Rush Limbaugh’s Mocking Chinese Leader’s Accent and Language Is Toxic Behavior


As someone who has taught celebrities accents and dialects for various film roles I am very much attuned to when and where an accent can be imitated. A film role where an actor is depicting the accent of a character  for a role or  a comedian imitating an accent for an act is appropriate. But what   inappropriate in my view is a political talk show host mocking a political leader’s language and accent.

Rush Limbaugh not only  imitated Chinese leader Hu Jintau’s  Chinese accent but  made fun of the Chinese language by saying the leader was just saying” ching chong, ching chong cha.” I believe this crosses to line and is totally unacceptable. To add insult to injury Limbaugh had the audacity to say on the radio that he  “did a remarkable job” of imitating China’s president for someone who doesn’t know a language spoken by more than 1 billion people.”

 He may be the only one that thinks he did a remarkable job as this is clearly a distorted way of  thinking.  In fact Asian American lawmakers nationally have denounced his actions. While  Limbaugh may have been entitled to  disagree with the content  of Hu’s speech and share his views on what the Chinese President said,  he was not entitled to mock and make fun of the Chinese language or speech pattern or how the Chinese leader spoke. This was offensive.


 In fact many Chinese American leaders  such as California  Senator Leland Yee views what Limbaugh did as racist and derogatory towards  the Chinese people.

People have been so upset about tit that they have called for a boycott of advertisers on Limbaugh radio show and rightfully so.

To justify his insensitive behavior Limbaugh  said “Back in the old days, Sid Caesar, for those of you old enough to remember, was called a comic genius for impersonating foreign languages that he couldn’t speak. “But today the left says that was racism; it was bigotry; it was insulting. And it wasn’t. It was a service.”

 Limbaugh’s crude and rude behavior is not a matter of left or right. It is a matter of what is wrong and what is right and this behavior was wrong. Back in the day this type of humor may have been tolerated but today comments about other people’s races would never fly.   


Old time comedians like the acrid and biting Don Rickles  who made a career making derogatory  comments about other’s races and religions under the guise of humor is not amusing  in today’s world and  would never fly.

On the other hand it seems to be  a different story if you want to poke humor at your own race or culture like Chris Rock does or Margaret Cho does when she imitates a Korean accent. But someone else who is not of that ethnic origin does it, suddenly they are on you are on touchy territory.  In that case it is no longer funny, it becomes hurtful.

Yee is not the only one who found what Limbaugh said to be upsetting. His protests are joined by Asian-American state and federal lawmakers who say Limbaugh’s comments are” inciting hate and intolerance amid a polarized atmosphere.”A number of civil rights groups, including Chinese for Affirmative Action, Japanese American Citizens League and the California National Organization for Women, have joined Yee in calling on sponsors to pull advertisements from Limbaugh’s program.

An online petition has been created on Yee’s website.

“I want an apology at the very least,” said New York Assemblywoman Grace Meng, a Queens Democrat. “Making fun of any country’s leader is just very disrespectful for someone who says he is a proud American.”

She added: “He was, in his own way, trying to attack the leader of another country, and that’s his prerogative as well, but at the same time he offended 13 percent of New York City’s population.”

Fourteen  million Asian-Americans live in the United States and their may even be more if one counts mixed races. California alone has more than 12 percent of the state’s 38 million population.

Right after Yee  and other Asian-American lawmakers demanded an apology from Limbaugh,Yee shared that he  received racist death threats and obscene phone messages.

This is unconscionable! Receiving death threats just for wanting an apology from a socially insensitive radio host and defending his ethnic heritage against racist attacks?

Thank goodness it has been reported that Yee’s staff has received additional security training to deal with this Toxic situation. But the bottom line is that in this day and age  it is very poor  judgement  to  poke fun an anyone;s language or their accent. Rush needs to step up and admit he made and error in judgement and apologize .



10 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh’s Mocking Chinese Leader’s Accent and Language Is Toxic Behavior

  1. This is an example of what happens when childhood bullies never have their unacceptable behavior condemned and those they pick on are perceived as the ones who “need to grow up and stop being a crybaby.” When Limbaugh was a kid he probably began his career by making fun of other kids who wore glasses or were nervous and stuttered, etc…any difference at all from themselves is fair game for a bully.
    Now Limbaugh is old…he got old but he never grew up and he has spent a lifetime feeling “safe” and more “secure” by ridiculing other people. He feels most comfortable, less frightened and important when he plays the bully role…how uncomfortable, frightened and insecure he must be!
    It’s grade school tactics, plain and simple.
    An apology would be great…but he wouldn’t be sincere. Advertisers on his show pulling away would get the point across better. Bullies are bullies because there are never
    enough negative consequences that result from their actions. From kindergarten to the grave.


  2. Everything this nut does is toxic, I will never understand the mentality that listen to him daily. Personally, I think he wasn’t the bully, but the target for bullies. Now, he can pay it back. He is vile. And unstable.


  3. Great article,, and a brave one too… Thanks Dr Glass, I agree completely,, This man is an ugly american.. I am ashamed of him and his behavior… This is, unfortunately, only the latest of his bullying traits.. There will be more.. he is maybe, even worse than the Imus….on being toxic.Anyway, thanks for bringing these things to the forefront… Being our voice


  4. Dr. Glass,
    This man does appear to be a bully and he gets away with it on tv by claiming it to be entertainment. This is a sad example of what is wrong with television today. I never listen to anything RL says.

    Thank you for the work you do to help our society.


  5. This is nuts! It’s funny to make fun of all kinds of accents, including French ones, German ones, Southern ones, Cockney ones, Russian ones, Arab ones, white ones, black ones, and, yes, Oriental or Asian ones. To turn this into some mindless PC exercise and be offended is ridiculous and stupid!


    1. Except those accents associated with certain nationalities are disproportionately mocked and ridiculed and carries racist history. Grow the fuck up.


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