Chris Brown’s Punching Dancing Body Language and Spiked Glove on DWTS Reflect Inner Anger

As the Body Language Expert for Dancing With the Stars   on Season 8 and doing analyses for Entertainment Tonight and various magazines, all I can say is that I am appalled that Chris  Brown was allowed back into the ABC Family after his window punching incident last week.

I am not alone in  my disgust that he was allowed on DWTS  as host Tom Bergeron and top female dancer Cheryl Burk were equally disgusted. Although Tom tried to be the pro that he is, his stiff body language and half smile gave away his displeasure. He even mentioned publically that he wasn’t thrilled about Chris being there and it showed in his  ambivalent half smile and  in Tom’s tight  body language on the show.

 Cheryl who publicly spoke of her own abuse was disgusted that an abuser would appear on the same show are herself. She said that even though she could do nothing about it she wasn’t happy  but did what she could do to in speaking out and expressing her displeasure.



His anger not only appeared off the stage it appeared on the stage as well with his punching dance moves that looked like he would be better in a boxing ring than on a dance floor. In the photo above you can see the anger in his clench fists and extended knuckles. 


Before Chris appeared in his devil red and black suit with chains on the  there was what I thought a very contrived and cheap shot. A little boy in a white suit yelled out “ Hey it’s Chris Brown” as the little boy  began to tumble on to the stage and break danced.  

That disgusted me that a little kid was being used to promote  Chris Brown. I think associating Chris Brown with the little excited kid was a  disgusting ploy to enroll other kids. The fact that a kid essentially introduced Chris Brown’s performance and then began to perform himself was merely used as a distraction to help mollify Chris’ negative perception. After all who can;t feel warm and fuzzy towards a little break dancing kid in a suit?

As Chris took to his singing and dancing he began what I thought was indicative  of who he is as a person– an angry hostile man.   His punching moves in his first dance were a complete a turn off  and highly inappropriate .  If he was there to rectify his image he certainly didn’t do it with his dancing moves.

While his acrobatics were impressive I still couldn’t shake the photos etched in my brain of Rihanna’s face  that was pummeled by him.

 As I recalled what he did to the window at ABC I got even more disgusted by him. To  think of the  force he used in breaking this sealed and reinforced  window was also repulsive to me. Anyone else would have been arrested  and put in jail but celebrity justice is no doubt what kept him free. I kept thinking of that and it was maddening.  He was even invited back to GMA to explain himself which further sickened me as anyone else would NEVER have been invited back to GMA or to any show ever again for that  hateful and dangerous antic.

Thus, it was impossible for me to appreciate any of  his talents. When I heard the audience clapping loudly and standing to their feet , there was no doubt in my mind that this was choreographed as well. It further disturbed me as to why this nasty violent creature was being celebrated in any shape or form.Why he was allowed on the DWTS stage in the first place was beyond my comprehension.

But clearly, someone high above made sure that Chris would be successful in spite of himself. It no doubt appears to be  all about  dollars and cents.

  But to me, this violent out of control creature simply looked   like a  mean devil dressed in red and chains. I would never purchase anything  with he was associated. In fact I would encourage others to boycott him as well. We simply cannot showcase and honor those who  are violent. There is enough world violence out there and we certainly don’ tneed it in our artists who’s aim is to entertain and bring us joy.

Then he was introduced for his second song set as he wore a white suit with lights on it that changed colors designed to  distract people . I did like the lighted suit that changed colors as I did like the  backup dancer’s neon looking outfits and the choreography. But that still didn’t change the reality. To me he is still a  Toxic Man who happened to be wearing a lighted suit that changed colors.  

Then Chris was done performing and  I saw Chris Browns face drenched in sweat as he held  his  silver metal spiked fingerless  glove up to his face as he as in a praying hand position with his hands clasped together. I found this incongruity of  prayer and violence sickening  and hypocritical. Brown was thrilled the  DWTS audience received him well and pressed his praying hands together as an act of humility and forgiveness. But to me it said cockiness with is head even cocked to the side. He “got over” on everyone.  His mindset was that even though he was violent and out of control, he was  still loved and revered !    

As a violent creature who beat up Rihanna a beat up a window, in my view Chris Brown should not be wearing  that glove as it could prove to be a lethal weapon if used  inappropriately on someone.

His handlers  who were so concerned about his image forgot a crucial element. They forgot to not allow him to dress in a spiked  metal violent  glove. So their image makeover with his hair back to black and his DWTS appearance backfired as the boxing like punching dance moves , hostile hands and  hateful and hostile weapon- like glove said it all!


8 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Punching Dancing Body Language and Spiked Glove on DWTS Reflect Inner Anger

  1. Good for you, Dr. Lillian! I could not watch, as he disgusts me. I am furious that ABC & DWTS fails to see why this overtly abusive “star” no longer should be courted and showcased. They are active enablers. I am so angry about this that I could not even watch DWTS last night. I’m so glad that you mentioned that anyone else who punched out a thick reinforced window at ABC would have been prosecuted by the police for this inappropriate behavior. Glad to know that Tom & Cheryl Burke were voices of reason and that they spoke out. Good for them.


  2. As if the enabling of Chris Brown’s toxic behavior wasn’t already bad enough, I heard his album is currently at the top of the charts! Disgusting.


  3. I couldn’t watch anything promoting Chris Brown’s success. This man/boy is in need of serious anger management help. Why, oh why, is his album breaking out as #1? I’ll never, never understand the public. Also, my heart goes out to Cheryl Burke. She must have been sick to her stomach!


  4. This is totally off topic but I just wanted to mention that every news station today has mentioned that the defense in the Anthony case may very well be attempting to pin it on George. You called this 6 months ago!


  5. When I see Chris Brown act out , I see someone who has no clue of severity of his actions. He must of lived a life where violence was so comon place that he doesn’t get what we are all complaining about. Chris brown doesn’t realize all the people who looked up to him prior to his violent behavior. It reminds me of how I looked up to Tiger before he was found to be a scumbag.


  6. Rosie O’Donnell has spoken publicly about the Chris Brown situation, and is supporting Brown. I find this very odd. She acknowledges that he is from a violent background and is violent himself, however she says that he is “only 21, has paid his debt to society [re: the Rhianna prosecution], and yet is still being made an example of.” I have to ask: Is she a total moron or what? Is she completely ignorant of the cycle of violence? Did she not hear he broke a window at GMA because he didn’t care for the interview questions? Does that seem reasonable? I cannot imagine what is in her mind. Does she get some pleasure out of tweaking the public, of being a contrarian? I understand she has a show that is forthcoming on the OWN network. Even so, what the hell is she thinking? He paid his so-called debt to society, and then what did he do? HE LASHED OUT VIOLENTLY AGAIN. He cannot be supported for this kind of behavior. He has been, and will be still, punished financially for acting like a jackass. It’s not acceptable behavior. Rosie should not be stirring the pot this way. She is an ignoramus and needs to educate herself about the cycle of violence. He is a young offender who appears will grow into an older offender. Wrap your head around it.


  7. I don’t know if this such is true ,but I’m really hoping it’s not cause I liked chirs brown and kinda still like him but we gotta understand stand some things might not be true people will make up anything to bring down someboby But don’t get me wrong I luv god God is in my family and my heart Just saying look at all the facts before judging someboby He might good we never know


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