Charlie Sheen’s Body Language Shows He’s ” Crazy Like A Fox” Which May Be Why So Many Are Embracing Him But He May Still Be A Danger To Himself and Others

After watching Charlie Sheen  on his recent  home videos and on CNN with Pierce Morgan I am more convinced than ever that he has  “ gotten over”  on everyone. Yes, there is no doubt that he appears as though he is in some type of manic  phase with his constant movement , high level of anger and agitation,  and pressured  speech  rate.  But if you listen carefully between the lines,  Charlie knows exactly what Charlie is doing, And  no doubt Charlie will come out ahead of this as far as making money goes and being even more popular than ever before.

Having said that, if he is in his manic phase and if he is drinking  and drugging along with it, there is a super high risk he may get even more angry and violent and either do himself in or do physical harm to others.


‘In my latest book Toxic Men, I write about Charlie Sheen being one of the most Toxic Men based on his alleged history of violence towards women. He was accused of beating a woman up back in the 90’s. He shot Kelly Preston- John Travolta’s wife in the arm once when they were dating. He threatened and abused  ex wife Denise Richards. His Christmas fiasco with holding a knife to Brook Mueller’s throat also shows his extreme violent tendencies .

So based on this,  there is a high probability that Charlie may physically harm or even kill someone out of  his  uncontrolled anger and rage . Another possibility is that  he may accidentally kill himself by ingesting either too much of something or a combination of something.


The reason I say” accidentally”   is that there is no question that Charlie appears to have narcissistic tendencies.  While delusions of grandeur  often accompany a manic phase,  what is really confusing is that Charlie’s delusions of grandeur are a reality.

He thinks he can get millions of followers to rally behind him and guess what?  He can!

 He thinks he can make million and millions from representing product and guess what? He can!  

 He thinks he will be a huge film star. And guess what ?  He will be!  People will flock to see his movie just to see how he turned out.

Can he get insured? Absolutely! He is so cleaver that before any physicals or  drug tests  are conducted he will make sure he is clean just like he did when he took the test in front of   cameras.

The fact that he is in such great shape  complete with ripped abs,  at his age and with all the partying he has done is also impressive to many fans and non fans alike.  


CBS absolutely  knew who they hired  when they hired  Charlie. They knew he could do the role but what he didn’t know was that he could do it so well and make the show such a hit and a cash cow for them.

That is why they let him get away with so much for so many years and turned a blind eye.They felt that his personal life was his personal life and as long as he showed up on the set and did what he was supposed to do- no problem!

In fact they were of that mindset when Charlie had his latest binge in the hotel  in NYC and caused a lot of public embarrassment. While most companies would  fire an employee immediately after that fiasco or after the  fiasco in Aspen at Christmas  when Charlie put a  knife to his wife’s throat, CBS turned a blind eye.

In show business bad press may be good press. It keeps you name out there.  His bad boy behavior certainly didn’t hurt his image or CBS ‘s ratings. So they kept him on.  A long as he made money  for them, they did not  care what he did in his off camera life.

Charlie knew that  and he kner he was safe with his 2 million dollar income an episode . So he had no worries.

During this last binge, the only reason he was given a break in production is that CBS knew Charlie was their cash cow and wanted him to take care of whatever ailed him.

They were willing to wait until he sorted himself out. They were willing to give him 30 days or longer to dry out in a rehab facility and put the show on hiatus until he returned. Charlie  WAS the show so they were willing to wait for him.

But Charlie didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want to be in rehab.  He didn’t think he needed to have anything rehabbed.  

He loved his life. 

 he loved that he could get away with anything.

He loved that he could have any woman or as many women as he wanted.

He loved the hookers and prostitutes and having two women at once .

He loved the fights and high drama inside and outside of his life.

He loved his his kids.

He loved the drugs and drink.

He loved getting whatever he wanted at the snap of a finger.

And  most of all He loved Charlie as we have all seen on his many interviwes. The common theme is  Charlie loves Chrlie and Charlie thinks he is omnipotent.



CBS knew he was getting out of control and believing his own press as being the greatest and even God-like as we have all seen in his on camera musings.

When Charlie wanted to get back to work a day or so later instead of taking off the  30 days or whatever it took to get “well” CBS for the first time in Charlies life said NO! They really wanted him to sort himself out and at the same time wanted to show they were the one who were  in control and had the power- not Charlie.

So Charli , like any spoiled child who doesn’t get his way went on a tirade and threw a tantrum. He took his tantrum to the airwaves tell everyone how bad and awful  the producer Chuck Lorre was to him.

This no douBt  freaked out  my dear friend, PR maven  Stand Rosenfeld,  who no dount  said NO WAY! You can’t do that! This is career suicide to trash your producer in public! I am having nothing to do with this! I am out of here!

This didn’t phase Charlie in the least as he certainly  didn’t need a PR person to get  press . Everyone  in the media clamored to get some airtime or press time with him. In a few day period he generated major league press  all by himself  by appearing on every major morning and entertainment show including CNN Pierce Morgan.

While he was an angry mess on every morning show and shocked viewers with his rhetoric and outrageous sayings,   the ratings went through the roof. People never saw this Charlie Sheen before. They always  saw a clean and funny watered down version of him on Two and a Half Men.  Now they saw him raw and angry!

  I even commented about him on  CBS’s the Insider saying how angry  and hostile he looked body language wise.

When Charlie arrived at the CNN Studios to do Pierce Morgan’s show, there was tension in the air.  I was even at the CNN  studio shooting the Nancy Grace Show  and everything there seemed to be on lockdown.

There was a heaviness and nervousness  in the air and people were walking on eggshells.  You couldn’t roam around freely as usual and there were  only certain rooms you could be in.  Secuity was everywhere and in full force. It was becuase  Charlie was on the loose and no one kne what would happen. Would he fly off the handle?  Would he harm someone? So as a precaution,  they wanted to keep everyone away from him and out of his path.


When I walked out of the  CNN studio to get into my limo, a throng of paparazzi  three feet deep were waiting outside for Charlie to take his photo as soon  he emerged from doing  Pierce Morgan’s show.  Because they were so anxious and camera trigger happy they immediately  began flashing away at me when someone yelled out That’s Dr.  Glass

 Then the  multitude of questions and cameras  came at me as I was asked  what I thought about Charlie Sheen on CNN as I was getting into my limo.  Since I dint see the show at the time because I was busy filming Nancy Grace I hadnothing to say except that I didn’t get to see it .  


I did manage to see the show  while I was in an airport in Salt Lake City that Sunday .Charlie was not as angry on the show In fact he was hilarious at times!  He was bright and sharp and clearly knew what he was doing and saying. He did not seem  crazy at all. In fact Peirce  also remarked that he didn’t think Cahrlie  was crazy and actually thought Charlie was great AND CHARMING.

But those who did not find Charlies interview charming was CBS! Charlie committed the Cardinal sin in Hollywood- Biting the hand that feeds you!  He was discussing money and whether or not he would come back and the negotiation process . This is a HUGE NO NO!  That is why there are agents and lawyers . You cannot discuss this on the air. It made CBS look bad as well as all producers.

Because of Charlies popularity, he used his forum to in essence badmouth his employers and put them in a bad light. They could have none of that and rightfully so.  So they fired him on  Monday.  They clearly had enough of him making them look like the bad guy when all they did  was try to give him a chance to sort himself out.




Charlie was shocked and no doubt went on a binger as he ranted and raved and looked even mor out of control and manic than ever on his  home made reality show.  He looked awful as there was no makeup and hair stylist to make him look good. It was just raw real Charlie.

When his kids were taken away it was sad and horrible.  Nut the right thing to do as kids cannot be anywhere near this man now. He seemed to take it in stride but when the reality sets in, that  he will not be seeing his kids when he wants to it will no doubt have a huge emotional impact on him.’

Maybe that will be the catalyst for him to sort himself out.  One thing is for certain he truly loves those kids and that was evident on the video.


Charlie;s legal battle with CB S is far from over and no dount a settlement will take place. Noone wants a drawn out trial which would kee this ugly situation alive. It won;t look good for CBS as Charlie;s growing populaity would make them look like the big bad wolf even though they were not.

Marty Singer, a great contracts attorney who also specializes in defamation against clebritiers  will make sure Charlie comes out ahead and no doubt he will from sa financial point of view.

I think CBS would rather settle than see the likes of Charlie on the set of Two and a Half Men. I am sure that producers would rather stick hot coals in their eyes than see Charlie show up on the set again. No dount they will replace him. There is talk of replacing him with Rob Lowe, whoim I have known for years. That would be a grat move in my view. Besides being funny, he is defianately  easy onthe eyes and would attarct a lot of female viewers.


On his latest home reality show he was funny. I even laughed out loud.  He gets under the table and takes a swig of something and says he isn’t going to tell us what it is because he hasn’t goTten paid for it.

 So now it is all about money as we hear how he is getting this offer and that offer. Charlie will no doubt make more money than ever and make more of a name and a brand for himself than ever before.

He will probably make so much that he may end up producing his own movies and end up one of the biggest moguls and powerhouses in Hollywood. Since he is such a porn star afficionado, perhaps he may even produce some porn as well.

The money machine has started the sound of ka-ching   already, There is a  WINNING Tee shirt line and a Tiger’s Blood drink and I’M ON A DRUG CALLED CHARLIE SHEEN  tee shirts . “Pulling a Charlie Sheen” will no dount become part of our vernacular.

I am sure that TROLL tee shirts will be on the way. Maybe there will even be a cartoOn series and a reality show or even a  film called “Charlies Trolls. The point is that Charlie has reached the tipping point in a good way and his money making machine has become viral with his Charlieisms.

With social media and good old marketing Charlie doesn’t need CBS . If he doesn’t kill himself with drugs or end up in prison for  hurting or killing someone,  Charlie has a very lucrative future ahead of him.

 Even though CBS gave him the boot, Hollywood being what it  is and seeing how much he can make will give him yet  another chance for sure. Someone else will offer him a show-either cable or  NBC or ABC.  No dount it will be  a hit. Film offers will come in and people will flock to see train wreck crazy Charlie.

But as I said Charlie is not crazy, He may  be  manic and angry and hostile. But Charlie is still  funny,talented, the consummate actor as we have even seen in his over the top ratings on his own reality show.  Charlie clearly  knows what he is doing. Charlie is bigger than ever and is here to stay… unless he does himself or someone else in.


3 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen’s Body Language Shows He’s ” Crazy Like A Fox” Which May Be Why So Many Are Embracing Him But He May Still Be A Danger To Himself and Others

  1. You are proffering that Sheen is a genius who can go even further than he has (fame-wise and monetarily), but wait…on the other hand, you indicate that he may “lose it” and kill someone and/or himself. Well…uh yeah! There is a 50-50 chance of either one and it doesn’t take any expert to be able to clearly see that. Inasmuchas Sheen is a stark raving lunatic who does not seem to eat food or sleep anymore, I will take the firm position that he can not recover from this (ala Mel Gibson) and that the public is now adamantly turning away from him. Sheen would have to go away, gain his 45 pounds back and become sane again in order to regain the public’s admiration. I don’t see it happening. He’s a dead man unless someone can hijack him for intensive treatment very soon.


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