The Real Reason For Casey Anthony’s Laughter and Smiles In The Courtoom- She Was Genuinely Happy for Law Clerk’s Surprise Swearing-In As A Lawyer

I recently wrote a blog where I, along with countless others who saw Casey Anthony’s recent behavior  in the courtroom felt  shocked  and appalled at Casey’s smiling and laughing behavior.

But now, an extremely  reliable  source,  who was actually in the courtroom and who had first hand knowledge of the circumstances,  informed  me as to what really happen to cause Casey to smile and laugh at the end of the hearing when Casey’s lead attorney,  Jose Baez left the table.

Evidently Casey’s laughter and smiling had nothing at all to do with her case or why she was in the courtroom. Instead, it had everything to do with a swearing-in ceremony one of Jose Baez’ law clerks becoming a full-fledged attorney at the end of the hearing.

Apparently at the end of the hearing lead , attorney Jose Baez surprised his law clerk by having Judge Perry swear the clerk  in at the sidebar. Casey evidently  knew nothing about this until the woman sitting next to her,  who was actually another attorney in Baez’ office,  informed her of what was happening and shared the good news with her.

Now it makes  complete sense to me.  Quite honesty I was appalled and confused when I suddenly saw Casey’s laughter and genuine  cheek raised smiles. She looked genuinely happy for the first time and I wondered why. What caused her to suddenly change her courtroom demeanor?

Earlier in that  blog I wrote how impressed I was that Casey was actually paying attention to others who were speaking in the courtroom. She  actually looked at the person and appeared focused. She was not fidgeting or smiling. You can clearly see this in the photo above.

This was a dramatic transformation from the Casey we first saw two years ago when she first stepped foot into the courtroom. There is no doubt that this was due to the efforts of  her attorney Jose Baez, who finally succeeded in teaching his client proper courtroom behavior, so that she could have every chance to  get a fair trial.


So when Jose left the table and Casey was left alone with someone else,   I thought she reverted back to her old ways. But evidently she did not. Instead,  she was genuinely interested in another person as you can see by her body language.

She looked like someone who was genuinely proud of another person. Apparently this  particular law clerk has gone to the bat for Casey and has worked long hard hours helping with her defense for the past two years. She also  knew how hard he worked for his personal goal of becoming a full-fledged attorney. So she was genuinely happy for him and it showed in her body language.

The body doesn’t lie! Having said that,  it is essential to know in what context the  body language and facial movements are made. In this case had I not been informed of the context that accounted for Casey’s  sudden joy and laughter, when attorney Baez left the table,  I would have assumed that she was not taking her presence in the courtroom seriously.

But now that I was informed as to the correct context as to what occurred, I can see that Casey’s laughter and smiles were understandable.  It made a lot  more sense to me.

Her genuine body language with genuine warm  smile  showed that Casey was actually  outside of herself. She was thinking about another person other than herself. This is a very different side of Casey than we have ever seen.

If she did kill Caylee, too bad she wasn’t thinking of Caylee instead of  herself. If jurors do happen to  see a glimpse of this side of  Casey- a more genuine side and a more human side, they may not look at her as a complete monster  and may  spare her life from lethal injection .


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  1. It was still very inappropriate for her being all smiles and giddy. She’s on trial for the murder of her own child and should not be smiling at all, but that will help to convict her and if it does, let her keep on smiling…
    She just doesn’t get it or she is seriously being BS’d and thinks she’ll walk out a free woman. She would have to get plastic surgery for she won’t live a life without being taunted or the whispers of, that’s the woman who allegedly killed her child.
    I await the day for this trial for Caylee deserves justice. Inmate Anthony could have just handed her over to her parents to raise while she lived a carefree life…but I do believe Inmate Anthony has malignant narcisistic tendencies and has a whole lot of baggage in that pea brain…and as grandma said, Casey hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee…that should be the prosecutions ending sentence…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  2. I am amazed that Dr Glass has the ability to positively discern Casey’s being “genuinely happy” for the law clerk. How out of character for the Casey Anthony that has been scrutinized in the spotlight for nearly 2.5 years. This is too much of stretch for me. Sorry Dr Glass, I’m not buying it at all. I am wondering if perhaps his fly wasn’t open or his pants split instead.


  3. Dr. Lillian

    Thanks for your analysis. I hope your source isn’t MD.

    I know I am not a professional, but by chance was this new lawyer working in KC’s case? Is he a man??? Hmmm. We all know how flirty she is. But what do I know right?


      1. Yep… Guarantee that if the new lawyer being sworn in was a female, you would have not seen such excitement in Casey… She was flirting … It was a male & as usual she turned on the charm & she is an expert at doing this… She was not genuinely happy for someone else. She is so into herself , she cannot stand someone else getting all the attention ( for example,precious Caylee ) .


    1. FRG~
      Bingo. Look at the middle pic above, she’s not focused on the sidebar, she’s not focused on the woman next to her, she’s looking directly into the camera with her best “I’m a hottie” look. “hey big boy behind the camera, I’m still smokin’ hot , text me when I get out, see ya next hearing”

      I do not see what Dr. Glass does. Didn’t see it the last time or the time before so…I give up on learning anything new.
      Before this is all over, I expect to be reading in here that Baez has matured into a respectful, knowledgeable atty and his client is just exuding regret…even tho the average lunkhead like myself is unable to discern it.


  4. When Baez said a couple of years ago “Casey Anthony is Public Enemy Number One” he had it right! Casey is the most hated defendant ever…(and I completely understand that). If we, as a society, went around “understanding” murderous Moms –we would all go down the tubes. Our biggest job, our most important job as people is to protect our children…all children. Everyone’s outrage is justified…but Casey is still “innocent” until proven guilty. Even when she is proven guilty, she will still be a person who was once a child herself. When I wonder about what happened to Casey to have (apparently) sent her into this impossibly black place it doesn’t mean I condone the neglect or murder of Caylee. ..I just always wonder why Casey didn’t run away, why Casey is so cold, why and how Casey could have done this. The fact that I wonder these things doesn’t mean I like her, but if I ever write even one “wondering” type question many people write me directly to indicate that I’m stupid and Casey is scum. Even if Casey did this and she is found guilty I do not think Casey is scum. I think she did something horrible, but I will always want to know what happened to her to make her snap.

    This article is really great because it reinforces that ALL the facts are so important. We can’t just rely on what we see with our eyes only. A stool has three legs and if we take away one leg (facts) the stool falls over. This is how the trial will be (if there is one)…the jurors will need to consider the entire story….not just the one part that makes everyone happy about exacting their pound of flesh.

    My hat is off to you, Dr. Glass, you set the record straight about Casey’s behavior. It is unpopular to view Casey as having any human qualities whatsoever. I’m glad you have the capacity to write something quasi positive about the most hated person in America! It says a lot about you.


    1. Casey is not the ‘most hated person in America.’ That was simply her lawyer’s spin on it, and apparently the simpletons of the world buy into it. Hopefully the jury will be comprised of intelligent, discerning individuals who will carefully consider the facts of this case, and the outrageous behavior of the defense and the family. I trust that they will. I don’t think Casey ‘snapped’ at all. She was lying, stealing, and cheating for years before she was arrested for the murder of her daughter, and was never held accountable for her behavior. And here we are today, with that precious child savagely murdered and cast away like a piece of trash. While her mother sits in jail awaiting trial, and has a lot to smile and laugh about at her hearings.


  5. She reminds me more and more of Betty Broderick, who injoyed her murder trial immensely. Betty was a star in jail, received support from the outside and acted like a celebrity. Casey is showing the same behavior more and more.
    p.s. Betty Broderick is still in prison and did not get paroled the last time around.


    1. Yep, she’s a star. It’s hard to be humble when you know you’re so great but casey tries but sometimes it just all blows out when your current only bff shows up to babysit you. Betty Broderick Jr.


    2. Thanks…. Now I remember who her personality in court reminds me of….. I felt extreme disgust with Brodrick simply because of her attitude in court and outside of it … and hers was possibly a case where I would have felt some compassion because of the divorce & new wife as I had to live it also but her deameaner quickly got rid of any compassion I had for her…


  6. In my Opinion Casey Anthony is not the most hated Person in America! She is not that important.
    Sadly Casey A. is not that unusual, Children are murdered
    way too often by the Hands of their own Mother.
    As for Casey’s Demeanor in Court at the last Hearing, she walked in to Court already smiling, why I don’t know and honestly I don’t care.
    In the End it won’t make much Difference how she looks what she wears how young/old she is or how pretty/ugly she is or if she smiles or not.
    It will All come down to the actual Evidence which will be presented by both Sides.
    Do I believe Casey will get the DP, no I don’t!
    However there is a Price to be paid, an innocent Child Caylee Marie was murdered and her Mother Casey A. is
    charged with her Murder.
    We just have to wait till the Trial
    and hopefully the Truth will prevail, I believe it will! JMO


  7. NEVER forget, her “genuine” behavior, is NEVER genuine. That is the face she used to seduce, and steal from her friends, and lovers. That is the face she showed honest people so she could take advantage of them. I don’t believe for one minute jose has “taught” this sociopath anything. She isn’t his lapdog. He is hers. If anyone has this “dog trained” , it would be Mason. Not Jose.


    1. Right on ! She is the expert when it comes to charm & flirting….She smiled at her friends & family while she had her right hand in their purses, wallets, checkbooks, creditcard, piggy banks etc etc etc.
      Dr Glass I appreciate your wanting to see the good in someone but in my opinion you were wrong about this one.


  8. All due respect Dr Lillian, but I ABSOLUTELY agree with Vic and FRG; Casey entered the courtroom already giggly and all smiles, way before the clerk was ever sworn in…And the “genuine warmth for another”..well, as FRG put it, he is someone valuable to her who can & has helped her case, AND he is a young male attorney, now. Sorry, but no inconsistencies here…Same self centered & out of touch being. Tell me..has Casey EVER ONCE shown genuine remorse or mourning for little Caylee?! The answer is NO! Genuine reorse or mourning would HAVE to spill over during public appearance; And the only times she did express upset, was out of fear for her own self/fate when Caylee’s body WAS discovered. She never reported her missing cause she was counting on the body deteriorating enough to make it difficult to prove how she was murdered & also possibly to have all dna vaporize, which would prove there was NO ONE ELSE involved.
    You are an intelligent woman Dr Glass, but on this one, I’d have to say you may be a bit naive.


    1. Pam~
      Could not agree more.
      So, does one simply wake up one day and grow a conscience , feel remorse? All this time..and nothing.
      Now if Dr. glass can detect this monumental change, uh..let’s say, when the trial starts..I’m going to have to call bullchit.


  9. Why wasn’t KC taken from the court room when her hearing was over? She didn’t have to be in there for the swearing in of the new lawyer. Do you think maybe this was Bozo’s idea, to show KC in a new light, being happy for someone other than herself? I agree, I think maybe this was a young man, and KC thinks he will be visiting her in her cell in the future. She is always on the lookout for a new man in her Bella Vita.


  10. Casey chloroformed, duct taped and locked Caylee in the trunk because her boyfriend told her not to bring the little snot to his house. Get it straight people! Casey has matured while serving time in jail. She obvisouly is enlightened by anything (even a fly on the wall) …. if you get my point. She could care less that Caylee is DEAD! So … if there are any prospective applicants out there with children willing to help Casey out and give her the benefit of the doubt …. your children will be dear too! Get it straight!


      1. Dr Glass, again, aren’t you assuming quite a bit? What evidence is there that she has ‘matured in jail?’ If you can produce facts supporting this claim, I will be glad to reconsider. Thank you.


      2. Not to beat a dead horse, Dr Glass, but I’d like to ask you a question. Would you say Charles Manson has “matured” over the years? He’s older and his circumstances haven’t changed any less than Casey’s have.


    1. It happened to be her ex-boyfriend Tony Rusciano


      May 3, 2008

      9:13 p.m. casey o marie: I’m going crazy over here.
      9:13 p.m. casey o marie: I’m online
      so I can stay awake.
      9:13 p.m. casey o marie: At least the kid is passed out.

      9:28 p.m. casey o marie: brb
      9:28 p.m. casey o maraie: Checking on the kid

      On May 6, Casey sends an astounding 198 IMs to her boyfriend from 1:39 p.m. to 7:42 p.m. And this is while Caylee was HOME!

      On May 6, 2008, at 1:44 p.m., Casey says her nanny is en route.

      nyitaliano3: so is she willing to get the offspring?
      casey o marie: as of right now
      nyitaliano3: geez
      casey o marie: brb
      casey o marie: caylee wanted pizza

      They chat for another fifteen minutes, mainly about their sex lives. Then, at 2:04 p.m.:

      nyitaliano3: Where’d you go freakshow
      casey o marie: hey asshole
      casey o marie: caylee wanted more lunch

      At 2:08 p.m.:

      casey o marie: I have a headache
      casey o marie: What the hell should I eat?
      nyitaliano3: come over i’ll cook
      casey o marie: ha, want me to bring the little snot head?
      casey o marie: didn’t think so.
      nyitaliano3: I mean when she is occupied by another adult
      casey o marie: ha ha
      casey o marie: i know

      at 4:31 p.m.:

      casey o marie: i feel like I have cabin fever
      casey o marie: I’m ready to chew my arm off
      ny italiano: why
      casey o marie: I’m going stir crazy sitting around here

      She gives Tony a litany of excuses of why she can’t come over … mainly running commentary about her nanny’s whereabouts and her being a no-show.

      Then, at 7:20 p.m.:

      casey o marie: I’m sad. I’ve been sad all day. shit, I’ve been sad for days.

      Ironically, at 7:37 p.m., she says:

      casey o marie: you know what you’re getting into with me, and i’m sorry, caylee has to come first, my job
      , a close second. i can only take so much time from that for anything else.
      nyitaliano3: I understand but understand my point. i can’t see someone once every 3+ weeks and say we’re dating.


  11. …psychopaths are generally well satisfied with themselves and with their inner landscape, bleak as it may seem to outside observers. They see nothing wrong with themselves, experience little personal distress, and find their behavior rational, rewarding and satisfying;they never look back with regret or forward with concern. They perceive themselves as superior beings in a hostile, dog-eat-dog world in which others are competitors for power and resources. Psychopaths feel it is legitimate to manipulate and deceive others in order to obtain their “rights” and their social interaction are PLANNED to outmaneuver the malevolence they see in others. (Hare, Robert (1993) Without Conscience, p. 195)

    Caylee was meaningless to Casey. She’s moved on. After years of hostile, negative and defiant behavior she’s less stressed and more willing to smile for the cameras.


  12. Weren’t these the same law clerks she was flirting and giggling with during court that you wrote about in one of your earlier Casey articles?

    All I care about is the exact date when this trial is going to start. Baez mus be angling towads an appeal based upon Casey not receiving a timely trial as this has dragged out way too long.


  13. I appreciate the update on this, but I’m still not so sure. This is a GROWN woman who acted like a jr. high student. She could have said the obligatory ‘That’s wonderful! Congrats!’ – but it looked like she went overboard. She was playing it up for the camera trying to look like she has a friend left in the world – although this ‘friend’ is paid to sit with her. It still looks odd that all this took place when Baez’ back was to her. It looks odd that he did not make this announcement to her. For all the world to see, she was acting inappropriate in court – just like she acted inappropriate when her child was on the list of missing children.

    I don’t see her as having genuine feelings towards others’ successes, starting with her own family. Caylee may have been murdered because her friends were coming into their own and being able to afford vacations that excluded her because she chose to not work… The people that did do well in her circle, she stole from.

    She also does not strike me as being able to be grateful to this new attorney’s assistance – rather, she seems the type to EXPECT his hard work on her behalf… JMHO


  14. Pam – Casey expressed fear “for her own self” because “fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth”. While she has no personal contact with others, she certainly has an “intimacy with fear”.


  15. I feel disgusted and let down by this article I have been a fan of Dr. Glass for a long time, and I had to read this twice to make sure I read it right, it made me sick, what is wrong with you. Casey walked into that courtroom, or let me rephrase, Casey strutted into that courtroom like it was a stage, she might have been smiling and laughing about someone being sworn in but it sure the heck wasn’t because she cared about that person, it was because at that moment she thought it would be okay since the court was focusing on someone else she could get away with it, so she took advantage of the situation like a school kid whose teacher had turned her back, okay now here is my chance I am going to be flirty and cute and look straight at the camera and smile because look at me I am hot and adorable and men want me, and I can get away with this right now because people will think I am doing this because of a law clerk being sworn in, I just have a few seconds to get away with this so I better make it count!!!! Casey didn’t give a crap about the other person, once again she took advantage of a situation to make it about her. I am disappointed in you Dr. Glass, I am on to Casey and I don’t have a degree nor have I written any books, but maybe I should because I can certainly read this piece of trash a lot better than you, are you in bed with the Anthony team now, whatsup?


    1. Pammi Justyp c;arofy things. First of all you make some excellent points. I do still stand by my obsevations that Casey did indeed strut into he courtrrom as you said, She did have a flirtaeous moment smiling at Baez. She did a lot of hair grroming and primping. She was also more attentive than she had been in the past looking at people who spoke. And yes I was appalled at her laughter in the courtrom which was inappropriate under any circumstances.
      But I wanted to be fair in light of the new information with which I was presented. She really did show interest outsie of herself as we had not yet seen this. Maybe it was because she had a crush on him as well, That is a possibility. Maybe it was becuase he worked so hard on her case and she was happy for him or maybe she was giddy about the fact that he was ambushed and it was a surprise for him to be suddenly and unexpectedly sworn in. Maybe he looked and appeared flustered and that was amuzing to Casey. I don;t know the answer to this as I did not see the whole picture. But she did go outside of herself, even for a few moments as we see in the photos.As I said you do make excellent points.


      1. Or possibly Casey was laughing because of the woman next to her was laughing. It was appropriate, she thought, to laugh at that moment, to connect, be part of, be closer to woman(atty) sitting next to. A bonding experience for her.

        I’ve done the same (laughed at ?) a few times when in a situation with ppl who were connected when I was feeling slightly on the ouside.
        Just another thought.


      2. I don’t buy it either, Dr. Glass. I think Casey was simply flirting and playing a variation of the sunglass game.


  16. Casey has adapted well in prison and that’s good for her, but not us or Caylee……..she is soooo happy with being the focus of millions of peoples attention,I think this case will drag on for years and years after she’s sentenced.

    Appeals after appeals, Bombshell “new evidence”discovered, interviews with former friends/family/lovers.

    Judge Perry seems to be crossing all T’s though, and is trying not to GIVE them reasons for appeal, but there will be something he missed just the same. OMG, She LOVES the cameras!! JMO


  17. Casey is just being true to form in these photos. It’s always been about “me me me” with her and I think all she cares about is that she’s the spotlight. With her degree of narcissism, the fact that this is all about her murdered child is way down on the list. The main thing is that everyone in the courtroom is looking at her and waiting for her continued appearances. I’m sure she thinks that by this time next year, she’ll be back in the clubs and making up for lost time with every guy who crosses her path, not to mention doing the talk show circuit. If she does by any slim chance get off on this case, her life will be hell afterwards. She might forget about all this, but others won’t. Just look at OJ. That scumbag thought he had it made in the shade after his aquittal on the murder charges and where is he now?


  18. The only part of this post I agree with , is that probably a law clerk was sworn in…. But, that is NOT why Casey was so over the top with giggling and laughing.. This may have been given as the reason to your source as an after thought when the defense team were told/shown how atrocious Casey was acting while they were up at judges bench.
    This one is way off the mark..


  19. I agree and disagree with many of the commenters here.
    I think, Casey saw men as a means to what she wanted. Casey became the type of woman the man she was with wanted.
    Female friends were often used also however it seems Casey did enjoy her female friends company.
    Casey laughed because the woman next to her laughed. IMO, the reason for the laughter was irrelevant to Casey, the sharing of laughter was important. That moment of shared laughter Casey was able to hold on to some of the girl she was before Caylees death.
    I could be full of it and I have very little kindness left in me for Casey & crew, so …!


  20. How can something be irrelevant yet important? All we know is what we have observed. We can say with a fair degree of certainty that she looked happy and engaged in the courtroom. Knowing why she is in the courtroom is certainly relevant and important.

    What happened prior to her arrest speaks for itself. She duped everyone who loved her. It is safe to say that Casey Anthony is a “social predator who charmed, manipulated, and ruthlessly plowed through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets”.(Ibid p.xi)

    Casey Anthony is still “the girl she was before Caylee’s death”-she’s just a little older.


    1. Anonymous … If you are replying to my irrelevant, I said “other’s reason for laughter” was irrelevant to Casey,” not that anything was irelevant in court.


  21. Still waiting to hear just what you were analyzing when you said the 911 tapes were played SINCE they were never played. I know a number of people were disappointed in the fact that you analyzed Cheney listening to the tapes WHEN NO TAPES WERE PLAYED.

    Care to comment?


  22. Casey has been in jail for two years so any contact with the outside is going to bring her some pleasure and it is NOT surprising that she would react this way to someone who is on her team being sworn in. Same way she reacted to her brother saying I love you. Genuine tears because she has been isolated from everyone she knows for two years. This is not to say that she is not a sociopath – she is.


  23. Cali Patti-“Casey is a master of social manipulation”. That’s relevant and important. Nothing she does has substance or sincerity inside or out of a courtroom. (You didn’t imply the courtroom was irrelevant-“the reason for the laughter was irrelevant”).The psychopath is a near-perfect invisible human predator. (Snakes in Suits-What You See May Not Be What You See)


  24. I am still amazed that anyone thhinks that Casey is a “master of manipulation” or a master of anything for that matter. If this were true she would not be where she is now. She wasn’t even a good liar either. I really doubt that she found that much humor in a law student being sworn in. What is so amusig about that? I would think maybe if anything a snall smile may have been warranted but nothing like what she put forth. And, as has been pointed out, she did smile slightly upon entering the courtroom. Everything said about Casey is so exagerated it is unreal. Dr. Glass just took a guess, and guessed wrong. I think she is just so used to “reading” Casey as some sort of “femme fatale” and totally misread things this time. And, I still think Dr. Glass is mistaken about which Jose Casey had a crush on. There was another Jose who had been with the firm who had a pregnant wife.


    1. Hi Getreal.

      Right on post. Frankly, with this family one doesn’t even have to try to hide a lie, they apparently will accept anything.

      As for Dr. G, my confidence has waned since she analyzed Cheney listening to the 911 tapes in court and NO TAPES WERE EVER PLAYED.

      But she still has yet to comment.


  25. Oh c’mon Dr. Glass. Really? Did Jane Velez Mitchell write this?

    I’m kidding of course. I’m a fan and enjoy all your articles, and admire your insight.


  26. It wasnt Jose Baez that Casey had a crush on ……..There was another Jose who worked on the case along with Bozo…If needed, I can find his last name…Cant wait til May!!!


      1. Well,it was clearly stated in documents…both from LE and from the horses mouth herself that it was not Baez she was crushing on…It was the other Jose on her “dream team”…I prefer to go with facts and not assume….They will have to sedate Casey come trial in order to not self groom herself and laugh and giggle…No amount of coaching will stop her from doing that…lol


  27. We know from reading the literature on psychopathy that she has no sense of guilt, remorse or loyalty. When we watch her smile for the cameras we know that she is using this opportunity to show another side of her personality that many in the potential jury pool have never seen. We know that this young man’s accomplishments mean nothing to her but her attorney used this opportunity to “rehabilitate” his client.

    I felt sad when I saw Casey smiling in the pictures above. I would not want anyone to go through life without purpose, happiness and a measure of success. But in the case of Casey Anthony no matter how positive or negative her actions are they are alway grounded in deception and manipulation.

    When I read this article I saw the inherent goodness in the writer-her egalitarian, hopeful and sincere reflections and insights about a smiling and happy Casey Anthony. Will Casey’s considerable acting skills spare her from a lethal injection? Will jurors, who will see her for long periods of time, come to know who the real Casey Anthony is?
    Only time will tell.


  28. Pam-I wonder if she’ll be all smiles when she walks into the courtroom and sees the people who she once considered friends? Will they be as harsh as the potential jurors? How will she look to Mr Lazzaro, Mr Rodriquez, Mr Rusciano, Mr Jesse Grund, and possibly Caylee’s father?
    She blamed a complete stranger for the murder of her child and within 6 months she is going to rely on complete strangers to save her from the death chamber. Does she ever have regrets?


  29. I’m going to post here, a first for me. I disagree with the new assumption that Casey was all a’gigglin’ out of joy for someone else. I don’t see any difference between her usual giggliness and this latest bit. Her joy seems to come from the male gender and like her other moony eyes and giggles, there was a man involved.
    I’ve seen nothing that in any way tells me Miss Anthony is all about anyone other than Miss Anthony.
    Her demenor changes like her bedpartners used to, quickly and on whim. I think the real Miss Anthony you’re looking for will show up in court when her men parade in front of her and then and then alone will her true person shinewthrough. Yes, she seemed happy in court the other day but once again, there was a male involved and as we’ve seen all too often, Miss Anthony loves the men. Male approval seems to matter to her, male attention even more. I’d imagine Cindy and Casey Anthony had a few tugs-of-war over the men in the Anthony family. Lee, George, I’m betting both were pushed and pulled by the two.

    I guess I’d feel more confident in the new improved Casey you seem to see, if she had been close to this man. If she’d known him well or if he in some way had been a vital part of her every day life. I just don’t think her giggles and joy went any deeper than his gender.


  30. “She looked like someone who was genuinely proud of another person. Apparently this particular law clerk has gone to the bat for Casey and has worked long hard hours helping with her defense for the past two years. She also knew how hard he worked for his personal goal of becoming a full-fledged attorney. So she was genuinely happy for him and it showed in her body language.”

    What utter tosh. You are starting to insult people’s intelligence Ms Glass. Sociopaths do not empathise……fact.
    This woman has sat through umpteen hearings where her child is referred to “as the remains”, or is talked about in terms of her skull or being sumberged ….and she hasnt batted an eyelid. This woman has no problem implicating innocent people into this crime in order to save herself.
    She is just a bad actress that fakes emotion and is VERY aware of the cameras and monitors in the court room. Matured? What a crazy and hypocritical statement given your past musings on this girl.


  31. Dr. Glass, “If she did kill Caylee, too bad she wasn’t thinking of Caylee instead of herself. If jurors do happen to see a glimpse of this side of Casey- a more genuine side and a more human side, they may not look at her as a complete monster and may spare her life from lethal injection .

    The reason that we’re all here reading your thoughts and the reason we read other blogs is because we believe Casey did kill Caylee. Up until this article you believed it too. Or you previously said you do. Yes I know innocent until proven guilty. Baby missing for 31 days. Grandmother forces the issue and reports baby has been missing for 31 days. Mother lies and obstructs LE from investigating the claim of a kidnapping of her baby. Come on! Enough already.

    Did you Dr. Glass notice Casey’s bounding carotid pulse while she was smiling and giggling as she and Michelle Medina watched the young lawyer being sworn in by The Honorable Kudge Melving Perry? Her pulse was rapid and pulsating to the point that you can count it just by watching the video. I got a pulse of 96 at rest. That’s a rapid pulse for a young, slim 24 year old. Excited for her “friend”? We’ve seen her visitors logs. Sunshine laws! Yay! I don’t believe he’s seen her very often since she was incarcerated 26 months ago. Was she excited to the point of a rapid heart beat because she thinks that she should be the young attorney who is being sworn in? There was a lot more going on with Casey’s body language during this young man’s swearing in “ceremony” then you’ve shared. Casey’s mouth was dry and she tried to moisten her lips. She was not smiling and she was not involved throughout the swearing in. She was somewhere out in left field and had to be drawn back in by Michelle Medina. You’re the expert. If you watch her behavior again with the knowledge you have now, do you think you’d still come to the same conclusions? Were you too quick to correct previous assumptions that you’d had (where you didn’t initially have all of the info required) when you formed your opinion.


    1. Genuine and human side? Since the duct tape was found wrapped around Caylee’s skull, I have seen this as a first degree murder case.

      I really don’t think someone who is capable of murdering their own child has either a genuine or human side. Are you now seeing this a crime of passion? How could someone who perpetrated an act like that be capable of empathizing with someone else, not just on one particular day, but ever? Even now, where’s her guilt and remorse? Where’s her pity for Caylee who had to suffer the consequences of her rage? If she has the genuine ability to connect with people, why has she shown no history of it?

      I like your articles, that’s why I found this one so surprising. It made absolutely no sense. I thought you taught me a lot. All this time you were warning us that her tears weren’t real, explaining how her crying was ritualistic. I would look at the screen, keeping your insights in mind and most of the time I agreed.

      Did someone threaten to sue you or something so you felt the need to add a disclaimer? This is so far below the quality of observation I expect from you.


  32. Dr Glass, I have to disagree that Casey has matured since being in jail….. If she has matured I would think she would have developed somewhat of conscience & would have decided to tell the truth as to what really happened. Also to show some respect towards her parents & most of all to show some repentness for what she did to her precious daughter. I have yet to see any maturity at all .


  33. Conscience is developed early on in life. It is obvious to many that Casey’s alleged behavior was not guided by that “little inner voice”. Our conscience tells us not to do something, but what stops us completely from doing something wrong, hurtful or immoral, are the consequences we might face if we were caught. Casey has no “little voice” to guide her. When she threw Caylee into the swamp she never looked back.

    She is aging -she is not maturing. According to Hare, her psychopathy is “maturing” (progressive).


  34. Again, I honestly don’t get where you’re coming from here. Have you ever met a psychopath who just stopped being one and is suddenly able to step outside themselves and be happy for another person? It isn’t a phase that children go through.


  35. No one is suggesting that Casey Anthony is not a psychopath. The gist of the article, imo, was Dr Glass’s insights and analysis relative to the behavior she observed in the courtroom. Casey was displaying behavior which anyone could see was dramatically different than what we have become accustomed to-after all, she is charged with Felony Murder. A smiling and happy defendant is not the norm. Why not write about it?

    We all know that Casey’s behavior is choreographed – we know her handlers are telling her that she is maligned on the internet (on WordPress about a couple dozen people). But it is the citizens of Orlando and Florida in general who want to see her tried for this crime. The only venue they will ever have to show a different and “genuine” Casey is the courtroom.

    Casey Anthony’s psychopathy does not have an “on and off button”. If it did perhaps Caylee would be alive today.


    1. Actually, it wasn’t wholly Casey’s ‘observed’ behavior that Dr Glass ‘analyzed’ in this article. Dr Glass stated that she had ‘new information’ that brought her to her conclusion. Seems rather ambiguous and subjective, IMO. Respectfully,


  36. Dr. Glass,

    IT’s okay, it’s the ones who have decided her fate before hearing both sides that are doubting your
    professional opinion. If anyone has any kind of doubt about this case one is stoned and ridiculed. Just look at most of the blogs, very biased to say the least. A lot like a bunch of inmature bullies in high

    That being said, I do agree with your insight about the jury, males will be the prime focus. What are your thoughts about Cindy Anthony and her lack of remorse? I never heard her cry out for the murderer to be caught and she even kicked those out of her home who were actually getting close to finding her which leads me to believe she knew all along where she was. That and she returned to work after smelling death and knowing her own granddaughter was missing? To me, the grandparents actions reek guilt. George, he in my opinion is less vocal. Is smooth and manipulative and tried to stay two steps infront of LE for a reason….Why are these two not arrested for aiding and abetting, lying and concealing evidence? After all, they had plenty of time to plant and or remove evidence, actually over a month…What is your take on why they have not been arrested as of yet…Thanks


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