Misty Croslin’s Body Language Says She’s Not Doing Well Behind Bars As The Shock of Reality Sets In

Misty Croslin recently made a shocking revelation. She told investigators her cousin Joe Overstreet put little Haleigh  in a black bag and left with  her. She said that she heard Haleigh Cummings screaming and  being attacked before she vanished, She also revealed that she was cowering beneath a blanket  with Haleigh’s baby brother.  If this is true then I believe she needs to get the harshest punishment for not relaying this information to authorities earlier.

As it is  now, Misty is not faring very well behind bars. At first she was terrified, crying, and whining all the time  that she wanted to get out. We witnessed her emotional outbursts  during her jailhouse tapes when she spoke at length  to her father and mother. Then we saw a  defensiveness  in  her jailhouse tapes where she blamed everyone for her being locked up including the officers who arrested her. Then there was belligerence where she old the media t o kiss her a**”

Now that she is off drugs and able to completely process the reality of her  situation, she has hardened.  Her eyes have a steely gaze to them. Her jaw is tight. She has a resigned swagger as she faced the judge and pleaded no contest. Her cocked head to the side indicates that she is not completely sure of  exactly what will happen to her. But she does know that the outcome of  whatever  does happen to her  as she stands in front of the judge won’t be a good one.

Gone is the slim pretty faced  long haired young  17 year old  whom we first met when Haleigh went missing.

Now  see a matronly overweight middle-aged looking woman with a hard cold stare and downturned lips. Even her hairstyle in a 1960’s flip is matronly. The physical transformation Misty has undergone is as shocking as her recent revelations about Haleigh.  Misty is unrecognisable from the Misty we  met two years ago.

Her obvious weight gain may be due to her getting off  drugs which may have previously kept her wirey and thin. Perhaps she has been given  medication  in jail which contributed to her weight gain. Perhaps the prison food, visits to the canteen,  lack of exercise. and   not moving around as much  has also made her chubby.

The stress of not being able to communicate honestly with anyone has also no doubt affected her. If what she recently  admitted to investigators is true, then this was a horrible burden for her to keep to herself. It no doubt must have haunted her and still does.

Then there is the stress of knowing that  not one, but both of her parents are now behind bars. Now there is no one to visit with her. There are no more long jail visits and conversations  with her papa or her mamma because they are in the same boat she is in.

Reality has set in that it will be a very long time before  she will be able to be with her family as she once knew it.

Finally, there is the stress of realizing that she is not going to get a light tap on the wrist. Instead,  she knows that she is going to spend the best years of her life behind bars.

 She won’t be able to come and go as she pleases. She won’t be running the show like she did with her parents and her friends.  She won’t be able to have a boyfriend or have  sex or even have kids.  She may have even realized that  by the time she does get out of prison she will be too old to start a family of her own.

 Misty’s recent revelations about what happened to Haleigh were obviously made public in the hope that she would get a lesser sentence. I hope that this is not the case. 

For all we know this may be another lie. Maybe she had something to do with Haleigh’s death. Maybe Ron himself had something to do with it.  Maybe she called on Cousin Joe and brother Tommy  to get rid of the body so she could make it look like a kidnapping.

I am still haunted by the 911 call. Something just doesn’t add up, especially with regards to Ron’s behavior.  To me, Misty’s behavior always revealed “tells”  that indicated she knew a lot more than she was saying.

If she did hurt Haleigh and kill her as Haleigh’s birth mother suspects, Misty should  never see the light of day.  On the other hand, if  what she is saying about cousin Joe is true , and  she didn’t  alert authorities until now, that is a good enough reason as far as I am concerned to never her see the light of day again. www.drlillianglass.com



7 thoughts on “Misty Croslin’s Body Language Says She’s Not Doing Well Behind Bars As The Shock of Reality Sets In

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass, another spot on assessment…

    Misty had 19 months to tell the truth of what became of HaLeigh. Now that she is facing 240 years in jail, she wants to come clean??? Sorry, she doesn’t get a free pass.

    Since she was HaLeigh’s caretaker at the time of her alleged abduction, why didn’t she fight ferousiously to help HaLeigh? She and her brother Tommy, both could have overpowered cousin Joe. How does she know what Joe allegedly did if she was cowering under the sheet with Jr.? (Not to mention Jr. doesn’t mention about his sister screaming. He told of the man in black and the couch bouncing)…
    She should have called 911 immediately, if not sooner, when this allegedly occured. I think this young girl, who will now mature behind bars, will be ridiculed and possibly beaten for what happened to HaLeigh in prison. She’ll have a hard time, that’s for sure..KARMA!
    How many “tales” has she told? Unless she can come up with viable evidence, such as precious HaLeigh’s remains, it will just be another tale. She must have evidence to back this new story but either way, she shouldn’t get any “deals” with the trafficking charges, for this should have been done what it this first occured and not left to linger for 19 months…JMHO
    Yes, she has aged in these few months and looks remarkably like her mother. Who also looks decades above her chronological age…this should show people, to stay away from illicit drugs…JMHO

    Justice for HaLeigh!


  2. Thanks Dr. Glass for that empowering comment on Misty. I have never ever thought that Ron WASN’T a part of the disappearance of Haleigh. There is no proof that Ron couldn’t have done this horrible thing to his daughter before he left for work. Leaving the dopped up gang to handle the disposal of the body. His lament and crying which we saw on t.v. was as fake as Misty is. Those were no tears but a put on for the public. “How could you let my daughter be stoled’? Ron’s rather bad english remark on the 911 call. Well he was in constant conversation with her from the time he left work at 2:30 am. Why on earth is she saying she was asleep. Why wouldn’t she have told Ron on the cell phone? Why the timeber block. What was the cover suppoed to do but make it look like a kidnapping. What was the purpose of Joe Overstreet going to accomplish by killing Haleigh? If anything Joe was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What is this about a machine gun? That came out on Nancy Grace last night? That’s the first time I have heard there was a MACHINE GUN!!!!! If that’s the case where is that gun? Ron should be able to prove it was indeed a machine gun. Then that would co oberate Misty’s new found story. Why on earth would she be cowering under a blanket when she could have run for help? Why didn’t the little boy scream or say he heard his sister screaming? Sounds way too fishy a story for me. Something’s definately hidden and not come out yet. Haleigh is likely buried and will never be found. They all should rot in hell.


  3. Why does she deserve the harshest sentence possible?
    She was 17 when this incident and is now 19 and has had to live through this nightmare.
    Was there really a need for her to be shackled she is in court what is she going to do i mean really
    I hope some leniency is shown 240 years is absolutely ridiculous everyone makes mistakes.


    1. She needs to be held accountable for not telling anyone about Haleigh until now in an attempt to save herself from a harsher sentence. This little innocent sweet girl has most likely died at the hands of someone. Based on all that we have learned, Misty knows something yet she has repeatedly lied and now is spinning some other story which may or may not be true. If it is true and she withheld information that an innocent child was tortured and was screaming inside of a black bag and didn’t try to stop it or report it, there certainly was no mercy or leniency for little Haleigh.Why should there be any for Misty?


      1. Misty has to had live with her herself and her actions up until now.
        Regardless of the outcome into the investigation she has and will continue to suffer the consequences of her conduct and behavior.
        She has to live with her actions for the rest of her life and she is only 19.
        This tragic incident is already basically a life sentence for her and her whole family.


  4. @LLROCKS… Tell ya what, you go take Mistys place & we will let her out okay??? Still wanna let her out? You are prob some crack head like the rest of the family…..


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