Tiger Wood’s Body Language Showed Extreme Sadness When Talking About Divorce From Elin As He Was Almost In Tears

 Unlike his previous initial press conference several months ago when his body language reflected that he was not very sincere in his apologies, Tiger Wood’s  recent press conference following now ex wife Elin’s post People Magazine interview, tells a completely different story.

It shows a very different Tiger- a sincere, upset, and extremely sad, reflective, and humbled Tiger.

Even though he tried to keep his emotions in check he was not successful at it. They  leaked out anyway via his body language. In the above photo as he says that he is going through a sad time you not only see the sadness leaking out of his face as he is about to cry, buy you feel his pain and anguish.


When Tiger  spoke he often looked down as it was often  hard for him to maintain eye contact.  This was especially true at the beginning when he spoke of Elin.

He appeared to be embarrassed and clearly shaken emotionally as he began to grasp the finality of the situation between he and Elin.


His eyes were puffy and there were uncharacteristic circles and bags under his eyes. It may be due to time he may have spent crying in his private moments.

No doubt, the lack of sleep during these trying emotional times may have  also contributed to these bags and darkened circles under his eyes.


  The most significant body language signal that tells us how a person really feels is reflected in their breathing patterns. 

 Tigers deep upper chest breathing and large exhalation bursts of air show that he was clearly upset. He was trying to gain control over his emotions though his numerous and obvious deep breaths but it wasn’t working.


When a person repeats words and phrases it often indicates they are uneasy about something. He was clearly uneasy as he spoke about Elin as he stammered ”  I wish I wish her the best in everything “ 

Right after he sai this he  took a deep breath to release the emotional tension he was harboring as he made this   emotional filled statement.

 He continued to stammmer and repeat words as he spoke of his sadness  and Elin, He repeated words and phrased , “You know it’s it’s a sad time in our lives. And you know were looking forward it out lives”


 The first time we actually saw Tigers eyes during his press conference was when he said “ As  far as practicing and my game is concerned that is secondary.” 

He looked up  as he spoke those words as he  was very sincere.Unfortunately it was too little too late as far as his now fractured family was concerned .  But it showed that this was the awakening of a different Tiger Woods.

It seemed as though he finally ” got it”  He  not only saw how his actions hurt his family , he felt it. He then spoke of ” trying to get our kids situated  in our new living conditions. ” As he spoke those words, he appeared to be forthright and serious as though he  meant every word in this statement. His kids and their welfare are clearly his  new priority.


Tiger has never been this fluent, fluid and open. It was actually quite refreshing to see a connected Tiger as he spoke of his   career. His tonal quality indicated that he  spoke from his heart

When Tiger said “ My decision in playing golf had nothing to do with  going our separate ways. ” he sounded believable. He then looked directly at the persona asking  the question, thereby reflecting  his sincerity as he  paused for a time to reflect on what he said.


When asked if it was a lost year,  Tiger said that he  didn’t look at it this way , he said that even though there were a lot of negatives it was actually a good thing because I leaned a lot about myself and how I could be come a better person .

He said something like that in his first mea culpa press conference, but  it did not ring true. At that time, it was awkward and contrived.But this time, he sounded very believable and sincere.


As Tiger said ” You dont go into a marriage thinking your going to get divorced” you can see him  shake his head no.  This indicates that his words were consistent with his thought.  


He was then asked” Do you have any regrets ? His reply was ” Certainly my actions lead us to this decision.”  For the first time Tiger  not only sounds believable, but his words and tone indicate that he  is actually taking FULL responsibility for his behavior.

 There is no rehearsed rhetoric or blame. Instead, he  fully owns it. It was actually humbling to see and hear .


He looked down as he looked very sad when he  reflected on his statement “ I made a lot of errors in my life and that is something I;m gonna have to live with.”  As he said this you could literally see that he was processing the full impact of these intense words.  The tone of his voice cracked a bit as this was  clearly a unique and emotional moment  for him.


Gone s the arrogant cocky self absorbed insincere Tiger. Instead, Tiger appeared genuine, hurt and extremely vulnerable.  He obviously  got what was important to him and no doubt he felt it for the first tome in his previously entitled life.

 It was a hard  lesson to learn and it cost him a lot, He paid the ultimate proce for his actions, the loss of  his beloved  family.  Maybe Tiger will be changed man from this.  Even with his recent losses, he’s already been the best golfer. But now his challenge is to be the best person he can be.

 He knows that he hurt and disappointed  a lot of people. Before his divorce was final these were merely empty words.  But  now, based on his body language and vocal tone, his words appeared  real and meaningful. .

Perhaps this is the start of our seeing a new an improved Tiger and the better person he strives to become.  



2 thoughts on “Tiger Wood’s Body Language Showed Extreme Sadness When Talking About Divorce From Elin As He Was Almost In Tears

  1. Hi Dr.Lillian,
    I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! And I check your blog daily! I have a request…would you consider writing up what you see in the step-mother of Kyron Horman. Step-mom was in court yesterday and the bio parents are having a press conference tomorrow.
    Thanks…I will be buying the book! 🙂


  2. I don’t understand why its so important for you all to see Tiger humbled. That is a word you used over and over. The only reason why you feel he’s arrogant is because he’s a phenomenol golfer and he doesn’t have to kiss anyones behind to be good at what he does. No one has said anything about DeWayne Wade and his wife. No one is calling for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be humbled. I can’t help but to believe its racial because Tiger cheated on a blonde blue-eyed white woman, Arnold is a White man so its no biggy. Dewayne Wade’s wife is a black woman. So the picture here looks as if it’s okay for a white man to be unfaithful to his wife or a Black man to be unfaithful to a Black woman, but heaven forbid a black man cheat on a blond haired blue eyed white woman, now the world has to stop and teach this arrogant brother a lesson. YOU Guys are jokes, not to mention pious hypocrits. If you’re gonna analyze someone spread it around evenly and stop singleling out people like one infidelity is worse than the other.


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