Montana Fishburne’s Body Language Show’s She’s Enjoying Getting Back At Oscar Nominated Daddy Laurence Fishburne For Igoring Her

When you look at the above photo of  Lawrence Fishburne and his daughter Montana back at a Martin Luther King event  in  2006 when she was around 15, you can see that Lawrence is not paying much attention to his daughter. She doesn’t look that thrilled in this photo either,  as she looks down. There doesn’t appear to be that much of a connection between father and daughter.

Then on closer examination of the two at the same event, you can see how she appears to be looking at her father for some attention or some recognition or some acknowledgment.His shoulder is out  in front of her and she is in the background in her father’s shadows. If he took his daughter out to his event, you,would think he might smile a bit, look over  at his daughter, embrace her,  or show her off a bit as a proud father.

While no one knows for sure what the relationship was between father and daughter while Montana was  growing up,  perhaps these photos captured the essence of their relationship- distant.

If this type of  energy was captured in a photo four years ago, it makes you wonder how much attention Laurence paid  to his daughter in her early life.

If  he was  distant to her or ignored her, is that why she is now coming out as a porn star? Is it to get back at daddy and finally get his attention by publicly embarrassing him for all the  times he didn’t pay any attention to her?

After looking at her body language during her interview with E!’s Guiliana Ransik, it was clear that she was getting some enjoyment at rattling  the cage and finally getting her Oscar nominee and well respected actor father  to notice her.

Apparently, her father was said to be so rattled by his daughter’s porn debut, that it was reported that he unsuccessfully  attempted to but up all the videos of his daughter from the production company, Vivid Entertainment.

When Guiliana asks Montana is her father was upset with her, she lets out a lough laugh and a shows a huge genuine smile, complete with raised cheeks, squinted eyes and lots of teeth, She is clearly thrilled that she made such an impact on her father to the point that he got upset. The fact that he actually showed emotion towards her no doubt thrilled her.

You can then see a big smile on her face as she says that it is hard for any ” any dad to see his daughter like that.” He smile shows that she is no doubt pleased at this.


In this photo Montana relays that she has had communication with her father but not about her porn video. As you can see she back away and does a shoulder shrug.

This is often  indicative of someone who may not be telling all or telling the truth. She also raised her eyebrows and purses her lips at the same time which indicates that she doesn’t want to say more because most likely she knows what she said is not the case.

It is hard to believe that a father who tried to buy up all of his daughters porn videos would not have a few words with her about the subject. If they communicated, it would have most likely been before he knew about her upcoming porn  career. If they did communicate after he knew about the porn video, I am sure they did not just  discuss  the weather. Frankly, I imagine he was so upset with her that I  doubt they communicated at all.

Then the truth comes out as Montana admits that she and her father are not on speaking terms. You can see that she suddenly has a serious facial demeanor. She backs away and  also turns her shoulder away which may indicate her  upset  at the situation.

Then Montana gets more serious as she says that the reason he is upset about her actions is because it is his reputation and that they are linked together. As she says this you can she lens forward and  that her shoulders are rounded and her  head is bowed and she looks up as she speaks.

This is a signal indicating embarrassment. It is a kind of sheepishness as deep down she knows she has caused her father embarrassment. She in  turn, feels  a bit embarrassed  herself in that she created this embarrassment for him . She knows her power of being linked together as father and daughter and used it in an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

In an interview with TMZ, she said

I heard that he’s mad at me, but I haven’t spoken to him yet,”I feel pretty confident that I can work things out with him. I think he wants to support me in everything I do, and though he sees this now as a negative, I believe in time he will view it as a positive.” .

She can dream on. Laurence will never support her action  after she appeared in a hardcore pornographic video with the tagline “An A-List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut.” How could this man who has worked so hard hos entire live to develop such a stellar reputation in show business, ever see his daughter’s move as positive?


In my view based on Montana’s comments and actions indicate that she may be  self entitled and expect things to be handed to her. She said that she was  eager to break into Hollywood and become a star like dad, but doesn’t realize that to become a star like her dad takes a lot of work and a lot of paying her dues something she was not willing to do.

Perhaps she expected dad’s help to get into show business and he ignored her .  Perhaps he told her  to find another profession. Perhaps he told her that she needed to do the work and pay her dues like taking acting classes and  starting off in smaller roles and working her way up. Whatever the case, she decided to capitalize on his good name and go into show business anyway.

She took the fasted route towards fame and notoriety BY taking off her clothes. She saw others do is so she thought, “Why not?”


In fact she looked at  Kim Kardashian as  a role model in terms of how to make a name for herself. But what she didn’t  get is that Kim did not intentionally release a porn tape. It was allegedly leaked and she as a reluctant porn star, not a willing one like Montana. She naively says:

“I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape,”I’m hoping the same magic will work for me. I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it.”

This statement clearly shows how misguided  her thinking appears to be. The only reason Kim Kardashian made it is because of her dealings with Ryan Seacrest and having her own reality show with her sisters and her family. Unless Ryan Seacrest or anyone else offers her a reality show, then she is going nowhere. For many, it might be a curiosity at  first it to see Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter having X rated sex, but after that,  unless she has  unique and special talents and skills, she is just one of the many porn stars who will come and go.


Montana’s father isn’t the only man who’s attention Montana was trying to get.  Currently she is being investigated for allegedly roughing up her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.

In fact she was was arrested in February and accused of breaking into the woman’s home. Forced her into the bathroom and repeatedly bet her. Even though she  pleaded not guilty to simple battery and false imprisonment,she  may be facing on additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing.

Apparently this is a very troubled young lady. We will never know  how she became so troubled. We will never know whether she felt neglected or unloved by her father while growing up or whether she was spoiled and over indulged. The bottom line is that she needs to get her father issues  sorted out if she wants live a healthy and productive life with self respect.


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