Does White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi’s Body Language,Facial Tells, and Voice Pattern Say She Is Lying About Having MS?

I am not a medical doctor and I did not do a physical examination on  Michaele Salahi. I also did not check her laboratory tests to see if she does or she doesn’t have MS.  But as a doctor with a PhD  who has spent a lot of years studying communication and body language,  I do find her reaction on Fox and Friends rather odd. I am not accusing her of lying about her alleged disease but something is not sitting right with me on many levels.


Michaele says she has been secretive about having a disorder for 17 years where   family members and her “best friend” didn’t know until now. So why go on national television to tell everyone now?

Is it to  possibly create   publicity for her show -The Real Housewives of DC?  Is it  possibly to  generate  book sales so people can read about her “secret”.  Or is it  possibly  due to the fact that she was so vilified and even more  hated since she pulled that stunt on the View about Whoppie hitting her,that she  wanted to throw a pity party so people would feel sorry for her and not hate her as much? Is  Bravo and their PR minions  behind this  because they may fear a  backlash with people turning off the show? Did they let her go to town and talk about her disease in hopes to generate sympathy and interest in  her,  so people will tune in and watch how she is dealing with her alleged  medical condition?


When Michaele spoke of her alleged MS,  she did not appear like a sympathetic character to me as she was sharing her “secret”. Something was way off. The fact that she lied about so many things in the past may add to my skepticism and the public’s skepticism about her story.

She lied about being a Redskin cheerleader. Even her author Diane Diamond, whom I  know personally and respect,  confirmed  she lied. She lied about having a formal bona fide  invitation to the White House party.

And according to  a just released  statement by Bravo, she lied about not being able to speak about the invitation to the White House because Bravo gave her instructions not to speak to anyone about the incident including  to members at the Congressional hearing . It seems like Michaele was ready to throw Bravo under the bus to protect her image, but Bravo  threw her under the bus first and busted her.


So who is to say that this woman who appears to be so hungry for another 15 minutes of fame,  would not lie about having a debilitating disease?

When one sees that much desperation in this 44 year old , it is easy for others to  assume she  would do anything for that  fame- even showing her anorexic looking body  with  alleged full frontal nudity on the pages of Playboy. Personally I can’t think of anything more repulsive than seeing this woman naked in  any shape or form.

If she is lying, all I can say is heaven help her because  it is not good karma coming her way.

And for the record if her revelation about MS was a way to explain away her skinniness, it didn’t work either. Those who have done research on MS said that weight loss is not associated with the disease.


Michaele and her husband Tareq have been known to throw charity events as a way to meet and hobnob with the rich and famous. They raised money for such causes as children, leukemia and lymphoma, and even for a Navy Retirement fund. But there has been no mention of  raising funds for MS.

People who usually have a disease or have a close relative or friend  with a disease will often raise money for that cause. Socialite Nancy Davis  did that with her MS Foundation and Montel Williams who also has the disease has been raising money for the cause. Michael J. Fox raises money for Parkinson’s Disease which affects him. Then there are people like Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone who have had special people in their lives who died of AIDS They have dedicated themselves to raise money for this cause in honor of the people they loved.

So it is odd that someone who suffered from a disease for 17 years and who was in a position to raise charitably funds,  did not raise money for a fund that would have been near and dear to them personally.


Seconds into her interview, Michaele  began the theatrics of feigned upset and emotion. There were no visible tears which she was seen wiping away. In addition,  her recovery time from her “upset” was too quick. There was no transition time. She went from an upset expression to an immediate genuine smile. When that happens it means that the person was’t really all that upset in the first place.

She looked over at Tareq as if to get some sort of cue to begin  her waterworks. Only no waterworks came, no matter how hard she tried.

She  tried to wipe away a tear,  but there was no liquid or tear to wipe away. While she attempted  to create upset with her eyes and forehead,  her lips and mouth are a giveaway. When someone is upset, their lips go downwards, not upwards in a smile. If you cover her eyes in this photo you will see that she looks like she is smiling. That shows that the upset is not a  genuine emotion.

She also managed to straighten her hair. When someone is upset, they don’t fix their hair or fiddle with it. That is often a signal of deception.

Then you see her touching her neck and pursing her lips. It was a lot of  over the top drama for someone that has allegedly had 17 years to adjust to the disease. All of these histrionics were over the top and no doubt designed to garner sympathy from the viewer. In fact Michael was so “distraught”  that she could not even speak.

If someone was suddenly told they had a debilitating disease, I could see them getting choked up or sobbing a bit or getting teary eyed. But she has had 17 tears to digest the fact that she has this alleged disease. That certainly is enough time to process what has allegedly happened to her.

So I found her reaction on television where it looked as though she feigned being speechless and choked up, lacking in credibility.


Here is what is terribly wrong with this picture. When one is upset, there is a transition period of a few seconds where they go from one emotion into the next. She immediately went from a feigned sadness to bright happiness. It is not natural and it validates to me that something is very wrong here.


As Diane defends Michaele, Michaele is all smiles and confidence and  nods in agreement as Diane says she is not anorexic ,  not a White House crasher, and how she is always picked on.Micheaele even smiles and nods in agreement.

It was as though this little back and forth was rehearsed as  suddenly non choked up Michaele tells Gretchin the host of FOx and Friends  she is ready to speak.

And then  she speaks at an over the top manic sounding clip where she is brimming with  confidence. She  tells of how her family and best friends didn’t know of her condition. As she says thi,  she leaks out tells of looking away. This is often a signal of deception.

She then goes into the third person,   sounding like some sort of spokesperson as she says how a lot of people with chronic illnesses don’t talk about it. The she says YOU KNOW any type of disease YOU KNOW whether it is heart or whatever you deal with(pauses and swallows hard) breast cancer… When someone says you know several times in a sentence , it means they are usually  trying to convince you of something.

Then we see yet another signal of deception as she said I kept it personal because I never wanted to be judged , I never wanted PITY.Right after she says PITY in a  loud voice as if to emphasize the word,  we see a shoulder shrug which is a clear signal of deception. Of course she wants pity. That is why she is on national television now  telling everyone she allegedly has MS.

Now we really see the signals of deception in full force as she opens her eyes widely which often happens when a person is trying to convince you about something that is not necessarily true. You can see in the photo. Her tone is also defensive and so is her body posture as she defensively leans back. She says “I certainly wanted to hold on to my job. ” 

She then opens her eyes widely as if to  once again convince the listener to believe what she has just said.  But her shoulder shrug is a huge giveaway. It says that she is not telling us the truth.  Hold on to her job?  What job?  Wasn’t she working with Tareq and social climbing? What job did she hold?  We are talking about 17 years here.

You may think that what I will say next may sound a bit far fetched. But here I go anyway. Maybe her MS  revelation  is a little insurance for her to keep her job at Bravo. In essence she has  let Bravo know that she has an illness and if they fire her now , knowing  she has MS,  she can sue  them for discrimination and firing her because she has a disability.

After seeing her accusing Whoopie of hitting her and reading about all of her legal issues  and lawsuits and not paying her bills and all kinds of other  messes, I would not put anything past her and Tareq.

I must also add that her rapid rate  of speech and  over the top frenetic  body movement  also appear to me to be giveaway that she may not be telling us the truth about her situation.


She says in frenetic tone and  movement  that maybe all of this happened with the White House for a reason so  that I can do something good to help someone else .” As soon as  she utters these words she then  shakes her head NO which is a huge signal of deception.

She also knows she is full of it as she continues to speak with her shaky voice and  talks about strides  they are making. Who is making these strides and what does she have to do with it?

In my opinion, the he only person she is  doing anything good for  is herself!

So now we know why Michaele was on TV talking about her MS. It was to sell her book and to not have people hate her for crashing  the White House party. She has made an excuse that if it wouldnt have been for the White House fiasco she wouldn’t be talking about her MS , whereby she can now  help people.’

But how is her telling the world she has MS helping anyone?

Is she giving all of her money she earns from the book to an MS foundation? NO! Is she giving her Bravo salary to an MS foundation? NO! Is she even doing a fundraiser to raise money for MS? NO!

The whole thing was sickening and self serving in my view. Michaele fails to realize that the  public is NOT stupid. They can see right through her. She is yet another itless untalented self-serving  television creature with nothing of value to  offer, only deception and self serving goals.


7 thoughts on “Does White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi’s Body Language,Facial Tells, and Voice Pattern Say She Is Lying About Having MS?

  1. Dr. Glass you are so right about her. And if she is faking the MS that would make me angry. I lost the love of my life three years ago from MS. It isn’t a disease I would wish on anyone. And again about the Karma. Sad if she is making it all up for attention and sells.

    Great Job!

  2. having read the book sociopath next door it says the most common theme of sociopaths is they go for your pity… could this be what she is doing?

    btw… love your blog… you rock

  3. Dr. Lillian – Another excellent analysis. Speaking from my experience as a Neuro certified RN for 30 years this woman no more has MS than you or I do, thank goodness. She is a liar and a fraud. If Bravo renews her contract I will choose to not watch any more programs on this channel. But really who I am most angry with is our government. They had the opportunity to hold this sham artist accountable with the full force of the law and they did nada! That continues to infuriate me. It almost makes me wonder if the White House was fully aware of her scam of crashing the state dinner prior to her antics.

  4. She is full of it. I actually do have a friend who has MS and was diagnosed with it about 12 years ago. It is a debilitating disease. Its made her gain weight, ruined her knees (multiple surgeries on both knees) makes her numb from the waist down and she is so pale from having to go and get IV transfusions once a month to try and just slow the disease down. She already has lesions on her spine and on her brain. It’s affected her memory and her thinking. Her friends and family would most certainly know about it from all the drs visits and meds she would have to take. I’m outraged this woman could possibly lie about something like this. It’s as bad as lying about having cancer.

  5. Dr Glass, they are lying when they say this is first time they are revealing this info! There is a write up Dated Nov, 2009 on Youtube with a video of the Salahis and the America Polo Cup, an event for THEIR now known as a FRAUDELENT charity “Journey for the Cure”. The charity was supposedly to help Leukemeia and MS victims. The write up CLEARLY says that she had MS from Nov 2009! So why the lie about that?

    “Because Michaele was diagnosed with MS, Journey for the Cure is passionate about finding a cure for multiple sclerosis.”

    Also an aritcle about the fake charity Journey for the cure:

    Charity Severs Ties With Salahis
    Couple has long history of not paying for services
    Published : Wednesday, 02 Dec 2009,

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