Casey Anthony’s Disturbing Body Language in the Courtoom- Smiling, Laughing,and Hair Grooming



A while back I wrote in a bog that  I thought attorney  Jose Baez deserved a lot of credit for teaching his client  Casey  Anthony how to properly behave in the courtroom. At that time ,  I noted that her body language was more in control and that a lot of her annoying habits, including the hair grooming, lip pursing. and her annoying smiling behaviors  were gone.

 But they have returned and have become even more pronounced.  They have returned to the point they are extremely disturbing to anyone looking at this woman, who is accused of killing her child. Whether she did or did not kill  little Caylee, no one should be laughing  in a  courtroom under any circumstances.


 As soon as she walked in to he courtroom and flashed  her  smile and then cocked her head coquettishly to see her alleged crush Jose, I immediately  knew that Casey as back to her old self.  In fact she is more than her old self. She is her happy and carefree self with the facial expressions we saw in so many of her partying  photos .

The body does not lie! These series of photos will show you what I mean.  So no matter how you coach someone, who they really are will eventually leak out.  You can’t fool anyone,  especially anyone sitting on a jury for three months.

What leaked out about Casey is that she is feeling pretty confident as reflected in the way she carried herself and in her body and facial language.  Her walk even had a bounce to it. Her bright smiles on the verge of laughter seemed to indicate that she most likely knew that the defense had something up their sleeve which was in her favor. In fact it appeared  that she was feeling pretty cocky about it.

The one thing that has come back with even more frequency us her hair grooming tactics.  The second she walked into the courtroom  she had her hand up to her hair to groom herself in preparation for seeing her alleged  crus, Jose  Baez.

As soon as she sat at the table she hair groomed. As soon as she had to stand up when Judge Perry was to enter the room, she hair groomed.

Back was the old lip biting and lip fiddling. Maybe she does a lot  more lip and teeth fiddling  since her  famous elevator fall when she accidentally chipped her tooth.

Hair grooming like seen above continued and continued and continued the entire  time she was seated. This annoying habit reflected her and desire to be viewed  as pretty.

 On a positive note,  she did seem more attentive than usual. She seemed to pay close attention and look in the direction of the person who was speaking . Unlike we have previously  seen,  Casey actually looked genuinely interested in what the person had to say.

 Perhaps hearing anyone speak after being cooped up in a cell all this time  and not being able to speak to anyone gave her a newfound interest  in people other than herself.


As for her outfit,  we are seeing a fashion  trend  emerge with Casey, “The Casey Anthony Puffed Upper  Sleeve Look.”   It was a look no doubt orchestrated by her former death sentence attorney Andrea Lyon. Today  she is wearing the  rauched sleeve version of the puffy  upper sleeve look.

Usually when we see the  upper sleeve puffed,  it is in clothing worn by children.  If an adult wears this child like costume it tends to subconsciously  give them the  image of being sweet and innocent – like a child.

This time, Casey  kept her buttons closed at the appropriate places and didn’t go for the sexy cleavage look.

Casey is still very pretty in many people’s view with her chiseled bone  structure. This  is why I repeatedly say- watch out for  any man  (young or old)  on the jury who loves to help damsels in distress and who may be taken with her looks. Please believe me when I say that her guilt or innocence will be determined by WHO is on that jury and that the defense has the upper hand here.

They have one of the best jury consultants in the country while the prosecution has no one and they want it that way.

But Casey  doesn’t always look that pretty,  especially when she does her lip purse and grimace as part of her ritualistic behavior pattern,  which we have often seen in the courtroom.

Her breathing pattern was more labored than the last time she sat through a hearing. She did a lot of upper chest breathing and letting out  her air while raising her chest. This means that the reality  of the situation periodically hits her as to why she is in the courtroom. The   sudden expulsions of air indicate that she is getting a bit nervous when she has fleeting thoughts of her future.

Part of her nervousness was  observed in her lip licking. No doubt she was getting a bit cotton mouthed  as her saliva was drying up due to inner tension she may have been experiencing.

As the attorneys go  up to the bench Casey is left alone with one of Baez assistants, she clearly feels happy to be in the presence of another young woman  who is of similar age  who is not wearing a jail or a jailers uniform.  She smiles contentedly as she writes a note to the woman next to her. It is reminiscent  of what she may have done in jr. high school classes when she wrote notes about the cute guys in the room to her fellow classmates. 

And in true jr. high school fashion, she immediately  folds the note up as she doesn’t want anyone to see what she has written.


Then after looking at Jose’s assistant, and reading the assistant’s note, she cannot seem to contain her happiness. She immediately turns away from he assistant and  gives a huge smile.

 Why was she smiling?Was it because she was told that Cheney Mason and Jose Baez may have found over a dozen  people who said they didnt see thee bag Caylee was  was stuffed in when they were searching with Equisearch?   Or was she simply  thrilled to  be having have some type of human interaction after being out of her cage? Are her fantasies now in full force?

Her close lipped smile was all too sickening!  This woman has zero to smile about but that doesn’t stop her. She has a genuine smile with raised cheeks  sans showing her teeth. No doubt, she is still  narcissistically self conscious about the dental repair.


Still elated and not  trying to not show her teeth, she  cranes her neck to looks over  at the monitor  in front of  Jose’s assistant. What is so funny?  How can this woman be smiling  about anything in the midst of this very serious situation.  For goodness sakes her daughter was killed and she is the prime suspect.

But Casey cannot contain herself. She is happy and doesn;t care if her teeth are seen outside if her lips. She breaks into a  huge genuine smile with lips parted, teeth showing and eyes wrinkled and cheeks raised The assistant os smiling as well which is equally inappropriate considering this is a courtroom. They are not watching a sitcom for goodness sakes. Jose needs to educate his assistant as to how to act in a courtroom as well.

This is upsetting. It doesnt  matter why Casey or the assistant are  laughing. What matters is that they are in a court of law and the fact that a baby girl was found with duct tape across her skull and and that skull  which was detached from her body is nothing to laugh about. The fact that Casey may possibly have poison coursing trough her veins until her heart stops  beating and she stops breathing is also no laughing matter.

But in the other hand, she may feel she does have something to smile about.   The possibility that she may be living a life in prison without parole may very well be a laughing matter to her. She may end up enjoying her life there, manipulating fellow inmates and creating countless  love affairs.  Her ego will no doubt be pumped from all the fan mail she will receive from both  men and women who will have found her not guilty in their views. Others will flatter her ego by tellimng her how beautiful they thing she is.

Some will send love, prayers, and words of  encouragement  which will  keep her from being bored. Others will send money to allow her to go the canteen and purchase  a pen, paper and candy. She will have a bed to sleep in and three square meals a day, periodic showers, and lots of attention. And the most important thing she will have to smile about is that she doesn’t have to be around her hated parents- especially Cindy. For Casey, that  indeed  a lot to smile about!

In any event, there is no doubt in my mind that the real Casey will leak out during the three-month trial. You can be sure that no matter what happens, the jurors will not be smiling when they see that leaking Casey .

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Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubrey’s Body Language Shows Lack of Chemistry

There  is no doubt in my mind that the mastermind manager mom of the Kardashians,  Kris Jenner is behind the setup of her daughter Kim and Halle Berry’s now single and available babydaddy  Gabriel Aubry.

While  the publicity ploy  did work to bring attention to Kim and keep her daughter in the news, the chemistry between the two seems to be lacking. This is the beginning of their alleged relationship. So one would think there would be a lot more  touchy feely and chemistry going on. But in my view, it is clearly  not there .

In the photo above Kim looks awkward and insecure around the male model who may equally as beautiful. She has her hands clasped together as though she is holding on to herself for security. Her curved and cupped finders indicate a hiding type of behavior and also reflect her insecurity around Aubrey.  They are also looking in opposite directions which is not a good sign for a couple as it means that they are not like minded.

He has a half smile which also indicates his discomfort around Kim.

Here we see Kim’s pursed and pressed together lips which also indicate discomfort. It indicates that she is holding back. She holds on to herself for security once again.Kim does seem to be taken in by Aubry’s beauty as she stares at him. She may even be intimidated by it as she hunches her shoulders and leans forward. This is not the typical self confident posture we are used to seeing with Kim.

Aubrey looks in the opposite direction and doesn’t respond to her glance or pay that much attention to her as he looks straight ahead.

He also clasps his hands together for self comfort, Just as Kim does not seem confident around Aubrey, he  doesn’t  seem at ease or comfortable around her.

There is also a lack of a smile and there is no leaning of their heads together. This indicates a distance between them and that  there is clearly no chemistry between them .

When a man holds on to himself clasping his arms, he is clearly not that into the other person he is with. There is no smile on his face . He leans forward and in essence is giving Kim the cold shoulder.

Kim  is  hunched over in an uncharacteristically non confident move. She clasps her hands together for security as she is clearly appears uncomfortable around Aubrey. She has leaned her knee next to him but he is bit reciprocating, They look very awkward together.

I have to give Kim a lot of credit here as she is trying to engage Aubrey by pointing something of interest out to him. Kim even has a little smile. But there is no smile on Aubrey’s face which  is not a  very good sign.

Even though Kim is trying to engage him him further by placing her knee next to his knee, it clearly doesn’t interest him as he does not respond.In fact, his leg is pulled away from her.

His fingers are interlocked in a protective mode with one of his thumbs covering the other. This is a further example of his discomfort level around Kim. His rounded shoulders and lack of smile indicate that he s clearly not to happy about being there. The tension in his forehead shows this.  He feels out of place and it shows.

This outing continues to not go well as Kim now fiddles with her hair in discomfort  as Aubrey continues to ignore her. Another bad sign is that there is too much distance between them and they are looking in opposite directions.

This indicates that they are no like-minded. While Kim is leaning into Aubrey, to show a goof  public front of their being a couple, the reality is that   he continues to ignore her and looks straight  ahead. In fact, he begins  to  lean away from her.

While they both finally have smiles on their faces in this photo, the reason is not because they are happy to be together. It is no doubt because these two are getting paparazzied and they are in their element – in front of  cameras with flashing bulbs.

When a man walks in front of a woman he is supposed to be dating or with whom he is beginning a relationship, he doe NOT walk in front of her. It is rude and unacceptable. When it happens in Western culture it means that the man is not into the woman. In this photo it means Aubrey is NOT into Kim.

He clearly does not feel comfortable around Kim as indicated by his hunched  back posture.It shows discomfort and most likely feeling intimidated around her. There is no physical contact as Kin does not reach out to toucvh him. They appear to be  two separate units and not a couple with any heat.


After looking at the photos of him with Kim, don’t jump to any conclusion that  that Gabriel Aubrey is a  just a cold fish non emotional aloof kind of guy. He was just the opposite when he was first dating Halle Berry. He was warm and affectionate.


Unlike his body language around Kim, he was connected and in sync with Halle once upon a time. They were in step as they walked together, Unlike he was around Kim,  he was very attentive to Halle.

He was like minded with Halle and his smile was very warm and genuine around her. He seemed like a man who was truly happy at the time and truly in love.


Perhaps Gabriel  still has feelings for Halle. After all she is the mother of his child. Perhaps he is still saddened by their breakup. Perhaps he is not ready to date or be out on the town on Kim’s arm.

It is easy to say that he and Kim are just getting to know one another and may be taking it slow. But if there is no basic chemistry  between the two of them as we saw in the photos  , then things may  not bode well  for a lasting future together.


Did Publicist Ronnie Chasen’s Body Language and Aggressive Communication Style Anger The Wrong Person Who May Have Killed Her?


The question on most people’s minds in the entertainment industry as well as those who live or work in Beverly Hills is who killed publicist Ronni Chasen and why?  Was she specifically targeted or is everyone in danger in Beverly Hills?


In a town where there is little crime and no murders in 2009,  people are very frightened and on edge.  The reason people are so spooked is because there is little to no crime here. That is due to the Beverly Hills Police Department, who is next to none. They are the crème de la crème.

They watch this town like a hawk with surveillance cars and constant patrolling and monitoring. If they are called for any 911 emergency, they will promptly be at the scene within 60 to 150 seconds. So that is all the more reason people are freaked out by what happened to Ronni Chasen.



There have been many theories floating around as to the motive of killing Ronni Chasen from

a)      a gang initiation  

b)       a professionally jealous colleague jealous of her successful Oscar campaigns

c)        someone whom she leaked bad press about to media outlets that cost them a relationship or a business deal

d)      someone who wanted to stop her from doing her job,  which was to create publicity campaigns in an attempt to persuade the judges of film awards like The Oscars to choose her clients above the rest which would result in big money

e)      gambling debts and refusing to pay up

f)       someone whom she cut off in traffic six minutes before she was killed because she was talking on her cell phone and leaving a “to do list” on the other end while perhaps not paying attention to the road

g)      an art deal gone wrong  

h)       a mob killing linked to investors on one of her many movies

i)        a psychopathic serial killer on the loose

j)        a disgruntled  former client

k)        a disgruntled  former employee or housekeeper

j)        someone whom she snubbed, disrespected,  humiliated,  belittled or  screamed and yelled at because they didn’t do  what she wanted or do things her way



When it was first in the press that Ronni has been murdered  only her fellow PR colleagues like top of the line veteran PR people like Paul Bloch, Stan Rosenfeld, Howard Bragman, and Michael Levine spoke out and sang her praises in true Hollywood PR fashion.

They  stated  that she was the sweetest woman alive and that everyone loved her and she had no enemies. Powerful Hollywood journalist Nikki Finke spoke  lovingly and kindly as did other journalists who were interviewed.

But as the days have passed, while her clients have also  attempted to say positive things   about her in the press, they also  managed to  leaked out another side to Ronni’s persona that may give us some insight into her personality which may have alienated the wrong person.



Here are some  other revealing comments and descriptions  from her clients, friends  and colleagues:

She was persistent”  Peter Hamond

doggedly determined”person Eddie Kalish

She was known for her “fast-talking, old school, New York aggressiveness on behalf of her clients and was not a person one quickly forgot after meeting. Peter Goldstein

Songwriter Diane Warren paints a picture of a publicist who was determined to get what she wanted and who was  “fiercely protective” of her clients.

When it came to Ronni getting a photo op with celebrities Diane reported  Ronni said” “(Chasen) goes, ‘I don’t care what I have to do — I’m getting that picture,’ ” Warren explains. “That was Ronni — she had something she wanted to do… and she got that picture.” “She really cared, her clients were like family to her,” says Warren. “She’d tell you what to do and people listened to her.”

At her funeral service her  turbocharged drive in a segment of the business never known for the faint of heart was mentioned. Eulogists all described Chasen’s forceful personality.

At the funeral service her close friend Vivian Mayer-Siskind’s seemingly lighthearted comment  about Ronni revealed even more about her and her personality that some would not find so  appealing as she said “Ronni came to me last night and was pissed as hell. ‘Now you get me a free Armani suit.’

Perhaps the most revealing insight into Ronni Chasen;s personality came from Producer Irwin Winkler of Rocky fame who said that when his 2004 film De-Lovely” was not nominated for a Golden Globe, Chasen “was furious.”

“She screamed and yelled at (members of) the Hollywood Foreign Press (Assn.),” the group that puts on the annual awards show, Winkler told The Times.

 While she may have been consistently pleasant to her friends and colleagues  and  described as fiercely protective over her  clients who clearly  paid her large amounts of money, the real question is  how was she to others who were not  A list paying stars or movie studio executives?



 While friends colleague and clients may have appreciated her being pushy and having too much chutzpah,  and sense of entitlement, traits that obviously work in Hollywood,  perhaps there were others who were equally so put off with her  relentless behavior, that they may have found her  to be one of the most Toxic People.

When someone yells and screams at others like Irwin Winkler  reported Ronni  did to the Hollywood Foreign press because her client didn’t get nominated for an award,  it makes you wonder about who else she yelled at because she didn’t get her way or get what she wanted.

Did she scream and yell at the wrong person? Did she humiliate them? Did they harbor such ill feelings  towards her and allow them to fester to the point  they wanted her dead? Did they hate her that much that they took their fantasy of wanting her dead and turned  it a reality by driving up to her car  and shooting her five times in the chest?


Apparently she had been shot while traveling to her home in Westwood  after attending the premiere of Burlesque, a new film starring Cher, and an after-party at the W hotel. The person or people who shot her obviously had such disdain for her that they shot her in the chest not one time- but five times.

That screams of hatred and rage. In a random drive by shooting there would usually be one shot. But for someone to keep their finger on the trigger and shoot five times, it means they were  furious with her. They wanted to make sure she was dead!

While we know that the shooting was from one car to another, as of today there are still no suspects, no motive, no witnesses according to Beverly Hills Police Department Lt. Tony Lee.  So the mystery remains.

 The one thing that gives hope  in solving this tragedy is that the well respected  Beverly Hills Police Department is on top of it and they will leave no stone unturned until the killer or killers of Ronni Chasen  are found.

Lethal Combination- Toxic Abuser Racist Mel Gibson And Oksana’s Body Language Showing Signals of Deception and Manipulation During Larry King Interview



In my new book Toxic Men- 10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal from Men Who Make Your Life Miserable,  I speak of Lethal Combinations.  This is when a certain type of Toxic Man and a Toxic type of Woman get  together to cause a Lethal explosion. We are clearly seeing that explosion in the case of Mel Gibson’s and Oksana Gregorieva’s coupling. The old expression, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure applies here. What is toxic and unbearable to one person may not be toxic to the next.

From what we have seen no matter how you look at it, Mel Gibson, stands alone as  one of the most Toxic men out there. He is no one’s treasure as far as mostof us are concerned.  Based on what we now know about him, the only thing that someone  could treasure about him  may be the fact that he has a lot of money, a lot of nice material goods, and a lot of connections  that he  has because he can afford to pay big bucks. This includes his high profile  attorneys and pr agents who are defending him and spinning  for him.

 But  in the final analysis no one can spin him. His Control Freak Bullying ways, his sexism (calling a female police officer Sugar Tits and just wanting a woman only  for the purpose of engaging in oral sex with him as we all heard on the infamous tape ) his anti- Semitism and rant against Jews, Blacks ( comparing them to animals in a  pack and using the egregious N word) and rant against Hispanics, stinginess(not wanting to pay the nanny) selfishness, vulgar and disrespectful speech,  complete with name calling and using every expletive to call the mother of his child,  makes him the number one example of a Toxic Man.


His recent self admission that he didn’t beat  or hit  Oksana,  but instead merely” slapped” her, says it all. He just put his final  nail in his coffin in the court of public opinion.

When a man resorts to hitting a woman, you can’t say anything else other than he is a Toxic abuser. Since Mel admitted that she slapped a woman  Mel Gibson is a Toxic Abuser !

 When we listen to the tape of his wild out of control rant towards Oksana there is nothing more Mel can ever do or say. The die is cast for him as a physical abuser forever and ever.     


Maybe he was Toxic  to his wife Robyn. Maybe he wasn’t. Only they know for sure.

We do know that he had a drinking problem when he was married to Robynm whom he married when she was young. We do know that he  also had a cheating problem when he was married to Robyn.

We don’t know if he yelled at Robyn cursed her, hit her, humiliated her, or caused her to live in fear.

Maybe she did not bring out the worst  Toxic traits in him. Maybe she brought out the best in him. Maybe she learned  early on in their marriage to turn a blind eye because of a number of reasons.

Maybe she wanted to keep the family together with all the children she had with Mel. Maybe Mel saw her in a different light because she did not seek the limelight but rather sought only  to be a mother and to  be  a caretaker  for her children and her husband. 

 Maybe she never questioned him or demanded anything from him.  SHe cerianly did’t insist that he put up the money for her singing career like Oksana did . Maybe she did everything he said. Maybe she was so compliant that he has no reason to get upset with her or yell at her or hit her.

Since their marriage lasted for three decades, there is no doubt that something worked in their dynamic. If his toxic traits emerged around him, she no doubt learned to stuff her feelings or deal with the repercussions, in exchange for maintaining her lifestyle and the   cohesiveness of the  family unit she had with him.

 Maybe  without even realizing it, she  used some of the techniques I describe  in my book for those who choose to stay in  a toxic relationship and deal with it.

Maybe she breathed him out of her system every time he acted toxic.  Maybe she gave him more love and kindness or calmly confronted him or secretly fantasized about pushing him into oncoming traffic on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Whatever she did to cope with his Toxicity evidently worked for her.

Since I have never met Robyn nor have I ever  seen her and Me together, I can only speculate. But I am certain  that her personality  makeup was not Toxic to Mel. This is  clearly the opposite of Oksana’s personality makeup.She was defiantly Toxic to Mel.



From what we have seen  thus far from Oksana via her verbal and non verbal communicaiton , we see that Mel’s assessment of her may be correct.  She  does appear to be user and a classic manipulator. She loved the limelight as you can see in the photo above , In fact, she may have loved Mel’s  money even more and his connections  even  more than his money, which could  propel her  mediocre  singing talents in my view.

 She apparently knew exactly how to push his buttons with her low, emotionless, hypnotic monotones. It is easy to see how frustrated Mel became around her. When he was clearly upset and she calmly and unemotionally said he is mentally disturbed and needs help, it is easy to see why she brought out the worst in Mel.


When someone goes through a few attorneys it is understandable. One needs to find one to match one’s  needs and personality.

You may even need different attorneys to do different things for you. But when attorney after attorney leave you because you are so difficult and won’t listen to them , then it is you who is Toxic. 

When your attorney tells you  not to  sing on Oprah and you don’t listen there is something wrong. When your attorney says no more press and you don’t listen something is very wrong.

At one time Oksana   had the best attorneys in Los Angeles try to help her , One by one they left her camp. They evidently saw right through her and her toxicity. She had Sorrell Trope- the most respected  attorney in the city to help her.  He was obviously  so fed up with her that he quit.

 She had the former felony prosecutor  Robin Saks trying to help her. I know Robin very well as she is my partner in our new business venture “Courtroom Consultants” where we use our expertise to not only provide jury consulting but media consulting for high profile cases. If she washed her hands of Oksana along with countless other high profile attorneys, something is very wrong Oksana in my view.

Now Okana  is delegated to attorney Martin Garbus who appeared on Larry King with her as he tried to spin her BS.  I have to say is that no matter how long Mr. Garbus has been doing his job or how much he has spoken publicly on behalf of his clients, he needs to hire Robin Sax and myself and our Courtroom Consultants firm in order to  immediately to help him with his on camera presence.

He made Oksana look worse than she already looked. He was clearly spinning  and spinning!  There were so many signals of deception on his part  in my view from his shoulder shrugs and his constantly looking down when he spoke. He did not appear  likeable  to me and that says a lot to a jury. And adding insult to injury in my opinion,  was  his lack of  on camera manners sucking a  mint on TV during the interview.   It appeared  rude  and obnoxious and highly unprofessional.

While it is bad enough to see a client chew gum or suck mints  in and out of  the courtroom,  when a lawyer  does it,  the message it gives is disrespect.  

Not only does her legal mouthpiece show disrespect,  Oksana  too, shows much disrespect by defying a judges orders. I know many judges and I can assure you that it is not a wise decision to defy their orders. The consequences are too great. But Oksana cannot help herself. She is willing to disrespect the court in order to feed her narcissistic need for publicity by appearing on Larry King Live.


There was no way in my view that Oksana  was on the show to represent  and promote the women’s abuse foundation. I know this because  she spoke about them in the third person.  She was detached,  She did not speak like a spokesperson. Instead she spoke about herself and she clealry had her own agenda.


I have no doubt that Mel slapped her. Ater all,  he admitted it. But did  he slap her with the baby in her arms? I wonder.

 What makes me wonder is  Mel’s response on  the audio tape when she accuses him of doing so.  He just mocks her and says boohoo hoo. I wonder of she spliced that together. While Mel hates Oksana he clearly does not hate the baby and would not hit the baby in my view. 

 He would have answered differently like Are you crazy oe how dare you say I hit the baby!  Instead, there is no responsem  just a mocking of Oksana. Did she splice the tape up to suit her needs?

Now  we see that the baby’s injuries may have  allegedly  been doctored as TMZ  showed  these two  photos of Baby Lucia.

The photo below shows a pimple like mark on Lucia’s chin. If Mel’s slap continued on and hit  Lucia one would not see a localized pimple like spot. Instae done would see a swelling and brusing.



In addition  we see Oksana smiling as her veneers were allegedly knocked off by Mel.  You see a genuine smile in the photo as her eyes as well,as her  lips show that she is happy. 

 Is she happy and smiling because she thinks that this is the money shot which will do Mel in and allow her to collect big bucks?  Was Mel wearing a ring when he allegedly  slapped her in the mouth?  Is that what broke her tooth or did she bite on something hard in a deliberate attempt to crack and chip the veneer?

Did  she already have a loose veneer that had nothing to do with Mel’s  slap and  and then proceed to   peel it off off by herself ?  Anything is possible!

The dentist appears to be a reluctant witness and even said he didnt;t see signs of abuse.  He backtraacked initially. If someone hit you hard enough to cause your veneeer to pop off wouldn’t it seem logical that you would also see some soft tissue damage around the lips?

The fact that she is  smiling is disturbing. Even if the dentist said to smile for the camera to show the alleged damage, her eyes would not be crinking with a smile unless she was happy. Who would be happy if someone knocked off their veneers unless they knew there was some big financial compensation coming up?


When I saw the   small bruise on the side of Oksana’s eye to me it  looked like  a small bruise one would get after having a Restylyne  filler  or Botox shot in the area.  There  are also  a cluster of little brown spots  located underneath the eye which also look like they may be filler shots. They do not look like an injury from a battery to me. They would be a lot more severe and not at localized ?

There would also be alotmore swelling and distorion. The factthat the bruse was still black and blue and purple indicates that it is fresh. so with a frsh bruise you would see more swellingand distortion in my view.


Personally I found the whole Larry King interview to be very manipulative and disturbing . When someone does not look at the host initially  and when they constantly look down,  chances are they are not telling the truth about something.

 This was the case with Oksana. She did not  look at Larry and instead  she consistetly looked down as she spoke. If someone has nothing to hide they look right at you.

She continued to look down as she said that Mel continued to hit and choke her in front of her son. Personally I seriously dount that happened. He may have very well choked her and hot her but based on her  body language I doubt that he di dit in front of her son.  P erhaps Oksana  coached her son to say this happened when it may not have happened.

Still looking down which is  another signal of deception Oksana says that Mel brandished a gun! Who uses the word branished? To me. his sounds like a term that she rehearsed with her attorney or she heard her attorney say  in his  argument.  If one was being forthright and sincere and truthful they usually would not use big words or words that you need a dictionary to figure out.  Instead, they would say he pointed a gun at me.

Personally,  I have a hard time thinking Mel would point a gun at her without pulling the trigger. He may have been furious,  but he is not insane.

He loves children or he would not have had so many of them. I am sure he loves that  baby and I doubt that he would pull a gun on her while she had the baby in her arms. It just  doesn’t make sense. It seems she is throwing all the accusations up against the wall, no matter how absurd they are in order to see what sticks.  


Here is where we really see some signals of deception and some spinning on the part of Oksana’s attorney Garbus. Larry asks her why she just didnt hang  up on Mel. That is a great question!

 Why didnt she just not take his calls. She obviously look his calls because she was recording them.  Look at her hands and her facial expression, She is shocked that Larry asked her this. 

 One hand  is cupped and her f ingers  are pinched  together, This indicates anger. The other hand is open and outstretched m  a pleading like motion. What she is doing here in making this gesture is pleading with Larry to be believed.  She  is angry that he brought this up and pleads that he believe her.

We see her head cocked to the side and her eyes opened wide and an expression of righteous indignation.

When you see something like this it indicates that she was in essence busted . She was embarrassed that she was caught as you see her deer in the headlights   wide eyed expression.

 If someone was harassing you over the phone you would hang up n them and not continue to converse with them or engage them unless you planned to tape them, perhaps doctor the tapes. and release them publicly.

She says she recorded him because she was   afraid for her life. If that was the case she needed to  hang up and leave his mansion where she was staying rent free and go to a friends home or to a woman’s shelter.

As Oksana looks on in shock at having no truthful  answer , the question that revealed it was  why didnt you just hang up on him ? Her attorney immediately steps  in a begins his ridiculous spin with mint sloshing in his mouth from side to side. He  bothlooks and sounds ridiculous. He is clearly showing signals of deception as well in my view.


The lawyers umhs and uhs and shoulder shrugs, and lack of eye contact with the host, his leaning  his  head away are all signals of spin  as well as deception.

These are just a few examples of deception  but there were so many other signals I observed with regard to Oksana during her interview with Larry King. Her pleading with Larry to help her screamed of manipulation.

It was like she was pretending to be the poor helpless victim from a far away land who needed someone to save her.

After defying the judges orders I believe that there is little if anything that can save Oksana or Mel for that matter. He did by his own admission hit a woman and that is a felony offense. She may very well have extorted him as he has accused.

 If they are both found guilty they may both suffer the consequences which may include time behind bars on both of their parts.

And who is the one who will really suffer in the end? Little Lucia! It is so sad for her. She didn’t ask to be born into this mess and hatefest. Now this is a part of her legacy. Unfortunately she has to grow up with the knowledge  that her parents essentially used her as a pawn when she was an innocent  baby.

Dr.Lillian Glass on Joy Behar Show Discusses Expelled Gosselin Kids And How They Need Help

Click below to see Dr. Glass speaking about the Gosselin children on the Joy Behar Show on HLN

A while back I wrote a blog where I described the behaviors and the body language of  some of the Gosselin children. I observed them on the  Jon and Kate Plus 8 television show. In particular, I found the behavior of little Colin Gosselin disturbing as he appeared to be the one who consistently bullied the other children. He  was often involved in some type of interaction which resulted one of the other children ending up in tears.  He often seemed to be 0ff of his own and appeared to be  disconnected from the others, in my view.Also, he rarely smiled. He  also seemed to be rewarded for his bad behavior by Kate .

Alexis was described by Kate as being The Wild Child. ” Kate once said  on the show that of all the kids, Alexis  and Colin did not get along at all. This alligator and reptile loving  girl seemed to be loud and out of control throughout the show.

So it did not surprise me at all when I heard that both Colin and Alexis were in trouble in school. But what did surprise me was that they were expelled. They were not suspended. Instead, they were kicked out and asked never to return. It is a huge deal for a 6 year old to get expelled from school. They must have been so out of control and so difficult to handle that the school  administration had no other choice. They must have been so disrupting and upsetting to the other children that the only solution was to get rid of them.

Allegedly they cursed up a storm and said words that children of that age should not even know, let alone  say. They also allegedly bullied and taunted other children. In essence, because they were not given boundaries in the home, they acted the same way at school.

There is no doubt that they emulated Kate’s ugly behavior to Jon. They grew up learning disrespect from their mother and they in turn followed suit and disrespected others. They constantly saw their father being abused and belittled by their mother, that  they now allegedly  abused  and belittled others.

Instead of getting these children psychological help they apparently need, Kate decided to home school them.

In essence she is home schooling two children who do not get along with one another. This is a recipe for emotional disaster. These children need to be forced to socialize with others who are not their brothers and sisters. They need to  be in a school in order learn how to get along with others.

Home schooling is a bad idea for them  for other reasons as well. It can cause problems with them and their other brothers and sisters. They might  be seen as “bad” or  as outcasts who are being punished. This could affect their subsequent relationships with one another.  They might be viewed as lesser than by their fellow siblings.


Also who is going to home school them? Who is going to be the hands on teacher? Will it be Kate who is never there? Will it be Steve her “bodyguard”? Will it be a private teacher who will be fired at Kate;s whim  if the teacher  doesn’t do what Kate wants? Kate has had a history of going through countless house cleaners and nannies. So what is to say that she won’t go through countless teachers? This could be devastating for the kids.

I think Alexis and Colin  need to be put int another school right away so they will be forced to  deal with and get along with other children . I also hope that all the other  kids are in different classes with different teachers so that they can have a sense of being an  individual and not a part of a group of brothers and sisters.

Nothing good is going to come out of  this situation unless Kate gets out of her denial and gets them proper help from proper people which definitely include mental health professionals in my view. Otherwise, things will get worse and worse. If they are this out of control as children one can only imagine  what will they be like when they are teenagers and completely unmanageable.



All of these children need to off  TV in my view. They have enough money. They have a trust fund for their higher education. They need to focus on being kids and  the getting the emotional  help they need that just comes from being sextuplets. They need to learn how to adjust to life as individuals.TV is clearly not working for them at this point in their lives. Someone needs to be responsible and step up to the plate and pull the TV  plug on these kid.


Joy  Behar made a joke on the show that Jon was now becoming ” Father Knows Best” . What she was saying was that he seemed to be the only steadying factor for these children. He is the loving and the nurturing of the two parents. He is why I feel there is hope for these kids. Jon now has a lovely woman who is a steady force in his life and in the kid’s lives- Ellen Ross . Now the kids will have  more positive role model. They will be able to see  love and kindness from a man and a woman (Jon and Ellen)  instead of hatred and bickering  (Jon and Kate) .

I don’t know what Jon and Kate’s  agreement is concerning he children’s educational and medical needs. I don’t know if Kate has all the power to make decisions or they both have equal decision making rights. If he has any say in this he needs to get  ALL of them into therapy asap and he needs to find a different school for Colin and Alexis where they can have a second chance and learn from their actions.






Oprah Busts Michael Jackson’s Toxic Father About Beating Michael As Joe Jackson’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And No Remorse

A serious Oprah leans in to ask  Michael Jackson;s father Joe,”  Do you think Michael  was afraid of you?” A simple yes or no  answer while looking in Oprah’s direction  would have  indicated that Joe  was telling the truth.  But this was not the case. Joe showed  too many singles of deception. You can see one of those signals of deception as he

1.immediately  turns away from Oprah

2.  looks away and gazes to the side as you can see

3.  blinks a lot

4.  licks his lips

5. speaks slowly as  if to search for words to create hos lie

6. shrugs his shoulder

7. looks down

8.  gives away too much tangential information

9. fidgets

10  leans away and  then turns to lean in as if to try to convince Oprah that what he is  saying is true as she states,

”  I don’t think he was afraid of me. I think he was afraid he would do something wrong and I would chastise him. But I never beat him. I never beat him like the media tried to say .”

When someone does all of those things body language wise and volunteers  information you didn’t ask for,  there is  a good chance they  are they are lying about what they said.


Then Oprah busts him by confronting  him head on as she  said “ I did that interview with him in 1993 and he told me you beat him.”

Joe is stunned. He looks away and turns from Oprah. This is probably the first time in his adult life that anyone stood up to him.

He then licks his lips and says um as if searching for something to say. He utters out  “ I am glad that he was raised in such a way. He was liked all over the world. He could have been like some of the other kids from Gary who are dead or gone.”

In essence he is coming up with an excuse in  trying to justify what he  did to Michael.

To get the truth out of Joe Jackson Oprah admits that she as beaten as a kid because that was the culture .

Joe feels relieved as he now looks directly at Oprah and gives a relieved slight smile.


Then Joe tries to clarify and justify as he asks Oprah Beat or Whipped? Lets not split hairs here. Whipped is the same as being beaten. They both cause bodily harm pain and tear away at one’s self esteem.

Oprah is now pissed. She looks up in exasperation and in a loud tone says It’s the same thing when you have welts on your body. Even mother Katherine chimed in and said in her soft way that it was the same thing.

Joe then  got all cotton mouthed  and licked his lips and indication he was clearly  nervous,  But he had to take control of the situation as the control freak  bully type of Toxic Man he is.   He immediately retorts that he didn’t like the word beat. So Oprah says , so you have issue with the word beat. He then showed   his contentiousness, he has the audacity to retort ” no  I have issue with the word whipped.

Katherine then stepped in and says You might as well tell the truth.  Good for her! I am sure that this is one of the few times in her life that she was able to speak up and speak back to this TOXIC  bully. Thank goodness she found the strength to do so, even of it was with  the protection of the camera crews and Oprah at her side.

Katherine  went on to say He used the strap, as she looked right at Joe. Joe now is clearly uncomfortable with lip locking and head bowed down as he is clearly embarrassed.

Joe was completely  humiliated for the first time in his life This bully now leaned back and crossed his arms over his body in a self  protective stance protective with his head bowed.  If there was a hole  in the ground, he would  now doubt want to crawl into into it and cover himself with the dirt.

With arms still crossed as you can see int he photo above,  he finally indirectly  admits that he would have whipped him with a strap  to punish for someone who did something wrong.  Notice how he detached by referring to Michael as  a someone as opposed to using his son’s name- Michael whom he beat or whipped or caused bodily harm. Notice how his eyes are closed as he looks down when he says this. It is  because he is so humiliated. It is indicative of shame.  Even though hos body language admits shame, his speech does not.

Instead, he continues to justify how  the beatings   kept Michael out of jail and how none of hos kids have been in jail

Then Oprah asks him if he regrets his strappings on his children. He  clearly and distinctly  looks directly at Oprah and replied  that he does not regret stapping his children.

Now we know why Prince was angry in the photo we see above. Perhaps he couldn’t stomach sitting or even standing next to the man who beat his beloved father with a strap.


Now we know they truth.  Michael spoke the truth about his  fathers beatings, Clearly they  damaged him emotionally.  He carried those scars into his adulthood. He was in such emotional trauma from his father;s violence that he di all he could to tip himself away from being his fathers son. He even changed his skin color and his genetic appearance just to be able to look in the mirror and see no resemblance to the man whom he obviously detested.

He was in such pain that he self medicated with surgery after surgery and drug after drug.

He wanted to go back  to his childhood and and re live his childhood with the love he obviously felt he did not have. That may explain why he continued to be child like well into his forties and as he turned fifty.  , He was so abused that he wanted to right the wrongs of his father.  He could’t do it but he could  right those wrongs through his kids.  He was a wonderful gather according to his kids.  This is a marked contrast from what he would say about his own father, Joe.

The truth has finally prevailed.  I only wish Michael would have been alive to hear his father admit  what he did to him. Michael did the right thing to never speak to his father and to unplug from him for good.  Some things are unforgivable. Physical violence is one of those things that is hard to forgive.

The UNPLUG  technique  is one of the technique which  I describe  in my book TOXIC MEN that  you can use when you can  no longer deal with a person who has made your life miserable.  The fact that Joe did not apologize for what he did to Michael   and continues to justify it shows how Michael did the right thing to UNPLUG  and  never allow Joe into his life.

Joe is A Toxic Man. He is a classic control freak  bully. To read more about Toxic Men you can get my latest book at a special rate  of $14.93 from  by clicking the link  below


Michael Jackson’s Children’s Body Language Show They Are Guarded, Protective, and Ambivalent During Oprah Interview as They Continue to Respect Dad’s Privacy


The above photo of Michael Jackson’s eldest  children, Prince and Paris says it all. They were clearly not comfortable being asked questions about their father by Oprah. They knew how their late father valued not only his privacy but theirs as well. That is why he made them wear veils when they went out of the house. In fact Michael’s daughter Paris addressed the fact that while the veils were uncomfortable, she knew they were for her protection.


In the above photo, observe Prince standing up with crossed arms as he looks on facing Oprah as his sister is interviewed. His eye is clearly on Oprah as he leans back in a defensive mode.  He has a protective stance with both of his arms  his arms tightly interlocked crossing over his torso.

 His protective stance is further indicated as he stands  in the background looking directly at Oprah with one foot out, pointed in Oprah’s direction. It is though this protective older brother is ready to step in if the questioning gets to be too uncomfortable or too much for his younger sister. His other foot protectively  points in Paris’ direction  as if to step in in case she needs him. 


Joe Jackson, Michael’s father and Prince’s grandpa  knows Prince means business in this photo. Joe looks uncharacteristically submissive around Prince. His head is down with his hands in his pocket  as he looks in Prince’s direction.  We have rarely seen such a photo of Joe in terms of  his body language. In the past,  Joe’s posture and demeanor has usually had a super confident cocky non-humbled undertone.  But this photo was very different.

The distinct  physical  distance between Joe and Prince show that they are not close at all.  Joe’s submissive stance reflects this as well.


When it was Prince’s turn to be interviewed by Oprah, his eye contact with her was less than optimal as he consistently looked away. When describing his favorite experience walking with his dad on the beach in Bahrain eating snickers, he looked up and away. While he wanted to be polite and answer Oprah’s question, there was clearly a part of him that did not want to share this special moment between he and his late dad with the world.

As the person who spent the most time in his life with father Michael, Prince knew  deep down that Michael, who valued his privacy with his children would not be pleased at this revelation.  His body language  clearly reflected his ambivalence.

In the photo, it is clear that Prince is not happy and something must have happened for him to get up from his chair after the interview and leave the  table and stand in the background.  Perhaps he had enough of what he considered Oprah’s invasive questioning about his father. Perhaps it got to him. He definitely  knew Michael would not  like this line of questioning about his private life with his children. So it seems in my view that Prince finally had enough.

Look at Prince’s crossed arms over his torso. It means that he is closing off. If you look down at his sister sitting in the photo as Prince looks on, she too has her arms crossed over her torso in a protective mode.


She too knows that this discussion about Michael is inappropriate based on how she was raised. She knows to the core of her soul that discussing her father is a violation of what he was all about- extreme privacy. Yet she wants to be cooperative and compliant during the interview.

 Paris’ BODY language  reflects her ambivalence as well. as well. Not only are her arms interlocked and crossed in a protective mode like her brother, she also   leans back in her chair. It is in marked contrast to Oprah’s body language, who leans forward in her attempt to engage Paris.

  Paris does not engage Oprah in leaning forward , She is polite verbal, articulate, pleasant and poised. But the spokeschild of the family  is clearly  in control as she speaks measuredly  but  lovingly of her father.

She opens her eyes widely and raises her eyebrows  as we see in the photo above This look of surprise reflects what she is verbally revealed – a surprise to the world that  her daddy could make the best French toast n the world.

Oprah was surprised by this revelation as she and most of us would think that Michael who was surrounded my maids and cooks would not be the one to hole up in a kitchen making breakfast. From what we have heard about Michael’s eating habits in the past, no one would have associated Michael with food, much less being involved in the preparation of it.  

While it was personal information, it was information that was benign enough that Michael would not have mind if it was revealed. Paris clearly thought about this and played the interview game of sharing just enough information to respect her father;s wishes and his memory.



Even little 8 year old Blanket is protective during the interview as you can see in  the above photo.  His  knees are bent and in front of him as they shield and  protect him as he sits in his chair. His one leg dropping down from the chair says that he really does not want to be there. It says that he wants to leave.

His hands cover his  mouth, indicating that he doesn’t want to speak.  Paris and Prince clearly have his back so to speak. They are protective of him as well and pay a lot of attention to him.  Paris reaches out to him as we see in the photo with her hand extended towards him. No doubt big sister Paris has a hands on role with Blanket in helping to care for him. Her extended hand is there to comfort him.

Paris’ extended cupped hand reflects tension and ambivalence at the same time. It’s a closed hand that perhaps reflects a subconscious anger that her little brother has to be there and be subjected to this uncomfortable situation.

The gesture reflects that she knows Blanket  clearly does not want to be there, subjected to Oprah’s questioning . Interally,  she is angry and upset about it.  It even reflects in Paris’ smile as she looks in Blanket’s direction.  While her lips are smiling, her eyes are reflecting the opposite. She is not happy about being forced to be in this situation.

She knows deep down that her father would not be happy about having his children, whom he went to all lengths to protect in terms of their identity to now be so publicly exposed. While she wants to comply, she is being very protective over Blanket, her  gestures and body language reflect her inner conflict.


Besides his beautiful music the best legacy that Michael left behind was his beautiful children who continue to respect their dad’s privacy. Their actions and body language showed it.

There is no doubt that Michael would be proud of them and how they handled this very uncomfortable and conflicting situation where they were forced to reveal personal information about their lives with their famous and now deceased dad. They complied, but continued to be guarded as Michael’s message which he ingrained in them since birth was  evident- ” watch what you say and don’t say too much!”

There is no doubt that if Michael is up there is heaven, he was looking down at his children and smiling proudly from year to ear, He was proud that they were polite and cooperative, yet set boundaries as they honored and tried to protect their dad’s wishes for privacy as best as they could.