Casey Anthony Continues Flirting, Grooming, and Smiling in the Courtroom

I have repeatedly said that the body does not lie! I have also said that no matter how hard a person tries to conceal their thoughts and feelings,  the truth eventually leaks out from one’s body language and facial expression . It doesn’t matter how hard the person tries to hide it.  That was the case with Casey Anthonys last appearance in the courtroom.

While Casey Anthony may have been coached  to sit up straight or be given an image makeover  with a unique hairdo the truth always prevails as far as body language is concerned. The truth is that Casey is still flirting with attorney Jose Baez in the courtroom and it is clearly not endearing . It is   definitely not charming. In fact it is incongruent with why she is in court in the first place.

Anyone accused of murdering a child, especially their own child has absolutely  nothing to smile about whatsoever. The last time we  saw Casey beaming with smiles and laughter in the courtroom was when a  law clerk on her legal team was ambushed by Jose Baez  and was unexpectedly sworn in as an attorney.

But now there is clearly nothing to smile about. Her latest appearance in court dealt with some very serious matters on which her life hinges. They involve  very major issues in her cases that her  in terms of what would or would not  be admissible.

The second Casey is seen walking into  he courtroom there is a smirk on her face. No doubt, after being locked up in her jail cell with little or no human contact all this time. she is trilled to be out among people. But the fact that she enters the courtroom with a smirk on her face is disconcerting. It does not matter that she has a form fitting blue sweater  which showcase her  curvy figure to make her look  sexy and appealing. It does not  matter that she has  new hairdo. It does not  matter how good she looks if her behavior and actions are inappropriate.

While it is true that studies have shown that if a person looks good, they are perceived more favorably by a jury, that theory  is null and void  when behavior is inappropriate. Casey Anthony’s recent  courtroom behavior is inappropriate in my view, especially as it pertains to Jose Baez. Perhaps the photo above reflects her anticipation that she will shortly be seeing the object of her falsities Jose Baez.

While she always seems to have her ritualistic behavior going on where she grooms  herself , she is doing even  more  self grooming than usual.  Note the double handed hair groom . It may have been done  in anticipation of seeing Jose.

Now we see her facial expression change as she begins an anticipatory smile.  That means that she is getting excited that she will be having  an upcoming interaction with Jose. Like a school girl she readies  and  vigorously grooms  herself  so the  man she finds attractive Jose, will  in turn find her mutually attractive.

Jose sits  down next to her and Casey  does an initial eye flash of excited recognition.  But she  then does a body language behavior that clearly indicates flirtation and coquettishness. She immediately breaks eye contact and gazes downward, all the while trying to suppress a smile. But  he cannot do it for long. The truth always leaks out  body language wise.

She  beams a huge toothy smile as she is beyond thrilled to see Jose < She immediately  notices a change in Jose’s appearance  namely his new hair cut.  She lasers in on his hair change.  She obviously likes what she see as she can’t stop smiling. We  even hear her saying  to Jose  that he cut his hair.  No doubt  Jose’s  new closely cropped do makes him look hipper and younger in her eyes and  she lets him know it . Her shoulder is rotated forward indicates a  flirtations action.  She has an open-mouthed tooth showing smile which indicates that she can’t hide that  she  genuinely likes what she sees.

There is no doubt that Jose is flattered . Both Casey and Jose are now laughing at something the see in the  monitor in front of them. It must really be amusing because Jose’s cheeks are raised an his eyes are crinkeling. We have rarely seen Jose with this type of expression. Instead,   we usually see him with a very serious facial demeanor.   Casey continues to self groom as  subconscious flirtation with Jose.

No matter what they are looking at, it looks bad to others who are watching them.  It would be one thing is Jose was looking at something  in the monitor and it amused him  or that it was something he found funny.  But the fact  Casey is joining in  and being equally amused is very disconcerting.

What in the world could be funny two both of them at a time like this? I guess that Casey needs to find joy and laughter where she can because when she is sentenced to a lethal needle there will be nothing to laugh about.

And yes- that is a very real possibility especially if a jury sees her laughing and smiling and flirting and carrying on like she doesn’t have a care in the world. To a jury it will be sickening.  That is what happened to Amanda Knox who  now sits in an Italian jail cell accused  of murdering her roommate.

Like Amanda’s jury who saw her laughing and acting as though she did not have a care in the world. If Casey acts similarly,  her actions will anger a jury as well.

It will no longer matter is there is a male juror who finds her sexy or attractive or if a female juror identifies with her or takes pity on her. It will all be  negated when she leaks out her true self.  When she shows that  she  amused and laughs and flirts jurors will take that as a signal that she has little or no feeling about what happened to her own daughter Caylee.

Afterwords we see Casey begin to  rigorously groom herself even more . At one point she even turned away so that we could see the back of her hair  which she creatively coiffed into  in a very unusual looking  do. It looked like a combo if thee different styles she  flung over her shoulder  to one side.

The bottom line in all of this is that  while  Casey’s looks may indeed be  a factor  in how she is perceived on a jury, it won’t  matter if she leaks out her lustful feelings towards Jose and her uncaring non feelings towards Caylee.


69 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Continues Flirting, Grooming, and Smiling in the Courtroom

  1. It is very disturbing to watch their interactions, and I am quite baffled by it. How has it continued to go on for so long?? These are the hands that Casey put her life into?? Very Disturbing!

  2. This whole case baffles me! She is out of this world. LIE afte LIE, and she lies so much she believes her own lies. I follow this case and let me tell you we (the public) have not seen the best of Casey Anthony yet. Wait till the trial. I think she does a lot of her grooming and smiling and such for a show. She is told to do it bc they are going to go with shes some sort of sex addict bc her dad and brother molested her and blah blah blah. I dont feel bad for her I think shes a pig, ut wait and see, others will!

  3. I think Casey is so man hungry, what with her life style before her arrest, that since Jose Baez is now the only man in her life that he’s looking good to her. It’s very transparent and I’m glad I’m not the only one who spotted it. I first noticed it this latest time when I was able to read her lips saying “thank you” as she sat down beside him, so I took it that he said something to her about her appearance.

  4. She’ll be found guilty and during mitigation it will come out that her family screwed with her (probably literally and figuratively). She has never been valued for anything but her looks—-ever. She was likely taught that she was worthless except for her feminine charms. Her own Mother talks about very little except Casey’s appearance in her letters to her. It is widely known that Casey wanted to give up her child, but Mommie Dearest Cindy would have none of that and proceeded to run the show as she always has (making dependent Casey ever crazier). I write none of this to excuse Casey’s actions…but she is clearly very very very disturbed and Jose has done her a great disservice by not going the mental/plea route. Jose (whom I don’t figure for an awful person, just an opportunist one) is going for the “oh yeah, prove it” defense….and it is going to wind up badly for Princess Casey.

  5. I don’t believe she has any feelings for or against Mr Baez. She is manipulating him. She is lying to him. She is pretending to have emotions she does not have. She has no respect or regard for authority. She is, according to Hare, unable to imagine what real humans experience.
    Lying, deceiving and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths.(Without Conscience, pg. 46)

    The only time we will ever see any real tears and any real emotion in the courtroom will be when she internalizes why she is there. Punishment – not the crime – will be what will bring out her true feelings.

  6. Your article is very accurate in my opinion Dr. Glass. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you give those two pointers on how to appear likable and tell them what they are doing wrong if they’d like to make a good impression on a jury. I don’t worry too much though. This will be a fairly long trial and they can’t keep up any kind of “false front” for that length of time. I believe that because I also believe what you say about anyone being unable to play games with their own body language and that the jury will see what they’re all about in the long run. Each day of the trial she will come out and sit next to him and it won’t be rehearsal anymore, but the real thing. If anything that will increase the problem she has of behaving appropriately or properly I believe. She hasn’t got a clue.

  7. Dr. Lillian,

    Thank you for your analysis!

    Here is what I think, KC thinks she is using JB and vice-versa! In the end, KC will spend the rest of her life in jail and JB’s career will be tarnished! Good! They deserve each other and what it is in store for them.

  8. You people are really pathetic. Who cares if she smiles. She’s always been a friendly person. Her behavior is normal, especially this long after Caylee’s death, and considering she believes she’s not guilty. Also, you’re clearly jealous of her figure, which is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the facts of the case. Her collapsing and being upset when she found out her daughter was dead is also normal behavior. You’re not going to like her no matter what she does. If she didn’t smile you’d say that’s a sign she’s a cruel heartless killer. Whatever’s convenient & fits how you want to depict her.

    1. A jury will care how she comports herself. Her smiling when she is in court to determine which elements are or are not admissible is inappropriate . Her collapsing and being upset may be normal if it was revealed that the child was her daughter. But it had not yet been revealed and that is not normal. It is not about Casey being liked or disliked. It is about justice being served. It is about the truth being revealed. We gain a lot of that truth through her body language and how she does or does not react to specific situations.

    2. You mistake attacks on socio for something like we care..what we do care about is justice for Angel Caylee..and any path it takes to get it..Socio brought all this on one else. If socio did not want to be judged, critiqued, and studied like the lab rat she is, she should have refrained from murder. There is a way to avoid such..spotlights. Socio is a sociopath..they don’t change, they just get better at snowing people like yourself.

    3. But at that time no one knew positively that those remains were Caylee Marie. This prisoner knew for her reaction was one that shows consciousness of guilt.
      It also appears, this prisoner cannot help herself when in the presence of a man, any man, not just Baez. Clearly he is being manipulated and clearly it appears Baez is using this prisoners trial as a stepping stone to infamy but it is backfiring bigtime..
      Once in the presence of the jury, this prisoner will continue on with the grooming and flirtations. How she can smile at all goes to show she has no remorse for a precious child’s life taken way before her time, it appears to be a game to her. She appears to have acclimated to her new home for it appears she will be there for the long haul. They both deserve each other for trying to make a mockery of Caylee’s death and the judicial system by trying to implicate innocent people.
      La Bella Vita en la casa granda, siempre! JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

    4. I just look at her little hands and think what they did to precious Caylee. This prisoner could be a movie star and it wouldn’t matter at this point. As for her looks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe she looks atrocious with that long horse face, huge teeth and toothy smile and watch her sashay into court. Her big grin are for the males while her mother tries endlessly to get that glimpse, hoping her daughter will acknowledge her presence. This is what makes an ugly person, the heart within. She has a black heart and soul to match…as I see her little hands, I can only picture the three pieces of duct tape placed angrily over Caylee’s airways. She then allegedly triple bags her and dumps her like trash in a watery swamp, yeah she’s a beauty alright! Beauty fades but dumb is forever…

      Justice for Caylee

  9. It will be hard for jurors to hear the testimony and then look over at the defendant and see someone who is vacant emotionally. They will have opportunities to assess her emotional responoses and if they are shallow and without merit -drilling her index finger into the corner of her eye to wipe away nonexistent tears- they will know first hand that she is manipulating and deceiving them.

    Will they come to understand that Casey could have murdered her child with the same sense of concern that we feel when we carve a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner?

  10. This was a very interesting write-up on the latest hearing..
    And I agree, it is important how we conduct ourselves in front of a jury that will ultimately decide if we live or die following a murder conviction and trial.. She had NO reaction when little bones were found at JBlanchard Park,, and a terrible ON NO reaction when little skull found on Suburban Drive… In both cases, it was not known if the bones were Caylees.. Yet, somehow, Casey knew that it was Caylee at Suburban….. That is Very telling .

  11. I was wondering why all the “extra” grooming was necessary for this latest court appearance. She is always trying to “fix” herself but this past Monday was definetly more dramatic than usual. Can she possibly be so naive to not realize how terrible of a job defending her Baez is doing? I would bet his face is still red from the slap downs he’s received from the judge this week in court. Only a blind and deaf person could deny what a terrible job he is doing!

  12. Question Dr. Glass. When Casey puts her hair toward Mr. Baez what does that mean? I wonder if over her left shoulder towards him means something and over her right shoulder exposing her neck is of some other meaning? Just wonder if that says the same kind of thing as which way the legs are crossed – toward a person or away.

  13. In response to “you people are pathetic” let me say the following. Your contempt is misdirected or misplaced. We are talking about whether or not the defendant’s behavior is appropriate or inappropriate and whether or not it will have any bearing on the facts presented at trial in May 2011.

    We are not “hapless”, pitiful posters who aimlessly wonder into and out of conversations about someone we wish to push around simply for sport.

    You think “her behavior is normal”. That is patently false. I have no desire to change your mind. The fact that no one ever believed Casey Anthony was normal is good enough for me.

    “She’s always been a friendly person” is again, patently false. She terrorized her parents for years. She was a callous and uncaring person and never missed an opportunity to lie to anyone who had the misfortune to care about where she was and what was she doing.

    She does not believe for a moment that she is innnocent. She is the only one without an opinion on this one FACT-she knows who killed her daughter.

    Her aim is to walk out of court a free woman-not to admit to what she did. She does not believe that she should be punished.

    We know that this “normal” and “friendly” person was a parasite-systematically bleeding other people of their possessions, savings, and dignity. Caylee only had a future filled with dreams and Casey took that too.

    1. Great reply—- THANK YOU! Yeah, Casey sure acted ‘friendly’ by stealing from close friends, her parents, grandparents, brother etc. Her ultimate ‘friendly’ act was her love and care for Caylee.

  14. Dr. Glass had you noticed Casey was not wearing a bra at the hearing on the 3rd? She seemed self concious abt it tugging at her shirt to blouse it out in front intermittently. in retrospect I wondered why she would do that. She didnt seem her cheery self that day either. considering I thought the jail possibly had her on suicide watch and took her bra.

  15. She just cannot contain herself when she walks in the courtroom. Doesn’t matter to her that she is there because she is accused of murdering her baby, she is in all her glory with the attention focused on her. Shes just like a child who misbehaves for attention…..any kind of attention.
    She is so obvious it’s sickening.

  16. both casey and baez are inappropriate in there behavior-possilbly mason could sit between them to avoid some of the eye candy and whispers and the head leans into his shoulder-sh struts into court like a bride coming to meet her groom and the courtroom is her church please address this

  17. I think that is an excellent suggestion. Mason could pass the notes to his colleague and Casey could sit there in wild anticipation for his responses.

  18. It doesnt matter if Casey stops self grooming and stops smiling….After the jury finds her guilty,it is the Judges final decision as to what her punishment will be and Judge Perry will not forget the smirks,giggles and the primping.
    @LC- Her behavior is far from normal. If you honestly feel she is innocent and that her actions after Caylee “went missing” and her actions as she appears in court is normal,than you must feel that way because you can relate to such a horrible person,as though you have something in common. The only one that is pathetic on here is you for making any excuses for the baby killer.
    Justice for Caylee is coming,sooner than you think.

  19. Tuscany-I do not think anyone who has read the Probable Cause Affidavit can walk away thinking this young mother is not guilty, normal or friendly. She has the right to plead not guilty but it will be others who will determine whether or not she is telling the truth. The truth will never set her free but if she threw herself upon the mercy of the court a couple of years ago, she would not have to look forward to spending 23 hours/day in her cell, being escorted to the shower and supervised while getting a few rays of that wonderful Florida sunshine.

      1. I don’t understand either. Could be Anonymous mis-perceived your reply as ‘snarky’ (I didn’t) or this is a different ‘anonymous.’ Don’t let it ruin your day 🙂

      2. Tuscany-I didn’t think your comment was snarky. You directed your comment to one person. I apologized for stepping in where I felt I was not wanted. Now had you intimated that I was ‘pathetic’ I would never have written, “Forgive me” so quickly!

  20. Dr. Glass, I don’t think Casey’s parents taught her the important lessons in life. Casey should have been taught that looks will only get you so far, and that beauty fades. Neither of the Anthony children have pursued an education, or training for a career in life. I raised two beautiful blonde, blued eyed daughters who have the looks of a beauty queen. However, they were taught to be good moral people, and both have received doctorate degrees. I love it when Judge Judy says….”They don’t keep me here because I am gorgeous, they keep me here because I am smart.”
    Apparently, the Anthony’s forgot to teach Casey that fact of life. In some respects, I feel sorry for Casey. She just doesn’t get it!

    1. Hilde-This case brings out the best and worst in us all. I probably should have exercised my right to remain silent a long time ago! There are times though that my heart aches when I read those kinds of comments. Not for the writer of the comment but for the precious victim who never had a chance and who loved her unconditionally whether or not she was normal or friendly.

  21. Whenever there is a positive comment pertaining to KC I have to think it is from Cindy herself…because Cindy is the only person in the entire world who thinks KC is “normal”. Why does Cindy think this so vehemently? Because to agree that it is inappropriate to primp and smile during court proceedings would be an admission that Cindy made huge errors in raising KC. (understatement). The reason we see this Joan of Arc act from Cindy is because, like her daughter, she is incapable of facing the truth. How does a woman come to court (now husband-less) time after time just to be overtly “rebuffed” by her infamous looney-tunes daughter everytime? Go ahead, Cindy, continue to tell us that WE are the pathetic ones. Just wait until the trial, Cindy…esp mitigation, we’ll see how “loyal” you remain to KC after she flays you open and serves you up on a platter. Why doesn’t she turn around to look at you in court? Because YOU are the fall guy. We’ll see how much you looooovve this young woman with the very nice figure when she points her little bony finger directly at YOU to indicate YOU are RESPONSIBLE.

    1. Yes, and she (and her ‘army’ lol) are VERY VERY active on the blogs and forums attempting to spread reasonable doubt.

    2. Mrs Clark- You said so many true and interesting things. I was especially taken by your Joan of Ark analogy. I have, for a very long time, believed that Casey was planting the seeds of reasonable doubt when she started her letter writing campaign with her fellow inmate(s) at the Orlando County Jail. Look at the number of letters and the absence of any mistakes or indications of writing fatigue. They look like they were written by an emotionaless android.

      She has called her father and brother sexual deviants. Lee came to court after being humiliated by her and mouthed the now famous “I love you”. He is also the same person who said to his mother on July 16, 2008, “my brain is fried” after hours of attempting to get her to tell Cindy where Caylee was. There is no “code” with them-sadly they expose their willingness to “cover” for her in the only place now available to them-in court.

      Cindy is now without the only adult in her life who she could push around at will. She sits 10-15 feet away from the only person who truly was bad and the only person who frieghtened her into submission. Cindy knows that Casey mocks her. Cindy knows Casey has exploited her for years.

      The big question will be whether she falls on the sword for her in August of 2011. Is this where Joan of Ark enters stage right?

  22. GREAT comments *Mrs. Clark

    I am guessing the reason Cindy is showing this undying devotion by showing up at every little hearing is so Casey WON’T spill her guts about what really transpired the night she took off. Remember way back in a jail visit Casey saying to Cindy …..Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything. And the reason Casey won’t acknowledge Cindy is because she is going to spill her guts to try to save her own sorry a$$. JMO

  23. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Casey knew how to act and how to manipulate people from her Mother. AND they both made the men in their lives nuts. Nuts enough for George to want to end his life kind of nuts.
    It could have been around the time that Casey made another lie telling people that her brother and her Father molested her. Come on! So to follow through with the lie Baez decided to cut off all communication with them. How can you have a wonderful relationship with your parents if “they made me do it” or “they did it not me” defense. Geesh. Another reason was that Cindy could not keep her mouth shut with how Baez was running her daughter and the show. Can’t have two bulls in the same barn they say.

  24. Hi Dr Glass, great article. I always enjoy your analysis!


    “you’re clearly jealous of her figure”

    😆 Seriously? 😆 Everybody who thinks she’s guilty is just jealous of her supposed good looks? Right…I secretly wish I was 5’1 with teets down to my knees, a horse face, and the eyes of the devil. Then I wouldn’t be nearly as tough on her for murdering her child.

    She’s nothing special, Cindy. Get over it.

    “She’s always been a friendly person”

    Friendly enough to lie, cheat and steal from everyone who had the misfortune of knowing her, including her own family. She hustled everyone for anything she could get, and dropped them the second they stopped being useful. Because that’s what sociopaths do.

    “Her collapsing and being upset when she found out her daughter was dead is also normal behavior”

    The remains hadn’t been identified at that time, so how would she know Caylee was dead? Do you know something we don’t? Cuz she certainly didn’t have that reaction when the bag of suspected remains was pulled from the waters at Blanchard park months earlier.

    1. Yes, eggreenews, consciousness of guilt will always shine through…
      I also believe this alleged physical altercation the night of June 15, 2008, was the catalyst for Caylee’s demise, although, Momma Anthony adamantly denies this took place. Her own son told her boyfriend dujour, that Sindy wrapped her hands around her daughters neck. I believe as Caylee’s greatgrandmother does that this prisoner hated her mother more than she loved Caylee…I also believe this prisoner disassociated herself from Caylee long before this fateful night. True sociopaths with narcisistic tendencies care only for themselves. I would love to read her psycological evaluation and see what the psycologist writes about their experience with this prisoner and what’s in her head.
      I also feel once she is found guilty and the courts are onto the mitigation phase, the proverbial bus is headed towards Sindy. JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

      1. LindaRose,
        I have to wonder though if the psychologist reports would be flavored for her defense rather than an actual report. Knowing how good she is with lies and believing them herself if even the psychologist will be thrown off a bit. (and by the way, did Casey not pass the lie detector test – I can only bet that it blew the machine up flying back and forth showing deception)

      2. I’ve been trying to locate that report but if I recall correctly, they too said she seemed to be disassociated from Caylee.

        She also seems to have taken on the persona of a paralegal when she sits with
        Baez at the defense table. She is quite the chameleon…she can change herself in a matter of seconds. It appears she is out of touch with reality and has been for some time now…all I know, I cannot wait until May 9, 2011 when this case goes to trial. That will be her most important time to get herself in check or a jury will wind up dispising her emmensely…JMHO

        Justice for Caylee

      3. Totally agree with this being the most important time for her is during the trial. I noticed the court paralegal hat she was wearing also, good eye you and I. I would not put it past Baez to have said that she should do that, probably “for him.” And in her best interest I would agree because he is showing how inexperienced his skills really are in the court arena and just might need to hire her to keep everything straight. After all she is unemployed at the moment, lol. She can not contain herself for very long I see. It is about ever 3rd time that she loses it and something personal comes in. Her relationship from the get go with Baez bothered me. I showed my husband the pictures above, read it and then turned to him and asked him as a man what did he think? He said that she is flirting and playing a “role” with him and the court. Baez he said does not encourage it but does not discourage it. He likes the attention as well. Two peas in a bod he said. If they were outside the courtroom he would probably not be so open to her advances, but then again that is how affairs start right there, he said. So there you are, a man’s perspective and I think that he is right on.

    2. thank you eggtreenews.when i read that comment i couldnt find the words
      jealous??? yeah we all want to be sitting there on trial for killing a beautiful little girl… cindy, i know no one wants to believe their daughter is capeable of what your daughter did.. but she did.. drop the casey talk and talk the caylee talk…she is the only one who deserves your loyalty.

  25. Doc have you ever done a piece on Damien Echols, id be fascinated to read your thoughts & opinions on his persona from old interviews/court appearances to recent ones

    1. Ditto what ‘Hi’ said. The WM3 case has fascinated me for years. I fully believe those young men are wasting away in prison for someone else’s crime. Doc, any plans to report on them? Or even just your personal opinion would be awesome to hear.

  26. Dr. Glass, I would love for you to also do an analysis on C.Mason. His last performance in the sanctions hearing was just awful and very self serving…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

  27. Linda Rose-Ms Anthony’s psychological evaluation has been turned over to the Fifth District Court of Appeals. Judge Strickland read it before he ordered Ms Anthony held on 500K Bond in July 2008. When Mr Baez returned to court to have her Bond reduced the SA office said that the initial Bond was appropriate because there was evidence that the child might have been murdered. Here is a link (that I hope is helpful and still available).

    You might want to Google something like “Casey Anthony’s psych eval” if it isn’t.


    The above document is an interview CPS conducted for the allegations of child neglect. In this document, this prisoner repeatedly tells them, Zani the nani took Caylee, or didn’t return her. They’ve noted the apartment which this prisoner claims Zani lived at, had been vacant for 142 days. No one has been able to find this alleged nanny for she doesn’t exist. I wonder if this prisoner is Zani…She is so out of touch with reality, it could be she viewed herself as only the nanny to precious Caylee since it was the grandmother who basically supported Caylee, figurately and literally. She paid for her medical, she paid for her clothes, her food, the home over her head..This prisoner wasn’t even employed even as she struts to Universal with the police officers and at the end of the hall states, I really don’t work here…she will push the limit and take it as far as she can. I do hope she would reconsider her not guilty plea and try and save her own life…JMHO
    Justice for Caylee

    1. LindaRose – I find myself commenting on what you say again, LOL. You say some good stuff. I also think that she was giving her child Zanex which would knock Caylee out. I think it might be a phrase that “her friends” were using to put their children to sleep, out cold. Thus the Zani the Nanny comment. The drugs were babysitting Caylee.

  29. I read mostly and comment occasionally here, but the comment from LC just makes one have to respond in some way. Casey Anthony is guilty. No o one else wanted that dear child dead but her mother. Be it for revenge against HER mother, or her insatiable need to be able to fornicate at a moments notice, she did it. Her looks, however gorgeous YOU think she is, have nothing to do with the crime she committed, it’s what is inside her that regulates what she does on the outside. Inside she is one of the most heniously ugly human beings on the face of the earth. She is concerned with only one thin, herself. Her flirtations with Jose, a round faced, barrel chested inept lawyer happen merely because he is the only male she feels she can manipulate at this time. If her behavior with her father mirrors what she shows in public around men, no wonder they won’t let him near her. This entire family is sick beyond belief. They deserve the same fate they seem to have found acceptable for poor Caylee.

  30. I read something chilling from one of the articles written in 2008 yesterday. When Casey and Cindy argued and Casey left with Caylee she asked to spend the night at her boyfriends house. The boyfriend said she could by Caylee could not.
    I now believe that it happened the first night after Casey left. She drugged Caylee, put her in the car with the tape over her mouth because she was crying for Cindy and to stop her from yelling and wanting Grandma she suffocated her either intentionally or accidentally. What ever the case while she was in the boyfriend’s apartment her daughter was dying in the car. Chilling if it is true. When the boyfriend testifies I wonder if he will say she had to go out to her “car” a couple of times. In one of those times did she figure out that Caylee was dead? If Caylee was dead what did she do after that? Did she leave in shock or did she go back in. When did she put Caylee in the laundry bag? Did she have it with her when she left or break back into Cindy’s house and get the bag and gasoline? I am personally looking forward to seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle brought together.

    1. Good morning Deb.who said that and when/where..cause according to Sindy, she “heard” the prisoner and Caylee breathing the morning she left for work, June16th, 2008..Sindy has not mentioned this alleged physical altercation, her son did to others. It’s my belief the prisoner left that night in a rage June 15th, 2008 and Caylee met her demise soon after that. Remember when the evidence of the pontiacs trunk came back, a human decomp event took place and laid there for 2.6 days. Evidence suggests on June27th, 2008 the prisoner “dumped” Caylee’s remains in a watery tomb, triple bagged at Suburban, where she was found 6 months later. This trial will come down the the battle of the experts and WHO is more believable…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

  31. Dr. Lillian,

    Did you watch the hearing that took place on January 14, 2011? Judge Perry talked about jury selection.
    CM wrote a letter to HHJP to reconsider the Sanctions against JB. KC didn’t attend the hearing because it was a Status hearing. KC’s attorneys behavior were very strange this day. I was hoping you would do an analysis on their behavior. I couldn’t find a link with the entire hearing, it was very short though, less than one hour.

    Thank you very much!

  32. I just don’t understand comment made about Casey’s good looks, or “beauty”. She’s an average looking girl, sort of pretty, but trashy and horsey looking. Bulbous nose. Nothing special.

  33. To further my point:
    To the average American she might be considered “beautiful”, but she wouldn’t be where I’m from (which is obviously not the US),

  34. No she is not considered beautiful in america, where r u from Colin ? there r many beautiful americans! also I too ould like some input on the bit bout the boyfriend not allowing caylee

  35. Jose Baez and Casey Anthony’s flirtations have ALWAYS bothered me. She seems a little more toned down this month (March 2011), but it’s stilll obvious that she is a natural flirt…the hair, the looks and the smiling. It’s very disturbing.

  36. The Casey Anthony trial is a sham!! Why doesn’t she wear the orange jumpsuit and come into court in shakles. The judge should not allow the flirting in his courtroom…Casey adds no value so why is she in the courtroom.

    All I can say is that this skank doesn’t appear to show sorrow for her beautiful daughter nor does she appear to be concerned that she may be given the death penalty. Maybe the defense team is sure Casey will get away with the murder.

    Throw both Casey and her lawyer out of the court room … let her sit in jail and rot!!!!

  37. I was wondering what you thought about the body language between Jose and Casey on the day that Casey thought that she was going to walk after her not guilt verdict. This day she was wearing a tight light blue sweater, hair all down and flowing and some new hair product, all smiles. They were talking very close. Her eyes seemed to be looking right into his eyes and his eyes seemed to go between her eyes and her lips. She had her elbow open to him on the table and was moving her hand up and down from her mouth with finger extended and her finger touching her mouh and then extending to touching or almost touching his lips. It looked like a love scene in a movie and most innappropriate for court. Does the Bar approve of that?

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