Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubrey’s Body Language Shows Lack of Chemistry

There  is no doubt in my mind that the mastermind manager mom of the Kardashians,  Kris Jenner is behind the setup of her daughter Kim and Halle Berry’s now single and available babydaddy  Gabriel Aubry.

While  the publicity ploy  did work to bring attention to Kim and keep her daughter in the news, the chemistry between the two seems to be lacking. This is the beginning of their alleged relationship. So one would think there would be a lot more  touchy feely and chemistry going on. But in my view, it is clearly  not there .

In the photo above Kim looks awkward and insecure around the male model who may equally as beautiful. She has her hands clasped together as though she is holding on to herself for security. Her curved and cupped finders indicate a hiding type of behavior and also reflect her insecurity around Aubrey.  They are also looking in opposite directions which is not a good sign for a couple as it means that they are not like minded.

He has a half smile which also indicates his discomfort around Kim.

Here we see Kim’s pursed and pressed together lips which also indicate discomfort. It indicates that she is holding back. She holds on to herself for security once again.Kim does seem to be taken in by Aubry’s beauty as she stares at him. She may even be intimidated by it as she hunches her shoulders and leans forward. This is not the typical self confident posture we are used to seeing with Kim.

Aubrey looks in the opposite direction and doesn’t respond to her glance or pay that much attention to her as he looks straight ahead.

He also clasps his hands together for self comfort, Just as Kim does not seem confident around Aubrey, he  doesn’t  seem at ease or comfortable around her.

There is also a lack of a smile and there is no leaning of their heads together. This indicates a distance between them and that  there is clearly no chemistry between them .

When a man holds on to himself clasping his arms, he is clearly not that into the other person he is with. There is no smile on his face . He leans forward and in essence is giving Kim the cold shoulder.

Kim  is  hunched over in an uncharacteristically non confident move. She clasps her hands together for security as she is clearly appears uncomfortable around Aubrey. She has leaned her knee next to him but he is bit reciprocating, They look very awkward together.

I have to give Kim a lot of credit here as she is trying to engage Aubrey by pointing something of interest out to him. Kim even has a little smile. But there is no smile on Aubrey’s face which  is not a  very good sign.

Even though Kim is trying to engage him him further by placing her knee next to his knee, it clearly doesn’t interest him as he does not respond.In fact, his leg is pulled away from her.

His fingers are interlocked in a protective mode with one of his thumbs covering the other. This is a further example of his discomfort level around Kim. His rounded shoulders and lack of smile indicate that he s clearly not to happy about being there. The tension in his forehead shows this.  He feels out of place and it shows.

This outing continues to not go well as Kim now fiddles with her hair in discomfort  as Aubrey continues to ignore her. Another bad sign is that there is too much distance between them and they are looking in opposite directions.

This indicates that they are no like-minded. While Kim is leaning into Aubrey, to show a goof  public front of their being a couple, the reality is that   he continues to ignore her and looks straight  ahead. In fact, he begins  to  lean away from her.

While they both finally have smiles on their faces in this photo, the reason is not because they are happy to be together. It is no doubt because these two are getting paparazzied and they are in their element – in front of  cameras with flashing bulbs.

When a man walks in front of a woman he is supposed to be dating or with whom he is beginning a relationship, he doe NOT walk in front of her. It is rude and unacceptable. When it happens in Western culture it means that the man is not into the woman. In this photo it means Aubrey is NOT into Kim.

He clearly does not feel comfortable around Kim as indicated by his hunched  back posture.It shows discomfort and most likely feeling intimidated around her. There is no physical contact as Kin does not reach out to toucvh him. They appear to be  two separate units and not a couple with any heat.


After looking at the photos of him with Kim, don’t jump to any conclusion that  that Gabriel Aubrey is a  just a cold fish non emotional aloof kind of guy. He was just the opposite when he was first dating Halle Berry. He was warm and affectionate.


Unlike his body language around Kim, he was connected and in sync with Halle once upon a time. They were in step as they walked together, Unlike he was around Kim,  he was very attentive to Halle.

He was like minded with Halle and his smile was very warm and genuine around her. He seemed like a man who was truly happy at the time and truly in love.


Perhaps Gabriel  still has feelings for Halle. After all she is the mother of his child. Perhaps he is still saddened by their breakup. Perhaps he is not ready to date or be out on the town on Kim’s arm.

It is easy to say that he and Kim are just getting to know one another and may be taking it slow. But if there is no basic chemistry  between the two of them as we saw in the photos  , then things may  not bode well  for a lasting future together.



One thought on “Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubrey’s Body Language Shows Lack of Chemistry

  1. awesome!! Spot on analysis of body language between Kim/Gab and Halle/Gab. Subbing to your site because I’ve always been interested in body language of people and have started to become more observant of things around me. Thanks again for the great thread/blog.


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