Cindy Anthony’s “Slip of the Tongue” in The Courtoom Referring Caylee As Her “Daughter” And Lee Anthony’s Attorney’s Similiar “Slip of the Tongue”


When Cindy Anthony  took the stand wearing  her white sweater and beach sandals, she appeared  nervous as evidenced by the  twiddling of her thumbs over one another and her periodic cracking vocal tones.

Body language wise her thumb twiddling was  a form of self soothing behavior as she tried to calm herself down.

Then the Cindy which we have all come to know over these past 2 and ½ years  shortly emerged. We saw a controlling and oftentimes belligerent and whiney Cindy who remarked in a hostile tone I’m trying to answer the question!” as she looked in the direction of Judge Perry.

 Oftentimes we  observed where Cindy tried to take charge of the proceedings while giving her answers to both the defense and the prosecution. She quickly realized that it was the court and the court officers who were in charge- not her.

But the most poignant discovery of watching Cindy’s testimony was her  “Freudian slip” or slip of the tongue.”  Even though it may seem like an innocent mistake , calling one’s granddaughter their daughter, it is not a mistake  at all. It speaks volumes as to what is really going on in a person’s psyche.

On the stand, Cindy spoke the following words:

My husband and I were cooperating with the police department to find our DAUGHTER  Granddaugher  Caylee.”

As you can see Cindy immediately corrected herself by saying  granddaughter, but no doubt she has fancied herself as Caylee’s mother, ever  since Caylee came out of Casey’s womb when  she was the first to hold the baby and bond with the baby.

She also made it a point to let the court know that she did not knowingly cooperate with law enforcement to help build a case against her daughter Casey.  I believe that this is true since she went out of her way to thwart all efforts by law enforcement, even though she was the one who contacted them in the first place.  Remember when Cindy gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush Casey’s instead of Caylees.’

I also believe that she made a point of saying “unknowingly” so that Casey would get the message.

 Casey did give her mother a fleeting glance as we see here as Cindy tried to have some type of communication with Casey. Cindy is hunched forward and her back is rounded. Casey;s posture is the opposite with squared shoulders. Body language wise it shows how Cindy appears to be asquiesng to Cindy and in essence begging her for her aknowledgement and pleading for her daughter’s attention. In essence her daughter has the upper hand.  


But  then Casey quickly detacheds and averted her gaze from Cindy. Casey knows he is the one ion controla nd love it. Sadisticallys he will not  give Cindy the peace of mind to lieratally make peace with her. She has dismissed Cindy as Cindy keeps looking at Casey assl the while Cindy walks out of the courtroom. Casey has the control and is loving it.

  Cindy clearly looks like a broken woman in my view. She has gained a considerable amount of weight either from possible antidepressants or other  medication, stress eating,  or both. Who can blame her after what she has been through with a lifetime of living with her sociopathic daughter that culminated in her granddaughter’s murder, which may very well have occurred  at the hands of her daughter. 


No doubt that Cindy has gone through a lot. She had no idea that her initial  911 call to Law enforcement would essentially be the end of her life as she once knew it.  We have seen her go through  many phases during these past two and a half years. We have seen her anger, vitriol, lashing out at police and law enforcement, mean spirited,  name calling,  and ugly words as she degraded the real  Zanaida Gonzalez  by  saying that she will never be a 10, which made Zanaida cry.

We have seen Cindy’s  desperation to save Caylee by trying to throw others” under the bus” from  a fictitious Zanida Gonzalez to Casey’s ex friend,  Amy Huizinga  to  ex boyfriend , Jesse Grund. 

We have seen  delusional pleas where she repeatedly stated in the media that she believed Caylee was still alive even after Caylee’s little bones and skull were discovered and they were determined to be  Caylee’s remains.

 We have seen her inappropriate outbursts and witnessed  even more inappropriate behaviors,  where she rubbed her son Lees thigh during an initial interview one  of the morning shows. We also witnessed her  non- stop rubbing of  Lee’s back during Caylee’s memorial service.

We have heard her defensive tones and hostile words as she blamed and lashed out at everyone from detectives to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to members of the media, even referring to Orlando 9  reporter Kathy Bellich as “witchy poo” in one of her jailhouse letters to Casey.  But Cindy always failed to lash out at the one she  most likely knows in her heart killed Caylee -her own flesh and blood  daughter Casey.

She did lash out  at Casey initially  by stating that the car smells like a dead body  was in it which is perhaps the most honest thing that has come out of her mouth to day. 

But then  Cindy did everything in her power to backtrack and distance herself from what she  knows really happened to Caylee.




In my view Cindy’s aberrant behavior has  a lot to do with her guilt over her relationship with Casey and with what happened to cause Casey to leave the home with Caylee in tow, only to be heard from 31 days later.

My take on the situation was that she and Casey had a miserable relationship from early on. Casey learned to lie and manipulate her mother as  Cindy thought she had Casey under control.

When Casey was pregnant,  Cindy was in complete denial and told her own brother that Casey was not pregnant since she was a virgin. Casey could not even feel comfortable confiding in her own mother that she was having a baby . She had to hide her pregnancy until she could hide it no longer.

As soon as Caylee was born Cindy grabbed the baby and was the first to hold her and bond with her. Cindy  became Caylee’s mother, for all intensive purposes.  which rendered Casey  the jealous sibling.

We hear that jealousy in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy spoke of what Caylee like to eat- bagels . Casey blurts out What about me? I like bagels too.”  That statement speaks volumes as does the one where Caylee said in her jailhouse tapes Caylee is me.

Cindy apparently displaced her out of control daughter Cayey with a brand new “daughter”  she could easily control- an innocent baby version of her  daughter  Casey but in a new and improved form – little Caylee. That is why her slip of the tongue in calling Caylee  her daughter instead of Casey happens to often. So does the confusion of their names.

Apparently Cindy may have had a role in naming Caylee. It appears to be a combination of the names of her two children , Lee and Casey. Hence, Caylee.

For all intensive purposes Cindy was the mother of Caylee  in comparison to Caylee’s irresponsible biological mother Casey,  who most likely  wanted nothing to do with  of the baby.  In fact she may have   resented the baby. Cindy paid for the baby’s expenses, insurance, medical bills, clothing and food. She even gave the baby her own room. She was rarely away from her new “daughter” Caylee.

In the analysis I did  several months back when Casey was filming Caylee without speaking to the child and ignoring her need for interaction

 and even  filming Caylee’s  crotch,  we see a sadistic Casey who clearly was anything but a nurturing loving mother, 



So when there was no  contact with Cindy’s  “daughter” Caylee for  4 weeks the  number one question is WHY? Why did Cindy not try and find Caylee,  whom she had never been apart from for more than a few days? Why did she not try to locate   Casey  and  get Caylee and take her home to sleep in her own little bed?

Why did she wait that long? Why didn’t she call all of Casey’s friends or hire a PI  Dominic Casey after a week of her “daughter”  Caylee being  gone? 

The reasons are  simple to me. They  are because of  Cindy’s  “ I’ll show Casey” attitude and her  self pride, her  anger at Casey, and finally, Cindy’s   downright stubbornness. If she would have taken action when Caylee was away from her for a week, perhaps Caylee would have been alive today.


While Casey and Cindy  always went  head to head according to brother Lee, Cindy allegedly had a huge fight with Casey the day she left with Caylee.  Cindy said to Caylee ” I AM THROWING YOU OUT AND KEEPING CAYLEE Apparently she said this to Casey after she learned that Casey took  money from Cindy’s mother Shirley Plesea.

But this was not the thing to say to her disturbed  daughter. These words Cindy allegedly spoke   are what I believe pushed Casey over the edge.

While Casey was a low grade sociopath with lying and stealing in a cat and mouse game to evade and to “  get over” on her mother,   I don’t believe she was ready to murder anyone until Cindy pushed her fatal button.

In fact there are reports from Casey’s  friends that Casey was a “sweet girl”and a” nice girl” even though she was reported to have issues with the truth and lied constantly.

 In fact I spoke to Casey’s ex boyfriend  Jesse Grund’s minister  father who reached out to me. I asked him what Casey was like. He said  to me that Casey came from a  troubled family,  but that she adapted quite well into his family – the Grund family  as everyone loved and accepted her.

After hearing that from Mr. Grund  as well as the accounts of her friends, of which she had many, it confirms my thoughts that Cindy’s words and actions are what must have  pushed Casey over the edge.  



In my view, Casey took Caylee and most likely put tape over Caylee’s mouth and chloroformed her so she would sleep and not make any noise in case she woke up after  Casey stuffed her in the trunk  while Casey  went out partying.  When Casey opened the trunk  the following morning,  Casey found that Caylee was dead. Instead of telling someone , Casey  kept it to herself and concocted the Zanny story. This is my view.

Casey had absolutely  no feelings for Caylee because she never bonded with the child. To Casey,  Caylee was a” troublesome sibling”  who got in her way of partying and her love life. When her latest boyfriend let Casey  know that he didn’t want kids, Casey may have felt justified in her actions with Caylee,  in order to keep her man. 

Casey was desperate. She felt she needed her new man because after all he gave her a roof over her head now that Cindy finally kicked her out of the house for good.

Casey was no doubt feeling great  that  she had a man, a place to live,  freedom to come and go without Cindy’s watchful critical eye, and best of all- no and burdensome Caylee to hold her back. Now  she could have a Bella Vida– a beautiful free life.

Even better was that she knew her mother Cindy would be pissed when she discovered there would be no more Caylee . Sadistically it is my belief that Casey  was thrilled about the pain and anguish she knew would lie ahead for Cindy when Cindy  discovered that ” a nanny stole Caylee”.

There is no doubt that Casey thought she could get away with her concocted story. Why shouldn’t she? After all she got away with telling her mother so many concocted stories like she had a job  and  a babysitter for Cayleee  when she had neither.

 I believe there was no doubt in Casey’s mind that she could have her cake and eat it too. She felt she  could have a new life with her boyfriend and that everyone would believe her fake  story about what happened to Caylee.

Casey was so arrogant,  entitled,  and manipulative that she thought she could “get over” on law enforcement, just  as she “got over” on her mother all these years. That is why she sent them on a wild goose chase and had no remorse  whatsoever in doing that.

She stuck by her Zanny story and never wavered.  Why shouldn’t she? She always got away with lies in the past,  so why wouldn’t Casey  think she could get away with this one?

But now she is beginning to see the walls begin to close in on her. The shock of her life was discovering during her brother Lee’s testimony that he  was not the loyal brother she once  thought. The person she never thought would betray her was apparently the first one in line to do his sister in. He played both sides of the fence trying to get  information for law enforcement,  while making his sister think that he was one hundred percent loyal to her.



Lee’s attorney also  once  publicly made a “slip of the tongue”  as well when he referred to  Caylee as  Lee’s “ daughter” not his “niece.” Casey also made  numerous  accusations  that Lee sexually  molested her. Whether it is true or not we do not  really know at this point .

Apparently  it may have been revealed to the public  that George and Lee are not the father of Caylee.  But the question remains as to what type of testing was done to prove that point.

After  tests were done to determine George and Lee’s paternity,  only  recently, according to a recent article in USA Today, discuss the reach that came out of Baylor College of Medicine regarding  new and improved gene tests that  can now reveal children born of incest without the need to test for either parent’s DNA, doctors have recently  reported. Here is a link to the article in  USA Today

Having read this , it may very well be possible that the tests done on George and Lee may not have been as up to date  or as sophisticated  or accurate as this recent test which is now available.

I am NOT saying that George or Lee are the biological  father of Caylee. I AM saying that there are now  more sophisticated tests available to determine whether a child  was born of an incestuous union than there were when George and Lee were tested a few years ago.

 Since it has been recently discovered that one does not need the DNA from either parent any longer to determine if a child was produced by incest,  I am simply  asking if   these new tests were conducted on George and Lee? 

Was the child’s remains investigated with these new and improved genetic testing techniques?  If not, perhaps it might be interesting to conduct such testing.   

No matter what the result,  suffice it to say that  in my view, we are clealry seeing that  the Anthony family members are extremely TOXIC.    


84 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony’s “Slip of the Tongue” in The Courtoom Referring Caylee As Her “Daughter” And Lee Anthony’s Attorney’s Similiar “Slip of the Tongue”

  1. Dr Glass-Lots of meaty things to comment on.

    For 31 days Casey was only 20 minutes away (9.5 miles) from Cindy. She knew Casey had no money and no way to feed Caylee. Why didn’t she call police and tell them that her granddaughter was taken and that she feared she was in harms way. They could have put out an Amber Alert at that time. Had the Amber Alert gone out June 17, 18, 19, or 20th they would have found Casey Anthony without Caylee.

    During the trial both Cindy and George will come to learn that Casey premeditated the murder. As sad as this is, I think it will be the turning point for them both. Will it ever erase the guilt and remorse? Probably not but it will help them to move on beyond regret and denial.


    1. Why would the police have issued an Amber Alert for a child that was with it’s legal mother? Amber Alerts are not issued because a mother wants to know what her daughter is doing with her granddaughter.

      George and Cindy are barking up the wrong tree with that arguement. Amber Alerts are issued when it’s clear the custodial parent is about ready to do harm (has issued death or suicidal threats), not because a parent had a fight with her daughter.

      If Cindy wanted to avoid this outcome she should have gone after LEGAL custody of Caylee LONG ago… she did not. That is a choice she will have to live with for a long time.


      1. Mr and Mrs Anthony were legally and morally mandated as first responders to see to it that Caylee was safe. They didn’t need to say anything more to police than, “My daughter has left with our granddaughter and we are worried for our granddaughter’s safety. She has no money to buy her food and to the best of our knowledge nowhere to take this child. She left in her car and we do not want to hear that our granddaughter is sleeping there!

        We have tried to contact her and she is telling us about car accidents, visiting Tampa General and staying over night in the hospital with a woman named Zanny. We have just learned that our granddaughter is being cared for in a hotel room by a young woman named Juliette who is also traveling with her daughter.

        Our daughter Casey says she is working but we know she hasn’t worked since our granddaughter was born almost three years ago. It all sounds so crazy. She told me she is heading back to Jacksonwille in a few hours. Can someone help us locate our granddaughter?


      2. Why would the police issue an Amber Alert 31 days after the child has been missing? I was under the impression that they were issued immediately following an abduction. A 31 day head start is hard to overcome. AS for George, he would better have served Caylee by demanding Casey do something about telling the truth. This is a pure evil family.


    2. Amber Alerts have to meet certain requirements. At the point with the information that Cindy gave police, it did NOT meet requirements.

      Custodial parent supposedly had Caylee
      Cindy and George did not provide any information to police implying they thought Casey would harm Caylee – just that Casey was preventing them from seeing their granddaughter.

      Educate yourself


      1. Becky-Please read the FDLE criteria on issuing the Amber Alert. It would have been up to LE to conclude that Caylee’s life was in danger. They would have used all the information that Mr and Mrs Anthony gave them to make this determination. Had LE decided that they could not determine whether or not the child was abducted than they could have attempted to find out where Ms Anthony’s vehicle was and notify her and attempt to ask her questions about the whereabouts of her daughter or to request that she call her parents and tell them that Caylee was alive and doing well.
        _After The Fact______________________
        1. We know that Caylee was never abducted but murdered prior to leaving the home on June 16, 2008.

        The only person in possession of that fact was Casey Anthony. When LE are involved and concerned about the whereabouts of any child they have to consider the criteria for the Amber Alert but that does not mean they dismiss the fact that the child is in harms way. They could have reached out to the mother.


    1. Yeah I’m tired of this Red Herring. Neither is the father of Caylee.

      IMO Caylee’s father was a one-night stand. I doubt that Casey even knows – because knowing her she would have conned money out of him.


  2. i think the whole i didn’t hold my child first so we never bonded is an excuse for adults who aren’t capable of love.. .. if that were true then people who adopt childern will never be able to love or bond with them.. or people with ill or preterm newborns.. will never bond with them… and we know thats not true.. you bond with the thought of the child you can’t wait to love… and want everyone to love and cherish that child too..

    i know alot of people won’t agree with this but i don’t think cindy was so interested in caylee so much as controlling kc… i have always wondered why cindy didn’t question tony or look thru his apartment looking for caylee.. when she picked up kc that day..

    i’m in a
    the only time i have seen cindy concerned about caylee.. is the inital 911 call.. after that its always been about kc.. jmo.. i think cindy is more concerned about appearence then about true feelings she may or may not have..

    the whole family makes me ill.. the entitlement, bullying, and blaming everyone around them.. makes sympathy not come thier way when they invoke it…(we are victims) i felt horrible for them at first as most people did but i think the public has had a belly full of them..


    1. Mothers must bond with a child whther the child is a natural birth child or an adoptee. Cindy was no doubt the primary person who bonded with the child. It is doubtful to me if Caylee ever really bonded with Caylee .


  3. I also agree that that was the scenario in how it happened. An accident that “snowballed” out of control. But, if these people would have handled the situation with class and intelligence, Casey would have another chance at life. Who knows? Maybe she would have actually become a productive member of society.


  4. I do not believe there was any accident. IMO, Casey deliberately and with malice aforethought cruelly and heinously snuffed out the life of her precious little vulnerable daughter by placing duct tape over her mouth and nose, preventing her from breathing. I have never for even one second entertained the idea that Caylee’s demise was an accident. I base my opinion on Casey’s own actions after Caylee’s disappearance. If Caylee had died by accident, we would have seen some panic or emotion in Casey. We did not. She is some cold cookie!

    Cindy was concerned about Caylee’s welfare during those 31 days she was out of sight, but it is my opinion she didn’t request a welfare check from LE because she was afraid that Casey would get into some kind of trouble over it. I do believe Cindy was already in protective mode for Casey, and would never have contacted anyone in authority about Caylee’s disappearance had Casey not provided Cindy a “scapegoat” in the person of the imagi-nanny. Once Cindy had someone else to blame, she didn’t hesitate to call LE for their help. JMO and only MO.


    1. We DID see panic in Casey. That day, June 16th, KC made like 9 different calls from the A’s home phone —> Mom’s cell, moms work, dads cell, dads work, her bf house,bf’s work moms work agaon, moms cell, dads work, dads cell. All those calls were made like 1 min apart, approx 3:30pm THAT very day. That shows panic. Whether she killed Caylee bc KC snapped or it as an accident, we’ll never know bc KC will go to her grave screaming innocence bc she’s too damned stupid to tell the truth. Even if it would save her own life.


      1. Also, Psyndy told KC wasn’t a good mom. Gma told KC that she was going to take Caylee & kick KC out of the house, pay child support & possibly even b arrested. The fact that Caylee recvd ALL the love, attention, gifts, praise & Caylee calling Gma “mommy” …made KC hate Psyndy & her own child even more. I think KC chloroformed Caylee to death in a fit of rage. When she realized how far she went, she panicked & brought Caylee home. That’s when she frantically called family members, when no one answered, she put Caylee in the trunk & covered her in the W-the-Pooh blanket. KC didn’t think about decomp happening so soon. (I suppose that would’ve been do to her serious lack of common sense or education) The stain in the trunk & the remains found in 2 garbage bags & laundry bag, shows Caylee was put bags after decomp started. I think the duct tape & diaper was used for decomp fluids. KC is cold, unempathetic, manipulative & very STUPID. I’m sure KC was sad about her daughter, but as time went on, she started thinkin “Hey, it’s nice not having that brat in my life or “mom” harrassing me 24/7!” Now she could live with her bf who didn’t want kids anyway & what a perfect way to hurt Psyndy! This wasn’t a well “thought-out” job, as the rest of her life was lead. Everything KC did was/is moment by moment, w/o concern for anyone but herself. I believe bc she is so young, she will most likely get life.


  5. Whether Cindy or Casey held Caylee first would not prevent the other from bonding. I do think however, that Cindy was far more inclined to bond with Casey’s baby, Caylee. Casey seems far too self involved and I think the resentment of her baby stems from Cindy ‘insisting’ Casey have the baby.


  6. “The reasons are simple to me. They are because of Cindy’s “ I’ll show Casey” attitude and her self pride, her anger at Casey, and finally, Cindy’s downright stubbornness. If she would have taken action when Caylee was away from her for a week, perhaps Caylee would have been alive today.” Dr, Lillian Glass

    Dr. Glass, “alive today?” I must take issue with this statement. Even if Cindy had taken action the next day it would have been too late. Caylee was already dead.

    On another note, “do the research”, a child doesn’t really bond with a parent until they are 3 to 4 years old. Cindy may have wanted to take control of Caylee from the beginning and be the first to hold her but Caylee’s bonding with whoever she thought was her mother never happened in that dysfunctional family of misfits, simply because she never lived long enough; to truly bond with anyone of them.

    Frankly, in your whole post above, I don’t believe you have been at all objective. It is patently obvious that you have a great deal of animus toward Cindy, George and Lee (justifiably so) but your disdain for them has clouded your commentary and in reading the blogs, there are many who agree with me.


      1. Dr. Glass, with all due respect after reading your curriculum vitae and your bio, I don’t see one thing that validates that you know much about children nor any studies related to them. It appears that your career deals mainly with adults.

        Interestingly you picked that out of my comment instead of addressing the full context of my post.


      2. I’d like to see the source of that information as well. Even if I do see it, I would still strongly disagree with it.


      3. Yes in my 30 years as a professional, I have indeed worked with BOTH adults and children in my lifetime.; What is your point Jay. The bottom line is that Cindy was the primary caretaker of the child and Casey was not acting as a nurturing parent to the child. If Casey would have bonded witht he child she would not have acted as she did on the various videos I analyzed of the two of them together.


    1. You must not have children. Kids not bonding til 3 or 4 is an asinine theory. Any parent can attest to their babies bonding with them and even infants can show favoritism. I don’t need research to tell me that.

      I had to hold my infants constantly. They would scream when anyone else tried to hold them, even their dad. I couldn’t put them down, much less be out of their site. They were, and still are, ‘Mommy’s girls.’

      I believe bonding occurs in the womb (not in Casey’s case) starting with the comforting sound of mother’s voice. I don’t need research to tell me that.


    2. Furthermore, Dr. Glass doesn’t need to respond to your opinion about her. She does not have issues with how people perceive her. Everyone is allowed an opinion and Dr. Glass is adult enough to realize that.

      However, she (and I) is taking issue with your ridiculous statement about bonding that you claim is backed by scientific research.

      Don’t give us Dr. Glass’ wikipedia page, give us the web page and the name of the quack who came up with that ridiculous theory. If there even is one.


    3. Are you joking??? My children bonded with me in utero and out. They knew my voice the minute they were born. I, too, would like to see documentation on your assessment. (p.s. and NOT Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for reserach, and Universities ban it!!!!


  7. Cindy knows where Casey was on June 9, 2008 and she knows, probably from Caylee, what went on. Caylee was talking and Cindy was listening.If she had any doubts as to why she got made at Casey on the 15 June 2008 she knows definitively that what Caylee told her was true. All she had to do is read Ricardo M.’s deposition to know that both Casey and Caylee were in bed with Ricardo M on June 9, 2008.

    This is what I believe the argument on the 15 June 2008 was all about. Cindy finally said, “I’ve had it with your filthy degrading behavior. You are abusing Caylee. I will take care of her and you can screw every guy you meet but you won’t bring Caylee with you ever again.”

    Casey never bonded with Caylee and on June 16, 2008 she severed those “bonds”. In light of all the conflicting and contradictory statements Cindy makes she still believes that there will be one juror who will believe her. She is on trial in her own mind.

    Vic said it so beautifully, “You bond with the thought of the child you can’t wait to love.” Cindy knows first hand that Casey had absolutely no attachment to Caylee.


  8. I just turned on TruTV and it was announced that this afternoon they would be doing analysis on “Casey’s Conversation”. Does anyone know if there is a hearing scheduled for today?


  9. Plenty of discussion that putting a child in the trunk of a car in FLORIDA would have resulted in death w/n an hour or less. Casey was not in the habit of doing this to go party (as has been discussed on other websites) as it would be improbable the child would have lived after the first time.

    The computer searches done by Casey proves premeditation IMO. In the end it doesn’t matter, because in the state of Florida, this case fits the parameter of death penalty whether by accident or on purpose due to the age of the child.

    Poor wittle Casey and her lawyer boyfriend, Baez, should have coped a plea.


  10. IMO the bonding between Mother and child begins with the first movement of the baby within the womb.

    I doubt that ever happened with Casey Anthony. She never bonded with Caylee in all of Caylee’s precious little
    days on this green earth.
    However, I think that Casey thought that once she had her baby…..CASEY AND ONLY CASEY would be the center of attention…..for birthing her. But that’s where Cindy took over the reins and Casey was pushed into the background.

    Cindy’s controlling nature took OVER… the mother of Caylee, something Casey couldn’t get over and the hatred between Cindy & Casey began then.

    Prior to Caylee’s birth……Casey was # 1….getting everything she desired and now she was in the #2 spot.
    Out of the spotlight if you will.

    I also believe that Casey was incredibly spoiled as a very very young child. Casey seeing how she could manipulate her mother took hold and it was blast off time.
    Lies came easy for Casey, and mommy Cindy bought the package Casey was doling out.

    Just the fact that Cindy’s brother Rick knew what was going on regarding Casey’s pregnancy, told volumes to me.
    Cindy not believing that Casey could be pregnant (and she is a nurse too) because she was as virgin…..oh my that was laughable.

    As for George, he had no say in this dysfunctional household. Cindy controlled him too, he just occupied a space in the house……with little or no say at all.
    Why didn’t George (X-cop) investigate himself where Casey was going each and every morning when he knew she wasn’t working for 2 years?
    Where were Casey’s W-2’s when tax time rolled around?
    Did Casey tell them that she took care of her taxes herself?
    Who paid for the imaginary Nanny who was supposedly minding Caylee?
    Why didn’t Cindy have a contact number for this Nanny incase of emergency?
    Why hadn’t anyone in the family ever met this Nanny?

    Are we to believe that Cindy who is ALL CONTROLLING, didn’t care who was minding her precious Caylee on a daily basis?

    Casey now knows that Lee was lying to her… telling her he wouldn’t tell anyone what she was telling him.
    She must be seething because that was so evident while Lee was on the stand.
    She now knows he BETRAYED HER……HE LIED.
    So what goes around, comes around…….she now has been lied to…….just as as she has lied to many, many others.

    I think it’s called KARMA.


  11. Jay- I understand where you are coming from but I take issue with a couple of your comments.

    1. Had Cindy “taken action” Caylee would have been alive is a fact. Cindy could have “taken action” prior to Casey leaving home on countless other occasions and failed to do so. Cindy had knowledge that Caylee was a victim of child abuse and did nothing. I agree with seeing – eye that she didn’t want to get Casey in trouble and in retrospect she realized her zeal to protect Casey placed Caylee in a vulnerable situation and probably lead to her early demise.

    Cindy, when being interviewed in August 2008 by Greta von Susteran, candidly spoke about and agreed wholeheartedly with police that Casey was “only arrested for child neglect” -she said this with a lilt in her voice. She was enormously relieved. Cindy knew Caylee was dead. Cindy’s whole focus was covering up Casey’s involvement. That has been her reason for living these last 2.5 years.

    2. Please see New England Journal of Medicine”Maternal Bonding in Early Fetal Ultrasound Examination”. Or better yet ask any woman who has heard the first heartbeat and wondered how a box of kleenex suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Every good pediatrician with as little as 6 months to 60 years experience knows that a majority of woman-no matter her circumstances-bonds during the first trimester.

    Those experiencing ppd are treated and recover-they are wonderful mothers and often have other children. Mothers with mental health issues are known to have bonding problems which hinders bonding. The mentally challenged mothers who have support often turn out to be the most loving and nurturing of mothers.

    Robert Hare has some very interesting things to say about the rate which psychopaths have children. They go from man to man and usually have lots of children. If one is killed by a boyfriend or father, they will be the first one in court to say it was an accident. (I’ll leave a citation from Hare’s Without Conscience later in the day).


  12. Great post Lillian Glass. My viewpoint is a baby bonds quickly to a loving Mother from the time he or she is born. That bonding process in my opinion comes from cuddling your newborn to interacting with your baby during feeding, diaper changes and bathing times, as those are the times you are totally free to acknowledge only your baby, like a special one on one time with your baby. I agree with Lillian i have never heard of a baby not bonding until the age of 3 or 4. I can clearly see in a photo where Cindy is cuddling infant caylee while rocking her and kissing her on the top of the head that clearly shows, at least to me, that Cindy and Caylee were bonded. Casey was not as she had no interest in doing so. Cindy and George are furious at everyone but Casey right now as they are not ready to accept who killed their grandbaby.


  13. I can’t agree on the accidental killing of Casey because for one, Casey was researching on her computer in March sites such as neck breaking, how to make weapons out of household items, how to make chloroform, researching missing children sites. My humble opinion is Casey’s plan got jump started sooner than she wanted it too due to the “Big” last cindy straw fight Cindy had with Casey the nite of the 15th. I know Cindy has now denied that fight but Lee hasn’t, nor the neighbor, and of course Cindy is denying that fight now as she knows that can be seen as motive for Casey killing Caylee.


  14. Knight Owl-So true. All the forensic evidence was what the SAO looked at in order to charge her with Felony Murder in the First Degree. They couldn’t do that unless they had definitive evidence of premeditation.


  15. Anonymous, exactly. That is also why the State was confident enough to put the death penalty back on the table. I believe Cindy and George will learn a lot at trial but even with that knowledge i am not sure they will blame Casey, but if they don’t come to terms with Casey’s guilt this is gonna continue to eat them alive and shorten their life span.


  16. Knight owl-You are absolutely correct. We will know they have come to accept Casey’s guilt when they forgive her. It is only in forgiving that we can embrace the future with hope and renewal. They might be the only people who will ever visit her throughout her long years of incarceration and in time she will come to need their support.


  17. Casey NEVER wanted Caylee. She wanted to give her up for adoption, but Cindy stepped in and made her keep the baby. Then they both used Caylee as a pawn between them for hurting each other. It’s a sick, twisted relationship they have and always will.


  18. Nope, I disagree. Casey killed Caylee in a vilent rage after her argument with cindy. No chloroforming in the trunk to put Caylee aspleep. I don’t buy it. If she chloroformed her, it was before she killed her in a frenzy to get back at Cindy. My guess, strangulation.


  19. Jena-No, Caylee died of undetermined means. In other words Dr G could not determine from the bone evidence whether or not Caylee died as a result of blunt force trauma, gunshot wound, suffocation, poisoning, etc.

    We know that psychopaths differ from homicidal psychopaths and often times killing for them is not always predicated on an event triggering their rage. Cindy was furious with Casey for years.

    A homicidal psychopath could just as easily trip their wife on a staircase causing her to fall down and crack her head open and in a blink of an eye pick up the keys and head out the door.

    Dianne Downs shot her three children without as much as breaking a sweat. (Hare)


  20. Dr. Glass…exactly! WHY didn’t CINDY try to find Caylee sooner?? Because, precisely as you surmise, Cindy was too invested in “being right”.

    What do you make of the fact George MOVED OUT when Caylee was born? (either right before and/or during Caylee’s “arrival”)? Well. I’d say the whole pregnant daughter thing (& flunking out of high school too) infuriated George and “created” his exit. But then what happens? He comes back. Why? who knows…but he did and likely Cindy was glad to get him back. But the non-working Casey continued to be a thorn in George’s side….and Cindy (wanting to “keep” George) had to begin siding with George to some extent to try to maintain her marriage.

    There is documentation about a counselor who told Cindy she needed to “throw Casey out” and seek custody of Caylee. Cindy, in a fit of anger, did “throw Casey out” and probably enjoyed having the house with just George in it in the beginning. I’m sure she thought about Caylee (and apparently she inquired via phone often)…but Cindy is the type who “punishes”. The entire 31 days she was “punishing” Casey.

    Remember in the jailhouse tapes how Casey says: “what lesson am I supposed to learn?” …This sounds like an old tape from long ago. What do you bet Cindy often “taught lessons” maybe the way Joan Crawford did! (Not to give Casey any excuses, but growing up with Cindy Anthony for a mother absolutely had to be a TRIP).


  21. p.s. I have ALWAYS thought incest figures into this story. I don’t know how. (No family is like this without some sort of major dysfunction/explanation).


  22. There was no chloroforming – chloroform was banned in 1976 by the US EPA for use in consumer products. Unless she had access to a scientific grade, indirectly from someone working in a chem lab or directly with a chem lab itself – which there’s no released discovery to lend credence to this theory, or she mixed up a batch herself, which again is not likely given her character/personality & there’s no discovery released that confirms that, there’s no way for her to obtain chloroform. Furthermore, ether had been used in lieu of chloroform in medical procedures since the 1940’s, due to the narrow range & low threshold between coma & death that made chloroform use less desirable than ether, & even ether isn’t used in the US anymore & hasn’t been since the 1960’s – there’s better, more easily controlled, less fatal ways of anesthetizing people. Lastly, Caylee was a toddler, (taking “3 yrs=3feet=30 lbs as a marker of appropriate age/ht/wt), & at 30 lbs would’ve required far less than an adult dosage to be anesthetized, so the likelihood of her being killed by overdose of an anesthetizing agent under uncontrolled conditions by some nonmedical layman in their first use of it against her would be astronomical & the death would be fairly quick & obvious – why duct tape then, if she’d already been killed by chloroform? Thus, MOI that there was no chloroform used on Caylee at all, & a combination of cleaning products used on the trunk liner by Cindy Anthony created the low levels of chloroform to be detected. JMHO


  23. Caylee was dead or dying in the car trunk in the moments CMA went on her date with Tony Lazzaro on June 16th to Blockbuster; even if Cindy Anthony had yielded to her better judgment & called LE for a “wellness check” in the week following CMA’s move out of the Hopesprings residence, Caylee was dead. Nothing would’ve brought Caylee back from life; any argument between CMA & Cindy Anthony prior to CMA’s date with Tony Lazzaro, for any reason (money, responsibility for Caylee, etc) was already moot. Furthermore, Caylee was with her adult mother, & all Cindy Anthony could do was request a wellness check by LE, & she would’ve had to give LE a location to perform the wellness check. The alternative would’ve been to file a missing person’s report on both of them, but LE doesn’t respond to missing person reports on fit, young adults unless foul play is suspected & in this case, there was none – she wasn’t abducted by an ex-boyfriend, she walked out on her own volition. There wasn’t much Cindy Anthony could do, but it doesn’t matter after-the-fact since Cindy Anthony literally did nothing for an entire month, until the stenchmobile was towed & she had to spend $500 bucks getting it out which triggered the rest in a “butterfly effect”. The alleged argument between Cindy Anthony & Caylee was not substantiated by neighbor testimony, & it was “thirdhand” from Jesse Grund saying that Lee Anthony had told him, but Lee Anthony disputed Jesse Grund’s account, thus IMO, there was no argument between Cindy Anthony & CMA the evening of June 15th, & in fact, CMA spent the entire evening until 3am on her cell phone with Tony Lazzaro according to phone records. JMHO.


    1. It’s not all so cut and dried. There is no evidence relative to the time Caylee died. Cindy did a lot during the 31 days-it will be part of the evidence in the case against Casey. “Wellness check” for whom? They didn’t know where Casey or Caylee were. The purpose was to find their grandchild. Both Mr and Mrs Anthony knew Casey was in a bad way and they were quite familiar with her h oppositional and confrontational behavior. They should have called police because they were concerned about the well being of their granddaughter who was with someone who could not provide anything but a car for shelter and no money to buy food.

      Cindy did a lot. She loved her granddaughter but always was mindful Casey’s bad acts had to be covered up. Casey will always be her daughter and a psychopath. There is nothing Cindy can do for her now.


    2. i can’t imagine there wouldn’t be a fight after cindy being embarrassed and find out about kc stealing from her (cindy’s father) nursing home account.. this stealing is morally aweful and sicking

      if cindy didn’t try to correct kc’s stealing then cindy didn’t love kc enough to want her to be an upright person…jmo..


      1. Vic-I think Cindy wasn’t going to expose Casey’s fraud-Cindy did things at the BOA which inhibited Casey’s ability to get at her dwindling accounts. I think the fight was over her promiscuous behavior (having Caylee in the same bed with Casey and Ricardo on June 9,2008) I wrote my opinion above and don’t want to bore you with it again. It’s possible Cindy knew a lot more and let Casey have it on the night in question.


  24. Bernadette,
    Cindy Anthony was seeing a counselor through her company’s Employee Assistance Program, and hadn’t had many visits with them. There’s no documentation concerning the type of counselor she was seeing – IMO, it was either a financial counselor, since she was being bled dry financially by her daughter & all the steps she took related to seeing this counselor were financial steps: she closed accounts, etc. There’s no information that she was seeing a licensed social worker, or more appropriately, a licensed psychologist or MD. JMHO.


  25. I also noticed casey grabbing and pulling at her turtelneck sweater when LDB was discussing casy’s statements..I do that when I feel uncomfortable…


  26. Ok Dr Glass,

    So you are saying that even though Casey spent a great deal of time researching missing children, downloading a “nanny stole the baby” episode of One Tree Hill, Googling neck breaking, household weapons etc., that after all that, she accidently killed Caylee impulsively or via neglect? Don’t think so. I also wanted to include my thought that her whole Nanny stole the baby idea is a lie that is very close to her subconscious. In Casey’s mind – her mother Cindy served as a nanny for Caylee, and emotionally at least, Cindy did “steal” Caylee away from Casey. Because in Casey’s mind this is true, I bet she could pass a lie detector test on this point. Because it’s not a lie if you believe it. I don’t think Casey had true maternal instincts toward Caylee, not in a human sense. I think Casey felt that Caylee was her possession, they way a child thinks of the new game or bicycle that they got for Christmas that they don’t care about that much, but they love how much everyone else wants to play with it. Casey loved the power that Caylee anointed her with, but that was all. If someone threatened to take away her new toy (Caylee) then she (Casey) had every right to destroy that toy. I think that is how Casey’s mind works. She had a plan to kill Caylee. She tried to implement that plan. She called her family repeatedly on the night she was thrown out, to tell them that the nanny stole Caylee. They would not answer the phone, so she just went ahead with the burial of Caylee and the whole 31 days of ignoring her family until they were forced to get on board with her plan. Because if Casey does not get what she wants immediately, she shuts you out, until you are ready bend to her will.


  27. Also – I believe that Casey killed Caylee, then brought her back into the house (the grave wax found on her bedroom wall) and then carefully covered her mouth with the duct tape (which she tried to get from Amy and Jesse) that she thought maybe had someone else’s fingerprints on it. She wanted to pull some sort of JonBenet Ramsey type deal “Oh my child has been kidnapped; Oh gee there she is in the basement”. Remember the cadaver dogs searching the property alerted to areas in the back yard, pool, Caylee’s toy house. Casey was moving that kid all over the place trying to find the right spot. She put the duct tape on for two reasons. 1. She thought it held finger prints of her father or anyone else that she wanted to frame, and 2. That’s what the bad guys do in the movies when they kidnap someone – they duct tape their mouth. We have to remember how stupid sociopaths are when it comes to lying. They just copy what is done in movies or on TV because they cannot distinguish reality and real emotion from phony emotion. I also think that this is why she was so confident and so cocky at after she was first arrested. She really believed that she would only be held until the evidence pointed to whoever she was trying to frame. Too bad that didn’t work out for ya Casey!


  28. Carrie-To understand what goes on “In Casey’s mind” one would have to accept the fact that without a conscience she has no ability to imagine consequences or the capacity to mentally “talk to herself”. This internalized speech-that little inner voice-that plays such a crucial role in regulating our behavior is absent in Casey. Psychopaths have a weak capacity for mentally “picturing” the consequences of their behavior.(Hare)


    1. Yes – she has a “weak capacity for mentally “picturing” the consequences of their behavior.(Hare)” But not a total lack of ability. That is why she was caught and her lies are so transparent and she was so bold with stealing and lieing to police. I don’t believe that a soiciopath lacks the capacity to “talk to herself” I have never heard that before. Does Dr. Hare say that?. Why would she write in a diary (which is a form of self talk)? Why would we see her self soothing behavior in court. I think she is always listening to that inner voice. I just happen to think the inner voice is corupt and vain. Agree?


      1. Carrie-I purchased Hare’s book in 1993 and that is the edition I am using. It has been republished since then. Please see page 77 which describes what I wrote. If you do not believe “psychopaths lack the ability to “talk to themselves” than you might not understand what Hare is saying. A conscience is what inhibits us or controls us from stealing, harming others, or acting out inappropriately. That part of Casey’s personality doesn’t exist.

        I don’t know if a diary is always considered “self talk” but if she was attempting to memorialize her feelings she was imo vague, cautious and upbeat. If Casey was asked to explain why she wrote that passage, she would confuse us even further. Maybe we should look to Hare for answers….

        Beginning on page 136 from Without Conscience, Rober Hare says the following:
        “Although psychopaths lie a lot, they are not the skilled liars we often make them out to be. As I discussed earlier, their speech is full of inconsistent or contradictory statements. Psychopaths may play mental Scrabble, but they sometimes do it badly, because they fail to integrate the pieces into a coherent whole; their truth line is fragmented and patchy, at best…Most of us are able to combine ideas so that they are consistent with some underlying theme, but psychopaths seem to have difficulty doing so.

        He goes on to describe how psychopaths use language…”Their “mental packages” are not only small but two dementional, devoid of emotional meaning. They use language that seems odd to the rest of us”.

        Psychopaths learn how to show feelings by mimicing what others do (soothing behavior like rubbing Mr Mason’s arm or tapping Mr Baez’ leg) is done without any internal or heartfelt feelings for either one of them.


  29. Carrie-Remember the statement Casey was asked to write while the police were at her home on July 16, 2008? It is worth reading again as it is the first documented evidence imo of her “emotional poverty”. She referred to Caylee as a “white female”.


    1. I have Dr. Hare’s book as well as some others (the Sociopath Next Door, Snakes in Suits). I clearly haven’t re-read them for over a year though. However, it is still so hard to imagine not having any feelings, self talk, etc. Does she at least have instincts? Like an animal? I don’t know how you even make it though a day without these internal guides. How do you even form an opinion or take a stance on a topic without having a feeling about it. What about all the messages she wrote on Myspace about “everybody lies, everybody dies” and all the pics that she downloaded from the internet with quotes like “smile and let people wonder” etc. This, to me at least, seems like she has adopted opinions and mottos that she subscribes to. It’s a key to her personality. Or was it all for show? To convince people that she does have an opinion and personality? Because what you are talking about is a virus or a machine that only functions to advance its own interests/insure its own survival, not a person. I re-read her original (almost incomprehensible) state to police about Caylee. Emotional poverty indeed. Nothing hits you as hard as watching the videos she took of Caylee in her home, where she does not respond to or interact with Caylee at all. That is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen in my life.


      1. I have wrestled with just how could the good Lord create someone who was without conscience. Are people born this way? Is it a mix of nature and nurture? I don’t think anyone knows for sure how the environment and biology collide.

        I have read some of the literature and will quote Hare again because I think it’s better to hear his words than to read my interpretations. I depend on Dr Hare to help me understand who Casey Anthony is in relation to her child and the crime she is accused of committing.

        Beginning on page 44 from Robert Hare’s Without Conscience: Many of the characteristics displayed by psychopaths-especially their egocentricity, lack of remorse, shallow emotions, and deceitfulness-are closely associated with their profound lack of empathy. They seem unable to “get into the skin” or to “walk in the shoes” of others, except in a purely intellectual sense. The feelings of other people are of no concern to psychopaths.

        In some respects they are like the emotionaless androids depicted in science fiction, unable to imagine what real humans experience. …Psychopaths view people as little more than objects to be used for their own gratification. The weak and the vulnerable – whom they mock (both Cindy and George) rather than pity-are favorable targets. (going on to page 45-The following is hard to take).

        “Psychopaths can torture and mutilate their victims with the same sense of concern that we feel when we carve a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner”.

        Language and feelings she displayed during the videophone call after Caylee’s birthday (2008) was to me a stunning look at psychopathic speech.

        My heart always breaks a little to see how devastated Cindy and George are.


  30. Carrie-Just Google “Casey Anthony’s statement to police on 7/16/08. There is a type written statement someone did on Here is the link I.

    see lines 4-5 “Caylee is about 3 feet tall, white female….

    I left the following links about those who suffer with psychopathy on Dr Glass’s blog in the past. You might find them helpful when attempting to understand who Casey Anthony is and why police arrested her.

    Google “Suffering Souls” if the link does not work.


  31. Yes – I agree completely. And thank you for taking the time to respond to my posts. I thinks it’s extremely nice of you to take all that time to compose such thoughtful responses. I just watched the jail house video (again) from after Caylee’s birthday. The part where her father asks Caylee how she got through the past Saturday (Caylee’s birthday) and she goes on to say “I didn’t, I was miserable yada yada yada. Just when you think she is going to say how hard it is to be without her daughter on her birthday or how much she misses Caylee, she instead says she is upset because she was thinking about how her mom probably made chili and had a bunch of people over without Casey included in the gathering! My heart just sunk hearing that. Even though she is a stupid psychopath, that was a perfect opening for her to sell her parents on how much she misses Caylee. But she is so unbelievably self centered that she does not even mention her. I have written Caylee’s name in this post more times than her own mother mentioned her(which was twice, I believe) in a 40 minute phone call. It’s disgusting. I remember the line from Hare’s book about the carved up turkey (that really sticks with you). When they announced that Caylee’s little body was found in a draw string laundry bag do you know what ran through my head? That Casey had put her in that bag, up to her neck, leaving only her head sticking out, and drew the strings tight so that Caylee could not use her hands to pull off the duct tape or fight back at her mom while Casey covered her face with duct tape. I thought of that, and then I threw up. I think we all try to imagine the scenario of how Caylee died, and I think that the truth is so much worse than what any off us can imagine.
    Do you know that her autopsy revealed that “The posterior half of the sagittal suture appears to be in the beginning stages of premature synostosis.” A premature closure of the skull. Caylee did not have the birth defects or deformities that usually cause this condition. This condition leads to mental retardation, developmental issues and sometimes blindness. The medical examiner was able to conclude: “There is evidence that she was forced over some period of time, at least several months or longer, to often be forced to lie on her back, maybe with her head restrained, maybe under sedation, maybe because she was terrorized, and maybe because she was so tired she often fell asleep in an awkward, un-natural, and forced position.” And further, in considering all the evidence presented in the autopsy report that : “She was a savagely abused child…issues of her mental state become insignificant…of course she was behaviorally challenged. This is why. But she was so bright, she compensated with the smiles that appeared in certain circumstances when she thought she was free” Is that not the saddest thing you have ever heard?
    In the Sociopath Next Door there is a passage that details how they handled sociopaths long ago. Say if there was a member of the tribe that never hunted or worked and slept with all the women, lied, stole etc. The entire tribe would lure the sociopath to a dangerous area, under false pretences and then throw him off a cliff. I like that. We should be able to do that with Casey. Sometimes being civilized is not the best policy.


    1. hey carrie.. i don’t think it was a draw sting laundry bag.. i think it was a one with a wire in the top and bottom to keep its shape..

      i do think kc got in a rage and killed caylee.. probably by suffication.. jmo.. (soft kill so to speak since no evidence on the bones )

      i read the sociopath next door too… i did not realize that thier were different “types of sociopaths so to speak..” the lazy ones and high functioning ones so to speak..


  32. Also, I think the greatest unjustice is that a darling, sweet and smart liitle girl that almost anyone would be thrilled to have, is born to this monster and then strucken down before she even started to live. That’s the kind of child that the lord blesses Casey Anthony with? And why do these murdering sociopaths have some of the most and enabeling and supportive parents, when there are countless children who would give anything tohave just one of their parents love them, much less both of them? And these are the parents Casey is blessed with. I by no means think that the Anthony’s are great parents, but in the area of standing up for and tring to protect their daughter (no matter how obscene) that pass with flying colors. I don’t think I could do that. If my child killed my grandchild, or anyone else, and I knew it in my heart that she was guilty, then she has to go to prison. I’m sorry but I would not help her get away with it. I couldn’t.


  33. Vic – how could it be that Casey got in a rage and killed Caylee when she spent months and months planning and researching kidnappings, household weapons, neck breaking, etc. It is so completely obvious to me at least (and the prosecution) that this murder had been planned for awhile. Everyone must realize that this awful fight that occurred that night between Casey and Cindy was not the first or probably the worst fight they ever had like that. It was not the first time Casey was thrown out of the house either. Casey wanted to do this for a long time. She planned this for a long time. The latest fight was probably just a good excuse for her to drop out of sight for a while and enjoy her freedom without Caylee. She is so despicable, but I think we are still giving Casey too much credit by insisting that there was rage involved. I think it was much colder than that. Which makes this all the more disgusting.


    1. hello carrie…
      i’m just guessing about the rage… i think she tried to get cindy to babysit.. and others couldn’t reach anyone.. and exploded into an rage.. she had probably felt tied down for a while. and had probably been looking at ways to be free…. i think like others she was going to off the whole family.. either that or that house was so full of rage/fighting kc felt she had to protect herself ..jmo..


  34. I too believe casey killed Caylee in a rage before she planned too because we have to remember the fight this time between Cindy and Casey turned physical by Cindy putting her hands around Casey’s throat. That is where the rage came in by Casey to the point she lost it and killed Caylee either that nite of the fight on june 15th or early morning of june 16th. Cindy couldn’t contain herself this time as Casey of all things now had sunk so low as to steal from her grandfather, (Cindy’s Dad) of all people that was sick and in a nursing home. She had already been stealing Cindy blind. So my guess it was the proverbial straw that broke Cindy’s back this time and put her in a physical rage towards Casey. My belief is that Casey’s original plan was to kill, Cindy, George and Caylee so she could have the house. Otherwise she wouldn’t be needing to do so many different computer searches on how to make different weapons and etc. out of household items if it were just to kill a child not even three years old yet. Casey’s plans all went south after the physical fight between her and Cindy as she then just could not contain herself from going ahead and killing Caylee to hurt Cindy back. I have seen Casey’s raging face in one of the jail house tapes with her parents and one where she is making a very evil raging facial expression while standing behind Caylee in a picture of her and Caylee. I fully believe Cindy is beating herself up over this physical fight she had with Casey and she thinks she is the reason Casey killed Caylee. If only she hadn’t gotten physical this time with Casey. However, in my opinion she is not the reason Casey killed Caylee as she was already pre-planning it, Cindy is the reason Casey screwed up her plan and killed Caylee sooner is all.


  35. Vic – I agree. While there may very well have been a triggering event (i.e. fight with Cindy, ultimatum from parents, etc.), that triggering event, if one occurred, only set the date of Caylee’s murder, not the inevitability. I am not a fan of Cindy Anthony, however, no one can say that she is in any way responsible for what happened to her Caylee. Especially insulting comments towards Cindy include the folks who insist “… if Cindy had only moved faster to take custody” and my personal favorite “this is what happens when you force someone to have a baby that they do not want” Geez. We should all hope not. I am always shocked to hear the theories that Casey planned to kill her whole family. I know it’s more than likely that she had that plan in place, but my God, how incredibly evil! Would that be the first female family annihilator? I have never heard of a case like that before.


  36. Ms. Glass. I understand the questioning of if new DNA testing using only one parent could yield different results but I’ve seen a report of the Allele’s tested on the Anthony family. IF these results are correct they show that Caylee had allele’s that neither Lee nor George nor Casey carried and, therefore, they HAD to come from a father OUTSIDE the Anthony family. A new way to test for insest cannot change THAT fact.
    The report that I read is located at:


  37. Why does everyone think she put her in the trunk to die initially? Maybe she layed her down in the back seat, taped and heavily sedated, then went to party, only to come back and find her no longer living. Then…..she wrapped her up in the bags and put her in the trunk, while she tried to think of what to tell everyone.


  38. So basically, according to your article, Casey was a “low grade” sociopath – which we all know are not already capable of murder *sarcasm* – who was put over the edge by her mother Cindy. Cindy’s accusations caused Casey to flip out and to try to get back at her mother as she “accidentally” killed Caylee by putting three pieces of duct tape over her nose and mouth so that after she drugged her with cholorform and put her in the trunk the baby would not wake up and make noise…Sure, we all know that if we cover our nose and mouth we would not be able to make noise but remain alive in a trunk? So, in essence, it is really Cindy’s fault for pushing Casey to kill her daughter? Who are you? You are an “expert”?


    1. I am indeed an expert in body language and communicationa nd human behavior. I am not a criminalist nor a lawyer. I never said she was low grade sociopath as that is your deduction. Cindy plays a huge role in Casey;s behavior. I also never said she put 3 pieces of duct tape. And YE YES YES Condy and casey’s relationship is at the core of all of this.If they had a better relationship the baby could have stayed with Cindy while Casey partied away and he baby would be alive todayin my view.


  39. Interesting essay with many compelling theories, but there are so many typos and spelling errors it’s hard to take you seriously. Also, the phrase is “for all intents and purposes” not “for intensive purposes”.


    1. WHY ARE YOU SO INTERESTED IN THIS CASE WHEN IT HAS BEEN OVER!!! IN CASE YOU ARE NOT AWARE, CASEY WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY AND FOR YOU TO KEEP DIGGING INTO THIS SHOWS A LOT ABOUT YOU. LET IT GO AND TAKE YOUR TOXIC HATE AND ENERGY ELSEWHERE INSTEAD OF DIGGING THRU MY TYPOS!! Get past the typos and pay attention to the content as that is what you can take seriously. And if there are so many typos why don;t you add some value like showing where they are instead of giving NASTY TOXIC criticism with no SOLUTION!!! Be a part of the solution not the problem.


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