If” Pretty Is As Pretty Does”, Rachel Uchitel’s Not So “ Pretty” As She Alledgedly Reaches Out to Tiger Woods While Ex Elin Shares Pain

The other day I did a segment for CBS this morning’s The Early Show  on a UK website that caters to ugly people. The whole concept  of  a website that catered to “ugly people really  bothered me.  My take on appearance is  that ”pretty is as  pretty does and ugly is as ugly does”

As someone who spent the early part of her career treating people with severe facial deformities I saw early on how beauty was in the eye of the beholder and how physical appearance alone was not what determined whether a person was beautiful or ugly.

There is a lot more involved. In the CBS piece  I did, I cited research that shows that the way a person speaks, their voice patterns, body language and actions are integral parts in how people perceive other’s attractiveness. 

To me, if  a person acts ugly, they are ugly. Based on that view, this would include Rachel Uchitel.I am not  just talking about her distorted and overinflated lips or deadpan mono face  expression or monotone voice. While those elements don’t  appear to me to add to her physical attractiveness, what  makes her  ugly to me is her actions.

 Rachel Uchitel is the woman who initially told the press that she didn’t have an affair with Tiger Woods only to later reveal that she did indeed have a full blown affair with him- an affair that helped destroy his marriage. Rachel Uchitel is the woman who had an affair with another married man, actor  David Borenanz. Rachel Uchitel is the woman who a fellow Celebrity Rehab contestant’s wife has accused of having an affair with her husband Jeremy London.

Rachel Uchitel is the one who was going to sue Joy Behar, ABC and the View if they didn’t apologize for calling her a hooker when Joy made a comedic play on her name ’You ka tell she’s a hooker’. Rachel Uchitel is the one who sued a comedian for calling her a whore.

Her attorney Gloria Allred sent out a clear message that even if  you think Rachel Uchitel  is a hooker or a whore because she had sexual liaisons with married men and traveled around the world to see them, you can’t publicly refer to her as these labels because if you do you will get sued.

 But neither  Gloria or Rachel  can sue you for giving your opinion about whether or not you think her behavior is labeled as ugly.  

The ink on Tiger Wood’s divorce papers wasn’t even dry when she allegedly made the following statement  to a “source” about Tiger and his divorce as reported by Perezhilton.com

“I feel horrible for him. He loved her. But he was in love with me. I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me,” Rachel told the source. “I’d give up everything to be with him again.”

 If  this statement is true and Tiger did taker her up on her offer, I can imagine  that even more of the fans that Tiger has left would exit.

Uchitel’s ugliness of repeatedly getting involved with married men and being their mistress is evident when we see how her actions devastated Tigers now ex wife Elin Nordegren.   

After reading wife Elin’s heartbreaking exclusive  interview in People Magazine and reading about the excruciating emotional  she pain she suffered by being blindsided by Tiger and his mistresses like Uchitel, it makes you see the effects of both Tiger’s  and  Rachel Uchitel’s ugliness .

Apparently several condo or coop boards in NYC see her ugliness as well as it has been reported that they allegedly denied her acceptance into their buildings.  

The bottom line is” pretty is a pretty does and ugly is as ugly does.” So no matter how many Resytlne fillers you get to pump up your lips, extensions, or products you use to pump up your hair. How much waxing or working out you do, it’s all for noting if your actions don’t measure up. www.drlillianglass.com


3 thoughts on “If” Pretty Is As Pretty Does”, Rachel Uchitel’s Not So “ Pretty” As She Alledgedly Reaches Out to Tiger Woods While Ex Elin Shares Pain

  1. I so agree with you, Dr. Glass. I’ve known many people over the years whose looks have “changed” once I got to know them better. At first glance someone with not so great physical characteristics, once recognized as a warm, caring, fun, loyal, (and/or more) person becomes beautiful to me. The opposite is true, too. I’ve seen men and women who at first glance look VERY attractive until I get to know them. They become very ugly to me!


  2. you’re totally singing my song! its a lesson i am currently trtying to impart to my 2 older grandchildren-ages 5 and 7- that no one is pretty if they are mean!


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