Charlie Sheen‘s Agitated Body Language Reflects He May Be A Danger to Himself and Others


After analyzing Charlie Sheen’s body language for CBS’s “Insider” today  I can clearly see that Charlie is overly consumed with anger and hostility which I believe will eventually destroy him unless he gets out of his denial and gets some professional help.

 His vebally  attacking statements and self-aggrandizement, rapid staccato speech patterns,  harsh glottal vocalizations,  agitated facial expressions with furrowed brow and wide-eyed stare, and  constant body movements,  reflect a man who in my view,  is  either on some type of  drug that has altered his behavior or he  possibly has a psychological condition that reflects  his aberrant behavior.

 Based on Charlie Sheen’s body language his arrogance appears to be in full bloom. His outward expansive movements show that he thinks he is in control of the situation.

 His disheveled hair and his   smoking a cigarette during one of his interviews with the  cigarette even  dangling from his lips as he spoke, shows that he could care less about his public  image.

 Besides his bizarre speech which was intended to “shock”  the main thing I noticed which was disturbing  was Charlie Sheen’s voice pattern . It was harsh and raspy which is often an indicator that a person may be doing self-destructive acts which tend to injure the vocal apparatus, like   smoking, drinking and drugging excessively.

 While his bulging wide-eyed look and  furrowed brow, and lip pursing   showed constant  anger and arrogance , his  lip licking and  shoulder shrugs reflected that he may have been posturing as  deep down, he really didn’t believe everything he was saying.

This was particularly evident when he said that CBS could have to pay  him 3 million per episode if they wanted him back. It is clear that he knew his demand was   ridiculous, but it was his way of baiting and instigating and pouring verbal fuel on the fire.  

 There is no doubt that Charlie Sheen is so  out of control and that he may be a danger not only to himself but to those around him. There is no doubt that with all of his pent-up anger that he could possibly cause bodily harm to someone .

In observing his behavior it is easy to see what he allegedly did to his ex wife Brooke Mueller and to numerous women who have accused him of physical violence throughout the years.


While he didn’t take a physical shot at his nemesis and producer Chuck Lorre , he certainly took a verbal shot at him by outing his Hebrew name which he changed, Haim Levin. Many in Hollywood believe this was an anti Semitic act on Charlie’s part which Charlie in turn denied. No matter how hard Charlie denies it, many feel that it was hitting below the belt and spoke volumes as it was a hostile attempt to degrade Chuck for changing his  Jewish sounding name. Ironically, Charlie did the same thing by changing his own name – Carlos Estevez to Charlie Sheen in order to make it sound less Latino.  


Perhaps no one knows what havoc  Charlie may be capable of doing better than his longtime publicist  of  seven years, Stan Rosenfeld. Personally, I  have known Stan for decades. Stan is one of the finest men with a great deal of decency and respectability. For him to  abruptly drop and abandon Charlie  is HUGE!

 Stan being the ultimate diplomat didn’t trash Charlie. He merely stated,

“I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much. However, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”.

But that didn’t stop Charlie who secured his own publicity by appearing on ABC the Today Show TMZ and on Pierce Morgan. In each interview he appeared to get angrier and angrier, trashing everyone from his father to CBS, to Chuck Lorre to John Stamos, to Stan Rosenfeld. When he learned Stan quit, he ranted that it was he who fired Stan.  

He even said that he was going to sue CBS for  320 million dollars “mental anguish.” Based on what I have seen of Charlie’s behavior, it seems that CBS could easily file a countersuit as Charlie  has caused them an equal amount of  “mental anguish” if not more.

It is sad to witness  a man who was once  at the top of his game as an actor begin to fall so rapidly. His arrogant and hostile words and bizarre statements  are not endearing him to fans. He thinks that fans will rally behind him but they won’t . In fact they are quickly turning against him. They see his arrogance, self-aggrandizement, (being on a drug called Charlie Sheen)  and entitlement and they don’t like it one bit.

Charlie’s overinflated opinion of himself will be his biggest downfall. He will quickly learn that he is replaceable  and that he is not a powerful as he thinks when it comes to battling a network.  It will be a rude awakening when he sees that fans will not rally behind him.  

 Based on what I have observed speech,voice, and body language wise I don’t have a lot of confidence that Charlie’s outcome will be good. He has said that he would never take medication when asked if he was bipolar. He said he was not bipolar but rather  bi-winning. He bragged about his drug intake and said he was proud of the way he partied.  If he doesn;t stop his self destruction he  will  up  doing  something to himself  that can never be repaired.  He has also  alienated a lot of people and burned many bridges that likewise can never be repaired. Sorry Charlie- that’s the sad and  brutal truth!


12 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen‘s Agitated Body Language Reflects He May Be A Danger to Himself and Others

  1. Great article, Dr. Glass…I was hoping you’d write something about him. I saw Sheen on the Piers Show. I do not like Sheen’s private life at all, but I also don’t think I should know about it. This is one upside down world where the teachers have to take to the street to get a “normal” pay and health benefits while this guy is getting MILLIONS per episode while living his Caligula life. Even NOW Sheen profits all the more (getting paid for these appearances too). I wish we could go back in time when “stars” hid their debauchery. I agree with you, that Sheen seems like a ticking time bomb. He is Mel-Gibson-izing himself and though I understood much of what he was driving at in his interview with Piers (the “civil liberties” issue) it is plain that what he calls his “passion” is a manic mental state. I wouldn’t care at all…except I think the is so selfish he is not thinking at all about his children. Everyone deserves a “decent” Father. Mine was a fall down drunk too, and that information marked me forever. One thing, however, I believe despite my father’s flaws, he was still a better man than Charlie Sheen…because I didn’t have to spend any time whatsoever being raised by hookers. Bless him for that.


  2. I believe Charlie Sheen is suffering from bipolar disorder or he could have wacked his system out of sync with that binge. He’s lost lots of weight and his erratic behaviors worry me. He could be suffering from some form of thyroid disease as well. All the drugs he’s done, and he’s got the money to do whatever he wants, he definately did some damage to his body. He should go for extreme testing to see what is wrong.

    I love the show and all the actors compliment each other and will it still work if the writers replace Charlie??

    He’s in huge denial and he’s being hostile and angry for feeling disrespected but it was HE who started this. His producers were very concerned with his mental health, which is why they took this hiatus. Instead of demeaning the writer, CLorre, he should have been groveling on his knees and beg for forgiveness, and the show could go on. I feel his physical appearance is what is also putting the show on hold.

    I’ve never seen this behavior from Charlie Sheen before but he truly thinks he can call the shots and demand a raise. He’s very much proved how conceited he is with his larger than life portrayal of himself. He is being very egocentric thinking he is the one who makes the show. His arrogance will get him shelved for a very long time. He shouldn’t think of suing anyone, for it was due to his alleged drug use that put him in this situation. He should accept responsiblity for it and not blame others.
    He is truly acting bizarre and I noticed he still has young woman in his company who have been waiting on him hand and foot. They aren’t telling him the truth about himself and probably tell him what he wants to hear…
    It also appears to me Charlie has multiple addictions (Drugs, alcohol and sex) which need to be sorted out before he hurts himself or someone. He might even loose visits with his children if they are in harms way.
    I hope his father steps up and gets Charlie the help he desperately needs. He claims he’s all cured, in a blink of an eye, but I see his mind racing a thousand miles a second. Something mentally happened to him, unless this is how he is. I see his thoughts racing all over the place and he needs to get himself together before he is lost forever. He might feel slighted but he did this to himself. While he always showed up for work and on time, his physical appearance is not what the public needs to see. He’s lost too much weight and he needs to get healthy. He needs rehab..maybe Dr. Drew can get him to see how desperately he needs help. JMHO
    I pray for Charlie Sheen and his children…I do hope someone can get to this man before death does…It’s been said that maybe John Stamos could replace Charlie. It that ever happens, the series will not go over well, IMO..I know I tune in for Charlie but all the actors make the show, it’s not just Charlie but he is the huge name people tune in for. I want to see him as he was before, maybe 40 lbs heavier…JMHO


  3. Charlie surely has the CLASSIC symptoms of bi-polar/manic depression. Charlie with his two “Godesses”, one being a porn ‘star’ is really disturbing too. To see his twin babies being held by these women made me sick. I am sorry, but if they were mine, there is no way they would be in that environment at all. Not until Charlie got some much needed help that he obviously needs. Not sure what his ex is thinking. I am sure Denise Richards is not allowing her daughters to be there. I don’t know, but this is just such a sick situation.

    The arrogance and way overly inflated ego will get him totally without any job. Who would insure this guy for a film or series? If I were Lorre, he would be gone, lawsuit or not. He has put so many people out of work by this selfish and addictive behavior. It is very sad to see. His teeth have even fallen out. He looks horrible. I watched his program now and then, but I think it could very well survive without him. There are talented actors everywhere. I am so disgusted with the news services and TMZ. They SEE he is losing it right on camera, and still clamor to interview him. I really don’t think this is going to have a good ending, unless he stops his denial and gets help. No addiction can be “cured” overnight. I really feel for his family.


  4. I totally agree with you dr. glass… when i watched his interview, the part that got me was, he says hes clean… well id call him a liar to his face. the darkness under his eyes just like one of his girlfriends who livces with him, the way he acted, talked… his paleness and weight loss tells me, he is NOT sober or clean. now he may have done his drug test and passed it, how ill never know….but id bet a million dollars he was lieing about being clean and sober during the interview. hes a smug , very angry individual who needs someone to intervine even tho he’s an adult. he is ready to kick the bucket. the drugs have fried his brain and killing him very slowly….


  5. Dr. Glass, Love your blog. Though I haven’t watched the interview yet, but heard his radio interviews, there seems to be more to the story if one reads between the lines. Once I finish my second cup of coffee I will definitely watch the interview. Sheen’s behavior and lifestyle have been well documented, however, reading from the body language angle, I am fascinated with evaluating his reactions and responses in the interview.

    Now, there is a small caveat, A lot of Sheen’s I’ve been reading up on MK-Ultra and Hollywood, so not excusing Sheen’s self-destructive lifestyle, he’s been involved in a truth movement, so wouldn’t it be interesting that there is more to the story than what the media shows us?

    Food for thought.


  6. When I expressed concern about his twins, above post, I didn’t imagine what I would hear this AM. The police removed the twins, his ex filed a restraining order on him, to stay away from the kids and her. Apparently she said he hit her, and threatened to slit her throat with a pen knife. Then took the kids without her permission and would not give them back. He gave an interview (ANOTHER one, this AM) and he said the twins deserve to live with HIM. Wow, just wow.

    Wow Dr Glass, this guy IS in serious trouble. You ALWAYS hit it, right on the nose.


    1. I do believe the twins had to be taken out of that home for many reasons but why not wait for a reasonable hour? Why in the middle of the night? If a parent did that, they would face charges…I know it was imperative they remove the boys but not at such an ungodly hour…
      It appears that Charlie cannot be monogamous, three failed marriages so he is now trying out poligamy with those two YOUNG “goddesses”. Charlie needs mental health, he is defiantly not thinking straight. He claims the mother of the twins isn’t clean but he is, that he would be a better parent but is he really? He’s putting his twins in an awful situation with having two live in nanny’s that he is intimate with. I think he should be alone and give himself time to heal. Those young girls will not tell him the truth but will tell him what he wants to hear. He needs rehab, not just a 30 stay…I truly hope Charlie sees the error of his ways and gets healthy, physically and mentally for all of his children’s sakes and his…JMHO

      I pray for Charlie


  7. Alcoholics Anonymous says that there are 3 consequences that will eventually occur to addicts who don’t receive help: Prison, mental institution or death. Personally, I have known two people who literally destroyed their brains due to drug abuse and one is in prison and the other is dead. I think that Charlie is destined to one of those consequences if he doesn’t get help immediately, and I’m afraid that even if he receives help it may be too late to reverse the brain damage that may have occurred. He may have done so much brain damage from that last drug binge that he will never fully recover. I think we are watching a man who is either bipolar or brain damaged. Of course I don’t know for sure, but I really don’t think he is drinking/drugging right now. I watch interviews with Charlie from a year or so ago and I look and listen to him today and it’s like I’m hearing and seeing a completely different man. It’s unbelievable. I feel so sorry for his family. They must be feeling a full gamet of emotions: anquish, sadness, embarrassment, hopelessness, helplessness, sorrow, and fearful by what will happen next. I am so thankful that his sons were finally removed from his home. I’m just wondering why it took so long. I know that his “goddesses” choose to be with Charlie, but I fear for their safety as well, because as mentally unstable as he is I think that he could snap at any time and seriously injure or even kill someone. Someone stated earlier that they were disgusted at TMZ and the media. I have to disagree. My disgust is aimed at the American public who continue to watch this trainwreck. Our fascination with this speaks volumes about what kind of people we’ve become. It’s hard not to watch though, because we want to see what kind of idiotic move he’s going to make next. I don’t know what the answer is. I think if I was his father I would try to get a court-ordered 72 hour hold for inpatient mental evaluation. I don’t know what could be done after 72 hours but at least that would be a start at trying to keep him safe. I think he is a danger to himself and/or others so I think a judge would agree to order hospitalization. Other than that we just have to pray that he doesn’t hurt or kill himself or someone else and that he will get the help that he so desperately needs. As far as him being narcissitic, egotistical, etc., I know that he acts that way but I’m not sure that he really is that way. I don’t think Charlie can control his behavior right now. The filter is broken and the accelerator is stuck at full speed. I don’t believe that Charlie has much, if any, control over what comes out of his mouth at this point. The only time I’ve seen him speak coherently is when they interviewed him the night they removed his sons from his home. He seemed to be making some sense that night. Otherwise, it’s been full-throttle insanity. I don’t know, it’s just a sad, sad situation. This should be a wake-up call for all drug users or anyone who is thinking about using drugs. Watching this insanity called Charlie might keep at least one person from ever using drugs. That’s the only positive that could possibly come from this catastrophe.


  8. To X1z, trust me, I have been a fan of Sheen’s for years, his personal life as far as sexual proclivities & marriages aren’t my business, but speaking for myself on the outside looking in, I care that he gets help, and as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone physically.

    Of course the media has a perverted fascination with hyping celebs up, and tearing them down providing the outlet to do so. Remember, the media have owners, and the media owners have an agenda in American & abroad (RIP Princess Diana) wiith celebs. I don’t watch traditional media, but alternative news sources like The NewsHour, Al Jazeera, BBC News, in addition to reading newspapers. We as the consumer don’t have to tune in to give certain tv stations and shows the viewership, especially if we don’t like the oversaturation of the Sheen report. The media did it to MJ, OJ, Britney, Princess Diana, & now Sheen. So people need to be proactive with what they choose to support.


  9. I hope someone gets this man mental health intervention before he dies or someone else does.
    I love Cahrlie Sheen as portrayed before his life spiralled out of control. Those two “Goddesses” are no help to Charlie their too young to see how he serioulsy is on a downward spiral and needs to be placed in a psychiatric unit for his safety. He most definately is suffering from some form of mental illness. His mind is gone…Please someone, anyone, get a court order and put him in a hospital…I do hope his father and brothers are working on this now, they need to do this ASAP…Charlie needs help….JMHO


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