Does Ghadaffi’s Speech and Body Language Indicate Ill Health, Knowledge His End Is Near and Desire to Leave Legacy of Destruction Just Before He Dies?

 Why now after 41 years has Libyan leader  Muamar Ghadaffi become so vocal and violent  where he has ordered mass killings of his own citizens and even ordered the sabotage of the oil fields?

 In observing his body language and actions during his last  rambling speech which often was disjointed , my view is that he has been given some bad news regarding his mortality and he is now determined to leave his mark of destruction.

 In his rambling speech that does not make sense at times he looks  consistently frightened . His cotton mouth indicates  that he is tense and  pressured . He is full of anger and rage and even  wide eyed fear as determined by his facial expression in the photo below.


His left fist was clenched consistently as he gestured. This indicates extreme anger. What is most striking is that while he gestures with his right arm but  his left arm barely moves during his negative emotion filled speech. This may possibly indicate that he perhaps has suffered a stroke or has a lesion to the right side of his brain which may be indication for this physical response.

The left side of his brain which affects speech and language appears to be intact as he can form adequate sentences and phrases. The fact that his speech is fragmented and disjointed my thus be due to psychological  implications – severe depression at knowing  and realizing his soon to be his fate.

 It may also give some credence as to the recent Wikileak reports about  the cables which were intercepted about various world leaders that Ghadaffi always traveled with his Russian nurse. Now we may be seeing exactly the reason why he  may very well need a nurse by his side at all times.

  The phrases from his speech  below validate that he knows his end is near and how he wants to leave as a hero- a martyr.

 “I have paid the price of my remaining here “

“It’s not possible that I leave this place”

“I will be a martyr at the end”

“My father warrior of the warriors over there that is my grandfather my uncle they are warriers and generations”

“We will lead the whole world and cannot be stopped”

I have paid the price of my remaining here.”

” I am higher than other leaders in the world”

 This rhetoric clearly indicates  how desperate his  attempt  is to make himself known to the world and to leave something  of himself behind that will always be remembered – chaos and destruction.


Sexual Assault of CBS Reporter May Be A Warning Sign to All Female Reporters Who Cover Stories In Countries Where Women Have Limited or No Rights

The case of CBS Chief correspondent Lara Logan’s rape and beating by a gang of Egyptians in Tahrir Square who were  celebrating the stepping down of President Mubarak is  beyond appalling. But it is not at all surprising. This  isn’t the first time that a beautiful  female reporter has been violated.

In 2008, a  similarly beautiful blond  reporter,  Joanie de Rijke, a Dutch journalist went to search  for the Taliban in Afghanistan and found them. But she did not find them hospitable. Instead  fact found them to be a violent bunch of rapists who held her captive and repeatedly raped her.

Like Lara Logan, de Rijke was released by her captives, but she was not released until a week later only after a $137,000 ransom was paid on her behalf while being continually raped.

The ordeal obviously took it’s toll on her psychologically as she no doubt suffered from Stockholm Syndrome whereby she identified with her captors by stating ‘They also respected me, ‘They are not monsters.

Any man who rapes a woman is clearly a “monster!” A rapist respects no one- not even himself!

Two years later beautiful reporter  was in Mumbai trying to cover a story  when an angry mob attacked her and tried to rape her.  As the camera lights went out you can hear her guttural  sounds of distress  as she is heard yelling “STOP IT!”  There so no doubt whatsoever that the sound that was heard emanating from her voice was the fear for her life.

While rape and attempted rape is bad enough there is nothing worse than  a woman journalist losing her life because she is reporting in a part of the world that doesn’t respect women and doesn’t acknowledge that they have equal rights.

Zahra Kazemi, an attractive  Canadian freelance photojournalist who was arrested after taking photos outside a Teheran prison during a student  protest  not only suffered torture and rape, she was ultimately killed due to her injuries.

Beautiful Iraqi journalist and  reporter  Atwar Bahjat unfortunately suffered the same fate back in 2006. The Al-Arabiya television presenter was kidnapped, raped  and murdered in Iraq. Bahjat  died  of  bullet wounds to  her  head, neck and chest.

Her rapist ended up confessing to her murder as he stated  in a videotaped confession” We parked beside the main street, I asked the girl to step out and I told her, ‘You are pretty and I like you, and I want to have sex with you,”. Bahjat refused. But I put the pistol to her head, and I raped her.


So now we have Lara Logan who was not physically killed.  But there is no doubt that there was a part of her  that died On February 11, 2010, when  the  humanity and dignity was taken away from  this  39 year old mother of two young children.

The same thing could have happened to her CBS colleague Katie Couric who by the grace of God got out of Egypt  in time, after  being harassed and abused on the streets of Cairo. CBS news anchor   Katie Couric  was suddenly surrounded by a group of angry  men. Her face shows her fear and upset over the situation.


So the question arises “ Should news outlets allow female journalists to cover stories in various parts of the world?

I say NO WAY!!   Let us learn from these incidents. These parts  of the world that are simply not safe for anyone, let alone women, Look at what happened to Anderson Cooper who was repeatedly hit in the head by protesters during the protests in Egypt or Miguel Marquez who was recently roughed up and beaten in Baharain .

While I along with every other American, Canadian and  European is all for women’s rights and women’s equality, there are places in the world where women will never be equal, let alone  have any rights.

In some countries, a woman still must walk in back of a man. They must not speak back to their husbands or they will get slapped and abused. If their husband dies, they cannot go out alone and fend for themselves.

A male relative must do their bidding. If they have no male relative they are simply out of luck. In some parts of the world a woman needs a man’s permission to do anything. A woman cannot  vote or drive, travel abroad or stay out late with friends. They cannot  go to restaurants without a man and they must ask a man’s permission before doing anything. In some countries, a woman’s worth is considered half  a person.

If a woman is raped in certain parts of the world, it is often considered her fault that she was “dishonored” and honor killings to get  rid  of the woman for  embarrassing her family are common.

If a man rapes a woman, nothing usually happened. Under Egyptian President Mubarak’s rule, if a man raped a woman and found guilty, he was sentenced to three years in prison, but the operative words here are”  if he was found  guilty”. Most of the time, the men are not found guilty and if they have to spend time in prison for their act, they are essentially on vacation, with little or no punishment or censure from members of their society.

So what will happen to the Egyptian men who were found guilty of raping  journalist Lara Logan?  Most likely, nothing will happen to them. It is doubtful that anyone will come forth and report the names of the actual rapists for fear of retribution themselves. In fact many would consider the rapists heroes for dishonoring an” Infidel” – an American infidel at that.

Her savage beating  of a reported “sustained sexual attack” actually means that she was no doubt gang raped. There is no way in my view that they will find her gang of rapists, let alone punish them.

It has been reported in the media  that she was saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers but who knows how accurate that report was. The fact that she got out alive is a miracle in itself. The fact that she  reconnected with her news crew,  returned to her hotel and was able to walk aboard a plane on the on the first flight out of Cairo to the US  the next morning is also a miracle.

I don’t believe any woman should be put into harm’s way. They are defenseless in certain countries and need to know all of the possible consequences before they commit to such assignments.

More than anyone else the world, the Israeli Defense Services know the dangers of women in combat in certain regions in the Middle East. Several years ago they  temporarily took on women in front line roles as part of a test  which investigated women in combat.

The results were so bad that they determined that  women could  no longer serve front line roles in the Israeli military but women could still serve in other forms of combat such as
fighter pilots , artillery gunners and most roles in the navy.

The bottom line is that any woman who insists on covering stories in certain parts of the world where sexually assaulting and  raping women and women journalists are common practice, are taking their lives into their own hands.

 The world is not always kind to women and like it or not, in many places they are less than equal.

Dr. Lillian Glass Recently Won Copyright Infringement Case Against Marsha Petrie Sue And Applauds Famed Photographer Dave La Chapelle For Seeking Justice Against Rihanna

Having won a Copyright Infringement case myself a few months ago against an Arizona Public Speaker, Marsha Petrie Sue who was found liable in a US Federal Court in Los Angeles of  willful copyright infringement, I have the utmost respect for photographer Dave La Chapelle for going after singer Rihanna , her video director, her label, and  her team.

In my situation, the defendant, Marsha Petrie Sue did word for word copying of my materials and placed that material in her 2007 “Toxic People” book,

which by the way is the same name as my 1995 “Toxic People” book. She not only used my copyrighted material in her book, she placed it on her website  and took credit for it as her own.

Appalled at seeing my material in her version of “Toxic People” and then  over the internet as well, I had no choice but to use the legal system to protect my rights.


I felt I was fighting for not only me but for everyone who creates- every author, songwriter, screenwriter, artist, designers, and photographer.

So when I learned that acclaimed  photographer Dave Chapelle decided to stick up for his rights and take the matter through the legal system I couldn’t have been happier.
Apparently LaChapelle is suing singer Rihanna, as well as her record label and a her video director Melina Matsoukas, for  allegedly using his copyrighted photos as the basis for her latest video, “S&M” and using his photos without his permission or reference to him.
Just as Marsha Petrie Sue claimed my material as her own without giving proper credit, Rihanna and her video director and record label have allegedly claimed LaChapelle’s material as their own.

La Chapelle states the  similarities between his copyrighted work and the costumes and poses used in Rihanna’s video alleging they were “willful, wanton and deliberate” acts of copyright infringement.

Rhianna and company, allegedly used the LaChapelle’s copyrighted image “Latex”  where  in Rihanna’s video, noting a the left side of  her   face  is against a blue background as she is wearing false eyelashes and close-fitting, shiny, pink latex hood, with her mouth open as a  small candy is placed on her tongue  which was  a striking similarity to his work.

Allegedly Rihanna and her team wanted the video director to create a “LaChapelle-esque” music video LaChapelle also found  that the storyboards which were apparently used for the video had prints of his works and other photographs.
LaChapelle is quoted as saying “Musicians commonly pay to sample music or use someone’s beats and there should be no difference when ‘sampling’ artist’s visuals.”

How right he is!  In my case as a writer, people have paid me to use my quizzes or the lists in my book. So when Marsha Petrie Sue took my material and claimed it as her own she paid the consequence of  being found liable by a unanimous jury in A US Federal court as a willful copyright infringer.

For LaChapelle, who has made  millions of dollars for his videos such as they ones he directed for  Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, it is not just about the money.

That was the case with me. In fact because Petrie Sue didn’t sell that many books, my award wasn’t that high. But it was the principal of the situation that meant the most to me.I am sure that is the case with La Chapelle.
The fact that Rihanna’s video is not being sold in eleven  eleven countries because it has been  banned due to the offensive nature of the video, he may likewise  end up receiving a lesser financially amount than he initially intended .
Taking a case to a US Federal Court is not an easy undertaking. It is definitely not for the weakk of heart. It requires a lot of emotional strength  to deal with all of the ups and downs that no doubt take place. But in the end it is worth it 100 per cent.

After winning my case against I have become even  more  empowered as a human being. It has given me the peace of mind that I will never allow anyone to take from me what is not rightfully theirs as I stuck up for myself and what I created.

As a result of this experience I am even more in love with my country than ever before as I saw how the legal system works and how justice prevailed. www.

Cindy Anthony’s Jailhouse Letters to Casey Reveal Denial, Victim- Like Blame, Passive Aggression, and Immaturity


The letters of Cindy Anthony to her  daughter Casey who sits in jail as a result of her  reporting  to police that the car Casey was driving smelled like there was a dead body in it, are most revealing.  It reveals a profile of someone who is experiencing   guilt, denial, arrogance, aggression  and omnipotence,  who has to be in control. The level her  smallness in the name calling of a Channel 9 reporter also reveals her level of immaturity.


  Cindy writes They are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen.  This statement shows her controlling nature and feelings of omnipotence as she tells Casey that she will not let Casey crack. The reality is that she has no control over Casey and whether or not she will crack.  Maybe she did in the past, but she certainly has no control over Casey now.


 Then you see a slice of arrogance and defiance when she writes  I don’t care who reads my letters.” It is the same defiance we have seen in Casey so it makes us more aware that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. She also writes How much of this insanity are we supposed to endure ? Once again this reflects her victim mentality as in “look what they are doing to poor me.”

                                                                        CINDY CONTROLLING FAMILY DYNAMIC

 Cindy  continues to show her controlling nature as she attempts to control the family dynamic by  reassuring  Casey that her brother Lee  and father support her. This also shows her denial.  In my view there is no possible way that Lee or George can fully support Casey when a. they must know deep down that she  killed Caylee and b.  she outed them for sexually molesting her. If she lied, how can they support her for falsely accusing them?  If she is telling he truth, how can they support her for outing them?


 Cindy writes “Lee has always been a very private person, so his wisdom has kept him away from most of this nonsense,” This clearly shows how much  denial Cindy appears  to be. First of all Lee is not so wise. We have all seen him act life a buffoon with his inappropriate laughter during depositions and on the witness stand. We have seen him inappropriately  mouth “I love you” to Casey when he was on the stand. That in my view is not wisdom. Instead, it is stupidity. When she write  ..kept him away from all of this nonsense it really shows her  state of denial.  One would never  call  having her daughter on trail for her life for killing her granddaughter nonsense


 Her statement “Don’t let them destroy you.,” reflects  the guilt she is  no doubt  feeling . Cindy is feeling   destroyed  about  Casey and  her present situation. It was Cindy who told Casey in a fit of anger that she was throwing her out and keeping Caylee. That is  when Casey left with Caylee, who was never to be seen or heard from again.  It is clear projection on Cindy’s part when she says not to let them destroy Casey because what has happened has clearly destroyed Cindy . It is obviously too painful for her to admit her role in all of this so she tells Casey to    
 Hold on to the truth and know that Jesus is with you. He will protect you from your enemies.”  


Once again we see the: us against them: denial pattern and blaming everyone else out there—the enemies”  for her and Casey’s situation. It also reflects Cindy’s lack of taking responsibility and  for allowing a dysfunctional stealing, lying. daughter to get away with her antics for a lifetime. Now that it has come to the point that her deviant  her daughter is  facing the death penalty, all she can do is play the victim and blame others instead of looking at herself and her role in all of this.


Her Control Freak nature surfaces once again as she gives Casey orders  in command terms by writing I need you to  stay focused and strong. Don’t let all of the games that the state’s attorney’s office is playing get to you. Referring to it as agame” speaks volumes. rest assured that the Prosecution is not looking at this as a game.


Cindy also holds Casey’s looks and appearance at a premium as she comments on Casey’s hair length and how beautiful she looked. It is no wonder why Casey is so self-conscious in the courtroom and constantly grooms herself.  Casey no doubt believes that her  only worth in her mother’s eyes is evidently in how  beautiful she looks . When a person’s daughter is facing the death penalty, their looks should be the least thing on a parent’s mind. 


When Cindy wrote  in a letter to Casey, “I’m proud of you.” we can defiantly see how  she  has a distorted way of  thinking.  What is Cindy proud of?  a.  her daughter killing her granddaughter?  b. Casey’s ignoring her and not acknowledging her  in the courtroom as she strains to get Casey’ s attention? c. Casey’s sending law enforcement on a wild goose chase and lying to them? d. Casey’s trying to pin the blame on a fictitious Zanny the Nanny or e. All of the above?  No one in their right mind would be proud of Casey under any circumstance. 


When Cindy trashes the media and says “It makes me sick that I don’t even have some of the pictures of Caylee that they do,” it shows just how Cindy is trying to manipulate Casey  even behind bars, as she no doubt did all of Casey’s life.
The   photos  were no doubt Cindy;s photos at one time . Cindy doesn’t have the photos of Casey she is complaining about  because she most likely  sold them to the media. How do you think the media got the photos of Caylee in the first place? 
Caylee was not  a celebrity who was hounded and stalked  by paparazzi during  her three years of life.   So the question is , who sold her photos to agencies , who   may have sold the the photos  to media outlets?   Did Cindy sell them to specific media outlets herself?  We  know that ABC paid 250,000  dollars for photos. It was Cindy or the Anthony family,  who no doubt took Caylee’s photos. It  was most likely in my view Cindy who sold them to media outlets,  who no doubt  paid a  licensing fee  to use the photos. If  Cindy doesn’t have the photos, it is  because  in my view she sold them.



Once again in blaming mode and making  others the enemy, Cindy refers  to a reporter as “Little Ms. witchy pooh from Channel 9. No doubt  she was referring to Cathy Belich  who asks provocative questionsn and who’s  physcial appearance may not be up to Cindy’s standards. It also reflects Cindy’s immaturity level in having to resort to name- calling to make herself feel better and to release her anger and animosity at the reporter. 

In my view,Cindy;s mis guided anger at the reporter should really be directed at  Casey who most likely killed her granddaughter.


But when Cindy writes to Casey that she wants justice for Caylee more than anyone and says  I will not rest ever until that happens,”  her comment  may be a passive aggressive dig at Casey. It  may be her attempt to indirectly lash out at Casey. She must know deep down what Casey did to Caylee, especially after reporting that the car smelled like a dead body was in it She  wants justice for Caylee and no doubt is letting Casey know that she wants Casey to pay for what she did to Caylee.    


 We also see a sense of false idealization , The ways he signs off in each leeetr shows how she would like to feel about Casey. But unfortunately the reality is different.  In all of her letters Cindy signs them Love you always and forever.I wonder if Cindy will love Casey always and forever as the trial begins and as she hears the gruesome accounts of what Casey no doubt did to Caylee. I wonder if she will love Casey  always and forever when she is grilled on the stand and some unpleasant things come out about her pertaining to Casey. I wounder if she will love Casey always and forever  if and when a unanimous jury finds her daughter  guilty of murdering her granddaughter and sentences her to death.  



Will Casey Anthony Commit Suicide As A Final Act of Control If She Gets Death Penalty?


In examining  Casey Anthony’s behavior, her body language and communication patterns throughout the years, it is my view that there  appear to be are signals of sociopathy or psychopathy based on the characteristics presented in psychologist Robert Hare’s Hare Scale of Psychopathy.” As you recall  Casey Anthony’s behavioryou may see that she appears to share many  traits listed below:

Factor 1

Aggressive narcissism

  1. Glibness/superficial charm
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
  3. Pathological lying
  4. Cunning/manipulative
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt
  6. Emotionally shallow
  7. Callous/lack of empathy
  8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Factor 2

Socially deviant lifestyle

  1. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  2. Parasitic lifestyle
  3. Poor behavioral control
  4. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  5. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  6. Impulsiveness
  7. Irresponsibility
  8. Juvenile delinquency
  9. Early behavioral problems
  10. Revocation of conditional release

Traits not correlated with either factor

  1. Many short-term marital relationships
  2. Criminal versatility

  When a sociopath or psychopath feels that there is no way out and  they can no longer manipulate they often become severely depressed. Because of that  it is not uncommon for them to commit suicide. Remember this is what occurred happened with Philip Markoff  the medical student who killed a woman who’s add he answered on Craigslist.  Markoff  knew there was no way out of his situation. He knew that he could never finish medical school, or become a doctor, or marry his clueless fiancé and live an upscale life. He also knew that he could no longer live his other life where he abused and tortured and killed women. He was locked away in a cell in  a Boston  jail with no visitors and no support system. He knew that things would never get better and that he could never talk his way out of this one .So as his final act of desperation and control he found a way to systematically kill himself in his jail cell and as a final act of control. He  even wrote messages in his own blood on his cell wall as a shout out to his former fiancé. This dramatic way out  could easily happen with Casey Anthony  in my view.  

Sociopaths and Psychopaths don’t usually  commit suicide for the  same reasons non- psychopaths or sociopaths would commit suicide. Instead, their reasons for committing suicide is more as a final act of control.

So if Casey is found guilty of the crime of murdering her daughter Caylee and is sentenced to death by the State, she may possibly  attempt suicide and succeed. In doing so, it may serve as her final act of defiance and control.  She may commit suicide as an act of controlling her own death on her own terms.

There are those who believe that Casey is  way too narcissistic, too self absorbed and to  too in love with herself to do harm to herself, let alone  kill herself. I disagree.  If and when she is housed in a prison’s Death Row, Casey will get a rude awakening.  

Right now, she is the  total center of attention and she seems to love it.  She  appears to love showing up in court with her different outfits often unbuttoned to show some cleavage. Then there are her varied  hair styles she apparently likes to show off in the courtroom as well.

 For Casey, the ,most  important thing  appears that she always looks good. That is why you always see her grooming her hair or adjusting her clothing.  She also  gets the pleasure of seeing her “crush” and attorney  Jose Baez and whomever else she fancies at the moment.

She gets enjoyment in  sharing a smile  or a laugh with Jose. Most of all she appears to get some joy out  of seeing her parents agonizing over her in the courtroom, while she purposely ignores them.  She  no doubt knows that Cindy is straining to get Casey to look in her direction, but Casey consistently refuses to do so.  

In addition, she knows that her every move is televised and scrutinized by the press and no doubt loves all that attention .

But if she is found guilty and sentenced to death, all of that external attention will suddenly disappear. If the recent Jose Baez allegations leveled against Jose Baez are true and the  Florida Bar finds that he has done wrong, he may very well lose his license. If that is the case, he will not be able to represent Casey  and will have no cause to ever see her again. This would no doubt add to her depressed state as she sees Jose as her lifeline to the world and has come to depend on him as her savior. Is he is no longer there to save her, despair may very well set in.

Add to that the   hours and hours of complete isolation and  complete boredom in her  cell with little or no human interaction for long periods of time. Since Casey requires a lot attention for her survival, the lack of  stimulation, the lack of visual and auditory stimulation will be devastating for her.

She may not be able to tolerate her the continuous boredom imposed on her as it will be  torture for her. Because of that it is not impossible that she may decide to  take matters into her own hands kill and herself because like Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff,  she may feel she has  absolutely no way out of her miserable existence.

Even though Casey will most likely  appeal her conviction, the wheels of  justice turn very slow. She may not be able to handle the years and years it will take.  In addition, she can forget about the regular  attorney visits to add some human contact to her existence and help with her boredom.

 While she will most likely continue to receive letters from mentally disturbed fans who support her innocence and who may even ask her to marry them,  she may find the written words empty and meaningless as she knows the truth-  that her life as she once knew it is essentially over. This realization  may be too much for this once  party animal to handle so she may take it upon herself to finally end it all.