Will Casey Anthony Commit Suicide As A Final Act of Control If She Gets Death Penalty?


In examining  Casey Anthony’s behavior, her body language and communication patterns throughout the years, it is my view that there  appear to be are signals of sociopathy or psychopathy based on the characteristics presented in psychologist Robert Hare’s Hare Scale of Psychopathy.” As you recall  Casey Anthony’s behavioryou may see that she appears to share many  traits listed below:

Factor 1

Aggressive narcissism

  1. Glibness/superficial charm
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
  3. Pathological lying
  4. Cunning/manipulative
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt
  6. Emotionally shallow
  7. Callous/lack of empathy
  8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Factor 2

Socially deviant lifestyle

  1. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  2. Parasitic lifestyle
  3. Poor behavioral control
  4. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  5. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  6. Impulsiveness
  7. Irresponsibility
  8. Juvenile delinquency
  9. Early behavioral problems
  10. Revocation of conditional release

Traits not correlated with either factor

  1. Many short-term marital relationships
  2. Criminal versatility

  When a sociopath or psychopath feels that there is no way out and  they can no longer manipulate they often become severely depressed. Because of that  it is not uncommon for them to commit suicide. Remember this is what occurred happened with Philip Markoff  the medical student who killed a woman who’s add he answered on Craigslist.  Markoff  knew there was no way out of his situation. He knew that he could never finish medical school, or become a doctor, or marry his clueless fiancé and live an upscale life. He also knew that he could no longer live his other life where he abused and tortured and killed women. He was locked away in a cell in  a Boston  jail with no visitors and no support system. He knew that things would never get better and that he could never talk his way out of this one .So as his final act of desperation and control he found a way to systematically kill himself in his jail cell and as a final act of control. He  even wrote messages in his own blood on his cell wall as a shout out to his former fiancé. This dramatic way out  could easily happen with Casey Anthony  in my view.  

Sociopaths and Psychopaths don’t usually  commit suicide for the  same reasons non- psychopaths or sociopaths would commit suicide. Instead, their reasons for committing suicide is more as a final act of control.

So if Casey is found guilty of the crime of murdering her daughter Caylee and is sentenced to death by the State, she may possibly  attempt suicide and succeed. In doing so, it may serve as her final act of defiance and control.  She may commit suicide as an act of controlling her own death on her own terms.

There are those who believe that Casey is  way too narcissistic, too self absorbed and to  too in love with herself to do harm to herself, let alone  kill herself. I disagree.  If and when she is housed in a prison’s Death Row, Casey will get a rude awakening.  

Right now, she is the  total center of attention and she seems to love it.  She  appears to love showing up in court with her different outfits often unbuttoned to show some cleavage. Then there are her varied  hair styles she apparently likes to show off in the courtroom as well.

 For Casey, the ,most  important thing  appears that she always looks good. That is why you always see her grooming her hair or adjusting her clothing.  She also  gets the pleasure of seeing her “crush” and attorney  Jose Baez and whomever else she fancies at the moment.

She gets enjoyment in  sharing a smile  or a laugh with Jose. Most of all she appears to get some joy out  of seeing her parents agonizing over her in the courtroom, while she purposely ignores them.  She  no doubt knows that Cindy is straining to get Casey to look in her direction, but Casey consistently refuses to do so.  

In addition, she knows that her every move is televised and scrutinized by the press and no doubt loves all that attention .

But if she is found guilty and sentenced to death, all of that external attention will suddenly disappear. If the recent Jose Baez allegations leveled against Jose Baez are true and the  Florida Bar finds that he has done wrong, he may very well lose his license. If that is the case, he will not be able to represent Casey  and will have no cause to ever see her again. This would no doubt add to her depressed state as she sees Jose as her lifeline to the world and has come to depend on him as her savior. Is he is no longer there to save her, despair may very well set in.

Add to that the   hours and hours of complete isolation and  complete boredom in her  cell with little or no human interaction for long periods of time. Since Casey requires a lot attention for her survival, the lack of  stimulation, the lack of visual and auditory stimulation will be devastating for her.

She may not be able to tolerate her the continuous boredom imposed on her as it will be  torture for her. Because of that it is not impossible that she may decide to  take matters into her own hands kill and herself because like Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff,  she may feel she has  absolutely no way out of her miserable existence.

Even though Casey will most likely  appeal her conviction, the wheels of  justice turn very slow. She may not be able to handle the years and years it will take.  In addition, she can forget about the regular  attorney visits to add some human contact to her existence and help with her boredom.

 While she will most likely continue to receive letters from mentally disturbed fans who support her innocence and who may even ask her to marry them,  she may find the written words empty and meaningless as she knows the truth-  that her life as she once knew it is essentially over. This realization  may be too much for this once  party animal to handle so she may take it upon herself to finally end it all.



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  1. Very interesting, I could see that for her Dr. Glass, remember that guy from Boston, Charles Stuart, he shot his pregnant wife Carol, she was an attorney and 8 months pregnant. He was like Scott Peterson and like Casey Anthony, and yes, he couldn’t stand it when they figured it out and he was a real bragger too, a liar of who he was, he couldn’t stand the public knowing the truth, so he jumped off the Tobin bridge. He left a note stating he couldn’t deal with the allegations against him.
    Like Casey, he created an imaginary life for himself as some wheeler dealer, but the truth was, his pregnant wife supported him.

    I can see your point here Dr. Glass, it could be true in the end.
    yep, Casey is like Scott peterson and she is also like Charles Stuart. psycho/socioPATHS


    1. Yes , very true they go pshyco rage when you tell them they are nothing but a liar and you can see through there b.s.

      Also can someone map quest the Tobin Bridge , so I can rent a van .

      I can drive Casey , Cindy , George and Biaz all habitual liears to the bridge free of cost.


    2. In light of the verdict. I think she will be overcome and take her own life but not before leaving note outlining (in gruesome detail) of how she actually committed the murder. It shines light on her adolescent, irresponsible and unbalanced psychological state. This, of course, would be great news for Justice overall and bad news for due process (as far as this case is concerned).


    1. Darn it Biaz left out the 8 black guys that held Casey down in the park and stole her kid .

      Oh wait , Casey did say Zanida was half black.

      Cindy told her she was taking Caley by court order.

      She told Casey she was unfit to get out and they where taking the car.

      What would she tell her lovers and friends .

      Her whole image would have been blown wide open.

      They would have wondered why she had no car to drive them around in.

      After all she was this big cordinator for the parks.

      Yet she had no car.

      The car was in Cindy and Georges name and they paid her insurance as well on the car.

      Zann was Cindy the mother she hated.

      The mother that held her down from partying .

      The mother that would not let her get rid of Caley.

      The mother that was punishing her mentally all her life.

      The mother that takes Zanny’s for the up stairs.

      These two hated each other and where very jelaous of each other.

      Sick relationship and they all lie like social paths in this family.


  2. I think you have a very good point, and for the most part, I am one to believe Casey is so self centered she would kill her daughter for a one night spot light at CLUB FUSION, and an added bonus would be she would hurt Queen Cindy.
    People with ego’s so HUGE really can crumble.
    If they can’t be the glory gods or goddesses and free, they truly might commit suicide.
    suicide is, after all, a selfish act.


  3. Hi Dr. Glass, interesting article! At first I thought no way would Princess pony destroy herself, but I could see it as a final act of control; a refusal to submit to someone else’s will, and death on her own terms. Question: what method of suicide do you think a sociopath/narcissist like her would be most likely to use? Given she’s in jail, I know her options are somewhat limited to hanging, cutting herself, and maybe stashing pills/sedatives to O.D. later. I’m just curious which method her monstrous ego would choose to destroy itself?


  4. No, I disagree..Casey Anthony is too self absorbed to think about taking her own life. Her final defiance will be to plead guilty and tell the truth about what happened to Caylee. That would be the ultimate stick it to her mother she can do.
    Casey loves herself too much to do this, she has visions of walking out of court a free woman, free to adopt a child who already has an irish accent…rv around the world with her new best friend. Casey thinks too much of herself to take her own life. I can see someone else doing this to her tho’, once she’s sentenced and placed in general pop..
    Scott Peterson is another who is a malignant narcisis, he sits on death row…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  5. dr.glas thanks,very interessting!
    linda sorry i dont agree!she will NEVER plea guilty and tell the truth!she will take the truth in her grave!


  6. I also see Casey having some sort of melt down and deciding to control her demise, rather than being out of control. She thinks that she is entitled to control everyone else, be it by manipulation, punishment, or murder. I also think Casey was planning to do away with her parents. What do you take on the report of Casey’s diary proven to be manufactured in 2004? Rather than written in 2003 like it appears to be. The 03 is underlined like she is putting emphasis on it. Thanks for the insight Dr. Glass


  7. You know, I can see this Sociopath Casey going out on her terms. Yet, on the other hand, Sociopaths worship themselves. So, I guess there is a 50/50 chance she might tell everybody to stick it with her death.


  8. From reading Hare, et al I understand the psychopath’s “inner emptiness” is what drives her depression “yet the primary emotion experienced is rage” (Yechelson and Sanrenow 1970). Both have characterized psychopaths as people who envy what others ARE and not what they have. They lie, steal, manipulate, deceive and
    kill because this is who they are. They feel no fear but are quick to say, “I feel your pain”.

    I wouldn’t think Casey would commit suicide only because it would bring finality to her life of devaluing others. That is what gives her life meaning. The “long arm of her psychopathy” will touch many for the rest of her life and theirs.


  9. I absolutely don’t think she would kill herself. If she ends up with LWOP I think casey will be able to cobble some kind of satisfying life behind bars, no problem. Depending on what the system offers their inmates she may end up working on her education, learn a second language, take up oil painting, she will make “friends” that she will attempt to control, she will build relationships with admirers on the outside . . . hell, maybe she’ll even fall in love and end up with conjugal visits some day! It all depends on the prison. But one thing I’m sure of and that is casey is a survivor. I think she will always do better than what we would hope for her, unfortunately. It’s everyone else her life touches that fall in her wake.

    Now, if she ends up on Death Row then forget everything I just said. No extracurricular activities there, I’m guessing.


  10. Dr. Glass, I have agreed with you on many things..but this one, absolutely no. Why? I understand Casey super clearly…she is someone who goes with the flow. She was like a rutterless ship when she had her own life. She let things happen to her, she was not an instigator. She is very passive. About the only really major initiative she showed was getting the tattoo. Think about this, she could have run away after Caylee’s demise, she did not. She stayed put right there in Orlando, trying to nail down poor Tony Lazzarro. Casey has no original thoughts. She is like a giant elephant who is tethered by a tiny rope. She stays put because she is/was too afraid to be independent.


    1. You are just joking, right, Mrs. Clark? I mean, you can’t be serious! Casey never had a passive, “go with the flow” day in her life!
      JMO and no offense to your opinion, but I strongly disagree with you.


      1. Suzanna, read the entire thread. Casey Anthony doesn’t think for herself, she lets people around her tell her what to do. Explain why she passively sat there talking to the 9-1-1 dispatcher when Cindy handed her the phone..that’s the type of go with the flow I am referring to. You are looking at it as a postive statement like all the Hippies go with the flow..I am using it in the sense that she is completely witless. She waits until she reaches the end of the hallway in all cases. She “falls into line” and pretends to be a paralegal at the defense table instead of wailing and writhing like the rest of us would be. She is a shell of a person who takes on whatever happens around her. If her current beau likes sports…she goes with the flow and pretends to like sports too. She has zero initiative. I think she is fascinating…she’s a robot.


  11. IMO Casey is too in love with herself to ever commit suicide. She still thinks she is “All That,” even behind bars. Look back at how many pictures she has of herself before she killed Caylee. Look at the party pics. She is either in the middle of everyone else or she is leaning far in to make sure she is in the shot. In nearly every picture there is of her and Caylee, Casey is looking at the camera instead of at Caylee. She loves to see herself on film, in the mirror and in other people’s eyes.

    I bet it nearly kills her that she can’t watch herself on TV when she appears in court. We know she watched news footage of herself while she was out on bail.

    Just like I didn’t believe for a second that George would commit suicide, I don’t think Casey will either. She will adapt to prison much like she has adapted to jail. It will be harder because she might not have as many visitors, but if she gets LWOP and ends up in general population, she will make herself into the prison ward princess….anyway she has to.


  12. The very last thing Casey Anthony ever did was “go with the flow”. There was no flow in her life. If she wasn’t creating havoc she wasn’t living. She had no intention or inclination to be a contributing member of society and she will not “go with the flow in prison”. She will be catorgorized as a dangerous homicidal sociopath whether she is on death row or serving LWPOP. Her mental health issues will be treated and she will adapt.

    When fellow inmates have visiting day with their children she’ll give parenting advice. No one will blink.


  13. BeesKnees: You said exactly what I was thinking! I think she will adjust beautifully to prison. I’m sure that she will have lots of male pen pals who will make her feel desirable and loved.
    Cindy, on the other hand, will be on a Media Blitz to make every dollar she can! Books, Mags, newspapers, personal apperances etc…you name it! Just SHOW ME THE MONEY!


  14. No, prison security will always be very tight to avoid a situation where Casey could commit suicide. Sure it does happen in prison, but since this is Such a Rare & Heinous case, I don’t think she will get the opportunity. I pray she doesn’t get the chance! However, I would be worried about George or the other two.


  15. Mrs Anthony will accept what the jurors have to say because they will be the only ones who really did “get off their asses and looked for Caylee.” IMO there will never be a media blitz, fame or fortune for Mr and Mrs Anthony. Cindy and George will move away from Orlando in the hope that they can begin life anew without the stench that will surely flow from her conviction and the years of appeals.

    If she can get up on the witness stand and ask jurors to save her daughter from the death chamber with love, compassion and for once speak openly and truthfully about Casey than I think she will be able to pick up the pieces of her life and move on.


  16. well, anonymous…going with the flow is when you turn up pregnant, and instead of addressing it in a timely manner, acting like it’s “not there” until the child is born and then “going with it”. Going with the flow is not graduating with your class, but pretending that it is not happening and that you’re really just fine and employable. Going with the flow is making dinner for the searchers of your daughter….because that’s how you charm people. That’s the type of going with the flow I’m talking about…no initiative to make things happen, she’s gone to jail and she’s not “going with the flow” there. She has no real backbone to make things happen in her own life..she is 100% dependent on others for her identity.


    1. Mrs. Clark, I wish to apologize for my prior comment
      to you! I did not realize what your definition of “going with the flow” was, I guess. In the sense that you mean, yes, she did and does do that.
      But I still do believe she was an instigator for many situations and instances in her life.


  17. @Mrs. Clark
    Your comments are AWESOME!
    Here is another ” going with the flow from Casey”

    Casey struts down the hall of Disney World offices like she OWNS the place, flanking her are two seasoned detectives, Casey leads them SMACK DAB into a BRICK WALL, where Casey turns to them and states “Ok, you got me, I lied about working here, I don’t have an office here and I don’t work here”


  18. Mrs Clark and Ruth-The way I interpret “going with the flow” was more “laid back” and less confrontational and deceptive. Some define the term “going with th flow” as a show of acceptance and a willingness to do what everyone else wants to do (English.com). From the Urban Dictionary we read: To not push against prevailing behavior/norms/attitudes, occassionally including bowing to peer pressure. To not attempt to exert a large amount of influence on the course of events.

    Example: I wanted to ask Juliette Lewis out on a date but my timing was off- I’ll think I’ll go with the flow for now.

    I believe Casey Anthony to be a parasite-a living, breathing psychopath: “social predators, who charms, manipulate and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret.” (R. Hare, Without Conscience)

    I agree that she did many things that were illegal, immoral and without regard for others. The truth is relative and can be manipulated at will is her mantra when explaining life events. If this is “going with the flow” than yes, I would agree that she did this often.


  19. Casey even “went with the flow” when her Mother picked her up from Tony’s and drove her home, calling the police (two or three times in Casey’s presence). Once home, Casey didn’t bolt for the door. Casey often does as she is told. Casey is like a cork in the stream, bobbing along..going with the flow! She lets unpleasantness wash over her and doesn’t acknowledge it. There is something seriously wrong with her, she has very little initiative. Why didn’t she want to go get her GED? Probably because the phone kept ringing and there were more immediate and interesting things to do. She makes no plans very far in ad vance.


  20. Such GOOD comments to Mrs. Clark and Anonymous
    But Mrs. Clark nailed Casey better in my opinion.
    The reason being, and its true, Casey is like a cork floating in a stream, Casey will accept the water washing over her, but after the water has made her wet, Casey wants to lie about how she GOT WET to begin with.
    Yet , Casey will accept the backwash and then try to label HOW THE BACK WASH HAPPEND.
    I am saying, Casey does not manipulate circumstances, but AFTER circumstances have happened, she will THEN manipulate and make up in her revised opinion WHAT HAPPENED.
    but she sure thinks her looks will MANIPULATE YOU!
    (she has been taught that from Cindy and George and Lee too!


  21. Casey, as I stated in a previous article,”is an “emotionless android”-unable to imagine what real humans experience (ibid. p.44). Her brain does not register fear. Her brain does not take into account the consequences of her behavior. She has no emotional memory of Caylee. She is the center of her universe. She will always be considered “morally insane”.


  22. No way would she kill herself. She lives in a world where she is the smartest person alive. Prison would just be another place to play people.

    Too bad. Would like to save Florida some money when she goes on death row.


  23. Anonymous, I will you all the way…….Casey is a true psychopath.. She only created the nanny to everyone so when the time came she would have someone else to blame. What don’t other people see? She let Jesse Grund and his family babysit for 9 months…….just so she could go home sit on her a$$, play on the computer and whatever else she wanted to do….even took advantage of her other friends…..Casey cares for no one but herself…….I honestly believe that Caylees days were numbered….and when Cindy shut down the money train and called Casey out on it……Casey planned her revenge…….I’m not sure if she planned Killing Caylee that day, but when Cindy refuse to pick up Caseys call on that day..June16 Casey would make her pay……….So she killed to birds with one stone…….She rid herself of her daughter she did not love or want and broke her mothers heart…….


  24. Ruth- I liked your description of Casey “going with the flow” in the metaphorical sense. We all know that Casey Anthony’s mind is a metaphorical swamp and to understand it one would have to look to the researchers who spent years in prisons interviewing them and developing theories about how they navigated their world without a conscience. The only way to do research on psychopaths is to go where they in groups-prisons.

    I read about who this defendant is and often wonder (as I did in Dr Glass’s previous article) if her psychopathy (with acute, recurrent and chronic mental health disorders) be used as a mitigator. How will jurors be able to extend mercy to this defendant?


  25. Ruth and Mrs Clark-Breaking News from downtown Orlando in June of 2008!!!!!!

    Casey Anthony was seen dancing the night away at the infamous Go With The Flow Bistro. Apparently she was celebrating her nanny’s upcoming audition/walk-on for One Tree Hill. Among the many guests attending were Gloria and Victor Gonzalez, proud parents, sister Stephanie, and Jeffrey Michael Hopkins accompanied by Juliet Lewis, attractive single mother who cuddled Annabell all evening. Rachel Ferrel and Jennifer Rosa attended to guests at the wet bar and cut the 10′ cake donated by Tom Manly from Universal Studios. Casey’s Mom attended the party and was quick to tell anyone who would listen that it was Tom Manly who awarded Casey the Employee of the Year award at Kodak,aka Universal Studios,Color Vision or was it for her event planning skills? Whatever.


  26. Linda-I will never understand why Cindy did not call Amy H. sooner. She had met her one day picking up a package at Hopespring Drive. She knew that Casey had invited Amy to live with her and that Amy changed her address for that purpose. If she feared Casey wouldn’t it stand to reason that Caylee might fear her as well?


  27. Some time ago I said I remember Casey saying that before she would spend the rest of her life in prison she would kill herself. I was told no, no way did she say that or would she, to which I totally disagree. Casey wants to be in control of everything pertaining to her, she feels this is her time to be free of her controlling mother and lifestyle that imprisoned her for two years. (Her opinion not mine). I too feel she would take her own life not to show anyone else she could, but only to show everyone that she makes the rules now, Cindy.


  28. Anonymous, I think you misunderstood my last comment to you…There is NO WAY Cindy was afraid of Casey. She was the Do-na of that household…Cindy ruled them all…the only card Casey held was Caylee and Cindy never thought Casey would use it..In Cindys demented mind Casey needed her. A nice place to live rent free, a free babysitter,free food, no upkeep of house and yard work…Cindy must have drilled it into Caseys mind that if it wasn’t for Caylee she would have thrown Casey out. Like I said I don’t think Casey ever wanted Caylee or loved her…She even told her mother that the baby was hispanic knowing her mother was prejudice but Cindy didn’t care.It was HER blood…….and SHE wanted it…….
    As far as Amys Package that was delivered to the Anthonys house….I believe Casey told Cindy another Bullchit story that Amy was in the process of moving and didn’t have an address yet so Casey told Amy she could use her address…..and Cindy swallowed that story too.


  29. Linda-I read your post and agree totally. I think when I read the last sentence “and broke her mother’s heart” I was, for whatever reason, prompted to ask, “Why didn’t Cindy call Amy. H. sooner”. When I think of it, there was nothing anyone could have done after June 16,2008. Calling Amy sooner would never have changed the reality of the situation.


  30. Great article and comments! I clearly should have read all the comments before making my own replies. You all worked out the meaning(s) of “Go With The Flow”!


  31. Suzanna-You did just fine. We all look at certain idioms (sp?) with care especially when they relate to discussions on Fl v Anthony. I was confused at first but have come to understand the essence of what Mrs Clark said.

    Casey sat in the car and said nothing to her mother after being brought home from Tony’s. No toddler-no talk. She sits silently while her mother calls the police and reports her for stealing and theft (the car and apparently money). Still “going with the flow” without a care in the world-ain’t talkin’. When forced to tell the 911 operator she is so bored out of her tree (the one on the Hill) she forgets the date of Caylee’s last day on earth and says, “She’s been gone for 31 days” but by the way, I spoke with her a moment, uh, a minute today.” When LE shows up she speaks freely for hours and when it is all over admits that she lied throughout her entire interrogation. She’s cool. “No worries” kind of attitude. She goes to her uncle’s wedding 7 months pregnant and her idiot parents look surprised when the uncle asks when Casey is going to have her baby. “Casey says you have to have sex to make a baby” was the response Mrs Anthony gave her brother. Lie to everyone and anyone with not as much as a hint of embarrassment as you call them two months later and tell them that they are going to be Caylee’s new uncle and aunt. They go with the flow and the current is swift and certain. They all end up overboard and drowning in their own lies.


    1. i have always wondered why cindy didn’t ask after caylee or look for caylee in tonys apartment… when she picked kc up… no one mentions cindy asking for caylee at tony’s.. cindy strikes me as the type of person who would of tore tony’s apartment apart if she was trully looking for caylee… i think her focus was getting kc back into her control.. i have heard it said no one leaves a abusive family.. (i do think there was some major emotional abuse going on) if cindy trully loved kc she would have put a stop the her lying and stealing as a child.. she would have wanted her to be a upright individual..

      this is one of the times i have to disagree with dr glass (who i admire)… kc remains me of a female ted bundy… by way of her expressions.. mannerisms.. i think kc was is a sociopath who was just coming into her own… i do not think kc will commit suicide… i think she thinks she will get out of this… she will bs her way out…. even if convicted to death or lwop she will thrive in prison..
      we will hear cindy tell how kc is such a valuable member of the prison to the other inmates.. jmo


  32. Voice of Sanity-Please review Florida laws relative to the disposition of dead bodies. You will find the reading interesting and hopefully answer any questions you might have about dead bodies; who is responsible for them; what happens when remains are left at the crematorium; who has the responsibility to bury them; the role of social security and the rights of deceased veterans, etc. Makes for good reading if ya think your “loved ones” might take a hike after you’re gone.

    Florida Law: Part 1: ss 406.01-406.17
    Part 2: ss 406.50-406.61.

    If Casey ran the “Everyone Lies Everyone Dies Funeral Home” and one of her customers is misplaced, lost or disposed of in a nearby swamp these statutes would be helpful to her.


  33. I learn the most from those I orginally disagree with.
    I also believe Cindy had no fear of Casey.
    Not her, George and Lee are a whole different matter.
    I remember as a child, my darling brother threw a rock at me, he yelled ‘ruth don’t look up” well of course I did, when the rock hit my eye, wow, it did a real number on me.
    It chipped my eye socket, make my eye swell closed,and all the white in my eye turned bright red, my brother said “ruthie please don'[t tell, i didn’t mean it” I knew he didn’t mean it, so I lied and said i hit the mail box while riding my bike. (kids, oh my, and I was 9 years old) later I wanted my brother to do something for me and he said no and I said if you don’t I’LL TELL ABOUT THE ROCK!
    For a good year it worked, but then my brother got so sick of me holding that over him, he just said “Go ahead and tell”
    at that moment I knew i lost my POWER over him.
    Casey has some power over Lee and George in my opinion.
    Love the comments here. TOTALLY LOVIN THEM!


  34. PS: Thank you Dr. Glass for posting your site.
    I appreciate your insight and the chance to share thoughts and opinions with others that post on here.
    Thank You!


  35. Ruth- Haven’t we all said and done things we are not particularly happy about? Do we want to be reminded of it over and over? I don’t think so. Making amends and moving on with a resolve that is truthful and life affirming is the way forward for most integrated folks-like you and your darling brother.

    That kind of thinking does not exist in a home that harbors a psychopath. Nothing anyone says or does makes an impact on them. They laugh at LE and psychotherapist and anyone else who is attempting to get at the truth or help them reorganize their thinking. All the while they are saying, ‘don’t mess with perfection pal’.They have no intention of changing their way of thinking and behaving. When they do display behaviors and attitudes that seem “right on” and appropriate, Hare says that they simply mimic what others do.

    Remember when George and Cindy were on LKL last year and Larry asked George how Casey was with Caylee and George said something very interesting, “Friends have told us she’s a good mother”. When Casey left the home in July of 2008 they seemed to have lost all ability to act as adults, grieving grandparents or to remember if Casey was a good mother. It seems George was almost detached and unsure of the question. She made them sick. Really sick.


  36. @Anomyous
    Yes, you are too right on that one.
    Absolutely, I was ashamed for holding that over my “darling brother” (and he is)
    But I grew up, I cared about others, and I still do.
    I grew up.
    Sick people get stuck in the sick.
    They think they matter too much.
    I understood to care and love, you have to care and love.
    Thank you for your comment .


  37. I love your articles Dr.Glass and usually agree with all of them, except this one.

    Casey is all about Casey and loves herself to much to ever take her own life.I think she fits the mentality more of a Scott Peterson.Even though he sits on death row I can never see himself taking his own life either.They are both to self absorbed.

    Casey even if given the death penalty will maintain her innocence until the bitter end. She would just use this as another way of hurting her family by claiming her innocence and blaming them.They could have a video of her committing the crime and she’d still deny she did it.She will continue to put the blame on everyone else in her life for her even being there in the first place.

    I’ll bet she’ll be primping until she is tied down on that gurney.She’ll have no last words but, stare at the ceiling with her cold eyes and empty heart.She won’t be going the same place Caylee is that’s for sure.I don’t believe all her praying and finding the lord.This is something she obviously picked up from Robin Adams.


  38. Am I the only one who sees the parallel of the Cindy-Casey relationship with that of the TeenMom2 Jenelle and her mother Barbara?

    The internet is abuzz with how controlling the mom (Barbara) is to insist on custody of her grandchild. Opinion is that she is too harsh and that she is interfering – but what if Cindy has gotten custody of Caylee early on and had the power to kick Casey out. Would Caylee be dead?

    IMO Barbara is doing the right thing. Too many teen mothers expect their mothers to have open doors, babysit while daughter parties, and no consequences. Barbara definitely is doing the right thing by getting legal custody of her grandchild instead of playing games with her infantile daughter.

    Meanwhile, Jenelle is off trespassing, smoking weed, getting arrested, stalking x-boyfriend, pregnant at 16, and can’t hold down a job. Sounds like a road that is very dangerous for a teen mom with an infant.

    Sounds a lot like Casey about 5-6 years ago and we all know how that turned out for Caylee.


  39. Thank you Dr. Glass. I found your analysis to be most interesting. I am fascinated by type of work you do as I am studying to be a forensic psychologist. I have followed your work for some time. Thank you for providing such insight and for your dedication to the field in which you appear to be right at the top of.


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