Armie Hammer’s Portrayal of Both Winklevoss Twins in Social Network Film Shows The Power of Body Language

 After watching the film Social Network, I was most  struck by the physical masculine beauty  and on camera presence of the  two actors who played Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss.

 I was also  extremely impressed with how the  casting agents managed to find not one,  but two of these talented actors to play the two different characters.  I wondered how they were so lucky to find them,  as I waited until the final credits ran to see their names  before I  exited the theatre.


 Then I saw the names  Armie  Hammer  as Cameron Winklevoss and  Josh Pence as Tyler Winklevoss. This confused me.

How could the casting agent find two men who looked exactly alike who had two different last names?, I questioned to myself.  I  wondered if they were related in some way. I imagined they might be  twins who were adopted out  at birth  to two  separate  families,  unbeknownst to them, raised apart and later reunited as teens or adults.

So when I came home from the theatre I went on line and first  looked up Josh Pence. He looked nothing like the character I had seen a few hours earlier in the film.


Then I looked up Armie Hammer and finally understood what happened.



Apparently using the same actor in a film is not a new phenomenon. Hayley Mills played her twin in the original “Parent Trap” in the 1960’s as did Lindsay Lohan in the remake of the film in 1998 where she even danced with herself as a twin.

Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin each back in 1988 played respective twins in “Big Business”  as did Jeremy Irons that same year in the brilliant film “Dead Ringers” where Irons  played twin gynecologists.

Almost 15 years later Nicolas Cage played twins with the same look but two different personalities.

 When Jeremy Irons, Lily Tomlin, Bette Midler, Haley Mills, Lindsay Lohan  or Nicholas Cage  played the two twins you got it  early on in the film that the actors were each playing two roles.



 But in this film Social Network, it was different in that  the actor Armie Hammer was essentially unknown. So it would have been possible to easily assume that there were two identical looking twins playing the role.

 Fincher used a advanced  digital technology now available to film the  Armie Hammer as well as a body double who was  Josh Pence, to have another physical presence in the scene. Later Fincher  digitally added  Armie Hammer’s face to Josh Pence’s body to create the illusion of identical twins. It was brilliant.




What makes Armie Hammer’s  acting performance outstanding is his use of specific body language with each of the two characters.

The different  way he moves, his vocal cadences , and facial expressions makes it so easy two believe that these were two different people on the screen. 

When Armie played Cameron Winklevoss, he played him more uptight and more formal. The formality also came out  in his dialogue. His diction was more precise

When he played Tyler  Winklevoss,  he leaned back and was more laid back. His speech pattern was more fluid and he even used curse words as Tyler’s character.

I think that Armie’s performance was so great that I would easily see him being a contender for best supporting actor at the next Academy Awards ceremony.


In looking at the real Cameron  nd Tyler Winkevosses, they too have patterns which distinguish them  as seen on their Today Show interview.  Cameron seems more straight postured  and in charge as he speaks to Matt Lauer while Tyler is seen more hunched over and more casual.

It is great to see the real story about what happened. I believe that they deserve credit for having a hand in the discovery of Facebook since it was,  after all, their idea that started this phenomenon. They should receive credit and recognition.

Of course one can say that Zukerberg took it to the next level. But who is to say that would not have happened with the Winklevosses?  After all they had a business plan beyond Harvard to have it available for other universities and internationally.  Things evolve.  Who is to say that they couldn’t have done the same thing as Zuckerberg did?

While 65 million dollars would seem like fair compensation to anyone, they claim that the deal,  was undervalued by the information Zuckerberg and his team allegedly presented during the settlement process.

Personally, I think that since it was their idea and if they were not given all of the correct figures, they should be compensated with a large stake in the venture. It is the same thing as a writer having one’s ideas and  information in  a book, screenplay, or song  stolen then seeing  someone else reaping the benefits. It’s  not fair and extremely TOXIC.

Having said that, even though Zukerberg is essentially worth billions of dollars,  these two  very handsome, articulate and well-educated real life twins will do great in life no matter if they get compensated for more money from Facebook  or not.

 They have the whole package looks, brains, and most important of all, they have moral character . Now that everyone knows their hand in Facebook and that it was their brainchild, the sky is the limit for them!


7 thoughts on “Armie Hammer’s Portrayal of Both Winklevoss Twins in Social Network Film Shows The Power of Body Language

  1. Hi Lillian.
    Love your blog.
    Would you please clarify something for me?
    You seem to commend Armie for his wide range in acting ability due to the different body language he uses for each character. Yet I thought that you also implied that it was Josh Pence’s body that was used for the other character with Armie’s head transposed onto that body. Therefor the difference in each characters body language would be due to the fact that they were two different bodies doing each role.
    So, was it Armie’s body in both roles? Or was it just his head in both roles and his body in one role?
    Thank you and always looking forward to your next blog!


    1. Hi Kelly
      Good question. To clarify what went on during the shooting, Armie Hammer and Josh Pense each reversed the scenes with one another so in essence Josh served as the stand in. He was only used when there was a scene that involved Armie touching his twin’s back or having physical contact Josh was used as the stand in so that Josh could act against himself. They digitized the head of Arnie on to Josh for specific scenes where there was supposed to be physical contact between them like the pat on the back instance. I hope that clarifies it better. Thank you.


  2. Thank you Lillian. That makes sense.
    Reading other blogs about the last episode of The Real Housewives of DC, many comments ask for a body language expert to examine Tareq Salahi’s body language as he rides in the limo to the state house dinner. Of course I immediately thought of you. Interested? You can read the requests on blog. (You may delete the website, just wanted you to know where I saw it).
    Again, always looking forward to your next blog.
    Thank you!


  3. This movie was brilliant in its entirety!
    Zuckerberg seems to be an arrogant and spiteful fool who might be suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome.
    The Winklevoss twins are SEXY! But even more sexier is ARMIE HAMMER!! Meow!!! He’s hot hot!
    I think that the Winklevosses and their other friend, Divya N., should have received more than what they settled for. Zuckerberg is a slimy thief and a backstabber! I am glad that his only friend Eduardo won his settlement, but I totally agree with him as quoted in the movie. He should have sued for EVERYTHING!
    Zuckerberg is a slime ball!! Without Eduardo’s money and his algorithm in the beginning, he would have never been able to start this off. Eduardo deserves much more than 5% of shares.

    P.S. Love you blog, Dr. Lillian!! You are awesome!

    (I hope I get to see more of Armie Hammer in future movies… He’s as hot if not hotter than Channing Tatum!!)


  4. The Winklevoss twins don’t deserve nearly as much credit as you give them. An idea is worthless if you don’t execute on it, and while Zuckerberg may have stalled and lied to them they could have done a lot more to make their idea a reality if they really had the ability to execute. In the words of The Social Network, “If you had invented Facebook, you would have invented Facebook”.

    Here in Silicon Valley you gain respect by building great things, not simply coming up with ideas, or being “handsome” and “sexy”, or coming from wealthy families and attending Harvard.

    Moral character? Hardly.


  5. Hello Dr. Lillian, you wrote: ..”it is the same thing as a writer having one’s ideas and information in a book, screenplay, or song stolen then seeing someone else reaping the benefits. It’s not fair and extremely TOXIC…”
    It would seem odd that I should approach you on this however the former struck an internal cord and I wonder: what or how could a little person such as myself, with no financial or local means (canadian living abroad) get someone as “important” as Ms. Winfrey’s attention if it were “felt” that a literary “Work” of mine has been used via Stedman Graham’s office without permission from as far back as 2007 when the Democratic campaign for President Obama was being developed to as recently as Ms. Winfrey’s Feb. issue of O Magazine?
    There is no anger or desire for vindictive action I just would like to know the truth.
    As you may tell, I am not a blogger nor do I use social networks of any sort, I am just at a loss of what else to do: please know that I’ve tried conventional means of communication by phone, email and even a personal visit to Chicago … otherwise my apologies for using your forum to cry on – I’ve enjoyed your feedback about the twins: no doubt, the film was v good.



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