Kate Gosselin’s Body Language In Step With Bodyguard Steve in Mexico As They Wear Matching Colored Tops


When two people are in step and their feet are in synchrony chances are they are often  a couple.


When they share similar facial expressions, it usually m eans that they are like-minded.


 When  they are seen wearing  the same colored top it also usually means they  are  like-minded.


 When they  walk in step ,have similar facial expressions, and wear the same colors, chances are even higher  high that they are a couple.


When someone looks adoringly at the other party and smiles a genuine smile as you see Kate smiling towards her bodyguard, it indicates that there is  often emotional  closeness and a lot. Kate of affection. Kate”s smile is one of the most genuine smiles we have ever seen her smiling. I don’t recall seeing  such a smile when she is around her kids. We  definitely  never saw her  smiling  like this around Jon. Could Kate be in love with her bodyguard?  Could Steve be the hot romance of her life?

There has been talk in the past that when these two travel there are adjoining rooms. Were they in adjoining rooms  on this trip to Mexico as well? Were they on the same room? Is Steve still married? If he is still married,  does he have an open marriage?

It was also reported that an eyewitness saw the  the two of them getting very cozy with legs touching legs this summer when they were away together. Were the two just as cozy in Mexico? Were there eyewitnesses this time or were they more careful to  take their  coziness  behind closed doors if they happened to be cozy? These are just questions which come to mind when you see people together so often.

 Now before Kate lovers get their panties in a bunch and accuse me of telling lies, I say to them ,  first of all.  I don’t lie. And most import  of all,  the body doesn’t lie and neither do these photos . Steve Neild  the bodyguard and Kate look like they are  are very close to one another, even though Steve tries to look professional with an often  non-smiling serious facial expression. The other “tells” seem to me to be huge give aways.

 And while I am on the subject of  bodyguard, why in the world would Kate need a bodyguard? There are no mobs around her. She is also in Mexico where she is not known.  She is simply a reality celebrity  and  only became one because she is  a mother of 8 because she took fertility drugs. She’s not Lady Gaga or Madonna. To me her bodyguard is nothing more than her traveling companion  and perhaps maybe more. Only the two of them know for certain what goes on behind closed doors. The rest is speculation. But the fact that they are so much in synch is not speculation.

Since  the two of then spend so much time together they cannot  help but  become like-minded. When people become like-minded, anything can happen-  even a love affair. Now I am not accusing Kate and Steve of having a love affair as I am not  privy to their private comings and goings. But based on these photos and their body language they look like they are very much in synch and they look very, very close to one another.

 And finally we see how Kate has once again created a statement of deception and some PR spin for herself  where she told  the world on Regis and Kelly how when the kids are with Jon,  she sits at home  by the phone to wait for their calls where they cry that they want to return home.  This certainty didn’t seem to be the case as she walked in step with Steve in Mexico,  wearing  matching colored  tops.  And she certainly didn’t  look very lonely as she also reported on the show. www.drlillianglass.com


15 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language In Step With Bodyguard Steve in Mexico As They Wear Matching Colored Tops

  1. I still don’t understand why Steve Neild has trashed his professional & personal reputation for this woman. I can’t wrap my head around it.

    He is a grown man with a family of his own. What must his children think of this relationship while he’s off gallavanting around the world with some woman and all of her children instead of spending time with his own? Something is very weird about this relationship.


  2. Smoke screen and mirrors. Ratings a low, and they need rumors such as an “affair” to keep people interested. Don’t fall for it.

    No man in his right mind would ever be interested in Kate. She isn’t pretty and her personality stinks. It’s like a 60 year old woman with the mind of a 14 year old teen.


  3. I hadn’t even noticed the matchy matchy until you pointed that out. I think Steve is more to Kate than just a bodyguard. They are doing all of the things you pointed out in all of their pictures I’ve seen. This is when Kate looks her happiest…when she’s with Steve.
    Thanks for another great article Dr. Glass.


  4. I agree, jj. I do believe it’s all smoke & mirrors. Either Gina Neild is a saint or she and Steve live separate lives. But his kids are being placed in the horrible position of having to defend him all the time. It must be difficult for them.

    Guess Jamie didn’t make the cut for this trip, huh? Hope I live long enough to know the real story about all of this.


  5. I’m skeptical about all of this.

    Kate’s life is so scripted and controlled that there is a reason for all of these “romance with Steve” reports.

    They could be to generate PR for the show.
    To deflect away from the lesbian rumors.
    Remember the comment about Kate and Jamie sleeping in the same bed together. Don’t tell me that that didn’t raise some brows.

    I’m just skeptical. There is a reason for all of this.
    I mean, seriously, the Kate calls the paps on herself. I’m sure Kate’s PR people are in the middle of all of this trying to put the most favorable spin on things.


  6. And to clarify, I respect Dr. Glass’ opinion of Kate and Steve’s body language. I’m just skeptical about all these stories about Kate and Steve.


  7. There is a new observation — that Kate smokes. With some circumstantal evidence to back up the speculation. I just figured out something about my own feelings. She could smoke, she could have had breast enhancement, and she could be having an affair with Steve. People will have different opinions about each of these choices, as I have mine. But, ALL of us are irritated that she chooses to lie about facts that are on record and then we are open to the speculation that she is lying again about issues that aren’t proven — yet. I come hear to read because I think Dr. Glass gives us clues. PS: She must think we are really stupid to believe that those well-exposed boobs are not surgically enhanced.


  8. Thank you Dr. Glass for your honesty and integrity. I have observed numerous interviewers chat with Kate as she white washed fact after fact or simply lied. Not one of them bothered to do even a modicum of background research or ask a single straight forward question. You are the first person to face the facts squarely and for that you have my respect and admiration.


  9. This Mexico trip is really suspect. What possible business does she have in Cabo? Not filming, kids at home, no camera crews in sight. Kate is by the pool by herself. Why no guard there ? Only certain times she needs a guard?

    I am beginning to think more and more that Steve and Kate are an item. He “happened” to be at her house when the trees were planted, AND he had a hand in deciding where to place the trees. Some “bodyguard”.


  10. I think that’s the ONLY way I could watch her show…. in Spanish!

    What gets me is how she is NEVER w/o some sort of heels on, even if it’s only flip-flops. She used to wear ‘clogs & polyester stretch pants’. Now she thinks of herself as a STAR so, she is never seen w/o her heels on. Yes, even at the beach!

    She thinks the show is all about her & her children are nothing more than ‘props’ to her.

    This woman really makes my skin crawl & I just don’t understand the attraction……she’s no ‘IT Girl’, that’s for sure. She’s rude, snarkey & is only in it for the money & status. I liked watching the babies grow up, but finally had my fill of her long ago.

    AND she hates everyone else’s kids, that just kills me. She manages to get ‘helpers or friends’ to go out of town with her, but you never see their children.

    Please TLC, find a new bone!


  11. Steve was there when they planted the trees, I believe, because he often stays in the garage apartment; the placement of the trees was strictly to camouflage access to it and to the front door of the mini-mcmansion.

    The luxury accomodations at this five star Mexican resort were one of the FREEBIES included in Take’s goody bag she received for taking part in this year’s EMMY awards show. And that’s a FACT!


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