Casey Anthony Shocked As She Discovers Brother Lee Has Betrayed Her

Perhaps the most disgusting thing at the Casey Anthony hearing thus far  in my view was watching her brother Lee testify. His unkempt , unshaven, and disrespectful sloppy appearance was appalling. His picking at his ears and face as though he was squeezing a pimple was downright repulsive in my view.

His  inappropriate laughter, arrogance, and self entitlement spoke volumes . His testimony illustrated his arrogance and entitlement as he revealed  how he thought he knew better than law enforcement and took it upon himself to conduct his own “investigation.”

In reality, the investigation had more to do with endearing himself to having an apprenticeship with the Anthony’s  private investigator Dominic Casey. It had more to do with his letting police know that he was not changing sides  as he testified  at Casey’s bail hearing several years ago,  than it was about finding poor little Caylee.

Lee clearly fancied himself as some type of detective and relished in his contact with law enforcement and their discussions with him about his sociopathic sister.

Lee admitted on the stand that he in essence  lied to Casey  during the jailhouse tapes as he lead her to believe he was on her team,  when all the while he was about double cross her to get information.

It all makes perfect sense now when we look back at Lee’s behavior on the jailhouse tapes where he was acting “ large and in charge”

As Lee approached the stand, reporters stated that he waved at his sister., who in turn smiled a bright-eyed smile as  you see in the photo above. By the way, this is the last screen shot you will see of Casey smiling at Lee after she finds out what he was up to all along.

His wave reflected  Lee’s inappropriate behavior in the courtroom. The courtroom is one of the most serious places on this earth. It is no place for waves  and meet and greets.

As Lee begins to give his testimony, Casey listens attentively. Instinctively she begins to feel vulnerable as she clutches her throat, the most vulnerable part of our body. She is in essence feeling self protective.

Here we see one of the many times Lee is completely inappropriate with his laughter. When asked if  he knew that his father George was throwing up , he begins to laugh. It is a type of disconcerting  sadistic behavior on Lee’s part.

As the now  infamous  jailhouse tapes are reviewed we hear Lee say ” I don;t give a shit about Baez” to which Casey chuckles.

This is very crucial information about Casey who does not reach out to defend her attorney  with whom she has been flirting with all these years., Instead she goes along with Lee’s derogatory statement. It shows that she has no loyalty.


Apparently there is no loyalty with brother Lee either, In the above photo we see his lips purse as he holds back when asked if he LIED to Casey, pretending  that he was on her side in order to get information.

Lee squirms in his seat and swivels his chair around, He looks away as he ponders whether to lie or tell the truth. Since he is more concerned about his own skin than Casey’s we see him looking up and making the immediate decision to tell the truth.

He doesn’t want to sound too committed to his answer so he qualifies it with an ” I guess so.”  There was no guessing here. He clearly betrayed the brother sister bond he  once said was unbreakable.

When Casey hears this she is livid, Her lips are pursed and the muscles in her neck are strained. Her eyes glare as she flicks her hand in a gesture that she would like to slap Lee.

Cheney Mason is acutely aware of Casey’s immediate change in her demeanor. He does not want her to create a scene like yelling at Lee and cursing him. He wants her to remain in control so he tries to calm her to  reassure her in a comforting gesture by firmly placing his hand and cupping her shoulder.

Casey is livid, She looks down. Her jaw is tight with anger as we can see her clench her jaw and pull her lips forward in anger.

She looks down as she cannot bear to look at her once beloved brother whom she once called “the coolest brother in the world.”

Casey then looks up as she glares at her brother, She is angry beyond words when she discovers that he has betrayed her by working with law enforcement against her . Her anger is revealed body-language wise as you can she in the fist like position she holds her pen.

She places her fist-like hand up to her nose and mouth, , distorting the shape of her nose, This gesture seems to reflect a subconscious desire of  literally  punching Lee in the nose  and mouth for his betrayal.

Here we see Lee looking down and squirming in his seat as he doesn’t want to admit that he has been working with Corporal Edwards.

Here we see Lee very nervous about revealing that he has indeed been working with law enforcement in an attempt to trap his sister. We see him grab the skin on his neck as though he was squeezing a pimple. It is a form of self-mutilation as he knows he was doing something wrong in being double-faced towards his sister. It was painfully embarrassing for him to admit this in front of Casey.

Here we see Lee give a snide smirk and inappropriate laugh as he makes the inappropriate response that law enforcement felt they need to  ” keep your enemies close.” This is in reference to his discovering that law enforcement secretly videotaped him in a car during a conversation he had with Tony Lazarro.

Lee had been working with law enforcement to try and gather information up against his sister so he was rather surprised to hear that law enforcement didn’t trust him and put him under surveillance.

Lee could never be trusted int he eyes of law enforcement. As we discovered through his testimony,  Lee had the audacity to go into Jose Baez’ private area in his office where he kept privileged information about Casey’s case and copy some  receipts pertaining to the case. Lee then turned those receipts over to law enforcement and subsequently they were subpoenaed by the prosecution.

Lee had absolutely no right to do this. It was not his place. It clearly reflects  his inappropriate behavior , his entitlement, and how he has no boundaries whatsoever.

His thinking he is above the law and that he is the central figure in  information gathering for the case shows how delusional his thinking appears to be.

Lee is very uncomfortable with being outed as a betraying sneak. His discomfort can be seen as she suddenly leans forward and begins to fiddle with his fingers as he purses his lips and cocks his head to the side in embarrassment.

Casey is stunned as she goes from scribbling madly to glaring at her once trusted ally Lee, with whom she once shared a high five. She holds her pen in a position as one would hold a weapon as if to stab someone.  No doubt this is what she  must feel like doing to Lee.

Casey is angry as you can see by the tension in her lower jaw and by the fact that she has placed her thumb on her chin.

When Lee left the stand, there was no looking at Casey or mouthing the words “I love you” like he once did in the courtroom while he was on the stand . He simply walked by her as though she did not exist. She in turn kept her head down and ignored him as well.

When Judge Perry issued a five minute break and Casey was about to stand up, it was clear that she was pained and devastated by what she learned from Lee’s testimony.

She appeared to be in shock at her brother;s betrayal. As she began to stand up, it was as though she finally digested the gravity of the situation in terms of  how Lee was manipulating and deceiving her.



As we have learned from watching Casey over these past few years, she has spent a lifetime lying, cheating, deceiving, and betraying others.

She  constantly did this to her parents, her grandparents, and even to her best friend Amy Huizinga when she forged her checks. She did it to law enforcement when she sent them on a wild goose chase at Universal Studios where she no longer worked.

Now for the first time in her life she saw her own brother  lie, cheat, and betray her .

She never had any emotion when she did this to others but now that the shoe is on the other foot so to speak, she is both shocked and  livid.

We have just seen a glimpse of karmic justice served.



Lee apparently  had his own agenda. He loved that he was  having daily contact with law enforcement. It  most likely made him feel special and important,  when deep down he knew he was none of those things,  but rather a wanna be looser.

Lee was only concerned about himself and his future career as a private investigator and being sponsored and working under Dominic Casey.

Knowing this may very well  unravel the mystery as to who was on the other phone line talking to Dominic Casey and directing him as to where to find Caylee’s body in the woods.

Did Lee know where the body was?  Did he help put it there?  Anything is possible with this self entitled renegade who took law enforcement matters into his own hands in doing his own investigation.

Was Lee playing both sides? Did Casey finally confide in him that she did away with Casey? Did she tell him where she threw away Casey’s body?  Did he take matters into his own hands in an attempt to locate the body and  hide it in an even better place?

It is clear that his goal was not to help law enforcement to find Caylee as he said on the stand. His goal  obviously to help himself so that he would have a new career.

We have seen who Lee is as a person, based on his testimony. We have seen that he is a self absorbed, self  entitled individual with no boundaries and clearly no loyalty.

Watching him on the stand make one wonder if Casey was indeed telling the truth when she shared that Lee had sexually molested her when she was younger.  Did he feel self entitled to have his own sister sexually that he crossed those boundaries?

Since Casey has now  seen that there is no loyalty from her brother and that he essentially tried to dupe her and throw her under the bus, it would not surprise me if she began her act of revenge towards Lee.

Perhaps she will now file a legal claim against Lee for allegedly sexually molesting her when she was underage,  as there may not be a statute of limitations on a sexual crime.

If this is the case, and he is found guilty of sexually molesting his sister, he may very well  be joining his younger  sister behind bars.

If he is found to have anything to do with tampering with Caylee’s remains he may also possibly  find himself behind bars for that reason.

The fact that he had the audacity to go into an attorney’s private room where the attorney kept privileged information, and copy relevant material and turn it over to the opposing side says it all. It was not Lee’s business nor his place to do such an egregious thing.

I certainly hope that Jose Baez , who by the way  did an great job questioning Lee on the stand in uncovering the truth, will hold Lee accountable for his actions and prosecute him to the full extent of the law for tampering with and stealing evidence.

Both Anthony children need to know they are not above the law and that they will have to pay a huge price for their actions.








41 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Shocked As She Discovers Brother Lee Has Betrayed Her

  1. My first impression when I saw Lee on television yesterday was that he looks like a thug.

    I also wonder, body language-wise, whether the photo of Lee and Casey, with her squeezing his arm and resting her chin on his shoulder would be out of the norm for a young woman who claims this person molested her. I’ve always thought if there was some type of incest between the two of them it was a mutual thing. Just my opinion.


  2. I respectfully disagree about Lee. I thought Lee was truthful on the stand. Especially when he admitted that he might have been lying to Casey. And the reason he was possibly lying was because he truly was trying to find out all that he could to find Caylee. Yesterday was not easy for Lee.

    I don’t think Lee ever touched Casey. Casey is a freakin liar. I think Casey made it up to avoid the death penalty. She’s just like Scott Peterson,: a spoiled, vindictive b*tch. She’s probably an eraser killer.

    I hope that Lee’s future is not bleak, but graced with an abundance of good fortunes.


  3. Lee in fact did smile at Casey and said “I love you” as he walked out, I actually heard the whisper through the sound on my computer. In Sessions just now played the scene again. Lee smiled and said I love you to Casey


  4. Dr Glass Yes, he looked awful and was not dressed appropriately for court. Knowing that this is his style of dress we have to accept it and move on to what was substantive, compelling and consistent. Did anything he say change from 2.5 years ago? It was clear yesterday that his primary goal on July 16, 2008 was to help find Caylee. In his first taped phone conversation he let her know that Caylee was his primary focus, Casey was next, Mom was next…etc

    He’s answering questions, reflecting on past answers and understands what the stakes are for his sister. He has a fine lawyer and I’m sure he understood the consequences of engaging in illegal behavior during a death investigation. He’s not lying for Casey anymore but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. He has come a long way since the ZFG days.


  5. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you for your analysis!

    I despise KC, her parents and her brother! They all don’t know how to behave in court and feel they are above the Law.

    In midst of this dysfunctional family Caylee had not a chance! She was long forgotten by those who should be searchign for justice for her!

    Nothing the Anthony’s does are their fault, they are always pointing their fingesr at somebody else! Disgusting! I have no sympathy for any of them!

    I agree with you that KC is going to start her revenge plans, I believe she already had this in mind to save her own skin… KC is loyalty to KC!!! She has detached herself from her family, she has never she one tear for Caylee, she is evil!

    In my opinion jurors will see through her in trial, her demeanor will her her sentencing! Cold callous person!

    Yesterday, you may have seen KC showed no mercy towards George when JB was questioning her father which by the way, I thought JB had no need to make George to cry, it was a dirty trick. I have no sympathy for George but this was uncalled for, in my humble opinion.

    JB and KC are made from the same cloth!

    LE did a wonderful job trying to find Caylee and all they get now is being put through this ridiculous questioning! KC NEVER reported her daughter missing, her mother did “31” days after!!!

    KC is going to squirm in trial and I believe justice will be served for little Caylee.

    I am sorry if I sound bitter… but this case is so ridiculous! JB should have encouraged KC to plead but he went for his glory! Both are narcissistic to me.

    Thank you Mrs. Glass!


    1. Totally agree. Couldn’t have said it better. As I said on another blog, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more unlikeable family than the A’s.


    1. HI Venice: despite their efforts to appear super human over the last few years, the A-tribe are now being forced to face their humanity. I wonder by the time the trial is over whether G, C and L will bond or be so absorbed in protecting their individual rear ends that they turn on each other.

      Maybe G blabbers so much in court because he’s not allowed to speak at home! I recommend he save the dress/lipstick for his own obstruction trial so he can go the insanity route!


  6. It was mentioned in an article on WFTV that during the time her mother was testifying about Law Enforcement’s ‘dislike’ for Baez, that Casey place her hand on his leg under the table. Any thoughts on that?


    1. I would have to see it to analyze it. It may have been a reassuring gesture or it could have been a sexual gesture. I would need to see it in context. I would need to see the type of touch, where the touch was located and the length of time her hand was there. Casey knows that her every move is scrutinized so she may have thought that no one saw what she as doing because it as under the table.


  7. I REALLY like what you are saying here.
    It opens up my eyes.
    I appreciate your genius!
    thank you, I don’t always agree with you, but I sure do here!


  8. Lee Anthony’s dark presence is scary – he is a sociopath, his sister has graduated to psychopath.
    Dark presence with troll ears —–
    Lee will be the next on on trial – maybe George goes first – but we won’t have heard the end of the Anthony Family after the sadistic killer of a helpless child sits on deathrow.


  9. Lee did mouth the words “I love you” to Casey when he left the courtroom. She didn’t even look up. It’s obvious after Cindy’s rude, controlling behaviour in the courtroom that she is the cause of the dysfunction and evil in this family. And George being a caspar-milquetoast didn’t help things.


  10. Cindy and George Anthony were, almost from the outset, immune to the truth because they managed to distort reality to make it conform to thier idea of what it should be. “Casey had to have had help.” “Caylee knew Zanny”. “She talked about her dog.” Lee can no longer say, “I believe everything my sister says.”

    Now the job ahead is the long road to forgiveness and redemption and accepting the fact that Casey will never tell them what happened to Caylee. She will be desocialized within a year of her incarceration and they had better come to understand that the Casey they love will only get sicker.


  11. Thank you Dr. Glass

    What is your take on the convicted felon furiously writing? Is it to “save face” knowing this will be broadcast on TV? Does she not realize that everybody knows she is a high school drop out and not a legal assistant? And I noticed when something very incriminating is being discussed, Baez, Mason and Casey always have their little laugh sessions, as if to say…….none of what they are saying is even important enough to listen. I think it’s a coping mechanism for all three.


  12. I always love checking out your site and seeing your input on the Anthony case and other high profile cases. I don’t ordinarily disagree with you, but i will with your last posting.

    I don’t think Lee was acting as an agent for law enforcement – I think he felt he was acting as an agent for his family. And I think that began just after the 2nd 911 call, when he got KC to talk to him. I truly feel Lee felt if there was someone in the family who could possibly save the day and find out what was going on, it would be Lee. Remember, it was Lee that Cindy called on July 3rd to search for KC at the clubs when she didn’t bring Caylee to her as KC promised (this is the same day as Cindy’s “My Caylee is Missing” MySpace post). So I think Lee did his own so-called investigation (everyone in the Anthony family went a lil’ rogue around that time) – but I believe Lee knew KC did something to Caylee. And he would deceive KC for the benefit of the family. Yes, his courtroom decorum is horrible and I think he gives out nervous laughs, but I also think he and the family are preconditioned to KC’s screwups -it’s become a macabe running joke. The pregnancy that wasn’t during Cindy’s brother’s wedding. Being caught with Jesse in her room. Supposedly depositing George’s check in bank and the fake receipt. Stealing granddad’s retirement home rent money. And God knows other stuff that didn’t come out. Lee’s used to it. And despite the fact that this is way more serious, he’s conditioned to it all. If Lee doesn’t know how to properly respond, you can blame the family. Lee was inappropriate in the courtroom and he may have betrayed KC, but whatever he did, he probably did it for the family.

    PS – speaking of betrayal, I’m sure he had the jailhouse letters, where KC accused him and George of sexually molesting her, in the back of his mind when he gave his testimony. A lil’ E Tu Brute among siblings, you think?


  13. I was in the courtroom during this testimony and when Lee was asked if he was telling Casey the truth or if he lied to her, Casey, looking at Lee, mouthed the word LIED in a big way, it was drawn out. She was livid. That’s when Lee put his head down and said he had lied to her.

    And as stated above, he did say I love you Casey as he passed her leaving the stand.


  14. Dr. Glass,

    I read your analysis only to see your opinion to especially the Anthony Case. However do you not know how to SPELL CHECK???
    CONSISTENTLY you have WRONG spelling, at times, information such as – Casey throwing Casey in the woods??? It is CAYLEE that was thrown in the woods.

    Lee is a loser, YES. What is a looser?? You used that word to describe him.

    I have yet to read an article that is error free!!!

    Have you ever thought of a Ghost Writer? If not, consider this a favor, for future articles.

    Knowledge is a good thing. Conveying that knowledge clearly, without error is truly a wonderful gift.

    Analyse that!!


  15. Have you ever heard of a wonderful website

    Your enteries are CONSISTENTLY filled with spelling errors and sometimes, wrong information. For instance, Casey did not throw Casey into the woods, it was CAYLEE. Also, what is a looser? I would agree that Lee is a loser.

    Certainly someone with a PhD. should at least check for errors, No?


  16. Ah, moderation. I don’t expect to see my comment on your blog. However, why not take the advice, it is free. Come on, you are a professional. Watch and check your errors, spelling or content.



  17. When casey touched baez on the knee it was not “under” the table. it was in clear view & is on camera. something negative had been said about baez & she reached over & touched/rubbed his leg right above the knee for a second. those 2 are very comfortable physically with each other. he didn’t even flinch when she did this & received it as endearing right there in the middle of the courtroom.


  18. It was my impression from Lee that he would have decided at the time whether he would turn over any new or pertinent information supplied to him by casey that no one else had. I think he said it would have depended on what it was. I do not think it was his intention to dupe her or try to take her down but to get any kind of info about what happened to Caylee.


  19. I too would like analysis on all of her writing & reading of scripts. She seems to be “hiding” doing that when the talk is about something uncomfortable or (the person) is threatening to her. I noticed that when the 2 corrections guards were there she sat up & looked at them thru out their testimony. they were not threatening to her as they only talked about the letters.


  20. Dr Glass-If we listen to Lee’s voice during the early jailhouse phone calls we hear a very determined person-someone who is not smiling or slumped in his chair, but sitting upright and articulate. He was on a mission. Casey mentioned to her mother the next time she saw her that she did not want Lee asking her anymore questions. When asked by George who she wanted to speak to alone she clearly did not want to speak to Lee.

    Casey can smile, feel emotional and look like she loves her brother but it is predicated on “what can you do for me”. George knows this and so does Cindy. They all know she killed Caylee. Casey knows they are all in pain and deep emotional distress over what she has done and what they have to do in court. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t understand love or attachment. She understand money, sex and getting what she wants without ever having to earn it. Work-that’s a dirty four letter word.

    Both parents know how sick Casey really is. Lee certainly knows. He’s not spending 5 minutes in prison for Casey. He may not have the emotional maturity or the willingness to do what his mother says, “Put on a nice shirt and tie, shave and tell LDB that you are emotionally at your lowest every time you don’t want to tell the truth.” Ya, right Ma.


  21. I agree some are jumping of the “Lee has changed” bandwagon. But he’s still a creep who I always thought was on the other end of the cell phone when the other creep “PI Dominic Casey” was in the woods on Suburban Dr. with a metal rod frantically tearing thru garbage bags trying to locate Caylle’s remains to move them.

    Lee is about as trusting & honest as whore face Casey.


  22. Casey learned after the fact that SHE couldn’t trust Lee because he was honest. Lee turned on Casey. He has values even if he has a nervous laugh and looks like a slob.

    I’d trust Lee Anthony any day before I would trust a snake in a suit. Lee cut his losses but not his ties as her brother. He knows she is heartless.


  23. I must comment on George’s hesitation on the stand when answering if he would do anything for his daughter. I’m wondering about those allegations by Casey of abuse by George (which I don’t believe). Do you think that the A family thinks there is hope of avoiding the death penalty or even more if an allegation of this sort were not denied? I’m sure they strategize constantly and will stop at nothing…..even sacrificing George’s rep. She came up with this on her own and they may think this will garner sympathy from the jury.
    George took too long to answer that question imho……as though he did it resignedly. Yes….No?


    1. I think there is enough empirical data to support a mental health defense. There is research to support the fact that she suffers from a sever affective deficit. She is morally insane (“insanity without dilirium” Pinel) and perhaps they can somehow weave a sympathetic (ouch!) understanding of who Casey is. They can say that her impulsivity and the inability to control herself were the real reasons she killed Caylee. They could also say that she loved her. It’s a long shot but perhaps teachers, relatives, friends and family can present Casey’s antisocial behavior in ways that make jurors think twice about the death penalty.

      I don’t believe for a moment that Lee or George molested Casey. She is an opportunist and will use anyone and everyone to get what she wants. She had to find someone who wanted something in return for telling her lies.

      That person was Ms Adams. She passed the lies onto Silvia H. Bingo!




  24. Casey Athony killed her baby and she should pay for it with her life. If I was allowed to kill her I would take her to the outback in Austrila and let her get bitten by a inland tapian with her mouth and feet bound and covered with duct tape. ROT IN HELL CASEY ANTHONY !!!!!!


  25. How do you think Lee felt when Casey said he tried to molest her? I think he is heartbroken and his attitude and appearance shows it! He has really aged. Look at all the grey hair!


  26. This article is so speculative, dramatic, misleading and in some cases just not true. Others have commented that Lee did indeed tell Casey he loved her as he walked past her as an example, but that wouldn’t fit as nicely into your version of the story. Maybe he is unshaven, unkempt and sloppy because he lost a niece he loved and is about to lose his sister. Maybe after going through this nightmare for years he simply just doesn’t care about how he looks in court? Maybe he is pulling on his face and laughing because he is a broken man and he is nervous? It is your blog, so obviously your right to pose your interpretations, but I just wanted to let you know, after watching the same video tapes and testimony that you watched, I came to entirely different conclusions.


  27. The videos of casey were not from the trial but of a pre trial hearing.
    get your facts straight “professional body language expert”


    1. Soun ds like you are either Cindy or Casey as why else would you care and write me years after the trial You or your daughter was found not guilty so let it rest and move on to something else in your life. If you are going to be angry, don;t take it out on my blog, take it out on the fact that your daughter or granddaughter is dead and the last person to see her was allegedly you or your daughter.Body language wise there were a lot of signals of deception I observed throughout the trial with you Cindy and we all know that you Casey were a myriad of constant lies. Bugt in the USA you are free to roam the streets and are not behind bars because of a jury’s decision and a very likeable defense lawyer when compared to the prosecution lawyer. Your daughter or grand daughter is dead. She can never grow up. She can never graduate from kindergarten, grade school ort high school or go to college. She can never marry and she can never wrap her arms around you. Be mad at that not at some body language blog. be angry at the person who was the last to see Cayless not me.


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