Ocotomom’s Body Language Sends a Double Message As She Shows Considerable Cleavage But Is Appalled About Being Asked to Do A PornTape.


If you showed the above photo to 100 people and asked “Does the person in this photo look like a  porn star, a large percent may very well answer  “yes. ” They would answer ” yes” because physically the person in this photo above fits the profile of ladies who may be porn stars attractive, toned figure, large breasts, good makeup,  long lashes, and wear a lot of low cleavage showing outfits.

But the photo is not the photo of a porn star(yet). It is  Nadya Suleman known as  who practically  beard her breasts for all to see with her very low cut cleavage enhancing top as she speaks to TMZ about how she will be kicked out of her home.

In the above photo we see Nadya in an interview  with RadarOnline where she  flaunts her cleavage and sticks out her chest for all to see in a provocative pose. She says she   worries 24 hours a day that she can’ t pay her mortgage  and that she is destitute. Yet  her facial expression doesn’t show a person who is too worried about her future as to  whether  or not she can pay her bills.


Then  Nadya is asked how  long will she be able to  last financially. She gives a sly smile and looks down. To me that is a clear signal of deception. Nadya knows exactly what she is doing . She is trying to get everyone to feel pity for her so someone will step up to the plate and help her out. The photo leaks out what she is really trying to do in these sudden interviews.

She flips her hair which is a huge signal of deception. She clearly knows her intentions in doing these interviews  with the popular TMZ and RadarOnline. It is to get people to rally for her and step up to the plate to make a donation  so she won’t  be homeless.

Then Nadya gets a case of the itchy scratchies. When people suddenly scratch after they said something like they are destitute when  in fact they are really not destitute , their autonomic nervous system will get their blood vessels to expand. This  in turn creates an itching sensation. Nadya also cocks her head to the side which is  a signal of being coy and also a signal of deception.

Then Nadya is asked about the 500,000 dollar offer from Vivid to make a porn film for an hour of her time. She makes a face as though she was going to throw up. Now here is a person who has no qualms about practically bearing her entire breasts publicly, yet  she wants  to give the impression that she is so offended by this offer.

But why would she act so offended? After all, the people at Vivid  are the people who have stepped up to the plate to save the day so her children wont be homeless or live under a bridge as she says.

Finally the truth comes out! There is righteous indignation which is often a signal of deception as she leans forward and leaks out a smile. She says that she finds it ironic that a PORN company film her  would want to film her naked   showing her naked breasts and privates having sex on camera for an hour when she has been celibate for 11 years.

Personally I think she is more upset that she has not been in a relationship with anyone for all of those years and that she has not had sex in close to a decade. Perhaps doing this porn film might kill three birds with one stone. 

 1) It will finally give her the opportunity to have the sex she misses  and caves after being celibate  for all those years  .

2)  It will allow her to pay her  bills so her kids  be homeless .

3)  And finally it will give her the attention she craves  in showing off her body.

No one dresses with such low cleavage and  in such tight-fitting tops, short skirts, and form-fitting pants,  unless  they want to show off their body. So by doing the film Nadya can carry out all three of her basic needs.

In this photo we see a wide eyed Nadya with a manipulative Cheshire cat grin as she tells that she still has some money for a little while because she borrowed some. She says  that it will last her a month. She then tells how long it will take for the foreclosure to go into  effect which is several months n by that tine she will hope to have money to pay her mortgage.

In essence she  she is   trolling for a handout  from a public  savior   as she attempts to garner public sympathy. She says how she never wants to go on welfare and will only do so if she has to live under a bridge with her kids. These words are the words to conger up an image of a poor helpless creäture with 14 kids braving the elements without a home. She is expecting someone to  save her from the potential of her  living  under a brige with her kids , so she doesn’t have to go on welfare or do porn.

With her head bowed and eyebrows raised Nadya  knows exactly what she is doing. She is playing cat and mouse and toying with the public’s sympathy.

Nadya has done nothing more than try to manipulate public sympathy as she even dragged one of the babies into the fray by holding the poor child,  who may one day be living under a bridge with her.

Now we see her signal of deception as she licks her lips and ends up giving her raucous nervous laugh   when she is asked about her book which she is writing.  She tries to show what a dedicated mother she is and how she writes the book only when the kids are napping or asleep for the night. If she is writing a book she must have received an advance for th book. Where is that money? Why doesn’t she use it to pay her mortgage? If she doesn;t have a book deaal, why doesn’t her attorney get her a deal?

From th length of her eye lashes, she has obviously spent some of the borrowed money she has spoken about on a product to  increase lash growth or used the money to purchase  a pair of false lashes. She has spent that money on manicures and makeup. So now she is indirectly asking everyone for a handout.  asking them to pitch .She is subtley asking them to pitch in to help the kids.

I find this disgusting. Instead of begging the public,  she needs to be begging a production company to film her kids. She needs to get a company like TLC behind her.

She once said publicly that she wouldn’t put her kids on TV because  she believe that was abuse. Well I think it is abuse  to have your kids living under a bridge. She made this  comment  to both TMZ and Radaronline. She needs to get her attorney to speak to every single TV venue and beg them to put her on  the air like they did with Kate Gosselin.

Kate will never be living under a bridge. In fact because of TLC she is probably able to buy the bridge. Nadya needs to follow suit and take Kate’s  example. At least Nadya wouldnt be abusing a husband if she had a show like Kate did.

 If people are already watching one emotional self absorbed mess-  Kate Gosselin, why not watch another self absorbed  emotional mess-Nayda the Octomom.  Her kids are still young and  ther eis an audience for people who like watching the babies  grow like they watched the Gosselin babies grow.

And if Nadya is so adamant  about not putting her children on camera then she needs to buck up and  put her  naked body on camera  where she can make the 500, ooo  dollars so the the kids can have a home. There is nothing shameful about that in light of her predicament. What is more shameful than doing porn is sounding like a poor me victim and trying to manipulate the public for money. By finally getting naked  and doing the porn film, Nadya can  satisfy her need for exhibitionism as well as her need for sex,  once and for all. www.drlillianglass.com


15 thoughts on “Ocotomom’s Body Language Sends a Double Message As She Shows Considerable Cleavage But Is Appalled About Being Asked to Do A PornTape.

  1. Hi,
    I’m so sick of people like this getting attention with television shows or reality whatever.
    People with zero talent, no reason in the world they should be even in the news. I don’t understand it? I don’t understand why the world is so interested in these losers? Bad marriages, bad parents, divorce, money problems, etc.. etc.. I don’t get it?
    I’ve spent the better part of my life trying to be a good husband and father. My wife is beautiful, my kids are beautiful, I’m not a bad looking guy. I’m broke and having a hard time with the bills. Maybe I can get a television show!?
    I was even a local musician for many years, hell, I’m sure I could end up with a hit tv reality show! lmao
    Maybe someone will give my family a house and I can move out of this apartment I can barely afford? My story is no different than a million others. I just don’t get it? What happened to the days of real television entertainment? Back when you turned on the tv to sorta escape from the daily struggles. Family entertainment tv, variety shows, comedy sitcoms? What is so interesting about a deranged woman who thinks she looks like some movie star, complaining about having no money while a tv crew is in her beautiful home that was given to her because she’s a lousy mother? lmao Is it me, or is something wrong with that picture? Poor kids. That’s all I have to say about that situation. Those poor kids. Now there is an example of kids who can’t possibly be properly taken care of. And instead of taking those kids away, someone thinks it would be more interesting to send a camera crew?


    1. Rob, you are soo very right!! Hang on, with your sane attitude, things will get better, your family is much better off having a father like you, and your wife is lucky to be married to a guy that actually stands for something. Those “other” people have no self-worth, and no worth to the rest of us.


  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… If this woman can not provide a safe, healthy and stable home for those children they need to be taken away! Why would you think that giving her a TV show is the answer? You think that exploiting innocent children in order to provide money for their self absorbed mother is the right thing to do? How is that going to help??? This woman has proven that she will spend any money given on more changes to her appearance. She is a manipulator in more ways than one. She is only concerned about herself and using the children as her little moneymakers. This is the same tactic as Kate Gosselin. Take the children out of the mix and you have nothing! Both of these women need to grow up.


  3. Guess I misread something a while back (or possibly her camp mispoke), but I was under the impression the home had no mortgage. Original mortgage had been in a family member’s name (her father?) but had been paid off … I just can’t remember the details (anon donation?)

    Even if this is incorrect, it makes me wonder how and where all the initial monies contributed to Nadya and THE CHILDREN have gone, besides toning her body, make-up ready, clothing, assistance in caring for these children (some special needs required) which she rarely, if ever, mentions.

    Wrong, Nadya. Wrong. Your cleavage isn’t that awesome, obvious some physical alteration. If only she would pay that much attention to her children, especially now during their formative years. The unusual (dare I say unethical) method she chose to bear these children is leading her down a dark path. MOO.

    Bless those children. I can only hope DSS is watching, just in case.
    Again, all MOO, and hoping for the best.


  4. I just happened on this blog while looking for information on the practice of enabling. Dr Glass was writing about the behavior in relation to the case of Johan ? who allegedly murdered Natalie Halloway and a Miss Flores (in Lima Peru.) I found the analysis to be fascinating and went on to look at Dr. Glass’ blog.
    The analysis by Dr. Glass, in both articles, certainly seems to be right-on, even if nothing like this can be used in a court of law. We can, at least, learn something about how to spot the liars among all these made for TV personalities. Maybe it will even help us in our everyday encounters.
    I just finished going through my files of financial records and was amazed and saddened to see how I, a smart guy, or so I thought, got taken so many times by people looking to help relieve me of all the money I saved up for retirement. What a jackass, I’ve been!
    Although it is too late to change any of the past, maybe I will think twice before reaching for the checkbook or credit card when someone tells me what a great deal they are giving me or why I NEED this or that.
    I might also have to forget buying things online, where we never have the opportunity to see the person on the other side of the deal. That might be a word to the wise for anyone who is investing online or obtaining a mortgage or refinancing a mortgage.
    Perhaps Dr. Glass will write about how to live in this new age where we so often do not see who is on the other end of our conversations online.


  5. I’ve always felt that Nadya was one smart cookie, everyone calls her nuts but she is really a master manipulator, a true sociopath. I hope people are finally getting wise to her and see that she has never been about taking care of her children only birthing them. She wants everyone else to raise them and she wants to only do the fun stuff with them….acting like the big sister to them instead of a responsible mother. Everything she does is about HERSELF.

    And I think she was insulted that the porn deal wasn’t bigger..clearly she thinks she is worth millions!!! I also don’t think she wants the house that is why she is defaulting on it…she wants a mansion now this place isn’t big enough.

    Yes, her body language speaks volumes..great analysis.


  6. Dr. G:

    Brilliant as usual…if she had a decent agent, perhaps Playboy Inc. might be announcing a new centerfold series featuring maternal voluptuaries a la Octomom, no?



    1. No, nothing was missed. Nadya was doing a lot of itchng and scarching as she was lying and she scracthed and itched in the area near her neck and clavicle. This is where a of of nerve endings happen to be so when autonomic nervous sytem begins to work overtime creating changes in b;oodflow. Theta cuases capillarie to expand and itching to occur. When someone lies this is often what happens. So that is why Nadya was itchingand scatching in that area.


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