Joran van de Sloot’s Body Language Shows He Gets What He Wants At Castro Castro Prison As Guards Pat Him on The Back and Allow Him Freely Walk Behind Them



Journalist John van den Heuvel  of De Telegraaf, the Dutch newspaper came into Casto Castro Prison in  Peru  to videotape  Joran van der Sloot for an interview.   I have no doubt that the newspaper paid him to do the interview. 

The reason I say this is because greedy Joran has made it clear that he will not speak to reporters unless there is money on the table.
Joran definitely  needs money to keep him alive in Castro Castro. He needs money to buy food from the outside. 


In looking at the above  photo of Joran he looks very well fed. He looks well kept with his manicured beard. 

The money also allows him to buy anything else  he wants, including the protection of the guards. Maybe that is why they allow him to do any interviews and roam around freely  without any  restraints. 


While the de Telegraaf story tells of  Joran’s confessing  that he extorted money from Natalie Holloway’s family, that is old news. The FBI knew about it and we knew about it. But what IS  new news and what is the  REAL  story of the day  is what is going on in Castro Castro in relation to Joran. 

It seems that Joran has worked  both his charm as a sociopath  and his money  to receive the goodwill of the guards.  You will see how well the guards are treating him in  these screen shots taken from a video clip from the  deTelegaaf   interview taken   before he entered the room to speak to the  Dutch reporter. 


When we first see the videoclip of Joran he is affectionately patted on the back by the guard as he arrives in the little courtyard on his way to the interview room. 


Joran looks over  at the back patting guard and gives him a little ” hello glad to see you ”  grin.Joran bows his head down in order to maintain eye contact with the shorter guard. 


We see a genuine and brighter and acknowledging  smile  as the guard removes his back patting hand from Joran. 


Next we see one of the other guards showing Joran a piece of  paper . Joran looks at it but is busy scratching his ear or the side of his head.  Maybe he has ear mites or head lice. You see him reaching out to grab the paper.. 


Joran raises his eyebrows and insists that he needs that paper and  abruptly  grabs  it out of the guards possession . The guard relents and the other guards who are essentially onlookers do nothing, even though they remain close by. 


Joran even grabs the  paper the guard is holding  out of the guards hand. He looks cocky and entitled as he does this. The guards relent and don’t do a thing. They let him have the paper. 


We then see Joran with the paper and he is walking in BACK of the guards. 

Have you ever heard of a prisoner walking in back of a guard without handcuffs or restraints? 

Have you ever heard of a prisoner grabbing papers out of a guards hand without being sent for disciplinary action? 

Well you have heard it now. It happened in Castro Castro with Joran van der Sloot and you just  saw it  here in these photographs. 


Joran is no doubt getting a lot of perks  in jail . He has a lot of freedom and he has a lot of control over the guards as we just saw. 

Seeing this  makes me even more confident about  my  theory that he is being protected by his Dutch  government who will most likely NEVER find him the Spanish to Dutch translator he needs for his trial to proceed. Even the Peruvians reported that they don’t have anyone who is an official translator from Spanish to Dutch. 

They are keeping him safe in protective custody so that the can earn money doing interviews and write a book. They money he earns will go for a king like lifestyle at Castro Castro with guards and prisoners being on his hefty payroll. 



While we are outraged by what Joran did to two innocent women, in his machismo prison environment in Peru they may not consider what he did to be  so bad. They may not look at what he did as such a big deal. 

In fact, the Latin American Herald Tribune did an article on  machismo culture and violence  against women  and how Peruvian women  have to deal with a justice system that often justifies the behavior of the aggressor. 

While it is sickening to our culture, the article states the following: 

What happens in Peru is that violence is not considered a serious problem and that in certain cases it is justified,” the head of women’s affairs in the National Ombudsman’s Office, attorney Teresa Hernandez, said. 

Society in general finds violence justified when the woman does not fulfill the role she “should” perform: not looking after her spouse enough, not asking permission to go out, or spending too much time outside the home, she said. 

“When women behave that way, it is considered inappropriate and deserving of punishment – that’s why our hypothesis is that since those who enforce the law (police, prosecutors, judges) have that criterion, complaints are not processed with the priority or the urgency they require,” Hernandez told Efe. 

The article goes on to say : 

Very few judges order effective measures of protection,” Sarmiento said, adding “there is widespread disregard for the national and international regulations that are essential for resolving these cases,” such as the 1994 Belem Inter-American Convention to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women. 

Both victims and aggressors tend to be in the 18-35 age group, and two-thirds of victims are romantically involved with their attackers, according to the Ministry of Women. 

Thirty-eight percent of the killers say they acted out of jealousy. 

Some 34 percent of the victims were stabbed to death, 26 percent died of a beating and 15 percent were shot. 

When the aggressors are caught and tried in court, they usually ask for the benefit of a sincere confession or say that the homicide was the result of violent emotion, which reduces their sentence to less than 15 years behind bars, Sarmiento said. 

“Finally, an atmosphere of impunity is created that makes the situation worse, because another aggressor will thing nothing will happen to him” if he commits the same crime, the attorney said. EFE 


So there you have it!  Joran will remain protected in Castro Castro forever or until they find a translator. Maybe his Spanish will be so fluent in a few years that he wont need a translator.

Maybe  when it comes time for him to go through the  trial in Spanish, he will have earned millions from his interviews, photos , a book and film deal that he will have have a lot of money to pay off guards, prisoners, and who knows- even judges . This is NOT the USA where this could never happen. This is Peru and we have already seen what happens. Re- read the article in the Latin American Herald Tribune above.

They fact that Stefany Flores was an alleged lesbian may be all the more reason she will could be vilified in a culture of machismo. If Joran  does go to trial and says that he killed Stefany because  he was emotionally outraged because  she lead him on sexually and toyed with him  when she had no intention of having sex with him because she was a lesbian, he may get some sympathy from the court as indicated in the above article.


As sickening as it is, Joran could be out of  Castro Castro Prison in less than 15 years  well before he is 34.  He may not  get extradited to the US by Peru to serve his crime for extorting Natalie Holloway’s family because  the good old  Netherlands will most likely step in  and save the day for Joran. They will prevent anything happening to their precious citizen just like  we saw in Aruba. . 

That means he could have  the rest of his life to do interviews and make money and write more books. Who knows, by then  he could even get his own  reality show. 


Even if Joran manages to skirt the law, there is something called Karmic Justice. It may not be in the form of justice as we know it but it may be justice from a higher power. 

Because of the unsanitary conditions and contagious diseases Joran may very well catch one of them. He may succumb to  tuberculosis, pneumonia, Hepatitis A B and C, HIV- AIDS, cholera, parasites, MSRA, or a host of other communicable diseases available to him in his environment. 

I do hope that Joran gets his punishment one way or the other for ending the lives of two precious and beautiful women. I pray that he is never released so that he could torment and kill  yet another woman.


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