McDonald’s Attack Victim’s Interview Shows Shock At Attacker’s Age, Lack of Help, Anger At Being Filmed And Outed

In watching the interview of  victim Chrissy Polis  who was attacked at a  Baltimore McDonald’s,  she appeared to be very level and calm as she described the incident of what happened to her in detail . She maintained her calm and even showed compassion in her tone  as she spoke of her  surprise at the age of one of her attackers 14.

Her tone changed to anger and disgust when she spoke of the person who videotaped her during the ordeal, but then changed back to gratitude when she spoke of the one woman who came to her rescue.


I believe that everyone was as stunned as Chrissy to find out the  ages of her attackers. What  happened in these two young girls lives to fill them with such violence and hatred towards another person? Who raised them? Were their parents absent? Did they have to fend for themselves? Were they severely abused and beaten in their own young lives? What was it to cause them to fight  wild animals and almost kill an innocent person?

Did they have such hatred towards a person just because they are a different color then they are? Did they have such hatred because the woman may not have looked odd to them?  Did they have that much insecurity as human beings that their “boyfriend” couldn’t even speak to another woman without that woman being harmed? Where did they learn that it was OK to put a hand up and beat up on another person?

Chrissy  Polis was minding her own business innocently  trying to use the bathroom when allegedly a man  who was allegedly one of the attacker’s boyfriends just said  said “how’s it going? “ Chissu politely answered “ fine” and   did not engage in conversation with him. Her concern was getting to a toilet. Allegedly on the of attackers saw the interaction  and asked Chrissy if she  was talking to her man and began to pull Chrissy’s hair and brutally beat her.

Now  the violent 18 year old  attacker  Teonna Monae Brown  as seen above has been charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of misdemeanor second-degree assault as she is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center on $150,000 bond.

Her accomplice , a  14-year-old girl  who will be tried as a juvenile, also faces charges, according to investigators.

In the state of Maryland First Degree Assault can get a person a jail sentence of a maximum of 25 years. Second degree assault is a maximum of 10 years.  Because of the nature of the crime and who the crime was perpetrated upon a transgendered individual , there may be Hate Crime added and more severe consequences to Ms. Brown and her 14 year old accomplice punishment.

If a jury finds them guilty Ms, Brown and her 14 year old will be middle aged women when they get out of jail if they serve the maximum sentence. I believe they will be serving the maximum sentence to prove a point that this type of behavior will never be accepted.

As we have now learned,  this is not Ms. Brown’s first experience with violence at the same McDonalds. She was apparently arrested and charged with two counts of  misdemeanor assault  last year for  assaulting a  38 year old woman Danielle Dower, 38, and Dowe’s daughter  last July. In October, a Baltimore County judge ruled that charges would not be further pursued against Brown, according to court records because that the criminal counts against Brown were dropped at the victim’s request.

 Essentially Brown’s life and the 14 yer old’s life are ruined forever. that That combined with the national attention that this has received, they will never be the same.


 After working with transgendered clients during the early part of my career, I can assure you that they  suffer greatly. They have been born in the physical embodiment of one sex and yet mentally and emotionally, they feel as though they are the opposite sex.

Some people who have “gender  dysphoria”  continue to live in a depressed state. They do whatever they can to  suppress their thoughts and feelings about living as a member of the opposite sex. For those brave souls who do come out of the closet and make every attempt tolive as another  gender it is not and easy decision that they  took lightly  or an easy process to undergo.

For many, their decision cost them their relationships with friends and family and work colleagues. For some their jobs and livelihoods have been jeopardized.

The process is not an easy one. They undergo serious psychological testing before they fully commit to  surgical intervention to become a man or woman physically. They must live, act and dress as a woman or man  for at least a year wearing the clothing of that particular gender. This is a must for those who seek surgical intervention for sex reassignment.

They do whatever it takes to become acclimated to their new identity. Perhaps that is what Crissy was doing- becoming acclimated to dressing and living as a woman. The last thing she needed was to be beaten up for it.

This will scar her  emotionally forever. She even mentioned on the tape that she is now afraid to go out of the house. This is a tragedy for her that was caused by the hatred of these two teenagers and further exacerbated by the employees at McDonalds, who I believe need to be held accountable as well.

Chrissy said that the national attention makes her feel as though she had to  “come out of the closet all over again.” The national attention and the invasion of her privacy is what has added insult to injury, continuing to upset her the most.


While it  is great that this horrific incident  was videotaped for the .world to see, the intention of why this video was made is egregious. It was not made to document the woman’s injuries. It was not meant to document the incident so law enforcement could have a visual record of what went on. It was not videotaped as part of McDonalds procedure.   It was videotaped for some fool’s entertainment that he put up on his personal youtube account.

This fool  Vernon Hackett was also an employee of McDonalds. He had been an employee in the same location as the incident since 2009. He should  have known better than to film the video, taking credit for it  on his Facebook account, which he has since taken down.

At one point in the video Hackett  can be heard laughing hysterically at the violence in front of him, he is apparently enjoying the incident as thought it was some type of live entertainment for him.

As I see it, I consider that he is also an accomplice  as he is heard telling the young teenagers ont he tape  to get  out of there because someone was calling the police. In essence he was protecting the criminal and aiding and abetting their egregious act.

During Chrissy’s interview she commented on how she told this man,(Vernon Hackett)  to stop filming her and to get the camera out of her face when she was being beaten and afterwards. He had no sensitivity as he sadistically shot footage of her for his own selfish reasons.

Chrissy said “  I told the guy to stop,”The y didn’t help me. They didn’t do nothing for me.

Even when Polis is repeatedly kicked and punched until she had a seizure, he still  sadistically filmed her failing her arms due to her seizure
To further show his hate and ignorance,  he had the nerve on his facebook page to say  “that was not a female that was getting beat up… that was a man… He was dressed lik [sic] a woman.”

Who cares what she was dressed like or if she was a manor a woman. It was inhumane on Hackett’s part not to assist the person or at least call for help.


 Finally, one older woman had enough of this  scene. She was the only one who came To Chrissy’s aid. She tried to break things up but was punched in the face as well. Even though she is a hero in this tragic saga, why is she the only one who came to a crime victim’s aid? Why didn’t others speak up or yell out or place  their fingers on 911 to call the police?

Where were the other McDonald’s employees? For their doing nothing they too should be fired  and fined in my view. They need to be taught a lesson in humanity and respect for others lives.

Where was McDonald’s in all of this? Don’t they have a panic  button that goes right to the police station when there is a crime? If they don’t they should have one along with video cameras as well. They can well afford it.   I believe they need to be held liable as well and I hope that Chrissy gets herself  a good attorney so that she can be compensated for her damages. They no doubt have liability insurance in case someone slips and falls or has an accident on their property .  This is certainly a sitution that needs to be covered by their liability insurance in my view.


What happened to us as a society and as a people when there are those who can sit around  as though they are being entertained and casually and videotape or refuse to speak up or at least call 911 when something horrific like this happens?

Have we become so immune to violence that it is now   form of entertainment to many? Kids in grade school need to be taught that if they see violence  to report it immediately0 to dial 9ll. They need to learn early on that if they see it live in front of their eyes it is not a video game or a TV show or a movie. It is serious and they need to take action in the form of reporting it  or calling 911, no matter how old they are.

I believe there needs to  be consequences for those who sit by  and idly watch. To me they are  just as much to blame. We need to stick together and help one another, not leave one another to be  maimed and even die at the hands of those who act like wild animals.


Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

The defenses’ argument that Casey Anthony didn’t respond for 31 days due to “family dysfunction” and that Casey  feared her father’s violence and mother’s wrath is completely lame in my view. No jury will buy it in my estimation. Even if that is the case, they will wonder why she didn’t go to brother Lee or to one of her friends or boyfriends.  

They will especially not buy that “fear of coming home and telling her parents because she feared their wrath” excuse. After  looking  at the Jailhouse tapes of Casey and her parents, they will clearly see  that it is SHE who runs them, not vice versa. She is the one in control.

Her father George even point-blank tells his daughter she is in control. If they read his jailhouse letters he sent to her, they will see him literally begging for her to see him. This once again indicates that it is Casey who is in control.


George has been an absentee non- involved father it appears,  based on her comments to him “ Act like a father for the first time in you life.”  If she feared George’s violence, she would never have spoken to him like that.  

Yes, George may very well have a temper when pushed to his limit as we saw him on the lawn of his own home when he reacted violently. But under the circumstances, it is not difficult  to understand his outbursts when people were on his property and name calling. All of the shame, embarrassment and trying to keep it all together finally got to him.

Just because he may have shoved a few protesters does not mean he beat up on Casey and that she feared his violence towards her. If that were the case, as soon as she was in the home, he may have let her have it when she refused to say where Caylee was located.

Did he molest her? That may very well be a possibility. But that still wouldn’t account for her waiting 31 days to come home or to tell what happened to Casey. Apparently, when her father encountered her and spoke to her about the gas tanks she said something vulgar to him. If someone fears you, they don’t mouth off to you because they are petrified of what the person  may do to you.    

If Casey claims that George beat her and also beat Caylee and she was saving Caylee from George, this will be the lamest thing she can ever say.

Caylee was the one who brought joy into George’s life. He has been the one who has grieved the most for Caylee it appears.   From the tattoo of Caylee over his heart and the sincere body language and communication in terms of how he discusses her, he clealry adored her.  It doesn’t make sense that he would do Caylee any harm. There is no motive in my view. Why would he destroy the only one thing in his life that brought him joy. Since he had no job, it wasn’t his work that brought him joy. It certainly was not Cindy that brought him joy  based on what we have seen of them and what we have heard of their past troubles.


As far as fearing Cindy, there was no question that  Cindy would no doubt  yell and scream and carry on as we have all seen her do. But Casey was the one  in control in that relationship as Cindy enabled her as Cindy  constantly covered for her,  just as she is doing  now .

Casey  was so in control over Cindy that she manipulated her by not telling her she dropped out of school and didn’t have a job and that there was a Zanny the Nanny . It was a “cat and mouse”  type of game Casey played with Cindy  for years to “get one over” on her.

There is no doubt that Casey detested Cindy for trying to control her and Caylee. While you can see that controlling behavior of Cindy’s  in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy says to Casey to look up so she can see Casey’s eyes. But then you can also see Casey’s hatred and sadism towards Cindy when Cindy was crying and Casey was laughing. Caey  says to her father, “What is this one crying about?” Casey was loving that she got Cindy upset. She was loving the control she was having over Cindy just as she loved the control by punishing Cindy for threatening to throw her out and keep Caylee.

Casey made sure that she would have the final control over her not being thrown out and cindy keeping Caylee by taking Caylee from the  home and never returning with her. Casey knew this would devastate Cindy. Caylee had never been away from George and Cindy for less than a day, so for Cindy to not make calls  to law enforcement and try to find Casey and Caylee after 10 days, let alone 31 days speaks volumes. It speaks to Cindy’s  stubbornness and pride and her own disdain towards Casey.

Having said all of this, even though she and Cindy had a dysfunctional relationship, there was no excuse for her to not tell Cindy right away. In fact,  the sooner  she told Cindy, the sooner she would havesadistic joy at seeing Cindy in pain over the loss of Caylee. But it  was Casey’s attempt to remain in control and to figure out what to do to explain away what she allegedly did to Caylee.


 Even if she detested and feared her parents, what about good old brother Lee? Apparently she loved him. After all, as she said on her facebook page, he was the coolest brother one could have. Why couldn’t she tell him during those 31 days?  She certainly didn’t fear him as we can see from the jailhouse tapes. Until recently, when she discovered that he had manipualted her for law enforcement, she thought he was her biggest ally.

And then there was her best friend Amy Huizinga and her other friends and the myriad of men. Why couldn’t she confide in them?

It was because she was  in the process if concocting her kidnap Zanny the Nanny story to explain what happened to Caylee and not have anyone point the finger at her allegedly doing away with Caylee.It was to work on the  story that it was someone else’s fault Caylee went missing- not hers.

There was no doubt that Casey  was in her  own world of denial and passive aggressiveness.This wasn’t the first time Casey displayed her denial and passive agressiveness. She definately displayed it when she was pregnant with Caylee and didn’t  tell her mother until she was well along in her prgnanacy. Cindy had no idea Casey was pregnant and even told her own brother Rick Plesea that Casey was a virgin, after  he confronted Cindy about Casey’s weight gain. Casey obviously does not deal with things right away and apprentlhy hopes the problem will just disappear on its own just like she did in this case with Caylee.   

 The longer that Caylee was  not around, the  longer Casey didn’t have to think about her parents or Caylee . The longer she could spend partying and having fun in the moment. We saw it when she partied and got” Bella Vida”  tattooed without thinking of Caylee.

After all, why should she?  In Casey’s abberant thoughts , Caylee was nothing but a huge burden to her. She didn’t even want Caylee  in the first place and allegedly thought so little of her, that  when she allegedly did away with Caylee,  she threw her  dead body into a garbage bag, just  like a piece of trash.

  Her motives to do away with Caylee were strong.

  1. Caylee kept her bonded and connected to her mother Cindy whom she detested.
  2.  Caylee interfered with her social night  life.
  3.  Caylee interfered with her daily life of doing whatever she was doing when she wasn’t working.
  4. Caylee interfered with her sex life, her boyfriends and spending time with them.
  5. Caylee interfered with all the attention that was supposed to go to her.    
  6. Caylee was a vehicle to be used to  hurt Cindy.
  7. Caylee was a source of competition which she resented.
  8. All the money that was spent on Caylee. her clothes and toys could have been spent on Casey.

The bottom line is that the defense will not succeed  if they present their theory of Casey’s fear of her parents to a jury. They  will  simply wonder why she didn’t get help from someone else if she was  so afraid of her parents.

Judge Belvin Perry’s Body Language Showed He was “Bouncing” Mad While Reprimanding Prosecution’s Jeff Ashton

Whenever Casey Anthony case Judge Belvin Perry gets upset or wants to make a serious point, it comes out in his body language in the form of a bounce. He tends to be even keeled in his tone and in his facial expressions and in his demeanor. But when he is upset at someone or agitated or really wants to make it a point to get his points across, he speaks more slowly and he tends to “bounce” up and down in his seat. Perhaps it is his body’s way of releasing and expressing his emotions.

Mostly, his bounces have been often  seen when he has reprimanded Jose Baez or has been annoyed with him. He also bounces when he gives his instructions, as an indicator that he is serious and means business and wants his orders followed exactly as he says.

Judge Perry stated that the location where they will be doing Jury selection is secret and that he only plans to tell one member of each team in advance. That person who was told would be responsible for telling the other members of the team and that as long as they left by 8AM they would be able to get to the location on time. Perry stated that the attorneys are banned from disclosing the location to anyone, including their families.

So when Jeff Ashton stood up in the courtroom and said that his family would like to know where he is, Judge Perry was hopping,  bouncing mad. Perry’s voice even got a bit louder as Ashton continued to object with his arms spread out and palms up as he displayed an open mouthed  surprised expression at Judge Perry’s instruction .

While bouncing in his chair, he said to Ashton “You are not going to be able to tell your family .” He then said he had no jurisdiction over Ashton’s family and that” if it was problem for you then you needed to speak to Mr. Lamar  to see if he could replace you.”

Those were VERY powerful words and indciated that Judge Perry was extremely upset by Ashton’s outward  defiance and questioning his order.

While this was going on,  the one person who was loving the interchange was Jose Baez. He was smiling and smirking as he heard Perry’s  harsh words to Ashton.  Jose’s raised cheek smile indicated  his genuine smile and happiness at the situation. 

Jose was enjoying this so much that he had to  turn away from looking at Ashton  as he  covered his mouth with his hand  to stifle his  giggles. As you can see from the photo above no one else in the courtroom seemed  to  be enjoying this interchange between Judge Perry and Ashton as much as Baez. Linda Drane Burdick is looking on in seriousness as is everyone else.

Perhaps nothing would make Jose  happier than seeing his biggest adversary,  Ashton replaced by Mr, Lamar as Judge Perry suggested if  Ashton could not abide by Judge Perry;s request.  Jose  was  no doubt loving the fact that it was now Ashton’s turn to feel Perry’s heat and  experience his wrath that Baez has no doubt experienced so often inthe courtroom .

The bottom line is that what  Judge Perry says goes, and there is no arguing. His interchange with Ashton shows that he is fair and shows no favoritism to any of the attorneys. It is  yet another example of Judge Perry’s seriousness and  his  admirably taking charge of his courtroom.

Casey Anthony Jury Consultant Seen on 48 Hours Only Did “Focus Group” Which Acquitted Casey Anthony, Not A “Mock Trial” Which May Have Given A Different Result


I saw  the 48 hours piece where they showcased Casey Anthony . They used a lot of early footage from a previous 48 hours before Caylee’s bones were discovered. The reason they most likely  aired it  again  in my view,  and just added a few elements like Linda Baden’s opinion and the focus group by Richard Gabriel,  was simple – ratings and sweep season.

Sweep season is the time of year when shows and networks do everything in order to garner huge ratings. If they do get the ratings during April and May, they get top advertising dollar for their show. So in my view that is why viewers saw the show again.


As far a Linda Kenny Baden is concerned, isn’t she supposed to remain quiet as a former attorney for Casey? Aren’t  attorneys supposed to never speak about a client or their case if they are no longer representing the person? Aren’t there some ethics that they have to abide by in this regard? Personally, since she was a member of the defense team in the past, she has no business discussing the case, especially on the air.

I could understand it is she was a legal commentator and it wasn’t a case she was involved with, but to me it verges on being a bit unethical. She admitted that Casey lied and then on the next breath said there was no DNA on the duct tape and that it didn’t have Casey’s or Caylee’s DNA on it. Of course it wouldn’t have anyone’s DNA on it if it was underwater for months and months and eaten by animals and plant growth was on it.

The fact that duct tape was anywhere near Caylee says enough to me if I was a juror.  It wouldn’t matter if it had Caylee or Casey’s DNA on it. Just the fact that it was near her and that the  child was dead would make me put two and two together in  terms of what Casey did with that duct tape in relation to Caylee.

Then when Linda admitted Casey lied and was so nonchalant about it, I found it appalling. She in essence said, so what if Casey lied!  That doesn’t mean that if she lied,  she murdered Caylee. Well,  Ms. Baden, it also can mean that if she lied, she didn’t NOT murder Caylee.  Casey didn’t just lie to a boyfriend or to her parents. She lied to law enforcement which is HUGE! She send them on a wild goose chase which is HUGE!!!! A jury will hate that!


I thought that the focus group was  very misleading to viewers. It  gave the impression that a  mock trial was done and Casey was not found guilty of first degree murder. This was only a focus group . It was was NOT  a mock trial. The focus group evidently acquitted  her of first degree murder. All of  those in the  focus group  gave her involuntary manslaughter. They said it was an accident and that poor Casey was afraid to tell anyone or call her parents.

 In a real trial it is essential to know who is on that jury. Who were the people on this jury? Were they  young single mothers who identified with Casey? Were there people who didn’t get along with their parents? Were there any men who may have an affinity for Casey?


During jury selection these perspective jurors will be asked a multitude of questions before they are accepted by BOTH sides to serve on the jury. Baez and Gabriel will want to choose people who were young single moms, girls who like to party or partied hearty in the past, non educated people white single men in their 20’s,attractive young women and men, non religious people, people who have had problems with their parents  in the past and still do, people who have been sexually molested in the past, people who have not been that responsible in their lives.

The prosecution will want scientific type people, educated people who don’t have any difficulty understanding the English language, Latinos (who tend to be very family oriented), strong Black women who are no nonsense, men and women tend to be very family oriented, people with no parental issues, no sexual molestation or abuse issues, responsible people, professionals, single  mothers who work and have a job.

When you do jury selection it is not based on political correctness. Instead, it is often based on cultural  behaviors of certain sex , educational,  racial, and ethnic groups as well as behavioral manifestations. To be a great jury consultant you have to know people from all walks of life and how they most likely think.

Richard Gabriel is a  very good jury consultant as he has done it for many years and even wrote a book on the subject. That is why I am very concerned about him. He will choose the very best jury to benefit Casey, just as he chose the best focus group which acquitted Casey.   

The prosecution needs to be up to par with Gilbert or even better and one step ahead of him. Unfortunately the prosecution has decided to not use a jury consultant as they want to do this on their own because of budgetary and who knows what else reason. Those in charge of the attorneys have naively stated that they want to treat the Anthony case just like they treat their other homicide cases in Central Florida and not get caught up in the media frenzy.

Personally I think they are being extremely naive. This is the case of the century besides OJ .  This case requires a LOT of special attention especially since they have Richard Gilbert on the defense team . If they get someone locally do help them out they will be doing themselves a huge disservice. They need someone equal to or savvier than Gilbert who can really read people and who can make sure that someone has not leaked into the jury box who with certain prejudices  which may be harmful to the prosecution and justice being served.  

You not only need jury selection expertise who need someone in the courtroom for two months of the trial who is looking at each of the jurors and scrutinizing them when you examine and cross examine the witness to see how they are perceiving you. You need to see which juror is with you and which ones aren’t. Only an astute jury consultant can tell you what is really going on.   


Casey cannot control her behaviors. Her arrogance and aberrant behaviors will surface just as they surfaced every time  she appeared in the courtroom thus far.

We have all seen her up close and personal and frankly she is not likeable. They will also detest Cindy when she gets up on the stand and they will be repulsed by brother Lee. Some may find sympathy for George while others will detest him as well. When they see the jailhouse tapes of him they will see kowtowing he is towards Casey and will not respect him in the least. So Casey’s dysfunctional family which she obviously runs and controls will have a negative impact on how the jury perceives her.

A jury will like Jose in my view who may very well be her only saving grace int he trial. No matter what you think of Jose and his lack of experience  and past behavior a jury will like him more than they like anyone else on Casey’s team.As they say in Portuguese , he is less worse.  A jury will be completely turned off by Cheney Mason if he keeps touching and whispering to Casey and is accepting of her flirtations. They will wonder what is going on between the two of them.

In contrast the jury will love Linda Drane Burdick’s professionalism and demeanor and will respect Jeff Ashton’s bold and direct and no nonsense approach.

  Who is on that jury is the key to what will happen to Casey Anthony. Friday Judge Belvin Perry said that he would keep the cameras on when they have jury selection. That will be awesome to see. I can’t wait to watch it.

Having just done jury selection on a capital case in Orlando, Florida last month, since I chose a jury of six plus one alternate. It may be different in Casey’s case but I don’t think so. Everything will rest on what they think and feel about Casey and what they think she did or didn’t do to Caylee.

A defendant may have all the evidence working in their favor and the best attorneys, but if the jury can’t stand you or doesn’t believe you, you can forget about it. To many jurors, fact that Casey lied to law enforcement means that she could easily lie about what she did or did not do to innocent little Caylee.


When Cindy said that Caylee was not Casey’s  child, she belonged to all of them it spoke volumes to Then when she denied that Casey had a problem with her she was either in denial or lied .  Of course Casey had a problem with her or she wouldn’t be in the predicament she is in. Cindy told Casey that she wad going to throw her out and keep Caylee so Casey left with Caylee. The reason why Casey did whatever she did to Caylee was because of Cindy and their relationship in my view. Cindy was large and in charge and tried to take over. Casey resented it and in her sociopathic passive aggressive way eliminated Caylee from the picture.

‘I don’t buy that it was an accident as some of the focus group attendees said in the 48  Hours piece. Even if Casey gave Caylee chloroform to put her to sleep and then  put the duct tape over Caylees mouth to keep her quiet in case she woke up in the trunk where she was placed so that Casey could party this is not an accident. Even if  Casey was too drunk and accidentally placed the duct tape over Casey’s nose and mouth  instead of  just her mouth, that was not an accident in my view. Even if Caylee drowned in the pool, that was not an accident in my view. How can a child drown in a pool if a parent is there holding the child? If Casey was on her cell phone and left Caylee in the pool by herself that is not an accident. Subconsciously Casey wanted Caylee gone and out of her life and proof of that was her partying when Caylee went missing.

There is no excuse or explanation one could manufacture for that to happen. Deep down Casey resented Caylee and any “accident” was done subconsciously  on purpose in my view. I hope that the prosecution will probe into this so that no juror comes away thinking that Caylee’s death was an accident. When an accident happens there is an immediacy of dealing with it- not 31 days later. And her fear of her mother is bogus. As a jury will see from the jailhouse tapes,  Casey  ran both her father and her mother!  The only “accident” was that Casey considered Caylee a huge  accident when she became  pregnant with Caylee and lost her social freedom. Tragically,  Casey made Caylee pay for that” accident”  with her life.

Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows Flirtateous Communication With Attorney Cheney Mason

When I did a recent  body language analysis where  Cheney Mason was sticking his middle finger into the crook of Casey Anthony’s arm and rubbing it around  in a circular motion, I was a bit taken aback.

Then when I saw them  have physical arm contact with Casey leaning her arm and elbow into Cheney, it further peaked my curiosity as to their closeness.


 Then when Casey put her open hand  on Cheney’s forearm and caressed it, it further raised  my attention level.

When I noticed Casey showing Cheney something under the table, it made me wonder what else she was doing to him under the table. Were their thighs of legs touching under there? And what in the world was she showing him that caused both of them to laugh and smile?

It was obvious that the two of them have become pretty chummy. Cheney would barely look at her when he first began representing her. He barely spoke to her and she barely looked at him. But things have certainly changed over the past several months,

 But  today when  I saw how Casey entered the courtroom and looked at Cheney Mason and then held him around the waist there was no question that they have become a lot closer as you will see below.

 But first Casey primps in the mirror in the ante-room where she gets out of her prison garb and dresses for court. Most of those rooms don’t usually have mirrors so it was interesting to see that the courtroom she was in had one. Besides flirt, Casey was doing what we have seen her do so often -groom herself.


But this time she not only walked into the courtroom with a smirk, it was a self satisfied , self confident look. Even her gait  was a little different this time. It reflected more  self  confidence. Her stride was wider than usual and her posture seemed more erect than it had in the past. Perhaps she felt sure that the defense’s strategy would work and that the two psychiatrists to  whom she allegedly told her story would serve as her mouthpiece. I have no doubt that her attorney’s Baez and Mason were confident that their strategy would work. Little did they know that it would backfire miserably.

 Then Casey does something jaw dropping . She inappropriately caresses  Cheney’s waist. This was way too familiar behavior for a client towards her attorney. She caresses him as you can see from the way her hand is cupped. While Mason may have been in the way of her chair, she could have tapped him and said” excuse me.”But instead, she caressed his waist. He was not expecting this behavior from Casey.

 Looking at the expression on his face, he didn’t seem to mind what Casey was doing to him. In fact he may have liked it as there is a slight smile on his lips. Casey is definitely getting into it as she leans her body into him and her grip on him is even stronger as you can see from her hand and finger pressure on  his waist.

But then Cheney is  bit taken aback and surprised by her  physical display as he minimizes his posture and rounds his shoulders and tucks his head as he looks in Casey’s direction.

 Casey clearly loved what she just pulled off as you can see from her self satisfied expression as she sits down at the table.

 AS she sits at the table and begins to groom herself, Jose is not pleased by the expression on his face and most likely wrote her a note to stop it, He has probably told her a hundred  times to stop grooming herself and to sit still.

 But Casey obviously can’t help herself.  She leaks out who she is,  just as she will leak out these behaviors when there is a jury present.

Now she turns to Cheny and looks at him with a flirtatious look of recognition with raised eyebrows and raised forehead and a wide eyed stare .


With a smile on her face, she coquettishly looks down as Cheney appears to be very attentive towards her and looks right at her.

Casey then begins to speak to Cheney out of the side of her mouth in a contorted fashion. No doubt this new communication behavior  is something Cheney or Jose may have instructed her to do in order to try and confuse all the lip readers out there.  

The bottom line is that Casey appears to be way too familiar acting when she has been around Cheney Mason lately. In fickle fashion, has  she transferred  her  affections and crush that she had on  Jose Baez onto Cheney Mason now? 

It has become evident that Casey cannot seem to relate to a man unless she appears to be flirting with him. We even saw this when Law Enforcement was interviewing her early on.

If a jury saw what she did when she entered the courtroom today, they would not be too pleased to see this. They would wonder what was going on between her and her attorney? I am not saying that there is any impropriety going on. But I am saying that Casey is clearly flirting and appears too happy for someone who is on trial for murdering her daughter, who may get the death penalty.

Toxic Teacher Who Had Children” Oink” At Messy Student Should Never Be Allowed to Teach Anywhere

What happens to us in our childhood has a lasting effect on who we grow up to be and what happens to us in life. As a communications and  body language expert I cannot begin to  tell you  just how many private clients I have seen in my life who had public speaking problems and who were terrified of speaking in front of others- no matter how small the group, just  because some insensitive  ignorant teacher humiliated them in front of the room.

I have seen grown men- CEO’s of major corporations break down and cry in my offices knowing they had to present the annual report for their company. I have seen beautiful women shake with fear and dread also cry when they had to go on an interview or speak at a presentation.

Consistently  in all of these cases it appeared to  stem back to a teacher who humiliated then in front of the classroom. They suffered a lifetime of  emotional  trauma as a result.

I also know of  someone   who hates anything to do with athletics every since  they  were traumatized by their  first grade  gym teacher who screamed at then for not knowing their right from their left  when they marched in the opposite direction during a class exercise.  As it turned out the boy who was dyslexic .Not only was his academic progress challenged, so was his athletic progress because of this ignorant  teacher.

So when I read that yet another ignorant and insensitive  teacher was guilty of causing psychic trauma to yet another student, I was livid.

This kindergarten  teacher Debbie Hayes at Bowers Elementary  was nothing more than a paid BULLY in my view. She had the audacity to tell the other students to encircle  their classmate and call him a pig while making pig noises and oinking at the boy simply because he had a messy desk. This BULLY needs to be fired and never be allowed to teach again.

Apparently Debbie Hayes, is a veteran educator who should have known better as she had taught kindergarten for 38 years in Roane County. Who knows what other harm  this abusive bully in my view  did to other children in her close to four decades as an educator.  In fact Dr.Toni McGriff the director of Roane County Schools, called the March 16 incident “simply unbelievable”

In her reprimand letter, McGriff told Hayes she was “appalled with the actions in this situation.””It’s a black eye on the profession,”. “It’s a black eye on our schools.”

Apparently another educator walked into Debbie Hayes’ classroom March 16 and saw kindergartners encircling their crying classmate.”The students in the circle were ‘oinking’ and making pig sounds at the little boy,”

A teacher  who witnessed the incident told Principal Candace Lett that afternoon. Hayes and Lett met the next day in McGriff’s office to discuss the episode.

During that meeting, Hayes said she was “tired of the student’s messiness and had repeatedly warned the child to be neater , However, the students in the classroom told authorities teacher   Debbie Hayes told them to encircle the child “and call him a pig and make pig noises,” according to the reprimand.

Hayes only received  one received a  one-day suspension from her job.

This is horrible, in my view. Hayes needs to be  fired for causing  abuse  and potential of lifetime psychic  trauma to this boy. She also needs to be sued by the boys parents and she needs to pay all of his psychologists bills that he will no doubt need to recover from this abusive trauma, if he ever recovers.  This  incident may have long lasting traumatic effects on this child for the rest of his life.

In essence this bully of a teacher taught the other children how to bully and she needs to be held accountable.

All this ignorant creature teacher needed to do was send a letter home with the boy or have a parent child conference or find out why he was being so messy. Oftentimes messiness is a sign of creativity. It may also be that this is how he lives at home in a messy environment. So he many have thought it was normal to be messy.

Apparently Hayes was  forced to  apologize to the students. Personally, I don’t think her apology is enough. It means nothing in the scheme of things. She traumatized this poor child to the point that he was crying. She needs a taste of her own medicine and needs to be ostracized from her school community and lose her pension that she worked so hard to obtain all of these years. She needs to see how she would like it if she was cut off  from ever working at a teaching job again.

She is the real pig in this situation.  The real messy person who messed with a  child’s psyche , That is worse than any messy desk or messy room.

Apparently the  school principal offered to transfer the abused  child  to another classroom, but the mother declined. I think the mother  did the right thing.  In the end , the teacher was made to look like the fool and the boy may come out to be  a hero. I also think that every child who called him a pig and surrounded him needs to be made to personally apologize to him, look him in the eye, say I am sorry and shake his hand. This way the boy will feel better and the other kids will now see him in a different light- someone they can respect.

I do hope that the parents of the boy don’t minimize this egregious act. They need to understand that this incident can have lasting repercussions. It is bad enough when one student bullies another but when the whole class is made to bully a child by a disturbed teacher it is a different matter. They need to lawyer up and sue the teacher, the school board and the school system in their community because there is no doubt that they  will need the money to pay for this boy’s psychological care int he future.

The boy cried which showed that he was upset and traumatized. Those tears run deep and can course through his psyche for a lifetime. Shame on this Bully Debbie Hayes who must never be allowed  teach again. Like a child abuser or child molester, she must never be allowed to  come in contact with children  again in my view.

Does the Defense’s Expert Witness Psychiatrists Have Psychological Test Results In Addition to Information on What Casey Allegedly Told Them?


There is no doubt in my mind that Casey may have  manipulated the defense  psychiatrists like she has manipulated everyone else with whom she has been in contact  to date, as  we have seen. Who knows whether she and her defense team concocted something for her to “reveal”  to the psychiatrists that  would help her case .Who knows if she thought of it on her own.

 Did she tell them that:

 George and Lee molested her or molested Caylee? Did she tell them Caylee drowned in an accident when Zanny the Nanny was at watching  her and that she was protecting Zanny? Did she say she was afraid Zanny would kill her and that is why she didn’t come clean in 31 days? Did she say that she did research in renting the movies about a killer and kidnapper  so that she could glean some insight in her own investigation as to whom may have taken Caylee?

What ridiculous story did Casey most probably  concoct to both of the psychiatrists?  Needless to say that if  she told them anything, it would have to be  written in their notes and as part of their assessment.



 Now let’s talk about Expert Witnesses. These  psychiatrists are expert witnesses for the defense. They are paid by the defense team and are retained by the team ONLY  because they offer something that could be valuable to the case or help to discredit the other side.

Some expert witnesses are more credible than others. Some expert witnesses like myself will NEVER take on a case just for the money just to say what the attorney wants in order to help win their case.

I have turned down numerous  cases because I refuse to play that game. I live with myself and in my own conscience and could NEVER compromise my dignity for money or fame or anything else. I never have and never will do such a  thing. 

Unfortunately there are others whom I have seen who are not as discriminating or forthright. Their motivations whether it be financial or otherwise are such that they will do whatever is wanted for whatever their reason , They may not believe in the case or in  the client,  but if the money is right, they will often do it.


 Aside from  what Casey may have revealed to the psychiatrists on the defenses side,  I want to know what tests were given to Casey., Was she given the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality test) to help get a real look into her psyche. Was she given a battery of  other psychological testing such as projective tests, or tests to analyze her  perceptual and cognitive abilities, neurolinguistic test, other tests. This  is essential to know.

If the defense has offered up  their psychiatrists I believe that the state needs to have their own experts in the field to see if their views differ from those of the defense. Chances are they will differ greatly,

 If the psychiatrists has videotapes their sessions with Casey, I would love to  see Casey’s  sessions  so that I can pick up any body language cues to see if she as manipulating them or lying to them. I don’t know if  many of the psychiatrists would recognize these signals since  most are not trained in that arena.

 If they do offer  up a tape, audio or video, the state  definitely needs to check those tapes and do  a behavioral analysis, looking  for  signals of deception throughout the tape. They need to  offer up the results from someone like me to help refute the testimony on the defense psychiatrists.



If the defense didn’t do a battery of tests on Casey, the state definitely  needs to do it and offer up those results to the jury. The MMPI is the most comprehensive form of testing and measures so many variables. It is  a long and exhausting test that can give a complete picture of a person  fromHypochondriasis concern with bodily symptoms, Depression Depressive Symptoms,  Hysteria Awareness of problems and vulnerabilities , Psychopathic Deviate Conflict, struggle, anger, respect for society’s rules, Masculinity/Femininity Stereotypical masculine or feminine interests/behaviors, Paranoia Level of trust, auspiciousness, sensitivity, Psychasthenia Worry, Anxiety, tension, doubts, obsessiveness ,Schizophrenia Odd thinking and social alienation, Hypomania Level of excitability, and even  Social Introversion, just  to name a few of what is examined in the testing. There are also many other variables which I have not mentioned here.

 Because the test is so well researched and so highly reliable, and provides an objective measurement of a person’s personality, it is often used in court cases to give personality assessments of defendants where psychological information is  important to the case.

 I believe that it is  certainly is important in the Casey Anthony case and therefore must be offered up in court in my view since it provides valid descriptions of a defendants problems and characteristics in clinical language.

I hope that the state wins the motion to not allow any of the information of the defense’s so called psychiatric experts . To me it will be a waste of time especially if there is no formalized testing from Casey to back up what she told them. The state said they were concerned about the impact of what the two psychiatrists would reveal if they were made public. As expected,   the defense  objected to this motion.

 The state’s Jeff Ashton said that   since the defense’s  experts claims rely on what Anthony told them, it would be impossible to verify the claims without having Casey herself take the stand. This is definately the case in my view. Frankly I think Casey should take the stand. I would love to hear things from her mouth and to see how he story has changed over time. I would lloe to see and hear her body language nuances as she testifies ont he stand.

So this Friday we will find out what Judge Perry has to say as to whether or not we will be seeing the two psychiatrists taking the witness stand in the near future.