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Chris Brown’s Punching Dancing Body Language and Spiked Glove on DWTS Reflect Inner Anger
March 30, 2011

As the Body Language Expert for Dancing With the Stars   on Season 8 and doing analyses for Entertainment Tonight and various magazines, all I can say is that I am appalled that Chris  Brown was allowed back into the ABC Family after his window punching incident last week.

I am not alone in  my disgust that he was allowed on DWTS  as host Tom Bergeron and top female dancer Cheryl Burk were equally disgusted. Although Tom tried to be the pro that he is, his stiff body language and half smile gave away his displeasure. He even mentioned publically that he wasn’t thrilled about Chris being there and it showed in his  ambivalent half smile and  in Tom’s tight  body language on the show.

 Cheryl who publicly spoke of her own abuse was disgusted that an abuser would appear on the same show are herself. She said that even though she could do nothing about it she wasn’t happy  but did what she could do to in speaking out and expressing her displeasure.



His anger not only appeared off the stage it appeared on the stage as well with his punching dance moves that looked like he would be better in a boxing ring than on a dance floor. In the photo above you can see the anger in his clench fists and extended knuckles. 


Before Chris appeared in his devil red and black suit with chains on the  there was what I thought a very contrived and cheap shot. A little boy in a white suit yelled out “ Hey it’s Chris Brown” as the little boy  began to tumble on to the stage and break danced.  

That disgusted me that a little kid was being used to promote  Chris Brown. I think associating Chris Brown with the little excited kid was a  disgusting ploy to enroll other kids. The fact that a kid essentially introduced Chris Brown’s performance and then began to perform himself was merely used as a distraction to help mollify Chris’ negative perception. After all who can;t feel warm and fuzzy towards a little break dancing kid in a suit?

As Chris took to his singing and dancing he began what I thought was indicative  of who he is as a person– an angry hostile man.   His punching moves in his first dance were a complete a turn off  and highly inappropriate .  If he was there to rectify his image he certainly didn’t do it with his dancing moves.

While his acrobatics were impressive I still couldn’t shake the photos etched in my brain of Rihanna’s face  that was pummeled by him.

 As I recalled what he did to the window at ABC I got even more disgusted by him. To  think of the  force he used in breaking this sealed and reinforced  window was also repulsive to me. Anyone else would have been arrested  and put in jail but celebrity justice is no doubt what kept him free. I kept thinking of that and it was maddening.  He was even invited back to GMA to explain himself which further sickened me as anyone else would NEVER have been invited back to GMA or to any show ever again for that  hateful and dangerous antic.

Thus, it was impossible for me to appreciate any of  his talents. When I heard the audience clapping loudly and standing to their feet , there was no doubt in my mind that this was choreographed as well. It further disturbed me as to why this nasty violent creature was being celebrated in any shape or form.Why he was allowed on the DWTS stage in the first place was beyond my comprehension.

But clearly, someone high above made sure that Chris would be successful in spite of himself. It no doubt appears to be  all about  dollars and cents.

  But to me, this violent out of control creature simply looked   like a  mean devil dressed in red and chains. I would never purchase anything  with he was associated. In fact I would encourage others to boycott him as well. We simply cannot showcase and honor those who  are violent. There is enough world violence out there and we certainly don’ tneed it in our artists who’s aim is to entertain and bring us joy.

Then he was introduced for his second song set as he wore a white suit with lights on it that changed colors designed to  distract people . I did like the lighted suit that changed colors as I did like the  backup dancer’s neon looking outfits and the choreography. But that still didn’t change the reality. To me he is still a  Toxic Man who happened to be wearing a lighted suit that changed colors.  

Then Chris was done performing and  I saw Chris Browns face drenched in sweat as he held  his  silver metal spiked fingerless  glove up to his face as he as in a praying hand position with his hands clasped together. I found this incongruity of  prayer and violence sickening  and hypocritical. Brown was thrilled the  DWTS audience received him well and pressed his praying hands together as an act of humility and forgiveness. But to me it said cockiness with is head even cocked to the side. He “got over” on everyone.  His mindset was that even though he was violent and out of control, he was  still loved and revered !    

As a violent creature who beat up Rihanna a beat up a window, in my view Chris Brown should not be wearing  that glove as it could prove to be a lethal weapon if used  inappropriately on someone.

His handlers  who were so concerned about his image forgot a crucial element. They forgot to not allow him to dress in a spiked  metal violent  glove. So their image makeover with his hair back to black and his DWTS appearance backfired as the boxing like punching dance moves , hostile hands and  hateful and hostile weapon- like glove said it all!

K9 Officer Holds His Own Against Baez As They Discuss Dog’s Body Body Language
March 29, 2011


Jose Baez was trying to impeach the K 9 officer but he did not succeed. The K9 officer was forthright and held his own. He would not accept word twisting or having words put into his mouth. He  made that perfectly clear.

Questioning of the  blind and double blind studies of the dog’s behavior was quite comical at times. I loved the part when the issue of body language was discussed.

Jose said that  “at times the  dog Reads body language and then you read the dog’s body language and you and the dog have body language conversations.”  It’s obviously a one way  verbal conversation and a two way non verbal conversation.

I must admit that I was impressed that Jose brought up the importance of body language.

But then Jose appeared to be trying to put words in the officer;s mouth regarding  the double blind testing  as the officer stands up for himself and says that he  was just referring to  a specific time frame and insists the dog was trained double blindly.

 Jose feeling uncomfortable that the K9 officer gained some ground here, gives a tight ambivalent smile as he  tries to redeem himself  and gain control over the witness and then asks when was the last time the dog was double bind tested.

Regarding the testimony considering “false positives” I have to give Jose credit for trying but it was “no cigar.” When the officer said to Jose point blank “ I didn’t call it a false positive, you did,” he gained a lot of points and credibility, especially with a jury

As Jose continues to try to poke holes  in the K9 officer’s testimony, he and fails miserably because the officer is a very credible witness. He’s steady and calm and his body language indicates that he is being forthright. A jury would love him.  

The officer gave reasons as to why a dog would make a hit in an area. He openly answered that “ someone could have cut  their skin…, blood, tissue….  someone could  have laid  a  person on the ground.”

The fact that the K9 officer said “ someone could have laid a person on the ground” was very powerful as to why the dog made hit. Even though there was no body there to be found, the fact that a dog can make a hit if a body was merely placed on the ground is very interesting and significant information to a juror. It is also a very powerful mental visual for a jury . In light of that knowledge one indeed  wonders “when” Casey may have placed Caylee’s dead body on the ground.

Throughout his interviewing of the K9 officer, Jose appeared a bit nervous and easy. He didn’t seem secure in his questioning. Although he did  his best in terms of the questioning and tried to remain in control , his inexperience, insecurity,  and shakiness was evident.

Casey Anthony Pays For Baez’ Legal Services By Working As Assistant In Her Own Trial
March 27, 2011

While Jose Baez  may lack experience and may have made mistakes, he  is no dummy and no  bozo. He  has cleverly  managed to get some FREE help on Casey’s case, by making  Casey serve as her own legal assistant. She’s now  filing papers, organizing them, and  underlining them , as well as  taking things in and out of  legal notebooks.  Jose hands her papers and she has  obviously been instructed what to do with them.

Doing this, makes Casey actually looked focused for the very first time ever in the courtroom, But I don’t think a jury will like to see this.  In fact they will be distracted by this. They will want to see her paying attention to what is going on, not serving as  her own legal assistant. I refuse to label Casey as a ” paralega”l becuase  it takes a lot of intelligence and formal training to be one. So I will refer to her as an “assistan”t who is given specific tasks and told what to do. 

Prior to this we have only seen Casey playing with her hair, fiddling with what she is wearing, grooming herself , and looking vacant at whomever is in front of her, crying fake tears, wiping her eyes, and poking her fingers in her eyes to eek out some tears. And of course, smiling inappropriately and flirting.

Her flirting smile was seen as  soon as Casey walked into the courtroom. This unnerves me  when I think of the torture she most likely inflicted on that innocent little girl. After doing the analysis on how Casey  treated little Caylee when she sadistically ignored the child  on videotape, one can only imagine what Casey did to Caylee when no video was present.     

 As soon as Casey is seated, she  immediately begins  to search through Baez’ files. Here she is handed a file folder by Jose.

Even though she manages to keep busy, when she has a millisecond or two  of time on her own hands,  she still manages to groom herself as she tugs at the bottom of her form fitting sweater. Her smirk is uneerving as well. She is LOVING her newfound job which has given her a  purpose in life. The smirking indicates that  she is  feeling self satisfied.

As the K 9 officer is asked questions on the stand by Jose Baez, Casey is wtiting away like a maniac. Either  Jose asked her to write down  everything the officer said or he asked Casey to  write down her personal thoughts for an uncoming book she may be writing . Even though she writes and writes and writes, she still manages to sneek in  her grooming, with a pull at her sweater .

In all of my years, I  have never seen a client act like this where they serve as an attorney’s legal  assistant in the courtroom. As Jose has handed her the trial book, Casey  had trouble physically manipulating it. That is probably the only thing in her life she has ever had trouble trying to manipulate. We all know how her life has been spent trying to manipulate everyone with whom she comes in contact.  

Casey  is all spread out all over the table.  I can assure you that a jury will HATE  seeing this. They will wonder why SHE is doing this work and not the attorney’s staff. If she continues to do it in the courtroom,  it will defiantely  detract from any  positive  perception of Baez as well.

Casey frantically searches through the pages in the notebooks. It is clear that she has no previous experience in doing this. It is very disconcerting to watch her do this, in light of the fact that she is on trial for killing her daughter. This is not her role. Her role is to sit there and to be defended and not to function as a legal assistant.

Above we see her consult with one of Jose’s other attorneys on some of the deposition papers in one of the  notebooks.

The bottom line is that Jose has  finally put Casey to work so he doesn’t have to hire an extra pair of hands to do what he needs DONE. While I give him a lot of credit for that, I don’t think that Casey should be those extra pair of hands. He needs to get an intern, a law clerk,  or a voluteer, or  even a family member to do the job. He needs to get  anyone else other than Casey Anthony to assist him.

George Lopez Self Hate-Calls Kirstie Alley Fat Pig When He’s Fat Himself
March 26, 2011

There is an old saying that goes when you point the finger at someone there are there are often three fingers pointing back at you. This definitely  seems to be the case with George Lopez after he made fun of Kirstie Alley after her Dancing With the Stars appearance by calling her a fat pig.

His name calling seems to be more about him than it does about Kirstie. When George looks in the mirror there is no doubt he has not come to grips with his the physical changes that have resulted perhaps due to taking  the weight gaining anti rejection medication for his kidney transplant or the resulting excess fluid retention in his body.

His lashing out at Kirstie’s weight may very well be due to the fact that he cannot cope with his own weight gain and  subsequent body changes ,resulting self loathe.

If we look back at the re runs of his television sitcom from 2004-2007 we see a much more slender and  healthier looking George.  Since this photo was taken,  his face has become wider and bloated. His  present day complexion  looks more pallid and looks even more pitted than before as his his eyes  now often have more of  a budging appearance to them.



A few months ago I was in the makeup room at CNN and met a beautiful woman who was also having her makeup done in the seat next to me.  We were discussing my new book called Toxic Men. She immediately told me that she needed to read that book as she as getting a divorce from her husband.

She then proceed to tell me her name, Ann , and hand me her business card which said Ann Lopez, producer. On the card it also said that she was the producer of George Lopez Productions. It was then that I realized that the Toxic Man she was referring to was comedian George Lopez

She proceeded to tell me how George had an unknown birth defect with kidneys the size of raisins. In 2005  , doctors said he was going to die unless he had a kidney transplant.  She volunteered to give him one of her kidneys and he gladly accepted.

Then after saving  his life, she found out he was cheating on her  with prostitutes by reading the tabloids. She was shocked and demanded a divorce. But to make himself look good, and to make Ann look like the villain in the marriage, Lopez has been telling the press he divorced his wife (who he had been married to since 1990 for  21 years  and with whom he had a daughter) because she was overweight.

Ann was a heavy set woman and was always that way since he married her in 1990. She was that way before and after they had their daughter in 1996. Obviously her size never bothered him or he overlooked it because he knew she was a wonderful woman who was devoted to him. In fact in his book Why You Crying? he said

I want to tell you about a woman I have been married to for ten years, my wife, Ann, who speaking truthfully, saved me from myself. Who saved me from destroying myself because of my background. Who saved me from wasting my life, drinking my life away, never fulfilling my dreams because of what I had come from, and truly believing and loving — truly the first person to ever truthfully, unconditionally love me.”

But the problem was that George didn’t love himself. He couldn’t accept that unconditional love and the Ultimate gift of life from Ann. So what did he do? He sabotaged himself by having affairs with hookers.


Three weeks after his kidney surgery in 2005 he felt well enough to play golf. According to medical reports he was given anti-kidney rejection drugs. Whether it was the anti-rejection  drugs, or the fluid retention from  his non transplanted kidney not working, George put on a considerable amount of weight as you can ein the photo.

Instead of addressing his own  weight issues, he lashed out on his wife Ann, on Bristol Palin whom he said  got heavier after she appeared on DWTS, and   now he’s beaten up on Kirstie Alley.

He would have stuck by  the Kirstie weight bashing “ joke”   if the public had not rebelled in a big way.

People would not accept what he said about her being a pig and neither could Kirstie. In fact she lashed back and called him a “drunk pig” who had  a little too much vodka.

People are very sensitive to Kirstie’s plight.  They have seen her struggle  with weight for years

from being a failed spokesperson for Jenny Craig

to her doing  her own sitcom “Fat Actress” where she showed her struggles with her weight.

The unflattering  tabloid ambush shots of her being overweight and eating fattening foods, which  also kept her weight battle very public.

She addressed  her weight on every talk show and even came on Oprah to show her progress on Jenny Craig as she wore a bikini. Her body language on the show clearly showed how ashamed and uncomfortable and self-conscious she was as she hid her lower body in a gossamer pareo .

She constantly  made jokes about her weight. But those jokes were simply to hide her pain and her self-consciousness.

Before she began  DWTS, she took off 60 lbs  of her own which she said was due to her own weight loss program.

But the real weight loss will come now under Maksim’s guidance. There there is no doubt that Kirstie will be svelte once again.
After witnessing Kirstie’s weight struggle’s throughout the years, the public is sympathetic towards her and wants her to both  win and lose – win the mirror ball trophy on DWTS and lose the weight.

As for George, my advice to him is to   focus on his own weight loss since the issue of being fat concerns him so much.

Perhaps a stint on DWTS might do him some good as well.

Chris Brown, Michael Lohan, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen Continue to Get Away With Being TOXIC MEN
March 23, 2011


Chris Brown  has an anger bursting violent  tantrum and allegedly breaks a window at GMA  and walks awayfreely. He performs at a concert that evening as though nothing happened. He  is still  even scheduled to perform at DWTS next week. Michael Lohan allegedly holds his ex fiancé hostage, get arrested and then walks away with a mere misdemeanor. Charlie Sheen acts like a nutcase and then makes even more money than ever before.Mel Gibson knocks off his baby mamma’s dental veneers and gets a slap on the wrist with no jail time as he  does community service with children.

 What all of  these TOXIC MEN have in common is that they have abused women. They have disrespected women and have not been held accountable by the public.

 Is it because they are celebrities who make a lot of money and money talks?

To me it is sickening to allow these Toxic Men to get away with such egregious acts and to not beheld accountable. It speaks volumes about what we tolerate as a society when it comes to women being abused and degraded. In my view these men need to be ostracized and not be regaled as heroes.

 Personally I would NEVER see another Mel Gibson film again and I encourage everyone to do the same., The fact that actress Jodi Foster, who has supported women’s causes for years,  supports him speaks volumes.  She is his producer of his Beaver film  and obviously her investment in the film and the money spent means more to her than not supporting anyone who abuses women.  

Looking at Mel Gibson absolutely sickens me for his abuse towards women and his racist rants so there is no way that I would patronize any project he was involved with unless it had to his giving money to abused women’s shelters,  the Anti Defamation League, the NAACP, or La Raza .

 I would never listen to or think of purchasing a Chris Brown song because just knowing who he is and how he behaved outweighs any talent he may have. Chris did the whole interview with Robin Roberts without incident. There was annoyance and he let her know he wanted to move on and discuss his album. That is where it needed to end. But he carried that anger with him and it escalated. Thus he became a SILENT BUT DEADLY ERUPTING VOLCANO which is the most dangerous of all Toxic People.

Knowing this about Chris Brown turns me off even more. It shows that he can’t be trusted, He’s like a wild animal with no boundaries who can turn in an instant.  


As for Charlie Sheen, I would never watch any show or film he was on just knowing what he did to so many women. The fact that he put a knife to the throat of his son’s mother is enough to make me never want to see his face. The fact that he physically and emotionally abused so many women repulses me. And knowing how he recently manipulated the public with his“crazy like a fox” act clearly makes me  never want to support or see anything he is doing. Knowing this I can’t see anything  appealing or entertaining about him.  


  And as far as Michael Lohan goes, whenever I find him  yapping away on any show I  turn the channel. To me he is only riding on his daughter’s coat tails of fame . I find that he has nothing to offer and nothing of value to say. His latest stunt of going on Celebrity Rehab has completely turned me off to the show. His alleged anger management needs to be dealt with in a specific anger management program not on a program about rehab.

 Personally, I think that Michael Lohan may turn out to be a  physical danger to others to the point that he may be spending a great deal of the rest of his life behind bars. To me he is a train wreck waiting to happen.

I am not going to give these TOXIC MEN a free pass by saying that they have  alcohol or substance abuse issues and that is why they behave as they behave. There  are many people who have these same issues and don’t abuse women.

Alcohol and drugs are not the reason they are  angry and violent towards women. To think so is to think naively., Their anger issues are much deeper and need to be addressed because the alcohol and drug use is clearly only  a symptom of the real problem – self hatred, mother issues, and other psychological dynamics.

The more people who refuse to support these TOXIC MEN will be sending them a clear message, that their behavior will not be tolerated and that they must be held accountable for their egregious behaviors- celebrity or not, rich or not !

Body Language Analysis of Dancing With the Stars Season 12 Week 1
March 22, 2011


I have a special relationship with Dancing With the Stars having been the Body Language Expert on the show. Today I am taping a segment which should air this evening on  CBS’s Entertainment Tonight about what the stars body language really said. It still amazes me how what goes on off the dance floor is reflected on the dance floor.  Below are my observations of  Episode  1 Season 12.

 Chelsea Kane  was stiff and nervous  when she first met her dance partner. She appeared very nervous before she even began. She didn’t exclude enough confidence. When she was in front of the judges her shoulders were hunched over indicating she felt very insecure. That is understandable considering she was the first  one to dance. It confirms what I have said all along that what one does off the dance floor occurs  on  the dance flor as Kerry Ann Inaba told Chelsea to “watch your shoulders.”   When it came time to get her score she was literally sick to her stomach as she no doubt felt the butterflies as she put her hand over her stomach as she was hunched over.

  Wendy Williams   had a great chemistry with her partner. She is open and  has a great deal of warmth. She is so  real  with regard to her emotions and not embarrassed by them  to the point of wiping her eyes with one of her wig. She was clearly spooked when she got to the dance floor on  stage as she didn’t act like the Wendy we all know and love. Her body language was stiff and she showed a lot of FEAR. Her face was tense and shows she was petrified which came out in her stiffness while dancing.  Her fear was  also displayed  in her timid movements. I think she needs to get over being self conscious and just go for it so that next week we can see the real large and in charge Wendy!

 Hines Ward  was having a lot of fun as determined by his relaxed smile and  exuberant smile. Unlike Wendy, Hines  wasn’t afraid  to let go as it made him a very confident and radiant performer.  There was also a very nice chemistry between him and his dance partner.

 Petra Nemcova was gracious and elegant when she met her partner and it reflected on the dance floor.  When you think of what she had gone through in the Thai  Tsunami with her broken pelvis and losing her fiancé  it is amazing to see how far she has come. So when the Tsunami hit in Japan on Friday  it clearly  restimulated  all of the devastating  feelings she once had as she broke down. One has to give Petra so much credit for her inner strength and soldiering through and delivering a beautiful  gracious performance.  Her graciousness showed on and off the dance floor. She is stiff lower bodywise because of the residual effects of her once broken pelvis but she compensates for it beautifully with her upper body movements.      

 Romeo Miller   showed that he was a very  poor loser as she leaned away from his partner when he was getting his scores from the judges and had to listen to their critique.  He was all over the place withhis dancing which showed he was not  very disciplined.

 Sugar Ray Leonard  was very emotional when he was working with his partner. He was not ashamed to cry which was rather touching. It showed his vulnerability.  His shoulders were hunched which indicated that he was clearly not confident, As the scores were being read,  his shoulders were squared which indicated that he was confident and was prepared to man up and hear the results of his performance.

 Kendra Wilkenson  was so  open when she met her dancing partner. She should her good natured  personality. Her openness showed on the dance floor.  She appeared a little insecure as she was a bit  hunched over when receiving  her scores which indicated she as a little self conscious.

 Ralph Macchio seemed a bit  timid and unsure of himself when he first began practicing,  but those feelings quickly left him when he hit the dance floor.  When he hit the dance floor he became confident as he held his head high. He  obviously mustered up his performance skills  and showed that he was the true exceptional  performer he was when 27 years earlier . He ended up being the best performer of the evening, receiving  the highest score for his Fox Trot.

 Chris Jehrico  the WWE seemed stiff in his rehearsals with a lot of upper chest and shoulder tension. But his partner certainly Cheryl  certainly worked on that with him. When he hit the dance floor she was charismatic and completely connected with the audience showing what a great performer he was.  He also has a great deal of chemistry with Cheryl. When they were waiting for their scores, he pulled her close to hiand after his score was read he kissed her. He feels extremely comfortable with her  as she does with him.

 Mike Catherwood of Love Lines  had no chemistry with Lacey which is not a good thing for success on DWTS. When he initially saw her she gives a poor hug and doesn’t even look at her , There is a disconnection between the two.  He is uncomfortable and very self conscious as he crosses his arms over his chest while his shoulders are hunched over.   He appears to be too self absorbed to connect with his partner or the audience. As he was given his criticisms from the judges it was apparent that it was very hard for him to take it.  He was overly serious and doesn’t seem as though he can easily laugh at himself in this situation. He doesn’t connect with or look at partner as there is too much physical distance between them. He feels very vulnerable which is indicated by his placing his hands over his genitals as a form of protection.


 Kirstie Alley was  good natured from the get go. As soon as she and Maxim met she was warm and affectionate and could easily laugh at herself . These are all great traits for someone who has the potential to be a winner  on DWTS. There is great chemistry between she and Maxim. You could see it when she was getting her scores from the judges. They were both affectionate with one another with Maxim hugging her and being totally supportive. One thing we have learned from seeing Maxim all these years is that has no tolerance for laziness or for people who are not dedicated to the dance. Kristie has definitely stepped up to the plate and that is why Maxim adores her.

 For the entire season, I will be bringing you weekly updates regarding my Body Language Analysis on DWTS.

Knut The Bear Dies of Loneliness and Lack of Attention And Teaches Us Some Major Life Lessons
March 19, 2011

I am  beyond sad and very disturbed  that precious once world-famous “Knut the Bear” has just died in a Berlin Zoo. He died at the age of 4 1/2 and had at least 10 to 13 years ahead of him if not more. There was no predator to kill him. There was no fight he got into with another animal. He didn’t take drugs and OD.

 So, did someone at the zoo kill him because he was labeled as being “difficult,” psychotic” and a “narcissist” who was too difficult to handle? Or did he die of loneliness and a broken heart? I pray it is not the first. But  I have every reason to believe that it was the latter.

 His life and his death teach us so many huge lessons on many levels- from why childhood stars turn out the way they do and often self destruct to other valuable lessons.

It clearly shows us  how important it is to have the companion of others, and to be physically touched, cuddled  and  loved on a consistent  basis.  

It also shows us the very sad truth – a  reality that happens all too often in business and in personal relationships – that  there is a chance we can be  easily discarded when we are no longer of value or use to anyone. It’s sad, but horribly  true in all too many cases.

Knut was the most adorable little polar bear who was rejected by his mother when he was born in captivity at  the  Berlin zoo on December 4, 2006.


The zoo keepers kept this adorable ball of white fluffy fur  alive and nurtured him.

 Knut  even had his own keeper who slept in his pen with him and attended to his every need.  


Knut was very happy as he bonded with his human daddy, who fed him, hugged him, bathed him, kissed him, hugged him, and played with him. Knut was given a tremendous amount of love and affection. 



When baby Knut was a little over 3 months old  he  was put  on display, for all to see. People came to see him from all over the world. He became a celebrity,  as the crowds of people who visited him purchased   Knute memorabilia tee shirts, mugs, key chains, candy, postcards posters, plastic replicas,  and stuffed likenesses of him.

He loved the flashes of the camera and even posed when photos of him were taken by the countless visitors.  



A year later he even made the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine  in an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot.



But as Knute grew older,  he was no longer cute. Crowds  dwindled as they stopped coming to see him. Gone were the flashing cameras. Gone were the crowds of smiling delighted children squealing at his antics and tricks.

If there was not a wall between Knut and the visitors, Knute could have done some serious harm.

Also gone was his keeper, as the older Knute got be more difficult  and harder  to handle. His hug was a huge bear hug that could hurt, maim and kill, His teeth grew into big long bear teeth that could bite, pierce, and kill. Even though Knute still thought of himself as a playful baby cub, he was in reality, a dangerous polar bear.


 Knute had no other bear mates to play with. He was isolated now that this keeper was gone and that he was treated like any other ordinary wild zoo animal. He got depressed and  became  unmanageable. He acted out and would howl for hours until he saw  human people come  in front of his glass container. When they did he would immediately  calm down . He cried and cried until people took his photos and flashed their cameras in his big bear face. He loved it!

But then the visitors  stopped all together at various time, especially during the winter. Knute got more and more depressed and even got violent. The zookeeper even publicly called him a sociopath and  said he was a narcissist and impossible to manage.


In order to appease Knute’s anger, the zoo staff would have to walk by his enclosure and take flash photos of him. This went on  throughout the day, which cost the staff time and money as it took away from their other responsibilities.



So 4 ½  years later The Berlin zoo’s bear keeper Heiner Kloes reported to The Associated Press that Knute the  bear died alone and  in his compound. His exact words were:

“He was by himself in his compound, he was in the water, and then he was dead,” said Kloes. “He was not sick, we don’t know why he died.”

Even though a  post mortem will be conducted on Monday to try and discover the exact cause of  Knute’s death I wonder if there was something else that killed him. Did Knute lose his will to live? Did he commit suicide by drowning himself?

 I strongly believe that Knute died because he had no interaction  with anyone- bear or human and he was no longer a star.

His anger consumed him as he was not given the attention that he was raised with. Since infancy, he was raised to believe that he would be loved and cuddled nurtured and given massive attention. He was raised to believe that he would have a lot of physical contact as he did as a baby,  when he  was loved  up cuddled and kissed and hugged as he played with his keeper, who lived with him.

But now there was no one to touch him and cuddle him and love him up. It saddened him and then it made him furious. Then it made him depressed and despondent until he lost his will to live and did himself in by either shutting down his own systems or perhaps even drowning himself.


 So how does what happened to Knute apply to human beings? What can we learn from it?

For one thing we can really see why child actors go off the deep end. They are catered to and paid an enormous amount of attention like Knute was. Then when they grow up and are suddenly not the cute little cherub of a child. They aren’t cast in as many films or TV shows. They don’t get all the goodies that come along with being a star like recognition and constant pampering, and getting away with mouthing off or getting whatever they want because they are the cash earning cow.

 When the gigs stop coming, they get bummed out, much like Knute. And when the public recognition stops, they get angry, just like Knute.

Knut turned his anger outwards, by having tantrums and acting out, much like child stars have done.  He also turned it inwards by getting depressed and essentially giving up on life. If Knut had access to alcohol and drugs, no doubt he would take them as well to numb his pain.

He would do it to numb himself against the pain of feeling worthless, because he was no longer relevant in other people’s eyes.

 He didn’t have a bear parent to guide him and nurture him. He didn’t have a bunch of bear buddies  to hand out with, or a bear girlfriend to love him up. He didn’t even have a human who could come into his enclosure and give him the hugs and kisses he hungered for that he had as a baby.  

While they don’t wail and scream and show physical violence towards others as a means of getting attention, all too  often, child actors  who have grown up, often turn that anger outwards to get attention by  behaving badly and by taking drugs       



Instead of love and compassion and support,  Knut  had a zoo keeper that called him a sociopath and a narcissist and said Knute was dangerous and impossible to be around. Buy who created that sociopath and narcissist?  The Berlin Zoo created it and THEY needed to rectify the mess they created. They needed to get him some buddies.

They needed to make sure he was still front and center as the Zoo’s star. They needed to stop complaining about the extra work they had to do to appease Knute by taking his photos at regular intervals during the day.

They needed to get him a some bear buds or a girlfriend or two so he could have fun and socialize. In fact they needed to have socialized him with other baby bears his age at the very beginning of his life.. Even if they were brown bears or other species of animals Knute  could have bonded with them. But the zoo officials apparently seemed to be too busy making  immediate money to notice or to think about the little bear’s future mental and emotional health.   


 As cold and heartless as it is, too many have known the despair of being laid off because they were too old . There are other who know the pain of not even  being hired because they are too old.

With the exception of Meryl Streep,  and  perhaps Helen Mirren and Judy Dench,   just ask any woman actress over 50 in Hollywood and they will tell you. Especially ask those who were once the hottest at the box office like Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, and  Kathleen Turner. The roles stop coming and suddenly the tabloids  which fuel public interest ,don’t care what they say or do. There is a new batch of brand new young hot  beauties .

As long as these leading ladies were making millions of dollars for the studios, they were getting job after job. Now they are thrilled if they get a character role or two every once in a while.

It happens to men and women  a lot  in business. Gone are the days  when you are at a company for 40 years and get a  gold watch and a party when you retire. Instead men and women  are let go due to downsizing. After all why should they pay a seasoned executive a hefty salary,  when they can hire 3 young turks or turkettes  who are also super computer savvy for the same price?

It happens in relationships too. In the dating world the biggest complaint I hear for both men and women is  that he or she is “always looking for something better.”  If there is conflict in the relationship, instead of working things out,  all too many find it easier to break up  or divorce and go on to someone else. Where is the loyalty?

It’s the same lack of loyalty that happened to little Knute after he became big Knute and no longer earned the stream of revenue he once earned with all of his merchandising and hoards of visitors,  who paid top dollar to see him.  

Now that he was no longer cute and a money making machine, he was not that important. He obviously felt it and  it broke his heart and soul. Tragically he died.



Maybe he didn’t die in vain. Maybe his death has opened up our eyes to treating one another with more respect. Maybe it opened up our eyes to not take others for granted and to appreciate them and let them know how much we appreciate and love them. Maybe it opened up our eyes to giving people a special touch and a hug or a kiss to show that we adore them. And maybe it opened our eyes to make us realize how much we need one another and how we can’t be isolated. We need to be with others. We need to communicate, touch, and laugh,and hug, and cuddle. Every living creature needs other living creatures to flourish and to live.    

Good Bye  Dear Knute. RIP and God Bless Your  Bear Soul.

50 Cent’s TOXIC Tweets About Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Show Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance
March 14, 2011

One can tell a lot about a person in terms of what they say after they hear about a crises. When  rapper 50 Cent responded to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami with sick  humor, it speaks volumes as to who he is as a human being-  a not a very sympatric or kind one in my view.

 Freud once said “there is no humor only truth.” I agree with that as there is truth in humor. But there was no truth in the humor that rapper 50 Cent put forth in a tweet.  


There is nothing more devastating than to have to have innocent  people lose their homes,

worldly possessions and most important their lives as a result of not one but multiple natural disasters- tsunami,  earthquake and  major aftershocks.


The nuclear plant explosions  and the radiation leakage are  no laughing matter and can cause devastation for generations to come with illnesses and severe birth defects.

 So when TOXIC 50 Cent made the following horrible  jokes on his twitter account,  it was adding insult to injury. He said

Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street shit gone get crazy.”  

“Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.”

“Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”

To me this has  sexist and racist undertones and is despicable! There is nothing to Lol (laugh out loud) about. Instead there is a lot to Col about- CRY OUT LOUD!


There is nothing funny about people being washed to sea and seeing innocent men women and  children dying or become orphaned as the result of this natural disaster killing their parents . 

There is nothing funny about not having a place to live or not having enough to eat.

 But obviously ignorant  50 Cent failed to see the gravity of the situation before he let his fingers do the talking.   

What he said was unforgivable. It was disgusting and arrogant and nauseatingly  sexist as he spoke of evacuating his whores out of  LA Hawaii and Japan. Referring to women as whores is sexist and degrading to women!

Obviously 50 Cent realized he did a bad  thing after he got a myriad of  negative and hostile  responses. So he lamely tweeted


“Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let’s pray for anyone who has lost someone.”

“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I’m cool either way 50cent”

No Mr. Cent. You are not COOL either way. instead , I believe you are TOXIC either way! You have lost a lot of fans and a lot of respect.  You acted as a petulant immature child in making fun of  one of the most tragic events in the world for SHOCK VALUE- so people would notice and pay attention to your pitiful self.

If you want SHOCK VALUE how about going over to Japan on one of your private jets and seeing how these people are suffering beyond belief? No  disaster film could come close to this horrific reality.

You lame ‘sorry” will never cut it. If you want to show yourself as a real man and as a compassionate human being put your “sorry” into action and give up some of your millions to help these poor earthquake and tsunami victims rebuild their lives.  Get some food and stock up your private jet with it and parachute it down to stranded hungry people.

Your fellow recording artist  Lady Gaga  (with the emphasis being on the word “lady”) clearly showed compassion and class by encouraging her fans to donate money for the  the victims. She even designed a prayer bracelet to raise money for the Japanese victims. 


 In fact you can go to her site by clicking the link above to order the bracelet so that money can be raised for the earthquake/ tsunami victims  

Why don’t you follow suit and do the same. Only then will your lame “sorry” have any value.  And yes, Mr. Cent you had it partially right in your last tweet when you said your tweets are ignorant .It is YOU who are ignorant, not your tweets, so  man up and do something in your power financially as well as doing a concert to help someone other than your superficial self.

Dr. Lillian Glass First to Detect Charlie Sheen’s” Crazy” Acting Scam As He Finally Reveals to Press He’s Been Playing A Game All Along
March 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen has  been goofing on everyone and I picked it  up through his body language and communication patterns early on. In fact my blog that Charlie was ” Crazy Like A Fox”  said it all.  Today, it was confirmed that Charlie Sheen is indeed “crazy like a fox”  as he revealed in a candid interview  to the press that his “public meltdown” is merely  a “performance art”  thanks to his acting skills.

When I first appeared on CBS’s  The Insider, I remarked that Charlie was angry as we could  see by his body language. The furrows on his forehead and knitted brow were genuine. They revealed that he was furious about not getting his way and coming back to the “Two and Half Men” set to resume working. He was furious that someone else, namely Chuck Lorre, his producer  was controlling what he could and couldn’t do.

Then his anger started to escalate. However, the anger he reveled on his videos  seemed rather controlled. Real anger gets out of control quickly in most cases and this was not the case with Charlie. His Sheenisms seemed contrived and planned. The physical transition from his anger to non anger and even pleasantness was too quick , which was  the first signal to me  that something wasn’t  quite right.

While Charlie may very well be bipolar (only he and his psychiatrist know for sure)and while he may very well have been on drugs (only he, the medical lab  and his physician know for sure) he was doing some excellent acting as he raged on in his videos in order  to get public attention.

In his second video, if you weren’t  listening to his words, but rather paying attention to his physical movements and the tone of his voice and to his  delivery, you could have sworn he was reciting Shakespeare. In other instances on the tape as he quoted his poetry,  he was quite brilliant and wonderfully entertaining.

There was no question in my mind that he was acting. As I said in my previous blog about Charlie- he was crazy like a fox” By acting crazy he got a Funny or Die commercial to bring even more attention to him. He has now  teamed up with companies and has a tee-shirt line  with his new catch phrase  “Winning”. There are  even Tiger Blood alcoholic beverages.



 One Sheen fan even had  a tatoo made of Charlies head on a tiger with red blood dripping out from the tails .    

Here is what Charlie told the Austrailian radio network Nova:

. “It wasn’t like I was really believing that if you take a drug called Charlie

Sheen your face will melt off and you’ll weep over your exploded body!”

He said he has been playing a game with the media.

“They love me,” he said

“It’s a big, warm hug. It’s like a nude Jacuzzi,” he added





The bottom line is that Charlie won the war against “Two and a Half Men”. So what if they fired him and he won’t get two

million dollars an episode. He still gets a hefty sum in residuals when the re runs of the show occur all over the world.

Most likely there will be some type of settlement with CBS. He will NEVER come back to the set to finish the remaining

episodes. Chuck Lorre would rather poke pencils in his eyes and sit on hot coals than work with Charlie Sheen ever again.  

CBS can never go back on their word and unfire him and rehire him or they will look like weak wimps to the world. Besides

the ego of the “suits”  would never let that happen.   So Charlie will make even more millions in a settlement more than

the remaining two million per episode. There was apparently  no” moral clause” so CBS in my view doesn’t have a leg to

stand on, much to their chagrin.

Charlie is more popular than before and no doubt his film career will be HUGE! In polls that have been taken men LOVE him

and it is men who will go and purchase tickets to see a Charlie Sheen movie. Lots of people will want to see his films or

anything else he does because they want to see what he will do next.!

Charlie IS very entertaining and he IS the consummate actor and  now we have

discovered IS the consummate manipulator and marketer. So now we don’t have to take Charlie Sheen’s home made

videos  so seriously. It is all an act as we have seen.



Having said that, the man in my view is still TOXIC  and has serious issues especially  when it comes to women .He may

very well be a danger to women in my view.


 I believed he was a TOXIC MAN  when  my book TOXIC MEN book and described Charlie Sheen;s patterns with women.

Iam even more convicned of his toxicity than ever before as it realtes to women.


Any man who beats up on a woman like he has done in the past with Brooke Mullerand other women including John

Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston whom he shot in the arm when they were dating back in the day is a danger.


 His only relating to women  who are porn stars and  prostitutes speaks volumes about his inner feelings about women and

his clear disrespect for them. I am glad that Denise Richards is doing her best to keep her two young daughters awar

from Charlie as it is my view that he deep down he does not like nor respect women. If he  disrespects women, what

messages will be transferred over to his daughters  and what impact will that have  on them  as they get older?


While Charlie may be entertaining and amusing and a great marketer of his own brand, he is still a danger when it comes to

his relationships with women as no woman is safe in his midst.

 Recently, even one of his low self esteemed “Goddesses” couldn’t take him anymore and walked away, only to  return after

being wooed  back by him, Unfortunately her returnin to Charlie was the unfortunate typical response of an “abused

woman’s” psyche. Studies show that this back and forth brak up  between the abused and the abuser can occur seven to

eleven times until the abused has finally had enough and walks away for good. Hopwefully the “goddess: will see the light

before it is too late.

 So to any woman who gets involves with Charlie Sheen,  know that he will  never changeand that you can never change him.

Know that you can get seriously hurt!  So think twice before you enter Charlie’s  Tiger’s den because that blood you may see

willnot be the fictional  Tiger blood. The blood you see may be your own.

Charlie Sheen’s Body Language Shows He’s ” Crazy Like A Fox” Which May Be Why So Many Are Embracing Him But He May Still Be A Danger To Himself and Others
March 9, 2011

After watching Charlie Sheen  on his recent  home videos and on CNN with Pierce Morgan I am more convinced than ever that he has  “ gotten over”  on everyone. Yes, there is no doubt that he appears as though he is in some type of manic  phase with his constant movement , high level of anger and agitation,  and pressured  speech  rate.  But if you listen carefully between the lines,  Charlie knows exactly what Charlie is doing, And  no doubt Charlie will come out ahead of this as far as making money goes and being even more popular than ever before.

Having said that, if he is in his manic phase and if he is drinking  and drugging along with it, there is a super high risk he may get even more angry and violent and either do himself in or do physical harm to others.


‘In my latest book Toxic Men, I write about Charlie Sheen being one of the most Toxic Men based on his alleged history of violence towards women. He was accused of beating a woman up back in the 90’s. He shot Kelly Preston- John Travolta’s wife in the arm once when they were dating. He threatened and abused  ex wife Denise Richards. His Christmas fiasco with holding a knife to Brook Mueller’s throat also shows his extreme violent tendencies .

So based on this,  there is a high probability that Charlie may physically harm or even kill someone out of  his  uncontrolled anger and rage . Another possibility is that  he may accidentally kill himself by ingesting either too much of something or a combination of something.


The reason I say” accidentally”   is that there is no question that Charlie appears to have narcissistic tendencies.  While delusions of grandeur  often accompany a manic phase,  what is really confusing is that Charlie’s delusions of grandeur are a reality.

He thinks he can get millions of followers to rally behind him and guess what?  He can!

 He thinks he can make million and millions from representing product and guess what? He can!  

 He thinks he will be a huge film star. And guess what ?  He will be!  People will flock to see his movie just to see how he turned out.

Can he get insured? Absolutely! He is so cleaver that before any physicals or  drug tests  are conducted he will make sure he is clean just like he did when he took the test in front of   cameras.

The fact that he is in such great shape  complete with ripped abs,  at his age and with all the partying he has done is also impressive to many fans and non fans alike.  


CBS absolutely  knew who they hired  when they hired  Charlie. They knew he could do the role but what he didn’t know was that he could do it so well and make the show such a hit and a cash cow for them.

That is why they let him get away with so much for so many years and turned a blind eye.They felt that his personal life was his personal life and as long as he showed up on the set and did what he was supposed to do- no problem!

In fact they were of that mindset when Charlie had his latest binge in the hotel  in NYC and caused a lot of public embarrassment. While most companies would  fire an employee immediately after that fiasco or after the  fiasco in Aspen at Christmas  when Charlie put a  knife to his wife’s throat, CBS turned a blind eye.

In show business bad press may be good press. It keeps you name out there.  His bad boy behavior certainly didn’t hurt his image or CBS ‘s ratings. So they kept him on.  A long as he made money  for them, they did not  care what he did in his off camera life.

Charlie knew that  and he kner he was safe with his 2 million dollar income an episode . So he had no worries.

During this last binge, the only reason he was given a break in production is that CBS knew Charlie was their cash cow and wanted him to take care of whatever ailed him.

They were willing to wait until he sorted himself out. They were willing to give him 30 days or longer to dry out in a rehab facility and put the show on hiatus until he returned. Charlie  WAS the show so they were willing to wait for him.

But Charlie didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want to be in rehab.  He didn’t think he needed to have anything rehabbed.  

He loved his life. 

 he loved that he could get away with anything.

He loved that he could have any woman or as many women as he wanted.

He loved the hookers and prostitutes and having two women at once .

He loved the fights and high drama inside and outside of his life.

He loved his his kids.

He loved the drugs and drink.

He loved getting whatever he wanted at the snap of a finger.

And  most of all He loved Charlie as we have all seen on his many interviwes. The common theme is  Charlie loves Chrlie and Charlie thinks he is omnipotent.



CBS knew he was getting out of control and believing his own press as being the greatest and even God-like as we have all seen in his on camera musings.

When Charlie wanted to get back to work a day or so later instead of taking off the  30 days or whatever it took to get “well” CBS for the first time in Charlies life said NO! They really wanted him to sort himself out and at the same time wanted to show they were the one who were  in control and had the power- not Charlie.

So Charli , like any spoiled child who doesn’t get his way went on a tirade and threw a tantrum. He took his tantrum to the airwaves tell everyone how bad and awful  the producer Chuck Lorre was to him.

This no douBt  freaked out  my dear friend, PR maven  Stand Rosenfeld,  who no dount  said NO WAY! You can’t do that! This is career suicide to trash your producer in public! I am having nothing to do with this! I am out of here!

This didn’t phase Charlie in the least as he certainly  didn’t need a PR person to get  press . Everyone  in the media clamored to get some airtime or press time with him. In a few day period he generated major league press  all by himself  by appearing on every major morning and entertainment show including CNN Pierce Morgan.

While he was an angry mess on every morning show and shocked viewers with his rhetoric and outrageous sayings,   the ratings went through the roof. People never saw this Charlie Sheen before. They always  saw a clean and funny watered down version of him on Two and a Half Men.  Now they saw him raw and angry!

  I even commented about him on  CBS’s the Insider saying how angry  and hostile he looked body language wise.

When Charlie arrived at the CNN Studios to do Pierce Morgan’s show, there was tension in the air.  I was even at the CNN  studio shooting the Nancy Grace Show  and everything there seemed to be on lockdown.

There was a heaviness and nervousness  in the air and people were walking on eggshells.  You couldn’t roam around freely as usual and there were  only certain rooms you could be in.  Secuity was everywhere and in full force. It was becuase  Charlie was on the loose and no one kne what would happen. Would he fly off the handle?  Would he harm someone? So as a precaution,  they wanted to keep everyone away from him and out of his path.


When I walked out of the  CNN studio to get into my limo, a throng of paparazzi  three feet deep were waiting outside for Charlie to take his photo as soon  he emerged from doing  Pierce Morgan’s show.  Because they were so anxious and camera trigger happy they immediately  began flashing away at me when someone yelled out That’s Dr.  Glass

 Then the  multitude of questions and cameras  came at me as I was asked  what I thought about Charlie Sheen on CNN as I was getting into my limo.  Since I dint see the show at the time because I was busy filming Nancy Grace I hadnothing to say except that I didn’t get to see it .  


I did manage to see the show  while I was in an airport in Salt Lake City that Sunday .Charlie was not as angry on the show In fact he was hilarious at times!  He was bright and sharp and clearly knew what he was doing and saying. He did not seem  crazy at all. In fact Peirce  also remarked that he didn’t think Cahrlie  was crazy and actually thought Charlie was great AND CHARMING.

But those who did not find Charlies interview charming was CBS! Charlie committed the Cardinal sin in Hollywood- Biting the hand that feeds you!  He was discussing money and whether or not he would come back and the negotiation process . This is a HUGE NO NO!  That is why there are agents and lawyers . You cannot discuss this on the air. It made CBS look bad as well as all producers.

Because of Charlies popularity, he used his forum to in essence badmouth his employers and put them in a bad light. They could have none of that and rightfully so.  So they fired him on  Monday.  They clearly had enough of him making them look like the bad guy when all they did  was try to give him a chance to sort himself out.




Charlie was shocked and no doubt went on a binger as he ranted and raved and looked even mor out of control and manic than ever on his  home made reality show.  He looked awful as there was no makeup and hair stylist to make him look good. It was just raw real Charlie.

When his kids were taken away it was sad and horrible.  Nut the right thing to do as kids cannot be anywhere near this man now. He seemed to take it in stride but when the reality sets in, that  he will not be seeing his kids when he wants to it will no doubt have a huge emotional impact on him.’

Maybe that will be the catalyst for him to sort himself out.  One thing is for certain he truly loves those kids and that was evident on the video.


Charlie;s legal battle with CB S is far from over and no dount a settlement will take place. Noone wants a drawn out trial which would kee this ugly situation alive. It won;t look good for CBS as Charlie;s growing populaity would make them look like the big bad wolf even though they were not.

Marty Singer, a great contracts attorney who also specializes in defamation against clebritiers  will make sure Charlie comes out ahead and no doubt he will from sa financial point of view.

I think CBS would rather settle than see the likes of Charlie on the set of Two and a Half Men. I am sure that producers would rather stick hot coals in their eyes than see Charlie show up on the set again. No dount they will replace him. There is talk of replacing him with Rob Lowe, whoim I have known for years. That would be a grat move in my view. Besides being funny, he is defianately  easy onthe eyes and would attarct a lot of female viewers.


On his latest home reality show he was funny. I even laughed out loud.  He gets under the table and takes a swig of something and says he isn’t going to tell us what it is because he hasn’t goTten paid for it.

 So now it is all about money as we hear how he is getting this offer and that offer. Charlie will no doubt make more money than ever and make more of a name and a brand for himself than ever before.

He will probably make so much that he may end up producing his own movies and end up one of the biggest moguls and powerhouses in Hollywood. Since he is such a porn star afficionado, perhaps he may even produce some porn as well.

The money machine has started the sound of ka-ching   already, There is a  WINNING Tee shirt line and a Tiger’s Blood drink and I’M ON A DRUG CALLED CHARLIE SHEEN  tee shirts . “Pulling a Charlie Sheen” will no dount become part of our vernacular.

I am sure that TROLL tee shirts will be on the way. Maybe there will even be a cartoOn series and a reality show or even a  film called “Charlies Trolls. The point is that Charlie has reached the tipping point in a good way and his money making machine has become viral with his Charlieisms.

With social media and good old marketing Charlie doesn’t need CBS . If he doesn’t kill himself with drugs or end up in prison for  hurting or killing someone,  Charlie has a very lucrative future ahead of him.

 Even though CBS gave him the boot, Hollywood being what it  is and seeing how much he can make will give him yet  another chance for sure. Someone else will offer him a show-either cable or  NBC or ABC.  No dount it will be  a hit. Film offers will come in and people will flock to see train wreck crazy Charlie.

But as I said Charlie is not crazy, He may  be  manic and angry and hostile. But Charlie is still  funny,talented, the consummate actor as we have even seen in his over the top ratings on his own reality show.  Charlie clearly  knows what he is doing. Charlie is bigger than ever and is here to stay… unless he does himself or someone else in.


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