How Many More Mug Shots of Lindsay Lohan Will We See Now That She Has Been Bailed Out of Jail? Lohan’s Parents A Huge Part of her Problem

When you look at the above composite compiled by TMZ  of Lindsay Lohan’s current  mug shot and the shots  from days gone by, we  cannot help but wonder when we will see more  mug shots  of her.  While Lindsay has  now gone to an appeals court which granted her  bail to get  out of jail for 300,000 dollars until her sentencing on Octber 27th.

I believe that  until she works out her inner demons that have a lot to do with her mom and dad issues, we will most likely see more of these unflattering headshots of her,  with her eyes gazing upwards as she looks directly at the jail camera lens.

And please don’t say that she is now an adult  and shouldn’t blame her parents.  I say until she works out her deep-rooted issues that involve a hostile and betraying father and an enabling mother, who both try to eek out yet another 15  minutes of  camera time and fame on her coat tails , Lindsay will continue to spiral down the path of self-destruction.

Maybe the fact she initially received no bail and was  sent directly to jail sent her a clear message. Maybe she will be grateful now that she has a few weeks of freedom. On the other hand her reaction may be the complete opposite.

Lindsay has been told that as  part of the conditions  of her being  bailed out, she  is  not  allowed to be in bars or clubs, she will be  subjected to random drug  searches  and tests, and that she wear  a SCRAM bracelet. If he violates any of these rules she goes back into her cell.

Apparently Lindsay has told her friends that she needs to  be in rehab- not jail. So she may very well attempt to prove that point and mess up once again so that the judge will send her to rehab and not jai the next go around. For Lindsay’s sake I hope that is not the case because her distorted  thinking will backfire on her.She will be  back in jail sooner than she thinks and for much longer this time around.


I happen to know Judge Eldon Fox, of  the Beverly Hills Superior Court who sentenced Lindsay  to jail without bail . I think he did the right thing. She not only broke the law once but twice with a dirty drug tests.

A week ago  it was reported throughout the  news  that while Lindsay was driving her car, she  clipped a baby stroller  with the baby in it. She drove away and the baby was unharmed. But what if her reaction time and driving abilities ares so distorted because of her drug use that she ends up seriously hurting someone while she is behind the wheel?

Just for that reason alone,  I think Judge Fox made the correct decision to take Lindsay off the streets and put her away for her own safety and the safety of others. Perhaps in the time she would have been  jail awaiting her sentencing, she would have been at least  30 days off drugs and alcohol and cocaine and more clear-headed to deal with her future. No doubt he would have then most likely sentenced her to rehab only.

But now that he will be sentencing her next month , I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes her serve the entire 60 days, If she can get more than 60 days,  hopefully he will give her the maximum sentence. This would show her that she can’t manipulate the system no matter who she is.  I also hope  that he  sentences her to a year of rehab that she has to pay for it out of her own funds.

I hope that  Lindsay takes this golden opportunity to really straighten out her life once and for all. She needs time to do that. I hope she doesn’t get to skirt the system like she has done in the past just because of her celebrity status. If so, it will destroy her in the end.


Why is Lindsay s special?  In such  a crowded system, why was her appeal heard  so quickly when anyone else would have sat in jail for days if not weeks  until they were get free on bail?

Why did Lindsay get such special treatment? She has not developed a cure for cancer, She did not give her time and effort to raising finds for a charity to help others. She has done  NOTHING of value on this earth as an adult. Only when she was a child she starred in a remake of Parent Trap and a film called Freaky Friday where she sang a tune.

She was an animated  red-headed,   freckled-faced   kid who’s pushy mom got her into show business. That is it!   She had talent, but so do a lot of other kids who weren’t lucky enough to be chosen for  the role. The films were moneymakers but they would have been moneymakers whether Lindsay starred in them or not. Case in point is that the  original Parent Trap made a star out of Haley Mills. Freaky Friday was such a cool concept of a parent and child changing roles that any singing teen  could have become its breakout star.

Having worked with some of the world’s best actors and actresses I am not overly impressed with Lindsay because I have not seen enough of her work as an adult actress. As a child actress she was  animated and could  deliver the right emotions to  the role. So can other young actresses.  But Lindsay was made  popular by the press because of all of her off screen behaviors, drug use and   her TOXIC family members. She is NOT known for being a  great actress who can deliver her skills to any role.


Word has it that the producers of her Linda Lovelace film will wait around until Lindsay is available  for the film , This is in order for  them to  reap the spoils off of the enormous PR she will get after her release from jail, rehab, or both.  There are hundreds of actresses who could do justice to the role but they are waiting for Lindsay only because people will be curious to see Lindsay’s work after her jail term.

In all honesty, who cares about an unglamorous,  former porn with a troubled life. who  was  known for having oral sex in a movie called Deep Throat some  4o years ago? Back in the day oral sex and deep throating may have been a big deal. Today it’s old news thanks to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Without the big studios  behind the film,  audiences who  simply don’t care about Lindsay or are fed up with her and her shenanigans, and those with a strong religious conviction who would never want to see a film about a porn star, one doubts how successful the film will be in the end.

Also this is not a great career move if Lindsay wants to resurrect her reputation or her career. On the other hand this may be her only option since she is uninsurable  for other films and no one want to take a risk with her.


Lindsay’s  father Michael Lohan’ behavior  was egregious as  he spoke to reporters  while Lindsay skirted off to jail .  His  angrily yapping and  shouting out hostile threats  to Lindsay’s Lawyer  like there was some sort of  a showdown was appalling.

This time instead of bringing his  lawyer Lisa Bloom  to court as a prop, he  now had another prop- a  clown of a minister whom he paraded in front of  the cameras. It was like watching a bad actor playing a badly cast  minister in a bad movie of the week or in a bad episode of Jerry Springer.

This TOXIC MAN will stop at nothing to get press and to get in front of cameras as she uses his daughter as the vehicle to do so. No wonder, as esteemed television  reporter Jim Moret revealed , Lindsay walked by Michael Lohan  and ignored her father  as he said the words “I love you” to her.

What doesn’t Michale  understand about Lindsay’s not wanting anything to do with him?  Having zero to do with him is the best thing she is doing in my view. However, she has apparently taken all of her  inner anger  that she harbors towards her repulsive and disgusting father and turned it inwards.

Normally I believe that it is a good thing to heal all kinds of rifts, especially those involving ones parents.  But when ultimate betrayal has taken place,  like a parent sharing your personal information in the form of secretly  audiotaping  your personal  conversations and sharing them with the world,  the rift can NEVER be healed. That TOXIC person must be  out of your life forever!

I hope that Lindsay never lets her father near her under any circumstances, especially if  she gets off of drugs and alcohol. What he has done to her is unforgivable. He may end up trying to regain her confidences only to tape record his  conversations with her  and sell those tapes to the press  to make some money. He has done this to so many people in the past. Who is to say he won’t do it in the future?  Lindsay does not need to interact with him to find out the answer.


Besides her Toxic dad, her Toxic and  enabling mother who thinks everyone is wrong except for Lindsay should be out of Lindsay’s life if Lindsay finally gets well.

Dina Lohan has been riding  on Lindsay’s coat tails for years, to get some fame of her own .No doubt she tried to put that deal together for  her and Lindsay to do a national radio show. It was done for  her own good, not Lindsay’s good. Neither of them has the ability or bring anything to the table. So it would just be for PR sake. Once again, it is yet another parent (under the guise of manager)  making  money off  their  daughter and using  her  like they have done her entire life.

Hopefully as Lindsay gets sober , she will clearly see Dina’s negative role in her life and not allow her in her life to run her career or her businesses.


The bottom line is that all the rehab in the world isn’t going to help Lindsay until she gets to the root of her issues Mom and Dad.If not, she will continue to relapse and have mug shots of her arrests taken over and over , until it will be too late

Fulfilling every day of her up coming jail sentence along with a year of rehab and a year at sober living facility with NO contact with her mom or dad could finally straighten Lindsay out. Look at how well Redmond O’Neil is doing now that he is away from his dad and is not permitted  around him. The same thing could happen for Lindsay.

She would learn to respect herself and serve as role model to others. She would let people know that you have to unplug or  cut anyone from your life who uses or abuses you even if they happen to be  your parent.

So she is free for now. On Oct 27th she will be sentenced . I hope she gets the full 30 days for each crime- 60 days  if not more and doesn’t  get out for any good behavior or for  time served. I also hope she in the general population where she gets  a dose of reality.

When she does go into rehab and hopefully a sober living home, she  needs to have a restraining order against her father and mother  so that they  don not speak of her publicly and try to make money from her. Personally I think every media outlet should boycott Michael Lohan and Dina and  never allow him any face time because they are the main reasons she is such a mental mess.


instead of focusing on Lindsay as her meal ticket, Dina needs to find her own way in life and focus on doing something constructive that doesn’t involve her kids. She also needs to send Ali  back to school to get a real eduction and not continue with her bogus home schooling. She needs to do it asap so Ali doesn’t end up like Lindsay.

And Dina  also needs to get a reality check when it comes to Ali.

Ali  is an OK looking girl, average,  not  pretty,  but OK. She   looks out-of-place  and awkward   as a 16-year-old when dressed  up in Lindsay’s freebie designer clothes and makeup. She has nothing to bring to the table- no education, no brilliance, and no overwhelming acting talent and no spectacular singing ability.

She is simply OK and  OK does not cut it in Hollywood.  I am not  being  mean, but Ali doesn’t stand a chance in the competitive world of show business looks wise or talent-wise . There are too many others who surpass her and Dina needs to spare this child  emotional trauma.

If she was a good singer she would have already been  signed to label, cut some hit songs,  and gone on tour. InsteAd, I believe she needs to go to school and find something to do with her life other Than show business  and trying to follow in Lindsay’s footsteps as a child star. It’s too late.

Lindsay was at the right place at the right time with the right child’s  look  in the right roles . She grew into a very attractive young lady who had a shot at stardom in her transition from child actress to adult actress.

But that  window is short-lived as any non working actress,  who was once an always working 20 something actress,  will tell you. Lindsay has wasted away a large part of that crucial window of time, where the momentum could  carry her from one role to another.

At the press conference, Lindsay’s sickening father mouthed the AA rhetoric of  people,  places and things. As far as the people part goes, he is clearly one of those people whom I believe Lindsay should  never allow into her  life is she if she  to heal. There is no hope for him in my view.

His issues seem to involve  serious character flaws that are scary and dangerous -from his violence verbal and physical,  to his secretly betraying others by taping them or taking nude  photos of them while they are sleeping like he did to his former fiance Kate Majors.

Dina is also one of those people Michael mentioned, who Lindsay needs to stay clear of , if she finally heals.

The bottom line is that unless Lindsay gets some great therapy to deal with her underlying pain involving her  mom and dad issues to along with her rehab she  is doomed.

If not, we can expect to see more photos in the  gallery of Lindsay’s mug shoots


4 thoughts on “How Many More Mug Shots of Lindsay Lohan Will We See Now That She Has Been Bailed Out of Jail? Lohan’s Parents A Huge Part of her Problem

  1. The Judge had to either set bail for her or sentence her for failing the drug test and he did neither.
    When she is sentenced to at least 30 days on Oct 22nd she won’t be in the general population and thankfully won’t be serving anywhere near the full sentence.
    I agree with everything you said about Michael Lohan what on earth was he thinking even turning up to the hearing and then bringing a “preacher”.
    He just needs to leave Lindsay alone.


    1. You are probably correct. TMZ reported it as being Lindsay. In any event if it is her sister she has aged tremendously with the bags under her eyes. The whole situation is so sad as no one wants to see someone go down the road of self destruction.


  2. Interesting letter from Paul Petersen to the handlers of Lindsey Lohan:

    Our Offer Still Stands
    September 29, 2010

    In July 2007, we publicly expressed our desire to help kid stars that are in trouble. Here’s the Link:“. That’s 39 months ago!

    For us, this cohort of former kid stars who have traveled the Recovery Road, nothing has changed. Our success rate in returning “kid stars” to health is without equal.

    The Press, which makes tons of money off ‘kids gone bad,’ reports that Lindsay Lohan is again in Rehab. But they do not speculate as to whether this woman-child is in the right Rehab.

    Here’s our question to Lindsay’s parents and her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, “Why isn’t she with US? Why do you pursue failure?

    We at AMC do not return former kid stars to health and stability just to send them back into the very world that made them ill in the first place. Is that why the people closest to Lindsay don’t call on us? Is the income more important than the individual?

    Our Rehab facility is private, well-off the beaten path, remote from prying eyes, and a very dangerous place for paparazzi and strangers alike. Anyone who threatens the person in our care is going to bump up against the 2nd Amendment…guaranteed.

    We’re half the cost and twice as effective. So, why are those surrounding Lindsay Lohan…lawyers, parents, friends and managers…so afraid of making contact with us?


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