Dr. Lillian Glass Tells The Truth and Never Lies About What She Sees, Including Kate Gosselin and Bodyguard’s Body Language

Oftentimes different magazine, internet,  and television show venues  will ask me what I think about a particular celebrity or newsmaker’s relationship. They will often present me with a series of photos or videos and ask for my assessment.

 Most recently HollywoodLife. com  asked me to comment on the relationship between Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard Steve Neild. I gave them my honest assessment based on various tells which I observed. This is only my opinion and my view. I did not  personally hang out with  Kate or Steve or witness their alleged coziness firsthand.

Apparently there have been documented reports of  physical sightings where Kate and her body guard have become rather cozy with legs touching legs. In fact the esteemed Huffington Post reported it.

I stated in the Hollywoodlife.com blog that that Kate seemed to fancy her bodyguard based on her body language. Steve, on the other hand continued to show professional decorum as you can see in these photos below.

Apparently,  the Kate Gosselin lovers  and fans on their  “Kate Plus Eight Gosselin Family Fansite”   were all up in arms and got their panties in a bunch stating that I made up lies to  promote myself and to insult Kate. This is not true.

In the first place, I do not need Kate Gosselin to promote myself. I have being doing body language analysis well before there was a Kate Gosselin in the media. As far as insulting Kate is concerned, it was never my thought or intention to insult Kate. I was merely describing my personal body language observations.  

Here are some excerpts from the  HollywoodLife.com article:

 We told you earlier that Kate and longtime bodyguard Steve Neild got cozy while vacationing in Bald Head Island, N.C. during the week of Aug. 9. A shocking eyewitness report from The Huffington Post alleges that the duo were sitting side-by-side, legs touching, on the beach!

Photo #1: “Her head is cocked like she’s interest to know what Steve thinks. He is kind of in control here and she’s not used to that. Look at her toe, they are in sync step wise, and there’s one foot where her toe is facing him — she really likes him. Her shoulders are a little rounded and hunched over meaning she’s being a little subservient. The fact that his hands are in his pockets shows he’s hiding something like he’s hiding what’s going on between them.”


Photo #2: “Look at the way she’s looking at him. It’s like he’s her man servant and she can yell at him. Her foot is directly in the back of him and she’s looking at him like she’s trying to control him and tell him what to do. Kate’s legs are spread wide which means it’s very casual and very very comfortable with this guy … overly comfortable.”

Photo #3: “With her hand on the hip it’s kind of like an arrogant and defiant pose. Her shoulders are rounded again and she’s leaning into him. The distance between them is too close like he’s trying to keep it hidden and professional, but she’s giving it away. It appears in this photo that she likes him more than he likes her with the way he is facing.”

Photo #4: “Her face shows that she’s very happy around him. You never see Kate smile. She’s a step behind him and there’s not a lot of distance between them. They are also in sync again and that indicates she likes him. Again, he has a hand in his pocket which reveals he’s hiding something.

 It’s definitely possible they are having an affair. She’s very comfortable around him.”


Notice that I said  the word “possible”, I didn’t say they were  100 per cent  having an affair , I said “possible”.

Whether you love Kate or not you have to admit that anything is possible, especially when people spend as much time around one another as these two apparently do, with reported adjoining rooms in hotel stays.

 I am not saying they are or they are not having an affair as I am not in their room.  But I will say that they do look rather cozy in my view.’’


As a result of this article many Kate supporters, didn’t bother to read what I said exactly but instead,  blindly went off half cocked. They looked at a headline which I did not write and made many comments where they tried to minimize my background and education  in an attempt to dismiss what I had to say in order to make themselves feel better.

So I decided to address and clarify  their issues so there would be no misunderstandings.

Being an open person with nothing to hide, I will address the  concerns and comments from the Kate loving fans  so they can rest easy.

  1. What I do in body language analysis has nothing to do with  neurolinguistic  programming. Body language analysis is both and art in having experience in knowing how to read others and a science based on research concerning specific behaviors which indicate specific meaning.

2. Kate’s alleged “pigeon toedness” that a commenter suggested was not a factor in  describing her body language tells with Steve Neild

 3. As far  as any comments I made  regarding the  Gosselin kids are concerned, when Jon and Kate were going through their split up, I was a proponent of their speaking with a counselor to help them with the transition, especially since the divorce was so public, ugly and tense.

 Kate even publicly  stated how it was difficult for the kids and how the kids were acting out at the time. I believed and still believe that seeking the advice of a licensed professional that specializes in treating children who appear to be acting out or undergoing stress, can only help a child.

4. As for my background, I am more than happy to share it with you. I am not a medical doctor – an MD. I  do have a PhD in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Speech communication. I also have a strong background in the study of psychology although I am not a practicing or licensed psychologist. I have a post doctorate in Medical Genetics  from UCLA where I was the only PhD in an MD program where I closely examined structures and behaviors related to specific genetic disorders. My training in this field has been  instrumental in terms of my developing my body language reading skills.

I have spent close to three decades doing communication and body language analysis not only for my clients in my private practices, but for the Hollywood community for various films and television shows,  as well as using my skills in the law enforcement and legal communities. I have also written numerous books on the topic and lectured around the world.

 5. As  far as being a Kate Hater is concerned, I do not hate Kate as I have said repeatedly. In fact, I  respect that she has numerous mouths to feed and has found a way to earn a living in the media to support her children. I believe that she is indeed very lucky to have a guardian angel like TLC to support her and her family.

 6.And finally, I have  discovered is that there are lot of Kate fans or shall I say “fanatics” who cannot bear to hear anything they may perceive as negative when it may in fact not be negative at all. To them, I say, take off your blinders and look at what” is”, not at what is the fantasy you created there to be.

 If  Kate is having an affair with her bodyguard, that is her business. Maybe they spent so much time together and found they had a lot in common. Maybe they fell in love. Maybe he fell out of love with his wife. Maybe he has an open marriage, Only Steve and Kate know this for sure. Like everyone else, Kate certainly deserves love.  As I said anything is “possible.” While it is possible that they are an item, it is also “possible” that they are just very cozy close intimate friends. Only time will tell for sure.www.drlillianglass.com


29 thoughts on “Dr. Lillian Glass Tells The Truth and Never Lies About What She Sees, Including Kate Gosselin and Bodyguard’s Body Language

  1. Eight-three million new people are added to the population of earth every year. The Gosslins are not celebrities in my opinion. Rather, they are stupid, selfish, and short sighted people who did not have a strong enough commitment to each other to have ANY children, never mind eight of them all at once and then subject them to abuse for money and the entertainment of the American public. Kate is just all about Kate and I don’t believe she will raise happy and well adjusted children to adulthood since she is not one herself. I see her life as a tragedy rather than a success worthy of praise. Even insects reproduce young.




  3. Well said! People who blindly support a woman no matter how much the cost to the mental health of her very own children are simply not using their brains. They either see themselves in Kate or wish they did. Either way, they are clearly as narcissistic as this Gosselin woman is. Blind support is always wrong.


  4. Anyone who has ever came across a “sheeple” or Kate “fanatics” already know how crazy and psycho these stalkers are.

    They will go out of their way to “dig” your personal info and post it all over the web.

    I’m starting to believe that most of them are living ‘vicariously’ though Kate. And a good percentage of them probably ‘ill”.

    The only thing they have to look forward to is “seeing Kate” on TV.

    That what they live for. Some even go as far as to “emulate” Kate Gosselin in every way. The only problem is, is that they don’t have 8 Asian looking kids to make money off of.

    So the closes thing they can do is print out the pictures of the kids and hang it on their wall. (BM). LOL


  5. Great article. I have always found you to be correct in your assessments. You know what you are talking about. I just wish the fans would not be as blind as they are. It’s really sad to see these people made every excuse they can for kate. Kate and the Body Guard are having some sort of relationship imo.


  6. The Jon bashers are so ridiculous, they don’t get how he’s been abused by Kate, so of course he has issues!

    jibberjabbers – try the ZiggyFlo blog for one of the most obsessed sheeple I’ve ever seen.


  7. The fanatics believe that a flaw pointed out in Kate, is a personal flaw in them also. They must in turn try to discredit those who do not blindly pledge Kate undying love.

    They are so intertwined in Kates life, they don’t know where Kate ends and they begin.


    1. That is to a point that they should take a break and really reassess thier lives and look at what they are doing. See my post below, this is becoming freakish with the supporters.


  8. Dr Glass, please beware of something……
    These people who complained have tracked down where a reporter’s PARENTS lives on Bald Island to GO THERE, to see
    if the pix she took for the aritcle on Kate are “real”. They went so far as to track down the info from tax rolls, Google maps and rentals on the island. I not only notified the reporter, but the police as well.

    What sort of “fan” goes THIS far to discredit someone. This is really stalkerish and SCARY. They really think they should run around the internet to “defend” Kate. Why? Why go this far. EVERYONE is entiitled to their own opinion.
    This is stalkerish AND WEIRD.

    This IS STILL the USA, is it not?
    Take care


      1. Well one day they wil go too far. And get hurt/sued or whatever the circumstances presents. If this person dares go on their property. Wow. Many things can happen.

        This is just really bad. AND scary.


    1. Linda & BM actually tracked down my information and called the police on me because I wouldn’t stop posting on the stupid blog. The police laughed and told me to tell them to call the blogging police.

      But the police were also nice enough to give me all of their personal information in case I should need it. Those two also threatened to blow up my house and I have the blog post to prove it.

      Bunch of freaking narcissistic imbeciles, if you ask me!


  9. This same fan that did all the research at Bald Head, last year posted the information that she called the school where the twins were going to find out for sure if they were registered there. This is definitely what is called stalking and it is why Steve was hired in the first place.


    1. Wow. These people ARE dangerous. Why on earth IF THEY ARE TRUE fans do something like that? To me that really shows imbalance.


  10. Thank-you Dr.Glass for standing up for yourself, like I had hoped you would. There are a handful of “fans” that truly scare me!


  11. It gives me the creeps reading to what extent Kate’s fanatic extremist fans will go to in order to protect someone who they really don’t know. She wouldn’t give them the time of day if they passed her on the street and while the fanatics tell non-fans they don’t know what goes on inside Kate’s house they fail to acknowledge that they don’t know either.


  12. Most anyone who is reality based has been labeled “haters” by Kate’s loyal fans/fanatics. The most interesting part of this to me is that approximately 99.9% of the mainstream media have been co-opted into believing that we are! The media’s coverage on this topic indicates that they have adopted the mantra of the hard core Kate loyalists. This lie has been consistently perpetuated on countless entertainment shows and in magazine and tabloid articles when explaining Kate’s necessity for a body guard or made up stories pretending that Kate is in danger from the “hater” fans. I find that remarkable and disturbing because even Steve has stated on Kate’s show that the “fans” behavior has been more of a real concern. So, thanks for living full time in reality, Dr. Glass and reporting on the facts using your highly developed and internationally respected body language analysis expertise.

    A Fan of Dr. Glass – I am very glad to know that you notified the proper individuals. Good for you!

    Just Wondering – Your personal experience is reminiscent of an episode of the Twilight Zone. Truly delusional and sick that they did this to you.

    The following comments by Original Linda speak for themselves, IMO.

    LindaOriginal said…

    Denise – I have finished my check of the tax rolls and cross-referencing them to rental properties on. Since rental rates are published and I was already familiar with BHI, that didn’t take too long. I then called up the map link on the tax rolls and cross checked again. Then I cross referenced with Google earth map views so I could view all houses around. There are trees in the way of Hall being able to see the house where the G’s stayed. The aerial/satellite maps also show the beach accesses. I looked at every configuration I could think of, and I can’t find a way that could have been blocked. On the end of the beach where they were, it’s a big beach and not so many people so can’t figure out how that could have disrupted anybody there. On the golf end of the island, and the marina end for example, the population is a little denser. I don’t want to embarrass the Halls, even though their daughter is a different story. To completely confirm, I’m going there for our annual girls’ weekend and I’m going to make my own photos. If doc says no to ferry ride which can be choppy, then I’m going to make available the aerial shots I have from when our place was on the market. People can draw their own conclusions then.

    LindaOriginal said…

    What I’d do if I were Kate: 1. Find a neutral location off property for the exchange , eg Police department parking lot, 2. Install a second gate 50 feet inside the first one and screen the inner section with trees and shrubbery. Exchange takes place inside the gate but still limited access. Friends in FL had double gated system in FL for UPS deliveries – they had codes to get past first gate but not the second one so entry was limited. 3. Have a designated place to meet with an understanding that if paparazzi were there, calls would be made for proceeding on to police station with exchange to take place there, or to library, or wherever. 4. A lot of trouble but I’d hire somebody to drive an empty van to a pickup point. Then I’d drive person car with kids – even to making multiple trips relaying them. There has to be some restricted area in Wernersville, be it courtyard hotel, parking, a neighboring farmers land, police, fire station, etc Hey! Fire Station. They have doors that close. Arrange to do the switch with doors closed and make a contribution to them or their benevolence fund.

    LindaOriginal said…

    There are solutions, just costly. Ok, here’s another. Buy an identical van. Have two vans leave, turning in opposite directions. Or have the vans swop inside a second gate; drop off van with kids, pick up empty van. Reverse the process the next visit.


    1. Nancy LOL I did see the post about the different scenerios of exchanging the kids, too. WOW. Someone did assume it was a joke, frankly so did I, and she quickly told them is was NO joke. GOOD GRAVY.


  13. LindaOriginal said…

    There are solutions, just costly. Ok, here’s another. Buy an identical van. Have two vans leave, turning in opposite directions. Or have the vans swop inside a second gate; drop off van with kids, pick up empty van. Reverse the process the next visit.

    LOL, what a freaking idiot.

    Buy another van just because 1 paid paps who are friends with Kate and Jon whom takes their photos?


  14. Thanks Dr. Glass.
    I don’t always agree with you but I find your blog fascinating.
    Please be sure to protect yourself from Kate Gosselin’s crazy fans.


  15. I would at the very least say that there is some kind of attraction between the two of them. I think Kate does seem to be more into him than he is into her. I could care less about them possibly having an affair, though – someone get these kids some therapy and off TV!


  16. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I always enjoy reading your insightful observations.
    I have often noticed that the Gosselin children appear sad and dejected. This past weekend there were some shots of them clinging to a pole, hiding their faces and looking extremely frightened although there was a bodyguard there to protect them.
    I wonder whether at some point you could cast your critical eye on these photographs and give us your trained opinion.

    Thank you so much,


    1. Dan
      With regard to your comment, I am indeed thankful for many things in life and express gratitude on a daily basis for my blessings.
      As far as your comment is concerned about my being thankful for Kate Gosselin because ” I’d be less known of it weren’t for her” I can share with you that I have been around well before Kate Goseselin was ever in the media. Therefore, I doubt that my public notoriety has much to do with Kate Gosselin.
      She is simply one of many people I have commented about with regard to my body language analyses throughout the years. I report on newsmakers from all walks of life. In addition I have appeared on countless top rated TV shows throughout the years and continue to appear regularly throughout the media. In addition I regularly appear in magazines and authored over 15 books. So that may very well have contributed to those who may be familiar with my work.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I wish you well.


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