How Many More Mug Shots of Lindsay Lohan Will We See Now That She Has Been Bailed Out of Jail? Lohan’s Parents A Huge Part of her Problem

When you look at the above composite compiled by TMZ  of Lindsay Lohan’s current  mug shot and the shots  from days gone by, we  cannot help but wonder when we will see more  mug shots  of her.  While Lindsay has  now gone to an appeals court which granted her  bail to get  out of jail for 300,000 dollars until her sentencing on Octber 27th.

I believe that  until she works out her inner demons that have a lot to do with her mom and dad issues, we will most likely see more of these unflattering headshots of her,  with her eyes gazing upwards as she looks directly at the jail camera lens.

And please don’t say that she is now an adult  and shouldn’t blame her parents.  I say until she works out her deep-rooted issues that involve a hostile and betraying father and an enabling mother, who both try to eek out yet another 15  minutes of  camera time and fame on her coat tails , Lindsay will continue to spiral down the path of self-destruction.

Maybe the fact she initially received no bail and was  sent directly to jail sent her a clear message. Maybe she will be grateful now that she has a few weeks of freedom. On the other hand her reaction may be the complete opposite.

Lindsay has been told that as  part of the conditions  of her being  bailed out, she  is  not  allowed to be in bars or clubs, she will be  subjected to random drug  searches  and tests, and that she wear  a SCRAM bracelet. If he violates any of these rules she goes back into her cell.

Apparently Lindsay has told her friends that she needs to  be in rehab- not jail. So she may very well attempt to prove that point and mess up once again so that the judge will send her to rehab and not jai the next go around. For Lindsay’s sake I hope that is not the case because her distorted  thinking will backfire on her.She will be  back in jail sooner than she thinks and for much longer this time around.


I happen to know Judge Eldon Fox, of  the Beverly Hills Superior Court who sentenced Lindsay  to jail without bail . I think he did the right thing. She not only broke the law once but twice with a dirty drug tests.

A week ago  it was reported throughout the  news  that while Lindsay was driving her car, she  clipped a baby stroller  with the baby in it. She drove away and the baby was unharmed. But what if her reaction time and driving abilities ares so distorted because of her drug use that she ends up seriously hurting someone while she is behind the wheel?

Just for that reason alone,  I think Judge Fox made the correct decision to take Lindsay off the streets and put her away for her own safety and the safety of others. Perhaps in the time she would have been  jail awaiting her sentencing, she would have been at least  30 days off drugs and alcohol and cocaine and more clear-headed to deal with her future. No doubt he would have then most likely sentenced her to rehab only.

But now that he will be sentencing her next month , I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes her serve the entire 60 days, If she can get more than 60 days,  hopefully he will give her the maximum sentence. This would show her that she can’t manipulate the system no matter who she is.  I also hope  that he  sentences her to a year of rehab that she has to pay for it out of her own funds.

I hope that  Lindsay takes this golden opportunity to really straighten out her life once and for all. She needs time to do that. I hope she doesn’t get to skirt the system like she has done in the past just because of her celebrity status. If so, it will destroy her in the end.


Why is Lindsay s special?  In such  a crowded system, why was her appeal heard  so quickly when anyone else would have sat in jail for days if not weeks  until they were get free on bail?

Why did Lindsay get such special treatment? She has not developed a cure for cancer, She did not give her time and effort to raising finds for a charity to help others. She has done  NOTHING of value on this earth as an adult. Only when she was a child she starred in a remake of Parent Trap and a film called Freaky Friday where she sang a tune.

She was an animated  red-headed,   freckled-faced   kid who’s pushy mom got her into show business. That is it!   She had talent, but so do a lot of other kids who weren’t lucky enough to be chosen for  the role. The films were moneymakers but they would have been moneymakers whether Lindsay starred in them or not. Case in point is that the  original Parent Trap made a star out of Haley Mills. Freaky Friday was such a cool concept of a parent and child changing roles that any singing teen  could have become its breakout star.

Having worked with some of the world’s best actors and actresses I am not overly impressed with Lindsay because I have not seen enough of her work as an adult actress. As a child actress she was  animated and could  deliver the right emotions to  the role. So can other young actresses.  But Lindsay was made  popular by the press because of all of her off screen behaviors, drug use and   her TOXIC family members. She is NOT known for being a  great actress who can deliver her skills to any role.


Word has it that the producers of her Linda Lovelace film will wait around until Lindsay is available  for the film , This is in order for  them to  reap the spoils off of the enormous PR she will get after her release from jail, rehab, or both.  There are hundreds of actresses who could do justice to the role but they are waiting for Lindsay only because people will be curious to see Lindsay’s work after her jail term.

In all honesty, who cares about an unglamorous,  former porn with a troubled life. who  was  known for having oral sex in a movie called Deep Throat some  4o years ago? Back in the day oral sex and deep throating may have been a big deal. Today it’s old news thanks to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Without the big studios  behind the film,  audiences who  simply don’t care about Lindsay or are fed up with her and her shenanigans, and those with a strong religious conviction who would never want to see a film about a porn star, one doubts how successful the film will be in the end.

Also this is not a great career move if Lindsay wants to resurrect her reputation or her career. On the other hand this may be her only option since she is uninsurable  for other films and no one want to take a risk with her.


Lindsay’s  father Michael Lohan’ behavior  was egregious as  he spoke to reporters  while Lindsay skirted off to jail .  His  angrily yapping and  shouting out hostile threats  to Lindsay’s Lawyer  like there was some sort of  a showdown was appalling.

This time instead of bringing his  lawyer Lisa Bloom  to court as a prop, he  now had another prop- a  clown of a minister whom he paraded in front of  the cameras. It was like watching a bad actor playing a badly cast  minister in a bad movie of the week or in a bad episode of Jerry Springer.

This TOXIC MAN will stop at nothing to get press and to get in front of cameras as she uses his daughter as the vehicle to do so. No wonder, as esteemed television  reporter Jim Moret revealed , Lindsay walked by Michael Lohan  and ignored her father  as he said the words “I love you” to her.

What doesn’t Michale  understand about Lindsay’s not wanting anything to do with him?  Having zero to do with him is the best thing she is doing in my view. However, she has apparently taken all of her  inner anger  that she harbors towards her repulsive and disgusting father and turned it inwards.

Normally I believe that it is a good thing to heal all kinds of rifts, especially those involving ones parents.  But when ultimate betrayal has taken place,  like a parent sharing your personal information in the form of secretly  audiotaping  your personal  conversations and sharing them with the world,  the rift can NEVER be healed. That TOXIC person must be  out of your life forever!

I hope that Lindsay never lets her father near her under any circumstances, especially if  she gets off of drugs and alcohol. What he has done to her is unforgivable. He may end up trying to regain her confidences only to tape record his  conversations with her  and sell those tapes to the press  to make some money. He has done this to so many people in the past. Who is to say he won’t do it in the future?  Lindsay does not need to interact with him to find out the answer.


Besides her Toxic dad, her Toxic and  enabling mother who thinks everyone is wrong except for Lindsay should be out of Lindsay’s life if Lindsay finally gets well.

Dina Lohan has been riding  on Lindsay’s coat tails for years, to get some fame of her own .No doubt she tried to put that deal together for  her and Lindsay to do a national radio show. It was done for  her own good, not Lindsay’s good. Neither of them has the ability or bring anything to the table. So it would just be for PR sake. Once again, it is yet another parent (under the guise of manager)  making  money off  their  daughter and using  her  like they have done her entire life.

Hopefully as Lindsay gets sober , she will clearly see Dina’s negative role in her life and not allow her in her life to run her career or her businesses.


The bottom line is that all the rehab in the world isn’t going to help Lindsay until she gets to the root of her issues Mom and Dad.If not, she will continue to relapse and have mug shots of her arrests taken over and over , until it will be too late

Fulfilling every day of her up coming jail sentence along with a year of rehab and a year at sober living facility with NO contact with her mom or dad could finally straighten Lindsay out. Look at how well Redmond O’Neil is doing now that he is away from his dad and is not permitted  around him. The same thing could happen for Lindsay.

She would learn to respect herself and serve as role model to others. She would let people know that you have to unplug or  cut anyone from your life who uses or abuses you even if they happen to be  your parent.

So she is free for now. On Oct 27th she will be sentenced . I hope she gets the full 30 days for each crime- 60 days  if not more and doesn’t  get out for any good behavior or for  time served. I also hope she in the general population where she gets  a dose of reality.

When she does go into rehab and hopefully a sober living home, she  needs to have a restraining order against her father and mother  so that they  don not speak of her publicly and try to make money from her. Personally I think every media outlet should boycott Michael Lohan and Dina and  never allow him any face time because they are the main reasons she is such a mental mess.


instead of focusing on Lindsay as her meal ticket, Dina needs to find her own way in life and focus on doing something constructive that doesn’t involve her kids. She also needs to send Ali  back to school to get a real eduction and not continue with her bogus home schooling. She needs to do it asap so Ali doesn’t end up like Lindsay.

And Dina  also needs to get a reality check when it comes to Ali.

Ali  is an OK looking girl, average,  not  pretty,  but OK. She   looks out-of-place  and awkward   as a 16-year-old when dressed  up in Lindsay’s freebie designer clothes and makeup. She has nothing to bring to the table- no education, no brilliance, and no overwhelming acting talent and no spectacular singing ability.

She is simply OK and  OK does not cut it in Hollywood.  I am not  being  mean, but Ali doesn’t stand a chance in the competitive world of show business looks wise or talent-wise . There are too many others who surpass her and Dina needs to spare this child  emotional trauma.

If she was a good singer she would have already been  signed to label, cut some hit songs,  and gone on tour. InsteAd, I believe she needs to go to school and find something to do with her life other Than show business  and trying to follow in Lindsay’s footsteps as a child star. It’s too late.

Lindsay was at the right place at the right time with the right child’s  look  in the right roles . She grew into a very attractive young lady who had a shot at stardom in her transition from child actress to adult actress.

But that  window is short-lived as any non working actress,  who was once an always working 20 something actress,  will tell you. Lindsay has wasted away a large part of that crucial window of time, where the momentum could  carry her from one role to another.

At the press conference, Lindsay’s sickening father mouthed the AA rhetoric of  people,  places and things. As far as the people part goes, he is clearly one of those people whom I believe Lindsay should  never allow into her  life is she if she  to heal. There is no hope for him in my view.

His issues seem to involve  serious character flaws that are scary and dangerous -from his violence verbal and physical,  to his secretly betraying others by taping them or taking nude  photos of them while they are sleeping like he did to his former fiance Kate Majors.

Dina is also one of those people Michael mentioned, who Lindsay needs to stay clear of , if she finally heals.

The bottom line is that unless Lindsay gets some great therapy to deal with her underlying pain involving her  mom and dad issues to along with her rehab she  is doomed.

If not, we can expect to see more photos in the  gallery of Lindsay’s mug shoots


Ocotomom’s Body Language Sends a Double Message As She Shows Considerable Cleavage But Is Appalled About Being Asked to Do A PornTape.


If you showed the above photo to 100 people and asked “Does the person in this photo look like a  porn star, a large percent may very well answer  “yes. ” They would answer ” yes” because physically the person in this photo above fits the profile of ladies who may be porn stars attractive, toned figure, large breasts, good makeup,  long lashes, and wear a lot of low cleavage showing outfits.

But the photo is not the photo of a porn star(yet). It is  Nadya Suleman known as  who practically  beard her breasts for all to see with her very low cut cleavage enhancing top as she speaks to TMZ about how she will be kicked out of her home.

In the above photo we see Nadya in an interview  with RadarOnline where she  flaunts her cleavage and sticks out her chest for all to see in a provocative pose. She says she   worries 24 hours a day that she can’ t pay her mortgage  and that she is destitute. Yet  her facial expression doesn’t show a person who is too worried about her future as to  whether  or not she can pay her bills.


Then  Nadya is asked how  long will she be able to  last financially. She gives a sly smile and looks down. To me that is a clear signal of deception. Nadya knows exactly what she is doing . She is trying to get everyone to feel pity for her so someone will step up to the plate and help her out. The photo leaks out what she is really trying to do in these sudden interviews.

She flips her hair which is a huge signal of deception. She clearly knows her intentions in doing these interviews  with the popular TMZ and RadarOnline. It is to get people to rally for her and step up to the plate to make a donation  so she won’t  be homeless.

Then Nadya gets a case of the itchy scratchies. When people suddenly scratch after they said something like they are destitute when  in fact they are really not destitute , their autonomic nervous system will get their blood vessels to expand. This  in turn creates an itching sensation. Nadya also cocks her head to the side which is  a signal of being coy and also a signal of deception.

Then Nadya is asked about the 500,000 dollar offer from Vivid to make a porn film for an hour of her time. She makes a face as though she was going to throw up. Now here is a person who has no qualms about practically bearing her entire breasts publicly, yet  she wants  to give the impression that she is so offended by this offer.

But why would she act so offended? After all, the people at Vivid  are the people who have stepped up to the plate to save the day so her children wont be homeless or live under a bridge as she says.

Finally the truth comes out! There is righteous indignation which is often a signal of deception as she leans forward and leaks out a smile. She says that she finds it ironic that a PORN company film her  would want to film her naked   showing her naked breasts and privates having sex on camera for an hour when she has been celibate for 11 years.

Personally I think she is more upset that she has not been in a relationship with anyone for all of those years and that she has not had sex in close to a decade. Perhaps doing this porn film might kill three birds with one stone. 

 1) It will finally give her the opportunity to have the sex she misses  and caves after being celibate  for all those years  .

2)  It will allow her to pay her  bills so her kids  be homeless .

3)  And finally it will give her the attention she craves  in showing off her body.

No one dresses with such low cleavage and  in such tight-fitting tops, short skirts, and form-fitting pants,  unless  they want to show off their body. So by doing the film Nadya can carry out all three of her basic needs.

In this photo we see a wide eyed Nadya with a manipulative Cheshire cat grin as she tells that she still has some money for a little while because she borrowed some. She says  that it will last her a month. She then tells how long it will take for the foreclosure to go into  effect which is several months n by that tine she will hope to have money to pay her mortgage.

In essence she  she is   trolling for a handout  from a public  savior   as she attempts to garner public sympathy. She says how she never wants to go on welfare and will only do so if she has to live under a bridge with her kids. These words are the words to conger up an image of a poor helpless creäture with 14 kids braving the elements without a home. She is expecting someone to  save her from the potential of her  living  under a brige with her kids , so she doesn’t have to go on welfare or do porn.

With her head bowed and eyebrows raised Nadya  knows exactly what she is doing. She is playing cat and mouse and toying with the public’s sympathy.

Nadya has done nothing more than try to manipulate public sympathy as she even dragged one of the babies into the fray by holding the poor child,  who may one day be living under a bridge with her.

Now we see her signal of deception as she licks her lips and ends up giving her raucous nervous laugh   when she is asked about her book which she is writing.  She tries to show what a dedicated mother she is and how she writes the book only when the kids are napping or asleep for the night. If she is writing a book she must have received an advance for th book. Where is that money? Why doesn’t she use it to pay her mortgage? If she doesn;t have a book deaal, why doesn’t her attorney get her a deal?

From th length of her eye lashes, she has obviously spent some of the borrowed money she has spoken about on a product to  increase lash growth or used the money to purchase  a pair of false lashes. She has spent that money on manicures and makeup. So now she is indirectly asking everyone for a handout.  asking them to pitch .She is subtley asking them to pitch in to help the kids.

I find this disgusting. Instead of begging the public,  she needs to be begging a production company to film her kids. She needs to get a company like TLC behind her.

She once said publicly that she wouldn’t put her kids on TV because  she believe that was abuse. Well I think it is abuse  to have your kids living under a bridge. She made this  comment  to both TMZ and Radaronline. She needs to get her attorney to speak to every single TV venue and beg them to put her on  the air like they did with Kate Gosselin.

Kate will never be living under a bridge. In fact because of TLC she is probably able to buy the bridge. Nadya needs to follow suit and take Kate’s  example. At least Nadya wouldnt be abusing a husband if she had a show like Kate did.

 If people are already watching one emotional self absorbed mess-  Kate Gosselin, why not watch another self absorbed  emotional mess-Nayda the Octomom.  Her kids are still young and  ther eis an audience for people who like watching the babies  grow like they watched the Gosselin babies grow.

And if Nadya is so adamant  about not putting her children on camera then she needs to buck up and  put her  naked body on camera  where she can make the 500, ooo  dollars so the the kids can have a home. There is nothing shameful about that in light of her predicament. What is more shameful than doing porn is sounding like a poor me victim and trying to manipulate the public for money. By finally getting naked  and doing the porn film, Nadya can  satisfy her need for exhibitionism as well as her need for sex,  once and for all.

Does White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi’s Body Language,Facial Tells, and Voice Pattern Say She Is Lying About Having MS?

I am not a medical doctor and I did not do a physical examination on  Michaele Salahi. I also did not check her laboratory tests to see if she does or she doesn’t have MS.  But as a doctor with a PhD  who has spent a lot of years studying communication and body language,  I do find her reaction on Fox and Friends rather odd. I am not accusing her of lying about her alleged disease but something is not sitting right with me on many levels.


Michaele says she has been secretive about having a disorder for 17 years where   family members and her “best friend” didn’t know until now. So why go on national television to tell everyone now?

Is it to  possibly create   publicity for her show -The Real Housewives of DC?  Is it  possibly to  generate  book sales so people can read about her “secret”.  Or is it  possibly  due to the fact that she was so vilified and even more  hated since she pulled that stunt on the View about Whoppie hitting her,that she  wanted to throw a pity party so people would feel sorry for her and not hate her as much? Is  Bravo and their PR minions  behind this  because they may fear a  backlash with people turning off the show? Did they let her go to town and talk about her disease in hopes to generate sympathy and interest in  her,  so people will tune in and watch how she is dealing with her alleged  medical condition?


When Michaele spoke of her alleged MS,  she did not appear like a sympathetic character to me as she was sharing her “secret”. Something was way off. The fact that she lied about so many things in the past may add to my skepticism and the public’s skepticism about her story.

She lied about being a Redskin cheerleader. Even her author Diane Diamond, whom I  know personally and respect,  confirmed  she lied. She lied about having a formal bona fide  invitation to the White House party.

And according to  a just released  statement by Bravo, she lied about not being able to speak about the invitation to the White House because Bravo gave her instructions not to speak to anyone about the incident including  to members at the Congressional hearing . It seems like Michaele was ready to throw Bravo under the bus to protect her image, but Bravo  threw her under the bus first and busted her.


So who is to say that this woman who appears to be so hungry for another 15 minutes of fame,  would not lie about having a debilitating disease?

When one sees that much desperation in this 44 year old , it is easy for others to  assume she  would do anything for that  fame- even showing her anorexic looking body  with  alleged full frontal nudity on the pages of Playboy. Personally I can’t think of anything more repulsive than seeing this woman naked in  any shape or form.

If she is lying, all I can say is heaven help her because  it is not good karma coming her way.

And for the record if her revelation about MS was a way to explain away her skinniness, it didn’t work either. Those who have done research on MS said that weight loss is not associated with the disease.


Michaele and her husband Tareq have been known to throw charity events as a way to meet and hobnob with the rich and famous. They raised money for such causes as children, leukemia and lymphoma, and even for a Navy Retirement fund. But there has been no mention of  raising funds for MS.

People who usually have a disease or have a close relative or friend  with a disease will often raise money for that cause. Socialite Nancy Davis  did that with her MS Foundation and Montel Williams who also has the disease has been raising money for the cause. Michael J. Fox raises money for Parkinson’s Disease which affects him. Then there are people like Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone who have had special people in their lives who died of AIDS They have dedicated themselves to raise money for this cause in honor of the people they loved.

So it is odd that someone who suffered from a disease for 17 years and who was in a position to raise charitably funds,  did not raise money for a fund that would have been near and dear to them personally.


Seconds into her interview, Michaele  began the theatrics of feigned upset and emotion. There were no visible tears which she was seen wiping away. In addition,  her recovery time from her “upset” was too quick. There was no transition time. She went from an upset expression to an immediate genuine smile. When that happens it means that the person was’t really all that upset in the first place.

She looked over at Tareq as if to get some sort of cue to begin  her waterworks. Only no waterworks came, no matter how hard she tried.

She  tried to wipe away a tear,  but there was no liquid or tear to wipe away. While she attempted  to create upset with her eyes and forehead,  her lips and mouth are a giveaway. When someone is upset, their lips go downwards, not upwards in a smile. If you cover her eyes in this photo you will see that she looks like she is smiling. That shows that the upset is not a  genuine emotion.

She also managed to straighten her hair. When someone is upset, they don’t fix their hair or fiddle with it. That is often a signal of deception.

Then you see her touching her neck and pursing her lips. It was a lot of  over the top drama for someone that has allegedly had 17 years to adjust to the disease. All of these histrionics were over the top and no doubt designed to garner sympathy from the viewer. In fact Michael was so “distraught”  that she could not even speak.

If someone was suddenly told they had a debilitating disease, I could see them getting choked up or sobbing a bit or getting teary eyed. But she has had 17 tears to digest the fact that she has this alleged disease. That certainly is enough time to process what has allegedly happened to her.

So I found her reaction on television where it looked as though she feigned being speechless and choked up, lacking in credibility.


Here is what is terribly wrong with this picture. When one is upset, there is a transition period of a few seconds where they go from one emotion into the next. She immediately went from a feigned sadness to bright happiness. It is not natural and it validates to me that something is very wrong here.


As Diane defends Michaele, Michaele is all smiles and confidence and  nods in agreement as Diane says she is not anorexic ,  not a White House crasher, and how she is always picked on.Micheaele even smiles and nods in agreement.

It was as though this little back and forth was rehearsed as  suddenly non choked up Michaele tells Gretchin the host of FOx and Friends  she is ready to speak.

And then  she speaks at an over the top manic sounding clip where she is brimming with  confidence. She  tells of how her family and best friends didn’t know of her condition. As she says thi,  she leaks out tells of looking away. This is often a signal of deception.

She then goes into the third person,   sounding like some sort of spokesperson as she says how a lot of people with chronic illnesses don’t talk about it. The she says YOU KNOW any type of disease YOU KNOW whether it is heart or whatever you deal with(pauses and swallows hard) breast cancer… When someone says you know several times in a sentence , it means they are usually  trying to convince you of something.

Then we see yet another signal of deception as she said I kept it personal because I never wanted to be judged , I never wanted PITY.Right after she says PITY in a  loud voice as if to emphasize the word,  we see a shoulder shrug which is a clear signal of deception. Of course she wants pity. That is why she is on national television now  telling everyone she allegedly has MS.

Now we really see the signals of deception in full force as she opens her eyes widely which often happens when a person is trying to convince you about something that is not necessarily true. You can see in the photo. Her tone is also defensive and so is her body posture as she defensively leans back. She says “I certainly wanted to hold on to my job. ” 

She then opens her eyes widely as if to  once again convince the listener to believe what she has just said.  But her shoulder shrug is a huge giveaway. It says that she is not telling us the truth.  Hold on to her job?  What job?  Wasn’t she working with Tareq and social climbing? What job did she hold?  We are talking about 17 years here.

You may think that what I will say next may sound a bit far fetched. But here I go anyway. Maybe her MS  revelation  is a little insurance for her to keep her job at Bravo. In essence she has  let Bravo know that she has an illness and if they fire her now , knowing  she has MS,  she can sue  them for discrimination and firing her because she has a disability.

After seeing her accusing Whoopie of hitting her and reading about all of her legal issues  and lawsuits and not paying her bills and all kinds of other  messes, I would not put anything past her and Tareq.

I must also add that her rapid rate  of speech and  over the top frenetic  body movement  also appear to me to be giveaway that she may not be telling us the truth about her situation.


She says in frenetic tone and  movement  that maybe all of this happened with the White House for a reason so  that I can do something good to help someone else .” As soon as  she utters these words she then  shakes her head NO which is a huge signal of deception.

She also knows she is full of it as she continues to speak with her shaky voice and  talks about strides  they are making. Who is making these strides and what does she have to do with it?

In my opinion, the he only person she is  doing anything good for  is herself!

So now we know why Michaele was on TV talking about her MS. It was to sell her book and to not have people hate her for crashing  the White House party. She has made an excuse that if it wouldnt have been for the White House fiasco she wouldn’t be talking about her MS , whereby she can now  help people.’

But how is her telling the world she has MS helping anyone?

Is she giving all of her money she earns from the book to an MS foundation? NO! Is she giving her Bravo salary to an MS foundation? NO! Is she even doing a fundraiser to raise money for MS? NO!

The whole thing was sickening and self serving in my view. Michaele fails to realize that the  public is NOT stupid. They can see right through her. She is yet another itless untalented self-serving  television creature with nothing of value to  offer, only deception and self serving goals.

Kate Gosselin’s Body Language In Step With Bodyguard Steve in Mexico As They Wear Matching Colored Tops


When two people are in step and their feet are in synchrony chances are they are often  a couple.


When they share similar facial expressions, it usually m eans that they are like-minded.


 When  they are seen wearing  the same colored top it also usually means they  are  like-minded.


 When they  walk in step ,have similar facial expressions, and wear the same colors, chances are even higher  high that they are a couple.


When someone looks adoringly at the other party and smiles a genuine smile as you see Kate smiling towards her bodyguard, it indicates that there is  often emotional  closeness and a lot. Kate of affection. Kate”s smile is one of the most genuine smiles we have ever seen her smiling. I don’t recall seeing  such a smile when she is around her kids. We  definitely  never saw her  smiling  like this around Jon. Could Kate be in love with her bodyguard?  Could Steve be the hot romance of her life?

There has been talk in the past that when these two travel there are adjoining rooms. Were they in adjoining rooms  on this trip to Mexico as well? Were they on the same room? Is Steve still married? If he is still married,  does he have an open marriage?

It was also reported that an eyewitness saw the  the two of them getting very cozy with legs touching legs this summer when they were away together. Were the two just as cozy in Mexico? Were there eyewitnesses this time or were they more careful to  take their  coziness  behind closed doors if they happened to be cozy? These are just questions which come to mind when you see people together so often.

 Now before Kate lovers get their panties in a bunch and accuse me of telling lies, I say to them ,  first of all.  I don’t lie. And most import  of all,  the body doesn’t lie and neither do these photos . Steve Neild  the bodyguard and Kate look like they are  are very close to one another, even though Steve tries to look professional with an often  non-smiling serious facial expression. The other “tells” seem to me to be huge give aways.

 And while I am on the subject of  bodyguard, why in the world would Kate need a bodyguard? There are no mobs around her. She is also in Mexico where she is not known.  She is simply a reality celebrity  and  only became one because she is  a mother of 8 because she took fertility drugs. She’s not Lady Gaga or Madonna. To me her bodyguard is nothing more than her traveling companion  and perhaps maybe more. Only the two of them know for certain what goes on behind closed doors. The rest is speculation. But the fact that they are so much in synch is not speculation.

Since  the two of then spend so much time together they cannot  help but  become like-minded. When people become like-minded, anything can happen-  even a love affair. Now I am not accusing Kate and Steve of having a love affair as I am not  privy to their private comings and goings. But based on these photos and their body language they look like they are very much in synch and they look very, very close to one another.

 And finally we see how Kate has once again created a statement of deception and some PR spin for herself  where she told  the world on Regis and Kelly how when the kids are with Jon,  she sits at home  by the phone to wait for their calls where they cry that they want to return home.  This certainty didn’t seem to be the case as she walked in step with Steve in Mexico,  wearing  matching colored  tops.  And she certainly didn’t  look very lonely as she also reported on the show.

Kate Gosselin’s Disdainful Body Language and Ugly Verbal Digs Towards Jon Are Harmful to the 8 Kids


 With two television shows on TLC, View, Emmy, and DWTS appearances under her belt and a huge PR machine behind her, whether you love her or hate her Kate  Gosselin  appears to be here to  stay. She’s here to stay for  one reason and one reason only- she brings in eyeballs viewer’s eyeballs. Those fans who love her, watch her because they love her. Those fans who hate her often want to see  what she will do next.  Then there are those who are curious. They  watch her to see what all the fuss is about. As long as she gets eyeballs watching her, she is here to stay. When the eyeballs turn away to another channel, Kate Gosselin will be nothing more than a faded  memory. TLC is her guardian angel and  they have invested a lot of money on star building this “itless” persona. Some TLC  exceutive or “suit” as they are called  in the business thought it would be a good idea to make Kate a star, so they set forth on that quest.

They made her look great but that is about it. She can’t act, sing, dance, has no expertise . Please don’t tell me that she is an expert on  motherhood. Popping fertility drugs and having sextuplets does not make one  an expert  in parenting or child rearing. Getting an advanced education in the subject,  where you are aware of all the nuances in the scientific literature  gives you that expertise ,  along with experience of working with a lot of different children that do not happen to be your own  offspring. 

 She cannot host because she is way too consumed with  Kate. Also the smarminess, entitlement, selfishness,  anger, sarcasm, hostility, and inner  hatred that  leaks out with consistency is so deep-rooted that it will be very difficult to get  that  under control without years and years of the therapy.In my view that is who she is. She demonstrated  it in her original show, DWTS, on many  talk shows on which she appeared,  and most recently on Regis and Kelly.

Why was Kate on Regis and Kelly when she had nothing to promote?  She was no doubt put there by her PR  minions where TLC  is obviously the helm. She was on the show for one reason only- damage control!

Why would esteemed Anderson Cooper ask her those obviously  pointed questions if he was not fed those questions by her team?  It was no doubt done to was clearly done to  spin it Kate’s way . It  was obvious that the questions could be answered by her in a way to make Jon look bad and make her look good. It was done to  quell the recent hoopla that appeared all over the internet where all the hysterical sextuplets  were clearly  heard sobbing at the top of their lungs and wailing.  hey didn’t want daddy to leave and they appeared terrified  to go home to Kate.



 Even though she has pulled it together with  awesome makeup complete with red glossy lips , a  toned  body with muscular arms ,  and a  beautiful face, I am still of the school that  pretty is a pretty does” and there are too many instances when I believe Kate’s behavior just hasn’t been pretty.

When a parent tries to pit their kids between them and their ex,  it is time for me to speak up. That is exactly what Kate did on Regis and Kelly. She pitted her children against  her  and Jon by trashing him in front of millions. And don’t tell me he did the same to her on national TV. That was then and this is now. And two wrongs don’t make a right. It was immature and hateful on BOTH of their parts. But now that over a year has gone by it is clear that she needs to speak about her hatred and anger towards Jon to a therapist, not to Kelly and Anderson in front of millions of people.

It makes her look disturbed, bitter, immature,  and very UGLY inside and out.  Her  anger at Jon’s past behavior with his cheating, running off at the mouth on national TV, and acting irresponsible is misdirected.  Instead, she  needs to take a good look at herself and her role in abusing this poor guy to the point he had enough and went off the deep end. Yes, years of constant emotional abuse  can make a person behave as we saw Jon behave.  


And please to all you Kate fanatics who take it as a personal affront when anyone says anything that may not be music to you eyes or ears about Kate.  I say  the  following to you:

 If you are such a good and loyal  fan of Kate’s then you need to  be a real friend and a fan and let your friend know when they are messing up. You need to send Kate a message that she is messing up her children emotionally, by acting the way she did on Regis and Kelly.

I don’t want to hear about  what you think about my credibility. After the education, background, and experience I have and the years I have devoted to the study and analysis of body language,  I can assure you that I am credible enough  be used by top media outlets around the world and in law enforcement an in the legal field  and to have been a qualified witness in both state and federal courts. So I am not concerned with what you think of my credibility simply because I add my opinions to my body language analyses. That is what blogs are for- to give your opinions.

And please don’t waste my time telling me I am writing about Kate  because I am jealous of her or I want to enhance my own populatity.   I am jealous of no one. And just for the record, I have been around  well before there was a Kate Gosselin on television.  And as far as popularity goes, I have millions of books around the world that bear my name. So I don’t need Kate Gosselin to enhance my notoriety or for people to read my blog.  Thousands of people read my blogs each day with or without Kate Gosselin as the  subject matter.


Substitute host  Anderson Cooper asked if her relationship with Jon was as contentious as it appears to be.  Kate  nodded her head yes and tightened up her jaw and let out a hissing  snake like sound as she said Itssss ya now. She then shrugged her shoulders and let loose with her first jab towards Jon. You can really see the anger and hatred Kate holds towards Jon. It’s in her jaw. Look at the enormous tension . There is so much tension and anger that you see  dimpling. In addition, look at how her lips are pulled back in anger. When a person harbors hatred and anger it is readily seen in their lower jaw as we see with Kate.

In typical Kate form  as she continues to remind us how good she is and how bad Jon is she jabbed ” I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible. I’ll speak for myself , How’s that?”

I’ll tell you how that was Kate.  It was awful!  It was  unnecessary and downright nasty. You did not have to go  there!   And you said he is the kids father. STOP ! End of Sentence! Stop the facial contortions and snide smarminess. It makes you look small and petty and downright UGLY.All the enhancements that were done to you physically mean nothing if you act bitchy, witchy, and snitchy.

Then in order to make herself   look good again and redirect the spin  in response to the video of a few weeks back when all the kids were crying in the car  after they arrived at her home  and screamed that they didn’t want daddy to leave, as you see below 


 Kate  makes a contorted phony expression  with a phony laugh. You can see the phony expression with her furrowed forehead,  raised eyebrow and tight non genuine  smile,  where there is tension around the corners of the mouth.  The facial gestures are incongruent which indicates phoniness. She states  that she “ waits at home  for a phone call from the kids asking when they can come home.”


That is horrible! It is so obvious what she was doing!  She has the national forum and was getting aback at Jon and spinning her image. The ony thing  is that she spun is her image  into the ground. It made her look awful and revealed who she is.  

If  TLC’s PR Dept.  put her on that show and directed the spin so they can have her loveable when her new show debuts, they need to be ashamed of themselves in my view.   It completely backfired. She was anything but loveable.  Jon has been punished by TLC enough in my view. He got the message loud and clear to not talk to the press. Now this has added insult to injury. Jon is a person too.

He has no forum to speak about Kate because he is not allowed to do so or he will get sued. So it is a one way street where Kate can trash him and he can’t say  anything to defend himself! It is unfair and appalling.

I doubt  that with all the  things she has going on in her life professionally,  that  she waits by the phone  with baited breath just  to hear which child will call asking to come home .  And if the kids  do call, what does she do about it?

a.  Does she come and get them?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

b. Does  she call  Child Protective Services because they are so miserable and thinks Jon is harming them?

c.  Does she  believe Jon is abusing them by forcing  them to stay  in unlivable conditions –  his little apartment  with a few toys as opposed to their  luxurious big home with a truckload of toys?

d. Is she making  this  all up?

Chances are  the correct answer is it is d . She is making this all up .



Kelly Ripa also knows that what Kate is saying is complete BS. Look at Kelly’s body language. She pulls  up her shoulder and tucks in her head and crosses her arms over her body. This is a defensive motion as she is not going to let Kate get away with her nonsense . In  reference to Kate’s ridiculous statement of how the kids call her and want to come home, Kelly asks Kate  in a deliberate  and measured tone  Are they are they allowed to?  


Kelly immediately changes her body position as she awaits Kate’s answer. You can see Kelly is not comfortable  with Kate or the answer she knows Kate is about to spin. You can see that Kelly’s shoulders are raised which indicates she is upset and displeased.  It’s similar to what  a cat does when they are upset and uncomfortable they raise their hackles. They are on alert. Kelly is on alert for Kate’s answer .You can even see how Kelly has pressed her hand on her lap to center herself as she is about to listen to Kate’s  nonsensical spin.


And Spin it Kate did!   Kate says that it’s hard to tell your kids why  they can’t  sleep in their beds and play with their own toys. Well maybe it is time that Kate stop trashing Jon and tell the kids that they need to  learn to compromise and sleep in a bed  away from home that daddy has prepares especially for them. Maybe she needs to tell then  that they can  bring their own special toys when they stay at daddy’s. Maybe she needs to tell them that  daddy who loves them and wants to  see them  .

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard for the six year-olds to understand why they have to sleep  at daddy’s house  if she would stop trashing Jon. Maybe Kate needed to have thought about  this situation before she abused the daylights  out of Jon and emasculated him  for so many years until he   had no choice but to leave her. Her constant abuse was the catalyst for his going off the  deep end in my estimation.  

 Here we really see her signal of  deception as she says she  talks about the kids and says she is “there for them.” She shakes her head NO  as she says this and looks down and away ,  knowing  very well what she is saying is complete BS .  She is not there for them. She is there for herself  as she runs around  the country doing book tours and TV gigs. 

 She clearly knows that it is a spin to get back at Jon and to make herself good like the perfect mommy . The PR spin was designed  to help her get that positive image now that her show is going to début int he near future.

The only thing she  did  that rang true was when she said  “I’m Lonely”  She made a genuine sad expression when she spoke those words. So  I believe that when  kids are  mot around, she is indeed lonely. After she alienated so many family members and friends throughout the years, what she says does seem to ring true.


Anderson Cooper then paraphrases all of her spin and  bluntly says So what you’re saying is that  they don’t enjoy being with him. Kate immediately looks down and with a  slow tentative articulation pattern says   looks  Some of them don’t mind.

Why would anyone in their right mind say something know that will hurt the kids in the long run? In essence she just trashed Jon by telling the world that the kids don’t  like being with their own father who has shown them nothing but love, tenderness and affection  since their birth.  He hs been the more emotionally nurturing of the two. 

 If  what she is saying that kids dont enjoy being with him,  it is no doubt because she put that  through into their little heads to choose between her or Jon. If the kids didn’t want to be with daddy why would they wail for him to not leave them when he dropped them off?

And why in the world would anyone go on national television  and say something like this?  This will have emotional repercussions as far as the children are concerned.  What we have just seen is exactly why  I have insisted all along that Jon and Kate  get a qualified counselor  to help them properly handle  these children so that  they don’t have to be in the middle of their emotional mess.  



After Kate showed her ugliness with all of her digs towards Jon, she then had to get yet another dig in by  saying  how it’s only been three months since Jon has taken the kids on a regular basis and how it is all so new.

In essence she let everyone know that Jon was being bad and only now stepped up to the plate with the kids. Once again whether that is true or not is no one else’s business.  This dirty laundry did not have to be aired out on public. And why did she wait until the end to say this? It is because her intention for being on that show was to make Jon look bad. She and TLC did not carry out their goal. It made her look bad instead.

 If that is the case  and it has only been three months, then Kate should know that this is an  adjustment period and the kids need to be encouraged about this new  arrangement,  not given subliminal messages to tear them in two and mess up their  little minds about which parent they need to show more loyalty.


No matter how well coiffed Kate’s hair looked or how shiny her red lip gloss was or  how toned her arms looked in her red sleeveless dress,  Kate’s open  anger and hostility  towards Jon make her look  ugly!

  Her inner hatred contorted the muscles in her face. The sarcastic digs and  smarmy,   nasty tones negated all the hard work her stylist and make up artist did  in putting Kate’s look together. Kate looked like a bitter bitten woman.

But more than her looks, the effect that her bitterness and hatred will have on her children is more serious. These children  need to see a mature  adult as a role model . They do not need to see their mother acting like a nasty, angry,  and centered child  having a  temper tantrum.  Kate needs to grow up and let go of her hate because hate spreads. These children do not need the added burden of dealing with hate. They need love the grow and flourish.


Pastor Terry Jones’ Body Language Shows Trepidation and Reluctance But He’s Painted Himself Into A Corner Making Him Likely To Proceed With His Koran Burning

Based on his body language and speech pattern Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones  shows considerable fear and trepidation. He does NOT appear to  want to go through with his act of burning Korans. He does not show someone who is 100 percent behind doing what he proposes to do. You can see what I am speaking about as you look at this video of the Pastor during his ABC Nightline  interview.

 The perspiration pattern on his face as well as his stuttering and stammering  constant uh;s , and hesitations as well as the  stumbling over words,  shoulder shrugging and

the lip licking  are all indications that he shows trepidation. He knows what he is doing is not right but he said he just wanted to make a statement.  

Initially,  he most likely  did this publicity stunt  as a way to bring  attention to himself and to his small church. He said he did  as only a  “Warning.” In fact he tried to leave himself a way out by stating that he is still praying on it and that if he gets a sign from Lord he will not go through with his plan.

 But now it has grown into something that is way over his head with world leaders weighing in. He has clearly heard the message from  President Obama  to  Secretary of State Clinton  to  General Petreas. Even the Vatican that said  “ Don’t do it.”  The NYPD and the FBI  have openly told him not to do it.

He has even seen what his actions have already created with Muslims now burning the American flag in retaliation.

 Even though his  body language  and speech patterns on the Nightline interview with his sweating and stammering clearly indicate  he knows  what he is going to do is  not right, he  has somehow managed  to convince himself that if Jesus  was alive, he would burn the Koran. This distorted thinking along with the eyes of the world upon him has pushed him into a psychological  corner. This means that he will defiantly go through with his act.

It is much like telling a teenager not to do something. They know you are giving them the right advice. But  because  they have a  stronger desire to rebel,  assert their independence,  and express themselves, they go  ahead and do the wrong thing  anyway. It is no different in this situation. The world has said NO, and out of rebellion,  Pastor Jones  is going to do it anyway.

His words indicate that he knows the consequences for his actions. He  stated that he and his congregation were  willing to die for his belief. He said he will even be carrying arms. He has herd the deth threats against him and knows there may be bloodshed. So  now he may very well  feel that he doesn’t have a choice but to go on with his Koran burning as scheduled.

In Pastor Jones mind,  saving face appears to be  more important than ever. He sees the eyes of the world watching him. If he backs down he will think that the world is seeing him as being cowardly.  Little does he know that the act of desecrating one’s  holy bible is cowardly.

An ideal situation would be that  someone whom he respects who is not like minded  share with him  that going ahead with his plan is cowardly. He needs to hear that if he backs down the world will not see him as being cowardly or weak. On the contrary, he  will  be seen as a person who did not incite violence but could help create peace. 

In a Democracy, one does have the Right to Free Speech. However, you can’t yell” fire”  in a crowded building.  This is exactly what Pastor Jones is doing here. He is screaming “fire”  in an  already flammable world where tensions run high. He is inciting the flames of hatred against America amongst Muslims worldwide.  

Pastor Jones did what he wanted to do- bring worldwide attention to  himself and to his church. But now he needs to back away from taking his publicity stunt to the next level and creating a stage for world violence.

Unfortunately unless there is some bonfire ordinance in Gainesville, Florida  that you can’t have an open fire  between 6 and 9 pm on a  Saturday night the Pastor will go through will his unfortunate  act. Only an act of  law or an act of God could prevent this event from taking place. If it does take place, the repercussions will be frightening.

Joran van de Sloot’s Body Language Shows He Gets What He Wants At Castro Castro Prison As Guards Pat Him on The Back and Allow Him Freely Walk Behind Them



Journalist John van den Heuvel  of De Telegraaf, the Dutch newspaper came into Casto Castro Prison in  Peru  to videotape  Joran van der Sloot for an interview.   I have no doubt that the newspaper paid him to do the interview. 

The reason I say this is because greedy Joran has made it clear that he will not speak to reporters unless there is money on the table.
Joran definitely  needs money to keep him alive in Castro Castro. He needs money to buy food from the outside. 


In looking at the above  photo of Joran he looks very well fed. He looks well kept with his manicured beard. 

The money also allows him to buy anything else  he wants, including the protection of the guards. Maybe that is why they allow him to do any interviews and roam around freely  without any  restraints. 


While the de Telegraaf story tells of  Joran’s confessing  that he extorted money from Natalie Holloway’s family, that is old news. The FBI knew about it and we knew about it. But what IS  new news and what is the  REAL  story of the day  is what is going on in Castro Castro in relation to Joran. 

It seems that Joran has worked  both his charm as a sociopath  and his money  to receive the goodwill of the guards.  You will see how well the guards are treating him in  these screen shots taken from a video clip from the  deTelegaaf   interview taken   before he entered the room to speak to the  Dutch reporter. 


When we first see the videoclip of Joran he is affectionately patted on the back by the guard as he arrives in the little courtyard on his way to the interview room. 


Joran looks over  at the back patting guard and gives him a little ” hello glad to see you ”  grin.Joran bows his head down in order to maintain eye contact with the shorter guard. 


We see a genuine and brighter and acknowledging  smile  as the guard removes his back patting hand from Joran. 


Next we see one of the other guards showing Joran a piece of  paper . Joran looks at it but is busy scratching his ear or the side of his head.  Maybe he has ear mites or head lice. You see him reaching out to grab the paper.. 


Joran raises his eyebrows and insists that he needs that paper and  abruptly  grabs  it out of the guards possession . The guard relents and the other guards who are essentially onlookers do nothing, even though they remain close by. 


Joran even grabs the  paper the guard is holding  out of the guards hand. He looks cocky and entitled as he does this. The guards relent and don’t do a thing. They let him have the paper. 


We then see Joran with the paper and he is walking in BACK of the guards. 

Have you ever heard of a prisoner walking in back of a guard without handcuffs or restraints? 

Have you ever heard of a prisoner grabbing papers out of a guards hand without being sent for disciplinary action? 

Well you have heard it now. It happened in Castro Castro with Joran van der Sloot and you just  saw it  here in these photographs. 


Joran is no doubt getting a lot of perks  in jail . He has a lot of freedom and he has a lot of control over the guards as we just saw. 

Seeing this  makes me even more confident about  my  theory that he is being protected by his Dutch  government who will most likely NEVER find him the Spanish to Dutch translator he needs for his trial to proceed. Even the Peruvians reported that they don’t have anyone who is an official translator from Spanish to Dutch. 

They are keeping him safe in protective custody so that the can earn money doing interviews and write a book. They money he earns will go for a king like lifestyle at Castro Castro with guards and prisoners being on his hefty payroll. 



While we are outraged by what Joran did to two innocent women, in his machismo prison environment in Peru they may not consider what he did to be  so bad. They may not look at what he did as such a big deal. 

In fact, the Latin American Herald Tribune did an article on  machismo culture and violence  against women  and how Peruvian women  have to deal with a justice system that often justifies the behavior of the aggressor. 

While it is sickening to our culture, the article states the following: 

What happens in Peru is that violence is not considered a serious problem and that in certain cases it is justified,” the head of women’s affairs in the National Ombudsman’s Office, attorney Teresa Hernandez, said. 

Society in general finds violence justified when the woman does not fulfill the role she “should” perform: not looking after her spouse enough, not asking permission to go out, or spending too much time outside the home, she said. 

“When women behave that way, it is considered inappropriate and deserving of punishment – that’s why our hypothesis is that since those who enforce the law (police, prosecutors, judges) have that criterion, complaints are not processed with the priority or the urgency they require,” Hernandez told Efe. 

The article goes on to say : 

Very few judges order effective measures of protection,” Sarmiento said, adding “there is widespread disregard for the national and international regulations that are essential for resolving these cases,” such as the 1994 Belem Inter-American Convention to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women. 

Both victims and aggressors tend to be in the 18-35 age group, and two-thirds of victims are romantically involved with their attackers, according to the Ministry of Women. 

Thirty-eight percent of the killers say they acted out of jealousy. 

Some 34 percent of the victims were stabbed to death, 26 percent died of a beating and 15 percent were shot. 

When the aggressors are caught and tried in court, they usually ask for the benefit of a sincere confession or say that the homicide was the result of violent emotion, which reduces their sentence to less than 15 years behind bars, Sarmiento said. 

“Finally, an atmosphere of impunity is created that makes the situation worse, because another aggressor will thing nothing will happen to him” if he commits the same crime, the attorney said. EFE 


So there you have it!  Joran will remain protected in Castro Castro forever or until they find a translator. Maybe his Spanish will be so fluent in a few years that he wont need a translator.

Maybe  when it comes time for him to go through the  trial in Spanish, he will have earned millions from his interviews, photos , a book and film deal that he will have have a lot of money to pay off guards, prisoners, and who knows- even judges . This is NOT the USA where this could never happen. This is Peru and we have already seen what happens. Re- read the article in the Latin American Herald Tribune above.

They fact that Stefany Flores was an alleged lesbian may be all the more reason she will could be vilified in a culture of machismo. If Joran  does go to trial and says that he killed Stefany because  he was emotionally outraged because  she lead him on sexually and toyed with him  when she had no intention of having sex with him because she was a lesbian, he may get some sympathy from the court as indicated in the above article.


As sickening as it is, Joran could be out of  Castro Castro Prison in less than 15 years  well before he is 34.  He may not  get extradited to the US by Peru to serve his crime for extorting Natalie Holloway’s family because  the good old  Netherlands will most likely step in  and save the day for Joran. They will prevent anything happening to their precious citizen just like  we saw in Aruba. . 

That means he could have  the rest of his life to do interviews and make money and write more books. Who knows, by then  he could even get his own  reality show. 


Even if Joran manages to skirt the law, there is something called Karmic Justice. It may not be in the form of justice as we know it but it may be justice from a higher power. 

Because of the unsanitary conditions and contagious diseases Joran may very well catch one of them. He may succumb to  tuberculosis, pneumonia, Hepatitis A B and C, HIV- AIDS, cholera, parasites, MSRA, or a host of other communicable diseases available to him in his environment. 

I do hope that Joran gets his punishment one way or the other for ending the lives of two precious and beautiful women. I pray that he is never released so that he could torment and kill  yet another woman.