Joran Van De Sloot’s Body Language and Serene Smile Show That Prison Life in Peru Isn’t That Bad As His Legal Process is Stalled Indefinitely Due To The “ No Translator Excuse”

While there is an uproar in Peru about jailers photographing suspected killer Joran van der Sloot, where he is seen posing with two other men held in Castro Casto prison, held in connection with high-profile killings, the world got to see a long awaited glimpse of Joran’s life behind bars.

Based on Joran’s body language, things don’t seem too bad for 22 year old Joran.  Joran’s facial expression speaks volumes. His dimpled  and serene  smile shows that things aren’t that bad for him in Castro Castro prison. In fact he looks rather happy.

His head is even casually cocked to the side as he most likely wonders what new and exciting adventure and experience is coming up next.

He doesn’t look skinny or haggard at all, but rather well fed. You can see  the outline of his body shape through his white  soiled and dingy buttoned down shirt.

He’s even changed up his look with a little chin beard and mustache which makes him looks less boyish.The dyed red coloring of his hair has now grown out as well.


He’s obviously found some like- minded new friends as he stands along side fellow inmates with whom he apparently has a lot in common-the killing of innocent women.

Hugo Trujillo Ospina, nicknamed “the Clown”  based on his dysmorphic appearance, and down turned eyes  is accused of being the hit man for hire in killing a wealthy Peruvian business woman Myryam Feffer, seen on the right. Ospina was allegedly hired by Feffer’s lesbian daughter who now  sits in a women’s prison in Peru along with her lover.

Castro Castro seems to have turned the Clown’s frown right side up. He is now beaming and smiling as she stands next to his tall prison mate and  card playing partner,   Joran.

In the photo we not only see him with a hearty smile, but he is  even happy enough to make  some gang signals consisting  of awkward  hand and finger gestures for the camera.

William Trickett Smith II  is  also in the photo. He is  accused of killing his Peruvian wife by dismembering her and stuffing her body in a suitcase that fishermen later found offshore.

Trickett is to the far left of the group photo. He’s obviously made a friend in Castro Castro as well. It is clearly the blurred out fellow standing next to him  who has his fingers splayed out on William’s upper back near his neck area, indicting friendship.

Perhaps it may even be a very close friendship.  Like Joran, William has also grown out the  hair on his head  and grown some sparse facial hair.

As far as the fellow in the blue tee shirt who is blurred out, I doubt that if he was a prisoner,  he was blurred out  to protect his privacy rights. He may very well be one of the officers who is up for disciplinary action.

He certainly had his tee shirt up high around his neck towards his chin in the photo. Maybe that was his way of instinctively covering up as he may have known that posing with these criminals was not a smart  thing to do. But he did it anyway.

I should also add that when these photos were released the names  of those in the photos were mismatched to their actual picture . So it was a bit confusing to initially  determine who was who until the photos were studied in greater detail.

Since these men appear to have so much in common,  there may be a camaraderie and  lot  to discuss. The fact that William Trickett Smith II speaks English  may also add to Joran’s comfort level.

After this embarrassing fiasco, Peruvian authorities now reported that Joran is the only one in the protective custody wing. There is little doubt that he is as isolated as we once thought he would be.

Perhaps he has been able to use his gambling money  or some of his savings to buy protection from the guards, visits from non threatening inmates, and even better quality food from the outside .


Joran’s body language n the photo also shows that he seems to be relaxed as though he doesn’t have a care in the world.

It is understandable as to why he may be feeling that way.  Apparently there us a new snafu and the legal process against him.  It has ground to a halt  because no official interpreter can be found. The Peruvian television  station showed a letter from the Peruvian association of translators and interpreters which said it has no one who can translate from Spanish into Dutch.

The Dutch embassy has also produced a letter  in which it says it has no official interpreter available. Even though  the  Dutch Embassy says it provides a list of lawyers and interpreters to a national abroad facing criminal charges, it  does not provide the interpreters themselves.

So Joran will not be tried and sentenced until an interpreter will be found which may be- NEVER !!!!!. This way Joran will be locked up but he will be safe as he remains in protective custody indefinitely or perhaps until his life ends.

I don’t see why they don’t get a translator  who can translate Spanish to English and then get someone who can translate English to Dutch.  But perhaps it is a ploy by the Dutch Embassy to further protect Joran,  just like they clearly did when he was in Aruba.

To me this screams of manipulation. Joran was obviously well versed enough in English to communicate with Natalie Holloway. He is fluent enough in English to do articulate  interviews with Greta van Sustern .

He was well versed enough  in Spanish to communicate with Stefany Flores. And he was well versed enough to get two taxi drivers to help him escape.

It seems that he may very well  be protected by the Dutch Embassy. They know  for certain that if their citizen goes to trial in Peru, he will most likely be sent to a worse prison and into the general population where he will be raped and  murdered  within a matter of  minutes.

So the best they can do for Joran and for the memory of his well connected father, Paulus Van der Sloot  is to keep him in a situation where he will  remain  in a “less worse “  prison and be safe from harm by remaining in  protective custody forever.


But no matter how hard Joran, his attorney, or the Dutch Embassy manipulates the situation, Joran may very well  succumb to his destined Karma. Maybe  he won’t receive justice as we know it, but he will receive Karmic justice.

Perhaps he won’t be killed by a fellow prisoner, but he may very well be killed by disease due to the unhealthy living conditions,poor sanitation, lack of nutrition, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.


4 thoughts on “Joran Van De Sloot’s Body Language and Serene Smile Show That Prison Life in Peru Isn’t That Bad As His Legal Process is Stalled Indefinitely Due To The “ No Translator Excuse”

  1. WoW! I’m shocked! So Joran looks pretty content and has made friends! And the Dutch are still helping him. Why does this jerk always have things go his way! He murdered 2 beautiful young women who had their whole lives ahead of them. Yes let’s wait for karma to catch up to him.

    Thank you Dr. Glass for the time you take to write this blog. I have learned so much from reading it. I know you are very busy but I was wondering what do you think of Mechelle Linehan?


    1. Whenever I get a comment that defends Joran van der Sloot it is usually from someone who is Dutch like yourself. I agree that the Dutch are not helping him by not allowing him to be accountable for his actions like they did in Aruba and like they are doing now by not providing him with a translator from Dutch to Spanish or even Dutch to English and English to Spanish, He seemed to be quite fluent in English during his recent interview and fluent enough in Spanish to invite an innocent girl up to his room and mutilate and kill her.


  2. While I understand your frustration, your ignorance is at the root of this legal SNAFU. Translations are already an art, inexact and interpretive… and the speaker has no idea whether or not his thoughts are being translated correctly through ONE person. To run it from Dutch to English, then English to Spanish, a great deal could be gotten wrong.

    The entire trial process hinges upon people believing his testimony or not. Judge, jury and everyone else must understand what he is saying, and the interpreters must be fluent enough in both Dutch and the local version of Spanish to convey the responses without bias, accurately, and with words carrying the same inference and nuance.

    Whether he spoke enough Spanish to get laid is irrelevant. That he’s playing the System is also irrelevant. A far more important matter is at stake: The government of this country does not want there to be any stone unturned in allowing EVERY person a fair trial. (We could stand to learn from that here in the States.) They want to be CERTAIN they aren’t convicting an innocent man, based on the wrong reasons. This isn’t a parking ticket. And they’re not releasing him to wander the streets or get away. I applaud the Peruvian government and judicial system, for loving justice more than revenge.


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