Cheating Chilean Miner’s Body Language Shows He Was Conflicted As Lover Greets Him and Wife Is A No Show

When miner Yonni Barrios emerged from the capsule after being rescued from his 70 day stay in a cramped mine shaft, he  actually thought he would be greeted by both his wife of close to three decades and his mistress of a decade.

 There as a great deal of tension seen in his jaw as he was anticipating this awkward reunion where he assumed all would be forgiven and overlooked  simply because he survived.But he was mistaken.

 Only his lover Susana Valenzuela showed up to sob into his neck as she held on to him and hugged him for dear life.

She was there to reputedly kiss him on the lips.

But Yonnie Barrios did not reciprocate her affection . His body language was stiff  as he showed no emotion. In fact he whispered something to Susana which may have been for her to back off with all the hugs and kisses. As a result,  their embrace was quickly  broken and she went into the crowd while Yonnie greeted others and no doubt searched the crowd for his wife.  

His  mind must have been was preoccupied with wondering when his wife 56-year-old Marta Salinas, would now come forward.  But that was not to be the case.


Marta  discovered  that Susana was also holding a vigil for her husband at the Camp Hope site. It was actually  mistress  Susana who broke the news to Marta  that there has been an accident at the mine. Apparently after Marta discovered her husband’s infidelity with Susana,  it was reported that they came to punches and had to be pulled apart.

To make matters worse, as Marta,  the wife started to get involved in his affairs on Camp Hope, Yonnie  instructed teams on the surface to only  deal with his lover Susana instead of his wife.

This no doubt devastated Maria. It must have taken her all of these days to wrap her mind around the situation that she was betrayed  and now discarded.

Then as the day of the rescue approached,  Yonnie asked Marta to greet him at the site. She was prepared to forgive him. She was planning to go, until she heard that he also wanted his mistress Susana there  to greet him as well.


She refused to do so.  She even had some kind f words for him as she managed to tell the press  “I’m happy because he was saved. It’s a miracle from God. But I won’t attend the rescue.”

She let the other woman show up so there would be no problems. In fact the First Lady of Chile applauded her decision.

After the rescue took place, she was once again questioned by the press.  She is quoted as saying: 
‘I’m glad I didn’t go to the mine, it was the correct decision. It would have been wrong if the two of us were there – I have children and grandchildren. That kind of situation wouldn’t have been good for my family, and my sons come first.

Then she  gave him a well deserved zing  by stating  He is crazy and cocky to think I would do such a thing. I have a sense of decency.’

She m also said she would not be visiting him at the hospital. ‘If he wants to see me or talk to me he can come find me. Otherwise we will talk through our lawyers.‘I have his belongings and all these gifts people have sent him – he is welcome to have them.’

She said she is not bitter but had words of wisdom  for her husband and the other miners.

This is historic but soon it will be over to the next thing. People move on – in a few years everyone will have forgotten about this.‘They think they will all be millionaires overnight but it’s not like that. Only the skillful ones will make something from this.’

While Yonnie Barrios may have survived this ordeal as a hero, the real hero is Marta his wife. She serves as an inspiration to all women.

 She will not allow herself to be disrespected or humiliated.  At first, she was willing to forgive. But when she saw that Yonnie  was continuing to be disrespectful towards her,  she could no longer forgive. She is not bitter and  appears ready to move on with her life. She knows what is important in life- her children,  grandchildren and her self respect.


9 thoughts on “Cheating Chilean Miner’s Body Language Shows He Was Conflicted As Lover Greets Him and Wife Is A No Show

  1. I have great respect for Marta! I think she handled this situation with dignity!
    I think that the mistress made a fool of herself by over doing the kiss and hugs! oviously to send Marta a strong message.
    I hope that he realizes what he has before he looses it!! He made himself look like a before the whole world.


  2. Marta
    has class!!
    and my respect! I have a friend that was involved in a 25 year affair with a married chilean man from the united states.
    Alot of men from that country keep mistresses!


  3. I applaued you Marta, no one should have to go through that kind of Humiliation from someone you love. For the mistress she should be of shame of herself for staying and ringing on the parade. I’m glad everyone came out safe from the mines but I hope he pays for what he has done to his wife.


  4. Ah, yes! It is true that miners are a brave breed-this one goes so far with his courage to actually think that his wife would be OK with meeting him alongside the mistress-gutsy and arrogant of him!Wouldn’t that have been a big ego stroke if it had happened…

    Marta is the one to most admire out of this threesome. The mistress? Well, now her face was plastered all over the Chilean landscape-bet she gets some cool to cold to insulting salutations from fellow Chilean women!


  5. Thank you for an excellent post! You are so spot on!
    Marta sets an example for all women to follow! Now there is a great role model for us! She deserves much better than
    what she got from that husband. Who does he think was the one who raised his children, put up with him all these years, and cleaned, cooked, baked and cleaned up after him and his
    children? What a complete jerk, I hope that Marta does not take him back.
    Thank you again, Dr. Glass


  6. oct.15,2010
    he is a sleaze, she is a class act. if he makes money from this, i hope she gets her share for her children and grandchildren. how brazen and cheap of the mistress and how dumb she is to stay with him for 10 years. obviously he did not plan to leave his wife.


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