Caylee Anthony’s Body Language Showed Unhappiness and Distancing From Casey But Closeness to Grandmother Cindy

 By now we are all aware of Caylee Anthony’s grandmother,  Cindy Anthony’s manipulative comments.  During television interviews and in a court of law,  she has repeated that she believes Caylee is still alive when she knows that it is utter nonsense.  In fact you can clearly see her signals of deception with  pursed lips and shoulder shrug  in the above photo right after she made the preposterous statement about Caylee being alive. 

Adding to Cindy’s  nonsense are her statements about what a great mother Casey was to Caylee and how much Caylee adored Casey. 

But if  you really examine at the photos of Caylee and Casey together  from  Caylee’s birth until the end of her young and innocent life, you can see that it certainly does not look as though a. Casey was such a great mother or  b. that Caylee adored Casey. In fact it looks to me that little Caylee couldn’t stand Casey. In   many of the photos she couldn’t wait to get away from Casey.   


Based on my observations of the  photos  I will show you of Casey and Caylee throughout the years, it doesn’t  look  like there was a lot of  Tender Loving Care or motherly bonding  on Casey’s end. Instead,  it looked like there was a lot of Tender Self Loving Posing on Casey’s part.  You can see this in the above photo,  which was one of the last photos taken of little Caylee. Casey is posing with a fake grin,  while  a serious looking Caylee does not look  very happy at all. 


 But there was definitely TLC and  bonding between Caylee and grandmother  Cindy   throughout  Caylee’s young and precious life as you will see. Look at this photo above. You can see the genuine love and happiness on Caylee’s face and on Cindy’s face as well. These are genuine happy smiles.  



Perhaps the lack of bonding may be  due  to Cindy’s interference early on,  where she was the first to hold newborn C aylee . Cindy took charge of the illegitimate  baby Casey produced  right away. It seems to me that  Cindy had a huge hand in naming the baby- Caylee. It is a combination of her two children Casey and Lee, hence Caylee. Naming a baby also adds to the bonding process. So if Casey had no part  in naming the baby, that was one less element in the bonding process with her daughter. 

In the above photo as baby Caylee lies in Cindy’s arms, you see Cindy affectionately kissing Caylee as she sleeps comfortably  and nuzzles into Cindy’s body . Part of the bonding process involves smell. So if Caylee was mostly nuzzled into Cindy and smelling her instead of her birth mom Casey, chances are that baby Caylee bonded with Cindy and not Casey. Besides Cindy’s smell, Caylee must have felt the intense love towards her from grandma  Cindy, unlike the non- love  or  emptiness  must have felt when she was in Casey’s arms. 


In looking at the photo above you can see how early on in her life, when she as being held by Casey, Caylee seemed to want to get away. She doesn’t nuzzle into Casey’s body,  but turns away instead. She also  clenches her little fist in anger and makes a facial expression indicating discomfort and upset. This photo shows that she is clearly not bonded with Casey. 


In looking at this photo with Cindy and Caylee you can see how Cindy absolutely adores Caylee and dotes on her. Little Caylee seems so happy and confortable around Cindy. Even her litttle shoulder is nuzzled into Cindy. Cindy had a warm grasp on the child’s lower body as she pulls Caylee towards her. 


And finally this photo above says it all when it comes to Caylee and Cindy. You can feel the love and affection between both of them. Caylee feels so comfortable   around Cindy that she easily  places her elbow on grandma’s lap as they lean into one another. Caylee is genuinely happy and so is Cindy. 


Perhaps  there was so much resentment  by Casey while  seeing that  Caylee’s  was  being given all of Cindy’s love and attention over and over again that it was too much for Casey to handle.  Perhaps  that may be the reason why  Casey didn’t think twice about getting rid of her daughter. Perhaps deep down  she  perceived  Casey as her number one competition. So she had to destroy her  forever. 

The fact that she consistently refused to tell Cindy what happened to Caylee even  hours  after she arrived home without Caylee in tow , even after brother Lee pleaded with her, speaks to how she knew Caylee was the light of Cindy’s life. She knew that Caylee’s absence was devastating Cindy. She obviously relished seeing Cindy’s agony. That is why she refused to tell what happened to Caylee.  Nothing made Casey happier than sadistically  toying with her mother’s emotions just like she felt Cindy was toying with her emotions by loving Caylee more than her. 

Further evidence of the competition Casey felt between herself and  Caylee was  clearly revealed in the jailhouse tapes. Cindy brought up how Caylee liked to eat bagels. Casey immediately interjected , “what about me, I like to eat them too!” Another revealing statement was when Casey said that she was Caylee. Talk about over identification! 


Perhaps the most disturbing video which we have seen over and over again is of Casey “playing” with Caylee on the floor. Caylee kicks her feet as she tries to get away from Casey. At the end of the video we see Casey turning her head away as Caylee keeps kicking to escape from Casey’s grip on her. 

To me this does not show tender  love and affection. Instead it shows sadistic behavior. Caylee clearly wants to get away from Casey and Casey is not letting  her leave- hence the kicking. It is clear that Casey is uncomfortable in this situation.  


To me, this photo says it all. Casey’s facial expression shows disdain, aggravation, and frustration  at  innocent Caylee’s existence. Caylee does not look happy either. You can see the red marks under her eyes which may be indicative of a lot of crying and emotional abuse int he presence of Casey. 


Since the beginning of her  tragic life, Caylee didn’t feel appear to look very  comfortable around  Casey.  Casey seemed to treat her like a prop- an object  instead of  a loved daughter. 


 As Caylee grew older, she continued to  be used as a  prop by  Casey. Here Caylee does not feel  the same love and affection she feels from Cindy. There is such a marked contrast in her body language when she was  around Casey as opposed to when she was  around Cindy in that time period. Caylee instinctively  does not lean into Casey. She doesn’t smile and has a deadpan expression. 


As Caylee gets older,  she is still not smiling around Casey.   While Casey is grinning a phony grin, Caylee’s facial expression speaks volumes. She is serious and does not look like a happy child.  


In the above photo, it is still difficult to see any affection or  bonding from Casey to Caylee . Instead Casey is smiling  her phony grin while   Caylee’s attention is elsewhere . Caylee  points and pulls her body away from Casey as  though she wants to get away from her. There is no nuzzling or cuddling. 




In photos where Caylee does happen to be  smiling, it is not a genuine smile with cheekbones raised. Instead, it is a forced, crooked uncomfortable, tense and contrived smile when she is around Casey. 


It is as though someone who took the photo told  Caylee to smile and she obediently complied. But her smile does not appear to be heartfelt. In fact it is a crooked smile. When you see a crooked smile in children it usually means internal anger and unhappiness. 


 This cooked and non genuine smile continues as Caylee gets older. Look at the distance between her and Casey. Caylee leans her head away from Casey which speaks volumes. There heads don’t even touch. Casey is posing and so is Caylee. Caylee’s arm is out in front of Casey as though she may have wanted to  physically reach out to Casey. But  Casey has not responded to Caylee’s open gesture. She does not embrace Caylee or show he affection. She is too busy posing. 


In this photo above  you can see the lack of love and affection as Casey grabs Caylee’s wrist. Casey  doesn’t even hold Caylee’s hand, but looks down as though Caylee isn’t even there. 

Caylee is not happy about this as you can see her little fist like hand position. This indicates that she appears to be upset in her mother’s presence. There is so much distance between the two as well. This photo shows how negatively Casey really felt about Caylee  as she walks several  large steps ahead of her. 


This tragic photo seen once again is the most disturbing photo when looking at Casey and Caylee  who   are completely disconnected. Caylee is not smiling at all and looks very unhappy. What is most disturbing is the little mark on her cheek  along with the bags and circles under her eyes. 

When children have such bags and marks under their eyes they are often deprived os sleep and enough rest. It is also a signal of emotional abuse and may indicate that a lot of crying took place.

The mark on Caylee’s once flawless face is also upsetting to me. In light of what we assume Casey did to Caylee, was she  also smacked by Casey? Heaven only knows the torture and abuse Caylee may have possibly received at the hands of Casey when no one was around. 


If you scroll back up and look at the photos of Caylee and Cindy , you can clearly see that she was very capable of being happy, affectionate, connected, and loving  around  someone other than Casey- namely Cindy. 



If you look at Caylee’s body language  other people. she is happy and connected as well.  Look at her cuddly, comfortable pose with her great grandfather. Her open hand on his chest shows she is open and affectionate towards him. 


Look at Casey’s genuine smile with family friend Ryan Paisley. She’s at ease with him as she rests  her arm on his shoulder . 


Look at Caylee’s relaxed facial expression and comfortable body language with grandpa George. These photos are in marked contrast as those photos whenever  she appears with Casey. 


George Anthony you need to man up for the first time on your life !  When you didn’t show up in court for  the first time after Casey accused you of sexually molesting her  her, you  finally made a statement that you were not going to take   Casey’s  garbage anymore . 

  If you did molest her , then shame on you and you should be held accountable and will be by a higher power.  If you did molest her, no one would believe the lying sociopath you raised or shall I say – neglected to raise. While  a lot of people are sexually molested often   suffer mentally and emotionally and even physically, they  usually do not  resort to killing anyone.  This is not a justifiable excuse for killing Caylee. 

 And if you didn’t molest her you should never look at her again or show up in court for her under any circumstances. She has in essence thrown you under the bus and tried to kill you as she likely did with Caylee. 

Your  body language during the last  Today Show interview leaked out that you absolutely  knew exactly what happened – that Casey killed Caylee. You said you wanted to know the truth no matter what and your body language showed that you already knew the  sad truth.  When Cindy started spouting off some nonsense you looked at her with disgust. You knew it was a plot to help create reasonable doubt but you were not buying it.It clearly showed on your facial expression.  with a furrowed brow and downturned mouth.  

You claim  how Caylee was your everything .  Yes, we know  she was your everything after  this tragedy. But was  she was your everything  while she was alive? 

If she was your everything, then why during the  31 days of not seeing Caylee  were you not on the phone day and  night calling Casey and pleading with her to bring your beloved Caylee home to stay with you?

 If Caylee was your everything and  you could not live without Caylee why after one or two weeks at the latest,  did you not go out and search for Casey or hire a PI to find her so that you could have Caylee home with you? 

If  Caylee was your everything why were you not out beating the bushes and turning over every rock to find her? Why were you letting others go out  in the heat, sweating to find her while you were nowhere to be found? 

 I will tell you why you didn’t do anything.  It is because you  a. were in your own wimpy world and  only cared  about yourself.
Now that all eyes of  the world are upon you you have used the sympathy card to make people think there was more than was really there . You have shown in your Fox 35 interview a while back,  how much you need to be liked and thought of as Mr. Nice Guy.

Well George, if you want to be liked and be seen as the Nice Guy you need to get real and act like a man and not a wimp. Stop supporting Casey. She is a sociopath who would do to you just what she did to Caylee if she had the  opportunity. She actually did it to you when she outed you for sexually molesting her.

Stay away from her and don’t waste your time showing up in court  under the guise of supporting her. She doesn’t even want you there.   You know that very well as you begged her to see you in the jailhouse letters and she never responded to you. 

Let go of her because she hs let go of you long ago. There is no loyalty as far as sociopaths are concerned. So using loyalty and family and sticking up for Casey because she is family is a very flimsy excuse. The reality is that your  family member  tortured and  killed another member of your family.


And finally George, always look at this photo above of yourself. See the agony in it. See the  genuine emotion when you finally let yourself face the reality of what actually happened to your alleged beloved  granddaughter for whom you did nothing to locate find the 31 days she was away from you and for whom you personally  did nothing in order to  search for her when she was reported missing.

 See the expression in your face in this photo when the reality hit you that Caylee was smothered with duct tape, murdered, and placed in a plastic bag  like a piece of garbage and then thrown in  the back of a hot trunk of a car by your own lying sociopathic daughter.

You know the smell of death and now you have smelled  death again in the form of your own grandaughter  Caylee . That smell will never leave your mind. It is the smell that your daughter created.  So stop embarrassing yourself and defending Casey. You should be livid that she murdered your Caylee.


Cindy there is no doubt you loved Caylee and she loved you dearly. Body language and facial expression don’t lie.   Caylee did not feel comfortable with her own mother,  your daughter. You knew it.  Caylee may have instinctively feared Casey and  not have felt safe with Casey and you knew that as well. That is why you took care of every need of Caylee. You knew who Casey was just as very mother knows their daughter. You knew she was a thief and a liar and irresponsible . You  knew that you let her get away with way too much.

Your guilt about how poorly you raised Casey  reared its head  ever since the public met you. We have seen your hatred and anger  and constantly lashing out at others. But this is only defense mechanism . You are really angry at yourself for not being a good mother and  not raising  Casey right. You knew she was a mess but you wanted to deny it. That is why you went into denial about her pregnancy, her job, her stealing  and her lies about Zanny  the Nanny.

You relished taking care of Caylee because perhaps it was your chance to start over and right the wrong you did with Casey.  You looked at Caylee as your own daughter, even naming her a name so much like Casey’s name.

 Instead of Casey Marie,  your new daughter was Caylee Marie. But you wanted to be close to this daughter and to be loved by her and not hated by her like you were with Casey. You didnt want this new daughter to grow up a promiscuous  liar,  cheater and  thief like your other daughter.

Maybe that is why you kept Caylee’s  alleged dead  birth father’s family away so you could have Caylee all to yourself . It was your way to correct your previous mistakes you made as a mother to Casey.

You finally had enough of Casey’s lying cheating and stealing when she took money from your own mother. You said you would keep Caylee and throw Casey out . You said what should have been said to Casey a lot  earlier. There is no doubt that  you should have thrown Casey  out a lot earlier and not allowed her to take Caylee. That is when Casey became desperate and killed Caylee.. She did it  to get back at you for loving her biological child  not wanting  or loving  her.

You did the right thing in calling the police. You  spoke the  truth.But then you tried to take control and backtrack and lie.  You did this out of fear and   guilt.

Cindy, you have nothing to feel guilty about for kicking Casey out . A lot of parents use this tough love technique  to kick their  uncontrollable kids out of the house . But their kids  dont kill anyone.

 Casey was a sick sociopath and you  knew  there was  something wrong with her for  a long time . So stop beating yourself up and lashing your self hated out on others. Stop  enabling Casey and trying to protect her. In doing so you are diminishing your love and respect for Caylee.

 She killed your beloved  Caylee to get back at you. So stop the manipulation and nonsense about Caylee being alive!  Caylee is dead and you know it. She is  dead because Casey killed her. Accept it and mourn it.

 It is obvious you loved Caylee and you did the right thing in loving her and raising her and kicking badly behaved  Casey out of the house. Also where were you when you had not seen your beloved Caylee in days and weeks? Was your pride holding you back from calling or searching for  her and Caylee ? Did you think Casey would come groveling and begging to come back home? Was it a control and power play on your part?

You definitely did the right thing when it came to calling the police.   But then you backtracked and started to lie and manipulate. Now do the right thing again . Let go of Casey.  She has let go of you long ago  Stop defending her.  Stop talking to the media. Let  justice take its course.  Let Caylee’s memory be respected so that she can  finally rest in peace. She loved you enough to respect her and protect her.  

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76 thoughts on “Caylee Anthony’s Body Language Showed Unhappiness and Distancing From Casey But Closeness to Grandmother Cindy

  1. THANK YOU! I thought the very same things when I saw the pictures of Caylee with her mother. I didn’t realize there were even more pictures of Caylee with circles under her little eyes. For as much is known and all that has been labled ‘evidence’ in this murder case, these photos, which Cindy thinks are her ticket to riches, are exactly what is going to seal the fate of the accused. Again, my thanks for this insightful post.


  2. Dr. Glass,
    Thank you for this analysis. I’ve said the same EXACT things about the photos long ago. In fact there were a bunch of pictures released a while back and I picked out the ones I was certain, that Caylee was under Casey’s care in, and the ones Caylee was under Cindy’s care. The pictures of Caylee alone, it’s clear by how she looks, is dressed, groomed, etc.. who’s care she was under at the time in my opinion. Your messages to George and Cindy are spot on. And I’ve also made those pleas to them both.
    One thing I disagree with. The last 911 call and Cindy’s honesty in it. It’s my opinion, Cindy as well as George knew by the smell in the car Caylee was dead. But maybe still just a bad suspicion at first. Then when Cindy overheard Casey tell Lee she hadn’t seen Caylee in 31 days, it was that moment Cindy knew Caylee was dead. Her last 911 call clearly is Cindy upset, but she’s upset because she knows the truth but to protect Casey, a motherly instinct, she knows the importance of making sure saying Caylee is “Missing” gets on record. That 911 call, in my opinion, is the very first attempt Cindy made to cover up Caylee’s murder. Upset and confused, heartbroken and mad, she knew at that moment hearing Casey’s confession and putting that together with the smell and the car she cleaned out that Caylee was dead. But she still wanted Casey to answer to her. I believe Cindy knew Caylee wasn’t “Missing” and that she was dead the second Casey said those words to Lee.

    Take care 🙂


  3. I noticed so many of the same things, and I’m not a trained body language expert. I wonder if you could entertain this theory, or pose it to another expert. Why would Casey search for homemade weapons, neck breaking, shovel, missing children, and all of the other things. It would not have taken all of those to kill Caylee. I have always suspected that she planned on killing Cindy, George, and Caylee. She openly talked about getting the house, the parents were going to be gone. I think both of her parents have not throught that in reality Casey was planning on killing them.


  4. Hi Dr Glass,if many had held to speaking to Cindy,an Groege in this manner all along.I would have been so much better .But so many have pussy footed around with the questions they asked them ,while on their tv appearences.It seem for a while no one would confront them with these facts.

    Now i do believe several times George did try to correct Casey,an Cindy stepped in,for what ever reason.An would not allow him to correct Casey.Like when he found out she wasnt working at one of the jobs she claimed she was on,before universal.

    I believe both grandparent loved Caylee.But seems they would not cross Casey.Could be they were afraid she would take Caylee away,as she finaly did,when she was held to task when the blow up happened.

    It would be hard haveing a rebellous daughter who lied,an stole from parents,an even old sick grandparents.Just maybe if they had allowed charges to be filed for the thefts.An allowed her to recieve punisment for those crimes.It may have broke her.

    But it didnt happen,an Caylee is no longer here.I pray this will be a eye opener for all grandparents who see that somethings wrong in the way the parent is treating their baby.An that they will take swift action.To aviod a situation as this,an possibly lose their grandchild.

    Thanks for writing this,it way over time for these two grandparents to come to grips,that Caylee is the real victim in this case.Casey made the decision to harm her child.She is to blame.Many other choices could have been made.

    To many loved this child,an im sure would have been willing to keep Caylee.This was a cruel crime,against Caylee.I to believe a selfish vengeful crime.Casey must be held accountable.Justice must be served for this innocent victim(Caylee) May she rest in peace.


  5.,i agree with you!caylee looked before her death,tired and scared on pictures!and when casey and caylee is together on the picture,casey look like,look at me not caylee!


  6. Dr Glass..excellent observations about the dynamics between Caylee and Cindy and Caylee and Casey..I have heard meny say that Caylee looked well fed, clean and properly dressed so it is assumed that she was “well cared for” …it bothers me that people only look at the outward apparences and make a that conclusion. I also see Caylee’s circles, red marks and in the video on Farther’s day she looked like she was losing hair on her left side of her head either from someone pulling at it,as some children do in response to stress will pull their hair out.ALso from interviews from some of the Anthony’s neighbors, they have made statements that there was alot of screaming and yelling comming from that home. One neighbor witnessed Casey walking out of the home yelling F**k off. This neighbor was outside at the time. So anyone who just assumes Caylee was “well cared for” should have walked a mile in that baby’s shoes. Your open letters to both Cindy and George Anthony are so right needs to be sent to Lee as well as he is a witness to the dynamics of the family and the relationship between Casey and Cindy. Why will none of them be so filled with horror at what Casey did to that baby as to step forward with truth and honesty. Why will they not love Caylee in death as they proclaimed they loved her in life?


  7. Dr. Glass~~ very good Article, Thanks!
    I agree with Your Observation 100 %.
    Always looking forward to Your Posts!
    All those Pictures are telling a Story.


  8. Casey was merely a babysitter who didn’t get a paycheck. So her paycheck was laying around doing nothing all day and lying about it. She felt by her parents, obligated to take care of a child she had no interest in.

    I noticed from day one the ‘posing’ of Casey in photos of her daughter. They’re no different than photos of Casey alone or with party acquaintances. Casey is the same in all photos. Nobody is actually ‘there’ with her, they are props for her big toothed smile. She has never looked with adoration at anyone in a photograph. Only at the camera…which may be the only thing on earth she adored besides her mirror and herself.


    1. No one was there with her in her pose for pictures…. right. She wasn’t even there. She’s been in la la land for years. Casey Anthony is a classic sociopath and even a wanna be rocket scientist like her mother knew it. It saddens us all I am sure, to know that a sociopath has no emotional conscience. It is pathetic and preposterous to watch her parents grovel at her feet for a toss of give-a-shit.. because she doesn’t, and can’t. It’s like asking her to ice skate with no legs.
      Come on Cindy and George, give it up.

      I get the “she’s family” part. Honestly! But there are times when the subject of family doesn’t fit the crime. She hasn’t been very loyal to you, notice?

      Show me the family!? Your brother is family too, why have you kicked him to the curb? Eh? Your mother is family too, why not defend her honor? It’s all Bull Shit! You’re defending yourselves, not Casey. You know damn well what she is. And just for kicks and giggles people, she knows what you are!

      Nice pictures Cindy. You look great and so does your mascot!


  9. Thank you for this, Dr. Glass. It struck me like lightening when looking at these pictures you posted how identical Caylee was to Cindy. She had the same eyes, the same mouth, the same large area between her nose and her upper lip. She was Cindy’s little girl, no doubt about that, and everyone knew it.

    I think you are right on with the “What about me?” attitude that Casey adopted toward her child and her own mother. She wanted to be the gorgeous in “Hi, Gorgeous” from George, not Caylee.

    Caylee looks in every picture with Casey as if she can’t wait to get away from this dark stranger who occasionally and irritatingly keeps coming back into her world with Cindy and George. In the picture with Casey grinning like an idiot and little Caylee looking so very somber, it almost looks like Caylee knows what is coming and is intuitively scared to death, coming out of her eyes in beams.

    George is a WIMP and a terrible grandfather for not sticking up for his beloved granddaughter. Same is true of Cindy. They KNEW that something was “wrong” with Casey. They KNEW the baby was uncomfortable around her. They continued the enabling, but why? I can’t figure that out.

    Lee is a bizarre personality and all together strange guy. His inappropriate grinning, shucking and laughing, the way he talks to his murderer sister (and he knows she did this) just makes me shiver. Can’t figure out how he became this kind of creep either.


    1. GOod post Barbara. I believe they continued to enable for noise control. Some young people run the house with the threat of tantrums and many parents allow it to keep some semblance of control, but the controller is the kid, not them. It’s common.

      In this case, I sense the reason for the enabling was because Casey knew secrets they didn’t want broad casted. Cindy irked her deliberately because she had Cindy’s life in her hands.. the life she wanted to project. The perfect family was all she wanted the world to see. Casey blew it.. Big as life, she’s told the secrets to the world. The saddest part of all of this is, the child was the chess piece they both wanted to use. They fought for it and the child paid. … with her life. I don’t see remorse and I don’t see grief. No one cared about Caylee, or she’d be alive.


  10. Good take on -the pictures speak a thousand words- Dr Glass.

    Casey is no less the sociopath than her mother. I don’t see Cindy paying heed to anything anyone says because she doesn’t give a fiddlers feck what anyone thinks or feels, and that includes Caylee. Knowing what that child suffered, how can she defend anyone? Why isn’t she on the floor in pieces instead of blabbing her insanity on TV internationally calling out to the world about her daughter’s impossible innocence? How can she negate Caylee’s death? How could she not be suffering intense pain over the way Caylee died, no matter who killed her? She doesn’t care about Caylee. She’s a narcissistic cow!

    It is beyond obvious that she is not wrapped too tight because any normal grandmother who lived with her grandchild since birth would have broke down the great wall of China to find the child, knowing she had no crib, food, bath, toys.. etc.. Did she think that Caylee was going to live in the car??

    Hell knows Casey had to get rid of the poor darling before she was able to talk intelligibly. Caylee saw more than Casey wanted her idiot mother to know. And she was bound to repeat it eventually. Kids always do!

    Your letter to both of them only makes sense to normal people. THose two are niether going to understand them or care about the truth. They’d like to have us believe that the sun, the moon and the stars are illusions. They all belong in jail!

    My 2 cents.


  11. I really believe that even though Caylee was long dead, Casey was wanting Cindy and George to come groveling during that 31 days. That is how a sociopath works. She wants the control. She wants to know that the person she is intending to hurt is indeed hurting.

    I am sure that every time George and Cindy asked about Casey, she chuckled knowing that they would never see Caylee again, but also was angry that George and Cindy were still more concerned about Caylee’s welfare than Casey’s.


  12. Great post Dr Glass,

    Those pics speek loudly and directley about the feelings between Casey and Caylee…

    Hope the Ants read and take it to heart and finaly speek the truth. I do not understand why they just do not walk away . I understand them supporting her for she is their daughter, however she is also a murderer…

    Casey could have had the same relationship if she was not so jeulous of her Cindy’s and Caylee’s relationship..

    As adults there should never be negative feelings towards a grand childs love for a grand parent,.


  13. Also wonder has anybody caught the video that was shown with kc and Caylee playing on the floor? Dr Glass has the caption saying sadistic play ? I recall when they were first airing that clip over and over and I remember seeing that Caylee was messing or fussing with her feet in kc’s hair..kc stopped and had her face facing the floor all PO’ enough! I recall seeing that once..than whenever it was shown again the clip was cut…it was a fleeting moment but I remember to this day how I was struck as this mother was laughing one moment and how quick her mood changed..


  14. In the length of time Caylee was allegedly with the Nanny… for Cindy/George not to ever have contact or pick Caylee up or drop her off speaks loud volumes. There was no Nanny.

    If they truly believed there was a Nanny and their daughter was innocent they would be searching for this Nanny. I saw no intensive search. If I believed my daughter to this day I would want to find the offending party.

    The Anthony’s know the truth. They are trying to backpeddle it. Pictures show certain things but certain things can be shown by certain pictures. Just like you pick a jury you believe is sympathetic to your case so do you pick out pictures that are sympathetic to your theory.

    I agree with you Lillian on assessment of these pictures. I agree with the whole profile of the Anthony family’s dynamics … sad they may be.

    But George/Cindy/Lee.. there is no justice on Earth worth throwing your integrity under Casey’s bus. Tell the truth. Be honest. You may love your daughter forever George and Cindy but take a stance and say enough is enough.. it wasn’t right what SHE did to Caylee. You let her get away with murder all her life… don’t let her get away with actual murder because that is what you are enabling again this time.

    I also think you should be charged as impeders and perjurers and I hope both of you face charges for what you have done and meddled and deceived in this case… all for what… for a sociopath… you could have been first or next… take your pick!

    Caylee would have started telling some very evil stories about her mother and the sad part they would have been true. She was a child who was getting very language literate. Cindy you did good as a grandma and I do think you were trying to start over again with Caylee and I do believe you honestly loved her… now stand up for that love and tell the truth. Stop manipulation of people and the media. Your daughter is guilty.. Time for you to swallow and fess up the truth.


  15. Cindy doesn’t believe Caylee’s alive, it’s her twisted attempt to taint the jury pool. Remember what she wrote Casey? We’ve got a year to change people’s minds. Good luck with that!

    $indy reported money stolen before dialling 911 to report Caylee missing, that’s how much “$indy loved” Caylee.

    I believe the latest photos of Caylee’s crooked mouth could have been due to drugs Casey was forcing her to take, p-erhaps even low doses of chloroform. It looks worse than a crooked smile, but deformed. Poor little angel.


  16. The anthonys don’t know how to “love” and failed to protect Caylee. They enabled Casey’s criminal behavior for years 1which escelated to the murder of their “beloved granddaughter” and are now condoning & covering up for Casey again, fo0r 1st degree murder.

    If that’s love than what is it when they hate? Glad they’re not my family.


  17. And Cindy is covering-up the murder for herself, because of the guilt for not protecting Caylee. Nothing to do with loving Casey, they play games & hate each other. Too bad Caylee lost in their little power struggle, they are still alive Caylee is dead because of them.

    I have no sympathy & don’t believe for a moment Cindy ever “loved” anyone, she’s incapable as is Casey, George & Lee. Which family member once told the truth & tried to really find a “missing Caylee”. They knew from the smell of the decomp in the trunk Caylee was killed & went into cover-up mode almost immediately.

    Cindy threw TES director Tim Miller out the house for asking Casey to point out where to look for the child on a map. Is that “a loving” grandmother…uh I don’t think so.

    Which member of the Anthony’s will be on Caylee’s side during trial? None, zero that tells me all I need to know about the evil Anthonys.


  18. The Anthony’s have shown pure hatred, contempt for anyone that tried to find Caylee when “she was missing”. Isn’t that kind of backwards, when you love someone who might be hurt you want them found & should be grateful. tha


  19. Caylee loved Cindy & George because they were the lesser of 2 evils (Casey) & she’s a loving, helpless, innocent child.

    The grandparents were as fond of Caylee as an Anthony could be which is very limited. Anthonys are sociopaths & narcissists with hedonistic lifestyles who only care about themselves.


    1. Now, I sure will disagree with your take on this.

      The Anthony’s loved that child with their whole hearts.

      Where are you getting this from? Limited fondness? PLEASE/

      You are really stretching this!

      George Anthony took that wonderful Grandchild of his all over the neighborhood in a red wagon Caylee clutching her doll.
      That was his thing, pull Caylee all over because he dedicated so much time to her and he loved her.

      I find your comment insulting to Caylee’s memory Katrina.

      These Grandparents were blindsided by this.
      Yes, they are covering, but they are covering for flesh and blood. Right or wrong, it’s what a human does. An imperfect human.

      Caylee loved her Grandparents for one reason only, she felt the love, she was loved, she was taken care of with a bucket load of love, regardeless of that child’s fate.


      1. I do think they loved her, but they gained a new love after this happened they love fame and attention and money now.


  20. At the very end of that video of casey playing with caylee on the floor for the camera casey puts caylee down & turns away from her & gets up. The look on her face says at all. She makes a face of disgust like,ugh, she’s glad that’s over with. They don’t run the very end of that clip anymore either.


  21. Dr. Glass,

    I have to disagree about Caylee in the photo with her grandfather. She looks and acts scared to me. I know when I was young I was always afraid when we would go visit my grandmother in the nursing home. It’s something that Caylee had to do for her grandmother and while she loved her great grandfather she looks scared and only sitting in his lap to please Cindy. By the way, it’s natural to be afraid of old people when your that young.JMO


    1. Chery, no one on this earth could ever get me to snuggle with someone that I did not feel comfortable with. That picture with her GREAT Grandfather says it all for me. Total trust, total acceptance. No hestitation on that childs part.

      And by the way, she vistied her Great Grandad at the nursing home more than once and sang songs for him and read to him.

      Total Angel that Caylee was…..

      Sometimes we need to get ourselves to a Library.
      The tabloids are not an educational source of intelligence.


      1. The picture with her great grandfather didn’t give me the impression that she was afraid either outraged, but I did see her singing and reading while visiting the nursing home too. What tabloids? Her life was on Nancy Grace, JV Mitchell and Greta, and I can tell you’ve seen it too. Tell us something we don’t know, if you will. No one ever said she wasn’t an angel. She isn’t the problem, never was.


  22. Jo, do not read me wrong. I think this is one screwed up family.

    I am also dead sure Casey get’s the death penalty and will see the needle as soon as her appeals run out.

    I am just disagreeing with Katrina regarding the Grandparents as the lesser of two evils. The love they showed that child was not evil. Love for Caylee WAS with their hearts.

    I guess I used the wrong word, fate………

    Should maybe have said, outcome.

    Who could know.

    I am so caught up in this. I lost a beloved daughter, my only daughter to a brutal murder in Florida. I live in New Hampshire. I had to go to Florida and clean up the mess.

    Had to vacuum the flies that ate my child. Had to hire Crime Scene Cleanup to rid the house of the blood and the smell in order to sell it. So………..give the Anthony’s a little break. They did not do murder.

    They are flawed humans. In their wildest dreams did they
    ever think the daughter would murder her own child.

    I know that Caylee was decomposing in the trunk. I know Casey killed her own daughter. The Anthony’s know that a dead body was in the trunk of that car. No doubt in my mind. George Anthony was in law enforcement, Cindy is a nurse. Both know the smell of a cadaver… No mistaking that odor.

    They are human, they probably went into shock together when they smelled death.

    Panic set in. At the very same moment, they came to the
    horrifying conclusion that the child was dead. A parent then goes into denial.

    No mistaking that smell. You can smell dead things your entire life. But smell a dead body, you will never forget it.
    There is no way to describe it.

    I know Casey killed her own daughter. No accident.

    I just disagree that the Grandparents are lesser of two evils. They loved that child.


    1. Outraged, I am so sorry for your loss. You are not alone. The picture (avatar) is one of my sons who is no longer with us. I wish them both love and prayers.

      Yes, I get caught up in this case as well and my heart is all over Caylee. The family however is a sick bunch, before and after Caylee died. Grief is painful how ever you handle it, and it is not going to disappear by the Anthony’s methods. I hate judging, but I do, because they are defending the lies instead of the child. Her life mattered. They have gained a lot of outrage from the world for their pompus ways.

      May all the children who have gone too soon, RIP.


  23. Bravo Dr. Glass excellent post! I have absolutely no doubt that Cindy and George loved Caylee but that love didn’t go away when Caylee was murdered and they should both step up and honor Caylee with the truth and not with more tatoos and book deals but with love and not turning their dead grandaughter smell into a rotting pizza, that behavior from them is absolutely disgusting! KC made her bed now she is going to have to lie in it, but Caylee was only 2 years old and now still her own grandparents aren’t a voice for her justice. The terror that little Caylee went through when KC placed those 3 pieces of duct tape over baby Caylee’s mouth and nose until her little body convulsed when she was dying and later placed in a trash bag like a rag doll should be enough for these grandparents to shout from the top of their lungs JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!!!




  24. $indy dialed 911 to report money stolen by Casey before reporting Caylee missing, that’s how much “$indy loved” Caylee. Look it up in the docs….


  25. Cindy’s daughter would rather be in a tiny cell in solitary confinement with no more letters passed to other friends aka convicts after being caught than accept a visit from Cindy Anthony. What does that tell you about what a vile, rotten woman she is. Casey & Cindy clash because they are exactly the same, sociopaths with narcissistic rage.


  26. Cindy said Caylee gave her unconditional love. Too bad Caylee hasn’t received it in return. One thing the Anthonys do love is the blood money they’re living off of thanks to a dead Caylee.


  27. Do Cindy & George sleep at night without nightmares of murdered Caylee?

    Yes, they get the required 8 hours because they’re that evil, cold & calculating.

    Money talks & BS walks & Caylee provided the chronically unemployed George & the “DISABLED” Cindy with a windfall..means to an end.

    Grieving grandparents who protect the killer & frame innocents….really???

    Yeah Cindy & George are “grieving” with future book & movie deals. That’s why that freaky bald-headed media promoter dude Jim L. follows them everywhere.

    They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when the trial is over.


  28. Does anyone think that the whole “molestation” accusations arose out of the defense team? Perhaps it was thought up by Baez as an “insanity” type defense? Maybe it never ever happened – and that is why he is not commenting on it because it will be used as a defense? That’s what I think.
    Dr. Glass, your letter to Cindy at the end is great. I sincerely hope she reads this blog.


    1. Lisa my opinion of the molestation accusations is, Casey was lacking media attention at that time. She’s a sensationalist. She eats attention for breakfast. (as does her mother) She’s a borderline personality with a touch of psychotic wrapped in sociopath. She rides on shock value, in my opinion but I know her scheme team will use it to their advantage. They are basically looking for a mistrial, but in the even they need a plea at the end of the day, they need to get that death penalty off the table, and making her a victim is the only way they can do that.


  29. Sometimes I wonder if George and Cindy read all the negative comments from their audience. If they do, I doubt what anyone says matters much to them. I remember them saying (on their last interview) that they have a lot of supporters. I suppose there are some people who have the compassion to stand by them whether or not they believe Casey killed Caylee. I doubt there are very many.

    The saddest part of this case is, the evidence, be it circumstantial or not, is so overwhelming, there is no way anyone with a hair of a brain doesn’t know who killed Caylee. What is most disturbing about the Anthony’s is, their lack of privacy in grief. Sure they loved Caylee, how ever they seem desperate to do away with the love now and defend her obvious killer. This is disturbing to the masses of people who are watching this case evolve. They are between a rock and a hard place, that’s true, but most of us cannot understand what they are doing. It’s so revealing about their soul… they seem insensitive to the horror.

    One of the most disturbing things I found about this case is when Cindy banned certain individuals from the child’s memorial. It was as if Caylee was a THING, instead of a human being and she owned that THING.. and took power over her death as well as her life. Why wouldn’t she allow people to pay their respects to poor little Caylee? How can that be a bad thing? When she did that, it made people refrain from embracing them. Compassion lost its luster.

    Now, if someone can just explain why she didn’t break down any and all barriers to find out where she was for 31 days. Show me the love.. I just don’t see it. I did try!


    1. I’m going to answer myself here 😉 I just remembered that Cindy said she did read the awful remarks made by the Casey haters. She said, “I pray for them” LOL!! Now, did she pray for them before or after she called them, fat lazy ass bloggers?


  30. Thank you for you analysis of Caylee Anthony.
    So much of what you said I agree with.
    Another thing that’s always bothered me about Caylee’s pictures is that is so many of them she’s dressed up – dressed up like a character or a doll. Not in a casual sense, either — she’s too perfect. It’s strange but it almost seems like she’s a prop… like someone’s trying to portray an image. It seems like Caylee was nothing more than a play thing, a toy. Something to play with, dress up, and toss aside when you’re done playing.
    Another thing that has always bothered me is Casey’s toothy grin in so many pictures with Caylee… as if she’s trying to outshine Caylee & she wants to be recongnised and noticed more. I do believe she Casey saw Caylee as competition.
    Cindy and George… what can I say? They aren’t my favorite people in the world, that’s for sure. I can’t help but to feel they are partially responsible for Caylee’s death. There are just so many things they did wrong… and still continue to do wrong. I simply do not have anything nice to say about them. I gave up on them doing anything right or decent a long time ago.


    1. Good point about the toothy grin in the photos. I couldn’t for the life of me understand what that was all about. She looks like she’s going to pop out of her skin.


  31. Hi Dr. Glass, I think these videos also shows the sick way KC treated Caylee.

    As opposed to this one that Cindy actually interacts with little Caylee.

    What do you think? TIA


    1. Nancy thesse videos say it all. They say how there was no interaction with Casey. Poor Caylee tried to verbalize and communicate with Casey but Casey completely ignored her and kept filming and observing her like a zoo animal. It is so terriby sad. One can only imagine how much more neglect was going on when there were no cameras filming Caylee. How sad.


  32. People will be giving opinions about this case long after the trial is over. Because Casey is pretty, Caylee was so adorable and her grandparents are acting out so hideously, we can’t wrap our heads around it. Murderers are usually ugly and down trodden. Grandparents of murdered grandchildren are usually hidden behind their grief or change their names and move away, unwilling to face TV cameras. Humans too often judge books by their covers. Are we outraged or fearful to know that people like Casey Anthony walk among us?

    Damn right we have opinions! I like to refrain from nit picking here but it’s hard not to. Dark circles under the child’s eyes is a problem where I come from. Terror in her little eyes is clearly a clue that her mom was hurting her in some way.

    I believe if they stayed off the television shows, we’d know a lot less and would opine a lot less.


  33. I just wanted to comment about pics I have never seen… I have a lot of pic of me and my mom I have yet to see a pic of Casey and cindy together (imagine how telling that might be) I would also love for you to analyze pics of Cindy and Casey as a child. I can only imagine that they are very distant and showing hardly any love unless it’s forced for pics


    1. there’s a pic of them @ Cindy’s brother’s wedding when Casey is like 8 months pregnant & her mom is still denying it, attributing it to being overweight or some other stupid excuse, when it is so obvious that her is pregnant, and her brother brings it up to Cindy in the emails etc.


      1. Thanks babykakes, their behavior is so interesting to me. I would love to see video of Casey growing up, how she was truly treated by Cindy and George. I mean Lee seems like a pretty much normal stable human(except for supporting Casey, but I think he does not have much of a choice support her or be disowned I would choose the latter) I would imagine a spoiled little girl that got everything their heart desired. I was raised that way though and I never got in trouble no matter what I did. So I have to assume that their was something born into Casey that made her sick. I just don’t know.


  34. I watched those 2 videos. Thanks.. btw. They made me feel sad. Poor Caylee was truly being watched like a “zoo animal” Dr. Glass. She was uncomfortable for starters and was trying to get the camera person’s attention.

    I always saw her as some sort of badge or mascot to this whole family. She was a possession, not a human being. She was a clothes horse or a doll to them. Until Caylee needed more than bottle feedings and diaper changes, there was probably no danger. After she became a real person, the hell began. I believe Cindy took over her care but I don’t buy that Caylee was her whole life. Not for a second.

    Last night I watched Nancy Grace who showed videos of a nanny beating an 11 month old child senseless. There was a nanny-cam installed at the home she worked in because the parents of the child became suspicious of a black eye the 11 month old had. Over and over they showed the video that filmed the nanny hitting the baby and throwing the baby. I thought of Caylee instantly.


  35. Hello Dr. Glass,
    I’m puzzled. What you’re calling sadistic play is something I’ve done with all 3 of my children. I’m petite like Casey and I wasn’t able to do all of the gymnastic fun stuff like their Daddy could do. My kids loved playing on my knee and being jostled up and down on my calves. So I’m sorry, unless you’re just not familiar with this kind of play, I have to disagree and so would my kids and grandkids.
    As a matter of fact, after the age of two, with a child over 30 lbs, it’s nearly impossible for a woman like myself, 5’1″, 118 lbs, yet my 5yr old grand daughter still jumps on my legs when I’m lying on the floor. I don’t know…It’s not sadistic. In my opinion, Caylee and Casey are having a fun mother-baby moment.


    1. Dear the JB Mission
      When any child wants to get away from you and you insist on playing with them and they are kicking and pleading with you to get away for any length of time that is selfish and sadistic behavior as we have seen in the familiar Casey tape. It has nothing to do with a person’s size, their petiteness or a child’s weight. It has to do with their behavior. In the case you describe, it seems like the 5 year old child is engaging you. In Casey’s case the child is disengaging. She is kicking as an indication to get away where it is no longer play. It seems to me that comparing your situation with Casey’s is completely different.


    2. I don’t think it’s sadistic either.What’s happening is people are thinking subjectively because they hate Casey so they read things into every photo/behavior.People have a need to think Casey was a bad mother all the time which is subjectivity on their part.Casey was even blamed for Caylee still being in diapers but maybe Caylee wasn’t ready to give them up.


  36. Thank you Dr Glass…. also Jo I agree with everything you have said…

    Another telling moment of Casey’s jealousy of Caylee was when L Padilla had gotten her out on bail & his female asst was staying in the house with Casey… They were in her bedroom looking at Casey’s photo albums & his asst saw a photo of Casey & Caylee & made the comment that Caylee was so cute ……….Casey immediately came back with ” well, what about me ? I am cute .. ” ……


  37. It looks like simple rough housing to me in that video where Casey and Caylee are playing together.I have seen this photo/video many times.Also how can an infant really pick up on hate.Caylee may have been cranky because it was time to feed her.I think sometimes people want to read things into photos which are not there especially if they already have grown to hate Casey.I believe Cindy took over the mothering from the start which would make Caylee more comfortable around her but there are some photos where it looks like Casey and Caylee get along.I think it’s that people want to think Casey was bad all the time so they subjectively read things into photos.Actually it was Cindy that grabbed Casey’s hand to shove the cake into Caylee’s face.But it does look like Caylee was afraid to leave her great grandpa.He was a protection for her.At times Caylee was probably hit by Casey,that I agree with plus Casey is holding Caylee’s arm tightly but there again whoi knows why.


    1. Studies show that infants pick up a gamut of emotions both positive and negative. When a child screams that they don’t want to be tickled or they no longer want to play and the adult continues to do so it is no longer rough housing, it is sadistic behavior.


      1. I think the real sadistic side of Casey came about when Caylee was in the high chair and Casey filmed her underneath the table.I think Casey is sexual sadistic and I hope she didn’t take out her sexual obsessions on little Caylee but in party photos it’s obvious she’s obsessed with sex to an extreme point.It’s interesting what you say about infants.I didn’t know about that.It’s so sad.


  38. Thank you, Dr. Glass. Spot-on analysis and the pictures are SO telling. Most people erroneously believe that child abuse/neglect must be physical in nature to rise to the level of what we consider “abusive”. Sadly, this is not always the case. Your expertise in body language analysis is a perfect example. Emotional and verbal abuse is the more common and insideous method of harming children…..but often “behind closed-doors” and sight unseen. I shudder to think of how much and how often Caylee was probably completely ignored by her “mom” Casey. What insults may have been spoken to her in that house and in that car where she was forced to spend so much time strapped in her car seat. When pictures do exist, they tell their own story, as you highlight in your article above. As a survivor of childhood abuse, I know that what truly hurt the MOST was the innate KNOWLEDGE that I was an inconvenient impediment in my “mother’s” life. I swear on my life that I KNEW my “mother” despised me as early as three….when I can recall the first memories. Even though I have no conscious knowledge of my life prior to three, I believe you in that even infants KNOW who genuinely adores them. It makes even a grown man weep thinking (KNOWING, really) that Caylee…..not even three…..also knew and felt such painful things. Thanks again for your very insightful article. May God Bless Caylee.


  39. There’s a video where Casey dropped Caylee.Caylee slid out of her grasp.I thoiught it was very sadistic.Also Caylee was trying to get away in that video,pushing on Casey’s face.Caylee says “I’m scared of you” in the video where she sings “You Are My sunshine” It’s got to be Casey she said it to.


  40. Throwing Caylee’s body away is so disturbing.Murder is disturbing but isn’t more common for someone to leave a body inside a hoime or maybe some abandoned building? It’s as though Casey wanted to bide time for Caylee’s little body to turn to a skeleton so she would be less easily found or identitifiable.It breaks my heart so much how Casey treated Caylee’s body after death with the elements and all.


  41. In the video where Caylee’s in the high chair eating breakfast,she says ” dee dee dad dee dad good LOVE”She says LOVE quite plainly.I think Caylee is trying to tell Casey that she favors Grandpa George over Casey.That Grandpa George gives her real love.


  42. I would just like to say that I do see alot of where you are coming from in this story of who Caylee loved more. I would like to point out though that you can look at it a little different if you want to hear me out. When children are having there pictures taken they are not always thinking of whom they are taking a picture with but also looking at who is behind the camera. What if Caylee’s unhappiness was with the person behind the camera and not against her mother? I am a mother of 2 young boys. My oldest is 4 and my youngest is 2. I know from first hand when you get out a camera and say to a young child to smile for the camera, you get some fake smiles and some blank stares. There were many pictures taken of Casey with Caylee where they both look happy and I think it is unfair to judge weather Caylee loved her mother or not based on a few pictures and videos. I encourage everyone who reads this to look at your own pictures of your kids with you and other family members and see the different expressions that your own children have made when they were young. I’m sure you have at least a handful of pictures where you can draw different opinions of who your child seemed happy or unhappy with. And think about what conclusion would people come to if they looked over your life with a fine tooth comb. I am just trying to keep an open mind as far as the trial goes and letting the evidence from both sides sink in before I jump to a conclusion of guilt. Thank you for reading what I had say.


  43. I don’t see how these pictures or videos prove anything. First of all this is probably just a small portion of all the photos that exist of them. I have some photos of my kids, some are happy, some are mad, some they are antsy, some you miss the right moment because of a delay on the camera and so they get side tracked with something else as kids often do especially at that age. There are so many things you have to put into consideration. Also it sometimes depends on who is behind the camera on how a child will react in a picture. I have THREE so I am pretty confident in what I am saying. This page just annoys me. It seems as though everyone thinks Casey is guilty so they are going to nit pick at every little thing just to prove a point, even if its an assumption which this whole page is. The “kick” picture looks more like she might be playing with Caylee rocking her back and forth propping her on her legs. Where is proof of who was video taping these home videos? Nobody said anything except for the one with Cindy. I am pretty sure I could find a video or two of me silently video taping my kids just to get footage of them and how they are without me coaching them on. Does that make me a bad mother?? I am not saying Casey is innocent by any means. All I am saying is this post is just a BIG assumption . Making things into something they might of not even been. Assumptions are ignorant and that’s what this is!


  44. I think that all of your opinions are just plain ignorant. Pick and choose what pictures you want to show, analyze them because you already think she’s a murderer. Your analyzing sounds insane. Like every picture you have of you and your child are all cuddly? I don’t think so. Many people pick up a camera and tell the people to smile and it’s not a genuine smile, they are smiling on request. You knit picking these pictures to show what you want them to show. I don’t know exactly what happened and neither do any of you. But to take pictures of the both of them, they obviously spent time together, in the same room, on the floor, bed, couch etc TOGETHER! That’s more than some parents do. Your trying to DAMN hard to read into a few pictures. You can not read a child’s mind by looking at a few pictures. Body language reading, in my opinion, is not a profession. It’s all your interpretation of what you want to think. Plain and simple. Watch a video of me and my daughter, where I lightly spank her bottom to make her sit down. I’m not a murderer. Nobody is loving, cuddly and smiley 100% of the time. SORRY!


  45. Here this video proves that this page is full of it…..the “kicking” picture is from this video and Casey was PLAYING with Caylee….


  46. Wow, the parts I have read are incredible..I have always felt the pictures were always about Casey and not Caylee! The people on the news are always going on about what a wonderful mother Casey was, just look at the pictures!!!! Baloney!!!I am so glad you are showing all these videos, it tells the real truth of who this person really is!!!


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