Kate Gosselin’s Disdainful Body Language and Ugly Verbal Digs Towards Jon Are Harmful to the 8 Kids


 With two television shows on TLC, View, Emmy, and DWTS appearances under her belt and a huge PR machine behind her, whether you love her or hate her Kate  Gosselin  appears to be here to  stay. She’s here to stay for  one reason and one reason only- she brings in eyeballs viewer’s eyeballs. Those fans who love her, watch her because they love her. Those fans who hate her often want to see  what she will do next.  Then there are those who are curious. They  watch her to see what all the fuss is about. As long as she gets eyeballs watching her, she is here to stay. When the eyeballs turn away to another channel, Kate Gosselin will be nothing more than a faded  memory. TLC is her guardian angel and  they have invested a lot of money on star building this “itless” persona. Some TLC  exceutive or “suit” as they are called  in the business thought it would be a good idea to make Kate a star, so they set forth on that quest.

They made her look great but that is about it. She can’t act, sing, dance, has no expertise . Please don’t tell me that she is an expert on  motherhood. Popping fertility drugs and having sextuplets does not make one  an expert  in parenting or child rearing. Getting an advanced education in the subject,  where you are aware of all the nuances in the scientific literature  gives you that expertise ,  along with experience of working with a lot of different children that do not happen to be your own  offspring. 

 She cannot host because she is way too consumed with  Kate. Also the smarminess, entitlement, selfishness,  anger, sarcasm, hostility, and inner  hatred that  leaks out with consistency is so deep-rooted that it will be very difficult to get  that  under control without years and years of the therapy.In my view that is who she is. She demonstrated  it in her original show, DWTS, on many  talk shows on which she appeared,  and most recently on Regis and Kelly.

Why was Kate on Regis and Kelly when she had nothing to promote?  She was no doubt put there by her PR  minions where TLC  is obviously the helm. She was on the show for one reason only- damage control!

Why would esteemed Anderson Cooper ask her those obviously  pointed questions if he was not fed those questions by her team?  It was no doubt done to was clearly done to  spin it Kate’s way . It  was obvious that the questions could be answered by her in a way to make Jon look bad and make her look good. It was done to  quell the recent hoopla that appeared all over the internet where all the hysterical sextuplets  were clearly  heard sobbing at the top of their lungs and wailing.  hey didn’t want daddy to leave and they appeared terrified  to go home to Kate.



 Even though she has pulled it together with  awesome makeup complete with red glossy lips , a  toned  body with muscular arms ,  and a  beautiful face, I am still of the school that  pretty is a pretty does” and there are too many instances when I believe Kate’s behavior just hasn’t been pretty.

When a parent tries to pit their kids between them and their ex,  it is time for me to speak up. That is exactly what Kate did on Regis and Kelly. She pitted her children against  her  and Jon by trashing him in front of millions. And don’t tell me he did the same to her on national TV. That was then and this is now. And two wrongs don’t make a right. It was immature and hateful on BOTH of their parts. But now that over a year has gone by it is clear that she needs to speak about her hatred and anger towards Jon to a therapist, not to Kelly and Anderson in front of millions of people.

It makes her look disturbed, bitter, immature,  and very UGLY inside and out.  Her  anger at Jon’s past behavior with his cheating, running off at the mouth on national TV, and acting irresponsible is misdirected.  Instead, she  needs to take a good look at herself and her role in abusing this poor guy to the point he had enough and went off the deep end. Yes, years of constant emotional abuse  can make a person behave as we saw Jon behave.  


And please to all you Kate fanatics who take it as a personal affront when anyone says anything that may not be music to you eyes or ears about Kate.  I say  the  following to you:

 If you are such a good and loyal  fan of Kate’s then you need to  be a real friend and a fan and let your friend know when they are messing up. You need to send Kate a message that she is messing up her children emotionally, by acting the way she did on Regis and Kelly.

I don’t want to hear about  what you think about my credibility. After the education, background, and experience I have and the years I have devoted to the study and analysis of body language,  I can assure you that I am credible enough  be used by top media outlets around the world and in law enforcement an in the legal field  and to have been a qualified witness in both state and federal courts. So I am not concerned with what you think of my credibility simply because I add my opinions to my body language analyses. That is what blogs are for- to give your opinions.

And please don’t waste my time telling me I am writing about Kate  because I am jealous of her or I want to enhance my own populatity.   I am jealous of no one. And just for the record, I have been around  well before there was a Kate Gosselin on television.  And as far as popularity goes, I have millions of books around the world that bear my name. So I don’t need Kate Gosselin to enhance my notoriety or for people to read my blog.  Thousands of people read my blogs each day with or without Kate Gosselin as the  subject matter.


Substitute host  Anderson Cooper asked if her relationship with Jon was as contentious as it appears to be.  Kate  nodded her head yes and tightened up her jaw and let out a hissing  snake like sound as she said Itssss ya now. She then shrugged her shoulders and let loose with her first jab towards Jon. You can really see the anger and hatred Kate holds towards Jon. It’s in her jaw. Look at the enormous tension . There is so much tension and anger that you see  dimpling. In addition, look at how her lips are pulled back in anger. When a person harbors hatred and anger it is readily seen in their lower jaw as we see with Kate.

In typical Kate form  as she continues to remind us how good she is and how bad Jon is she jabbed ” I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible. I’ll speak for myself , How’s that?”

I’ll tell you how that was Kate.  It was awful!  It was  unnecessary and downright nasty. You did not have to go  there!   And you said he is the kids father. STOP ! End of Sentence! Stop the facial contortions and snide smarminess. It makes you look small and petty and downright UGLY.All the enhancements that were done to you physically mean nothing if you act bitchy, witchy, and snitchy.

Then in order to make herself   look good again and redirect the spin  in response to the video of a few weeks back when all the kids were crying in the car  after they arrived at her home  and screamed that they didn’t want daddy to leave, as you see below 


 Kate  makes a contorted phony expression  with a phony laugh. You can see the phony expression with her furrowed forehead,  raised eyebrow and tight non genuine  smile,  where there is tension around the corners of the mouth.  The facial gestures are incongruent which indicates phoniness. She states  that she “ waits at home  for a phone call from the kids asking when they can come home.”


That is horrible! It is so obvious what she was doing!  She has the national forum and was getting aback at Jon and spinning her image. The ony thing  is that she spun is her image  into the ground. It made her look awful and revealed who she is.  

If  TLC’s PR Dept.  put her on that show and directed the spin so they can have her loveable when her new show debuts, they need to be ashamed of themselves in my view.   It completely backfired. She was anything but loveable.  Jon has been punished by TLC enough in my view. He got the message loud and clear to not talk to the press. Now this has added insult to injury. Jon is a person too.

He has no forum to speak about Kate because he is not allowed to do so or he will get sued. So it is a one way street where Kate can trash him and he can’t say  anything to defend himself! It is unfair and appalling.

I doubt  that with all the  things she has going on in her life professionally,  that  she waits by the phone  with baited breath just  to hear which child will call asking to come home .  And if the kids  do call, what does she do about it?

a.  Does she come and get them?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

b. Does  she call  Child Protective Services because they are so miserable and thinks Jon is harming them?

c.  Does she  believe Jon is abusing them by forcing  them to stay  in unlivable conditions –  his little apartment  with a few toys as opposed to their  luxurious big home with a truckload of toys?

d. Is she making  this  all up?

Chances are  the correct answer is it is d . She is making this all up .



Kelly Ripa also knows that what Kate is saying is complete BS. Look at Kelly’s body language. She pulls  up her shoulder and tucks in her head and crosses her arms over her body. This is a defensive motion as she is not going to let Kate get away with her nonsense . In  reference to Kate’s ridiculous statement of how the kids call her and want to come home, Kelly asks Kate  in a deliberate  and measured tone  Are they are they allowed to?  


Kelly immediately changes her body position as she awaits Kate’s answer. You can see Kelly is not comfortable  with Kate or the answer she knows Kate is about to spin. You can see that Kelly’s shoulders are raised which indicates she is upset and displeased.  It’s similar to what  a cat does when they are upset and uncomfortable they raise their hackles. They are on alert. Kelly is on alert for Kate’s answer .You can even see how Kelly has pressed her hand on her lap to center herself as she is about to listen to Kate’s  nonsensical spin.


And Spin it Kate did!   Kate says that it’s hard to tell your kids why  they can’t  sleep in their beds and play with their own toys. Well maybe it is time that Kate stop trashing Jon and tell the kids that they need to  learn to compromise and sleep in a bed  away from home that daddy has prepares especially for them. Maybe she needs to tell then  that they can  bring their own special toys when they stay at daddy’s. Maybe she needs to tell them that  daddy who loves them and wants to  see them  .

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard for the six year-olds to understand why they have to sleep  at daddy’s house  if she would stop trashing Jon. Maybe Kate needed to have thought about  this situation before she abused the daylights  out of Jon and emasculated him  for so many years until he   had no choice but to leave her. Her constant abuse was the catalyst for his going off the  deep end in my estimation.  

 Here we really see her signal of  deception as she says she  talks about the kids and says she is “there for them.” She shakes her head NO  as she says this and looks down and away ,  knowing  very well what she is saying is complete BS .  She is not there for them. She is there for herself  as she runs around  the country doing book tours and TV gigs. 

 She clearly knows that it is a spin to get back at Jon and to make herself good like the perfect mommy . The PR spin was designed  to help her get that positive image now that her show is going to début int he near future.

The only thing she  did  that rang true was when she said  “I’m Lonely”  She made a genuine sad expression when she spoke those words. So  I believe that when  kids are  mot around, she is indeed lonely. After she alienated so many family members and friends throughout the years, what she says does seem to ring true.


Anderson Cooper then paraphrases all of her spin and  bluntly says So what you’re saying is that  they don’t enjoy being with him. Kate immediately looks down and with a  slow tentative articulation pattern says   looks  Some of them don’t mind.

Why would anyone in their right mind say something know that will hurt the kids in the long run? In essence she just trashed Jon by telling the world that the kids don’t  like being with their own father who has shown them nothing but love, tenderness and affection  since their birth.  He hs been the more emotionally nurturing of the two. 

 If  what she is saying that kids dont enjoy being with him,  it is no doubt because she put that  through into their little heads to choose between her or Jon. If the kids didn’t want to be with daddy why would they wail for him to not leave them when he dropped them off?

And why in the world would anyone go on national television  and say something like this?  This will have emotional repercussions as far as the children are concerned.  What we have just seen is exactly why  I have insisted all along that Jon and Kate  get a qualified counselor  to help them properly handle  these children so that  they don’t have to be in the middle of their emotional mess.  



After Kate showed her ugliness with all of her digs towards Jon, she then had to get yet another dig in by  saying  how it’s only been three months since Jon has taken the kids on a regular basis and how it is all so new.

In essence she let everyone know that Jon was being bad and only now stepped up to the plate with the kids. Once again whether that is true or not is no one else’s business.  This dirty laundry did not have to be aired out on public. And why did she wait until the end to say this? It is because her intention for being on that show was to make Jon look bad. She and TLC did not carry out their goal. It made her look bad instead.

 If that is the case  and it has only been three months, then Kate should know that this is an  adjustment period and the kids need to be encouraged about this new  arrangement,  not given subliminal messages to tear them in two and mess up their  little minds about which parent they need to show more loyalty.


No matter how well coiffed Kate’s hair looked or how shiny her red lip gloss was or  how toned her arms looked in her red sleeveless dress,  Kate’s open  anger and hostility  towards Jon make her look  ugly!

  Her inner hatred contorted the muscles in her face. The sarcastic digs and  smarmy,   nasty tones negated all the hard work her stylist and make up artist did  in putting Kate’s look together. Kate looked like a bitter bitten woman.

But more than her looks, the effect that her bitterness and hatred will have on her children is more serious. These children  need to see a mature  adult as a role model . They do not need to see their mother acting like a nasty, angry,  and centered child  having a  temper tantrum.  Kate needs to grow up and let go of her hate because hate spreads. These children do not need the added burden of dealing with hate. They need love the grow and flourish. www.drlillianglass.com



34 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Disdainful Body Language and Ugly Verbal Digs Towards Jon Are Harmful to the 8 Kids

  1. I so agree with you Dr. Glass! Kate Gosslin thinks the world revolves around her! Those poor children will never be able to have normal lives and especially normal adult relationships. They have parents who openly degrade each other, are excluded from normal family social gatherings, and use the children as pawns in this sick game they like to play. I hope an pray that they both grow up soon!

    One day we are going to see the children suing both of their parents for emancipation of minors, since they should have plenty of their own money to live and hopefully will have better fortitude than either of those two. I can see a repeat Gary Coleman type case coming down the pike X8!


  2. Thank you. I observed what you describe, but did not have the educated ability to analyze her body language. I noticed that she does not answer questions directly — but, rather does a verbal dance. Some of her sentences have to be reconstructed or reordered to glean any sense. She “pretends” a vagueness. She “pretends” to be withholding further negative infromation. Does she think we will admire her for the restraint from details instead of of noticing that there is no content, just hints. Why was she even invited to the show? It was a blip interview, not promoting anything new for her. Children of divorce have a difficult enough time without one of their parents going on national TV to insult the other parent. She should protect the privacy of her 8 children. Thank you, again.


  3. Well done, Dr. Glass. That Katie Irene sure is a piece of work, isn’t she? Think she just put a few more nails in her career coffin with that crapfest on Friday. IMO, the Twisted Kate she isn’t happening. There’s been no push by TLC and it was supposed to have aired this fall. You know it would have been rammed down our throats endlessly by now…and while she may have been out of time since she spent 98% of spot dissing Jon, not one peep came out of her hole about it.
    May this REALLY be the beginning of the end for this heinous woman.


  4. Excellent Dr. Glass, those children do not need either parent doing this at all. That is what I don’t understand from the people who defend what she did on this show. It WILL harm the children. I can only imagine what she says about Jon to the children. She is trying to drive a wedge between them, like she has driven a wedge through many past relationships. Sad, very sad. The ONLY reason she was on this show was to diss Jon. Why would Anderson Cooper even ask that question? It was all scripted and set up for her terrible slams to Jon. Not a word about her new show, and only a short clip of the current show. Very sad.


  5. Dr Glass, Not so sure I agree that she is “here to stay”. Her ratings are going down dramatically with each show, her last book tanked, a little over 10K copies. She got panned about her appearance on the Emmys. So not sure she will be around that much longer. People are seeing what a person she really is, especially after this appearance on Regis. I refuse to watch her and add to her ratings. Period.

    Take care and thanks again


  6. Well done, Dr. Glass. I am so glad to see Kate is being held accountable and the media is paying attention to her uncalled for attack on Jon.

    To clarify her statement of “it’s only been three months” that was a classic Kate move of omitting info when it’s convenient for her. It’s been three months since the kids began visiting him at his new apartment, since apparently he’s no longer allowed on the grounds of his former home. When she and Jon separated last year, they announced they would be caring for the kids at their home, with Kate leaving when it was Jon’s turn. This arrangmentment seemed to work fine until the holidays last year. Jon went to Utah and stayed there for two months after meeting a new girlfriend. He came home when Kate started DWTS, but he was not photographed staying at the house. Kate allegedly would not let him care for the children when she was in LA, choosing the nanny to care for them instead, that is when Jon went to court for full custody. Early this summer is when the first photographs appeared of them exchanging the kids at the end of the driveway, allowing the drop-offs like the sad one in early August to be photographed by paps. Kate’s need to punish Jon is more important than the privacy of her children.


  7. Thank you, Sarah for that chronology. The info helps. Thank you, Dr. Glass for your insight. I am not sure why this woman irritates me so much. I hope Jon will be able to tell his side of the facts some day.


    1. I know why she irritates me so much. She lived in obscurity as most of us do until a shortsighted decision was made by two self centered, immature “children” to have 8 children all at once and allow great profits to be made from that medically assisted occurrence. These two “adult children” and their escapades have basically been shoved down the throats of the American public for no reason other than to provide entertainment while their children bear the brunt and are publicly abused for all to see…and to make lots of money. Kate is a packaged product and she was created by TMZ and the media hype to sell. Kate is nobody and contributes nothing of any positive nature to anybody but she sells and she will continue to sell until nobody is buying anymore of it.
      If a kind, gentle and simple loving spirit of generosity and caring and concern towards her children sold…then Kate would be very poor…but she might be very happy. As she lives her life now with nothing but concern for herself, anger and resentment towards Jon and the need for public revenge, to be right at all times while Jon is wrong at all times, and the quest for greater and greater beauty over all other attributes; happiness is an impossibility.
      She irritates me because she’s so damn stupid, small minded and basically an idiot who will never learn anything about what is truly important in the world and she’s rewarded financially for it while she emotionally abuses her children publicly…and nothing is done to stop it.


  8. I won’t watch anything with Kate Gosselin on it and so thank you, Dr. Glass, for watching and commenting on what happened.

    This woman will not change, she will not improve as a mother or as a human being because she is NOT a good person. I am amused when people say she means well or she is trying despite difficult circumstances. She does NOT mean well for anyone but herself and she made her life exactly what it is today by insisting on having fertility treatments that she probably did not need and treating the husband of HER choice like he was her servant and punching bag.

    I can only imagine that when a camera is not on this ugly, ugly woman, she is even more sarcastic, rude and obnoxious to her children than even we have been allowed to see.

    What kind of person puts their kids’ poop on national TV and their naked bodies, them being sick and scolded, criticized, yanked around by the arm? Someone who thinks of her kids as extensions of herself, as “things” she owns and can with to benefit herself.

    I can’t believe anyone is a fan of Kate Gosselin. There is nothing to admire here.


  9. People need to stop tuning in to TLC. Her ratings are falling but not fast enough. Just stop tuning in. Once TLC drops her, everything else will follow.

    She can’t act, she can’t sing. The only thing she has is a show “pretending” to be a mother.


  10. The woman is deplorable and is no mother. She only plays one on TV. Why hasn’t a psych eval been court ordered by now?
    Something is missing here. Something is off. Why hasn’t Jon tried to prove her unfit? Why is everyone seemingly afraid of her? She is a pathological liar and shouldn’t be allowed custody of those children. Narcissistic to a fault.


  11. No matter how hard Kate works to improve her looks and public visibility, she comes across as ugly and mean spirited. It is not okay to bash the father of your children privately or publically. Those kids need a break from Kate and her anger. She needs to get over Jon and mend her relationships and figure out how to be a friend, sister, daughter, lover. Until then, she is going to be lonely, alone, miserable and awful to her kids.


  12. Just more egregious behavior from Kate Gosselin. Add it to the list.

    This feels different though. The divorce was finalized last year and then Kate went on her “clean slate Kate” campaign to change her image. So why is she bringing Jon up again? Is it to bring in ratings. Is it to garner sympathy.

    I think Kate is smart in a scary, calculating way and I don’t think she trashed Jon for no reason. It was for some purpose. Ratings? Sympathy? Don’t know yet.


    1. I agree with you Lauren. As the past is our only guide…this was as calculated as the “I have a purse full of bills on NBC” The problem is that Jon is slowly getting his act together.

      Jon’s rep stated weeks ago he is trying to find a way to stop the filming of his children. I hope he goes to the Pa Attorney General and/or Pa Dol and just goes as a parent saying the uncourt approved contract he signed was for him and his ex wife and he does not give permission for his kids to be filmed.

      This is clearly an agenda at play here and a lose/lose situation for Kate. If she was protecting those kids she would not tell the world how her kids true feelings are. I for one, don’t believe the kids don’t want to visit their dad. He is alot of things but his love for his kids has always shone through.

      Finally, I want to know Kate what is the difference between you taking the kids state to state in numberous hotel rooms and them visiting their dad at his apt? And, what about allowing Jon to see the kids more when you were on DWTS? What about that promise that if one parent was working tv the other would be with the kids.

      As far as the fanatics, Dr Glass…good luck. They are a dime a dozen…


  13. I appreciate and enjoy your educated and honest writings on Kate. You seem to read right through her. My hope is that someone like yourself who is educated will call Kate on her lies and her negative comments, so the kids can have a positive and rewarding childhood experience. We know they haven’t had one to this point. I would hope that also someone will get those kids into therapy. You can tell by pictures and videos that the kids are not happy; you can tell by their faces and their body language. It doesn’t take an expert to see that. Great job Dr. Glass!


  14. As someone who lives a stones throw away from Kate, there is nothing pretty about Kate. She is always miserable!
    Miserable and mean to store clerks, her children, her employees, and most people she has contact with.
    Your analysis is right on Dr. Glass.


  15. Kate is bitter to Jon because he was sick of her abuse and cheated on her. I really think she thought Jon would never leave her. TLC uses the TV appearances Kate goes on to bash Jon. And that brings some drama for her show. Lets face it drama sells.


    1. Hi Kim…..Just a friendly FYI
      Jon didn’t leave Kate. She told him in Oct 2008 the marriage was over. They played like they were married for the show. He lived in the apt above the garage. He started his flings in Feb. 2009…oh lordy be, I know a little too much about this family. Well bed time. LOL


  16. Thank you, Dr. Glass. I said in my blog entry of 9/10 I was wondering what you thought about Kate on R&K, and you’ve answered my question. I saw Kelly as believing and feeding into everything Kate said so I appreciate your pointing out the subtleties that your expertise allows you to hone in on. I also appreciate you addressing the ridiculous issue of how anyone pointing out the obvious is accused of hating Kate or being jealous of her. Why anyone would be jealous of such an angry and unhappy person is a mystery to me. The bottom line is, as you say, this kind of behavior does nothing to enhance Kate’s image and is ultimately hurtful to the children. Good job pointing that out.


  17. Thank you Dr. Glass for your input. It is always interesting reading what you have observed through behavior of someone who is speaking. This woman is a liar, it’s all she knows how to do.

    I have often wondered if she ever considers what she says before she opens her mouth. Her comment about being the ‘ignored middle child’ in her own family growing up — does she ever stop to think of all the ‘middle kids’ in her own family and what she is doing to them.

    What I cannot understand is why and how she always manages to get on TV shows to spew her hatred for Jon. And now we read where TLC is editing the programs to cut out some of the most nasty comments by Kate.

    The Kate fanatics are going to continue dissing you. It is just who they are. They see nothing wrong with their heroine and by stating the facts about Kate, you therefore become the enemy. That is too sad for them, they are going to implode when Kate does go off TV, and I agree with whoever it was above who said they think it is coming to an end. Her toxicity is destroying her.


  18. This Kate is no different from the Kate on the show all these years. I used to watch with my 20-something daughter and I always would remark that no woman can talk to her husband like she did and expect to stay married to him. And I would also always comment how poorly she spoke to and of her children – not a great example of a loving respectful mother by any means..


  19. Thank you so much Dr. Glass! Maybe someone out there in the media will read your website and tell the true about Kate on National TV! I FEEL SO BAD for the CHILDREN and what they are dealing with. Kate never acts like a mother to them, it’s all about Kate.She has to be the center of the attention. We all stand by and can do nothing and watch these children being mental abused !What has to happen to them before the Media stand up in an outcry and says ENOUGH.Please do all you can to help them! When you look at the pictures or video of the kids with Kate they are the sadness little faces in the world. The sadness is Carla my heart weeps for her, she is in deep sadness! Please help them!! THANK YOU !!!


  20. Dr. Glassman, please start going on “entertainment” shows and talk about this. Someone has to get this out.

    Save the Gosselin 8

    Boycott TLC. Do not watch anything that channel has to offer.


  21. Thank you for your insightful column. I’ve seen quite a few photographs of the children with their parents and the difference is glaringly obvious:when the kids are with jon, they’re smiling, happy, and relaxed; when they’re with Kate, they’re miserable, tense and unhappy. In every single picture!


  22. Excellent blog entry, Dr. Glass. I think you are “spot on”. Mainstream media needs to pick up on this and give you an opportunity to speak. For what it’s worth, Jon, if you are reading, the best gift you can give your children is love, I know you know that. Next, get them into therapy. Kate is toxic and your poor kids will have trouble in their adulthood with family/friend/significant other relationships, jobs, etc. if they don’t get help NOW and continue to speak with a therapist through their teenage years.


  23. Her comment about this all being so “new” is what annoys me the most – her implication is that Jon has not seen the children regularly until the past three months, which is not true and can be proven by paparazzi photos. Another blog I read was going to try and post a timeline of his contact with the kids but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post the name of the blog here.

    I’ve never seen someone so completely self-absorbed as Kate. I really wish they (on R&K show) would have shown that video of the kids crying and screaming at drop off time and asked her to comment on THAT!


  24. Dr. Glass, what do you make of the latest pics of Kate with the booby guard in Mexico. Is she just giving everyone the FU finger and that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and the joke is on all the sheeple that believe in her? She tried to trash Jon, then leaves the country. I guess she wasn’t by the phone all weekend waiting for the kids to call her. She sure looks like she’s on a vacation, no sign of working.


  25. Please take a look at the episode that aired tonight when the children went deep sea fishing, and many of them were so miserably sick. Kate’s indifference to their suffering, and inability to mother them, is just heartbreaking. The fact they were made to do this to film a television show to support their family…including their own mother….and have cameras in their faces while vomiting is abusive. These children have been exploited and violated. I would really appreciate your analysis of scenes from this episode.


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