Casey Anthony and Her Family’s TOXIC Behavior and Image Leave Negative Impression In the Courtroom

Whether you like it or not, image is very important when it comes to how people perceive you. It can make a huge difference in terms of whether or not  people believe what you say. This is especially important in a courtroom where a jury decides your fate.

Image wise the entire Anthony family needs  a complete overhaul in my view. The way they present themselves is unacceptable and this will no doubt  have a huge impact on how the jury relates to them.

One thing I can say for sure is that Casey’s family will not be endearing themselves to a  jury. For one thing, Casey, Cindy, and Lee all look  and dress slovenly.  The entire family including George dress and comport themselves inappropriately. This  contributes to  each one of them coming across as unlikeable.


George may be the cleanest looking of the group,  but as a witness he needed to show some respect and come to court in a suit,  or at least a tie. He needed to show that he was the man in the household, not the boy, wearing casual attire with his purple casual shirt.

What is totally inappropriate is his constant gum chewing! Here is a personal message from me to George.

 “ George you are not watching a ball game where you can casually chew away on your gum as you watch the innings. This is not a baseball field or  casual sporting event.  It is a courtroom where your daughter may die a very painful death if she is found guilty of killing your granddaughter. 

When you enter a courtroom you must always be respectful. Being respectful is NOT CHEWING GUM and looking like a bovine chewing their cud!  So before you enter the courtroom, take a Kleenex that Cindy no doubt carries in her purse to dab away the tears she knows she will  be crying as she watches Casey either get life imprisonment or the death penalty, and SPIT OUT YOU GUM! 

Next stop mugging and making those ridiculous “poor me victim” facial expressions. Sit there like a man and not a little boy. Stop mugging and responding  nonverbally when you don’t like what is heard in the courtroom. It was disconcerting when you did it while  detective Yuri Melich was testifying. It made you look like an immature baby. You had your chance on the stand and now it is his turn to speak his truth.  

 Remember that jurors will be watching you and if you keep acting like that you will be creating more harm for your “beloved” daughter Casey, Besides finding this behavior obnoxious, it will affect your  credibility with them.   If you can’t contain yourself, for goodness sakes, don’t bother showing up!

How you can show up in the courtroom to watch Casey  in the first place is beyond me.Your daughter has accused you of sexually molesting her when she was a young girl  .  This is a very serious charge that could land you in prison if it is true since  there is no statute of limitations for a sexual crime.

 If it is not true,  how can you show up in the courtroom and look at someone who falsely accused you and where  your reputation is now destroyed forever? Where is your self-esteem?  

If it is true how, how can you show your face in public? How can you have the audacity to show up in the courtroom and add insult to injury?  If you did molest Casey, there is no doubt that you contributed to where she is today, If you did what she said you did to her, then you deserve to be in a prison cell just like your daughter. 


Lee has been beyond repulsive to watch and has made a horrible impression in my view, as he gave his testimony. The first thing was showing up slovenly and dirty looking in a casual  black golf shirt with a tee shirt underneath, baggy non pressed  pants  and  white sneakers. He needed  to at least  show up wearing  a dress shirt and a tie to show some respect. Instead he looked as though he just crawled out of bed.

Unshaven and unkempt, he kept picking at the side of his face as though he was about to squeeze a pimple.  If he wasn’t squeezing his face, he was scratching himself  like someone does when they have  scabies or crabs. I am not saying that Lee Anthony has this,  I am saying that it makes him look like one would not want to get too physically close to him. It was a turn off.  Jurors would find his disgusting and sickening behavior difficult to watch for any length of time.

 I already did a blog on the content of Lee’s  testimony which I am sure would never  endear him to any  jury as no one likes a sneak , a self entitled,  lying two faced betrayer , who has no boundaries, and who is more concerned about himself  and getting an apprenticeship with a private investigator than finding his niece Caylee. 




Cindy has put in a lot of weight over these past 2 ½ years and no one can hold that against her at all. She is either stress eating to cope with all  that this before her or she has perhaps  been given some medications  like antidepressants which may  have contributed to her weight gain. Whatever the case it makes no difference if a person is thin or heavy. 

 What does matter is how you dress yourself when your body has changed.That also includes one’s hairdo. When one has put on excessive weight the last thing they should do is get a short haircut.  Cindy’s hairdo was less than flattering. She needed to keep it longer – chin length like she has it  this summer. 

Cindy has dressed in ways that are less than flattering. She came into the courtroom with a white sweater ,  a mismatched  long dress and casual flat  sandals  She wasn’t going to a casual  pool party or walking on the beach. She was in a courtroom. She needed to wear a closed toe shoe to show some courtroom decorum and not show her bare toes and feet through barely there sandals. 

While you may think this is superficial,  it counts when you are talking about jury perception and likeability.

And speaking of likeability, while Cindy was a lot better  on the stand than she has been in the past (remember her finger pointing and insulting remarks to Zanaida Gonzales telling her she was no 10 and making her cry?) she still needs to lose the “attitude. ”  and negative defensive whine. 

She needs to answer the questions  psoed to and not interject in victim- like fashion “I’m trying to answer the question!” We regularly see  Cindy’s controlling nature emerge and it is disconcerting. It will work against her in the courtroom as jurors will find her unlikeable and not credible.

 The courtroom is the place where the lawyers and the judge has control- not Cindy. her try and take control  Her defensive tones and hyper precise answers  and contentiousness are complete  turn offs to any jury . After a  while they tune out and just hear a series of  mean sounding bitchy tones that have no  more relevance to them. 

Cindy’s ‘attitude “  comes out in her facial expressions, She comes across mean looking and nasty. This will  definitely not endear her to any jury. They will not like what they see or what they hear. Their negative perception of Cindy will definitely not help Casey.

If she ever  pulls one of her “Caylee is still alive” stunts, a jury will become deafened as to what esle she has to say.  


The first day of trial, Casey  wore an inapproriate  red sexy V necked tight form  fitting pullover.

Maybe Baez’s jury consultant told  Casey to  put on a jacket over it which she did the next day. She wore an ill fitting grey jacket that was three sizes too big. Maybe it was one of the jackets that her former attorney Andrea Lyons  left behind for her to wear. Needless to say,  it was  less than flattering. The shoulders were way too big and she looked ridiculous in it. This would be very distracting and annoying to a jury.

Day one Casey had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, yet she managed to fiddle with it and groom herself. A jury won’t like to see that behavior. They will perceive it negatively as Casey caring more about how she looks  than about the trial.

Day three Casey had in the same ill fitting gray jacket with one of the Andrea Lyon puffy sleeved greenish blue blouses we saw early on.

The collar was too big as was the jacket and now Casey kept fiddling with the collar and with the jacket as you can see in the photo above.  In addition, Casey did not tuck in the blouse.  Instead, she wore it out and the bottom of the blouse could be seen under her short cropped ill fitting jacket.  This made her look sloppy. It is perceived as her not caring – not caring to tuck her blouse into her pants.  

Also gray is never the color you want someone to wear who may be facing death row. Unless it is a dark winter gray or a silver gray, it can be perceived  as a sad color.

I am serious when I say sad color. Studies have shown that certain colors have a specific effect on people’s emotions.   Pepto-Bismol pink  or bubblegum pink has been show to have a soothing effect on people while red makes people feel agitated and light blue makes you feel sleepy. Gray has been found to be perceived as  depressing. So never underestimate the perception of  a color that is worn. 

 The Anthony family needs to take their lead from the attorneys and the other witnesses who have appeared thus far. Jose Baez is the best dressed with his  crisp shirts, matching ties and matching pocket scarf and well fitted suits. Jeff Ashton looks decent with a suit and a tie. The Anthony men needed to have followed suit- literally!

The Anthony women needed to take their lead from Linda Drane Burdick. She wears a women’s suit to show respect. She does not  wear a dress, a white sweater, or sandals or a form fitting sweater or an ill fitting jacket. 

If Jose Baez’ team hired a jury consultant why has he not shared this information with the Anthony family? Why has he not informed  each one them of how important their image is to a jury ?

Perhaps  he isn’t aware of this. Some jury consultants may very well not be aware of this . They may be focusing on other things. But this is extemely important.

 I certainly am aware of this as a jury consultant when I pick a jury. I make sure that all my clients  are well groomed and appropriately dressed, and most of all that they and their families  act appropriately  so that they can get the fair trial they deserve.

 I make them never forget that the jury not only watches them, but has an eagle eye out on everyone related to them  and everything those people  do as well. www.drlillianglass/ com


53 thoughts on “Casey Anthony and Her Family’s TOXIC Behavior and Image Leave Negative Impression In the Courtroom

  1. You are spot on Dr. Glass
    I love everything you wrote
    but, PLEASE don’t help them out !
    Let George go right on chomping his gum as Cindy used to her cud.
    Don’t help them out!
    (i know others are helping them too, but whoever it is, they are failing miserably.
    You nail it and those people will come in here for lessons.

    Love Ya and enjoy and respect all you say.


  2. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen such a sick family as the Anthony’s. I think that the whole family really believed that the “nanny” story would fly, as long as they stuck together. This family is beyond words!! I am HORRIFIED!




  4. Dr. Lillian,

    Thank you for your analysis!

    I agree when you talk about colors, it’s important!

    HHJP yesterday said that they were late to begin the hearing because of KC’s clothing were brought late, he said next time he won’t wait, he was mad about it. I am not sure but maybe Cindy brought her clothing for the latest hearings. In some of Cindy’s letters to KC she mentioned she bought those ruffled blouses we have seen KC wearing so I am assuming she brought her clothing this time as well.

    The entire Anthony family has no common sense when it comes to dressing to the hearings, well they don’t seem to have common sense at all. They have their own sense of entitlement.

    The Anthony’s don’t understand they are not helping KC acting the way they do. In my opinion, Lee was the most credible in this 3 day hearing, despite his poor choice of clothing and odd behavior, he seemed to be truthful.

    In my opinion, KC’s demeanor will help to convict her since she has shown little emotion towards her family, by the way, none for Caylee. She acts now like she is part of the defense team scribbling on the yellow pad, boy that girl can write away! Her inappropriate behavior and lack of emotions will impact the jurors’ decision. She is as cold as an ice. In a minute she pokes her eyes seeming she is going to cry (not a tear come out thought) and in a split of a second she is normal like nothing has happened. It seems to me KC doesn’t understand the magnitude of her problem, things don’t look good for her and she keeps chatty in her hearings. I just can’t comprehend. Weird.


  5. Plz do send any info you can to the Anthonys. This is a sic story and after all is said and done, They will live with their actions,dress code for thier beloved grand baby . Casey is an evil person and no matter what shes wearing wont make any differance to the jury. But the Anthonys dress codes have sickened the court/public. Thnx for ur keen eye and honesty .


  6. Hi Dr.Glass and everyone here. Boy you pegged this family so well. Lee has always made me crazy picking at his face. I could not be on a jury watching him or even in the courtroom as i find this an extrodinarily nauseating habit and i have a weak stomach to things like this. Seems he as well as Casey have nervous ticks that they cannot keep their hands away from their faces. Casey drove me stark raven insane biting her nails and picking at her hands when she was sitting in the interrogation room awaiting the detectives to return. It is maddening. Totally agree Cindy and George need to lose the gum chewing. I Could not believe how especially Cindy being a woman when being questioned in the interrogation room by Melich and Allan showed up wearing shorts of all things, sandals, and she would sit with one leg underneath her at times and also step out of one of her sandals. Not befitting of a woman. George popped in the same way in shorts and such but agree he is the neater of the family. They seem to have no sense of appropriate dress code as you said whatsover. I can’t wait to see what they wear to the actual trial. Back to Lee he has a long term girlfriend in Mallory, one would think she could at least iron Lees unappropriate clothing if nothing else. It boggles my mind. I will feel sorry for the Juror’s~~


  7. Hi Frg, oh glad you mentioned Casey’s writing constantly on the pad. That is maddening to me as i know fool well she has not one brain in that head of hers to be writing down anything of value. She is just annoyingly trying to appear that she does. Jose if he had a brain would take the pad away from her. Casey is a jailbird not a legal secretary so she needs to act accordingly.


  8. Oh Baez is a sharp dresser but that is the only thing he has going for him. He begins to take the eye off of his well dressed wardrobe when he opens his mouth and the dumb stuff comes out.


  9. dr. glass, id like to know what you thinka bout casey touching jose baez; leg during court.. its 14:20 into cindys testimony, and also casey grabbing at jose baez arm and he seemed to have turned and said dont or wait…. also the way he kept leaning cloely towards casey several times, to speak privately to cheney, when at other times he got up and walked behind casey and went to speak with cheney??? seems to me baez and casey has shown a much more unappropriate relationship besides client and attorney…


  10. well dr. glass did you not see all the media outlets reporting how casey grabbed her attorneys knee. she dropped her pen and touched him on his knee while her mom was on the stand. what do you infer about that! and both giggling/smiling whatever exchange went on between the two
    there are pics of it everywhere now.,


  11. George,

    Don’t forget to borrow one of Cindy’s dresses for court Monday. A nice reddish orange lipstick would look great on you!


  12. Ugh! I agree, Dr. Glass. The gum chewing is the WORST!

    I thought Judge Perry banned it. It was listed as one of his rules for his Courtroom. Anyone else see this?


  13. I respectfully disagree on several points. First, Casey needs to have a writing pad to keep her busy; it makes her look engaged and concerned. It mainly serves as an outlet for her to express her emotions and keep her facial language from being worse. It also deters some of her grooming. Secondly, the large jacket made her look more sympathetic. She is indigent and this makes her look oh so very vulnerable. Third, as for the family’s casual attire, I see this more as ignorance and lack of funds. In fact, I’m appalled to see how casually people dress these days, particularly in the south. Maybe the jurors in Florida will not think of it. I have observed most people turning out just like this for court, weddings, funerals, etc. And women should be wearing stockings for these occasions too! I believe whoever the woman on staff is that has been wearing a bun and red on Friday is getting clothing for Casey, which is probably her own clothing that she can no longer wear. Further, I was taught that a black conservative dress is appropriate even for appellate court. All in all, perhaps the Anthony family will get it together by trial time when the solemn tone is more revved up. I don’t think any of them have yet to realize the gravity of this situation.


  14. LOOK HOW HAPPY Georgie Girl is in 2008. He’s giggling about the new “Help Find Caylee” t-shirts and is explaining how Arm & Hammer detergent can smell like decomp!!! He’s so happy, you’d think he was talking about some kind of planned event for entertainment! I am SICK!


  15. Keywords: Charm School

    The gum chewing!!!!!!!!! They know chewing gum in the courtroom is verboten but they persist. Judge Perry asked that there be no drinking (water, soda etc) while Court is in session. There are rules of behavior and there is a dress code-they don’t care. Wouldn’t you think that they would reflect on their behavior especially since they have star billing on the local nightly news?

    Life ain’t a dress rehearsal but the Anthony’s get the opportunity to do things right again and again. Get rid of the gum and put a suit jacket on.


  16. Venice, oh my gosh, thanks for this video. I had forgotten this one and how crazy it was. I listen to this horse puckey and want to give Georgie girl a left hook followed by a right one, along with where i would like to put those tee shirts he is promoting. He is insulting all people that have a brain by thinking anyone would believe such horse crap about the smell being arm and hammer detergent along with a pizza box. He is acting like he just won the lottery he is so happy. After listening to this again i suggest he be baker acted. What a total fool/Nut~


    1. Hey knight,

      He’s ecstatic because he can continue to lounge all day and get paid. LOSER!!! LOSER!!! He sets the bar LOW when it comes to integrity and ethical behavior.


  17. Knight Owl-When I read Dianne Fannings book I got the distinct impression that Cindy insisted that George change professions. He had good reviews and liked his police work. If I recall correctly, he left the force about a year after he made detective.

    From there he worked for his father and the business went down the drain. When Cindy and George’s parents left Ohio and went to Florida they followed them. George did apply for a position with the Orlando Police department and was offered a good job-Cindy said it was out of the question.

    He has drifted in and out of security jobs ever since. I feel badly that he allowed someone to control his career choices. It’s my belief that George learned to be oppositional and confrontational from “she who should be obeyed”.

    H. psychopaths hate to work. Their real skill is in separating others from their money. It wasn’t until Cindy notified the BOA did Casey know that the gravy train stopped running.


  18. You Know i think someone needs to step in and tell the Anthony family how thay look because it make’s a huge inpression . Dont you think the defence whant’s to make the best inpression so why are thay not doing this it’s like everyone know’s Casey is did it so thay are trying to make her look bad by haveing bad court room behavior why els wood 3 grown people act like that there is no other reson unless thay are trying to hurt Casey’s case. my persanol apinion


  19. Did anyone notice how Baez gave all the witnesses a little pat on the back as they walked by him both coming and going. He gave each a little smile to show it was like they were good friends and were all on the side of the defense, even Yuri Melick. Is Baez trying to show the world, (prospective jurors) that all his witnesses are his good buddies? What an idiot!


  20. All those who have been involved in the death investigation have seen and heard him mouth off about each and everyone of them for the past 2.5 years. In his opinion the OCSO are a bunch of flunkies, “the FBI has botched the case” and the Orlando Sentinel “is lucky” this case is front page news because it sells papers for them! The man has a way with words.

    We have seen and heard the acrimonious statements he has directed towards both Mr Ashton and Ms Burdict. Of course we shouldn’t forget that this is the same fellow who demanded Judge Strickland recuse himself because of the appearance of impropriety.

    This is also the same guy who walked out of the courtroom and when approached for an autograph signed on the bottom line and gave the woman a “little pat on the back”.

    He thinks he’s a celebrity!


    1. There are a lot of discount outlets in Kissimee and in Orlando. I am sure she could find something reasonably priced and respectful to wear to court. Even Super Walmart and Super Target in her area have some very nice clothing at a discounted price.


  21. You make the assumption that the Anthonys care. They don’t. All these preceedings are beneath them. They know best. They will disrespect the court through their words, clothes and actions because they are so much better then the rest of the world.

    A jury of both men and women will see through them as clearly as looking through a window. Casey’s “looks” will not influence anyone – weeks of watching these people be themselves, will convince anyone of the truth, let alone the mound of evidence (most of it out of their own stupid mouths) that Law Enforcement has.

    Personally, I’m counting on it. Al leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, and Casey Anthony is whistling her way to the Needle. Yeah! Because I think that is exactly what she deserves and if her dysfunctional, psycho family wants to help her get there, more power to them!


  22. Thank you again, Dr. Glass…spot on assessment.
    I believe, this family has no respect for the court or law enforcement. LE bent over backwards to keep this family updated. LE was desperate for information on Caylee’s whereabouts, they were in a race against time. Nothing credible from the mouth of this child’s mother, how this shows her consciousness of guilt!
    The gum chewing, the looking at texts, the angry faces will all go against them if they do this during trial.
    The prisoner has now taken on the persona of a defense attorney, she actually acts like she is the lead attorney, her furious note writting, the tapping on Baez’ shoulder, her patting his leg….OH BOY, will her actions help to convict her! I like when she hears something she doesn’t want to hear, her huge ears perk right up and move…her hand gestures, especially after Lee testified when he was asked was he lying….he thought for a moment and said, “maybe”!
    I hated when Baez turned this into a conspiracy to get infomation to the police as if they were building this case around the prisoner…when in fact, it was the prisoner who built this case around herself…no credible information out of the mouth of a mother who’s child is allegedly missing..she will be done. Those jurors will see her for what she is and the outcome won’t be pretty.
    She dressed like she’s going to a party. The form fitting sweater with the v neck was just not proper, but proper enough for this prisoner…I don’t know her personally to hate HER but I do hate the actions that are alleged in this capital murder trial…this is about Caylee and what is alleged, her actions/inactions speak louder than words..JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  23. Dr. Glass, I agree with you 1000%…the Anthonys must subliminally want Casey to “go away”! (Which is fine with me, but STILL.)
    I used to live in Florida and I know how blazing hot it is there. The whole time I lived there my “uniform” was a cotton t shirt, shorts and sandals. HOWEVER, I would have known, if I were called to court, that I would have to wear business clothing!
    Imagine if George HAD worn a suit & tie to this hearing (like he did for the grand jury and for Caylee’s service). Combine that visual with a business like “tone” in his voice (instead of the distain that he always shows). Well, if George could manage all that he would have had a chance of selling this “I was an unwilling agent for the state” thing. (Not a sure thing…but certainly a chance). Of all the Anthonys George is the one who has a modicum of “class”.
    The jury will believe a Yuri Melich-looking guy ahead of a “beach bum”. As you say, Dr. Glass, like it or not, appearances count!
    I was on a jury once and at first I couldn’t tell which person at the defense table was the defendant, because he was dressed like a lawyer. He looked so good I was inexplicably “on his side” practically immediately (which I was supposed to be…because of that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing!) Eventually the evidence over-rode his nice appearance, but the point is that I (as a juror) was swayed positively by what I took in with my eyes.
    I really do wonder if the Anthonys have some sort of deep seated hope that Casey never comes home. That is how they are dressing (and dressing her). It is not necessary for all to look like they walked straight out of a Martindale Hubbell convention…but even simple dress white shirts and plain skirts/pants would be world’s better than how they’ve all presented themselves thus far….(as if they are about to walk into “Popeye’s Chicken”)


  24. Dr.Glass

    I do enjoy reading your comments weekly. If this were about you we could go on about your intellignce, beauty, etc, but we are here for Caylee. Pease do a report on all the crazy facial expressions Casey has and tell us what is behind those crazy eyes. Please don’t make the defense case for them though. We may have to wait for this info but understood.

    Thank you


  25. Casey Anthony suffers from a profound and incurable affective deficit. When Casey is in Court she can sit there and smile, tap Mr Baez on the leg, rub Mr Mason’s arm to console him (he’s probably in agony listening to Mr Baez take over for him) and ignore her parents-snub them. She is without fear or shame. “What to others would be disaster is to her merely a fleeting inconvenience.” (Cleckley) She will always say she was “arrested on a whim” and by the way I heard Tony left Orlando……

    Eventually she will come to understand that it isn’t all about her. Her grandparents made that perfectly clear and Casey would have none of it. Too bad she can’t banish them to their room and slam the door behind them. Oh, the good old days.


  26. Good article, good observations. I disagree with only one thing, which is something you wrote in your personal message to George:

    “It is a courtroom where your daughter may die a very painful death if she is found guilty of killing your granddaughter.”

    Just my opinion, but if she is sentenced to death, and if that time ever comes about, I don’t think it will be all that painful. No more painful than a simple needle-prick. Then she goes to sleep, never to wake again.


  27. Thje good thing is, the Anthonys, not a one will listen to Dr. Glass’s advice. My bet, they read it & resent, hate, will do the opposite as they always do to show who’s the boss.

    This in fact is a good thing. I want them to remain the bufoons that is so entrenched in their genes. They couldn’t change if they wanted to..but they don’t want to. That’s a positive thing imo. It guarantees Casey is screwed.


  28. The beauty of Casey’s future is..the courtroom hearings & the trial are as good as it will get for Casey. After that decades of being ignored by everyone. with the exeption of inmates who want to hurt her & Big Bertha. LWOP or the DP either way her fun is done. No more ill fitting jackets, no more jackets period, just the regulation blues.


  29. i think we all know people like the a’s .. people who could charm the socks off anyone and give the appearence (imagine) of all thats perfect when they talk about themselves… but the real person.. that people deal with.. bullys, lies, changes history, does what ever it takes to “win”
    they have imflamed the public..
    whenever they start to “losing” they now invoke.. i’m a grieving grandparent” jmo


  30. IMO there may not be as many “Big Bertha’s in prison as we have been lead to believe. Casey will die in prison like lots of high profile murderers. During her lifetime she will more than likely never be harmed and if she doesn’t harm anyone she will live out her days receiving good medical care, three meals a day and perhaps the ability to interact with others.

    Of course if she gets the DP she will live alone for 23 hours a day and exercise for one hour alone. She will not be a threat to anyone but herself.


  31. OK I concede, maybe no dailt threats or big Bertha’s, but Casey has already had inmates scream obsenities at her where she is & make threats. It’s not going to get better in regular prison where she’s no long in a private cell.

    Casey’s a survivor & will hook-up with a girlfriend that will no doubt protect her from the worst of the worst in prison, maybe.

    So, that’s about as good as it will get, sounds like hell to me. Then she’ll get old & die, never seeing the light of day again.


  32. I find the anthonys horribly repulsive, charless & unlikable as you can get. cindy, did you see that nasty face today in court. If cindy can’t be in charge, she hates the guts of anyone that is. too bad, so sad she can’t run the show in the courtroom. Her & her lap dog went in there the first day thinking they could talk over & manipulate Linda D_B & Judge Perry on the stand. They were quickly given a reality check. Next we’ll be reading nasty letters from cindy to casey about how she hates Linda DB, Perry & anyone else that gets in her way.


  33. Dr. Glass…i always read your site & enjoy & almost always agree with what you have to say.. no disrespect meant, but i just have to make a few constructive comments.
    you obviously do not prove read. you constantly refer to Caylee as KC, etc. you also always have numerous misspellings & use poor grammer in your writings. maybe we all do this occasionally, however, i find this constantly in your writings & sometimes it confuses the reader because it simply does not make sense. i think very highly of you & my comments are not made in a critical manner, however, i find these errors in all of your articles, because i read all of them, & the constant errors should not exist from someone as educated as you are. please JUST proof read what you write, it does not take long at all, & the many errors all of us see & are somewhat confused by will be eliminated.
    again, please do not take this as criticism, just a suggestion
    to clarify you writings so we can get a clear understanding of what you are saying.
    thank you for listening…


  34. babycakes, ironically, you misspelled “proofread”. You have it as “prove read.” (Just so YOU know). I agree that Dr. Glass should try to do better keeping the names straight and to spell properly. Also, in another article (not this one) the Dr. wrote “intensive purposes” when certainly what she meant was “intents and purposes”. I love Dr. Glass’ articles and perhaps she should get an intern to proof them.
    Dr. Glass says that what we see about appearance, mannerisms, tics and so forth influence us greatly…so does how we express ourselves in “print.” I don’t mind her errors very much at all, because I can always figure out what she is saying..(but that is because I follow this case) and I DO agree that others new to Dr. Glass might not respect her opinion if she doesn’t edit/correct her work.


  35. First of all, this trial is not just a “one day” event where George, Cindy and Lee will go out shopping for “the” one perfect outfit to dazzle the jury with. This is going to be an ongoing trial. I surely don’t/wouldn’t have the money to go out and buy myself a whole new wardrobe just to appease the courts and those who want to criticise me. The gum chewing I will agree with– there is no excuse for that. However, give me a break about nit-picking what they are wearing. It’s not like they came into court wearing shorts, torn-up jeans, or carpenter pants with paint splashed on them or tank tops, or slogan t-shirts, a ball cap, and flip flops on their feet. I think they looked presentable.

    Secondly, we know Casey is guilty. But, I feel bad for Cindy and Anthony. That daughter of theirs has brought hell and misery to their lives. You know Casey’s personality is something that they have put up with for a LONG time. This didn’t happen overnight. This is supposed to be their Golden Years and every waking moment is spent in misery having to go through this.

    I am sure Cindy and George are tired beyond belief! I know I would be! I know it because I have a daughter who puts me through hell. Thank God she has never hurt my grandson, but my word– she has zapped the energy from me!


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