Cindy Anthony’s Jailhouse Letters to Casey Reveal Denial, Victim- Like Blame, Passive Aggression, and Immaturity


The letters of Cindy Anthony to her  daughter Casey who sits in jail as a result of her  reporting  to police that the car Casey was driving smelled like there was a dead body in it, are most revealing.  It reveals a profile of someone who is experiencing   guilt, denial, arrogance, aggression  and omnipotence,  who has to be in control. The level her  smallness in the name calling of a Channel 9 reporter also reveals her level of immaturity.


  Cindy writes They are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen.  This statement shows her controlling nature and feelings of omnipotence as she tells Casey that she will not let Casey crack. The reality is that she has no control over Casey and whether or not she will crack.  Maybe she did in the past, but she certainly has no control over Casey now.


 Then you see a slice of arrogance and defiance when she writes  I don’t care who reads my letters.” It is the same defiance we have seen in Casey so it makes us more aware that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. She also writes How much of this insanity are we supposed to endure ? Once again this reflects her victim mentality as in “look what they are doing to poor me.”

                                                                        CINDY CONTROLLING FAMILY DYNAMIC

 Cindy  continues to show her controlling nature as she attempts to control the family dynamic by  reassuring  Casey that her brother Lee  and father support her. This also shows her denial.  In my view there is no possible way that Lee or George can fully support Casey when a. they must know deep down that she  killed Caylee and b.  she outed them for sexually molesting her. If she lied, how can they support her for falsely accusing them?  If she is telling he truth, how can they support her for outing them?


 Cindy writes “Lee has always been a very private person, so his wisdom has kept him away from most of this nonsense,” This clearly shows how much  denial Cindy appears  to be. First of all Lee is not so wise. We have all seen him act life a buffoon with his inappropriate laughter during depositions and on the witness stand. We have seen him inappropriately  mouth “I love you” to Casey when he was on the stand. That in my view is not wisdom. Instead, it is stupidity. When she write  ..kept him away from all of this nonsense it really shows her  state of denial.  One would never  call  having her daughter on trail for her life for killing her granddaughter nonsense


 Her statement “Don’t let them destroy you.,” reflects  the guilt she is  no doubt  feeling . Cindy is feeling   destroyed  about  Casey and  her present situation. It was Cindy who told Casey in a fit of anger that she was throwing her out and keeping Caylee. That is  when Casey left with Caylee, who was never to be seen or heard from again.  It is clear projection on Cindy’s part when she says not to let them destroy Casey because what has happened has clearly destroyed Cindy . It is obviously too painful for her to admit her role in all of this so she tells Casey to    
 Hold on to the truth and know that Jesus is with you. He will protect you from your enemies.”  


Once again we see the: us against them: denial pattern and blaming everyone else out there—the enemies”  for her and Casey’s situation. It also reflects Cindy’s lack of taking responsibility and  for allowing a dysfunctional stealing, lying. daughter to get away with her antics for a lifetime. Now that it has come to the point that her deviant  her daughter is  facing the death penalty, all she can do is play the victim and blame others instead of looking at herself and her role in all of this.


Her Control Freak nature surfaces once again as she gives Casey orders  in command terms by writing I need you to  stay focused and strong. Don’t let all of the games that the state’s attorney’s office is playing get to you. Referring to it as agame” speaks volumes. rest assured that the Prosecution is not looking at this as a game.


Cindy also holds Casey’s looks and appearance at a premium as she comments on Casey’s hair length and how beautiful she looked. It is no wonder why Casey is so self-conscious in the courtroom and constantly grooms herself.  Casey no doubt believes that her  only worth in her mother’s eyes is evidently in how  beautiful she looks . When a person’s daughter is facing the death penalty, their looks should be the least thing on a parent’s mind. 


When Cindy wrote  in a letter to Casey, “I’m proud of you.” we can defiantly see how  she  has a distorted way of  thinking.  What is Cindy proud of?  a.  her daughter killing her granddaughter?  b. Casey’s ignoring her and not acknowledging her  in the courtroom as she strains to get Casey’ s attention? c. Casey’s sending law enforcement on a wild goose chase and lying to them? d. Casey’s trying to pin the blame on a fictitious Zanny the Nanny or e. All of the above?  No one in their right mind would be proud of Casey under any circumstance. 


When Cindy trashes the media and says “It makes me sick that I don’t even have some of the pictures of Caylee that they do,” it shows just how Cindy is trying to manipulate Casey  even behind bars, as she no doubt did all of Casey’s life.
The   photos  were no doubt Cindy;s photos at one time . Cindy doesn’t have the photos of Casey she is complaining about  because she most likely  sold them to the media. How do you think the media got the photos of Caylee in the first place? 
Caylee was not  a celebrity who was hounded and stalked  by paparazzi during  her three years of life.   So the question is , who sold her photos to agencies , who   may have sold the the photos  to media outlets?   Did Cindy sell them to specific media outlets herself?  We  know that ABC paid 250,000  dollars for photos. It was Cindy or the Anthony family,  who no doubt took Caylee’s photos. It  was most likely in my view Cindy who sold them to media outlets,  who no doubt  paid a  licensing fee  to use the photos. If  Cindy doesn’t have the photos, it is  because  in my view she sold them.



Once again in blaming mode and making  others the enemy, Cindy refers  to a reporter as “Little Ms. witchy pooh from Channel 9. No doubt  she was referring to Cathy Belich  who asks provocative questionsn and who’s  physcial appearance may not be up to Cindy’s standards. It also reflects Cindy’s immaturity level in having to resort to name- calling to make herself feel better and to release her anger and animosity at the reporter. 

In my view,Cindy;s mis guided anger at the reporter should really be directed at  Casey who most likely killed her granddaughter.


But when Cindy writes to Casey that she wants justice for Caylee more than anyone and says  I will not rest ever until that happens,”  her comment  may be a passive aggressive dig at Casey. It  may be her attempt to indirectly lash out at Casey. She must know deep down what Casey did to Caylee, especially after reporting that the car smelled like a dead body was in it She  wants justice for Caylee and no doubt is letting Casey know that she wants Casey to pay for what she did to Caylee.    


 We also see a sense of false idealization , The ways he signs off in each leeetr shows how she would like to feel about Casey. But unfortunately the reality is different.  In all of her letters Cindy signs them Love you always and forever.I wonder if Cindy will love Casey always and forever as the trial begins and as she hears the gruesome accounts of what Casey no doubt did to Caylee. I wonder if she will love Casey  always and forever when she is grilled on the stand and some unpleasant things come out about her pertaining to Casey. I wounder if she will love Casey always and forever  if and when a unanimous jury finds her daughter  guilty of murdering her granddaughter and sentences her to death.  




34 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony’s Jailhouse Letters to Casey Reveal Denial, Victim- Like Blame, Passive Aggression, and Immaturity

  1. I think every single word in cindy’s letters were meant for OUR eyes — the public’s. Not casey’s. cindy knows just as well as any of us that it was casey who killed Caylee. It’s all a further extention of her need to control the situation and continue the spin in about the only avenue left to her — through her letters and the discussion of them on the blogs.


  2. I think your analysis is right on the money. There certainly seems to be an undertow of aggression and deceptiveness in that family and it’s sad. It’s never easy to hear that your child is accused of something so awful but most parents would be so busy grieving their granddaughter that they wouldn’t exactly be “proud” of a child who is accused of something like this. Something about this just ain’t right.


  3. In my opinion no one in their right mind would ever say half the things Mrs Anthony has said unless she loved the victim with all her heart and soul.

    She is going to say and do whatever it takes to placate Casey because she wants to know how Caylee died and if she suffered. That, imo, is her reason for writing the letters, appearing in court without her husband, son or the assistance of a compassionate and skilled advocate.

    She is a woman alone yet determined. She is patient and at times confused and dazed but nothing short of death will keep her from her mission in life-to know what Casey did to Caylee.


    1. i agree Cindy wants all the answers about poor Caylee but, IMO, Cindy’s reasons are just as selfish as her daughter. Its all power and control issues between Casey and Cindy. Casey has the upper hand by keeping it away from Cindy and that’s why cindy isnt gonna miss every detail in court by being there…. JMO


  4. I think one of the most disturbing things she writes is “They are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen.”
    Its as if she is acknowledging that there is indeed “something” to crack. and shes either warning casey not to let anything slip (or fear the wrath of cindy), or its a reassurance to casey that she herself will not give away the secrets they hold. either way this really disturbed me


  5. I don’t think Cindy will be able to sit through the trial and listen to the “facts”…she will probably stomp out, or be thrown out! It’s “her way” or no way!
    imo Cindy has known from day one, when she first smelled decomp, that Caylee was dead, and she knew Casey killed her. She has been spinning her lies since then. In May she will finally hear the TRUTH!


  6. When Cindy refers to “crack”, I think she is referring to Casey possibly falling apart in court and taking a plea to avoid the proceedings and avoid the death penalty. It is natural for Cindy to be defiant; she didn’t do anything to be under this public microscope; Casey did. Even after hearing the evidence against her daughter, Cindy will continue to live in some sort of denial in order for her to cope at all with life; in fact, she stated on tv After the funeral that she is still not sure Caylee is really dead. The elaborate dysfunction of the family is evident when the members publicly circled Casey and trivialized the charges from day one. I see Lee’s laughter as nothing more than nervousness. Mouthing “love you” in court to me was Lee being defiant toward Casey for her allegation of molestation. As for Ca’s personal appearance, it is in fact important to her defense for her to look as normal and innocent as possible; it is like having the crude gang leader dressed up in a suit. Appearance is the one neutral subject Ci has to share with Ca. Ci will not alienate Ca now; she has and always will love her in her way and be “proud” of her. Ci is trying not to “crack”. As for pictures, we’ve seen ones that Ca’s friends took at their social gatherings. This is indeed a dysfunctional family, but Ci should not be the target here; Casey is the one who should be condemned, not her mother. As for the False Idealism, again Ci is trying to just keep her sense of reality together, keeping up appearances, and trying not to crack. She may be a lot of things, but she never intended to have a daughter like this! For God’s sake, we don’t want the woman to commit suicide because she was deficient. Of course, Ca is a whole other topic.


  7. Cindy talks and she talks some more. She can rail against LE, the evidence, and those who are in a position to punish Casey but it is all theatre. Her home was a dark place permeated with fear and loathing. She witnessed Caylee being abused and was powerless over Casey. Going to lawyers and explaining how Caylee would be cared for should something happen to them was the tip of the iceberg. They had identified the problem and imo recognized that Casey was capable of harming them. I believe they felt a present danger in Casey and moved forward to see that Caylee was looked after in their absence.

    When she spoke they listened but when they stopped the money train they effectively said, “You are on your own”.
    And she was.


    1. i watched the raw footage of CA being interviewed by the detectives & she said GA & her went to attorneys to make sure they would get custody of Caylee if anything happened to KC so no one could come forward & try to get; her real father. when asked if they made arrangements for Caylee if something happened to them, CA said they never got that far. so what you stated is inaccurate according to what CA told the detectives.


  8. Listen, Cindy…if you are reading this I want to tell you something that you need to know. I guarantee that Casey does not read your letters. She glances at the handwriting, she scans it really quickly to see if there are any important words in it (like “Tony Lazzaro”) and then she puts it in a stack of your other unread letters. This is the truth and you would be doing yourself a huge favor if you could understand this. Casey doesn’t look at you in court because she hates you 100%. Are you the only person on the planet who doesn’t know that? She blames you for everything and she despises you. That is why everyone is in the pickle they are in now…it was born in her hatred for you (and yours for her). The reason Casey doesn’t want to talk to you is because she KNOWS that she was just a brood mare so that you could have your little live doll to play with. She KNOWS that you could not care less about her and that all you cared about was Caylee. I believe Caylee likely died in some neglectful situation that was vaguely intentional. No matter what you do, Cindy, to try to convince Casey that you lovvve her “unconditionally” Casey won’t buy it. Why? Because she may be nuttier than a fruitcake, but she was there growing up with you and she KNOWS that you were jealous of her and hateful towards her always. Children are smart in that way, they see through the crap. Casey was a child once, and you are now paying for the mistreatment and neglect and emotional abuse you doled out. She doesn’t read your letters. I promise you that.


  9. I do believe that Casey was capable of killing Caylee out of jealousy for her mothers(Cindy) love for Caylee. If you recall her parents told investigators that she broke up with Jesse Grund because she felt that he loved Caylee more than he loved her. So what makes them think it would be any different for them when they loved Caylee. What kind of sick person would break up with a man who loved her child like that? I would cherish a man who was willing to raise a child that wasn’t his and treat that child as good as Jesse treated Caylee. Jealousy wouldn’t ever cross my mind b/c it is a different kind of love that he would have for Caylee than he had for Casey.


    1. That is all hearsay. WE dont know if she said that and if KC was a victim of sexual abuse and if Jesse did show too much attention to Caylee it is understandable why KC might have said that, not that she was jealous of his attention toward her.


  10. Unfortunately, the factors that produce a psychopath are still obscure to researchers. However, several rudimentary theories about the causes of psychopathy are worth considering. At one end of the spectrum are theories that view psychopathy as largely a product of genetic or biological factors (nature) whereas theories at the other end of the spectrum posit that psychopathy results entirely from a faulty early social environment (nurture). As with most controversies, the “truth” no doubt lies somewhere in between. That is, psychopathic attitudes and behaviors very likely are the result of a combination of biological factors and environmental forces. (Hare, p.166)


  11. Thank You Dr. Glass, another wonderful assessment..

    Mrs. Clark, ITA with you, this prisoner abhors her mother. She is putting on a united front but the most glaringly absent from court are her father and brother. I don’t think they appreciate being branded a molester.
    This prisoner is in for the fight of her life. It appears that Baez is being her enabler, taking up where Cindy left off. It also appears to me, Baez cannot win this case which is why there are allegations of witness tampering and evidence tampering. I believe when this trial happens and it’s only about 93 days away, this prisoner will try to negotiate a guilty plea for the lesser included charges of manslaughter, which carries a life sentence without the possibility of parole. I’d be fine with that. Keep her locked up away from society, never able to bear another child, would sit fine with me and justice would have been served for Caylee.
    I also wonder WHO will deliver a victim impact statement on the behalf of Caylee. I don’t see anyone in this family who would, especially after Caylee’s memorial and that horrible CMA fest from Lee…I do hope this prisoner will have an awakening and plead guilty for the sake of Caylee Marie…JMHO
    Justice for Caylee


    1. I must admit, sitting at that Memorial, listening to Lee go on and on about CMA; well, it made me ill. Confused and sickened, sadder than when I arrived, I left, ignoring the reporters who wanted an opinion. I sure as heck didn’t want to talk about that!!! I still have Caylee’s memorial program, its pinned to the wall, awaiting the outcome of this trial. When it is finished, I will put it away;and go to her place of discovery and pray for Justice to put paid to her horror of a so-called mother… poor, beautiful little baby.


  12. What amazes me is that Cindy doesn’t get that SHE and George would have been next! Casey was setting it all upwhen she was telling friends she’d soon have the house, when she stated that George had suffered a “mini-stroke”, ect…Casey is a SOCIOPATH. She gets what she wants, and if you stand in her way, she eliminates you. CAYLEE stood in the path of her FREEDOM. She also garnered most of the attention, attention Casey felt rightfully should have been hers, as in when she was home from jail, and Tracy was admiring Caylee’s pics, Casey said “I was cute too!” and proceeded to drag out her own baby pics. She wasn’t about to upstaged,no; not by her own “little snothead”….


    1. I’d love to hear your assessment on Lee Anthony. His strange “CMA,CMA” at the memorial and his “I;m a broken Man” statement on top of “I am proud of you” Why did he remove himself from saying “Caylee”since it was her memorial? I do feel Lee has some emotional issues as well, possible keeping family secrets and withholding information. If anything, if he wants a normal life from here on in I hope he spills the beans about everything including what he knows about his mother’s hold on his sister.


  13. What I think is most chilling and disturbing is that as a big picture, Cindy is minimizing Casey’s predicament left and right by telling Casey such things as she won’t let LE break Casey, for Casey to not let their “games” get to her, that she’s proud of her and to stay strong, that Jesus will protect her from her enemies (LE and state’s attys?) and how she refers to the trial’s hearings as “nonsense” that Lee’s “wisdom” keeps him away from… This is a mother speaking to her daughter about the daughter’s DEATH-PENALTY MURDER TRIAL and she’s minimizing the daughter’s circumstances? She’s calling these circumstances a game and trial hearings nonsense? She’s saying that prayer will protect Casey — not reason? Prayer will get you through, but protection? This is a death penalty trial Casey is facing for God’s sake…

    This motherly role, this motherly advice could kill Casey. If Casey follows this advice, then this nonsense, this game, won’t be addressed by her reason…

    This ‘nonsensical game’ is not one you get to walk home from, Cindy! You lose, you die! Are you trying to kill Casey? Will Casey comfort herself on death row with the thought that well, it was just a game, just nonsense and boy, she stayed strong and didn’t let them “break” her! Now, let’s pray and think about what we’ll order for our last meal… and thanks for the support, Mom.


    1. I agree with you and is why I feel there’s some doubt here in this case pertaining to Cindy’s actual involvement. This kind of behavior is screaming guilt to me.


  14. WOW I’m impressed, you have to have the best and most intelligent posters I’ve ever read. Great thoughts put into words that hit the mark.


  15. Psychopaths are not “fragile” individuals. What they think and do are extentions of a rock-solid personality structure that is extremely resistant to outside influence (Hare, p.166). Cindy knew for years that Casey was bad and as she got older and became a mother her psychopathy progressed and so did the family turmoil. In those letters Cindy is trying to give Casey attributes she does not have. Those letters lack emotional maturity and only feed into Casey’s total hatred for authority. Cindy is damaged goods but if she just realized that Casey has moved on she wouldn’t spend so much time trying to convince the world that her daughter is someone worth knowing.

    Many psychopaths are protected from the consequences of their actions by well-meaning family members or friends, their behavior remains relatively unchecked and unpunished.When confronted with their wrongdoing they simply blame others. (R. Hare)) Cindy knows the drill.

    Cindy learned how to deal with a psychopath and made every effort to control/hide her promiscuity, her fraud and her lies. Is she really that surprised that Caylee is dead? I don’t think so.


    1. I totally agree, Lee stated in his interview w/LE that Cindy ran into the room and slammed her fist on Casey’s bed screaming, “What have you done?” as Casey was telling Lee that Caylee was missing. Also, in the jailhouse visit on July, 25th, 2008, Cindys first words to Casey, “We forgive anything that you’ve said or done.” That says it all…Cindy knows what Casey is, knows her better than anyone can know her and knows exactly what she is capable of.


  16. I’d keep any future grandchildren the hell away from her if they have any chance of growing up normal. She’s a sick woman who is in need of some serious help. She also should be held responsible for Caylee’s death IMO.


  17. Cindy stands to gain a lot of money from book deals, and tv deals, so if Casey breaks, it’ll be all over for Cindy because then Cindy will be arrested for aiding and abetting a murderer.


  18. re: Justice4Caylee’s comments, if you are going to testify, i
    don’t think you are allowed in the courtroom so you won’t hear other witnesses testimony. so if you are correct in your reasons for Cindy’s actions, either she doesn’t know she won’t be in the courtromm for most of the trial or your assumptions are wrong. i kind of agree w/you though.


  19. Maybe Judge Perry will order that witnesses (Mr and Mrs Anthony) be sequestered. They would be barred from the courtroom except when they testify and when the verdict is read. Since Mr and Mrs Anthony have a history of being hostile when confronted by media and lawyers maybe sequestration for the first week might be helpful. I doubt crabcakes will be on the menu.


  20. I can barely stand to look at Casey Anthony. This is an extremely troubled family who enabled Casey for far too long. Then, when they finally took a stand (after she stole money from the grandparents account) it was too late for little Caylee. Casey’s temper took over, I’m afraid. Thank you, Dr. Glass for your ongoing blog regarding this case. The upcoming trial will surely need your expertise.


  21. Dr. Glass this is completely off this topic and you don’t need to post it here either. I have a request. If you haven’t already watched Kate Gosselin on “The Talk” on February 15th could you please watch it and give us your impressions. Me, I think the woman is delusional and I’d love to hear your impression of the latest “interview”. Thank you.


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