Casey Anthony’s Disturbing Body Language in the Courtoom- Smiling, Laughing,and Hair Grooming



A while back I wrote in a bog that  I thought attorney  Jose Baez deserved a lot of credit for teaching his client  Casey  Anthony how to properly behave in the courtroom. At that time ,  I noted that her body language was more in control and that a lot of her annoying habits, including the hair grooming, lip pursing. and her annoying smiling behaviors  were gone.

 But they have returned and have become even more pronounced.  They have returned to the point they are extremely disturbing to anyone looking at this woman, who is accused of killing her child. Whether she did or did not kill  little Caylee, no one should be laughing  in a  courtroom under any circumstances.


 As soon as she walked in to he courtroom and flashed  her  smile and then cocked her head coquettishly to see her alleged crush Jose, I immediately  knew that Casey as back to her old self.  In fact she is more than her old self. She is her happy and carefree self with the facial expressions we saw in so many of her partying  photos .

The body does not lie! These series of photos will show you what I mean.  So no matter how you coach someone, who they really are will eventually leak out.  You can’t fool anyone,  especially anyone sitting on a jury for three months.

What leaked out about Casey is that she is feeling pretty confident as reflected in the way she carried herself and in her body and facial language.  Her walk even had a bounce to it. Her bright smiles on the verge of laughter seemed to indicate that she most likely knew that the defense had something up their sleeve which was in her favor. In fact it appeared  that she was feeling pretty cocky about it.

The one thing that has come back with even more frequency us her hair grooming tactics.  The second she walked into the courtroom  she had her hand up to her hair to groom herself in preparation for seeing her alleged  crus, Jose  Baez.

As soon as she sat at the table she hair groomed. As soon as she had to stand up when Judge Perry was to enter the room, she hair groomed.

Back was the old lip biting and lip fiddling. Maybe she does a lot  more lip and teeth fiddling  since her  famous elevator fall when she accidentally chipped her tooth.

Hair grooming like seen above continued and continued and continued the entire  time she was seated. This annoying habit reflected her and desire to be viewed  as pretty.

 On a positive note,  she did seem more attentive than usual. She seemed to pay close attention and look in the direction of the person who was speaking . Unlike we have previously  seen,  Casey actually looked genuinely interested in what the person had to say.

 Perhaps hearing anyone speak after being cooped up in a cell all this time  and not being able to speak to anyone gave her a newfound interest  in people other than herself.


As for her outfit,  we are seeing a fashion  trend  emerge with Casey, “The Casey Anthony Puffed Upper  Sleeve Look.”   It was a look no doubt orchestrated by her former death sentence attorney Andrea Lyon. Today  she is wearing the  rauched sleeve version of the puffy  upper sleeve look.

Usually when we see the  upper sleeve puffed,  it is in clothing worn by children.  If an adult wears this child like costume it tends to subconsciously  give them the  image of being sweet and innocent – like a child.

This time, Casey  kept her buttons closed at the appropriate places and didn’t go for the sexy cleavage look.

Casey is still very pretty in many people’s view with her chiseled bone  structure. This  is why I repeatedly say- watch out for  any man  (young or old)  on the jury who loves to help damsels in distress and who may be taken with her looks. Please believe me when I say that her guilt or innocence will be determined by WHO is on that jury and that the defense has the upper hand here.

They have one of the best jury consultants in the country while the prosecution has no one and they want it that way.

But Casey  doesn’t always look that pretty,  especially when she does her lip purse and grimace as part of her ritualistic behavior pattern,  which we have often seen in the courtroom.

Her breathing pattern was more labored than the last time she sat through a hearing. She did a lot of upper chest breathing and letting out  her air while raising her chest. This means that the reality  of the situation periodically hits her as to why she is in the courtroom. The   sudden expulsions of air indicate that she is getting a bit nervous when she has fleeting thoughts of her future.

Part of her nervousness was  observed in her lip licking. No doubt she was getting a bit cotton mouthed  as her saliva was drying up due to inner tension she may have been experiencing.

As the attorneys go  up to the bench Casey is left alone with one of Baez assistants, she clearly feels happy to be in the presence of another young woman  who is of similar age  who is not wearing a jail or a jailers uniform.  She smiles contentedly as she writes a note to the woman next to her. It is reminiscent  of what she may have done in jr. high school classes when she wrote notes about the cute guys in the room to her fellow classmates. 

And in true jr. high school fashion, she immediately  folds the note up as she doesn’t want anyone to see what she has written.


Then after looking at Jose’s assistant, and reading the assistant’s note, she cannot seem to contain her happiness. She immediately turns away from he assistant and  gives a huge smile.

 Why was she smiling?Was it because she was told that Cheney Mason and Jose Baez may have found over a dozen  people who said they didnt see thee bag Caylee was  was stuffed in when they were searching with Equisearch?   Or was she simply  thrilled to  be having have some type of human interaction after being out of her cage? Are her fantasies now in full force?

Her close lipped smile was all too sickening!  This woman has zero to smile about but that doesn’t stop her. She has a genuine smile with raised cheeks  sans showing her teeth. No doubt, she is still  narcissistically self conscious about the dental repair.


Still elated and not  trying to not show her teeth, she  cranes her neck to looks over  at the monitor  in front of  Jose’s assistant. What is so funny?  How can this woman be smiling  about anything in the midst of this very serious situation.  For goodness sakes her daughter was killed and she is the prime suspect.

But Casey cannot contain herself. She is happy and doesn;t care if her teeth are seen outside if her lips. She breaks into a  huge genuine smile with lips parted, teeth showing and eyes wrinkled and cheeks raised The assistant os smiling as well which is equally inappropriate considering this is a courtroom. They are not watching a sitcom for goodness sakes. Jose needs to educate his assistant as to how to act in a courtroom as well.

This is upsetting. It doesnt  matter why Casey or the assistant are  laughing. What matters is that they are in a court of law and the fact that a baby girl was found with duct tape across her skull and and that skull  which was detached from her body is nothing to laugh about. The fact that Casey may possibly have poison coursing trough her veins until her heart stops  beating and she stops breathing is also no laughing matter.

But in the other hand, she may feel she does have something to smile about.   The possibility that she may be living a life in prison without parole may very well be a laughing matter to her. She may end up enjoying her life there, manipulating fellow inmates and creating countless  love affairs.  Her ego will no doubt be pumped from all the fan mail she will receive from both  men and women who will have found her not guilty in their views. Others will flatter her ego by tellimng her how beautiful they thing she is.

Some will send love, prayers, and words of  encouragement  which will  keep her from being bored. Others will send money to allow her to go the canteen and purchase  a pen, paper and candy. She will have a bed to sleep in and three square meals a day, periodic showers, and lots of attention. And the most important thing she will have to smile about is that she doesn’t have to be around her hated parents- especially Cindy. For Casey, that  indeed  a lot to smile about!

In any event, there is no doubt in my mind that the real Casey will leak out during the three-month trial. You can be sure that no matter what happens, the jurors will not be smiling when they see that leaking Casey .

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40 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Disturbing Body Language in the Courtoom- Smiling, Laughing,and Hair Grooming

  1. Dr. Lillian

    Thank you for your professional analysis!

    No matter how much KC is coached I am sure she will be her true self in her trial… she can’t act. BTW, her true self is pretty cold. She has icy cold eyes, doesn’t she? Creepy!!!!

    I don’t know who is this jury consultant, unless this person is also working pro-bono, Judge Perry denied to pay for a jury consultant. From my understanding CM and LDB will be selecting a jury. Is this a different situation you are talking about? Maybe I am confused. LOL

    Dr. Lillian, I heard in FL people are more conservative, don’t you think this will play a role in the outcome of the trial? Does that make any difference at all?


    1. I don’t know which recording you watched but the one I watched also showed Casey do a big flurry of adjusting her clothing after the hearing, when she was being led back into the prisoner holding area. The many little adjustments she made were completely unnecessary i.e. she was not tucking in a blouse that had become untucked but rather was straightening out tiny creases from sitting etc. All I could think at the time was, Why do you care how you look for the folks in jail? Nobody is going to notice or care if your clothes have some tiny wrinkles – you’re going to have to change clothes into a jail jumpsuit anyway!

      But now, after reading your blog, it occurred to me that she may have been expecting to meet with her attorneys after the hearing, thus the primping flurry.


    1. @ Marsha really does typo,s really matter, or does the facts matter ? I respect your opinion do not get me wrong for that, but for you to point oput typos instead of commenting on her behavior clearly shows you are part of the defence team. oh for you i made numerous typos have fun pointing em outy




  2. Dr. Glass, I agree with you 100%. Who would be laughing and joking when they are in a court of law? If she did’t kill Caylee, she would be grief stricken by the fact that her baby was dead. Of course she did murder her baby, and it is evident she is happy to be free of the responsibility of being a parent. She is a true sociopath, no feelings for anyone but herself. As for Casey being attractive, I agree with you, but…the longer she is in prison the more her inner evil slips out. Many young women in their early 20’s are attractive. She will age in jail and will lose the blush of youth. Already her eyes have that empty look. I do hope the jury observes her over the many weeks of the trial, and comes to the same conclusion as 99% of the people who have followed this sad case. Guilty As Charged!


  3. I tend to think It’s because she feels fresh and out of the cage. She has on a new blouse, she feels somewhat free and she is mingling with her Defense Team. Also, I’m sure Baez has told her something on the positive side about what he has In store with her case. Something really positive.
    Altho I also believe Baez has the wool pulled over her eyes too. He continues to give her solid hope of being acquitted.


  4. Excellent analysis Dr. Glass. The pictures you selected are very telling. I thought I’d point out Casey’s BFF who sat with her (above) is Michelle Medina, an attorney who frequently visits Casey at jail for hours at a time. Often for hours until late into the night. Her giggling like a school girl in a televised courtroom with her client, who’s accused of the murder of her baby, shows really poor judgement. That’s worse then a young and inexperienced intern who might not know any better.

    I guess she took over from the other (younger and very attractive) Jose that used to frequently visit Casey prior to the release of the jail house letters where she discussed how cute he is. We heard he’s no longer working with Baez. I think Ms. Medina is employed by The Baez Law Firm. Or maybe she’s another pro bono attorney. What’s one more?


    1. I saw that too, just as you did, as soon as the attorneys left to approach the judge, the little school girls played and giggled , probably writing notes like “so and so has a big d in those pants”
      giggle giggle
      Jose has not disiplined casey enough to know better when she is fighting for her life
      she is not fighting to win the “cool funny and no worries” girl
      that was really stupid
      better rope her up Jose, teach her how to ACT innocent!


  5. I love your site, and have learned much from reading it. Thank you for posting it. Keep up the good work, hope there are many more during the trial.


  6. Hi Dr. Glass, I was hoping you would do an analysis of Casey’s last appearance in court. On another site a person indicated that they were in the courtroom when Casey was doing all the smiling and it had to do with Jose Baez’ young male assistant. I really wish I knew specifically what it was about..was he making faces at them or something? Everyone is talking on other sites about how unsettling it was to see Casey so smiley. I completely agree with you that Casey is pretty. Often people write: NO, she is not! But clearly, she is! The fact that she IS pretty is exactly why there is so much hooplah about this entire thing…that and the bizarro circumstances, of course. I also agree with you that jurors can and will be influenced by her demeanor. I often feel very sorry for her (this usually gets me in trouble on other forums)…but I really do feel sadness for her, probably because she is so young and I sense that she has been (and continues to be) very used by everyone, her parents, her “boyfriends”, her lawyers–most seem to have always wanted things from her and want to promote themselves “through” her. I know that she is indiscriminate in bedmates etc…but I keep thinking that she has been that way because of a lack of genuine love at home. I’m no expert, but it seems logical that narcissists become narcissists because they don’t get the real unconditional love that they should have had during their formative years. Cindy now “pretends” to love Casey, but Casey certainly sees through those is too little too late! (and for Cindy’s sake….I wish Cindy would be able to see that Casey is going to point the finger directly at her!)


    1. I enjoyed reading your article Dr. Glass…not much gets by you.
      I don’t want to be disagreeable to another commenter but I am one who says “NO! She is not.” (Pretty, that is.) I know some people do find her attractive and pretty but I think her true nature comes out through her eyes. Even in the 3d to last photo above where she is smiling…her mouth is smiling but her eyes are not…cover up the bottom of her face and just look at the eyes alone. Creepy, cold and calculating is all I can see. Even those who find her pretty will see those eyes eventually if they have to look at them often enough. I find nothing physically or mentally endearing about her at all. I have seen baby photos of her, by the way, where even then, her eyes had all the warmth of a boa constrictor. I’ll bet Cindy and George know exactly what I’m talking about, too.
      Your a very generous and caring person to feel sorry for Casey, Mrs. Clark, but I bet you wouldn’t leave Casey alone in a room with your wallet, checkbook or credit card. With all due respect, pity is wasted on sociopaths other than to signal to them that the one feeling the pity for them is another “easy mark” to be used up and “had” and discarded when the usefulness of that person is done.


      1. Forrest, I understand precisely what you are saying…that I waste any positive emotions I have for Casey on Casey…but luckily for me, she is not really in my life, so she can’t trick me into liking her while she feels nothing for me!
        I AM hoping that this goes to trial (I have many doubts)..I would love to get the skinny on what Ann Finnell wants to keep secret (for mitigation). Casey was the worst of all Mothers, but what type Mother has absolutely no clue that their kid is flunking high school and further, doesn’t MAKE said kid finish high school. Cindy LOVED that Casey was under her thumb and she wanted to keep her there. Cindy created this monster. I hope we get more facts. Oh, and you are correct, I would not trust Casey with my wallet or my cat for that matter. She’s pretty, in my view. The other night I saw Jennifer Love Lewitt & thought she looked considerably like Casey. This is not to say I think Casey is a fine person. Many good looking people are awful people.


    2. casey has good hair
      casey has almost a perfect smile (or did)
      casey has a classic jaw line
      casey has pretty eyes
      eyebrows are plucked to death and ugly
      casey has ugly ears, they tip back like an elf
      casey has pale unattractive skin
      too many moles
      casey is too short to be a model
      her body is typical of a woman after child birth.
      not perky nor really pretty, but attractive
      caseys attitude is about the same maturity of her baby girl when she murdered her.
      casey wants all of the attention
      don’t defend a baby killer
      especially for the selfish reason casey murdered
      that little beautiful girl Caylee, who was going
      to grow up and be twice as beautiful as casey was in her best hour
      (which is in the dress in front of Tony with the rosery beads)
      i can pick a model
      and trust me
      casey , never would of made model material.
      to short, non attractive nose, eyebrows plucked to shame, and non attractive skin.
      too squatty in frame
      saggy breasts
      short waist


  7. I LOVE IT that she is back to her crazy mental state (but thankfully not crazy enough to avoid the needle). Laugh it up Casey, the jury (men and women) will be watching your every move and comparing it to the photo of your child’s skull, ductaped and sealed with a heart sticker – as well as the recordings of your mothers 911 call cursing about the car smelling like a dead person.

    Laugh it up you crazy childkiller. Your days are numbered and Jose is sending you right to the needle. I appreciate how stupid this man is as it plays right to what I want to happen to you.

    The mills of God grinds slow, but exceedingly fine.


  8. Becky and all those that see right through casey and her dysfunctional family. I agree becky that baez is leading her right down the walkway to the death tomb. She I hope will get her sleep dose for what she did to casey. I too hope she continues to act up and giggle and primp and act like the sociopath that she is because than and only than will the Jury see for themselves that she is GUILTY!!!.
    I hope more than anything after they sentence her! that baez gets disbarred because he has no business being a lawyer he and michelle need to go!!!
    the anthonys need to be charged for obstruction and serve jail time.

    I want justice for cylee so yes casey pleeezeeeeeee act up!!!



  9. I, too, agree that it is highly inappropriate for her to be laughing in court under any circumstance. I saw Scott Peterson do so, and I hated him even more for that. Potential jurors could be watching this on the news. Also, my gut feeling is that they (Casey and the Baez assistant) were making fun of Linda Drake Burdick. Also, I see Baez is not wearing a wedding ring. Isn’t he married, or does he want to give Casey the illusion that he is available?


  10. I think Casey has convinced herself she’s innocent…Just like Jesse Grund said earlier in the case…This has been one big fat game to her…There’s nothing funny about a dead child…I’m sure once trial starts she will try to start her crying charade,like she did when Jeff Ashton was describing the remains and what little Caylee’s last moments were like.I could see right through those fake tears to anger at, how dare he tell the truth.This woman is a monster…I see nothing pretty about her.She’s as heartless as they come and boy is she cold looking with her white parlor skin cold eyes..I’ll bet after she’s convicted,they’ll start throwing in how George and Lee molested he growing up and her mother did nothing to help her.According to her friends all she did was skip school so, she was way more then a credit shy of graduating..I’m sure this will come out at trial too.If Cindy was such a good mother then why didn’t they know any of these things..I think it was the typical Cindy in total denial.Cindy wants everyone to believe they were this perfect family.The truth of the matter is that family was far from perfect! I think Cindy and George were trying a do-over with Caylee and Casey was so jealous of her, that she killed her.That Cindy threw in her face every day all she’s done for her. Now Casey’s going to throw it all right back in Cindy and George’s faces in her penalty portion of her trial.


  11. Dr. Lillian,

    I have a question for you, in your years of experience, do you believe KC will take the stand?
    I believe she is a coward and won’t, but what do I know right?


  12. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I enjoy reading your articles and think that they are very educational. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the color of her blouse. Prison orange. Even though I know she must wear what is brought to her on the day of a hearing, it seems her attorney would not want her to wear that color since he argued that she be allowed to wear regular clothes to court.

    Also, people I know who were in the courtroom said that one of Jose Baez’s assistants has passed his bar exam and was being sworn in to the Bar by the judge and that is why all the giggling. Maybe KC’s crush has been redirected or is shared by the assistant being sworn in.


    1. I didn’t mention the color of her blouse because prison clothing colors are different depending on the prisons. What was more telling than the color was the style of blouse she keeps wearing with the puffy upper sleeves you see in little girls. No matter who is being sworn in or what else is going on, this is a courtroom where she may be sentenced to death. She should be laughing and smiling about nothing!


      1. That’s because momma Cindy picked out that blouse. I do believe Inmate Anthony wears orange jumpsuits all day long, so, this to me is just an indication she should be prepared for that color for the rest of her life, in prison, of course…Cindy is sabotoging Inmate Anthony subconsciously, IMO…all her contrary words will put the final nail in Inmate Anthony’s coffin…JMHO

        Inmate Anthony seemed to be gushing lust for that new intern who His Honor swore in. So Baez has competition…I too saw that cocked head when she walked into the courtroom, but doesn’t make eye contact. She feels no humiliation or embarssment and has probably convinced herself she didn’t kill Caylee…her alter ego did.
        I do hope she continues with those smiles and giggles when those jurors are present. I hope she can’t contain herself and they see her for the destructive person she is. She doesn’t deserve to breathe free air, ever again. I also feel her attorneys have not told her the cold hard truth. I believe they are having this go on and on all for their own fame but no more fortune, just yet. After the trial, come hell or high water, Inmate Anthony will be seen for the evil momster she is. She drove around with Caylee’s lifeless body before dumping her in that swamp on Surburban. Justice will be served to Caylee on a hot platter…the golden ring in this circus is Justice for Caylee…JMHO

        Justice for Caylee


      2. I agree with you 100% Dr. Glass. There is no excuse for her giggling and acting like she’s at a party during Court. I wasn’t trying to excuse her actions, just explaining an observation as to what the giggles were about. You are also right about those puffy sleeves. If her mother is picking these out for her to wear, she may be picking these items on purpose knowing KC wouldn’t normally wear something. Perhaps the color was a purposeful dig as well. Orange is the color of the jumpsuits in Orange County Jail so that’s what she wears day in and day out right now.
        Keep up your wonderful, insightful articles, Dr. Glass. I enjoy reading your blogs about body language.


  13. I hope you will do a summary of body language on Kate Gosselin’s interview this morning on TV.

    Thanks. Very interested to see if she reveals her lies with the body language.


  14. thanks to Omachka for describing the swearing in thing…that makes perfect sense, because I watched her very intently and she had a look of “pride” on her face. One of her “boys” is advancing and she’s “proud of him”! Really..her face registered “delight”. I thought when I watched her that it is the face you see on a Mom! It has often been said that Casey’s friends referred to her as “the Mom”. I find this so intriguing! How Casey is capable of “caring” for people with her Mom-like qualities….but also capable of the antithesis of Mom-like qualities! She is one for the books!


    1. hey ms clark…
      i think you got to keep in mind.. kc and cindy were the ones who said kc was the “mom” to her friends… (cindy and kc also said kc gave them financial advice.. a convicted felon for stealing from her friends… kc world is total fantasy.. from job, nanny, boyfried etc…

      mrs clark i find your view points very thought provoking…

      kc is okay in the looks department but there are people in the court room who are much prettier than her…


    2. I agree with Vic
      you see, none of casey’s friends are around her.
      they all dumped her
      including her so called “fiance” Tony.
      none of them thought she was the “mom” of the crowd.
      but do remember Jesse Grund stated casey got a whole new group of friends, so perhaps the old middle school kids thought of her as a mom.
      Remember Tony her fiance (remember casey wrote her name with his last name being hers)
      casey Marie Lassaros, or something like that.
      Tony found out about her daughter missing only when she was arrested, and Tony said “see ya b”
      because she could not even tell him about her missing daughter for 31 days either.
      Tony now will testify against her, as will all of her friends.
      gee, I wonder why?
      could it be, when they look back, all of caseys likes FINALLY make sense?
      yes, I think it could be!


      1. oh, here are few of caseys lies
        “my car stinks like dead animal because my dad plastered a couple of squirrels while he borrowed my car.

        oh sorry Amy, I have to work I can’t pick you up”

        wow, i could go on and on, but, think about this one
        they will come out in court, but, she is stealing from Amy while shopping at the store to buy beer, clothes for herself, food for her friends, sunglasses for herself, but NOT ONE ITEM FOR THAT THEN SUPPOSEDLY MISSING BABY DAUGHTER OF HERS
        NOT ONE
        but also bought a nice tatto for herself while Caylee was missing
        ” BELLA VITA” (beautiful life)


  15. Thank you for the evaluation of KC this week.

    I also wanted to say your blog is listed in the Kindle under Blogs. Pretty interesting to say the least.


  16. I have to throw this in
    her ORANGE SHIRT all puffed like an innocent child would wear indeed
    I think casey wanted that color of orange to celebrate her missing Halloween and Thanksgiving!
    Casey will still shine for the camera no matter all of her friends dumped her.
    She is queen until she is sent back into a prison for life.
    smile for the camera casey
    and tease your girlfriend while your attornies left the table
    “when the rats are away the cats will play”
    right casey?


  17. I’m a bit sick of people saying casey is smart and calculating.
    if she was, she would be smart enough to suck you all in.
    but she giggles and flirts with the new female on the team.
    not smart
    if she was smart she would not of lied about phones , her job, her schedule.
    If she were smart, she would of never killed her kid
    \but since she did
    she could of at least thought about her lies to make a timeline
    and she did not
    she sht in her own nest
    and then like the lazy princess she is, she wants her attornies and tax dollars to fix her prediciment while she
    SMILES FOR THE CAMERA and forgets all about Caylee.


  18. I thought the puffy shirts were being bought by Cindy as some sort of revenge. I thought I remember reading that in casey’s jail letters to her girlfriend. She used to be busting out of her shirt due to packing onthe pounds with her jail house sweets. I remember Georgie even commenting how she had to watch her weight. I almost believe she lost recent weight to get into the clothes her mother was sending her, almost purposely too small. I think the color she wore was extremely telling, almost giving her that special inmate fashionable “I’m guilty sin in orange drab” appearance. Puffy sleeves to me looks cheap and only ages her mOre and she must do something about that school marm hair, reminds me of Andrea Yates. If she wants to appear young and innocent she is doing a poor job. She looks old and guilty


  19. Something Dr, Glass made a comment about was ” Her bright smiles on the verge of laughter seemed to indicate that she most likely knew that the defense had something up their sleeve which was in her favor. In fact it appeared that she was feeling pretty cocky about it. ” and in my opinion the whole show she pulled about her not feeling well or right, could not feel her hands, all staged by the defence, i tactic to get people to feel sorry for her, to disrupt the court, delay tactics, all inwhich Jose tried to do with Judge Perry but the judge would not have it


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