Casey Anthony’s Fake Tears When Cindy Takes The Stand and Casey’s Obvious Snub When Cindy Leaves

When Cindy Anthony took the stand, despite what the media has  stated, Casey Anthony DID NOT CRY and was NOT emotional. Instead, she faked her tears and any semblance of emotion as you will see in the documented photo account below. Before Cindy even spoke Casey was doing her manipulative boo hoo act devoid of tears.

In the photos below you will see Casey wipe away her non tears and immediately recover from her fake tear crying expression which is indicative of someone faking it.

She only did her boo hoo act for 7 minutes that Cindy was first ont he stand and then she got angry, You will see the flashes of anger appear on Casey’s face as Cindy gave her testimony.

Casey  mostly exhibited her  usual blank facial expression as Cindy spoke . When she wasn’t glancing at Cindy, she was busy writing with her red pen to match her form-fitting V necked red pullover.

The most telling thing which revealed how Casey really felt about Cindy was when Cindy left the stand and walked past Casey as she left the courtroom.  Cindy turned to sneak a peek at Casey while Casey completely ignored her and continued to write.  There is clearly no love lost as far as how Casey feels about Cindy as demonstrated by this incident.

Before the proceedings began, Casey starts her grooming behavior as she dusts herself off.

Even though her hair is pulled back away from her fact and out of her reach in  a pony tail tied at the back, Casey still manages to fiddle with her hair as part of her grooming ritual.

As Cindy takes the stand , she turns around to sneek a peek  at Casey. Since we haven;t seen Cindy in the media for a while we can see the dramatic changes in her  puffier physical appearance and how this case has obviously taken a toll on her.

Before Cindy even spoke, Casey stated in with some fake tear wiping where she practically sticks her thumb into  the corner of her eye in an attempt to irritate it so perhaps a tear will emerge.

Here we see Casey trying her best to conjure up some emotion, It’s not coming so she bites her lip in an attempt to look as though she is sad and upset but she fails miserably. If she was really crying  the corners of her lips would be coursing toward not straight across as you see here, Adding to that fake emotional expression is that her eyes are not squinted as one does when they cry,  but  instead opened wide. Her raised forehead also  illustrates the fakeness. When one cries the forehead is not raised, Instead, it is lowered.

Casey shows no sadness or emotion on her face that would indicate crying, However she wipes away fake tears from both of her cheeks.

Here Casey tries her best to fake the cry but there are no tears. When one cries tears always appear.  No doubt she has used this fake crying expression throughout her life to manipulate Cindy to try to get what she wanted.   Her hand is covering her cheek to catch a  fake non tear.

Here is the immediate tearless wipe as she attempts to wipe a non teary non runny nose.

There is a too quick and immediate recovery from the teary expression above which occurred in a millisecond . This  indicates fakeness,She is pursing her lips which indicate falseness and deception in terms of what she is attempting to do- cry real tears of emotion.

Her is more bad tearless acting on Casey’s part, Note how she presses two fingers up under her right eye in an attempt to press out a tear. People who cry real tears cry bilaterally, not with one eye at a time.

Casey immediately wipes away non tears from her other eye. As I said, people do not cry and tear one eye at a time. There were no tears on either eye.

Here we see Casey examining her non tear . Note her blank  non emotional facial expression which is NOT indicative of a person who is showing real and genuine  emotion.

Now we really see Casey’s false attempt to show her  emotions as she examines a fake non tear which clearly did not land in the palm of her hand.Once again, note her blank unemotional expression and she focuses on the non tear in the palm of her hand.

Here we see how Casey really feels about Cindy. WE see a true leakage of her genuine emotion of ANGER as she listens to her mother’s testimony. Note the tension in the jaw at the side of her face. Look at her eyes as they glare at her mother . Look at her angry pursed lips and the tight muscles around them which clearly  indicate disdain.

Within milliseconds Casey shifts into her blank emotional facial expression as she begins to write on her legal pad.

As Cindy says on the stand that she cried and put her head in her husbands chest, Casey looks up , wide eyed with blank emotion. This is the part where she should have been crying. She should have been crying and showing some empathy when her mother said she was crying. But Casey clearly has no feelings or empathy towards her mother. She may  very well not have empathy for anyone.

When Cindy was  asked if she was the one who brought the officers into her house,  Casey detaches by staring vacantly  at her non tear that she is now squeezing between her two fingers. This is the part that she should have been showing emotion. This was the turning point in her life- when her mother invited the police whom she called into her home.Instead Casey is inappropriately devoid of emotion.

Casey manages a hair grooming gesture 27 minutes into her mother’s testimony. She has now completely detached from Cindy as she continues to write.

AS Cindy speaks of the offers arriving at her house Casey leaks out an expression of disdain as she glances up at her mother. Note the tight lipped appearance indicating anger.

We see Casey scribbling on her legal pad for  45 minutes into the trial and  barely looking up at her mother.

Now her is where we really see how Casey feels about Cindy. Cindy is clearly conflicted. On the one hand she needs to answer every question honestly and openly. On the other hand she apparently has some feelings towards Casey. AS she leaves the stand and walks in front of Casey.  She turns her face and body towards Casey with the hopes that Casey will look up and acknowledge her. If you look at the right corner of the screen you will see that Casey’s head is down as she refuses to acknowledge her mother’s presence.

This would have been a perfect opportunity a perfect moment where both of their eyes could have met and smiles or even real tears  could have been exchanged, But Casey was having none of it. She refused to even look at Cindy.

It showed passive aggressive anger on Casey’s part.


A while back I wrote a blog where it looked at though Casey was genuinely happy when one of her lawyers was getting sworn in.

In retrospect after observing this current video I can say that Casey was  most likely not happy for anyone else but herself. Perhaps she was amused  by the incident or perhaps she was happy because now there would be  yet another person to visit her in jail to break up up her boredom.

At the time  I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt that perhaps she may have had  some compassion and feelings for someone else other than herself.

But watching her now at a time where genuine  emotion and compassion were  warranted when her mother took the stand I see a much clearer picture of Casey.

I see  how devoid she is of compassion, empathy and  genuine emotion when her mother took the stand. I see the fake manipulative crocodile tears which convince me  that Casey appears to be devoid of genuine emotion and may very well be a sociopath.



20 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Fake Tears When Cindy Takes The Stand and Casey’s Obvious Snub When Cindy Leaves

  1. Good morning Dr. Glass,
    I just wanted to let you know that I check this blog daily for updates! I’m in university for Nursing, and I’ve learned so much about body language, stuff that I’ve been able to use in my clinical practise. From posture to eye contact to even sensing a dynamic between a patient and their spouse.. The human body never lies!
    This was another fascinating analysis! Someone should just link this blog to the judge on this case – it would save everyone a lot of trouble hah.
    Keep up the great work,


  2. For Goodness Sakes ma’am, have some compassion for the Anthony family and even for Casey. The alleged “heartless one” sincerely broke down because she hasn’t seen her mother in over 2 1/2 years in person and now we find out on JVM’s Show that NOT ALL VISITS BETWEEN INMATES AND THEIR VISITORS ARE INDEED TAPED AUTOMATICALLY, BUT MUST BE REQUESTED BY THE OCSO…& they did in their zeal to convict Casey of murder without the proper evidence!! We’re starting to see just how weak the State of Florida’s Case is AGAINST CASEY, instead of the other way around.

    IMO, Asst. State Attorney Linda Drane-Burdick was VERY, VERY disrespectful, insensitive and quite ogre-ish in the way she cross-examined and even interacted with George & Cindy Anthony today…two people WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DISAPPEARANCE, DEATH OR DISPOSAL OF THEIR ONLY, PRECIOUS, TODDLER GRAND DAUGHTER.

    Did Ms. Drane-Burdick forget that Cindy & George are victims too & are still painfully grieving the loss of their little angel while LIVING thru the egregious prosecution of Casey?

    DO YOU HATE HER? {Casey}


    1. It appears she’s a classic sociopath. She recoverd too quickly but I think she was shocked to see her mother’s appearance for she aged, gained lots of weight and this took the prisoner by surprise.
      You say LE didn’t have enough evidence to convict her, are you serious??? Not one piece of credible information came out of a mother who’s child was allegedly missing. Caylee was always a deceased child, never truly missing for the prisoner knew where she put her. Too much evidence found with Caylee’s remains that link right back to the prisoner and they home where they both resided. The 31 days of not reporting an allegedly missing child, is one of, if not the most important clue that she did something to Caylee. If big IF, an accident occured, one call to 911 and she might not have faced the DP…she did this all to herself by not telling the truth. I actually don’t know if she knows how to tell the truth, she is so engrossed in lies, she might not be able to tell the difference. Her indifference to her parents are all due to her feeling they loved Caylee more than her and that Caylee was the most important person. The prisoner is very immature for her age, she didn’t want to be a parent and the end result is?????JMHO

      Justice for Caylee


      1. i agree with you linda i don think she loved her kid adn she didn’t want to a be a parent because every paretn protects their child and would go not even and hour with their child missing and not calling 911 and she waited 32 32 days what kind of mother she is she’s more like a monster. I have a daughter and i would never dare to hurth her.
        justice for Caylee 🙂


    2. So what if she hates her? Who wouldn’t hate a mother who doesn’t report her small child missing and instead goes out partying?

      I completely agree with this blog entry. I, too, have noticed Casey constantly pushing and poking at her face. I see the way she takes a tissue and veeeeeeeeeery sloooooooooowly wipes it agrees her cheek. In the process of all this messing with her face she is making her face red and therefore making it look more like she is crying when she isn’t. It is annoying to see someone wiping away nonexistant tears. It’s like all of her childish head shaking; you see it happening and you can’t ignore it.


  3. Dr Glass-It’s hard for any one of us to understand who a psychopath is. Here is a story I read written by one of Dr Hare’s researchers. It’s not a true story just an example of psychopathic speech and unchecked psychopathic behavior.

    People on a busy street are looking around and trying to find the direction of a woman who is screaming. Some people are running and many, even the psychopath run in their direction. They all come upon a woman who has been thrown to the curb. Blood is everywhere. Many start crying and others call 911. When the psychopath looks down at the blood he turns to a fellow stranger and says, “Look, we’re stepping in blood and it’s ruining my new shoes.”


  4. Dr. Glass , I must say I fell for Casey’s Act and honestly thought she was showing real Emotions when Cindy Anthony took the Stand.
    How silly of me thinking Casey actually would show any kind of Emotion for any one but herself.
    It seems like the only real Emotions I see from Casey toward other People is Anger/Disgust unless she was still out partying, that’s when we see her happy.
    Thanks Dr. Glass for explaining to us very clearly what was going on with Casey’s Demeanor at Wednesday’s Hearing.
    It is very interesting say the least!


  5. If someone had a chance to ask Casey why she rubs Mr Mason’s arm and smiles adorningly at Mr Baez, she would more than likely say, “I’m a caring person.”


  6. dr glass i’m so glad you give your insight into this.. i thought kc recovered way to quick to for any emotion to be genuine….
    i would love for you to give insight into georges body lanuage… seems like he was send out lots of messages with his facial expressions and gestures..


  7. Wow,, Thanks Dr Glass.. you are spot on ,,, or right on… you have called it…. Thanks sooo much.. I almost thought the inmate was crying,, but then it disappeared so quick.. and then it was a return to normal…… I was only confirmed that it was fake, when poor cindy walked by the inmate trying to connect …. but, inmate dug her face into the legal pad and ignored her mother….Even then , I did not know what to make of this situation… until you explained it with your expertise…

    You , Dr Glass can articulate these sights sooo well ,,,, thanks so much…


  8. Joe- Casey never had any intention of telling her parents where Caylee was on July 16, 2008. Two and a half years later nothing much has changed. She ignores her parents and mocks them in her own way-not looking up at them when they walk out of the courtroom. But that does not mean she has no feelings for them. She’s working her magic on them each and every day she sits in jail. We don’t know what goes on in that pitiful mind of hers but we can imagine the lengths she will go to secure her freedom.

    Why is she ignoring them? Casey needs to maintain an air of hostility towards her Mom and Dad because she will use them to get what jurors may not give her-life.

    She will crush them.


  9. It is not fake tears. In most of the photos she is trying to stop herself from crying. It is her odd way of crying. There is no reason to fake anything, her life is already over and justifiably so. This article is too paranoid though.


  10. Im appalled that theres people out there who have any sympathy for Casey Anthony whatsoever. Did she have sympathy for her daughter before she killed her? I think not. Casey has proved time and again that she is a FAKE person only out for herself, no matter who she has to kick down.


    1. yes i agree she is fake and she cares less of who she hurts she didn’t care of hurting her own child what makes us think she cares for the rest of the people they shouldn’t even have a trial for they should just take her straight to jail were she belongs justice for caleey


  11. Great article, Dr. Glass!

    I couldn’t believe how badly she snubbed her parents and Lee. She was shaking her head in disgust as well when they brought up Robyn Adams, who she probably also felt “betrayed her” by not flushing her letters.

    I think in her own mind she has this “circle of trust” and she won’t forgive anyone who she feels betrayed her confidence although she repeatedly betrays the confidence of others who put their trust in her and gave her the benefit of a doubt. She’ll hold that grudge forever. It seems Jose is the only person she feels is really on her side.

    Everyone else cares too much about Caylee. Just shows how selfish she is.


  12. The tears aren’t fake. Most of the time she is trying to stop herself from crying. And yes she has an oddball way of crying. There is no point to fake anything-her life is already over, deservedly so.


  13. Casey’s tears are soooooooooooo fake it is unreal-literally, and it does not take a psychologist to figure this out. This is an excellent break-down with pics illustrating how fake Casey’s emotions are. Sadly, there are jurors who will probably be swayed by her fake emotions. I wish Dr. Glass could take the stand and educate the jury on this subject!


  14. Hard to believe this girl, Casey. I didnt think someone like her existed. her fake tear wiping and grooming herself irritate me to no end. I’d like to hear what you get from George’s body language regarding the abuse. I think he may have abused her, but not covered up a drowning.


  15. Has anyone noticed how Casey opens her mouth when she fake-cries? Sometimes when people actually cry, they open their mouth, probably because the nasal passages are swollen and make breathing through the nose difficult. But Casey drops her jaw every so often for a second or two and then shuts her mouth like people who really cry. Just like the super-slow wiping of the fake tears, examining the fake tears on fingers and tissues, etc. All part of the show…manipulate, manipulate, manipulate. She never stops!


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