Toxic Father Michael Lohan Claims Attack the Night Before He Stalks Lindsay at Courthouse, While Lindsay Speeds Away From Him

The good news about Lindsay being in Betty Ford until January is that she won’t have  to worry about her  Toxic father  Michael stalking her like he did at the courthouse the day she was sentenced to rehab by Judge Elden Fox.

Lindsay arrived looking  professional in a chic black suit with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Trailing begin her  was her enabling   manager mother wearing essentially the same outfit with her hair pulled back in a pony tail as well.

Lindsay seemed happy and in good spirits upon her arrival at the courthouse in Beverly Hills. Her mom was there to support her . Lindsay looked back at her  mom and smiled as   she was several steps ahead of her.  She then  faced straight  ahead, making her way towards the elevator to the third floor to the Judge Fox’s chambers.

Suddenly some high  drama happened. As she  took a few steps  past the  the metal detector,  she turned her head to the left as  soon as she heard  her name being called. She looked and it was the one person she was not interested in seeing. It was her estranged Toxic father, Michael Lohan.  He promptly gave  her a thumbs up sign.

She immediately turned  away and  ignored  him as she sped up her walk towards the elevator . This is the last thing she needed. Michael was the last person she needed to see with everything else that was on her mind.

Dina didn’t notice what happened. Perhaps if she did, she would have enforced her restraining order and had him arrested on the spot.

Poor Lindsay has so much to deal with just getting past her withdrawal symptoms and dealing with trying to be sober.  Seeing Michael so unexpectedly,  after she repeatedly told him to get out of her life is not helping her. In fact it is hurting her. If Michael claims he loves Lindsay so much he needs to leave her alone and get out of her life. She has unplugged from him and does not want hm around her because he is TOXIC! He needs to get that and respect her wishes.

But he is not taking her NO for an answer. This is very disturbing. Michael cannot be trusted. A day before her sentencing Michael claimed that he would no longer be discussing Lindsay publicly. But as soon as she was sentenced he managed to speak to a New Zealand radio station and yap about Lindsay. That illustrates that this man cannot keep his word an has no respect for his daughter or her privacy.

His urge to be famous and to be the star seems much greater a pull for him  than his respect for his own daughter.

It seems that he can’t leave her alone because  he loves the attention and appears to love  himself a whole lot more than he loves and respects Lindsay in my view.

Just the night before Lindsay had to go to court, Michael claimed he was attacked by a man with a pen knife as he  exited his car was going to get cigarettes.  Pleeeez! Look at his alleged wounds. These are not defensive wounds. To me these  superficial wounds are too precise on his neck to be the act of a random attacker.They look  too parallel to one another to look like random wounds. Did Michael put them there?  Did he cut himself in this organized fashion to once again bring attention to himself? Did he call the police and file a false report? Did he refuse medical help because he really knew what he was doing? Was this once again one of his ways to manipulate the press and keep his name out there?

These wounds are not jagged as you would think they would be if someone was moving  and allegedly fighting back as Michael said he was after being attacked. The straight line slices  are to close to one another.  They don’t make sense to me.  If someone came around from the back  of him as he said, why would they put two straight line superficial  slices the side of his neck?  Why wouldn’t they slice the front of his neck at his throat is they were out to attack and kill him?  That would seem to make more sense. And why would they use a tiny insignificant  pen knife?  Why wouldn’t they use a larger knife if they were really  out to hurt him or kill him? If a person is out to attack you it seems they would use a more substantial weapon than a pen knife that one puts on a key chain.

Also what did Michael do to stimulate the attack?  Since nothing happens in a vacuum, did he cut someone off in traffic or shout obscenities at them to make them want to commit bodily harm towards him?  It is odd that a random person who didnt;t rob him or who had no motive would want to kill him for no reason.

If there was a defensive wound on his arm it would be on the back of his arm not on the front in my view. Did he cut himself on the front of his arm as well ? Why would anyone want to  put a knife to him? The fact that he allegedly refused medical treatment is a red flag as well.

If someone cuts you then you go for treatment just to dress the wound so an infection won’t occur. If  a random stranger cut you with a knife, you would have to wonder how sanitary the knife  was that they used. What if they had used the knife on themselves or on  someone else  who had HIV or HEP C and there was a drop of blood on the knife already.

Lohan  said he allegedly fought off the attacker and the attacker ran away. This was obviously his  attempt  to show how tough and macho  he was. Pleeeze!  If someone is intent on attacking you, they would put up a fight as well. Does this sound kike the plot of a B movie ?

How did the alleged attacker look?  Michael has yet to describe them in detail. What was their motive? While there are a lot of homeless people in Santa Monica out on the streets,  most are gentle and harmless. Their aim is not to slice people up.

As Lindsay gets healthier in her treatment program she will be able to see am even  clearer picture of Michael whom I believe is one of the most TOXIC MEN.

While forgiveness may be a good thing in many cases when one is going through treatment, sometimes  forgiveness of someone who continues to casue havoc on your life is a bad thing. Sometimes the only alternative for such a person is to unplug. This is what Lindsay has been doing up until now and I believe it is one of the healthiest things she has done.

I think he has shown what a TOXIC MAN he is time and time again. She has forgiven him  time after time and he still remains abusive hostile, hateful, disrespectful a complete embarrassment to her.

This behavior can never be forgiven for what he has done to his daughter  in the past and continues to do to her in the present. His stalking her and his  not respecting her wishes is the latest example of why he cannot be trusted or forgiven in my view.

He has shown he has little or no character as he hides behind his Born Again Christian routine and AA rhetoric . Abusing people verbally as we have seen him do on the Insider, the  ugly hatred and ugly verbiage that  usually comes out of his mouth, his Judas behavior of betraying people by taping their personal  conversations from Jon Gosselin to his ex fiance, his constant whining and badmouthing of Dina, his contorted pinched, ferret- like nasty facial expression  and hateful body language makes him one of the most TOXIC MEN out there in my view.  

In my latest book Toxic Men 10 WAys of Identifying, Dealing With and Healing From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable which will be out in a few weeks, I say that you don’t have to forgive. You can unplug and never have anything to do with a Toxic Man like Michael Lohan,  if they continue to make your life miserable.

Lindsay needs to heed this advice and never  deal with Michael so she can heal from all the abuse he created in her life and the havoc  he continues to create in her life. To order a copy of TOXIC MEN click the link below



4 thoughts on “Toxic Father Michael Lohan Claims Attack the Night Before He Stalks Lindsay at Courthouse, While Lindsay Speeds Away From Him

  1. Hi Lillian,
    Michael claimed that he received a threatening phone call about an hour before the attack that something was about to happen. Then he is attacked. So in his own words, this wasn’t random, it was someone deliberately trying to hurt him, for some unknown reason.
    He is sooo full of sh*t. Not only are these wounds too uniform, as you pointed out, but they are superficial wounds that barely went thru the first few layers of skin. If someone were trying to hurt you, they would use all of their might and muscles, not the minimum amount of strength required to barely break the skin. These are obviously self-inflicted.
    I knew Michael would stoop to any length for attention, but this is hitting a new low.
    Love your blog and always looking forward for the next one.


  2. I thought that Michael did the New Zealand interview BEFORE Lindsay was sentenced. To his credit he did actually stay quiet after the hearing but Lindsay should be very WARY of him.
    This is the man who was willing to sell/distribute her diary from the Cirque rehab in 07 and even recorded calls he made after Lindsay gave him another chance in August 07 when it became court ordered. Also leaking the private calls from 08.So if he wants another chance he will have to earn it.

    Hopefully after the HORRIBLE year Lindsay has had that she takes this final chance to get better and on February 25th can put this case behind her.


  3. I think that both of her parents are a toxic detriment to her recovery. I believe that the longer she remains away from all of them, the calmer she can be emotionally and learn it is perfectly ok to be alone with herself and not responsible for either of them. In the silence maybe she will be more able to get to the root of why she surrounds herself all the time with packs of destructive people while abusing herself.
    They have failed her as parents, the chaos in her life they have created and the guilt trips they lay on her(under the guise of loving her) are all too familiar to her.
    As adults Dinah and Michael have no right to involve their kids in their messy battles and if they really want what is best for her they would bow out of her life. Let her get well and stop trying to insinuate themselves into her life/career.


    1. Trust me when i say is it guaranteed that Lindsay will not be staying even 1 day past January 3rd.

      She doesn’t even want to be there and only wanted to do 30 days then become an outpatient.


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