Casey Anthony’s Revamped Body Language With Inconsistent Image- Braless With School Marm Bun- What Happens With Casey Depends on WHO is On The Jury

After not seeing  Casey in the courtroom for quite  some time, there is no doubt that her attorney Jose Baez has been doing a lot of work with his client in terms of getting her body language and her image under control. Gone  are the  unconscionable smirks and smiles. Gone is the ritualistic hair tossing and hair grooming.

No doubt,  Jose insisted that his client wear her hair off of her face,  so she wouldn’t  be tempted to toss  it and play with it all the time. So she wore it in a severe greasy looking bun tied at the back of her head, reminiscent of an oldfashioned prim and proper school marm.

I must say that Casey looked good physically. Her cheekbones and facial  features seemed sculpted, indicating that her weight was back in form, unlike previous times where she may have been munching on too many commissary snacks.

She also appeared   a little  more connected  to what was going on in the courtroom than she  did in the past. She even seemed to focus more often on  the people  who were  speaking and standing in front of Judge Perry, as we see in this photo above.

Even though Jose probably told her time and time again to stop grooming and adjusting her clothing, she still couldn’t seem to stop herself. She still groomed  and adjusted herself  by adjusting her clothes periodically during her courtroom appearance.


While she still lip pursed, the  annoying lip gestures were few and far between. But no matter how hard Jose tried to keep his client in check body language wise there was something major in her facial and body language  that l still leaked out. This is why I always say The body doesnt lie!



When Judge Perry mentioned  the words ” remains of the victimCasey didn’t even bat an eye. It was as though someone said the” weather is  fine”. Her lack of  reaction facially or body language wise,  clearly shows that she is over it. She appears to show no emotional attachment whatsoever to Caylee.

At least she is keeping it real. Gone are the fake and contrived wiping away of non tears when Caylee’s name was mentioned. Caylee is a remote thing of the past  to Casey as as  it is becomes harder and harder to  hard  for her to conjure up any emotion as it relates to Caylee.

While Jose gets points for trying to re-image Casey, he still fails miserably as far as her dress is concerned. There is a lot of disparity and contradiction in the image he wants Casey to put across.

Not to be catty, but she had on one of  her repulsive puffy sleeved hospital  colored  green blouses. This was most likely chosen by her former  non fashion aware death sentence attorney Andrea Lyon as an attempt to make Casey  look more  innocent and sweet in court .

But it did not work.In fact the message that it was intended to portray, was just the opposite. This was especially true  when Casey wore that  puffy sleeved blouse with  either an ill-fitting  bra or what looked like  no bra at all.

Her breasts hung low and her nipples were showing. At first I thought it was  be the dart line of the cut of the blouse that gave this impression.  But then, the  other photo clips I observed  confirmed that it was not the case.

She reminded me of  what we have seen so often in and out of the court room with Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother. Like Casey, Cindy’s  breasts also hung low due to an either ill-fitting bra or her not wearing a bra at all. It certainly  seems to indicate that “the apple certainly doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

Looking at these photo clips it is clear  to me that Casey decided to go braless to perhaps let everyone know she still has some sex appeal going on with her .If it was Jose’s idea that she go braless, it is rather brilliant move on his part.



As far as the defense is concerned,  the sexier and more attractive Casey looks to heterosexual male jurors,  the more the chance they will NOT vote that she get the death sentence or  die with lethal injection. For all we know it can even possibly influence their perception of her  as being  innocent, thereby allowing her to walk freely. While it may be maddening, it is a possible scenario if  jurors aren’t screened with a fine toothed comb.

So what if all the  evidence points to the  direction of guilt ! So what if DNA is discovered  or air samples, or other forensic evidence show  Casey intentionally  killed Caylee!  None of that matters because even though Lady Justice is supposed to be blind, she is not blind.

In fact she may as well remove her blindfolds or cut a hole in he blindfold, exposing one eye as the above cartoon shows, if  there are male jurors on a jury who may be “crushing” on Casey or who may find her sexy or attractive. If they are not properly screened and intensely questioned  there is a good chance there may be no justice for Caylee.

Just read some of the intense fan mail from young male fans who write to her in jail and who have  asked to date and marry her. Many have shown how protective they are over her and how they want to take her away  to live with them after this “unfair” ordeal is over.

This Casey adulation or fantasizing can happen  among jury members as well. This is especially true if they are not properly screened with questions that can weed them out.

Like it or not, studies repeatedly show that the way a   person looks or speaks can influence how a jury perceives them, Those who look good and sound good are often perceived with more positive attributes even of they are not deserved.That means they are also perceived as not being guilty or given more leniency based on their looks.



While it is truly” Baptism by Fire” . Jose Baez has been thrust into the forefront with a national case that may be well over his head. But  as you can see you he has sought out some  of the best people to help him out. No matter what you think of Jose Baez. he  may be inexperienced but he is no dummy.  He knows  the importance of image and perception. He knows it so well that  that he  has enrolled perhaps the best jury selector in the country who wrote the book on the subject.He won’t be able to apy the consultant with state funds, Judge Perry made certain of that.  So Baez  will have to pay him privately.

Being a jury consultant myself, I am well aware of  the jury consultant’s work and have the utmost of respect for him  He knows EXACTLY what to do and what type of jury to chose so that Casey’s guilt  will be questioned or her life will be spared.

It is a shame that the prosecution has decided to forgo using a jury consultant. They do not have the funds to pay such a consultant. And even if a consultant wanted to volunteer to help out, they would reject that as well because they want to treat this case as they treat all their other cases.

Personally I think that is a bad idea  because this case is NOT like other cases. They eyes of the world are on his case. Even if they chose someone local  in Orlando who does not have the savvy and the in depth background or understand the nuances involved and what  it takes to thwart  Baez’s jury consultant’s efforts, they will not  be successful in terms of arriving at the verdict they want in order to get justice for Caylee.


In observing George and Cindy in the courtroom, George continues to chomp away on his gum as though he is watching a baseball game. It is highly disturbing. It shows how crass and disrespectful and classless he is and has been every time he has stepped foot into the courtroom. This is a courtroom where you do not eat, drink, smoke, or chew. I wish Judge Perry would announce that so once and for all George would get the message loud and clear.

While the gum chewing remains the same, gone are Georges “poor me”lip purses and goofy facial contortions. As he looks straight  ahead there seems to be  a different body language  exhibited by George. He sits up straight an looks straight ahead and seems to hang on to every word Judge Perry says.

It seemed when Judge Perry was admonishing Jose Baez for one thing or another George seemed to have a slight smirk on his face  as though he was secretly enjoying it.

Perhaps he has finally emerged from his  perpetual state of denial where he was Casey’s staunchest supporter. Perhaps he got  a dose of reality after she outed him with allegations he  sexually molested  her. Perhaps he is privately rooting for the prosecution in hopes that Casey get what is coming to her for depriving him of his grand- daughter.


Cindy’s body language says the opposite. She was often seen with her head in her hands or her hands covering her mouth. She too knows what went on but is not telling.

I imagine that she will continue to tell anyone who will listen how she still believes Caylee is alive. There is no doubt that her own guilt at letting Casey get away with so much for so long as well as  her guilt of telling Casey she would throw her out and keep Caylee, continues to  weighs heavily on her.

While she may defend and never abandon Casey, Casey has clearly abandoned Cindy and moved on- at least psychologically. As she was leaving the courtroom, she paid no attention to Cindy. Cindy looked on hoping to get some acknowledgment from Casey. But Casey refused to do such a thing.  She obviously still continues to be angry at Cindy for that 911 and blames her for putting her in her current situation.


Toxic Parents of Toxic Children Finally Held Accountable- Suing 4 Year Old For Running Over Elderly Woman With Bike, Who Died, Sends Strong Message

A while back I went to a theme park.  It was less than a pleasant experience based on the level of Toxic behavior  I consistently witnessed by Toxic Children who were undisciplined and allowed to act like wild animals by their Toxic Parents.

The rudeness and lack of consideration for others,  the way so many of these children spoke to their parents,  the fighting, the yelling and screaming, the  pushing and  shoving, and the complete  lack of discipline was rampant.

I was especially appalled when I observed two Toxic Children chasing one another and  crash into an elderly man. He fell to the ground. They saw him fall, yet they  didn’t even  care. They didn’t even stop to see if he was all right, let alone apologize to hum. They just continued chasing one another  and yelling, leaving a possibly injured man in their wake.

On another occasion I saw a pregnant woman who was resting on a bench with her legs outstretched. A rude little boy didn’t  even have the courtesy to say “excuse me” as he approached the woman. Instead he simply hopped over her legs. In doing so, he  tripped and fell on top of her what looked like an eight month pregnant belly. The pregnant woman let out a loud yelp and  the boy simply scurried away.

My first thoughts after observing these two separate incidents was where are the parents? Why are they allowing their children to be unsupervised and even worse, why didn’t they teach them any humanity or  basic manners ?  The lack of  respect and humanity  both angered and saddened me.

So when  NY Justice Wooten  ruled that a four year old can get sued for running over  an elderly lady on her bike with training wheels, I was thrilled.  Apparently, the woman  ended up requiring surgery as a result of this incident for a fractured hip  and later died as a result of the child’s negligence.

The ruling by the judge merely permitted a lawsuit brought against the girl and  another boy as well as their parents by the dead woman’s estate for the incident that happened in April 2009.

The two four year olds, Juliet Breitman and Jacob Kohn,  ( and yes I am stating their names as their names were stated in the press) were racing their bicycles, under the supervision of their mothers, Dana Breitman and Rachel Kohn, on the sidewalk of a building on East 52nd Street in Manhattan.

At some point in the race, they struck an 87-year-old woman named Claire Menagh, who was walking in front of the building on the sidewalk and, according to the complaint, was “seriously and severely injured,” suffering a hip fracture that required surgery. She died three months later.

Her estate sued the children and their mothers, claiming they had acted negligently during the accident.

Justice Wooten rejected a motion to dismiss the case because of the little girl, Juliet’s age, noting that she was three month shy of turning 5 when Ms. Menagh was struck, and thus old enough to be sued.  He said that even though the child’s mother was present,  the child should be held liable.  He wrote , “A parent’s presence alone does not give a reasonable child carte blanche to engage in risky behavior such as running across a street,”

He added that any “reasonably prudent child,” who presumably has been told to look both ways before crossing a street, should know that dashing out without looking is dangerous, with or without a parent there.”

I agree with him wholeheartedly. He went on to conclude that there was no evidence of  the child Juliet’s “lack of intelligence or maturity” or anything to “indicate that another child of similar age and capacity under the circumstances could not have reasonably appreciated the danger of riding a bicycle into an elderly woman.”

I say kudos to the judge. So now the child will have to deal with this matter as well as her mother. How could any mother allow a child to race a bike on a sidewalk in front of a building where people come and go?

Perhaps this  case will send a message to parents  nationwide to teach their children to have respect for others and show humanity.

One only has to wonder if the mothers or their children had the decency to go back and   help this injured woman who was no doubt lying on the ground and suffering in pain as a result of this unconscionable incident. At least this poor woman can now rest in peace knowing that justice will be served.

Toxic Father Michael Lohan Claims Attack the Night Before He Stalks Lindsay at Courthouse, While Lindsay Speeds Away From Him

The good news about Lindsay being in Betty Ford until January is that she won’t have  to worry about her  Toxic father  Michael stalking her like he did at the courthouse the day she was sentenced to rehab by Judge Elden Fox.

Lindsay arrived looking  professional in a chic black suit with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Trailing begin her  was her enabling   manager mother wearing essentially the same outfit with her hair pulled back in a pony tail as well.

Lindsay seemed happy and in good spirits upon her arrival at the courthouse in Beverly Hills. Her mom was there to support her . Lindsay looked back at her  mom and smiled as   she was several steps ahead of her.  She then  faced straight  ahead, making her way towards the elevator to the third floor to the Judge Fox’s chambers.

Suddenly some high  drama happened. As she  took a few steps  past the  the metal detector,  she turned her head to the left as  soon as she heard  her name being called. She looked and it was the one person she was not interested in seeing. It was her estranged Toxic father, Michael Lohan.  He promptly gave  her a thumbs up sign.

She immediately turned  away and  ignored  him as she sped up her walk towards the elevator . This is the last thing she needed. Michael was the last person she needed to see with everything else that was on her mind.

Dina didn’t notice what happened. Perhaps if she did, she would have enforced her restraining order and had him arrested on the spot.

Poor Lindsay has so much to deal with just getting past her withdrawal symptoms and dealing with trying to be sober.  Seeing Michael so unexpectedly,  after she repeatedly told him to get out of her life is not helping her. In fact it is hurting her. If Michael claims he loves Lindsay so much he needs to leave her alone and get out of her life. She has unplugged from him and does not want hm around her because he is TOXIC! He needs to get that and respect her wishes.

But he is not taking her NO for an answer. This is very disturbing. Michael cannot be trusted. A day before her sentencing Michael claimed that he would no longer be discussing Lindsay publicly. But as soon as she was sentenced he managed to speak to a New Zealand radio station and yap about Lindsay. That illustrates that this man cannot keep his word an has no respect for his daughter or her privacy.

His urge to be famous and to be the star seems much greater a pull for him  than his respect for his own daughter.

It seems that he can’t leave her alone because  he loves the attention and appears to love  himself a whole lot more than he loves and respects Lindsay in my view.

Just the night before Lindsay had to go to court, Michael claimed he was attacked by a man with a pen knife as he  exited his car was going to get cigarettes.  Pleeeez! Look at his alleged wounds. These are not defensive wounds. To me these  superficial wounds are too precise on his neck to be the act of a random attacker.They look  too parallel to one another to look like random wounds. Did Michael put them there?  Did he cut himself in this organized fashion to once again bring attention to himself? Did he call the police and file a false report? Did he refuse medical help because he really knew what he was doing? Was this once again one of his ways to manipulate the press and keep his name out there?

These wounds are not jagged as you would think they would be if someone was moving  and allegedly fighting back as Michael said he was after being attacked. The straight line slices  are to close to one another.  They don’t make sense to me.  If someone came around from the back  of him as he said, why would they put two straight line superficial  slices the side of his neck?  Why wouldn’t they slice the front of his neck at his throat is they were out to attack and kill him?  That would seem to make more sense. And why would they use a tiny insignificant  pen knife?  Why wouldn’t they use a larger knife if they were really  out to hurt him or kill him? If a person is out to attack you it seems they would use a more substantial weapon than a pen knife that one puts on a key chain.

Also what did Michael do to stimulate the attack?  Since nothing happens in a vacuum, did he cut someone off in traffic or shout obscenities at them to make them want to commit bodily harm towards him?  It is odd that a random person who didnt;t rob him or who had no motive would want to kill him for no reason.

If there was a defensive wound on his arm it would be on the back of his arm not on the front in my view. Did he cut himself on the front of his arm as well ? Why would anyone want to  put a knife to him? The fact that he allegedly refused medical treatment is a red flag as well.

If someone cuts you then you go for treatment just to dress the wound so an infection won’t occur. If  a random stranger cut you with a knife, you would have to wonder how sanitary the knife  was that they used. What if they had used the knife on themselves or on  someone else  who had HIV or HEP C and there was a drop of blood on the knife already.

Lohan  said he allegedly fought off the attacker and the attacker ran away. This was obviously his  attempt  to show how tough and macho  he was. Pleeeze!  If someone is intent on attacking you, they would put up a fight as well. Does this sound kike the plot of a B movie ?

How did the alleged attacker look?  Michael has yet to describe them in detail. What was their motive? While there are a lot of homeless people in Santa Monica out on the streets,  most are gentle and harmless. Their aim is not to slice people up.

As Lindsay gets healthier in her treatment program she will be able to see am even  clearer picture of Michael whom I believe is one of the most TOXIC MEN.

While forgiveness may be a good thing in many cases when one is going through treatment, sometimes  forgiveness of someone who continues to casue havoc on your life is a bad thing. Sometimes the only alternative for such a person is to unplug. This is what Lindsay has been doing up until now and I believe it is one of the healthiest things she has done.

I think he has shown what a TOXIC MAN he is time and time again. She has forgiven him  time after time and he still remains abusive hostile, hateful, disrespectful a complete embarrassment to her.

This behavior can never be forgiven for what he has done to his daughter  in the past and continues to do to her in the present. His stalking her and his  not respecting her wishes is the latest example of why he cannot be trusted or forgiven in my view.

He has shown he has little or no character as he hides behind his Born Again Christian routine and AA rhetoric . Abusing people verbally as we have seen him do on the Insider, the  ugly hatred and ugly verbiage that  usually comes out of his mouth, his Judas behavior of betraying people by taping their personal  conversations from Jon Gosselin to his ex fiance, his constant whining and badmouthing of Dina, his contorted pinched, ferret- like nasty facial expression  and hateful body language makes him one of the most TOXIC MEN out there in my view.  

In my latest book Toxic Men 10 WAys of Identifying, Dealing With and Healing From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable which will be out in a few weeks, I say that you don’t have to forgive. You can unplug and never have anything to do with a Toxic Man like Michael Lohan,  if they continue to make your life miserable.

Lindsay needs to heed this advice and never  deal with Michael so she can heal from all the abuse he created in her life and the havoc  he continues to create in her life. To order a copy of TOXIC MEN click the link below


Dr. Lillian Glass Says Rush Limbaugh Mistook Obama’s Body Language As Being “Demonic” Instead of “Angry”

Radio talk host Rush Limbaugh may be good at a lot of things but one thing he is evidently not so  good  at  is analyzing the body language- especially the body language  of President Obama.

As he opened his radio program Lindbaugh said . “ These pictures, they look demonic. And I don’t say this lightly,” There are a couple pictures, and the eyes, I’m not saying anything here, but just look,” “It is strange that these pictures would be released … it’s very, very, very strange.”

Rush goes on to say “An American president has never had facial expressions like this,” Limbaugh said. “At least we’ve never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this.”

What Rush has said couldn’t be father from the truth. Of course we have seen an American President show similar  facial expressions.

Bush showed  these similar expressions whe he was President,

Clinton showed it.

Regan showed it.

Carter showed it .

Nixon showed it

And even Abraham Lincoln showed it.

They all showed ANGER! That is exactly  what Obama showed as well.  He did  not show demonic body language  as Rush said.  He showed anger. When a person his angry their eyes narrow and their brow furrows. His  double fist-like gesture showed that he was very angry. We have rarely, if ever,  seen Obama in this extreme of emotional state. But these are extreme times.

For years people have commented on how cool calm and collected Obama is as a President. While most politicians would have let loose emotionally  on one thing or another, President Obama remained  unflappable. There was  usually a steady eye gaze and a soft and neutral  facial expression devoid of  emotion and a calm and measured  vocal tone

Even before he was elected his unflappability is what appealed to many  voters . They thought that a levelheaded   President was what we needed to bring about change during that time.  While voters were initially  impressed with cool as a cucumber demeanor,  as time went on, many  became more and more  annoyed with it.

When Americans were livid about the BP oil spill and what was happening in the gulf, Obama still retained his cool.  Instead of feeling more comforted by his cool approach, most Americans were irritated and upset by it and by him.

In fact his loyal supporter Spike Lee  was outspoken about Obama’s demeanor during the crisis. He told  him publicly that this was the time to “to Lose his cool”.

Well now that he is on the campaign trail for others and for himself,   it seems that he has done a 180 degree turn as far as his demeanor is concerned. He has finally  let loose. Maybe  it took knowing that 63 Democratic Seats in the House of Representatives are in serious  danger,  or that the ObamaCare votes has threatened  many Democrat;s political careers , or that unemployment is up 10 percent or that the national debt is up 3 trillion percent on Obama’s watch.

Maybe it took all of that  to see our President finally emote  some major anger in his facial expression and body language.

This Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano presence  has finally erupted  spewing  forth lava of anger and rage.  Because we have ever seen this intense of a reaction from Obama, it seems scary or out of character, or uncomfortable  to  many.  It certainly is uncomfortable for  Rush,  who labeled it as  very very very strange , demonic or possessed.


Both of Lindsay Lohan’s TOXIC PARENTS Are Stifiling Her Recovery Which May End Up Killing Her

 When someone is trying to rehabilitate themselves and stay focused on their recovery,  the last thing they need is the high drama  of their parent blabbing all over the news media. This back and forth between Dina and Michael  and BOTH of their latest TOXIC  shenanigans can destroy everything Lindsay Lohan is doing on Rehab at Betty Ford.


First, Dina allegedly  tries to sneak a photo crew in to Betty Ford to capitalize off of Lindsay’s rehab. Now she is allegedly trying to shop the first interview when Lindsay gets out of rehab. To me this is revolting! This is a sure-fire formula for Lindsay not healing and  not getting on with her life.  At this point in her rehab  process Lindsay has NOTHING to say in any interview.

She has only been in rehab for a few weeks and needs the solitude and focus to deal with her issues and her demons. Two of those demons are her TOXIC parents and what they have  done to her. She has already allegedly mentioned her father in her rehab sessions(which by the wasy should never have been leaked to anyone). But she has yet to address her mother as far as we know.

 I think that her mother is not acting motherly here. If  she was she would never allow her daughter to  any interviews unless her daughter was well  into her  recovery.

This leads me to question whether Dina actually wants Lindsay  to be in recovery.  As a train wreck Dina can go on camera and go into her denial  about Lindsay as she has done repeatedly. She can continue to  say how Lindsay just falls down a lot and how there is nothing wrong with her. She can continue to blame the media and world for Lindsay’s condition.

One of the reasons Dina is possibly fearful of Lindsay’s recovery is that she may end up losing her cash cow after Lindsay is sober enough to see  through the veil  of her substance abuse. Only then will Lindsay see  how Toxic her mother has been to her and how she has ridden on her coat tails. Going clubbing and partying with Lindsay  was clearly riding on  Lindsay’s coat tails. It was inappropriate to say the least.

If Lindsay recovers,  she will no doubt have the mental and emotional wherewithal to fire her manager mother and get a legitimate manager who has her best interest at heart. She needs someone who can really get her  re-focused as an actress and singer. Lindsay has wasted the best years of her life and really needs someone who knows what they are doing to jump-start her career in the right direction.

No matter how talented an actress is , like it or not,   there is an expiration date as far as far as being a  lead actress goes. So Lindsay needs to keep this in mind as she focuses on her rehab and staying on course.


Michael  Lohan is one of the most Toxic Men out there in my view. Anyone who can sell his friends out by taping their conversations and take nude photos of an ex fiancé and sell them is despicable. Lindsay does NOT want to have anything to do with her father and who can blame her?

I think that this is the best thing she has ever done. No one has poisoned Lindsay’s mind against Michael. Instead, Michael has poisoned the well himself by yapping about Lindsay’s every move.

The latest is thatut was reported that  he wants to go off the wagon and feign a drunken state and show up on the steps of Betty Ford.  He wants to enter into Rehab for the sole purpose of seeing Lindsay and joining her in rehab. He said he will stop at nothing to see Lindsay.

I am sure that he will stop at nothing. If he succeeds and sees Lindsay when she is not ready to see him or  she refuses to see him,  the results can be disastrous.

I don’t even want to imagine how disastrous, but rest assured, Lindsay who has been known to act out self destructively in the past, could do it again, Only this time she may possibly do something that would  end her life forever. And yes, Michael would be the catalyst for that.

She obviously has so much rage towards Michael for a number of reasons and rightfully so. If  she is tormented and pushed by Michael  during these delicate times , I will hold Michael completely responsible for whatever disastrous event  happens to her.

If Michael is so concerned about Lindsay’s wellness, he  needs to back off and butt out.  He needs to stop the back and forth with Dina in the media. This is only hurting Lindsay. If there was no Lindsay in the picture, no one would care about Dina or Michael.

But  unfortunately, Michael’s trash talking and butting out will never happen.  By the look of things,  in my view Michael  seems to love himself and  the press a lot more than he loves his daughter .

My book TOXIC MEN comes out next month from Adams Media and speaks about men like Michael Lohan and what can be done to deal with and heal from them. No doubt this book could definitely help Lindsay deal with Michael. If you would ike to order a copy go to\


Soon Judge Eldon Fox will decide Lindsay’s fate.

Will he sentence her to 60 full days in  jail  for violating her  probation?   Will he let her continue on with her rehab at Betty Ford? Will he find her another facility? Will he sentence her to 60 days and then to a year of rehab and then to a halfway house?  Wouldn’t it be great if he issued a gag order pertaining to Lindsay that NEITHER parent could comment on her in any way? Maybe then she could finally heal  in peace .

Cheating Chilean Miner’s Body Language Shows He Was Conflicted As Lover Greets Him and Wife Is A No Show

When miner Yonni Barrios emerged from the capsule after being rescued from his 70 day stay in a cramped mine shaft, he  actually thought he would be greeted by both his wife of close to three decades and his mistress of a decade.

 There as a great deal of tension seen in his jaw as he was anticipating this awkward reunion where he assumed all would be forgiven and overlooked  simply because he survived.But he was mistaken.

 Only his lover Susana Valenzuela showed up to sob into his neck as she held on to him and hugged him for dear life.

She was there to reputedly kiss him on the lips.

But Yonnie Barrios did not reciprocate her affection . His body language was stiff  as he showed no emotion. In fact he whispered something to Susana which may have been for her to back off with all the hugs and kisses. As a result,  their embrace was quickly  broken and she went into the crowd while Yonnie greeted others and no doubt searched the crowd for his wife.  

His  mind must have been was preoccupied with wondering when his wife 56-year-old Marta Salinas, would now come forward.  But that was not to be the case.


Marta  discovered  that Susana was also holding a vigil for her husband at the Camp Hope site. It was actually  mistress  Susana who broke the news to Marta  that there has been an accident at the mine. Apparently after Marta discovered her husband’s infidelity with Susana,  it was reported that they came to punches and had to be pulled apart.

To make matters worse, as Marta,  the wife started to get involved in his affairs on Camp Hope, Yonnie  instructed teams on the surface to only  deal with his lover Susana instead of his wife.

This no doubt devastated Maria. It must have taken her all of these days to wrap her mind around the situation that she was betrayed  and now discarded.

Then as the day of the rescue approached,  Yonnie asked Marta to greet him at the site. She was prepared to forgive him. She was planning to go, until she heard that he also wanted his mistress Susana there  to greet him as well.


She refused to do so.  She even had some kind f words for him as she managed to tell the press  “I’m happy because he was saved. It’s a miracle from God. But I won’t attend the rescue.”

She let the other woman show up so there would be no problems. In fact the First Lady of Chile applauded her decision.

After the rescue took place, she was once again questioned by the press.  She is quoted as saying: 
‘I’m glad I didn’t go to the mine, it was the correct decision. It would have been wrong if the two of us were there – I have children and grandchildren. That kind of situation wouldn’t have been good for my family, and my sons come first.

Then she  gave him a well deserved zing  by stating  He is crazy and cocky to think I would do such a thing. I have a sense of decency.’

She m also said she would not be visiting him at the hospital. ‘If he wants to see me or talk to me he can come find me. Otherwise we will talk through our lawyers.‘I have his belongings and all these gifts people have sent him – he is welcome to have them.’

She said she is not bitter but had words of wisdom  for her husband and the other miners.

This is historic but soon it will be over to the next thing. People move on – in a few years everyone will have forgotten about this.‘They think they will all be millionaires overnight but it’s not like that. Only the skillful ones will make something from this.’

While Yonnie Barrios may have survived this ordeal as a hero, the real hero is Marta his wife. She serves as an inspiration to all women.

 She will not allow herself to be disrespected or humiliated.  At first, she was willing to forgive. But when she saw that Yonnie  was continuing to be disrespectful towards her,  she could no longer forgive. She is not bitter and  appears ready to move on with her life. She knows what is important in life- her children,  grandchildren and her self respect.

Does Tiffany Hartley’s Body Language, Facial and Vocal Tells Indicate Deception?


With the illegal immigration issues and anti-Mexican sentiment  that is prevalent  in so many  US border communities, the news story of Tiffany Hartwell,  who alleges her husband was shot in the head by some Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake,  seems to have  hit a nerve.

It  generates the fear that if you go into Mexico you may not come out alive. In fact Texas Governor Richard  Perry has even rallied behind the incident.  Jane Velez Mitchell even went so far as calling the woman a “hero.”

But in my view I see nothing heroic about this woman. In fact what I see are many signals of deception in her body language  and communication patterns that I  find disturbing.

While  there  been reports of Mexican pirates in the past, they   were all unharmed as the intention of the pirates  were all about robbery, not shooting for sport.


The shoulder shrugs, lip licking, like um and ums, monotone,  verbal inconsistencies in her story and choice of words make me question what really happened to her husband.

In her  911 call, she is asked if she is sure her husband has been shot, She said “yes in his head .But she doesn’t go on to elaborate about him- the alleged victim. She doesn’t say that  he was bleeding or incapacitated, which would happen if someone was in the head. Instead, she provides herself with an excuse or an alibi for his non survival and for her actions  by saying she is too weak to pull his body unto her Jet Ski. She was forced to abandon him there.

When something tragic happens to someone, you focus  on the person, not on yourself and what you did in the incident, unless you are perhaps involved in the incident.

Also how did she abandon him? Did she abandon him as he was frantically paddling in the water? Did he go underwater and drown? If a person is shot in the head as she said, especially with an assault weapon, brain damage would likely occur and the person may become unconscious and sink to the bottom of the lake.


When I saw the initial ABC interview of Tiffany Hartley it left me with a very  negative feeling and here is why.

The ABC interviewer says  to Tiffany that one of the reasons Mexican authorities aren’t helping her is because they don’t believe her- that they didn’t find a body or a jet ski and don’t even think there is a body.

Then she looks away and says that she can understand it from their point of  view  and has to put herself in their point of view to see how they could think that . WHAT???? There is no point of view if someone you love has been shot.

The fact that she stuck out her tongue and did some lip licking as she said this is a signal of deception in my view.

Her monotone voice as she said this was also disturbing.Then there is a HUGE signal of deception.

She looks down and shakes her head as she says It’s not only to immediately contradict herelf and say It is  true He is over there ( as she licks her lips while looking down) and I know the pirates or whoever did this (shakes her head NO) did this have him.

Wait a minute! How does she know the   pirates have him if   she abandoned him in the lake as she said she did because  was too small to get him on her jet ski? Also her saying  whoever did this may possibly reveal that someone else did this. Was that someone whoever did this -Tiffany?

Now here is where it really gets suspicious body language wise, voice and speech  pattern wise. Oftentimes and overly  defensive tone or righteous indignation indicate deception. This  was evident as she leans her body back and in a defensive tone says I would never think about hurting my husband said in a monotone as we suddenly see her  jaw move in a chewing motion as though she is causally chewing gum ! When you see this sudden type  of jaw movement it is often a signal of deception.

Then she asks  the rhetoric question “Why would I do this? as she leans back shrugs her shoulder and dies off in volume at the end of the sentence. This is a clear signal of deception. Oftentimes when one asks a question like this in a defensive tone, it usually indicates deception.


A week  after Tiffany called 911 and said she abandoned her husband because  he was too heavy for her to get up on her jet skis he now says I do believe they have him and they are hiding him WHAT?????  How would she know this if she allegedly abandoned him in the lake as she initially said  she did.

When asked about damage to the jet skis, she reports on the show that  there were no bullets on her jet ski. This was  too much information and often indicates deception.

Besides the defensive tone, the like um’s peppered throughout her speech, monotone devoid of emotion, faux tears and lip licking  were  major  giveaways throughout the interview that did not instill confidence as to whether or not she was telling the truth.


Tiffany is supposed to be talking about the alleged tragedy to that occurred to Fox and Friends but manages tell Gretchen Carlson that her show was  her husbands favorite show and how he watched it every morning. That is rather inappropriate considering the circumstances.She immediately became star struck.


Now we really see Tiffany all spruced up at her press conference. She clearly seemed to be enjoying all of her new-found attention. As  she defensively  says I know what I  saw,  we see her tell-tale tongue protrusion.

Then she says that people don’t know how it feels to see a barrel of a gun  pointed at you.WHAT??? This is the first time we heard about a barrel of a gun pointed at her. How could she be so close to seeing  a barrel of a gun – an assault weapon as she first described without being shot herself. Didn’t she say that her husband was on  his  jet ski when he was shot in the head- in the back of the head?

As she says this you see  her looking down and you see a shoulder shrug which is indicative of deception.

How could he see a barrel of a gun if the gun was pointed at her husbands back of his head?  And speaking of head, why did she point to the front  of her own head in one of the many  interviews she gave when describing where her husband was shot.

Why didn’t she point to the back of her own head instead of pointing to the front? Could it be that her husband was shot  in the front of his head and not the back as she initially reported? Could it be that she was possibly the shooter and not the alleged pirates or teenagers or whomever has him?

Then as she says she is there to honor her husband, we see her leak out an interesting signal of deception. She shakes he head NO in the negative while she says this. Is she really there to honor  her husband orto honor her own 15 more minutes of fame?


I also don’t  buy into the fact that there was an alleged eye witness who has now come forward with the  claim he saw the man’s panicked wife as she fled to the American side of the lake. He doesn’t say that he saw  the man who was allegedly shot.He doesn’t say that he saw exactly what happened. And how close was he to her in order to see her teaars and sobbing?

He said “ The way I saw her come around it looked like something terribly wrong happened. I mean, she was jittery, frantic. … She was crying, sobbing.”

Why was she crying an sobbing? Was she crying and sobbing because she hd just killed her husband and life as she knew it was now over?   The fact that the witness spoke in shadow and with voice alteration to avoid identification because he said he feared for his life is also disturbing to me.



If someone has nothing to hide they will not only insist on taking a polygraph. they will even offer up blood or hair samples. So the fact that she uses the word “may” and is hesitant is cause for concern. There are  so many inconsistencies in her story that a  polygraph test  test could validate.

But we  don’t need a polygraph test to confirm that something doesn’t seem  right here. www.