50 Cent’s TOXIC Tweets About Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Show Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance

One can tell a lot about a person in terms of what they say after they hear about a crises. When  rapper 50 Cent responded to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami with sick  humor, it speaks volumes as to who he is as a human being-  a not a very sympatric or kind one in my view.

 Freud once said “there is no humor only truth.” I agree with that as there is truth in humor. But there was no truth in the humor that rapper 50 Cent put forth in a tweet.  


There is nothing more devastating than to have to have innocent  people lose their homes,

worldly possessions and most important their lives as a result of not one but multiple natural disasters- tsunami,  earthquake and  major aftershocks.


The nuclear plant explosions  and the radiation leakage are  no laughing matter and can cause devastation for generations to come with illnesses and severe birth defects.

 So when TOXIC 50 Cent made the following horrible  jokes on his twitter account,  it was adding insult to injury. He said

Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street shit gone get crazy.”  

“Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.”

“Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”

To me this has  sexist and racist undertones and is despicable! There is nothing to Lol (laugh out loud) about. Instead there is a lot to Col about- CRY OUT LOUD!


There is nothing funny about people being washed to sea and seeing innocent men women and  children dying or become orphaned as the result of this natural disaster killing their parents . 

There is nothing funny about not having a place to live or not having enough to eat.

 But obviously ignorant  50 Cent failed to see the gravity of the situation before he let his fingers do the talking.   

What he said was unforgivable. It was disgusting and arrogant and nauseatingly  sexist as he spoke of evacuating his whores out of  LA Hawaii and Japan. Referring to women as whores is sexist and degrading to women!

Obviously 50 Cent realized he did a bad  thing after he got a myriad of  negative and hostile  responses. So he lamely tweeted


“Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let’s pray for anyone who has lost someone.”

“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I’m cool either way 50cent”

No Mr. Cent. You are not COOL either way. instead , I believe you are TOXIC either way! You have lost a lot of fans and a lot of respect.  You acted as a petulant immature child in making fun of  one of the most tragic events in the world for SHOCK VALUE- so people would notice and pay attention to your pitiful self.

If you want SHOCK VALUE how about going over to Japan on one of your private jets and seeing how these people are suffering beyond belief? No  disaster film could come close to this horrific reality.

You lame ‘sorry” will never cut it. If you want to show yourself as a real man and as a compassionate human being put your “sorry” into action and give up some of your millions to help these poor earthquake and tsunami victims rebuild their lives.  Get some food and stock up your private jet with it and parachute it down to stranded hungry people.

Your fellow recording artist  Lady Gaga  (with the emphasis being on the word “lady”) clearly showed compassion and class by encouraging her fans to donate money for the  the victims. She even designed a prayer bracelet to raise money for the Japanese victims. 


 In fact you can go to her site by clicking the link above to order the bracelet so that money can be raised for the earthquake/ tsunami victims  

Why don’t you follow suit and do the same. Only then will your lame “sorry” have any value.  And yes, Mr. Cent you had it partially right in your last tweet when you said your tweets are ignorant .It is YOU who are ignorant, not your tweets, so  man up and do something in your power financially as well as doing a concert to help someone other than your superficial self.  



Dr. Lillian Glass First to Detect Charlie Sheen’s” Crazy” Acting Scam As He Finally Reveals to Press He’s Been Playing A Game All Along

Charlie Sheen has  been goofing on everyone and I picked it  up through his body language and communication patterns early on. In fact my blog that Charlie was ” Crazy Like A Fox”  said it all.  Today, it was confirmed that Charlie Sheen is indeed “crazy like a fox”  as he revealed in a candid interview  to the press that his “public meltdown” is merely  a “performance art”  thanks to his acting skills.

When I first appeared on CBS’s  The Insider, I remarked that Charlie was angry as we could  see by his body language. The furrows on his forehead and knitted brow were genuine. They revealed that he was furious about not getting his way and coming back to the “Two and Half Men” set to resume working. He was furious that someone else, namely Chuck Lorre, his producer  was controlling what he could and couldn’t do.

Then his anger started to escalate. However, the anger he reveled on his videos  seemed rather controlled. Real anger gets out of control quickly in most cases and this was not the case with Charlie. His Sheenisms seemed contrived and planned. The physical transition from his anger to non anger and even pleasantness was too quick , which was  the first signal to me  that something wasn’t  quite right.

While Charlie may very well be bipolar (only he and his psychiatrist know for sure)and while he may very well have been on drugs (only he, the medical lab  and his physician know for sure) he was doing some excellent acting as he raged on in his videos in order  to get public attention.

In his second video, if you weren’t  listening to his words, but rather paying attention to his physical movements and the tone of his voice and to his  delivery, you could have sworn he was reciting Shakespeare. In other instances on the tape as he quoted his poetry,  he was quite brilliant and wonderfully entertaining.

There was no question in my mind that he was acting. As I said in my previous blog about Charlie- he was crazy like a fox” By acting crazy he got a Funny or Die commercial to bring even more attention to him. He has now  teamed up with companies and has a tee-shirt line  with his new catch phrase  “Winning”. There are  even Tiger Blood alcoholic beverages.



 One Sheen fan even had  a tatoo made of Charlies head on a tiger with red blood dripping out from the tails .    

Here is what Charlie told the Austrailian radio network Nova:

. “It wasn’t like I was really believing that if you take a drug called Charlie

Sheen your face will melt off and you’ll weep over your exploded body!”

He said he has been playing a game with the media.

“They love me,” he said

“It’s a big, warm hug. It’s like a nude Jacuzzi,” he added





The bottom line is that Charlie won the war against “Two and a Half Men”. So what if they fired him and he won’t get two

million dollars an episode. He still gets a hefty sum in residuals when the re runs of the show occur all over the world.

Most likely there will be some type of settlement with CBS. He will NEVER come back to the set to finish the remaining

episodes. Chuck Lorre would rather poke pencils in his eyes and sit on hot coals than work with Charlie Sheen ever again.  

CBS can never go back on their word and unfire him and rehire him or they will look like weak wimps to the world. Besides

the ego of the “suits”  would never let that happen.   So Charlie will make even more millions in a settlement more than

the remaining two million per episode. There was apparently  no” moral clause” so CBS in my view doesn’t have a leg to

stand on, much to their chagrin.

Charlie is more popular than before and no doubt his film career will be HUGE! In polls that have been taken men LOVE him

and it is men who will go and purchase tickets to see a Charlie Sheen movie. Lots of people will want to see his films or

anything else he does because they want to see what he will do next.!

Charlie IS very entertaining and he IS the consummate actor and  now we have

discovered IS the consummate manipulator and marketer. So now we don’t have to take Charlie Sheen’s home made

videos  so seriously. It is all an act as we have seen.



Having said that, the man in my view is still TOXIC  and has serious issues especially  when it comes to women .He may

very well be a danger to women in my view.


 I believed he was a TOXIC MAN  when  my book TOXIC MEN book and described Charlie Sheen;s patterns with women.

Iam even more convicned of his toxicity than ever before as it realtes to women.


Any man who beats up on a woman like he has done in the past with Brooke Mullerand other women including John

Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston whom he shot in the arm when they were dating back in the day is a danger.


 His only relating to women  who are porn stars and  prostitutes speaks volumes about his inner feelings about women and

his clear disrespect for them. I am glad that Denise Richards is doing her best to keep her two young daughters awar

from Charlie as it is my view that he deep down he does not like nor respect women. If he  disrespects women, what

messages will be transferred over to his daughters  and what impact will that have  on them  as they get older?


While Charlie may be entertaining and amusing and a great marketer of his own brand, he is still a danger when it comes to

his relationships with women as no woman is safe in his midst.

 Recently, even one of his low self esteemed “Goddesses” couldn’t take him anymore and walked away, only to  return after

being wooed  back by him, Unfortunately her returnin to Charlie was the unfortunate typical response of an “abused

woman’s” psyche. Studies show that this back and forth brak up  between the abused and the abuser can occur seven to

eleven times until the abused has finally had enough and walks away for good. Hopwefully the “goddess: will see the light

before it is too late.

 So to any woman who gets involves with Charlie Sheen,  know that he will  never changeand that you can never change him.

Know that you can get seriously hurt!  So think twice before you enter Charlie’s  Tiger’s den because that blood you may see

willnot be the fictional  Tiger blood. The blood you see may be your own.  


Charlie Sheen’s Body Language Shows He’s ” Crazy Like A Fox” Which May Be Why So Many Are Embracing Him But He May Still Be A Danger To Himself and Others

After watching Charlie Sheen  on his recent  home videos and on CNN with Pierce Morgan I am more convinced than ever that he has  “ gotten over”  on everyone. Yes, there is no doubt that he appears as though he is in some type of manic  phase with his constant movement , high level of anger and agitation,  and pressured  speech  rate.  But if you listen carefully between the lines,  Charlie knows exactly what Charlie is doing, And  no doubt Charlie will come out ahead of this as far as making money goes and being even more popular than ever before.

Having said that, if he is in his manic phase and if he is drinking  and drugging along with it, there is a super high risk he may get even more angry and violent and either do himself in or do physical harm to others.


‘In my latest book Toxic Men, I write about Charlie Sheen being one of the most Toxic Men based on his alleged history of violence towards women. He was accused of beating a woman up back in the 90’s. He shot Kelly Preston- John Travolta’s wife in the arm once when they were dating. He threatened and abused  ex wife Denise Richards. His Christmas fiasco with holding a knife to Brook Mueller’s throat also shows his extreme violent tendencies .

So based on this,  there is a high probability that Charlie may physically harm or even kill someone out of  his  uncontrolled anger and rage . Another possibility is that  he may accidentally kill himself by ingesting either too much of something or a combination of something.


The reason I say” accidentally”   is that there is no question that Charlie appears to have narcissistic tendencies.  While delusions of grandeur  often accompany a manic phase,  what is really confusing is that Charlie’s delusions of grandeur are a reality.

He thinks he can get millions of followers to rally behind him and guess what?  He can!

 He thinks he can make million and millions from representing product and guess what? He can!  

 He thinks he will be a huge film star. And guess what ?  He will be!  People will flock to see his movie just to see how he turned out.

Can he get insured? Absolutely! He is so cleaver that before any physicals or  drug tests  are conducted he will make sure he is clean just like he did when he took the test in front of   cameras.

The fact that he is in such great shape  complete with ripped abs,  at his age and with all the partying he has done is also impressive to many fans and non fans alike.  


CBS absolutely  knew who they hired  when they hired  Charlie. They knew he could do the role but what he didn’t know was that he could do it so well and make the show such a hit and a cash cow for them.

That is why they let him get away with so much for so many years and turned a blind eye.They felt that his personal life was his personal life and as long as he showed up on the set and did what he was supposed to do- no problem!

In fact they were of that mindset when Charlie had his latest binge in the hotel  in NYC and caused a lot of public embarrassment. While most companies would  fire an employee immediately after that fiasco or after the  fiasco in Aspen at Christmas  when Charlie put a  knife to his wife’s throat, CBS turned a blind eye.

In show business bad press may be good press. It keeps you name out there.  His bad boy behavior certainly didn’t hurt his image or CBS ‘s ratings. So they kept him on.  A long as he made money  for them, they did not  care what he did in his off camera life.

Charlie knew that  and he kner he was safe with his 2 million dollar income an episode . So he had no worries.

During this last binge, the only reason he was given a break in production is that CBS knew Charlie was their cash cow and wanted him to take care of whatever ailed him.

They were willing to wait until he sorted himself out. They were willing to give him 30 days or longer to dry out in a rehab facility and put the show on hiatus until he returned. Charlie  WAS the show so they were willing to wait for him.

But Charlie didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want to be in rehab.  He didn’t think he needed to have anything rehabbed.  

He loved his life. 

 he loved that he could get away with anything.

He loved that he could have any woman or as many women as he wanted.

He loved the hookers and prostitutes and having two women at once .

He loved the fights and high drama inside and outside of his life.

He loved his his kids.

He loved the drugs and drink.

He loved getting whatever he wanted at the snap of a finger.

And  most of all He loved Charlie as we have all seen on his many interviwes. The common theme is  Charlie loves Chrlie and Charlie thinks he is omnipotent.



CBS knew he was getting out of control and believing his own press as being the greatest and even God-like as we have all seen in his on camera musings.

When Charlie wanted to get back to work a day or so later instead of taking off the  30 days or whatever it took to get “well” CBS for the first time in Charlies life said NO! They really wanted him to sort himself out and at the same time wanted to show they were the one who were  in control and had the power- not Charlie.

So Charli , like any spoiled child who doesn’t get his way went on a tirade and threw a tantrum. He took his tantrum to the airwaves tell everyone how bad and awful  the producer Chuck Lorre was to him.

This no douBt  freaked out  my dear friend, PR maven  Stand Rosenfeld,  who no dount  said NO WAY! You can’t do that! This is career suicide to trash your producer in public! I am having nothing to do with this! I am out of here!

This didn’t phase Charlie in the least as he certainly  didn’t need a PR person to get  press . Everyone  in the media clamored to get some airtime or press time with him. In a few day period he generated major league press  all by himself  by appearing on every major morning and entertainment show including CNN Pierce Morgan.

While he was an angry mess on every morning show and shocked viewers with his rhetoric and outrageous sayings,   the ratings went through the roof. People never saw this Charlie Sheen before. They always  saw a clean and funny watered down version of him on Two and a Half Men.  Now they saw him raw and angry!

  I even commented about him on  CBS’s the Insider saying how angry  and hostile he looked body language wise.

When Charlie arrived at the CNN Studios to do Pierce Morgan’s show, there was tension in the air.  I was even at the CNN  studio shooting the Nancy Grace Show  and everything there seemed to be on lockdown.

There was a heaviness and nervousness  in the air and people were walking on eggshells.  You couldn’t roam around freely as usual and there were  only certain rooms you could be in.  Secuity was everywhere and in full force. It was becuase  Charlie was on the loose and no one kne what would happen. Would he fly off the handle?  Would he harm someone? So as a precaution,  they wanted to keep everyone away from him and out of his path.


When I walked out of the  CNN studio to get into my limo, a throng of paparazzi  three feet deep were waiting outside for Charlie to take his photo as soon  he emerged from doing  Pierce Morgan’s show.  Because they were so anxious and camera trigger happy they immediately  began flashing away at me when someone yelled out That’s Dr.  Glass

 Then the  multitude of questions and cameras  came at me as I was asked  what I thought about Charlie Sheen on CNN as I was getting into my limo.  Since I dint see the show at the time because I was busy filming Nancy Grace I hadnothing to say except that I didn’t get to see it .  


I did manage to see the show  while I was in an airport in Salt Lake City that Sunday .Charlie was not as angry on the show In fact he was hilarious at times!  He was bright and sharp and clearly knew what he was doing and saying. He did not seem  crazy at all. In fact Peirce  also remarked that he didn’t think Cahrlie  was crazy and actually thought Charlie was great AND CHARMING.

But those who did not find Charlies interview charming was CBS! Charlie committed the Cardinal sin in Hollywood- Biting the hand that feeds you!  He was discussing money and whether or not he would come back and the negotiation process . This is a HUGE NO NO!  That is why there are agents and lawyers . You cannot discuss this on the air. It made CBS look bad as well as all producers.

Because of Charlies popularity, he used his forum to in essence badmouth his employers and put them in a bad light. They could have none of that and rightfully so.  So they fired him on  Monday.  They clearly had enough of him making them look like the bad guy when all they did  was try to give him a chance to sort himself out.




Charlie was shocked and no doubt went on a binger as he ranted and raved and looked even mor out of control and manic than ever on his  home made reality show.  He looked awful as there was no makeup and hair stylist to make him look good. It was just raw real Charlie.

When his kids were taken away it was sad and horrible.  Nut the right thing to do as kids cannot be anywhere near this man now. He seemed to take it in stride but when the reality sets in, that  he will not be seeing his kids when he wants to it will no doubt have a huge emotional impact on him.’

Maybe that will be the catalyst for him to sort himself out.  One thing is for certain he truly loves those kids and that was evident on the video.


Charlie;s legal battle with CB S is far from over and no dount a settlement will take place. Noone wants a drawn out trial which would kee this ugly situation alive. It won;t look good for CBS as Charlie;s growing populaity would make them look like the big bad wolf even though they were not.

Marty Singer, a great contracts attorney who also specializes in defamation against clebritiers  will make sure Charlie comes out ahead and no doubt he will from sa financial point of view.

I think CBS would rather settle than see the likes of Charlie on the set of Two and a Half Men. I am sure that producers would rather stick hot coals in their eyes than see Charlie show up on the set again. No dount they will replace him. There is talk of replacing him with Rob Lowe, whoim I have known for years. That would be a grat move in my view. Besides being funny, he is defianately  easy onthe eyes and would attarct a lot of female viewers.


On his latest home reality show he was funny. I even laughed out loud.  He gets under the table and takes a swig of something and says he isn’t going to tell us what it is because he hasn’t goTten paid for it.

 So now it is all about money as we hear how he is getting this offer and that offer. Charlie will no doubt make more money than ever and make more of a name and a brand for himself than ever before.

He will probably make so much that he may end up producing his own movies and end up one of the biggest moguls and powerhouses in Hollywood. Since he is such a porn star afficionado, perhaps he may even produce some porn as well.

The money machine has started the sound of ka-ching   already, There is a  WINNING Tee shirt line and a Tiger’s Blood drink and I’M ON A DRUG CALLED CHARLIE SHEEN  tee shirts . “Pulling a Charlie Sheen” will no dount become part of our vernacular.

I am sure that TROLL tee shirts will be on the way. Maybe there will even be a cartoOn series and a reality show or even a  film called “Charlies Trolls. The point is that Charlie has reached the tipping point in a good way and his money making machine has become viral with his Charlieisms.

With social media and good old marketing Charlie doesn’t need CBS . If he doesn’t kill himself with drugs or end up in prison for  hurting or killing someone,  Charlie has a very lucrative future ahead of him.

 Even though CBS gave him the boot, Hollywood being what it  is and seeing how much he can make will give him yet  another chance for sure. Someone else will offer him a show-either cable or  NBC or ABC.  No dount it will be  a hit. Film offers will come in and people will flock to see train wreck crazy Charlie.

But as I said Charlie is not crazy, He may  be  manic and angry and hostile. But Charlie is still  funny,talented, the consummate actor as we have even seen in his over the top ratings on his own reality show.  Charlie clearly  knows what he is doing. Charlie is bigger than ever and is here to stay… unless he does himself or someone else in.  www.drlillianglass.com

Casey Anthony’s “Sweater Girl” Look Won’t Cut It In the Courtroom as She Continues to Groom and Flirt

Casey Anthony wore yet  another  tight-fitting  pullover sweater with sleeves that were way too long for her on Day 4 of the court proceedings.

Just as her red  V necked pullover was inappropriate courtroom attire  last week, the same is true for  for this week as she wore a  light purple turtle neck pullover was equally inappropriate. Since  Cindy is no clotheshorse as we have seen throughout these past two and a half years, I would not be surprised if it is she  who is bringing these  sweaters and blouses and jackets to court in the mornings so that Casey does not have to show up in her jail outfit.  The bottom line is that these sweaters are unacceptable.

The sweater deal  didn’t work for the Menendzez brothers who were convicted of killing their parents. The brothers  were  usually seen at trial dressed in baby blue cashmere sweaters. It didn’t work for themn  and it wont work for Casey either.


By now Casey is so  used to her  jail house attire that  she acts like a fish out of water in her new sweaters. She continues to pull and tug at them as she grooms  herself in her ritualistic manner. What is really poignant about this picture is her grooming at the neck are and pulling on her collar .


We especially  have seen her do this  this neck grooming  behavior during these recent courtroom proceedings. While sociopaths can’t seem to show genuine emotion on their faces, it often leaks out in their body language. Did you ever hear the expression “getting hot under the collar?”

Well, here is an example of it and case in point, Physiologically when people feel uncomfortable – nervous, agitates or even angry their blood pressure rises as does their temperature and they literally feel “hotter” as their autonomic nervous system takes over.  This is a huge tell in body language speak as to what is really going on with a person;s emotions. Even of they are not showing it on their face, they involuntarily show in on their neck.

Just as people can feel hot under the collar, they can also suddenly feel cold as the autonomic nervous systems reacts in a  roller coaster type of way as they body may go to both extremes before it regulates itself. So when we often  see people getting a sudden chill in the courtroom,  it often correlates to some emotional reaction to what has occurred when hearing someone’s testimony.

As you can see in the photo above, Casey is trying to cover her hands with her way too long sweater sleeves  in order to get  some warmth.  She has the option of rolling up the sleeves, but she doesn’t, Instead she covers herself. This may also be a form of self comforting and literally hiding her hands she most likely used perhaps killing Caylee in my view.


Having  heard her mother’s testimony has only validated how Casey feels about Cindy. She can’t stand her. The same is true for her father and her brother Lee. Now that she heard that her beloved Lee  betrayed her by lying to her in making her think he was on her team when in fact he was trying to get information for law enforcement because he was on his own team- the team of getting a PI job, Casey can never smile at her family again. She has in essence cut them off completely as far any  reaction to them. Any future tears or semblance of emotion will be contrived as she has none towards any on them.

  They are dead to her. As a result it will not be unusual to see this above dead eyed creepy  cold stare whenever they appear. Lately, this dead eyed cold stare with most everyone who has testified  seems to be prevalent as far as her facial language is concerned.

The only change in Casey’s demeanor when the dead eyed cold stare is not prevalent is when she is in flirting mode. Apparently as we have seen Casey can;t seem to relate to anyone unless she is flirting with them or being coquettish.

Her grabbing Jose Baez led under the table when she heard testimony that he wasn’t liked,  was in my view a  sexual flirtation  in nature. Who in the word touches any person’s thigh or  knee or leg or anything below the belt unless the communication is of an intimate nature. It was Casey’s sexually tinged way of comforting Baez when he heard the unflattering remark made about him.

It is reminiscent of what Cindy did when She and George and Lee were on one of the morning shows Cindy had her hand on Lee’s lap during the interview which raised a lot of eyebrows as it was  highly inappropriate in my view. So was Cindy’s constant rubbing of Lee’s back at the Caylee memorial ceremony.

As I have said repeatedly” The apple does not fall far from the tree” when it comes to Cindy and Casey’s exhibiting similar behaviors.  

We saw it  in the courtroom when Casey surprising  grabbed Cheney Mason’s shoulder.  It appears that the only way she can relate to a man is physically.  And what in the world  is she doing by   reaching out and touching  her lawyers?

 They can certainly  touch her  as a gesture of comfort or reassurance. In fact a jury would relate to that and may even find it a gesture of compassion.  But when she touches them to me it is a gesture of power and control in an attempt to seduce. To a jury it will be perceived as   flirtatious and provocative.   


Cindy Anthony’s “Slip of the Tongue” in The Courtoom Referring Caylee As Her “Daughter” And Lee Anthony’s Attorney’s Similiar “Slip of the Tongue”


When Cindy Anthony  took the stand wearing  her white sweater and beach sandals, she appeared  nervous as evidenced by the  twiddling of her thumbs over one another and her periodic cracking vocal tones.

Body language wise her thumb twiddling was  a form of self soothing behavior as she tried to calm herself down.

Then the Cindy which we have all come to know over these past 2 and ½ years  shortly emerged. We saw a controlling and oftentimes belligerent and whiney Cindy who remarked in a hostile tone I’m trying to answer the question!” as she looked in the direction of Judge Perry.

 Oftentimes we  observed where Cindy tried to take charge of the proceedings while giving her answers to both the defense and the prosecution. She quickly realized that it was the court and the court officers who were in charge- not her.

But the most poignant discovery of watching Cindy’s testimony was her  “Freudian slip” or slip of the tongue.”  Even though it may seem like an innocent mistake , calling one’s granddaughter their daughter, it is not a mistake  at all. It speaks volumes as to what is really going on in a person’s psyche.

On the stand, Cindy spoke the following words:

My husband and I were cooperating with the police department to find our DAUGHTER  Granddaugher  Caylee.”

As you can see Cindy immediately corrected herself by saying  granddaughter, but no doubt she has fancied herself as Caylee’s mother, ever  since Caylee came out of Casey’s womb when  she was the first to hold the baby and bond with the baby.

She also made it a point to let the court know that she did not knowingly cooperate with law enforcement to help build a case against her daughter Casey.  I believe that this is true since she went out of her way to thwart all efforts by law enforcement, even though she was the one who contacted them in the first place.  Remember when Cindy gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush Casey’s instead of Caylees.’

I also believe that she made a point of saying “unknowingly” so that Casey would get the message.

 Casey did give her mother a fleeting glance as we see here as Cindy tried to have some type of communication with Casey. Cindy is hunched forward and her back is rounded. Casey;s posture is the opposite with squared shoulders. Body language wise it shows how Cindy appears to be asquiesng to Cindy and in essence begging her for her aknowledgement and pleading for her daughter’s attention. In essence her daughter has the upper hand.  


But  then Casey quickly detacheds and averted her gaze from Cindy. Casey knows he is the one ion controla nd love it. Sadisticallys he will not  give Cindy the peace of mind to lieratally make peace with her. She has dismissed Cindy as Cindy keeps looking at Casey assl the while Cindy walks out of the courtroom. Casey has the control and is loving it.

  Cindy clearly looks like a broken woman in my view. She has gained a considerable amount of weight either from possible antidepressants or other  medication, stress eating,  or both. Who can blame her after what she has been through with a lifetime of living with her sociopathic daughter that culminated in her granddaughter’s murder, which may very well have occurred  at the hands of her daughter. 


No doubt that Cindy has gone through a lot. She had no idea that her initial  911 call to Law enforcement would essentially be the end of her life as she once knew it.  We have seen her go through  many phases during these past two and a half years. We have seen her anger, vitriol, lashing out at police and law enforcement, mean spirited,  name calling,  and ugly words as she degraded the real  Zanaida Gonzalez  by  saying that she will never be a 10, which made Zanaida cry.

We have seen Cindy’s  desperation to save Caylee by trying to throw others” under the bus” from  a fictitious Zanida Gonzalez to Casey’s ex friend,  Amy Huizinga  to  ex boyfriend , Jesse Grund. 

We have seen  delusional pleas where she repeatedly stated in the media that she believed Caylee was still alive even after Caylee’s little bones and skull were discovered and they were determined to be  Caylee’s remains.

 We have seen her inappropriate outbursts and witnessed  even more inappropriate behaviors,  where she rubbed her son Lees thigh during an initial interview one  of the morning shows. We also witnessed her  non- stop rubbing of  Lee’s back during Caylee’s memorial service.

We have heard her defensive tones and hostile words as she blamed and lashed out at everyone from detectives to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to members of the media, even referring to Orlando 9  reporter Kathy Bellich as “witchy poo” in one of her jailhouse letters to Casey.  But Cindy always failed to lash out at the one she  most likely knows in her heart killed Caylee -her own flesh and blood  daughter Casey.

She did lash out  at Casey initially  by stating that the car smells like a dead body  was in it which is perhaps the most honest thing that has come out of her mouth to day. 

But then  Cindy did everything in her power to backtrack and distance herself from what she  knows really happened to Caylee.




In my view Cindy’s aberrant behavior has  a lot to do with her guilt over her relationship with Casey and with what happened to cause Casey to leave the home with Caylee in tow, only to be heard from 31 days later.

My take on the situation was that she and Casey had a miserable relationship from early on. Casey learned to lie and manipulate her mother as  Cindy thought she had Casey under control.

When Casey was pregnant,  Cindy was in complete denial and told her own brother that Casey was not pregnant since she was a virgin. Casey could not even feel comfortable confiding in her own mother that she was having a baby . She had to hide her pregnancy until she could hide it no longer.

As soon as Caylee was born Cindy grabbed the baby and was the first to hold her and bond with her. Cindy  became Caylee’s mother, for all intensive purposes.  which rendered Casey  the jealous sibling.

We hear that jealousy in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy spoke of what Caylee like to eat- bagels . Casey blurts out What about me? I like bagels too.”  That statement speaks volumes as does the one where Caylee said in her jailhouse tapes Caylee is me.

Cindy apparently displaced her out of control daughter Cayey with a brand new “daughter”  she could easily control- an innocent baby version of her  daughter  Casey but in a new and improved form – little Caylee. That is why her slip of the tongue in calling Caylee  her daughter instead of Casey happens to often. So does the confusion of their names.

Apparently Cindy may have had a role in naming Caylee. It appears to be a combination of the names of her two children , Lee and Casey. Hence, Caylee.

For all intensive purposes Cindy was the mother of Caylee  in comparison to Caylee’s irresponsible biological mother Casey,  who most likely  wanted nothing to do with  of the baby.  In fact she may have   resented the baby. Cindy paid for the baby’s expenses, insurance, medical bills, clothing and food. She even gave the baby her own room. She was rarely away from her new “daughter” Caylee.

In the analysis I did  several months back when Casey was filming Caylee without speaking to the child and ignoring her need for interaction

 and even  filming Caylee’s  crotch,  we see a sadistic Casey who clearly was anything but a nurturing loving mother, 



So when there was no  contact with Cindy’s  “daughter” Caylee for  4 weeks the  number one question is WHY? Why did Cindy not try and find Caylee,  whom she had never been apart from for more than a few days? Why did she not try to locate   Casey  and  get Caylee and take her home to sleep in her own little bed?

Why did she wait that long? Why didn’t she call all of Casey’s friends or hire a PI  Dominic Casey after a week of her “daughter”  Caylee being  gone? 

The reasons are  simple to me. They  are because of  Cindy’s  “ I’ll show Casey” attitude and her  self pride, her  anger at Casey, and finally, Cindy’s   downright stubbornness. If she would have taken action when Caylee was away from her for a week, perhaps Caylee would have been alive today.


While Casey and Cindy  always went  head to head according to brother Lee, Cindy allegedly had a huge fight with Casey the day she left with Caylee.  Cindy said to Caylee ” I AM THROWING YOU OUT AND KEEPING CAYLEE Apparently she said this to Casey after she learned that Casey took  money from Cindy’s mother Shirley Plesea.

But this was not the thing to say to her disturbed  daughter. These words Cindy allegedly spoke   are what I believe pushed Casey over the edge.

While Casey was a low grade sociopath with lying and stealing in a cat and mouse game to evade and to “  get over” on her mother,   I don’t believe she was ready to murder anyone until Cindy pushed her fatal button.

In fact there are reports from Casey’s  friends that Casey was a “sweet girl”and a” nice girl” even though she was reported to have issues with the truth and lied constantly.

 In fact I spoke to Casey’s ex boyfriend  Jesse Grund’s minister  father who reached out to me. I asked him what Casey was like. He said  to me that Casey came from a  troubled family,  but that she adapted quite well into his family – the Grund family  as everyone loved and accepted her.

After hearing that from Mr. Grund  as well as the accounts of her friends, of which she had many, it confirms my thoughts that Cindy’s words and actions are what must have  pushed Casey over the edge.  



In my view, Casey took Caylee and most likely put tape over Caylee’s mouth and chloroformed her so she would sleep and not make any noise in case she woke up after  Casey stuffed her in the trunk  while Casey  went out partying.  When Casey opened the trunk  the following morning,  Casey found that Caylee was dead. Instead of telling someone , Casey  kept it to herself and concocted the Zanny story. This is my view.

Casey had absolutely  no feelings for Caylee because she never bonded with the child. To Casey,  Caylee was a” troublesome sibling”  who got in her way of partying and her love life. When her latest boyfriend let Casey  know that he didn’t want kids, Casey may have felt justified in her actions with Caylee,  in order to keep her man. 

Casey was desperate. She felt she needed her new man because after all he gave her a roof over her head now that Cindy finally kicked her out of the house for good.

Casey was no doubt feeling great  that  she had a man, a place to live,  freedom to come and go without Cindy’s watchful critical eye, and best of all- no and burdensome Caylee to hold her back. Now  she could have a Bella Vida– a beautiful free life.

Even better was that she knew her mother Cindy would be pissed when she discovered there would be no more Caylee . Sadistically it is my belief that Casey  was thrilled about the pain and anguish she knew would lie ahead for Cindy when Cindy  discovered that ” a nanny stole Caylee”.

There is no doubt that Casey thought she could get away with her concocted story. Why shouldn’t she? After all she got away with telling her mother so many concocted stories like she had a job  and  a babysitter for Cayleee  when she had neither.

 I believe there was no doubt in Casey’s mind that she could have her cake and eat it too. She felt she  could have a new life with her boyfriend and that everyone would believe her fake  story about what happened to Caylee.

Casey was so arrogant,  entitled,  and manipulative that she thought she could “get over” on law enforcement, just  as she “got over” on her mother all these years. That is why she sent them on a wild goose chase and had no remorse  whatsoever in doing that.

She stuck by her Zanny story and never wavered.  Why shouldn’t she? She always got away with lies in the past,  so why wouldn’t Casey  think she could get away with this one?

But now she is beginning to see the walls begin to close in on her. The shock of her life was discovering during her brother Lee’s testimony that he  was not the loyal brother she once  thought. The person she never thought would betray her was apparently the first one in line to do his sister in. He played both sides of the fence trying to get  information for law enforcement,  while making his sister think that he was one hundred percent loyal to her.



Lee’s attorney also  once  publicly made a “slip of the tongue”  as well when he referred to  Caylee as  Lee’s “ daughter” not his “niece.” Casey also made  numerous  accusations  that Lee sexually  molested her. Whether it is true or not we do not  really know at this point .

Apparently  it may have been revealed to the public  that George and Lee are not the father of Caylee.  But the question remains as to what type of testing was done to prove that point.

After  tests were done to determine George and Lee’s paternity,  only  recently, according to a recent article in USA Today, discuss the reach that came out of Baylor College of Medicine regarding  new and improved gene tests that  can now reveal children born of incest without the need to test for either parent’s DNA, doctors have recently  reported. Here is a link to the article in  USA Today http://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/medical/sty/2011/02/DNA-tests-could-reveal-unknown-proof-of-incest/43577514/1

Having read this , it may very well be possible that the tests done on George and Lee may not have been as up to date  or as sophisticated  or accurate as this recent test which is now available.

I am NOT saying that George or Lee are the biological  father of Caylee. I AM saying that there are now  more sophisticated tests available to determine whether a child  was born of an incestuous union than there were when George and Lee were tested a few years ago.

 Since it has been recently discovered that one does not need the DNA from either parent any longer to determine if a child was produced by incest,  I am simply  asking if   these new tests were conducted on George and Lee? 

Was the child’s remains investigated with these new and improved genetic testing techniques?  If not, perhaps it might be interesting to conduct such testing.   

No matter what the result,  suffice it to say that  in my view, we are clealry seeing that  the Anthony family members are extremely TOXIC. www.drlillianglass.com    

Casey Anthony and Her Family’s TOXIC Behavior and Image Leave Negative Impression In the Courtroom

Whether you like it or not, image is very important when it comes to how people perceive you. It can make a huge difference in terms of whether or not  people believe what you say. This is especially important in a courtroom where a jury decides your fate.

Image wise the entire Anthony family needs  a complete overhaul in my view. The way they present themselves is unacceptable and this will no doubt  have a huge impact on how the jury relates to them.

One thing I can say for sure is that Casey’s family will not be endearing themselves to a  jury. For one thing, Casey, Cindy, and Lee all look  and dress slovenly.  The entire family including George dress and comport themselves inappropriately. This  contributes to  each one of them coming across as unlikeable.


George may be the cleanest looking of the group,  but as a witness he needed to show some respect and come to court in a suit,  or at least a tie. He needed to show that he was the man in the household, not the boy, wearing casual attire with his purple casual shirt.

What is totally inappropriate is his constant gum chewing! Here is a personal message from me to George.

 “ George you are not watching a ball game where you can casually chew away on your gum as you watch the innings. This is not a baseball field or  casual sporting event.  It is a courtroom where your daughter may die a very painful death if she is found guilty of killing your granddaughter. 

When you enter a courtroom you must always be respectful. Being respectful is NOT CHEWING GUM and looking like a bovine chewing their cud!  So before you enter the courtroom, take a Kleenex that Cindy no doubt carries in her purse to dab away the tears she knows she will  be crying as she watches Casey either get life imprisonment or the death penalty, and SPIT OUT YOU GUM! 

Next stop mugging and making those ridiculous “poor me victim” facial expressions. Sit there like a man and not a little boy. Stop mugging and responding  nonverbally when you don’t like what is heard in the courtroom. It was disconcerting when you did it while  detective Yuri Melich was testifying. It made you look like an immature baby. You had your chance on the stand and now it is his turn to speak his truth.  

 Remember that jurors will be watching you and if you keep acting like that you will be creating more harm for your “beloved” daughter Casey, Besides finding this behavior obnoxious, it will affect your  credibility with them.   If you can’t contain yourself, for goodness sakes, don’t bother showing up!

How you can show up in the courtroom to watch Casey  in the first place is beyond me.Your daughter has accused you of sexually molesting her when she was a young girl  .  This is a very serious charge that could land you in prison if it is true since  there is no statute of limitations for a sexual crime.

 If it is not true,  how can you show up in the courtroom and look at someone who falsely accused you and where  your reputation is now destroyed forever? Where is your self-esteem?  

If it is true how, how can you show your face in public? How can you have the audacity to show up in the courtroom and add insult to injury?  If you did molest Casey, there is no doubt that you contributed to where she is today, If you did what she said you did to her, then you deserve to be in a prison cell just like your daughter. 


Lee has been beyond repulsive to watch and has made a horrible impression in my view, as he gave his testimony. The first thing was showing up slovenly and dirty looking in a casual  black golf shirt with a tee shirt underneath, baggy non pressed  pants  and  white sneakers. He needed  to at least  show up wearing  a dress shirt and a tie to show some respect. Instead he looked as though he just crawled out of bed.

Unshaven and unkempt, he kept picking at the side of his face as though he was about to squeeze a pimple.  If he wasn’t squeezing his face, he was scratching himself  like someone does when they have  scabies or crabs. I am not saying that Lee Anthony has this,  I am saying that it makes him look like one would not want to get too physically close to him. It was a turn off.  Jurors would find his disgusting and sickening behavior difficult to watch for any length of time.

 I already did a blog on the content of Lee’s  testimony which I am sure would never  endear him to any  jury as no one likes a sneak , a self entitled,  lying two faced betrayer , who has no boundaries, and who is more concerned about himself  and getting an apprenticeship with a private investigator than finding his niece Caylee. 




Cindy has put in a lot of weight over these past 2 ½ years and no one can hold that against her at all. She is either stress eating to cope with all  that this before her or she has perhaps  been given some medications  like antidepressants which may  have contributed to her weight gain. Whatever the case it makes no difference if a person is thin or heavy. 

 What does matter is how you dress yourself when your body has changed.That also includes one’s hairdo. When one has put on excessive weight the last thing they should do is get a short haircut.  Cindy’s hairdo was less than flattering. She needed to keep it longer – chin length like she has it  this summer. 

Cindy has dressed in ways that are less than flattering. She came into the courtroom with a white sweater ,  a mismatched  long dress and casual flat  sandals  She wasn’t going to a casual  pool party or walking on the beach. She was in a courtroom. She needed to wear a closed toe shoe to show some courtroom decorum and not show her bare toes and feet through barely there sandals. 

While you may think this is superficial,  it counts when you are talking about jury perception and likeability.

And speaking of likeability, while Cindy was a lot better  on the stand than she has been in the past (remember her finger pointing and insulting remarks to Zanaida Gonzales telling her she was no 10 and making her cry?) she still needs to lose the “attitude. ”  and negative defensive whine. 

She needs to answer the questions  psoed to and not interject in victim- like fashion “I’m trying to answer the question!” We regularly see  Cindy’s controlling nature emerge and it is disconcerting. It will work against her in the courtroom as jurors will find her unlikeable and not credible.

 The courtroom is the place where the lawyers and the judge has control- not Cindy. her try and take control  Her defensive tones and hyper precise answers  and contentiousness are complete  turn offs to any jury . After a  while they tune out and just hear a series of  mean sounding bitchy tones that have no  more relevance to them. 

Cindy’s ‘attitude “  comes out in her facial expressions, She comes across mean looking and nasty. This will  definitely not endear her to any jury. They will not like what they see or what they hear. Their negative perception of Cindy will definitely not help Casey.

If she ever  pulls one of her “Caylee is still alive” stunts, a jury will become deafened as to what esle she has to say.  


The first day of trial, Casey  wore an inapproriate  red sexy V necked tight form  fitting pullover.

Maybe Baez’s jury consultant told  Casey to  put on a jacket over it which she did the next day. She wore an ill fitting grey jacket that was three sizes too big. Maybe it was one of the jackets that her former attorney Andrea Lyons  left behind for her to wear. Needless to say,  it was  less than flattering. The shoulders were way too big and she looked ridiculous in it. This would be very distracting and annoying to a jury.

Day one Casey had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, yet she managed to fiddle with it and groom herself. A jury won’t like to see that behavior. They will perceive it negatively as Casey caring more about how she looks  than about the trial.

Day three Casey had in the same ill fitting gray jacket with one of the Andrea Lyon puffy sleeved greenish blue blouses we saw early on.

The collar was too big as was the jacket and now Casey kept fiddling with the collar and with the jacket as you can see in the photo above.  In addition, Casey did not tuck in the blouse.  Instead, she wore it out and the bottom of the blouse could be seen under her short cropped ill fitting jacket.  This made her look sloppy. It is perceived as her not caring – not caring to tuck her blouse into her pants.  

Also gray is never the color you want someone to wear who may be facing death row. Unless it is a dark winter gray or a silver gray, it can be perceived  as a sad color.

I am serious when I say sad color. Studies have shown that certain colors have a specific effect on people’s emotions.   Pepto-Bismol pink  or bubblegum pink has been show to have a soothing effect on people while red makes people feel agitated and light blue makes you feel sleepy. Gray has been found to be perceived as  depressing. So never underestimate the perception of  a color that is worn. 

 The Anthony family needs to take their lead from the attorneys and the other witnesses who have appeared thus far. Jose Baez is the best dressed with his  crisp shirts, matching ties and matching pocket scarf and well fitted suits. Jeff Ashton looks decent with a suit and a tie. The Anthony men needed to have followed suit- literally!

The Anthony women needed to take their lead from Linda Drane Burdick. She wears a women’s suit to show respect. She does not  wear a dress, a white sweater, or sandals or a form fitting sweater or an ill fitting jacket. 

If Jose Baez’ team hired a jury consultant why has he not shared this information with the Anthony family? Why has he not informed  each one them of how important their image is to a jury ?

Perhaps  he isn’t aware of this. Some jury consultants may very well not be aware of this . They may be focusing on other things. But this is extemely important.

 I certainly am aware of this as a jury consultant when I pick a jury. I make sure that all my clients  are well groomed and appropriately dressed, and most of all that they and their families  act appropriately  so that they can get the fair trial they deserve.

 I make them never forget that the jury not only watches them, but has an eagle eye out on everyone related to them  and everything those people  do as well. www.drlillianglass/ com

Body Language and Communication Wise Jose Baez Wins Over the Prosecution Team With His Apology

Before I begin, I must say that both Jose Baez and Linda Drane Burdick have done an outstanding job in terms of presentation to the court and questioning their witnesses.

Linda Drane Burdick is truly a seasoned professional. She is a pleasure to watch as an attorney. She is  articulate, well spoken, has great delivery , a well modulated and controlled voice pattern that makes her easy to listen to and presents herself with the utmost  class and decorum.  There is no doubt that if you were going to be represented by someone you would feel extremely confident having her as your attorney.

While Jose Baez has made some mistakes, largely due to his inexperience in my view, he has done an extremely good job under the circumstances.  As a novice lawyer, it  has  literally been Baptism by fire for him. I can’t  think of too many who would want to be in his shoes representing Casey Anthony, one of the most reviled people in America.

When he spoke before the court this morning to apologize for his behaviors, it was interesting to see  his body language and that of the prosecution team.  Initially, everyone on the prosecution team was very  hostile towards him as determined via their body language.

As Baez spoke the prosecution was skeptical and rightfully so. They were angry at him and very closed off.

You can especially see it with Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton. He was having none of Jose Baez,  as he sat there  closed off  with his arms folded across his torso .There was tension in his shoulders which indicated anger. This was confirmed by his angry facial expression with forehead tension and tight jaw.

Linda Drane Burdick’s raised shoulders showed that she was annoyed as  well, She refused to  even look at Baez. Instead, she looked down and had the expression on her face as if to say “Go ahead, I’ve heard this all before and I’m not buying it.”

The third gentleman at the prosecution table, at least  gives Baez the courtesy of looking at him but his head is bowed and his shoulders are raised and jaw appears tense, This indicates that he  too is skeptical.

Even those sitting in the audience have their heads bowed out of embarrassment. This shows that they are feeling uncomfortable with what is about to take place.

Then Baez speaks. He is eloquent. He is sincere, There is emotion in his voice and you can hear a few pitch breaks in his speech which verify that he is speaking from his heart. He stands straight with his head up as he speaks highly of the prosecution team . He says how he respects them and is very sincere about what he says.

Suddenly,  Jeff Ashton uncrosses his arms and cocks his head to show that he is open to what Baez is saying. Ashton senses Baez’ sincerity.

Linda Drane Burdick  now straightens her posture as well as her head is no longer titled to the side.  It is upright and indicates that she is attentive to what Baez is saying. The tension is now gone from her face as she looks more attentive. She  appears to appreciate what Baez has said.

Even the audience members perk up. Their heads are no longer bowed.  Their head are upright as they now look at Baez.

Baez said some very kind and sincere things about the prosecutors and how passionate they were about presenting their case. He essentially said how he respected them. Baez  also spoke about his own passion for the case and admitted that he oftentimes got carried away with his emotion.

When he turned around and faced the people he offended and apologized to them directly, I found that to be impressive,  as it takes a big person to do something like that.

I wasn’t the only one who through that Baez did the right thing in his sincere and direct apology. Jeff Ashton  felt the same way as he graciously stood up and said that he accepted Jose’s apology.

Linda Drane Burdick’s posture and  facial expression indicated that she was pleased as well.

Jose was pleased as well as he  leaned back and held his head high.

Just as it takes a big person to make an apology, it takes a bigger person to accept an apology.