Casey Anthony Pays For Baez’ Legal Services By Working As Assistant In Her Own Trial

While Jose Baez  may lack experience and may have made mistakes, he  is no dummy and no  bozo. He  has cleverly  managed to get some FREE help on Casey’s case, by making  Casey serve as her own legal assistant. She’s now  filing papers, organizing them, and  underlining them , as well as  taking things in and out of  legal notebooks.  Jose hands her papers and she has  obviously been instructed what to do with them.

Doing this, makes Casey actually looked focused for the very first time ever in the courtroom, But I don’t think a jury will like to see this.  In fact they will be distracted by this. They will want to see her paying attention to what is going on, not serving as  her own legal assistant. I refuse to label Casey as a ” paralega”l becuase  it takes a lot of intelligence and formal training to be one. So I will refer to her as an “assistan”t who is given specific tasks and told what to do. 

Prior to this we have only seen Casey playing with her hair, fiddling with what she is wearing, grooming herself , and looking vacant at whomever is in front of her, crying fake tears, wiping her eyes, and poking her fingers in her eyes to eek out some tears. And of course, smiling inappropriately and flirting.

Her flirting smile was seen as  soon as Casey walked into the courtroom. This unnerves me  when I think of the torture she most likely inflicted on that innocent little girl. After doing the analysis on how Casey  treated little Caylee when she sadistically ignored the child  on videotape, one can only imagine what Casey did to Caylee when no video was present.     

 As soon as Casey is seated, she  immediately begins  to search through Baez’ files. Here she is handed a file folder by Jose.

Even though she manages to keep busy, when she has a millisecond or two  of time on her own hands,  she still manages to groom herself as she tugs at the bottom of her form fitting sweater. Her smirk is uneerving as well. She is LOVING her newfound job which has given her a  purpose in life. The smirking indicates that  she is  feeling self satisfied.

As the K 9 officer is asked questions on the stand by Jose Baez, Casey is wtiting away like a maniac. Either  Jose asked her to write down  everything the officer said or he asked Casey to  write down her personal thoughts for an uncoming book she may be writing . Even though she writes and writes and writes, she still manages to sneek in  her grooming, with a pull at her sweater .

In all of my years, I  have never seen a client act like this where they serve as an attorney’s legal  assistant in the courtroom. As Jose has handed her the trial book, Casey  had trouble physically manipulating it. That is probably the only thing in her life she has ever had trouble trying to manipulate. We all know how her life has been spent trying to manipulate everyone with whom she comes in contact.  

Casey  is all spread out all over the table.  I can assure you that a jury will HATE  seeing this. They will wonder why SHE is doing this work and not the attorney’s staff. If she continues to do it in the courtroom,  it will defiantely  detract from any  positive  perception of Baez as well.

Casey frantically searches through the pages in the notebooks. It is clear that she has no previous experience in doing this. It is very disconcerting to watch her do this, in light of the fact that she is on trial for killing her daughter. This is not her role. Her role is to sit there and to be defended and not to function as a legal assistant.

Above we see her consult with one of Jose’s other attorneys on some of the deposition papers in one of the  notebooks.

The bottom line is that Jose has  finally put Casey to work so he doesn’t have to hire an extra pair of hands to do what he needs DONE. While I give him a lot of credit for that, I don’t think that Casey should be those extra pair of hands. He needs to get an intern, a law clerk,  or a voluteer, or  even a family member to do the job. He needs to get  anyone else other than Casey Anthony to assist him.


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  1. Another great article by Dr. Glass!

    I do wonder if Casey is surfin’ the net’ on that computer!

    Her behavior; going from disinterested to secretary, continues to be inadvisable from the point of view of jury consultant.

    Dr. Glass: Was this change from the disinterested self-grooming eye poker to the secretarial work as a result of your prior analysis?

    We may all get an answer if we see her next court appearance now halt the assistant work and attempt to appear engaged.

    Peter Hyatt


  2. Another persona invented for Casey -that of legal assistant – because the defense just cannot allow Casey to be herself for fear the jury will hate her. It is a righteous fear.

    Casey has had many pretend jobs- her nanny job, her event planner job, her job at Sports Authority- and the biggest fabricated job she ever held was MOTY.

    The jury will know that her current job of legal assistant is just another lie, and hold her and her defense team in contempt for perpetrating another lie directly in front of them.


  3. I see the constant writing as a way to distance herself from the crime itself. Just as her parents did with her for all those years~Put your head in the sand/ignore the obvious and maybe it will just go away.

    This will send a clear message to the jurors that she is (once again) play acting in a role she is not qualified to fill.


  4. Hi Ms.Glass. Great job and right on the money as usual and i enjoyed the read. This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever encountered by a defendent and their Lawyer. Casey has not a clue what she is doing for one, and if there was even a snowballs chance she did it is as you said, ”Totally inappropriate”. If Baez has her doing this stupid stuff during her trial it is indeed going to tick off the juror’s big time. Perhaps if Baez does have her doing this at trial he is hoping it will flusterate the juror’s so much they will not be paying attention to all the lies coming out with proof to back them up about his evil client. Only Baez could come up with this dumber than dumb idea. I am sure he is trying to keep her from her constant grooming with this idea but he should just duct tape her hands. lol. This plan sure isn’t working~~


  5. Good article Dr. Glass: personally i find it very distracting as i watch the LIVE video feed. I want the judge to say something to Baez about the defendant NOT PAYING ATTENTION AND NOT PARTICIPATING in her own defense. She has no idea of what she is doing at the table with Baez. Quiet frankly she does not know what is happening in the courtroom, she could come back on appeal and say she “did not know what was said, she was unable to talk to her attorney because she was busy doing secretarial work. Do you notice Mason usually just lets her shuffle papers around, while he watches his computer. Probably reading the blogs as they come in on the live feed. Why isn’t he up their on these Frye hearings since he more experienced and death penalty qualified. The whole thing with the defense just ‘SCREAMS APPEAL’…jmc


  6. @Dr. Glass, absolutely agree with you, right on the money here.
    @Diane aweseome post totally agree wtih you too
    @everyone else, also excellent posts!

    I notice how Casey is always “special” TOO
    She didn’t just have a baby sitter like us normal folks do, she had a NANNY
    she didn’t just have a job selling pictures of people at Universal studios she was an EVENT COORDINATOR
    she “owned” her car
    She according to her MYSPACE page made 124k a year.

    Casey was a high school drop out that got pregnant, she does not know who the father was.
    She sponged off her parents and hated them for allowing her to do so.
    She is a real life psycho and socio PATH, and she IS DANGEROUS to her family, to society, and to future victims, she should NEVER be unleased on society again ever.

    She likes poison, I think she wanted to poison her mother and she wanted her parents to divorce so she could get the house, Caylee was the easy target and she could get her freedom and punish Cindy at the same time by killing Caylee. If she had a hubby worth 100k via life insurance, she would poison him.

    I can’t stand her better than thou attitude, her mother taught her that attitude.

    If Dr. Vass is able to testify infront of the jury, Casey’s goose is burnt!


    1. OMG- i am glad to see someone refer to her statement to her friend about “getting the house” again- i thought from the minute i heard it- she had planned to do away with Cindy and george- so as it ends up- caylee died to save them- and maybe the future insurence-endowd husband…..


  7. I dont think he’s a bozo, and upon surfing other blogs I see there is one in particular where they constantly trash the defense by name calling. Very inmature to say the least. Anyho, maybe Baez wont use her as his assistant come trial time. She should be doing something to pay off her debts anyway, after all I dont think she has ever worked so hard. Maybe her father George should take some pointers.


    1. Hi, toomuchdoubt! I SO agree with you about the “one in particular” blog that allows all the name-calling, along with making fun of how individuals appear (both physically and dress-wise), and what they do or don’t do. It’s relentless and unnecessary. I try to avoid reading the comments section of that blog. If only the commentors could leave out all the vile remarks and obvious hatred, they might have something worth reading. That’s why I do check every now and then, but it’s always the same.
      But on to the matter of Casey in the court room. I think it’s very distracting, to see her shuffle papers about and constantly move folders around. And the writing…if I were a juror and saw that, I would think the defendant is not the least bit interested in her own case. It would annoy me to no end!!! My opinion, only.


  8. How many attorneys in Central Florida would hire a non-graduate high school individual who is also a convicted felon as an assistant? That is a lose, lose situation. (Casey thinking), “lets see, I will file this guilty folder under “D” for die, everyone will find that.

    About her writing, my guess she is putting down her view of what really happened. The team, (haha) members look at that and use the info to send motions to the judge. Because all she knows how to do is lie, what she writes has no resemblance to the truth. So we end up with Baez, he is Bozo and the Mason Jar guy whirling around in a fantasy defense not knowing anything about the real truth!


  9. Hi john,
    any vid’s in the making? 🙂
    I can barely stand those court proceeding any longer…will she be allowed at trial to ‘finger’ through all those scrap paper? Someone say NO, please.


  10. Yes, the remark “my parents are giving me the house’ is something to ponder over. I say, let her out and lose, and see what will happen to George and Cindy….Ha Ha Ha.


    1. I’m sure it was on her earlier agenda and if she doesn’t get enough money soon she will do it, or will have given it her best shot


  11. Thank-you, Dr. Glass. I also wondered why casey is doing a “secretarial” job for Bozo-Butt-Baez.. im sorry but he is… at the same time of casey doing baez’ work for him, i can tell she is listenign as the looks she gave when Dr. Vass said when he opened the can with the carpet sample, he “had to jump back 2 feet” because of the strong odor of human decomposition. there was a couple other times she looked up as well. I noticed when Yuri Melich was on the stand, casey didnt look at him or up once…I think Dr. Vass’s testimony soaked into her thick skull, that, this time she can not lie and get out of this evidence. Dr. Vass sealed the deal in my opinion. also i noticed casey tries not to groom herself as you say, she now is reading and writting even you said she still grooms now and then…
    what id like to know is .. did they have a life insurance
    policy on caylee and if anyone how much it was for?
    also ive noticed when casey gets nervous she moves her ears… that may sound strange, but its very true.


  12. Seems like Central Florida breeds all kinds of people. Pedophiles, child killers, major drug corruption, people who have nothing better to do besides sit on blogs and spew name calling etc. White trash at its best.


  13. If someone wants to write a true crime novel about Casey, I’d suggest the title “Chameleon”. It is so fitting, because Chameleons used to be prevalent in Florida….and Casey is most definitely able to change colors into whatever and whomever she thinks she should be….(I need to look like a paralegal!) She might have made a pretty decent actress, except she really lacks some “it” factor. She’s above average in the looks department (and that’s why there is so much hooplah)…but she is several rungs under a Kardashian for sure.

    How does a 6.5 get by in life without a hs diploma? Well, why not make things up because she certainly LOOKS capable enough (and she speaks fairly well too). She LOOKS like she could have a good job…but something in her is irrevocably broken (else she would have fixed that high school thing. No one in their right mind these days doesn’t finish high school). Maybe we’ll find out why in mitigation.

    Agree with you, Dr. Glass, that the secretarial role has to be dropped. She never looks up now to face her accusers. It makes her look a thousand percent guilty.


    1. I so agree with the chameleon, changing colors to fit the scenario..Too bad she couldn’t find that mother hat and be a good mother to Caylee Marie.
      I see this as a major detachment and it will not bode well with a jury of her peers. She is distancing herself as far away as she can from Caylee’s demise and who is truly the responsible party. I feel this takes the place of the obsessive grooming, she now obsessively writes, writes, writes and whatever it is she’s writting would reflect obfuscating from the truth. She’s a proven liar, her credibility is gone.
      She is a coward, she couldn’t look her accusers in the eyes, for they have her color (number)..HA…it will go against her..whatever she does, she can’t win…
      I still focus on her little hands and what those hands allegedly did when she took Caylee’s life. Scenarios float around and it appears the defense is trying to float an accidental death. Take into consideration HOW Caylee’s remains were found with duct tape over her airways, that accident scenario is knocked out…the duct tape, the high levels of choloroform, her evading her parents for 31 days, not to mention this invisinanny, the human decomp event in the trunk of her vehicle, all go to ICA…I can’t wait for this trial to get underway. Her new “image” will not go over well…
      Once again she is disassociating herself, she is unattached, there is no remorse, no sadness, no concern for a child taken way too soon…
      Precious Caylee’s justice comes at a price. That price will be whatever a jury of her peers decides her fate should be..My only concern is that she will never be able to have another child, for she can’t find that mothering hat…her freedom is very precious to her, so her freedom should be taken from her…If she has to pay with her life, so be it..She made her bed and now must lie in it…JMHO
      Justice for Caylee


  14. Dr Glass- I agree. I cannot see any jurors being anything but amazed and horrified at a defendant who “is writing away like a maniac.” We don’t know whether or not she is writing an addendum to The Nanny Factor: How My Nanny Simplified My Life, but it would be my guess that Mr Baez is making an effort to hide her true identity. Her lies replace the truth but he is at a loss to mask her utter and total lack of remorse. In order to mask her detachment from the proceedings she is given props (files and documents) and in so doing he has exposed her sense of superiority and invincibility. She’s Jose’s equal-not his client. Bad move.


  15. I was shocked to hear Jean Casarez (In Session) actually crediting casey for being more mature and “totally involved looking while helping with the case” etc. HA HA HA! I think she looked like a deranged idiot myself and am seriously concerned about the deterioration of Casarez’s reporting skills. Put her out to pasture. Honestly! Is that REALLY how she saw it???


    1. I heard on of the pundits talking about how much Casey has evolved since the beginning of the case and my thought was that she hasn’t ‘evolved’ as much as she simply morphed once again into what she sees around her.

      Between Baez and his endlessly clicking pen and Casey clicking the damn ring binder there is no end to the distracttion


      1. The Talking Heads have to make cr*p up to make it sound like Casey may not be getting smashed at the trial. It’s all “have to make the losing horse in the race look like it may win.”

        Don’t let it bother you. Must have been a slow news night for them. Or they are angling to be on the child murderer’s Dream Team.


  16. Are their actions honestly ok with the court room laws? This is a disgrace to USA court system ! Shame that someone who is in control of actions in that courtrm is allowing this to cont. It is so disrespectful to the Dead Caylee Anthony. It clearly shows Casey had more important things than Caylee in Life and Death.


  17. What we see in the courtroom are the personality traits of a mentally disordered person. She is someone who cannot comprehend the consequences of her behavior and the potential penalties attached if she is convicted. Her response to the death penalty is “Who died?”

    She liked the idea of outwitting and outsmarting friends and family for years but she has to work harder to pull the wool over jurors eyes and ears.

    For years she traumatized her family, robbed them blind, raised that metaphorical whip over everyone’s head, had testosterone levels that were off the charts and pursued sex instead of a high school diploma. This is the same young woman who is sitting in court acting like she knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t. She’s as dumb as dirt.


    1. I agree with you 100 %. this secetarial work is her idea, whether Jose likes it or not. she lives in a fantasy world, and thinks we are all looking at her, impressed with her skills. She doesn’t know that all we see is a baby killer.


  18. Dr. Glass-thanks again for your post. Can we all remember when cindy sent a lettter to casey that perhaps Andrea Lyon could get Caysey into Law School (of course forgetting the h.s. degree as well as the college pre req degree before the LSAT. As usual Casey took this delusion for real OMG


  19. So Baez gave his clients some papers and crayons to color with while the adults were busy. Big Deal.

    She still comes across as a psycho-murderer.

    I would be interested in your thoughts on her google-eyed stare she gave when the witness (believe it was Dr. Vass) gave information about the body field. I think that staring “surprised” look was totally faked by her.

    Also about the wink Baez gave his jail-bait girlfriend when he turned away from the stand.


  20. All the time I thought Casey was trying to stay in the lines with the crayons. She looks so stupid shuffling papers around like she has an important job to do. She once has an important job—mother. But she got rid of that little problem so she could have sex with half the men in Orlando–and from some of the pics, the women, too.

    I have heard Jean Casarez say some really stupid things, but probably the comment about Casey assisting her defense is world class stupid. She’s a high school drop out, honey. We don’t even know if she can read.

    I agree with Dr. Glass. Casey is pretending again. In her mind she is a lawyer working on important papers for some person who is accused of a crime they didn’t commit. It seems that she has forgotten that she is that person and she did commit the crime.

    I also think that she is writing letters to her mother when she tears off one of the yellow lawyer-type sheets of paper, folds it in half, and puts it in the back of the legal sized tablet. LOL Later to be delivered by Bozo IMO.


  21. i think kc looks crazy writting so much… i had thought at times she writting her name over and over… if you notice at time she writes three words.. i thought it was the way the lawyers keep her from reacting to what the witnesses are saying.. when she handed simms a note at the last hearing simms just shoved it in her pile of stuff never looking at it.. reminded me of a kid giving a drawing to an uninterested adult..jmo..

    this last hearing i sort of thought kc might have realized how much trouble she was in… but then the smirk reappeared and i thought no way..


  22. This new activity of inmate’s is just a way to keep her sedate and busy looking like she is indeed involved. It’s just a way to keep her from acting inaproprete with the grooming and constant facial expressions. This all will indeed be impossable as the trial begins. Inmate will not be able to do anything but watch as her friends each sit on the stand and tell the truth, outta be a real show stopper and nothing baez tries to do will stop it!


    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking! There’s no way Casey’s going to be able to contain herself when her friends testify…can you imagine what she’s going to do when Amy and Ricardo take the stand? Or Jesse Grund? And of course the cherry on top will be Tony Lazzaro. The sad thing is, I bet Casey shows more emotion when her friends testify than she ever did (or will) for her daughter.


  23. When witnesses are called to the stand she will not be able to talk back, use her customary rude and filthy language, flirt with them or in any way control what they will say. Mr Baez’s ability to ask a direct question or avoid a leading one may suddenly appear and hopefully he isn’t guided by the client who could not tell the truth if her life depended on it. He knows who his client is and he knows how happy she is in her own skin. He doesn’t want others to know what he knows because both of them are screwed.

    Jean-Remember the time (August 2008) when Cindy told Greta that ‘Casey would stay in prison for the rest of her life if it meant that Caylee would be safe.”


    1. This is true, but we’ll get the fun of watching her eyes bulge, her jaw clench, and her crocodile tears flow. I highly doubt anyone will be able to control Casey in that regard. 🙂


  24. I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute. At the close of the last session she tried to say goodbye to Mr Baez but couldn’t. He was obviously very upset at what Ms Finnel had to speak about in “open court” and while she dismissed a mental health defense she caused considerable tension in the courtroom relative to “diminished capacity” and the tact they will take relative to “state of mind”.

    He wasn’t winkin’ at his girl when Ms Finnel was finished! Casey sat there unmoved. She’s always listening to that never ending ear worm that sings/screams the logical inconsistency- “Please release me, don’t let me go.”


  25. What doesn’t appear, what isn’t said and actions never performed is often as telling as what we can observe. I can see Casey behaving and play acting as though she is involved and busy in some way.
    (How ironic; she reminds me of the video in which Caylee sat on the living room floor and attempted to relate to the person behind the camcorder while scribbling with crayons…and being totally unsuccessful.)
    In this case, the adults are busy with important papers and books and Casey has been given crayons and papers to keep her busy but her attention is on the adults as can be seen by her peeking at times at what is going on.
    (Caylee finally giving up and turning her back to the camcorder but still peeking to see what is happening with the person who is filming her.)
    What I don’t see is a mother, who’s child has been killed by a trusted nanny, appearing in court and displaying anger and shock at being accused of the crime or she and her lawyers demanding that this real nanny be found and brought to justice. Casey doesn’t just behave like a guilty person; she behaves in a way that reveals she has no idea how to even pretend to be innocent.
    When Dr. Vass describes his reaction to the stench of the rug upon which Caylee lay dead and releasing death fluids, Casey looks up…
    “Really, you think? You should have had to drive that car around in the Florida heat. It wasn’t as bad as all THAT. Surely you exaggerate.”


  26. I’ve sat on several juries, although admittedly not in a case of this gravity and I can tell you I always watched the defendant’s and his/her attorney’s behavior as well as the latter’s sense of professionalism. I would completely turned off by what I see in this case and, I believe, so will the jurors in this case. It’s almost as if Baez and Co (including Casey) are making a mockery of the whole business. Not good…


  27. Forrest-Casey had no trouble maintaining the fiction surrounding her life prior to her incarceration. She was a student at Valusia Community College, was a Universal event coordinator, worked at Colorvision/Kodak as a photographer, was considered by her parents as a “wonderful mother and a devoted daughter” and when asked to describe her relationship with her high school friends responded that many thought of her as “the mothering kind”.

    Hare says that ‘psychopaths may ramble and tell stories that seem unlikely in light of what is known about them. Typically, they attempt to appear familiar with sociology, psychiatry, medicine,psychology…..and the law. A signpost to that trait is often a smooth lack of concern at being found out.’

    Her life’s goal is to maintain the fiction and as long as she does that she will never know how to “pretend to be innocent.”


  28. Casey’s ability to completely disassociate herself from the event of Caylee’s death is nothing short of BIZARRE. I didn’t watch the Scott Peterson trial, but people say she is just like him, in her capacity to “pretend”. She was able to pretend that Caylee meant something to her (hence all the many “great Mother” reports). Casey even convinced her “fiance'” Jesse Grund that she was a loving Mother….that Caylee was “her world”. See how easily she falls into the legal-beagle role? That’s as easily as she assumed (and later rejected) the “great Mother” role. I can’t wait to find out more about the family dynamics that so totally screwed her up! I BLAME CINDY!


  29. She seems to be playing “if I don’t look at you, you can’t see me.” I had a neighbor gal who was carrying on w/”not her husband” in a bar that my daughter worked at. When she saw my daughter, she put her head down and wisped her hair towards her face. So as not to be seen cheating. A few weeks later, she was out by her pool with another “not her husband” and when i went out to work in my garden, she did the same thing, so I wouldn’t see her. LOL


  30. Just the fact that she’s actively contributing to the defense as they work in the courtroom, on this particular topic of the search of her former residence’s backyard where she allegedly place her dead child’s decomposing remains in various places, or Cindy is rumored to have put decomp-stenched items from the white Pontiac that last held Caylee
    on the ground in the backyard or rinsed items with decomp on them in the backyard, or threw out rinse water in the backyard, or the backyard renovations by Cindy & George that are rumored to have arisen out of need to bury decomp-touched soil or decomp-touched items of Caylee’s, is implicitly incriminating and completely inappropriate for a defendant to be doing. IMO.

    I noticed this week during the hearings, that the female deputy not only didn’t lay a hand on her whatsoever, but walked in front of her instead of behind her to the side door – how could she have known if the inmate was following her? Also, the deputy allowed the inmate to delay walking away from the defendant’s table at the conclusion of the hearing when HHJP had ordered the (final) recess, giving the inmate the opportunity to initiate inappropriate hand-to-hand contact with bozo, & had her back to the inmate & to bozo, since the female deputy stepped in front of the inmate to walk to the door, allowing another instance of inappropriate contact between bozo & the inmate when bozo initiated a reciprocal hand touch to the inmate’s upper arm. This was disgusting to watch & see allowed by the deputy & in the courtroom, & the deputy obviously didn’t have “control” over the inmate. Jmho


  31. bingoteaz-She can’t pretend to be innocent because she isn’t. She pretended to have a job but she didn’t. She pretended she was “a great Mom” but we know she wasn’t. She is charged with killing Caylee but this does not inhibit her speech or her willingness to share her parenting skills with Ms Adams. She cannot feel embarrassed or take into consideration how others preceive her. She doesn’t give a shit. While discussing Caylee she referred to her as “Cays” something no one did. Cindy shows her utter disdain by informing Ms Burdict to refer to her granddaughter as “Caylee Marie”. Casey mocked Caylee and Cindy felt the pain.

    It’s difficult to point the finger of blame at either Cindy or George. Cindy was incapable of punishing her. Nothing worked. If she is convicted Cindy will finally know “what happened”. Jurors will do what Cindy and George could never do-punish her.


  32. I’m pretty sure Baez is trying to figure out the best look for his client before the trial. They study the reactions in the media to her clothes and mannerisms. Advice for Casey, sit still. Look at people when they speak. Don’t smile. Don’t grab your sweater! Quit grooming. Fold your hands in front of you on the table or keep them in your lap under the table. Don’t fake cry. Why am I giving advice to Casey, I don’t know! I’m sure it’s impossible for Casey to stop fidgeting and stop flirting anyways. Prob why Baez gave her something to do with her hands and to keep her from having time to flirt.


  33. Jessie-I had to laugh when I read,”Why am I giving advice to Casey”! Well, let’s face it Mr Baez tried to give her the best advice he could and in response she said, ‘I don’t want to do the time’. Goes to show you just how detached she is from the concept of crime and punishment.

    At the end of the day it will matter little whether she can sit still in the courtroom-he real test is whether or not she can while away 23 hours each day in isolation.


    1. I can just picture her telling Jose “I’m Bored” like the spoilt brat that she is. She honestly thinks she is going to get away with it once again. I would give anything to live in FL and get picked for the jury. I’m ashamed to say that I would try to lie, and say that I had not formed an opinion and could be an inpartial juror. One look at my face, I would be disqualified.


  34. I don’t think Casey actually said, “I’m bored” but all her handlers noticed her inability to sit still and her lack of interest. I think that’s why Mr Baez has assigned any number of lawyers to sit with her. What we see in her newfound “paralegal” skills goes to her Cluster B traits. She is superior. She is smart. She is Jose’s equal. She is acting in court the same way she acted prior to her arrest. She showed no concern for her lost child but answered questions and behaved like she was their equal. She shared a laugh with the detectives at one point.

    Remember when Ms Anthony instructed Mr Baez to tell the Court (Judge Strickland) that she would not be attending the hearings? Judge Strickland said something like, ‘Why? Where else is she going?’ The judge stopped the proceedings and requested the Sheriff’s Office guard and driver to go back to the jail and bring her into court. She is disinterested-she is also incredibly lazy. Anthoner glaring trait.


  35. It would appear Mr. Hyatt was spot on with his prediction of Casey’s behavior changing again. I don’t know if it was just because Baez wasn’t in court today or if it maybe had to do with another excellent analysis by Dr. Glass, but Casey sure wasn’t playing secretary today! Too bad she was back in that lavender turtleneck and back to the grooming.

    Does anyone else think at least some of Casey’s grooming stems from nerves or from whatever mental ailment she has? I suffer from borderline personality disorder and I can tell you that during times of emotional stress I get fidgety, and if I’m in a situation where I feel self-conscious or exposed that fidgeting can become almost impossible to control…I had to cut my hair like Michelle Williams to stop from twisting or pulling at it. This of course is in no way an attempt to defend Casey, I’m just curious.

    Oh, and Peter – I adore your blog. What you’re doing for Hailey Dunn and the family of David Hartley is nothing short of amazing.


  36. I think she is loving any attention she can get. I feel she grooms because of nerves and is used to being beautiful. Now she looks a bit older and unkempt. Like yesterday (thursday) she kept trying to push her white top away to show her chest, she was so uncomfortable with her appearance.
    I feel she acts so busy that its distracting.
    Susan Smith didnt get that busy when she was guilty of killing her kids. David Westfield (name probably spelled wrong ) sat as she looks when shes zoned. He never made an expression or movement. He did take some notes . He killed the little Van Dam child. Most Killers try to sit stoic as she does and do what their Lawyer tells them.
    Just think of the Killers you have seen lately. In live Court they appear stoic as Casey the baby killer also. OJ and Scott Peterson had the same stoic face as Casey. Baez I believe is being lied to by her and He knows it, or he is her next victim to be lied to and as the others. He has no clue.


  37. I also dont believe she can stop flirting. Its how she gets her way. Probably always did. I wish Mason was smarter and not such a stupid old needy man. He appears as the Old Court Room Sugar Daddy to this baby Killer. Bolin married a guy on Death Row. Hes flirting with a possible Killer. The same as Baez did also, who seems to do better since he probably seen Dr. Glass


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