Body Language and Communication Wise Jose Baez Wins Over the Prosecution Team With His Apology

Before I begin, I must say that both Jose Baez and Linda Drane Burdick have done an outstanding job in terms of presentation to the court and questioning their witnesses.

Linda Drane Burdick is truly a seasoned professional. She is a pleasure to watch as an attorney. She is  articulate, well spoken, has great delivery , a well modulated and controlled voice pattern that makes her easy to listen to and presents herself with the utmost  class and decorum.  There is no doubt that if you were going to be represented by someone you would feel extremely confident having her as your attorney.

While Jose Baez has made some mistakes, largely due to his inexperience in my view, he has done an extremely good job under the circumstances.  As a novice lawyer, it  has  literally been Baptism by fire for him. I can’t  think of too many who would want to be in his shoes representing Casey Anthony, one of the most reviled people in America.

When he spoke before the court this morning to apologize for his behaviors, it was interesting to see  his body language and that of the prosecution team.  Initially, everyone on the prosecution team was very  hostile towards him as determined via their body language.

As Baez spoke the prosecution was skeptical and rightfully so. They were angry at him and very closed off.

You can especially see it with Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton. He was having none of Jose Baez,  as he sat there  closed off  with his arms folded across his torso .There was tension in his shoulders which indicated anger. This was confirmed by his angry facial expression with forehead tension and tight jaw.

Linda Drane Burdick’s raised shoulders showed that she was annoyed as  well, She refused to  even look at Baez. Instead, she looked down and had the expression on her face as if to say “Go ahead, I’ve heard this all before and I’m not buying it.”

The third gentleman at the prosecution table, at least  gives Baez the courtesy of looking at him but his head is bowed and his shoulders are raised and jaw appears tense, This indicates that he  too is skeptical.

Even those sitting in the audience have their heads bowed out of embarrassment. This shows that they are feeling uncomfortable with what is about to take place.

Then Baez speaks. He is eloquent. He is sincere, There is emotion in his voice and you can hear a few pitch breaks in his speech which verify that he is speaking from his heart. He stands straight with his head up as he speaks highly of the prosecution team . He says how he respects them and is very sincere about what he says.

Suddenly,  Jeff Ashton uncrosses his arms and cocks his head to show that he is open to what Baez is saying. Ashton senses Baez’ sincerity.

Linda Drane Burdick  now straightens her posture as well as her head is no longer titled to the side.  It is upright and indicates that she is attentive to what Baez is saying. The tension is now gone from her face as she looks more attentive. She  appears to appreciate what Baez has said.

Even the audience members perk up. Their heads are no longer bowed.  Their head are upright as they now look at Baez.

Baez said some very kind and sincere things about the prosecutors and how passionate they were about presenting their case. He essentially said how he respected them. Baez  also spoke about his own passion for the case and admitted that he oftentimes got carried away with his emotion.

When he turned around and faced the people he offended and apologized to them directly, I found that to be impressive,  as it takes a big person to do something like that.

I wasn’t the only one who through that Baez did the right thing in his sincere and direct apology. Jeff Ashton  felt the same way as he graciously stood up and said that he accepted Jose’s apology.

Linda Drane Burdick’s posture and  facial expression indicated that she was pleased as well.

Jose was pleased as well as he  leaned back and held his head high.

Just as it takes a big person to make an apology, it takes a bigger person to accept an apology.



44 thoughts on “Body Language and Communication Wise Jose Baez Wins Over the Prosecution Team With His Apology

  1. I guess you missed the part where Casey patted Baez on the leg when Cindy A said that law enforcement didn’t like Baez


  2. Dr. Glass, I feel confident that Jose was told by Judge Perry that he had to apologize in open court (it was probably an agreed upon punishment meted from the State’s motion to hold Baez in contempt). I agree with you that the apology was delivered correctly. When he turned to face the prosecution, that seemed “real”.


  3. You sure have a way with words and communication yourself Dr.Glass. Thank you for your expertise and insights. I agree with The attorneys seemed to be legit.100% and have notice how often the proscuters have instincltly helped Jose with random small huge acts of kindness and helpfulness ie.. pointed out what,where,how tos in certain paper work, actions to be taken. Mr. Baez is getting the best of the best experience with Linda Drane Burdick ,Jeff Ashton and JP.
    We the public gives much of our understanding to you Dr.Glass for your expert insight with such clarity.


  4. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you so much!

    I do respect your analysis since you are the professional and who am I do say anything body language wise but I am going to have to respectfully disagree that JB was not sincere.

    In my humble opinion why did he start firstly talking about himself and by the way he never admitted he missed any dealines which he did many times. Did you read his lenghty and disrespectful motion to strike prosecution’s motion blaming everyone else for the missed deadlines like a pouting child? I didn’t read any comment as far as I read, of course, that felt any sincerity in his speech, and it is always about himself, he seems to a narcissistic person to me and was trying to desperately know what did people (LE) was talking about him in these three days of interrogation which it didn’t make any sense to me. He might be an insecure person, but what do I know right?

    This was a slap on his wrist and I am almost certain he will do it again and again.

    I have a great respect for HHJP and I definitely understand the reasons why he did this, it’s because he doesn’t want the trial to be delayed.

    JB is all about JB, and KC is just his ticket to get wherever he wants to be. I have no respect for him, he doesn’t show any respect for authorities and he would have to show it instead of saying empty words. He reminds of a politician.

    Sorry I don’t mean to be disrespectful Mrs. Glass. It’s the way I see it.

    Thank you I do feel better now.


    1. FRG! I totally agree with all your points..
      I believe Baez is using this prisoner as his ticket to becoming DP qualifed besides a star. He’s been an adversay to the prosecution when he should be their ally.
      The prosecution has been made out to be the ones leaking informationt to the public, when in fact, it was Baez. He publicised himself going on network after network and then wants to cry, My client can’t get a fair trial! Nonsense.
      He has blamed LE for “building this case” around this prisoner, when in fact the prisoner built this case around herself. She offered no credible information about Caylee’s whereabouts and LE were already 31 days behind. Caylee, I believe has always been a deceased child, not a missing child.
      Baez didn’t seem sincere in his apology so we have to wait and see what the next couple of months holds. He is a creature of habit and his habit is to knock down LE, the prosecution and holds this prisoner in high regard. She is another Susan Smith, IMO and has no remorse, no sadness for Caylee’s demise. Any tears shed are for herself and as they appear to flow easily, they stop just as easily. She’s not worth the salt of the earth and her consciousness of guilt will always shine through.
      I await a guilty verdict, I await to see the sentence handed down to her.
      If Baez were truly in this for his client, he would get her a plea deal and not take this to trial. The sorbid, gory details of Caylee’s last moments alive will have those jurors seeing RED…she will be toast…JMHO
      It would be in her best interest to proffer a deal for his client and go with LWOP vs the death penalty.
      Justice for Caylee


  5. Mr Baez truly understood the gravity of the situation. He was told that this case will go forward and there will be no further delays, deadlines will be met and that any disrespectful behavior directed to the Court and it’s officers will be punished. He was treated fairly and he did the only thing possible to rectify the situation-apologized in open court. He was facing fines and possible imprisonment.

    He said he was “passionate” about this case. Well, imo his passion was masked by his immaturity and inexperience.He should have mentioned as Diane above did, how thankful he was to others for all their help navigating the courtroom. They were actually teaching him how to submit evidence and who to present it to, etc. I hope to God he never forgets the kindness of others.


  6. I feel you are incorrect in stating the audience was embarrassed, thus having their heads down. After spending 2 days in the courtroom with many of these same people, I can assure you they were only taking notes, not hanging their heads in embarrassment for Jose or the situation.

    I too, feel that Jose should have made his apology first then spent the rest of his time sharing his excuse as to why he acts and does the things he does. This apology was forced by CJBP to save himself from contempt of court, imo.


    1. I agree. I saw heads tilted for the most part. I can’t say the apology was sincere since Baez apologized for any offenses he MAY have said to the state. Had HHJP not said that he had a hand in it I would have taken the apology for somewhat sincere. As it is now, I think Casey’s apology to Amy had more sincerity in it.


    2. I agree the audience was not bowing their heads in reference to Baez. They were on their computers, or taking notes in some way. And, I am not in the courtroom.


  7. Jose’s apology was done to save his own skin. When an action is done because a person has no choice, can one assume that the action is genuine? He never admitted that he has disregard the court’s ordered several times. “Fool me once shames on you; Fool me twice shames on me”!!!! Dr. Glass, I admire your knowledge and keen sense of sizing people up. However, when it comes to Jose Biaez actions on March 4, 2011, I can’t agree with you.


  8. Dr. Glass,
    I feel your assessment of Baez so called apology is OFF the mark.
    No way did his little speech resolve the issues or win over the prosecution. Anyone could tell by the tense body language and facial expressions of the prosecution that they have been impressed with Baez. Ashton’s “I accept your apology” was as sincere as Baez apology.


    1. Good point about Ashton’s apology! I found him to be stiff in his speech prior to Baez’ apology. It was like he really didn’t want to do what was asked of him by HHJP.


  9. Rob, et al- For Mr Baez to have the timerity to say “It is extremely odd that a lawyer with Mr Ashton’s experience cannot read a motion and understand it’s contents. Is the only reason Mr Ashton is doing this is gamesmanship?” What a complete fool.

    First of all Mr Baez has shown no ability during 2009-2010 that he could write a motion. He never realized that both Judge Strickland and Judge Perry have assistants and the ability to research case law on their own. He hired third year law students to write his motions-too bad he didn’t check them for case law. No matter how many times Judge Perry cited case law and the reasons why he denied many of the motions Mr Baez appeared unmoved.

    Both judges are not as lazy as Baez would have hoped. He probably thought Judge Strickland and Judge Perry landed their judgeships simply because they were elected.

    His client’s life should be his first priority. He should be equipped to defend her like a bulldog. Years in the trenches might have helped him but since he came with so little to offer Ms Anthony he should somehow be forgiven for his stupidity. He was given a pass yesterday and hopefully he will show improved courtroom behavior, a respect for the law and do whatever it takes to defend his client without slamming those who are representing his client’s child.

    Mr Baez jumped at the chance for a high profile case. He thought it was “manna from heaven” but he soon realized “he had the client from hell”. (from N.Kissel’s trial notes) God help them both.


  10. I don’t think he was sincere at all. He was forced by JP to settle this & play nice. I think Ashton took the high road & accepted though probably reluctantly. Baez will continue his antics.
    He stated he was being sincere “as much as I can muster up”. That was from the heart all right. He just cancelled out anything nice he may have said with that comment.


  11. The photos support Dr. Glass’ assessment of how Baez’ apology was “received” (favorably). I am sure the prosecutors want to keep Jose Baez on track and possibly “teach” him (sigh) that he (uh) really CAN NOT disregard the court’s orders! Hooray! Jose Baez apologized (and, Dr. Glass advises; in her opinion, Baez did it with a modicum of grace).
    I find body language to be fascinating and I have noticed often if Dr. Glass writes anything favorable about any of the most hated characters in this drama she is treated to a whole host of opinion pertaining to how wrong she is. It’s her blog about body language and she is the ONLY body language expert here that I know of.
    If Dr. Glass wrote a column about a “positive” gesture Muammar Gaddafi made is likely the column would not be well received. People generally want to throw a blanket over the subject of favorable or unfavorable. Can you concede that even the most monstrous person is capable of occasional “redeeming” body language?
    The long and the short of this column is that (BODY LANGUAGE-WISE) Baez apologized, the Prosecution accepted…and the photos “agree”!


    1. That doesn’t mean the rest of us expressing the opposite opinion are wrong or are dummys on the subject of body language. How do you know what the education of the rest of us are? I would say that statement analysis would disagree with Dr. Glass, too.


  12. You must have a dime store diploma. Oh, that’s right people who can’t pass anything else in college major in Psycology


    1. Debra McDonald
      You are certainly welcome to state your opinions in the comments area of my blog but you are not permitted to be hostile and attacking of my education and background. For the record I did not get a dimestore diploma as you ignorantly suggest. On the contrary I received my degrees from the most prestigious universities in this country- a Masters at the University of Michigan, PhD at the University of Minnesota and post doctorate at UCLA School of Medicne. So before you attack and make your nasty comments as an attempt to degrade someone, make sure you do your homework. And finally my studies were in the area of speech, communication, communication disorders,and psychosocial perception and medical genetics not in psychology as you suggest.


  13. Mrs Clark-Is this site only for body language experts? If so, than why would it be important for any posters to “concede that ever the most monstrous person is capable of occasional “redeeming” body language? Whatever the heck that means.

    We are sharing insights and reflections. It’s not all about the pictures. Furthermore, it’s not your place to assume anything-even if it’s “evident that she is the only body language expert here that you know of”. Why would Dr Glass invite comments from readers if she only wanted posters to agree with her? A good discussion is something that should open our eyes and ears to new ideas and different ways of looking at the “same old thing”. It’s fun to read how readers/posters interpret things.

    Don’t try to assume what Dr Glass would say about Mr Ghadafi or how posters would respond. Just engage in the conversation without alienating those who might want to read what you have to say.


  14. The point of my comment is that many of the posters engage in “confirmation bias”… you are only looking to shore up your views. You don’t seem to think that you could learn something from Dr. Glass and you also seem to want to TELL her (albeit with nothing to back you up) that she is wrong. It’s not so much “discourse” as a big pile on of “she’s wrong”…..(ONLY usually if she writes anything that isn’t negative about the defense or the Anthonys). This is MY observation..and I am also (like you) privileged to be able to share it here.

    I see that Dr. Glass did write about Gaddafi. It’s probably negative and therefore everyone probably agrees with her assessment.


  15. Don’t worry about what other posters do. Who cares what “confrontation bias” is. Just present an argument for or against and back it up with the facts or state your opinion. Allow people to write and express ideas and respond. “The privilege to be able to share” doesn’t mean you have a forum to diminish and degrade others.


  16. Hi,
    I wasn’t gonna post but I would like to share something. About the pictures. “Dr.” Glass says the pictures, after Jeff Ashton unfolds his arms, and Linda Burdick sits up, that proves they are now open to Baez’s sincerity and have had a change of heart basically. I saw their change in position as a sort of sigh. “You gotta be kiddin'” Their faces looked the same all the way through, Linda Burdick never looked at or pleased with Baez, and Jeff Ashton only accepted because he was complying with the Judge’s request to do so. I don’t know where in those photos anyone from the prosecution looks happy or pleased in any way? lol And as far as Baez sitting down, he looks smug and satisfied with his self promoting on live television speech and getting away with not complying, AGAIN.
    Baez was not sincere! When one apologizes or makes an amend, it is for themselves because it’s the right thing to do period. Without any expectations of the apology being accepted and without any expectations of being forgiven.
    An apology if it’s sincere, does not start off with first talking about what a great person you are, and continue with how much you love, and are good at, your job, and then justifying your actions, followed by basically saying, by the way I’m sorry. That is not a sincere apology. If Baez was so sincere, and wanted to apologize because it’s the right thing to do, why didn’t Baez apologize AFTER he was fined a couple of weeks ago? After Baez was reprimanded in court by the Judge last time for not complying, a sincere apology would have been Baez saying; “Your Honor, before we conclude today, I would sincerely like to apologize to everyone here for causing this court to have to deal with issues that don’t involve this case, but instead are a result of my own actions.” Period.
    That would have been, and is an example of, a sincere apology. Not saying ‘m sorry because you were told to by the Judge, but first, even before doing that, promoting yourself and justifying your actions for the cameras.

    Just my opinion : )


  17. Actions speak louder than words but a letter sends the message that he is serious and repentant.A letter could give Mr Ashton and Ms Burdict some idea that he understands why he had to apologize.

    ‘I understand what I did was contrary to my moral and ethical beliefs. I had no business insulting Mr Ashton and I will never slam him in any future motions I submit to this honorable Court. I will participate in pretrial and at hearings like any mature, sincere and informed officer of the court.

    I feel passionately about this case and will prove it by being prepared. I only have the interests of my client on my mind when I walk into this room but when defending her I intend to bring civility and a respect for legal procedure, my colleagues and our system of justice.

    I’ve been a jackass. Let’s face it I write motions while singing my own praises and this prevents me from including the requiste case law. Please give me a call or email me when you get this letter so that I know we are all on the same page. I hate being confused.


  18. I don’t thin Baez the buffoon won over anybody. the are willing to slap him on the wrist with the sole intention of getting this mess to trial in May. that’s the only reason & imo HHJP, Jeff Ashton, Linda Drane-Burdick & George (SA lawyer) think both Bozo & Mumbles are disgusting morons.

    I heard George (SA lawyer) say “what an idiot” about Bozo a few months back in court when he thought his mic was off. Truer words were never spoken.


  19. For some reason Dr. Lillian Glass has always cuts Baez lots of slack. Why I have no clue, maybe because he dresses well while not paying child support or any of his bills or house notes.

    He’s intolerable in more ways than one. I don’t have the time or inclination to list the reasons he’s so repulsive, but most who follow the case closely know exactly what I mean.


  20. A letter would be for the records showing that Mr. Bz did do as requested like a child by a Judge . Shame that happened,esp in a DP case. We all have our own clues and insights w/body language being parts of trillons of parts of our personal insticnts. We are constantly learning from current events/experts to help translate severe/evil cases ie.. The Anthony/Bozo Trial of the Century. What a waste of sinking economys needed dollars for citizens that are actually living / paying for the life they deserve. Casey Anthony,sad,sic or whatever her ailment, has been a pompous user/wanna be since ,according to “agent Lee” since 7th grade or so.
    The woman should have turned to being a street person long before someone was murdered.


  21. It was indeed a civil thing to do by the Procsuters vs Baez, Ashton,Linda,Jp to conclude it to be “proper”civil: :timesaving” State of Fl.degradtion.. save face… intelletectual reasoning for agreeing on a public apology . These ppl are far to professional to allow this non DP lawyer attempt to save a life for his own at tax payers expense.
    Everyone has noticed the personal attachment/compassion that the defense lawyer has and has shown to the client that be states he believes . Thats palin “brain washing” on Casey part and mental distrubances on her lawyers behalf.
    JP is watching Casey with an eagle eye , She doesnt realize that it is him after all is said and done tha she needs to be impressing. She may have a case agasinst Jose Baez in her appeal for “improper” defense.
    Sad,but Im betting his apology is the 1st of a few more to come before this case is over, It will affect him for life. Afet all he said it first, He has a LOT of compassion for this case. He knows it isnt professional to carry emotions to the case or the court room .


  22. Dr.Glass
    I’m truely sorry that (Debra McDonald) and ppl like her has been so misinformed as to what it takes to do what you do in such a higher intellect that we, the public doesnt have. Most of us doesnt have the intellect to be accepted at most of the classes youve mentioned. Me for one. lol It isnt necessary that you be in any way defensive or informative to this type of ppl.
    They can not ,will not understand as well as making them even more insulting/arguementaive.
    We, LoL of higher ed. has the greatest Respect for what you have done to do what you do with such expertise, dillegence patients,intellect and commnication skills. Thx ,always look forward to your views.


  23. IF you look at my next comment below….I was thinking I was on another blog…I had both up at the same time and replied to the wrong one…..SORRY.


  24. P.S…..I just noticed it is still in moderation….but if you look…I did find the mistake and tried to correct it…..AGAIN YOU HAVE MY DEEPEST APOLOGY


  25. Also, if you don’t mind….please remove my name from your comment. U did try to make up for the comment….again…sorry.


  26. It is not an issue with me what they wear in court..They could come in rags as long as they tell the Truth and speak up for Cayley…It doesnt matter what they wear…If they came dressed better would that make them speak the truth,I think not..There behavior and actions is what makes me angry and there not owning up to that there daughter did to Caylee…That is a big issue with me…


  27. Bozo, was as sincere in that feeble apology as he is with everything else in life. He had to be chastised like an imature adult that is challenaged in more ways the one.
    Then, it was still all about him, JP was nice enough to let it go this time.. No one respected him any more afterwards and wont ever. He is trying to allow a child murderer to go free for his own purposes. Now wouldnt it be the story in a lifetime if Casey Anthonys next victim would be Jose Baez?


  28. I am so tired of reading angry and inappropriate posts about the lawyers and everyone in this case. Where can I find a website or blog where adults discuss the case?


  29. It may take a big person to apologize, but, this in no way applies to Baez – it was a “must do” to the court. He has done a horrid job, a consensus of about everyone that knows anything about law. Some attorneys that are doing commentary for media are trying to be diplomatic and courteous, but, have nothing positive to say. You really don’t understand how the decorum in the court room works. Civility is required – it’s not a thing of breeding or being “a big person”

    Baloney on your take!


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