any way, book or movie. Not only will I not be contributing I will be loudly vocal if I see anyone else buy either a book or watch a movie. I won’t even go to a blog that is in the slightest pro-anthony. If the State or any other credible person writes a book however I will be all over it.


    1. Totally agree Bees Knees. Ashton writing a book would be like the book that Bugliosi wrote on the Manson family. Informative and from a logical, sane point of view; not at all sensationalist.


  25. I have a question. Does anyone know whether the jury will ever see Casey enter the courtroom? I thought Casey would be seated by the time the jury came in.


    1. I believe you are correct on that. Can we petition to have this changed and allow the jury to see Casey in full bouncy glory? Also let them see how she reacts to her family

      Darn, that would probably be considered prejudicial


  26. Sorry to rag on you Dr. G, but you earlier had written that Casey’s attractiveness would sway a male juror… and at the time I had responded that it would not.

    In the last two months she received about $100 from a man in TX and that was it. Apparently her jail-house, staring psychotic eyes, appeals to few males.

    As I’ve said from the beginning – the woman looks crazy and cant’ stop the Crazy even when she is on trial and facing death.

    No man or woman who sits in a courtroom watching her laughs, giggles, finger pointing, flirting with her attorney… will find this child killer innocent.

    I’ve sat on a jury and guess what Baez and Casey – we see all of this as we are sitting there waiting for the trial to “begin.” When we are brought in after breaks, we notice you sitting there smiling. As the day ends, we notice the hand touching, hair patting and leaning over to show your attorney the cleavage. And yeah, we also notice the vulgar hand gestures to the “audience” – an audience that will be stating GUILTY in a few short months.

    Your antics are not amusing and will be less so with an audience of 12. You’re both a laugh a minute – enjoy it because the hourglass is about ready to run out.


  27. Viewer please write something that has bearing to the case. Comments like nice hair, etc is absolutely stupid and serves no purpose.


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