Paris Hilton’s Body Language in Her Latest Mugshot Shows Smug Smile, Confident All Will Turn Out In Her Favor


Paris Hilton who was recently arrested for cocaine possession is no stranger to arrests and  mug shots. But unlike her previous mug shots, this time she did a  her ¾ model like turn to the camera, tilted her head and gave a slight Mon-Lisa like closed lipped smile.

The smile spoke volumes. It wasn’t an overly happy excited smile with raised cheekbones. Instead it was a knowing smile. It was a smile that indicated all will work out for her in her favor  and that she really didn’t have a care in the world. It said “ nothing will happen to me and I will get away with this just like I got away with my arrest this summer at the World Cup Match in South Africa in suspicion of marijuana.”   


 How couldn’t it world out well for her? After all there was more publicity to keep her relevant and on the front pages of the news. Paris’  facial expression indicated that she did not have a care in the world. It showed confidence the confidence of having a  a high priced powerful and connected attorney  who will very likely be able to get her off of this charge of cocaine possession  on some sort of  a technicality.

 Unlike the average Joe who is caught with cocaine, unfortunately Paris gets  to thumbs her nose up against the system and most likely  walk away.

  Apparently in Wynn security cameras filmed the Vegas police searching her handbag and putting her under arrest inside the security office of the Wynn Hotel in after arrested with her latest boyfriend Cy Waits after being pulled over by cops who smelled marijuana. 

 Instead of being arrested right away, Paris was taken into the Wynn’s security office where — as the Las Vegas Metro police put it — “it was discovered that Ms. Hilton had cocaine in her possession.”  Then was she arrested.

Paris lawyer Vegas attorney David Chesnoff believes her  arrest captured on tape, could help her tremendously as he will claim it was an illegal search, in part because she was taken away from the scene to this other location. Chesnoff will also be able to take apart every single thing that happened during the search and arrest because he’ll have the video to work off of. 

So now there is a side show instead of the real issue of Paris having illegal drugs on her. Paris’ repeatedly claimed while she was being detained that the purse wasn’t hers.  While the purse may not have been hers, was the cocaine hers? Perhaps a fingerprint analysis could determine that.    



Paris’ latest beau Cy Waits was also arrested , But he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol where he could get up to a year in county jail.

But Waits’ also has a high powered attorney. His attorney  said “”As the case proceeds, a lot of facts are going to come to light that will ultimately lead to exoneration.”

 Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that justice is served and the message is sent out loud and clear that those who use and are caught with illegal drugs of any kind will have to suffer the consequences no matter how much money or fame they have.  


 As you well know from reading my blogs I am disturbed by young women who are in the limelight like Paris who exhibit bad heavier and are subsequently rewarded  for their  bad behavior with millions of dollars, television shows etc. I do not like the  message this give to our young women.

Young people need to know loudly and clearly that no matter who a person is or how much money they have, if they do something wrong they will be held accountable. They need to know that they  can not  get away with things. They need to be fully aware of the fact that they will not receive rewards for bad  behavior or illegal actions.They need to know that Paris Hilton cannot be an exception to the rule. They need to see that she is treated as anyone else who breaks the law.


 After Paris  spent only half of her 45 day sentence in a Los Angeles jail three years ago, she appeared on Larry King Live when she was released. On the show,  she said her jail experience caused her to re-evaluate the role partying played in her life.

Perhaps she needs  yet another jail sentence to help her further re-evaluate her priorities. Let’s hope that our young people don’t continue to get the message that  all is not equal when doing the  wrong thing and that there there is a different set of rules for the rich and famous.


2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton’s Body Language in Her Latest Mugshot Shows Smug Smile, Confident All Will Turn Out In Her Favor

  1. I’m expecting that nothing of real personal value comes from this. She’s been in trouble before and came out with minor scars. I suppose that if you have celebrity status, life is already different for you, i.e. Armanis, Vegas grand openings, and expensive cars like Bugatti Veyron are merely toys. But public opinion is also likely to give you more chances.


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