50 Cent’s TOXIC Tweets About Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Show Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance

One can tell a lot about a person in terms of what they say after they hear about a crises. When  rapper 50 Cent responded to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami with sick  humor, it speaks volumes as to who he is as a human being-  a not a very sympatric or kind one in my view.

 Freud once said “there is no humor only truth.” I agree with that as there is truth in humor. But there was no truth in the humor that rapper 50 Cent put forth in a tweet.  


There is nothing more devastating than to have to have innocent  people lose their homes,

worldly possessions and most important their lives as a result of not one but multiple natural disasters- tsunami,  earthquake and  major aftershocks.


The nuclear plant explosions  and the radiation leakage are  no laughing matter and can cause devastation for generations to come with illnesses and severe birth defects.

 So when TOXIC 50 Cent made the following horrible  jokes on his twitter account,  it was adding insult to injury. He said

Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street shit gone get crazy.”  

“Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.”

“Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”

To me this has  sexist and racist undertones and is despicable! There is nothing to Lol (laugh out loud) about. Instead there is a lot to Col about- CRY OUT LOUD!


There is nothing funny about people being washed to sea and seeing innocent men women and  children dying or become orphaned as the result of this natural disaster killing their parents . 

There is nothing funny about not having a place to live or not having enough to eat.

 But obviously ignorant  50 Cent failed to see the gravity of the situation before he let his fingers do the talking.   

What he said was unforgivable. It was disgusting and arrogant and nauseatingly  sexist as he spoke of evacuating his whores out of  LA Hawaii and Japan. Referring to women as whores is sexist and degrading to women!

Obviously 50 Cent realized he did a bad  thing after he got a myriad of  negative and hostile  responses. So he lamely tweeted


“Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let’s pray for anyone who has lost someone.”

“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I’m cool either way 50cent”

No Mr. Cent. You are not COOL either way. instead , I believe you are TOXIC either way! You have lost a lot of fans and a lot of respect.  You acted as a petulant immature child in making fun of  one of the most tragic events in the world for SHOCK VALUE- so people would notice and pay attention to your pitiful self.

If you want SHOCK VALUE how about going over to Japan on one of your private jets and seeing how these people are suffering beyond belief? No  disaster film could come close to this horrific reality.

You lame ‘sorry” will never cut it. If you want to show yourself as a real man and as a compassionate human being put your “sorry” into action and give up some of your millions to help these poor earthquake and tsunami victims rebuild their lives.  Get some food and stock up your private jet with it and parachute it down to stranded hungry people.

Your fellow recording artist  Lady Gaga  (with the emphasis being on the word “lady”) clearly showed compassion and class by encouraging her fans to donate money for the  the victims. She even designed a prayer bracelet to raise money for the Japanese victims. 


 In fact you can go to her site by clicking the link above to order the bracelet so that money can be raised for the earthquake/ tsunami victims  

Why don’t you follow suit and do the same. Only then will your lame “sorry” have any value.  And yes, Mr. Cent you had it partially right in your last tweet when you said your tweets are ignorant .It is YOU who are ignorant, not your tweets, so  man up and do something in your power financially as well as doing a concert to help someone other than your superficial self.  



18 thoughts on “50 Cent’s TOXIC Tweets About Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Show Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance

  1. I’ve been in tears since this earthquake happened and to hear the filth coming from 50 cent makes me sick to my stomach!
    We are all connected and all part of each other and we need to help each other in order to get through this. This earthquake is a wake up call to the fragility of life. What matters is caring and compassion. Let us focus on love and not hate.


    1. And lady Gaga , looks programmed to be a serial liar possible psychopath.
      That’s not hate that’s what I see . Tsunami is a horrible act of nature and all people are helpless victims involved ,this is not a act of God by any measure. Only Sick people have something nasty to say about the victims . He needs to stick a big lollypop in his big smelly mouth and shut the hell up.


  2. It really makes me upset to hear people make light of a horrible tragedy that has just happened. Imagine if somebody made light of 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina days after they occrred… somehow it’s okay to joke about the Japan earthquake’s because it’s in a foreign country and it’s ok to make fun of Asians.

    Check out this video of a UCLA student making a racist comment and also making a sarcastic remark about the Japanese earthquakes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg3tIERI-D4


  3. This is a terrible situation, possibly worse than Haiti as we don’t know yet what will happen with the nuclear reactors. It certainly is reason to give pause and possibly rethink the whole alternative energy thing. Fossil fuels pollute the air, but they don’t melt down causing many many years of additional damage. Japan could be left with many square mile of uninhabitable radiation poisoned land. It’s like WWII for them all over again. Hardly seems fair.


  4. Hello Lillian Glass,
    What I see is an amazing culture of more than 2500 years of humble people who share their bottle of water, their crumb of rice, no LOOTING in this respectful nation when such a horrific act of nature occurs. This country works together and with care and love for their neighbor. Peace and relief, send money to the RED CROSS and any other agency available for immediate help.


    1. are you not aware of japan’s murderous imperialist past? the current situation is divorced from history, but until the end of wwii, they showed their love for their neighbors by invading, extracting resources, and enslaving natives (not to mention the legacy of sexual brutality).


  5. I am so grateful that I have lived a life up to this point where being so cruel to others would never occur to me to do or say. I am grateful that I can feel the pain and sadness of other people and respond with help as best as I can rather than with humor. I would be so fearful if I found humor in this…it would tell me I was very much less than human. I would cry for my lost soul and the disease that was surely in my body and mind if I could find humor in such things…then again…I would not cry, would I, because I would be incapable of feeling and love or pain at all.
    I would love to be a rich person at times like this (or win a huge lottery.) I can think of so many wonderful things I could do right now. This 50 cents poor excuse for a person is in a position to do these wonderful things and instead… “What can anyone do about it?”
    I can think of a million things.
    My dear friend from Japan wrote to me,
    “We will recover and I know we will more quickly because of our devotion.”
    It is soothing to have friends who are completely human. They can sooth another when they, themselves, need so very much and calmness, for them, is still so very far away.
    Thank you for this article, Dr. Glass…every reassurance that people can be so caring and good in the face of cruelty and lack of empathy for others is welcome always.


  6. Dr. Glass, I admire your work, and this post has me baffled. Why are you analyzing 50 cents tweets as if they were anything to be taken seriously?


    1. The problem I think, is that you are able to see that he is not to be taken seriously…many people are not as intelligent (or older and wiser) than you are…and they DO take him seriously. Having no instructions from wiser people, these others see this as how they should think and feel and act towards other people. Young people and dumb people imitate those who they admire…that, to me is the greatest problem here.


    2. You might be shocked to realize that many people are just sheeple and follow their “heros” blindly.

      Perhaps Dr. Glass thought it worthy enough to bring attention to this jerks’ comments? It got the Aflac voice comic fired (as it should have).


  7. Hello Dr. Glass, thanks for your blog post and I want to say that 50 Cent is a disrespectful and insensitive man by making a mockery out of a country’s latest tragedy where nobody is finding him funny one bit at all.


  8. I wonder what 50 cent tweeted when there was a Haitian earthquake??? Hmmm………Did he made fun of the hundred of thousand black people who perished and suffered? Hmmm…..I wonder


  9. if things like this had been said about the katrina victims.. they would have been ran out of the country… i think people like 50 cent/ gilbert godfrey show how uncaring they are for others.. sean penn to me is an actor who cares.. he actually goes in an tries to help..jmo

    the japanese people seem strong and are sticking together… so many things to admire about them.. they will come back even stronger having learned from this..

    my understanding of the nuclear reactors is they are trying not to flood them with sea water which would make them dead and cost in the billions for the japanese people plus they would have to wait a long time for electric services to be back up..


  10. Hi Lillian!

    I read your blog all the time, and while I don’t always agree with what you post, I love and respect your opinions. I just wanted to write to ask you to please, please proofread your posts before you publish them. It’ll only make your opinions stronger. Thanks!


  11. I agree with Becky – people pick the wrong heroes and follow them blindly. There’s nothing funny about 50’s tweets. Personally, I think he should make a sizeable donation to the Japanese – after all, he’s tweeted many pictures of the money, cars, and mansions he has. He can spare some change!


  12. I agree with your assessment of 50cent, Dr. Glass; however, you praise Lady Gaga for designing a bracelet to raise money by selling them to her fans. Wow, really!?? She could do a heck of a lot better than that by giving a mere 1/2 of 1% of her wealth.

    People are struggling in this economy. Many have lost their jobs, and can’t find jobs. Many people are barely making ends meet–and she is asking her fans to come up with money?

    And then there are all those “We are the World” type of songs too, which if all of the “artists” and “celebrities” who participated would have given money out of their own pocket would have raised millions for their causes.

    Sandra Bullock is a better example of a celebrity who stepped up and really “put her money where her mouth is”.


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