Casey Anthony’s Revamped Body Language With Inconsistent Image- Braless With School Marm Bun- What Happens With Casey Depends on WHO is On The Jury

After not seeing  Casey in the courtroom for quite  some time, there is no doubt that her attorney Jose Baez has been doing a lot of work with his client in terms of getting her body language and her image under control. Gone  are the  unconscionable smirks and smiles. Gone is the ritualistic hair tossing and hair grooming.

No doubt,  Jose insisted that his client wear her hair off of her face,  so she wouldn’t  be tempted to toss  it and play with it all the time. So she wore it in a severe greasy looking bun tied at the back of her head, reminiscent of an oldfashioned prim and proper school marm.

I must say that Casey looked good physically. Her cheekbones and facial  features seemed sculpted, indicating that her weight was back in form, unlike previous times where she may have been munching on too many commissary snacks.

She also appeared   a little  more connected  to what was going on in the courtroom than she  did in the past. She even seemed to focus more often on  the people  who were  speaking and standing in front of Judge Perry, as we see in this photo above.

Even though Jose probably told her time and time again to stop grooming and adjusting her clothing, she still couldn’t seem to stop herself. She still groomed  and adjusted herself  by adjusting her clothes periodically during her courtroom appearance.


While she still lip pursed, the  annoying lip gestures were few and far between. But no matter how hard Jose tried to keep his client in check body language wise there was something major in her facial and body language  that l still leaked out. This is why I always say The body doesnt lie!



When Judge Perry mentioned  the words ” remains of the victimCasey didn’t even bat an eye. It was as though someone said the” weather is  fine”. Her lack of  reaction facially or body language wise,  clearly shows that she is over it. She appears to show no emotional attachment whatsoever to Caylee.

At least she is keeping it real. Gone are the fake and contrived wiping away of non tears when Caylee’s name was mentioned. Caylee is a remote thing of the past  to Casey as as  it is becomes harder and harder to  hard  for her to conjure up any emotion as it relates to Caylee.

While Jose gets points for trying to re-image Casey, he still fails miserably as far as her dress is concerned. There is a lot of disparity and contradiction in the image he wants Casey to put across.

Not to be catty, but she had on one of  her repulsive puffy sleeved hospital  colored  green blouses. This was most likely chosen by her former  non fashion aware death sentence attorney Andrea Lyon as an attempt to make Casey  look more  innocent and sweet in court .

But it did not work.In fact the message that it was intended to portray, was just the opposite. This was especially true  when Casey wore that  puffy sleeved blouse with  either an ill-fitting  bra or what looked like  no bra at all.

Her breasts hung low and her nipples were showing. At first I thought it was  be the dart line of the cut of the blouse that gave this impression.  But then, the  other photo clips I observed  confirmed that it was not the case.

She reminded me of  what we have seen so often in and out of the court room with Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother. Like Casey, Cindy’s  breasts also hung low due to an either ill-fitting bra or her not wearing a bra at all. It certainly  seems to indicate that “the apple certainly doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

Looking at these photo clips it is clear  to me that Casey decided to go braless to perhaps let everyone know she still has some sex appeal going on with her .If it was Jose’s idea that she go braless, it is rather brilliant move on his part.



As far as the defense is concerned,  the sexier and more attractive Casey looks to heterosexual male jurors,  the more the chance they will NOT vote that she get the death sentence or  die with lethal injection. For all we know it can even possibly influence their perception of her  as being  innocent, thereby allowing her to walk freely. While it may be maddening, it is a possible scenario if  jurors aren’t screened with a fine toothed comb.

So what if all the  evidence points to the  direction of guilt ! So what if DNA is discovered  or air samples, or other forensic evidence show  Casey intentionally  killed Caylee!  None of that matters because even though Lady Justice is supposed to be blind, she is not blind.

In fact she may as well remove her blindfolds or cut a hole in he blindfold, exposing one eye as the above cartoon shows, if  there are male jurors on a jury who may be “crushing” on Casey or who may find her sexy or attractive. If they are not properly screened and intensely questioned  there is a good chance there may be no justice for Caylee.

Just read some of the intense fan mail from young male fans who write to her in jail and who have  asked to date and marry her. Many have shown how protective they are over her and how they want to take her away  to live with them after this “unfair” ordeal is over.

This Casey adulation or fantasizing can happen  among jury members as well. This is especially true if they are not properly screened with questions that can weed them out.

Like it or not, studies repeatedly show that the way a   person looks or speaks can influence how a jury perceives them, Those who look good and sound good are often perceived with more positive attributes even of they are not deserved.That means they are also perceived as not being guilty or given more leniency based on their looks.



While it is truly” Baptism by Fire” . Jose Baez has been thrust into the forefront with a national case that may be well over his head. But  as you can see you he has sought out some  of the best people to help him out. No matter what you think of Jose Baez. he  may be inexperienced but he is no dummy.  He knows  the importance of image and perception. He knows it so well that  that he  has enrolled perhaps the best jury selector in the country who wrote the book on the subject.He won’t be able to apy the consultant with state funds, Judge Perry made certain of that.  So Baez  will have to pay him privately.

Being a jury consultant myself, I am well aware of  the jury consultant’s work and have the utmost of respect for him  He knows EXACTLY what to do and what type of jury to chose so that Casey’s guilt  will be questioned or her life will be spared.

It is a shame that the prosecution has decided to forgo using a jury consultant. They do not have the funds to pay such a consultant. And even if a consultant wanted to volunteer to help out, they would reject that as well because they want to treat this case as they treat all their other cases.

Personally I think that is a bad idea  because this case is NOT like other cases. They eyes of the world are on his case. Even if they chose someone local  in Orlando who does not have the savvy and the in depth background or understand the nuances involved and what  it takes to thwart  Baez’s jury consultant’s efforts, they will not  be successful in terms of arriving at the verdict they want in order to get justice for Caylee.


In observing George and Cindy in the courtroom, George continues to chomp away on his gum as though he is watching a baseball game. It is highly disturbing. It shows how crass and disrespectful and classless he is and has been every time he has stepped foot into the courtroom. This is a courtroom where you do not eat, drink, smoke, or chew. I wish Judge Perry would announce that so once and for all George would get the message loud and clear.

While the gum chewing remains the same, gone are Georges “poor me”lip purses and goofy facial contortions. As he looks straight  ahead there seems to be  a different body language  exhibited by George. He sits up straight an looks straight ahead and seems to hang on to every word Judge Perry says.

It seemed when Judge Perry was admonishing Jose Baez for one thing or another George seemed to have a slight smirk on his face  as though he was secretly enjoying it.

Perhaps he has finally emerged from his  perpetual state of denial where he was Casey’s staunchest supporter. Perhaps he got  a dose of reality after she outed him with allegations he  sexually molested  her. Perhaps he is privately rooting for the prosecution in hopes that Casey get what is coming to her for depriving him of his grand- daughter.


Cindy’s body language says the opposite. She was often seen with her head in her hands or her hands covering her mouth. She too knows what went on but is not telling.

I imagine that she will continue to tell anyone who will listen how she still believes Caylee is alive. There is no doubt that her own guilt at letting Casey get away with so much for so long as well as  her guilt of telling Casey she would throw her out and keep Caylee, continues to  weighs heavily on her.

While she may defend and never abandon Casey, Casey has clearly abandoned Cindy and moved on- at least psychologically. As she was leaving the courtroom, she paid no attention to Cindy. Cindy looked on hoping to get some acknowledgment from Casey. But Casey refused to do such a thing.  She obviously still continues to be angry at Cindy for that 911 and blames her for putting her in her current situation.


127 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Revamped Body Language With Inconsistent Image- Braless With School Marm Bun- What Happens With Casey Depends on WHO is On The Jury

  1. I really hope the prosecution changes it’s mind about hiring a jury consultant. It would be horrible to have the equivalent of the O.J. jury on this case. Casey needs to be found guilty the first time around. This has been going on long enough. By the time the trial starts this whole mess will have continued almost as long as little Caylee was alive. Justice is already being denied for her.

    As for George and Cindy, I can’t stand to look at either one of them. Both of them need a good slap across the face for sitting on the defense side of the courtroom. Then they need a good kick in the head for the rest of their behavior during this whole ordeal.

    Casey isn’t the only one who has moved on after Caylee’s death; they have too. All they care about now is making money off Caylee. Example: the NBC producer(or whatever his position is) who is sitting beside them at every hearing.


    1. George seems to be looking worse for the wear. Maybe it’s all starting to get to him. He really seems to have aged. I have been wanting to smack the three of them for a long time now. I think a paint ball gun might also be very satifying for me.


    2. The prosecution in the OJ case HAD a jury consultant, pro bono no less.

      Alot of good that did them.Noone can help her now.

      I find the talk of Casey’s breasts quite disgusting.


      1. If the prosecution has a jury consultant in the first OJ case they should have known bettr than to allow the jury which was allowed. If any jury is stacked appropriately a case can get a non guilty verdict no matter what the evidence. unfortunately that is the reality. And as far as Caseys not wearing a bra to court, it speaks volumes. Her braless demeanor is all a part of how jurors will see her and that is a reality.


  2. Thanks for your analysis, Dr. Glass. I didn’t get to see the entire hearing, and am always interested in your professional assessment of what went down.


  3. Basically, as a juror consultant, for the defense what they desire are young single people. As a prosecutor, you want married folks with kids, grandparents, anyone over 40 with family. I don’t believe race is a big factor except for Latinos who support Baez who are again single and not family oriented. Any good Latino Catholic will be a bad choice for the Defense.

    To be very true, young extremely lonely white males are Casey’s ticket to a possible ticket to freedom. My question is, can obvious prejudiced jurors with an agenda like this be brought to the attention of the judge and be excused during trial?


  4. Hi, Dr. Glass!

    I read your Body Language blog often. I have a strong interest in body language and find your analysis very interesting. I look forward to your analysis after the Casey Anthony hearings.

    There is one thing I would like to question you about. Some time ago, Judge Perry stated he would not allow state funds to be used for a jury consultant for Jose Baez and the Defense Team.

    Judge Perry indicated that based on C. Mason’s experience, Mason is more than qualified in jury selection.

    Snipped from your article above:

    He knows the importance of image and perception that he has enrolled perhaps the best jury selector in the country who wrote the book on the subject.

    Being a jury consultant myself, I am ell aware of his work and have the utmost of respect for him for Jose’s jury consultant. He knows EXACTLY what to do and what type of jury to chose so that Casey’s guilt or innocence will be questioned or her life will be spared.

    Dr. Glass, are you referring to C. Mason? Or has Jose Baez hired a jury consultant which he will pay for personally?

    As stated above, it is my understanding that state funds will not be allowed for a jury consultant.

    Thank you in advance, Dr. Glass, for your clarification of the aforementioned.


  5. I posted this on another blog but it’s worthwhile posting again. During the moment Judge Perry was grilling Bozo on what a copy was, (Baez could not understand “copy”) Casey just about burst out laughing when he finally got it. Her look said, “what a jerk”.

    I also captured this shot. Casey for some reason stuck her tongue out, curled it up and held it between her lips. I don’t recall if it was a reaction to anything.


    1. Read the JAC rules. They do not allow funds for such things.

      Dave wrote an excellent blog post about the hearing. He actually got to speak to Ann Finnell.

      He is so amazing


      1. Is everything in the freakin world about dave to you? This is about Dr. Glass’s take on the dress and body language of Casey, George & Cindy.

        I read the ludicrous made up “I talked to Ann Finnell, had a message from her cousin, couldn’t remember the message will tell her next time, maybe I am related to her” crapola comments.

        Anyone who has seen any of you in action knows that if dave had a message, ANY message for anyone in the media limelight, he would have left skidmarks running to be noticed and perhaps get a pat on the back.


    1. Hi, Jody!

      I agree with you.

      In my opinion, Judge Perry has Baez’s number!

      Did you notice Judge Perry told Baez several times:

      “I was led to believe . . . ” Or “Led me to believe”

      Also, I think Ann Fennell was rude at times. It is not acceptable to talk over a Judge.

      Ann referenced ABA Guidelines several times. Judge Perry told her more than once, he is not bound by ABA but by Federal and State of Florida!

      Too bad Judge Perry had to explain what a copy is to Baez. An elementary child would know what a copy is! Baez appears to be so stupid and dumb sometimes.

      Baez is never totally prepared for these hearings! I am not an attorney but if I went to a court hearing, I would be prepared!

      Just my opinion!


  6. I thought Judge Perry did not approve the hiring of a jury consultant for the defense. As I recall, the judge told Baez that Mason is experienced enought in choosing jurors. Linda D. Burdick said that Jeff Ashton is their consultant. Evidently, have missed something.


    1. You are correct. Judge Perry said that state funds would not be used to hire jury consultants on either side. Baez has a top of the line Jury consultant who wrote the book on the subject. He may may get paid by Jose and Cheney personally. Jeff Ashton is not a jury consultant. The prosecution dies not have anyone and do not wish to have a jury consultant. Even if one volunteers to help out free of charge, they apparently want to treat this case like all of their other cases, sans jury consultant. Personally I think that is a huge mistake.


  7. Hi, Eastwood34!

    Judge Perry said he would not allow State of Florida funds to be used for a jury consultant.

    Baez continued to whine about how unique this case is, blah, blah, blah and Judge Perry said no to state funds. He indicated if Baez wanted to hire a jury consultant he could do so on his own dime! (Not verbatim)

    Judge Perry also indicated that C. Mason is more than qualified to select a jury for Casey Anthony’s trial.

    To me, it appears Baez thinks Casey’s case is so unique and needs to take years before it goes to trial because of the preparation required. Blah, Blah, Blah!

    I liked it when Judge Perry told Baez some time ago that this case is no different than any other homicide case and should have been tried long ago. This is not verbatim but that is what it amounts to. He told Baez that in one of the hearings shortly after he became the presiding judge.


  8. While a jury of people might lean towards innocence in this case, the majority of jurors will NOT do so due to evidence (all) presented to them and will sway others over to their side to vote guilty.


  9. My memory just kicked in. In the State of Florida only a majority vote of guilty is necessary to convict. So let those single males create injustice…..the majority of jurors will vote guilty….you bet your life on that one.


    1. It’s not just single males, it is any male that may find her attractive or appealing in any way. It is Latino jurors who will identify with Baez and his style. and it is religious jurors who believe in turning the other cheek as opposed to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.


      1. Dr. Glass,

        I respectfully disagree with you. I think a fair and impartial jury will be seated.

        I can not imagine a person serving on the jury for the Casey Anthony Trial and making a decision based on finding Anthony attractive or appealing in any way.

        I would hope all jurors listen to the case as it is presented and the evidence is introduced. This case is about an innocent, defenseless child who died and was thrown in the woods like worthless trash!

        I know many Latinos who are following this case. They are not impressed with Baez at all. They think he is in over his head.

        They are appalled that Casey did not report her child “missing” for 31 days and that her mother reported Caylee missing. They are appalled that Casey and the Anthony’s tried to blame a non existent nanny named Gonzales (sp?).

        They think Baez is an embarrassment for trying to blame Kronk when they are grateful to him for finding Caylee’s remains.

        They think Baez is not very intelligent because he could not even give a specific accounting of where $200,000 plus dollars disappeared to. Putting in a lot of hours on this case just is not a good enough answer!

        They are appalled that Casey Anthony sold pictures of Caylee for $200,000 to pay Baez for her defense!

        Also, they are not impressed with Baez’s lack of preparation for the Motions Hearings and for dragging this case out to the point where Judge Perry established a time line for the Defense and Prosecutors. Judge Perry is adamant this case will go to trial in May, 2011.

        They are not even impressed that Baez managed to drag this case that is not unique, as he claims, to the point that he did. Some of the Latinos I know have friends or family that had a speedy trial. They actually resent that Casey is getting to flounder when she should have been tried long ago.

        More importantly, they do not understand how a mother, like Casey, did not work, lied about having a Latino nanny, and per doc dumps it appears Casey rode around with a deceased Caylee in her car for several days.

        Regarding religious jurors, I totally disagree with you that they would turn a cheek when this case is about the death of a small child who was eventually bagged like garbage and thrown in the woods like trash for the animals to tear apart, be under water and have grass and weeds grow through Caylee’s skull!

        I have served on a jury in State District Court regarding a state jail felony. All 12 jurors and the two alternates came from different walks of life, religious beliefs, nationalities, race, etc. All personal feelings and beliefs were left at the door as instructed by the Judge. Our job was to listen to the case as it was presented and make a decision based on the evidence presented by the Prosecutors and the Defense. When the case was given to us for deliberations, religion, nationality of the attorneys, appearance of the defendant, race, etc. never entered the picture.

        All 12 of us (jurors) discussed the evidence and asked to see evidence if we needed clarification. We deliberated the case and our personal feelings and beliefs were left at the door. I can say the defendant did get a fair trial and we did find him guilty based on the evidence.

        The Casey Anthony Case should have gone to trial months ago. It should have been a done deal by now. In my opinion, some of the attention this case received, thanks to Jose Baez and George and Cindy Anthony via TV interviews, borders with trying to tamper with the jury pool!

        Not once have I seen the State (Ashton & Burdick) discuss this case by making appearances on Larry King Live, the morning news shows, CNN-HLN, local Florida media,
        Geraldo, 48 Hours, InSession, etc. I can not say the same for Jose Baez or Cindy and George Anthony.

        It is unfortunate that Judge Strickland did not put a Gag Order on all involved. Maybe that can not be done in Florida.

        I am an active advocate for abused, missing or murdered children, the elderly and animals. I have been an active advocate for over 35 years. My goal, like many advocates for the aforementioned causes, is to seek justice for the victims. Also, to contact legislators on my state and federal level regarding more stringent laws to better protect those who may not be able to be a voice for themselves in the case of abuse and to get more stringent laws in place for those convicted.

        More importantly, there has to be more stringent laws in place for those found guilty. The revolving door has to end. Too many innocent children are being murdered every day in the U. S. . . . . . so it seems. Perhaps more stringent laws will be a deterrent to some of the offenders.

        Dr. Glass, I respect your right to your opinion and I hope that you respect my right to my opinion.

        My spell check just went south. I hope I proofed this okay and there are no typos.


  10. I have attended and observed trials before. I recently attended the Lucas Coe Trial regarding Emma Thompson (barely 4 year old child who was brutally raped and beaten by Coe. She died as a result of her horrific injuries) in Houston, Harris County, Tx.

    The Prosecutors for the State of Texas presented the evidence, including DNA and forensic, in a way that the jury were able to follow. They also had a time line.

    The Casey Anthony case is a circumstantial case like Lucas Coe’s case. The exception is that his DNA was found on Emma’s blanket and in a tiny spec of blood found at the scene.

    Emma’s mother and perhaps Coe cleaned up the scene with bleach. However, they did not do a great job because the crime scene investigator was able to get small samples.

    I am highly impressed with Ashton and Burdick and I think they will present the evidence in the death of Caylee Anthony with a time line and connect all of the dots.

    Forensics is key in this case as it was in the Lucas Coe trial. The presentation of the evidence will indicate Casey Anthony is guilty.

    Like many, I have read every thing, with the exception of the letters sent to Casey, in the doc dumps. I have read the Motions and watched the Hearings.

    I did not waste my time reading the letters from Casey’s “fans”. I did read the letters from George and Cindy out of curiosity. These letters have nothing to do with the death of Caylee and will not be entered as evidence.

    Also, I think during voir dire, the Prosecutors will question the prospective jurors extensively. So will the Defense. I do believe a “fair and impartial” jury can be seated.

    The Defense does not have a defense for Casey Anthony. Therefore, they will have to attack the State’s witnesses and attempt to create reasonable doubt in the juror’s mind. The Defense’s expert witnesses will be used by the Defense to attempt to create reasonable doubt.

    Just my opinion!


    1. Ann – TX, I totally agree with you. I don’t see how a jury of 12 could have any doubt that KC killed Caylee, after the evidence is presented.

      It’s good to see you here, and to read your comments. You are always on top of things in these cases. Keep up the good work.


  11. Hi, sitemama!

    Good to see you. I am locked out! Had computer problems and things are all messed up since I took my computer to the Computer Geeks. I will have to contact Snaz tomorrow! Have not been able to get on since Friday! I have tried everything.

    Sitemama, I am confident Ashton and Burdick will present the evidence in a very methodical way and the forensics will be presented in a way that the jury will be able to follow. With a time line, the dots will be connected.


  12. AnnTX,
    As of right now with the documents presented there is no link from KC to the murder of her child. A thief yes, a spoiled inconsiderate person yes, but so far no link to
    her placing Caylee in her car trunk.

    I find there is more suspicion on her family yes and so will the jury if there is no prints or links directly to Casey. Pings won’t convict. Acting stupid wont convict. Cindy A. is more suspicious in my book and was actually the last known person to have Caylee. There isn’t even any proof of her leaving with Caylee.

    If the jury can get past the doubt about her own family then a possibly convinction will pervail however right now there is too much doubt pertaining to a set up from someone in her own family


    1. I have been saying the same thing about this case for a while toomuchdoubt,so I totally agree with you. There is diddly shit (sorry) that links to Casey and it could well be someone from her family. I do work within the spiritualist community and have been developing my skills with help from those who have been working with their skills for a long time.
      The thing that I have been picking up on is that Casey Anthony herself and alone is not capable of being the person who killed Caylee. In other words she is innocent. Others who I develop with have also picked up on the same thing,however on saying what our opinion is we have been verbally abused,called baby killer supporters, spat at, and sent nasty mail. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Casey may well be Innocent and that she may have been set up by someone in her family or even one of her so called friends. However for some reason others refuse to see this and go full steam ahead with this Casey bashing.
      Thank god there are others out there who are like minded.


    2. Hi, toomuchdoubt!

      This is a circumstantial case. There is not one single thing that will convict Casey. It is a combination of things with a timeline. Think of a puzzle. When all of the “pieces ” of this case are presented, it will complete the “puzzle”. The timeline will be narrowed to the point that only one person could have committed this crime and that is Casey Anthony.

      Pings will not convict alone. As part of the puzzle, the pings will have an impact. In a recent trial I attended for about two weeks, a law enforcement officer testified for quite some time about the defendant’s cell phone pings and the pings of the child’s mother. Although I am knowledgeable about cell phone pings, this officer’s testimony really educated me further.

      The Prosecutors in this particular case had the pings charted and mapped on a huge display board which was on an easel. The officer who testified was able to testify in layman’s terms, for the most part, and it appeared the jury followed the testimony very well. They were riveted and their attention was held.

      The cell phone pings, testimony from the State’s witnesses, forensics, crime scene photos, Emergency Room photos, autopsy photos, Medical Examiner’s super detailed testimony, etc. completed the puzzle and the “dots” were connected. It was amazing how the time line was narrowed and the cell phone pings were instrumental.

      In closing arguments, the Prosecutors did an awesome job of summarizing the facts supported by records and documents.

      The Defense had no defense and their closing arguments hinged on the testimony of their expert witnesses which the Prosecutors had no problem discrediting during their cross examination earlier in the trial.

      The Prosecutors were seeking justice, on behalf of the State of Texas, for Emma Thompson! And justice they did get! The jury found the defendant guilty and he was sentenced to Life without Parole and a $10,000 fine (the maximum allowed by Texas law).

      About two months earlier, the Prosecutors got a guilty verdict regarding Emma’s mother. She was sentenced to 20 years and a $10,000 fine. Unlike Casey, she is well educated and worked for a major hospital in the Houston area as a Registered Nurse.

      The Prosecutors in the cases regarding Emma Thompson were well prepared, know the law and know it well. They had every i dotted and every t crossed! They objected and sited the appropriate cases when required. No fumbling on their part!

      The Judge was attentive and ruled on objections immediately because of his vast knowledge. I think Judge Perry is very intelligent and he does know the law. He is always prepared!

      In my opinion, Linda Burdick and Jeff Ashton have done their research and “homework.” They know Caylee’s case and know it well.

      If you watched the hearing where Cindy and Lee testified, I think you saw an indication of how sharp Linda is in questioning a witness. She was very well prepared. She did not fumble around looking for previous testimony by Cindy or Lee. She anticipated and was prepared!

      I think Burdick and Ashton will present the State’s case in a manner in which the jury will be able to comprehend and follow. The State of Florida is seeking justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

      Toomuchdoubt, I respect your right to your opinion. The above is my opinion which won’t count in the State of Florida versus Casey Marie Anthony.

      To that I say: ~~~ Justice for Caylee! ~~~


      1. Too many missing pieces in this case and there’s too much doubt pertaining to her family and her friends and mysterious
        father of Caylee…The investigators dropped the ball pertaining to Ricardo(chloroform photos on pc)…George(lies, no work etc, opportunity) and Cindy’s involvement….

        No jury will convict with what is out there now…..Better be more is all i’m saying or she’s going to walk


  13. Ann – Tx – November 1, 2010 at 4:09 am and
    Dr. Lillian Glass – November 1, 2010 at 4:39 am

    Thank you both regarding the jury consultant.

    Dr. Glass, I know that Jeff Ashton is not a jury consultant; I believe LDB was making a tongue in cheek point and was basically saying, “We are going to make do with whom we have on board.”

    @Lona1 – November 1, 2010 at 3:58 am

    Lona, I think you are incorrect about a capital jury in Florida. I really believe it must be unanimous. If not, it becomes a hung jury. I will research this.


  14. Dr. Glass,
    The syringe found at the scene rolled up with tissue and placed within a bottle directly points to a nurse. IT is standard procedure and HABIT for a nurse to discard
    needles in such a way especially if there is no sterile
    compartment to do so. This is, in my opinion a direct link to Cindy Anthony. Either she planted that evidence or she had something to do with administering as it’s
    clear from the way that syringe was discarded that it was someone with a nursing background.


  15. @Lona1 – November 1, 2010 at 3:58 am

    Lona, in Florida it does take a unanimous vote “to convict in a capital murder case.” However, in the penalty phase it only takes a majority of jurors to vote for aggravators in the case.

    I lost the link but will try to come back later with that.


  16. I do not believe that any mature, adult and intelligent man would find Casey not guilty based on her “sexiness.” Many of the potential male jurors will have families and children of their own. Many men whom I have spoken to regarding Casey feel that she is a tramp and a slut an do not find her attractive. Casey can let “them” hang as low as she wants to but that will not help her. Remember, Karma is a bitch with a good memory.


    1. Everything depends on who is on that jury.There is a science to jury selection and if there are certain types of jurors on the jury( not just men who find her attractive) she has a goos chance of a. Going free and or b. Not being sentenced to death. That is a reality. Remember what happened in the first Oj Trial.He was free Only because of how the jury was stacked.THe same thing can happen here.


  17. Ann, I agree with you in all you have said. A fair and intelligent jury will be selected and will do the job they were selected to do. I don’t think the fact that Casey has nipples will cloud their judgment. The planet earth is covered with men and women with nipples and almost all of them more accessible than Casey Anthony’s. There is no need for anyone to go to all the trouble to free Casey. I also think that the defense has made a mistake by dragging this out so much…Casey and her tribulations are becoming old news…by May of 2011 I believe most will approach this job with the feeling of,
    “Time to finally take out this garbage. We’ve waited far too long and it stinks so badly we can hardly breath…get this over with and then let’s wash the stink off of our hands and be done with it. You PROVE to us she DIDN’T do it and we’ll consider making a different choice.”
    Is it right to free a woman because she has nipples? No. Is it right to pre-judge a woman’s guilt? No…but jurors are people and one choice is just as likely as the other…justice has waited too long and everyone knows it.
    Casey chose her particular form of justice for Caylee and her family and she decided quickly and never looked back. It’s Casey’s turn, nipples and all.


    1. Hi, Forrest!

      I agree with you.

      I really don’t care to discuss Casey’s nipples but I will say it makes her look like a slut and the trashy tramp that she was prior to her arrest!

      If she was my client, I’d ensure she had a jacket on. Maybe she thinks she is at Fusion anticipating a twirl on the dance pole. LOL

      Maybe she has a very thin bra on. I really don’t care other than she does look like a cheap tramp.

      Just my opinion!


  18. Thank you again, Dr. Glass for a wonderful assessment.

    Mr. Baez should inform Inmate Anthony to change her plea. If he can sway the prosecutors to accept a guilty plea with a LWOP conviction, Inmate Anthony should jump at that chance. Yes, justice is supposed to be blind but jurors aren’t. They will see this inmate for what she is. They will see what led to Caylee’s demise. Freedom and Jealousy! Inmate Anthony didn’t want Caylee to begin with. Seems to me, she’s been plotting this for a long while. After her breakup with JG, she went haywire. Maybe she is rebellious, although this should happen in the teen years, she is rebelling against her mother who as her own grandmother stated, Casey hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee..Seems to fit. This trial will not be another OJ style trial, although it appears the defense is trying so hard for. She will not be acquitted, she will not be found not guilty, she will either be given a death sentence or LWOP…to ensure she lives, she should just plead guilty and leave the gory details of Caylee’s last moments alive out of the courtroom. I don’t want to hear how she did this or why she did this. There are other options out there for parents who do not want to be a parent. Murder, is not one of those options. So, whatever happens, Caylee will get justice…her grandparents should truly be ashamed of themselves for not being Caylee’s voice. It seems the Anthony’s can’t finish what they start. Cindy Anthony told anyone who would listen that Casey is a sociopath and a pathological liar. So why would anyone take what Inmate Anthony states as face value. She’s got lots to hide. Once this attorney Finnell gets to speak with the rest of Inmate Anthony’s family, at the penalty phase, there will be lots of skeltons to come out of that closet…Caylee’s justice is what’s important, even if the entire Anthony family has gotten over her murder. The public has not! At least not until Inmate Anthony is convicted of her murder, I do feel, I do believe she will be found guilty, even if young males sit on her jury. They may find her attractive but actions speak louder, sort of like the black widow…she has no remorse, she thinks she’s now an attorney in training as she sits at the defense table taking notes..She needs to be slapped back into reality and the reality she walks free from this charges is all a fantasy…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


    1. Hi, Linda Rose!

      Spoken from the heart and you are knowledgeable about the case!

      I do believe there will be a lot of skeletons come out of the closet as you stated.

      I think Cindy and George will be “thrown under the bus.” Perhaps one can say, “What goes around . . . .comes around.”

      It is sad, disgusting and unfortunate that so many innocent people were affected by the likes of Casey Anthony and Cindy Anthony! I feel sorry for some of the young folks that had to retain an attorney. I would imagine it is a financial hardship on them.


  19. At first glance Casey seems attractive. When this story broke I think it caught alot of attention because of this fact. However it only took moments for me to have a 360 turnaround view of this monster. With all of the evidence of her partying, dead body in the trunk, lies about her job and babysitter, it internally changes your perceptions about her attractiveness. Beauty is a perception. It can be altered, quite easily, and I think it will be true in this case.


  20. I have sons. One 23, one 29. They do not find Casey attractive at all. They don’t even find her story interesting. If I talk about it, they roll their eyes and don’t want to hear about it. Not everyone is fascinated.


    1. Nobody is saying there wasnt decomposition smell in that car. They just have to prove Casey is the one who killed her child and placed her there.

      George Anthony had access to that car as well as
      trunk keys..Anyone could’ve done it with all the bizarre lies etc within that family…

      She’s going to walk unless there is prints or something directly linking her…


  21. KC looks like the undead in the picture linked by John in FL above. She is a monster, the personification of evil, and I think any juror, young, old, male or female will see just that.

    Baez not understanding “copy”, I had to laugh at that because watching him play dumb is so transparent. He just ain’t that good an actor.

    If I had a nickel for every instance in which I’ve heard an attorney use a phrase like “I’m confused…”, usually accompanied by a constipated put-on expression, I’d truly be able to take a nice vacation this year.

    What young, single men, Dr. Glass, have reported to you that they find this witch-like child killer attractive? That astounds me.


  22. Dr. Glass as always I enjoy reading Your Column and look forward to it. 🙂
    As for Casey A. I believe it doesn’t really matter how much
    Mr.Baez is trying to improve her Appearance in Court, the real Casey shows through loud and clear one way or another.
    It is clear she doesn’t like to be at those Hearings and still and always has seen herself as the Victim and therefore likes to have all the Attention and Sympathy she can get. She seems to be angry and uncomfortable with the Way she has to portray herself in Court. She knows it is not her, the Hair and Clothes is not her so she makes sure her real self comes out in a small Way by showing her Nipples and not wearing a Bra, in her own Way she rebells against looking homely in Court. Is it attractive or sexy? That remains to be a matter of Taste I would think. To each its Own 🙂
    If showing her Breasts and Nipples in Court by any Chance will effect the future Jury’s Decision to come to a Verdict of Guilt or Innocent then I guess I have had all along the wrong Impression of our Legal System.
    I do not believe Casey A. will get the DP more likely she will
    get LWP, that is just my Opinion.
    I do agree Casey A. has moved on and for her Caylee is in the Past, it is all about her now, really it always has been.
    It doesn’t matter what the Outcome will be at the Trial, I believe Casey A. will get what is coming to her eventually, there will be Justice, maybe not the Way we would like to see, never less there will be Consequences for Casey, she is the one responsible for Caylee’s Death, that will never change.
    Cindy and George have moved on a long time ago and trying their Best to go on with their Life’s. They will give the Impression to the World that they still support their Daughter no matter what but do they really? Only Cindy and George know what they really feel! JMO


  23. Rachael…so true. Something I noticed long ago was that the appearance of a person changes when what is inside of them is revealed to be horrible and disgusting. At least that is so true for me. When I think of the “typical, in vogue facebook, ‘sexy’ photos” of Casey with her huge toothed, exaggerated smiling face with the tongue stretching out to grab a taco…it really nauseates me because of who I have come to believe she truly is. While she strutted around with sunglasses on and butt undulating for the media I can’t forget that her family was busy washing up the rotted liquids that had purged from tiny Caylee’s body while Casey shuttled that little corpse from party to nightclub to boyfriend’s apt to cook and have sex and watch movies. The very sight of her makes me ill as she sits in court hiding inside an old woman’s body…(Cindy’s body? They are almost the same person in their minds…reminds me of Psycho…noticed Cindy cut her locks so maybe she is pulling away a bit. She had no idea this roller coaster ride would last so long and she covers her face at each new hill she climbs before another fall.)
    Casey is pretty and sexy? A helpless damsel in distress to be saved? I can’t see it…I must have lost sight of that somewhere back with the duct tape around a swamp soaked skull growing weeds and roots out the eye sockets of a murdered little girl who liked to look at the stars at night…and watching her mother with a back pack full of photos and videos to sell to the media. (Those that Cindy didn’t claim as her own, that is.)


  24. Hi just wanted to say as a nurse just b/c it was disposed of in a particular manner doesn’t mean it was by a nurse. My daughter knows nursing procedures b/c of me and she is not a nurse so that would not mean that. Besides Cindy was at work and George left Casey who had Caylee with her backpack on their way out but if there were anyone doubting it b/c they are all liars. If George sexuallly abused Casey he may have done the same to Caylee but since it was Casey making up stories and people and geting tatoos and out dancing and pretending she was searching for 30 days it is pretty clear to anybody with some reasoning ability


    1. It is habit plain and simple for a nurse or someone with medical background to get rid of sharp objects such as needles in such a way. I have medical background as well as 2 nurses within the family. It is out of habit.

      As far as George’s testimony? Nobody will take
      GA’s testimony(lies) seriously due to his background stealing, lying , gambling, and his lying about his jobs which Cindy has covered up as well. It’s habit for Cindy to do so with Casey and George.

      As far as tattoos…Yes, Casey was free as Cindy more than likely kicked her out of the house. I dont believe Caylee was with her upon doing so. KC finally was rid of her responsibility…..The nanny was just a name, just like Juliet Lewis (for JP Chatt) etc, etc….The nanny is cover for I think her own parent or parents. This is a case of a complete coverup from the entire family. MOO


    2. IF she knew her daughter was safe at the time of partying and getting that tattoo, that will explain her attitude THEN. It wasnt until Cindy found her the stories started. Something happened at that home, there are too many hits in the back yard that suggests it was there where she died, then transported possibly in her trunk. But anyone could’ve done the transporting, after alll GA admitted to the car being at that home while KC used Cindy’s car. HE actually told on himself. Guilty ppl usually do. That is why this case is a mess and investigators should’ve looked more into other family members. KC isnt innocent but I doubt she’s guilty of the murder, I do believe she moved out and left Caylee with her mother.


  25. also if you do home health which Cindy does you can have unused needles in your possesion and if she had a sharps box with used needles does a killer care if it is a dirty needle they use to inject their victim? not likely


    1. It’s just standard , the way that syringe was wrapped and placed inside a tube etc is direct link to Cindy Anthony in my opinion!….Or anyone else would’ve just thrown it on the ground or out in the trash. It’s classic, and I have personal knowledge first hand.

      I am not saying she did the injecting! But it was either placed there after or something else but Cindy is involved for sure pertaining to that syringe being found….Cindy is about a dumb as her daughter….MY Opinion as has brought attention directly to herself and so had George. DUMB


  26. Hilde – November 1, 2010 at 4:01 pm
    Thanks and I like and agree with your comment, too. Actually, I would rather see Casey get LWOP as opposed to death. The defense will drag their feet as long as they can and I believe she will get what she would have gotten if she had just plead out a long time ago. In the long run I think it will make quicker work of all the appeals that are sure to be filed on her behalf. The court will be thinking like this, in my opinion,
    “You certainly HAD your days/years in court enjoying a fair trial and there are no bites to the apple left. If you want to discuss the unfairness of your trial you’ve come to the wrong place.”
    (Course Cindy and George will grab up that apple core and sell to the highest bidder…perhaps along with that lovely blouse with the puffed sleeves…)


  27. I just hope the prosecution keeps photos of Caylee plastered all over throughout the trial to remind jurors what this case is all about. Also, I wonder if they’ll be able to show photos of skull with the duct tape on it, etc.


  28. Ummmmmmm . . . casey attractive? No. She looks increasingly less attractive every time we see her. I realize beauty is subjective so I respect your opinion but I cannot agree. To me she looks like death warmed over, like she’s aged at least 20 years if you look at the clips of her strutting around in her stolen blue hoodie.

    Also (can’t remember who said it above) it is incorrect to say the jury need only be a majority to find casey guilty. If even one out of twelve does not agree then she cannot be convicted. However during the penalty phase that’s where you need only a majority to vote for the Death Penalty, so they would only need seven jurors to vote for Death.


    1. Bees! Totally agree. The first thing I thought when I saw her on TV on Friday evening was that she looks like she’s in her 40’s. I was hoping she’s smile at least once so we could see if the “toof” was repaired!

      Personally, I don’t want the DP for her. I think staying by herself in solitary is one thing, but if she gets LWOP and goes into the general prison population I think they’re going to make her life miserable for a long time to come and I hope that’s what happens.


  29. Oh, sorry. I see someone has already corrected the unanimous jury question. Also I wasn’t clear. What I meant was if you compare the first shots we had of casey in her hoodie she looked 20 years younger then to how she looks now . . .


  30. Fascinating article, Dr. Glass!
    I noticed the nipple too–and wondered about it.
    I also noticed the MARKED change in how she was not constantly adjusting herself. It was a big departure, because in previous hearings Casey almost appeared as if she had full blown OCD because of the incessant grooming. It’s all come to a complete stop and she looked comfortable NOT grooming herself. Weird!
    The lack of grooming made me wonder if she currently feels unattractive” ..I wonder if her dental repair is up to her standards, because we have not seen any indication of her toothiness since the fall in the elevator.

    Also, when a person is in jail, perhaps they are not allowed to shampoo when they “want” so that may explain the greasy hair. I don’t know, I think we may have seen more of the fidget-y Casey if she felt she looked “herself”. This new non-fidgety Casey is much better for her strategy-wise!

    On another forum there is a discussion about how extremely beaten down all the Anthonys looking in this hearing. (agree about George looking more hardened and pissed than beaten down, agree it could be that he is taking a measure of satisfaction somehow!)
    But did Cindy learn something new that day (during other hearings she has looked as if she was enjoying herself..smiles etc)…or was it just semi-humiliating to be told over and over by the Judge agrees that the taxpayers of Florida don’t care that Casey is purrdy? Nah. Cindy learned something, I think.

    I personally do think that Casey is pretty. I hear in the other forums that oh no, she is not. But, let’s face it..the fact that she is pretty is why there is all this hooplah. If she was indigent, fat and un-white she would have been given one public defender and the trial would have come and gone. Not to mention if she were MALE this would have been over with a long long time ago too. Gender bias is also in the mix. Even I am not immune (and I am a trial watcher)…I keep trying to come up with some sort of excuse for her, (because she is young and pretty with her whole life ahead of her) …something like she was molested and/or that Caylee’s death was an accident for which Casey did not have an appropriate response. One thing is clear, Casey never had feelings for Caylee. All one has to do is listen to the first call home from jail. Casey hates her mother and feels nothing whatsoever for Caylee. Why!?
    No doubt Cindy noticed a long time ago that Casey was prettier than her (and looks nothing like her) and that began the entire jealousy thing. Caylee did look like Cindy! What we can see with our eyes is very important here and the “looks” of everyone involved is the crux of the matter!


  31. Thank you for an excellent post, Dr. Glass.

    Remember one thing about the OJ trial: he had super lawyers. Although there have been high profile attorneys on this case, they have left the case. I think that will make a differnce in the outcome of this trial.


  32. I wonder if one of the reasons the A’s look so beaten down is because they’ve come to realize that this judge is hard core by-the-books and isn’t going to put up with crap. I’m not questioning Strickland’s competence, but I do think Perry runs a much tighter ship and they may be feeling/seeing that and realizing things aren’t going to be as easy as thought they might be. Also, now that public money is paying for the defense, I would think in some ways it’s just plain humiliating for them to be in this position.


    1. Hi, Jon!

      I think the Anthony’s know the fun and games are over for them! Back in the day, Cindy thought she had the world by the tail and she was going to outsmart Law Enforcement in their investigation.

      Cindy Anthony got a taste of reality when Linda Burdick questioned her in a hearing a few months ago.

      All of their lies, manipulation, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, etc, is coming back to haunt them. I think this case was thoroughly investigated and Cindy was clueless as evidenced by some of the documents released in the doc dumps.

      It is very clear that Judge Perry is intelligent, well prepared, know the Federal and State laws that he is bound by and he is adamant the Casey Anthony Case will go to trial in May, 2011.

      As he told Jose Baez in the Hearing on Friday, 10-29-10, each side has a job to do. This case has gone on for quite some time and the State and the Defense need to do whatever it takes. Judge Perry indicated if it breaks down (between the State and the Defense), he will take it into his own hands and will do it for them! He also indicated come January, 2011, it will be according to his schedule!

      A no non-sense Judge for sure!

      I would think George and especially Cindy are very concerned and worried about being charged with whatever after Casey’s trial.

      Just my opinion!


      1. I’ve had the feeling for a while now that once the trail is over for Casey, it will begin for the parents, especially Cindy. She has clearly obstructed justice and I hope she’s called to account for it. One thing in the way of that might be that people and the Florida justice system will be so sick of this case that once Casey’s trial is over they just might want it all to go away. Can’t say I blame them. One way or another Cindy and George will get what’s coming to them because they’ll have to live withte outcome of the trial and since they’ve put on such public faces, they’re not going to be able to run and hide somewhere. What goes around comes around.


  33. Good discussions and comments. In the beginning, (LOL) I recall sons (age 31-27) seeing a photo of Casey and commenting that she wasn’t bad looking. They were comparing her to the “normal looking”; haggard, glassy-eyed, crazy looking women priorly seen on TV accused of murdering a child.
    Notice how toomuchdoubt has an excuse for everything that could point to Casey’s guilt, a few more like that and Casey could walk.
    I also think since the OJ trial/disaster and all its mistakes by counsel, attrys have learned. We will have to wait and see how much they really did learn.


  34. p.s. Dr. Glass, IMO your comments about Caseys nipples would apply if this wasn’t a mother accused of murdering her child. True, all men would notice and have varying reactions. In the end most men, mostly the young would hold the display of nipples against Casey. They would consider it highly inappropriate or dismiss the display completely. It would not work for Casey.

    If the charge was something different/less then I think you would be correct. JMO


    1. Not necessarily. If she continues to look as good as she does and has some sex appeal to boot there is a good chance many men would be reluctant to choose death for her. I wish it was not the case but people DO judge others on a jury based on things that don’t have to do with the case- looks and sex appeal.


      1. LOL, guess this is where I will bow to your education.
        I did ask my 27 yr old, he said maybe an older man might be swayed by her dress but his generation with what they see on the street he would consider Casey dressing like she does as stupid. His words. He also said that this is a murder trial, that is serious and a little nipple would not effect him.


    2. Hi, cali patti!

      Maybe if the charge was prostitution and not the murder of Casey’s innocent, defenseless child who she did not bother to report “missing.”

      Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, reported Caylee missing and then when the 911 operator wanted to talk to Casey, her attitude was that of inconvenience and nonchalant!


      1. Cindy already was setting up her own alibi so to speak when she posted online that the only thing she was guilty of was loving Caylee etc, etc. This after she took 2 weeks off to clean up evidence at her own home, in the back yard, etc etc. After it was done she gets online and starts spewing out she’s only guilty of helping her daughter..LOL Come on! That along with the syringes found and Cindy already setting up the scenerio”The babysitter stole her” the night she called. This was all Cindy not Casey…Casey got on after Cindy got that ball rolling….so how can she ever tell what happened after that??
        Casey no doubt knows who is responsible,,


  35. oops p.s. he also said he did not think Casey was good looking or had sex appeal. he said that he could see where she might have been at one time but that she no longer looks good.
    OK the end of me have a great day!


  36. I must quote Marinade Dave here as he said it best.

    Marinade Dave // March 17, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    And Casey may have been a loving mother. Look how countries can turn on each other in a flash and go to war. I don’t know how long she really planned to do her daughter harm and I fought it every step of the way when people came to my site to crucify her. You know that. If I were to sit on the jury, I would maintain an open mind and base a decision on the information presented to me. If the defense put the element of doubt in my mind, I would have to vote against the prosecution and either acquit or find her not guilty. Cases must be decided on one criteria: Beyond a shadow of a doubt. You know how fair I’ve been. I would look at her as objectively as humanly possible, but I would still look at her boobies.


  37. Dr Glass, would you be so kind to send me an email so I can verify that I am not the one who has been commenting in here? I have my own blog and the person disrupting here is probably someone I banned. TIA Snoopysleuth

    My email addy is showing on the comment you receive..


  38. Hello Snoopy girl, nice quote and I so agree.

    My son did say something that did have me thinking, he said her youth possibly would sway him away from the death penalty. There is not much the prosecution can do about that.
    He also stated that the facts would matter in a murder trial not her sex appeal. Her sex appeal would be noticed and perhaps joked about it but it would not sway him.


  39. Dr. Glass, Great article, as usual. As for Casey being attractive, I don’t agree. To me, she appears horsey, and dark. She is short, and her eyes are evil. She certainly would not make an elite model. Women like Casey, who use sex to get noticed, do get noticed…..but for the wrong reasons. Men just use them. Scott Peterson was seen by many as handsome yet his outer appearance did not hide the fact that on the inside he was evil. Hopefully, Casey will get a life sentence, just like Scott Peterson.


    1. Rob, you sound so like my sons about the sex appeal angle. Two of them went to Cal-Poly and had an interest in the Scott Peterson case.

      The son who said her youth could possibly sway him also stated if they could PROVE the duct tape being wrapped 5x’s ,,, then him voting the DP would be no problem. If the DP did not apply to an act like that then why have a DP?


  40. Great article … although i would like to add that Cindy was also chewing gum along with George… She had her head hanging down most of the time & it wasnt as noticeable but I watched her closely & every now and then she would chew a little ….
    I also noticed what appeared to be Casey’s nipples standing out in the blouse… Someone who was there mentioned that it was very cold in the courtroom & at one point someone opened a door to let it warm up abit… plus also the fact that underwire bras are not allowed in jail and in the photo when they took a pic of her tatoo on her back you could tell she was wearing a sports bra in jail .. They dont have alot of support & if the fabric was thin & it was cold in there then perhaps that is the reason we noticed what we did ….
    I agree in that Casey acted like she was paying more attention although she did show a little bit of a smile/smirk when the judge got upset with baez not understanding what copy meant … Cindy looked very depressed to me …and Casey did definately have some bags under her eyes .


  41. I do not believe for one moment, a conscienceless woman, who cannot hide her deep seeded need to be looked at, and a juror whom has children, or family with children, friends with children, and you better believe alot of folks have children or know people whom do, and will not under any circumstance agree with not calling all. After hearing her whine about how all anyone cares about is caylee, what about moi>? i am the one sitting in jail? I don’t believe for one minute any juror will not convict her.


  42. toomuchdoubt – November 1, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    There are thousands of pages that have been released in the doc dumps. Have you even bothered to read any of the info in the doc dumps?

    Read Casey Anthony’s hand written report to LE? Her interview with LE? Have you read all of the interviews? Transcripts? Studied the cell phone pings? Looked at lab reports? Water level reports at the site? Read the PDF files? Depositions? Studied the documents carefully to determine the discrepancies in the Anthony’s statements? In other words, everything that is been released to date?

    Have you watched every hearing? Have you read the motions?

    You know I do not know any innocent people that would lie to LE, take them to an imaginary office at Universal Studios, lie about a Nanny that did not exist, friends that did not exist, and what kind of mother does not report her child missing for 30 days but parties, sleeps around and steals from friends?

    Also, the elaborate lies about Caylee being at Disney, at the beach, in Jacksonville at the hotel, blah, blah, blah!


    1. And what Mom would steal money from her friend (Amy) to fill up a shopping cart with food, drink, sexy clothes and sunglasses, but not one item for her then “missing” little girl.
      What Mom who did not have a job and had her baby girl “missing” would spend the stolen money on a tattoo that says “Bella Vita” (beautiful life) instead of using that money for gasoline or other expenses needed to find her daughter.
      What Mother while daughter is “missing” does not tell anyone she is missing but rather goes out to dance and party, checks out movies with her then boyfriend and spends the nights at his house without ever telling him (Tony) that Caylee is “missing”.
      casey planned on marrying Tony, but told him nothing about “the little snot nose” (as casey referred to her daughter).
      casey was too busy stealing money from friends and relatives and going out to party to be bothered with even acting like she was looking for her child.
      casey had not bothered to figure out her big lie story . casey had no plans but to hope it would all go away and she could marry Tony, have no children and live her dream life “Bella Vita”
      casey hated her mother more than she loved Caylee (that is what Cindy’s mother said), I believe that is an absolutle and very telling fact
      That is motive for murder.


  43. You people saying Casey is innocent are FOS and deluded. Please joinn her fan club at JB’s Mission. She ain’t walking, so don’t waste your time on your fantasy girl being outside the court after the verdict is delivered and kissing her butt.


    1. Hi Eastwood!! Boy…you ain’t kidding about the fictional world of JB’s Blog. They have become insanely consumed with their theories and they look absolutely CRAZY!


  44. Rob, you might revisit the Scott Peterson case. He is sitting on Death Row. He didn’t get life.

    “She certainly would not make an elite model.” Well duh Rob, how many 5′ 2″ women do you see walking the runway.


  45. Casey’s hatred of Cindy is the 500 lb. gorilla everyone’s NOT ignoring. She loves getting back at Cindy for not allowing Casey to have an abortion, or at least adopt out Caylee. Her “I’ll show you” mentality is ever present and I doubt it will go away even when she’s found guilty. What is it about mothers and daughters and their control issues?


  46. I was very surprised the author thought casey looked much better — I thought she looked absolutely horrible and thought at the time I bet the way she looks now has scared off a few wanna be b/fs She is way too skinny and her bones stick out , I saw no sign of the girl I used to think could look very pretty sometimes. I also thought Cindy looked horrible , haha and unlike the author I thought George still looked the same if not perhaps a little better. And I sure cant even begin to think Jose would tell her not to wear a bra , i think she cared so little and is depressed so didnt even bother, just like she never bothered to wash her hair. But if she is depressed then good – she deserves to be !!


  47. I just went back upthread and read some comments. Why on earth would George or Cindy murder Caylee ????? There is no way – I truly believe they did love her … I dont understand how or why they seemed to stop and take over defending Casey but no way do I believe anyone but Casey killed Caylee !! And why is it that she couldnt have been the murderer, to Cari and toomuchdoubt ? If you can lift your child, which obviously she could then she could carry the dead body a little ways. I truly believe it was a lot of spite that caused casey to murder caylee. I do think Cindy told her she was gonna kick her out and go for custody of Caylee and that was a good part of why casey killed her little girl, so mom couldnt have her ! Remember her, maybe I am a spiteful bitch comment. And to anyone who thinks casey didnt murder caylee, then please tell me how you reason out her not reporting caylee missing ?????? and her story she gives , she either dropped her off between 9-1, which is bullshit, any mother that has ever had a babysitter knows what time she dropped off her child ,….. or the blanshard park story, another bullshit story, like you wouldn`t immediately go to the police , even more so when you know who took her, where they live, and what kind of car they are in. and this person was her friend for 2 or maybe 4 yrs !!!!! length of time depending on what story you want to believe
    And at no time did she want to help the police in any way… in fact she wanted them to search every other place she could think of to send them in the wrong direction. Nope, no way was anyone else responsible for caylees death.


    1. I’m not wild at all about Cindy and George, but i do believe that they loved their little granddaughter. I think that Casey probably used their affection for Caylee as a tool to get what she wanted from them and that maybe at one point Cindy said she was going to take Caylee from her and that triggered the baby’s murder since if Cindy had custody of Caylee, then Casey wouldn’t have control of Cindy. If that happened, Casey might have had to do the unthinkable and go out and get a job and earn her own way in life. What I still don’t get is that I think Cindy and George show up every time Casey is in court to try to get her to notice them (which she doesn’t). Why do these people still want her acknowledgement? If I were them, I’d be out for blood.


    2. Fran,
      I appreciate your comment. One question: Do you know what happened from the ending of that video on June 15th with grandma Cindy to?? Cindy was the last one to actually see her alive, where’s the proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey saw her alive that day and left with her??


  48. Even if Casey was found to be not guilty, which I dont believe is possible but for the sake of arguing, if she isnt, she still isnt gonna walk out of that court room free. There is still many other charges, 4 count of lying to LE, which if I remember correctly have a max of 4 yrs each and she would get the max, her lies to LE are very well documented, then there is the neglect because she didnt act like a mom and report her child missing and I cant remember the time for that charge – so even without my being able to go back and add up the time she can serve for the other charges, she is not walking out of that court a free woman.! That is why they made sure she was charged for them and not just charged with first degree murder


  49. *shrug* still looks like a baby-killer to me.

    Actually her thinner face makes her look even more crazy, soulless eyes, and like she’s a meth-addict to me.


  50. Snipped from above article by Dr. Glass:

    Just read some of the intense fan mail from young male fans who write to her in jail and who have asked to date and marry her. Many have shown how protective they are over her and how they want to take her away to live with them after this “unfair” ordeal is over.
    I read 2 or 3 letters and that was enough for me! Real whack jobs writing Casey! I think reputable attorneys would be able to cull those type of people from the get go!

    After Casey’s trial, I will read this article again.


    1. Yeah and those exact same people would be eliminated in the jury pool.

      These are whackos that are excited by the idea of being connected to a famous murderess… the people picked for KC’s trial will be people who haven’t heard of her…Baez, if he has any sense, will see to that.


  51. Many a convicted murderer is sitting on death row due to circumstantial evidence cases. Casey pretty or not pretty will become a moot point once they show pics and videos of Caylee.


      1. disagree… nipples or not, once they show the photo of the skull with ductape and a heart sticker, KC better kiss her butt goodbye.

        This case is open and shut. No man, nipples or not, is going to be swayed by KC’s beauty (and she “ain’t” that “purty” to begin with – clean up the acne KC and get some soul behind your eyes).

        Nowadays there are plenty of men who have been shafted by a pretty face…we’ll see but I definitely see a 100 percent conviction rate.


  52. AnnTX

    Hello, to answer your question I’ve read most of the documents and have re-read some and have gone over videos of George, Cindy’s Lee’s Casey , etc, etc….Yes! OVer and over again.

    Now, answer this. Why would Kc, if she planned her daughter’s death
    set herself up and place her own dead daughter’s body in her own car? You dont think it’s possible for someone else to set her up? No doubt KC knows, however she’s covering it up as she was put in that place by her own mother….Remember the 911 call when Cindy said FIRST the babysitter stole her? That was planned and she already implicated KC even before she got on that phone…There is no solid evidence YET….

    To answer your question about her lying and taking LE all over the place….When you go over and over her videos and listen carefully she tells a lot of twisted truths. Why? She is covering for the truth of course but some ppl are assuming it’s because she murdered her! No, it just might be because she’s covering for the actual person who is responsible, the one SHE left her with and most likely got blamed for. There is evidence that Cindy saw Caylee alive last, not Casey taking her daughter out of the house. Just because GA said so doesnt make it true, it’s so obvious George is lying, but it’s not for his daughter….


  53. “Toomuchdoubt” (Cindy),
    The good thing about people is that they are hardwired to believe and trust their own family. That devotion explains why someone like Cindy (you) can not see what everyone else does see. Why would Casey have put her dead child in the trunk of the car…? Because she didn’t know what else to do. She felt that you love(d) Caylee “more that her” and she just went into auto pilot. Most of the things Casey did from June-July that year make very little sense. Casey wanted desperately to have a life of her own…but she did not have the tools. All she has known how to do is “be cute”. All the stealing and NOT leaving town is a clear indication that she was too dependent to make her own way. You are correct that her actions are incongruent for a murderer. Consider trying to understand the mindset of Casey who had an inappropriate response to Caylee’s death (probably due to some sort of death from negligence)…doesn’t it make more sense that Casey simply wanted to avoid the truth than this whole zanny-nanny nonsense? If someone was threatening your whole family…and Casey was so concerned for your well-being…why is it now that she won’t even say hello to you in court? It is because she does have a scintilla of guilt (rare for someone with the level of mental issues that she has). She can’t look at you, “toomanydoubts” because she knows that in your heart of hearts you are very upset with her for losing Caylee. You can engage in endless mind-bending “theories” in order to not hate her…but wouldn’t it be best for all involved to embrace the truth? It is ok to accept the truth and still love her. Gary Gilmore’s Mom did the same. Susan Smith’s Mom did the same. Cindy, you can hate what happened without hating Casey. Best.,


      1. toomuchdoubt
        there really is no hope for you is there?
        right, George or Cindy murdered Caylee, then framed Casey whom they are fighting tooth and nail to keep alive.
        What part of your brain is frozen, is it a frontal lobe?
        the “common sense” department?
        Or are you just making a fuss to get a fuss about yourself.
        I find it hard to believe anyone could be so ignorant. More power to you. Baez is looking for the likes of you to sit on his jury.
        so George got tired of babysitting huh and murdered Caylee.
        Or Cindy just killed the baby right after visiting her father in the nursing home.
        (fathers day)
        gee that makes sense, to an idiot!
        All the while casey is out whoring up the town and drinking the night away.
        party on casey, you have clubs and bars all around you there in prison.
        Bella Vita to you too toomuchdoubt


      2. seriously toomuchdoubt
        you have GOT to be stuck on stupid.
        or you are Cindy
        or you just want to get attention.

        casey tried to frame her ex lover Jesse Grund, she also lied he was the father of Caylee.
        Do you actually believe casey would protect anyone,
        casey stole money from her best friend Amy, from her mother and father and from her grandparents, she also stated daddy and brother molested her.
        She is out to protect one person, and that is herself.
        You lack common sense, you lack more than that.


      3. toomuchdoubt

        one thing there is nodoubtabout
        casey would of loved to of had a sucker like you for a friend.
        she would blame Caylee’s murder on you if she could.
        and you’re just the fool to fall into her pot.
        brew and stew all you want toomuchdoubt
        there is littledoubt you are a fool.


  54. My My, it’s laughable when one doesnt agree with the mob. Any intelligent person and there’s many out there knows that one cannot be found guilty of a crime unless they can prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. Emotion will not convict. There is just too many individuals involved in this case along with the screw ups of LE, a known father that is a mystery and no direct link to KC for the murder….The actions alone from the family more so Cindy Anthony’s bizzare attitude thoughout alone will cause reasonable doubt. If one has to resort to name calling because one doesnt go along with the mob only says one thing to me: Grow up,look at this entire picture and it’s clear that something else is missing in this case and that is they either have the wrong Anthony or someone else is involved period! There are too many missing pieces right now for any jury to convict. Now, If I were Cindy why would I implicate myself. What a bunch of inmature fools and open your eyes that this child may not receive the justice she deserves because investigators are going to rely on George Anthony’s lies to convict. They should’ve investigated more into this case and right now they blew it unless there comes out tomorrow a direct link to KC Anthony. Her lies wont convict or else her parents would be charged too..GET IT?


  55. Toomuchdoubt, You are entitled to your opinion. However, a reasonable person would come to a much different conclusion than you do. In May 2011, a jury will decide this horrific case. Let us hope that they will be reasonable people.


  56. Toomuchdoubt
    I can appreciate you calling me a fool after I called you a fool, but that just makes us both calling each other a fool.
    No one is better than another.
    I do want to point out to you, in my opinion “reasonable doubt” is not near as powerful as you think.
    If it was, there would not of been so many inmates released after DNA proved they were innocent.
    A jury of 12 decided these innocent inmates were guilty and had no “reasonable doubt” and convicted innocent people to prison for decades or life or even the death penalty. This happens, as horrible as it is. Do you understand a jury will judge Casey, and they may find no reasonable doubt.
    I find reasonable doubt that Casey murdered her child, I do not find reasonable doubt that Caylee died in the care of her mother Casey. (and actually today I believe Casey murdered her child Caylee for freedom and most of all to get over on her mother Cindy)
    What do you call “reasonable doubt” it can equal so many things, it can equal an alien from outerspace in a spaceship framed Casey .
    Or Roy Kronk actually exposing his part in the murder by finding the remains, lol, ha ha, that is laughable to me
    Roy Kronk didn’t hurt or ever even see Caylee Anthony, but his bitter dying wife wants you to believe something else!
    it can equal Cindy or George murdered their grandaughter then exposed themselves by calling LE throught 911.
    Do you REALLY think George or Cindy murdered their grandchild, they supported her and Casey just to keep an eye on their ever flake lying daughter Casey, they knew Casey was not to be trusted and would steal, but they NEVER in a million years believed the little bad seed Casey would actually murder or not care if she accidently killed her own daughter Caylee.
    reasonable doubt = common sense.
    Common sense tells a jury how to vote and sometimes it is a fact they get it wrong.
    Sometimes they put someone in prison that was innocent.
    Sometimes they let a guilty person free.
    Common sense tells me Casey was the last person with Caylee, but lets wait and watch the trial, there is much more to come.


  57. toomuchdoubt
    one more thing
    the only person I have seen lie and lie and lie again is Casey.
    George and Cindy did not lie in the beginning, but they started to later to protect Casey. They have already lost their grandaughter Caylee, they don’t want to lose Casey too.
    That is when George and Cindy started with their goofy lies
    “it smelled like rotten pizza”
    well just think about it.
    The only one that lies consistantly is the one that has the most to cover up, the one that never did report her daughter missing until her mother Cindy put her on the phone with 911, and toomuchdoubt, did you listen to that phone call? Casey acted like she was a homecoming queen being bothered with such trivial bs as her daughter being missing for 31 days.
    I can appreciate your different take on things toomuchdoubt, and I try to understand, but I can not.
    thanks for your comments though.
    Do remember, jurys i have watched and seen often convict when i felt there was reasonable doubt.
    and FACTS prove that.
    I’m just sayin,, reasonable doubt could be anything, “the devil made me do it”
    “i have 17 personalities”
    “it was a ghost”
    “i slept right through it while i murdered my wife”
    there are so many bizzare claims
    just remember
    COMMON SENSE and it will convict!


  58. I read on weshtv on youtube vid the defense is now saying they have a witness that saw Caylee in a video after her remains were found. The “witness’ says the childs name is Caylee Gonzales and lives in california and Caylee GozaLes is Caylee Anthony and is alive!
    The defense is trying to say DNA from the child’s remains that were discovered in the old “bury your pet hangout where Casey would hang out” is not Caylee.
    So I take it , the defense is now going to dispute all DNA , good luck on that one, Cheney you should of shut that one down, no one has that much money to challange DNA.
    THAT will also backfire.
    I think Baez the clown needs removed, and Cheney too.
    this is so stupid.
    check it out folks
    go to youtube
    type in casey anthony
    type in this week (dec 14)
    and WeshTV has 2 videos as of to date.
    check it out
    i had to listen to the first one twice to believe it
    yep they are saying Caylee Anthony now Caylee Gonzales is alive
    stating DNA IS all wrong!
    well, tax payers of florida are paying
    so lets see
    i dont think so!


  59. Jury’s have convicted innocent people to prison or even death.
    DNA proves the jury was wrong
    so forget reasonable doubt, obviously if a person is innocent there MUST of been “reasonable doubt” but yet the person was convicted by a jury.

    Now the defense for Casey Anthony wants to prove DNA is wrong!
    I can only imagine how much tax dollars that will take from the little ole state of Florida to prove the defense is wrong and DNA is correct.
    oh my
    any and everything to keep the lovely dark locks out of prison .
    it will fail in the end, but i wow to watch this is historical
    i wonder how far they will get before the defense is shut down.
    If DNA is wrong and Caylee is alive, then so many guilty people have been released from prison that it is insane.


  60. And if DNA is wrong and Caylee Marie Anthony is alive and in California and seen on videos after the remains were found.
    Then who is the little female remains thrown blocks from where Casey Anthony lived in the clothes Caylee was wearing in a blanket Caylee had at her Grandmothers house, where did the cloth laundry bag come from that was also missing from the anthony home but found with the remains, where did that duct tape on the remains come from that matched the duct tape in the Anthony’s garage.What child do those remains belong to that died right about the time Caylee Anthony went missing and no other child was named missing at that time.

    JOse, stop with the circus, Cheney needs to tell you to sit down and shut up, though he doesn’t know much better himself until lately.


  61. If Caylee is alive and kidnapped but living in California
    Then who did George, Cindy and Lee cremate and have a memorial for?
    YOu have GOT to see that vid on youtube
    its weshtv
    and it was posted Dec13, 2010
    I think the defense is going to challenge DNA


  62. The video was posted Dec 13th
    it is by “weshtv”
    the title of the video is
    “Tuesday Hearing Planned in Anthony Case”
    in the video they name the witness who claims he saw
    Caylee Marie Anthony now known as Caylee Gonzales in a video Christmas pagent after Caylee Marie Anthonys remains were found.
    The witness’s name is James MacEntire.
    check it out for some c r A z Y


  63. Jude, i hear what you are saying, this entire case is bizzare that is why there is a lot of doubt. They cannot convict KC for lying, and not doing what us good parents might have done. I myself feel she’s guilty but by court of law she isnt right now and there’s no evidence linking her to the murder. Her car was left at her home during that timeframe leaving it open for anyone to place something in that car, it is possible she was setup.George even admitted to that. Casey used Cindy’s car and he had to chase her. So where was KC’s car during that time? Just that statement says a lot, George once again is giving something away or trying to remove himself from? Again, Caylee was at her grandparents home before Casey came home on June 15th.
    If they go with there was a fight and KC killed her out of revenge it will backfire because the neighbors who were deposed were not in that home and cannot say if Caylee was alive at that time or what the fight was about or if it was even between KC and her mother. IT could’ve been about what happened to Caylee upon return from Tony’s? Or could’ve been betweeen GEorge and Cindy , who knows? One thing for sure is Cindy had Caylee last on June 15th, and when they returned home who knows what happened from there? All I know is grandma Cindy has done more lying then anyone else and was the last known person to have her, yet she still walks the streets. Cindy had access to many RX drugs. Who is to say she didnt drug Caylee to get her to sleep and something happened? In photos of the Anthony’s bathroom there were pill bottles
    all over their home. Photos of caylee with the bottles shown in the background so there was drug use in that home by probably all of them. Looking at the grandparents now, it’s obvious especially Cindy are using something.

    It is clear KC was fearful of her mother, it was said on record to many of her friends, and to LE and George was accused of molestation , is a known liar, gambler and he steals also so KC actually looks like a saint compared to her mother and father IMO. I think it’s a family coverup but not too sure it’s KC…I think she might have been set up or was going to be blamed due to her stealing etc which caused her mother to flip out?,,,JMOO, The State better have more and I hope they do.

    I thought 100 percent she is guilty until I saw Cindy throw out Tim Miller and a grandmother who never demanded the killer to be found kind of made herself look like a fool. Her actions during that time only says she knew where Caylee was as Tim was getting too close to finding the answer and KC seemed to have wanted to point it out until her mother stopped it. So what does that tell you? Give me a break, money has always been a motive and that is why there is a hug red flag in this case. Cindy didnt want her to be found because the donations would stop. Look at the actions of Cindy and George and then link that to the searches back in March on the family pc. Money is too much of an issue within that household, and the person who did those searches had money as a motive IMO….George was home that day so they wont be able to prove who didi that also. There is documents that say he was not working in March….I think it’s looking more like someone in that family did it but not too sure it was her mother at this point. It was far too easy to blame her since she is her mother and it looked like she had no care while partying however it is possible that she was carefree because she knew at that time she was safe at her grandparents home….Something happened there obviously since there were many places the dog hit so how can anyone say where Caylee actually died? All are
    assuming it was in the car but why is that? Caylee could’ve died at home which is clear to me and then transported from there to the woods….But again, how can two grandparents not know unless there was a combined effort to cover something up..This is what makes me worry that they might have the wrong A behind jail and this poor baby wont receive justice. She was used as a pawn, plain and simple and it’s clear Cindy knew because she allowed her daughter access to her accounts while they were stalling. No way Cindy didnt know, just no way. And George helped himself and went to the tracks…So? That isnt doubt to you?


  64. Toomuchdoubt
    Thank you for writing your comment.
    I will ponder what you wrote.
    having an open mind is always an asset
    I feel Casey and Casey alone is responsible for the death of
    Caylee, and the parents are guilty of lying to try to cover up for Casey and to also make themselves appear as good parents which is a joke, but I feel that is where their lies come in, trying to make themselves look good for all of the media attention.
    We will find out much more when the trial starts.
    Again, thank you very much for your comments and sharing your opinion.


    1. I may have the same opinion as yours however in a court of law it’s diffrent, there must be proof and a direct link to convict. Every blog or write up on this case attracts the same “Mob” mentality, looks as if the same people actually comment on all the blogs, the same thing over and over but they’re losing sight at what needs to be done and that is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s the burden of the State and right now the State has a problem with what is out there now. IT only points to someone else possibly within that family could be responsible. I appreciate your mature response to my posts…Have a great Christmas and lets keep Caylee in mind during this time which is why we are all involved in this case to begin with and that is justice for her….


  65. Oh for crying out loud! You’re absolutely obsessed with bras and women who don’t wear them. Some women would accuse you of buying into the suppressive, patriarchal symbol of women’s enslavement. Others, like me, would just call you petty. Stick to your specialty, Dr. Glass, and stop the cattiness. You’re better than that.


  66. Disagree, Marcie. Are you kidding me?? You don’t think if a woman wears a bra or not is an issue? Oh let’s see, how would you assess the “effectiveness” of …oh….someone like our Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) if she went around braless or in inappropriate attire? If you are honest, you’d agree that it would be a mistake for her to appear in public with her mammaries out of control. It’s just another aspect of body language …and an important one.


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