Dr. Lillian Glass Shares Hit Singer Songwriter Calvin Harris’ Feelings About Chris Brown’s “Beat for Beat” Copying of His Song


There is nothing that I find more despicable and TOXIC than a person copying another’s work, especially  when they do word for word copying of someone’s creative efforts.In fact this happened to me as the  author of the book  Toxic People, 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable.

That is why  I am now pursuing legal channels against a woman who  who did word for word copying of my work and  suing her for copyright infringement and for trademark violation in hopes that justice will be served.

So when I heard Scottish singer and songwriter, Calvin Harris  insist  that Chris Brown of  Rhianna beating infamy, remark that Chris Brown stole his  “beat” and in essence,  did” beat for beat “ copying of Harris’ number one hit single “ You’re Not Alone” my ears perked up.

I immediately listened to Calvin Harris’ You’re Not Alone “ which was released in 2009. Click below to listen


I discovered that the song begins as a ballad but at  :47 it begins to have a distinct beat.

Then I listened to Chris Brown’s recent release “Yeah 3X.”Click  below  to listen




After listening to both  songs, my ears immediately  perceived that the beats were identical.

I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. In fact,  musically inclined Perez Hilton  is quoted as saying “ We’re not surprised. We don’t think there is any low that Chris Brown isn’t willing to stoop to, whether it be beating down or stealing a beat!

 In addition,  most of those who made comments on this matter,  on Perez’ blog appear to agree that the two songs sound identical.



After hearing Chris Browns new release, Calvin Harris twittered that he choked on  my cornflakes” as he felt  dumbfounded .

I knew exactly what Calvin  was feeling as he made those comments. When I discovered that this  person  did word for word coping of my work. She  even had the audacity to call  her book the same title as my best selling 1995 book  Toxic People,  I too felt dumbfounded.

No one deserves to take credit and reap financial benefits from work that another has done. I believe that people who take credit for other’s work and do word for word copying of their materials must be exposed . 

I  certainly hope that  singer songwriter Calvin  Harris does whatever he has to do to  preserve his creative rights.  Perhaps he too will pursue the same path  as I did in seeking justice .



3 thoughts on “Dr. Lillian Glass Shares Hit Singer Songwriter Calvin Harris’ Feelings About Chris Brown’s “Beat for Beat” Copying of His Song

  1. Plagiarism in song is fascinating to me. I remember the big case where a record label sued John Fogarty for the “Old Man Down the Road”. They owned Fogarty’s earlier song “Run Through the Jungle”. Those songs WERE extremely similar! Fogarty won, however, and I never quite understood why, because if someone other than Fogarty owned the rights to the song, it was clear that he was indeed “copying himself”.
    As for Harris vs. Brown, it all sounds like Britney Spears to me (although Harris’ song is clearly the better of the two).
    Dr Glass, I think you should rewrite your headline to read: “I choked on my cornflakes too”.

    This is a fun list about lawsuits and music:


  2. How much longer are you going to have to wait for justice on your legal battle with the woman who stole from you? What does she even say about it and how can she continue to keep making money off it? It’s insane. I’m sorry that happened to you.


  3. That beat belongs to neither one, in all honestly why are you blaming Chris Brown. According to most blogs and DJFRANKE, he said that Brown wrote the lyrics and he produced it, now if I’m right, isn’t the producer the one who puts the beats to the song, yes! Also Calvin Harris was saying he was going to file a lawsuit, now he said it would be too costly… I don’t believe that, bottom line is he has no case. As of today Calvin Harris has someone speaking out saying he stole the beat from him. Once again this beat has been around for a while. I think Calvin just wanted that shot of fame for the people that didn’t know of him. Brown has a video shoot in LA, to the song Yeah 3x so it’s apparent that his camp never thought twice about the song… Radio stations are playing a released one… sorry Calvin I don’t agree with you on this one… the sound is that of a few pop starts, dance music.


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