Casey Anthony’s “Sweater Girl” Look Won’t Cut It In the Courtroom as She Continues to Groom and Flirt

Casey Anthony wore yet  another  tight-fitting  pullover sweater with sleeves that were way too long for her on Day 4 of the court proceedings.

Just as her red  V necked pullover was inappropriate courtroom attire  last week, the same is true for  for this week as she wore a  light purple turtle neck pullover was equally inappropriate. Since  Cindy is no clotheshorse as we have seen throughout these past two and a half years, I would not be surprised if it is she  who is bringing these  sweaters and blouses and jackets to court in the mornings so that Casey does not have to show up in her jail outfit.  The bottom line is that these sweaters are unacceptable.

The sweater deal  didn’t work for the Menendzez brothers who were convicted of killing their parents. The brothers  were  usually seen at trial dressed in baby blue cashmere sweaters. It didn’t work for themn  and it wont work for Casey either.


By now Casey is so  used to her  jail house attire that  she acts like a fish out of water in her new sweaters. She continues to pull and tug at them as she grooms  herself in her ritualistic manner. What is really poignant about this picture is her grooming at the neck are and pulling on her collar .


We especially  have seen her do this  this neck grooming  behavior during these recent courtroom proceedings. While sociopaths can’t seem to show genuine emotion on their faces, it often leaks out in their body language. Did you ever hear the expression “getting hot under the collar?”

Well, here is an example of it and case in point, Physiologically when people feel uncomfortable – nervous, agitates or even angry their blood pressure rises as does their temperature and they literally feel “hotter” as their autonomic nervous system takes over.  This is a huge tell in body language speak as to what is really going on with a person;s emotions. Even of they are not showing it on their face, they involuntarily show in on their neck.

Just as people can feel hot under the collar, they can also suddenly feel cold as the autonomic nervous systems reacts in a  roller coaster type of way as they body may go to both extremes before it regulates itself. So when we often  see people getting a sudden chill in the courtroom,  it often correlates to some emotional reaction to what has occurred when hearing someone’s testimony.

As you can see in the photo above, Casey is trying to cover her hands with her way too long sweater sleeves  in order to get  some warmth.  She has the option of rolling up the sleeves, but she doesn’t, Instead she covers herself. This may also be a form of self comforting and literally hiding her hands she most likely used perhaps killing Caylee in my view.


Having  heard her mother’s testimony has only validated how Casey feels about Cindy. She can’t stand her. The same is true for her father and her brother Lee. Now that she heard that her beloved Lee  betrayed her by lying to her in making her think he was on her team when in fact he was trying to get information for law enforcement because he was on his own team- the team of getting a PI job, Casey can never smile at her family again. She has in essence cut them off completely as far any  reaction to them. Any future tears or semblance of emotion will be contrived as she has none towards any on them.

  They are dead to her. As a result it will not be unusual to see this above dead eyed creepy  cold stare whenever they appear. Lately, this dead eyed cold stare with most everyone who has testified  seems to be prevalent as far as her facial language is concerned.

The only change in Casey’s demeanor when the dead eyed cold stare is not prevalent is when she is in flirting mode. Apparently as we have seen Casey can;t seem to relate to anyone unless she is flirting with them or being coquettish.

Her grabbing Jose Baez led under the table when she heard testimony that he wasn’t liked,  was in my view a  sexual flirtation  in nature. Who in the word touches any person’s thigh or  knee or leg or anything below the belt unless the communication is of an intimate nature. It was Casey’s sexually tinged way of comforting Baez when he heard the unflattering remark made about him.

It is reminiscent of what Cindy did when She and George and Lee were on one of the morning shows Cindy had her hand on Lee’s lap during the interview which raised a lot of eyebrows as it was  highly inappropriate in my view. So was Cindy’s constant rubbing of Lee’s back at the Caylee memorial ceremony.

As I have said repeatedly” The apple does not fall far from the tree” when it comes to Cindy and Casey’s exhibiting similar behaviors.  

We saw it  in the courtroom when Casey surprising  grabbed Cheney Mason’s shoulder.  It appears that the only way she can relate to a man is physically.  And what in the world  is she doing by   reaching out and touching  her lawyers?

 They can certainly  touch her  as a gesture of comfort or reassurance. In fact a jury would relate to that and may even find it a gesture of compassion.  But when she touches them to me it is a gesture of power and control in an attempt to seduce. To a jury it will be perceived as   flirtatious and provocative.


23 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s “Sweater Girl” Look Won’t Cut It In the Courtroom as She Continues to Groom and Flirt

  1. As a casual observer, Casey appears to me, to be playing the part of being on the job as a secretary or attorney instead of as the defendant. She has no worries and is just doing her job. That is why she thinks she can be so chummy and thouchy feely with the others. She’s just one of the gang.


  2. Lillian, it’s absurd to see her touching her “men” gag, lawyers in the courtroom, or at all for that matter. makes ones suspicion of sexual misconduct in bozo’s office for six hours a day more probable.

    What do you make of caseys seemingly painful reaction to seeing cindy take the stand for the first time, and then nothing the second time she sees her mother take the stand?


  3. As a casual observer, Casey appears to me, to be playing the part of being on the job as a secretary or attorney instead of as the defendant. She has no worries and is just doing her job. That is why she thinks she can be so chummy and touchy feely with the others. She’s just one of the gang.


  4. you said it all and thank you,Dr. Glass!! the touching on the leg, actually touching her lawyer especially, told me it was more than jsut a client atorney relationship… i wrote about this on your site… questions and remarks… thanks for sharing.. some others i mentioned to about touching, never saw it and some couldnt believe it.. as far as cheney putting his hand on caseys shoulder, i still say it was to calm her down so her looks didnt tell she was very angry….i saw nothing wrong with this. casey touching her lawyers, i dont care for what reason, IS TABOO, and that is with ANY inmate touching people in the Law field especially lawyers


  5. I have been looking at Casey clothes the last couple of days in court and agree that she needs better fitting clothes and age appropriate as well as age to get the best overall appearance for her. I do believe that Casey is wearing some of Cindy’s sweaters that she has worn over the last couple of years that now don’t fit.
    I feel no matter what she wears its not going to help much because her guilt is clear and as Dr. Glass has pointed out many times her charter creeps out in the way she acts and stares with her blank emotionless expressions.
    And I strongly believe that God has a hand in on making sure that she is brought to Justice.


  6. I CAN NOT BELIEVE JUDGE PERRY HAS NOT CALLED GEORGE AND CINDY ON THE GUM CHEWING, WATER DRINKING AND FACIAL GESTURES…however, when Cindy did testify she did bring her water bottle to the stand all COVERED UP in some sort of thermal who knows what the heck she is drinking .. water or vodka….i say no drinking..the court will provide you will a cup of water if you need it..i have never seen such unprofessional behavior in a courtroom before, especially televised trial and pre-trial hearing…..did anyone see Cindy look into the camera on Mon. and just glare into it…she is mad as He$$, her hysteria and lies got her daughter caught (thankfully) and now natually she wants to backtrack… can we contact Judge Perry to ask that he remind the knuckleheads in the courtroom chewing gum and drinking water (or something else) leave that OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM…this is not a movie…it is about the murder of a small child your granddaughter Mr.&Mrs. Anthony. jmc


    1. You know, you make a great point. Look at Cindy having to push the envelope for control by asking if he could have her own water by her side. If you need a drink of water and you are on the stand, the bailiff or the Marshalls can ususally get it for you if you need it. Baez could have even provided her with some water. The gum chewing in a courtroom is dispicable. You are right- it is NOT a movie! It is a horror show in terms of the way the Anthony family has conducted themselves.


  7. Dr. Glass, was in the courtroom, I believe in Jan 2011 of Baez and Casey caught in the footage. When Casey walked into the court room, about to sit, she looked at Baez and it was heard, she said to him, ” I like your Hair” ..she said it like a gushy school girl.
    On the footage caught on camera, her in the lavender sweater, she sits and Baez says something to her, she says of her self ” thank you” in a blush. He must have said ” You look pretty, or I like your sweater” or something.

    There clearly is sexual banter between them. The lines have crossed from professional to ” personal”. They I believe are so ” in” with each other, they do not see this as wrong. They do not find it wrong, because this is how they have ” always” been to each other. He is her Romeo, first, then he is her legal aid.

    When she had Andrea Lyons on chair, Casey was extremely overweight for her nature, and she gravitated to Lyons, instead of Baez. She did not ” flirt” with Baez. Now that she is gone/Lyons .. Casey has her Game Back. She is with her BOYS.

    The constant writing, while her Mother was on the stand, I found interesting. I think that Casey felt if she acted out ” as if she was a secretary on the defense team” taking notes and writing her discrepancies of Cindy’s testimony.. it would bewilder Cindy. And It did to a certain extent. The constant writing though, kept ” Casey” away of the facial expressions of her Mother. She was engaged with the writing not having to look at her Mother’s face, or pay attention to Cindy’s body language.
    March 2011
    I find it interesting too, that when Cindy felt uncomfortable, she would sway in her chair, like a disgruntled child. When Cindy does not get her way. Her voice changes when she is surrounded by ” Authority”. I call it Cindy doing her best impression of Edith Ann. Lily Tomlin was famous for creating the character.
    Dr. Glass look up Edith Ann, Lily Tomlin on Youtube. It is Cindy, I swear. The video I am referring to is Sesame Street, Edith Ann makes a Sandwich.
    Thank you Dr. Glass for following the Case.

    Justice for Caylee


  8. Frankly, I think Casey chose to stick with Baez ONLY because she knew her family were unhappy with her choice of defense counsel. And maybe in her twisted mind, she gets satisfaction knowing that she can stick that knife just a little bit further every time she shows how close she is to him.

    A woman who would sacrifice her own baby in order to punish her mother, would of course enjoy knowing she can still push their buttons in front of the whole world.


  9. Greetings Dr. Glass….I thoroughly enjoy Your postings and the education of communication through the body….I bet it just kills Casey that she can no longer sport her teenie weenie “I’m hot” outfits…although she does try with the blouses and now the sweaters… it has been cool here in Florida but not sweater weather….I swear I was waiting for Casey to pull the turtleneck collar over her head, while Linda Drane-Burdick was presenting the State’s argument…Casey just can’t handle hearing the truth from anyone…As far as Casey being touchy touchy with her Counsels….I’m sure Judge Perry will discretely advise them on Courtroom demeanor ..again. All I can say for Cindy & George Anthony is….You brought all of this on yourselves…


  10. i agree.ibelieve casey is a sociopath and her family are too.they all believe the rules dont apply to them.the judge needs to crack down on the cud chewing,facial gymnastics etc. the only way casey knows to comminicate is sexually.personally i think she is very unattractive,big ears,sagging brests,bad skin etc. the anthonys sold their grandaughter for money.that is their god.they are making fools of florida residents.would love to be on that jury and no bozo i dont live in orlando


  11. “Apparently as we have seen Casey can’t seem to relate to anyone unless she is flirting with them or being coquettish”.
    So true, Dr. Glass.
    What is very important is how willing Casey is to smile and be “warm” to her Attorneys (and assistants)…while she absolutely refuses to acknowledge her own family.

    The other day in court Casey was very attentive during Cheney Mason’s “advocacy”–but when Linda Drane Burdick spoke, Casey was all over the note-taking (and not looking up). I am so glad to see that she does that (and is so obvious about who she’ll “listen to”). This won’t be missed by anyone watching. She’s toast.


  12. Dr.Glass Spot on as usual can someone buy her petite jacket-the incessant sleeve tugging has replaced the hair grooming-only does she feel comfortable with sleeves to her nuckles-p.s. the v in the sweater pointing downward from the waist Peter Pan no -suggestive -yes


  13. Dr. Glass your an educated professionel your blog is full of spelling errors. It is so annoying dont you care
    it makes people annoyed do you ecen care how sloppy careless this is??


  14. This past Christmas, I finally understood the magnitude of our Lord’s sacrifice.
    “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).
    Just as Christ was crucified for his Virtue, the State is condemning Casey to her death.
    And what evidence was brought forward to Pilate?
    No Witnesses
    No Video Tape
    No Confession
    No Motive
    No Weapon
    No Fingerprints
    No DNA
    No Soil match
    No Drug evidence
    No Prior Criminal Record (was clean as a whistle)
    No history of child abuse
    An Air Test?
    An “alleged” misplaced heart-shaped sticker?
    A phantom diary entry written two years before the child was even born?
    The testimony of two “alleged” Police dogs?
    A dead snake?
    Irrelevant photos taken BEFORE Caylee went missing?
    A body mysteriously found by an “ALLEGED” violent pedophile in an area that had already been thoroughly searched?
    An unaccounted for Father?
    An insanely jealous ex-boyfriend?
    Rumors of mysterious and demonizing duct tape?
    Judgments of a frightened and traumatized young mother’s actions?
    The ignored testimony of a witness implicating someone other than Casey (Ms. Wray, Ms. Buchanan).
    The opinions of a media-crazed, redneck bounty hunter?
    Untrained, jealous, women galloping through the woods trampling on evidence?
    No evidence that a murder even took place, let alone connecting any crime to Casey.
    Reams of Junk Science & false speculation (i.e. air test, coffin flies)
    An endless supply of baseless theories and accusations from jealous, no-life bloggers.
    Reasonable doubt?
    The Death Penalty? Are you serious?
    Why is this miscarriage of justice happening?
    Gifted with unimaginable beauty, she received the attention of every man and the jealousy of all women.
    A voracious reader with superior intellect, she quickly bored with a mediocre public school system.
    A selfless, altruistic, loving single mother, who sacrificed all to nurture Caylee sunshine.
    Now a jealous mob who wants their pound of flesh.
    God Bless


  15. You’re right, Joe; there are so many parallels between Casey Anthony and Jesus Christ, it’s astounding!
    Maybe you can start a new church if she gets executed.


  16. Joe Schmo124… how very unoriginal of you. I remember reading that post or parts of that post a couple of years ago and I believe it was originally written by OrlandoEast, which we all know is Cindy Anthony.

    Only an Anthony would DARE compare their murdering daughter with the Saviour of the world. It is disgusting and it says way more about you than you realize!


  17. Dr Glass, I just got almost caught up on all the videos from the 3/2011 hearing. I am not as versed in all the evidence and testimony as you and most of the posters. One thing that has really stood out to me, was the line of questioning that Baez had with Dect Melich. He WILL alienate a jury BIG TIME with the marandizing issue, the ‘white lies’ that detectives do tell in an investigation and the insinuation that the detectives was “forcing” Casey to continue to commit a crime by lying, and bringing her to Universal Studios. As if the detectives were making ‘poor’ Casey sink even deeper into breaking the law. As a 30 year civilian employee of law enforcement, having been on 8 juries over the years, I will tell you for certain this WILL alienate a jury with NO question.

    As the detective said, he brought her there to Universal because he couldn’t fathom a mother of a missing child would go to all the trouble to lie while her child is missing. Which is very plausible. But Baez is twisting this to make it sound as if the big bad dectectives were just pushing this poor girl into lying more and more. This is VERY off putting to ME, and it will be to any juror on that jury. Baez clearly shows, IMO, his inexperience with this type of trial.

    George Anthony needs to really stop his childish facial expressions, head shaking etc, I agree with you there. He and Cindy have done nothing but HURT this case. Unreal that this judge is allowing this in the courtroom. He either is NOT witnessing this or is just letting it pass. It is hard to believe that any attorney the Anthony’s have has not coached them on proper courtroom behavior and dress. Chomping on that gum is terrible. The way Cindy and Lee dressed is highly inappropriate. The way George got his little zings in to the DA is appalling. “you are badgering me”. Sure he was a cop, but he surely is NOT an attorney nor a judge. And one thing he said which is NOT true, when a subject gets handcuffed, they ARE going to jail. This is not true at all in every single incident. Sometimes, a person is handcuffed to assure that the officers will be safe, while sorting out a crime scene, handcuffed to assure the individual will not run. There are several things that can be a reason for handcuffing an individual at a scene and them NOT be “officallly” arrested, nor marandized. George acted like an immature male/child on the stand and while listening to the testimony.

    Casey really does act as if she is “with” the team of lawyers. All her note taking, her facial expressions are really out there. I realize she is on trial for her life, but her cocky expressions, her writing notes to Baez, her entire demeaonor is going to alienate jurors. It certainly did that to me, just watching the videos. Once again, Dr Glass you hit it squarely on the nose. Thanks


  18. In all fairness….Casey is at the mercy of whoever brings “court clothes” for her to wear. The lavender sweater was probably selected based on color—lavender—the color the Anthony’s have designated to represent Caylee.


  19. This 3 ring circus is disgusting spectacle, particularly the charade portraying mommy dearest as a manic note taking paralegal. It would be easy to conclude the last time she scribbled so feverishly was at her last all night party, obtaining names and numbers of suitors lusting for a headcase party girl.


  20. I would like to see those whom feel she not dressing well send her what she need to wear. she is in jail, not house in a fancy holiday inn.


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