George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language and Facial Leaks on Today Show Reveal They May Believe Casey Killed Caylee But Cindy Still Spins Blame On Others

The above photo reveals  Cindy and George Anthony’s  body language and facial expressions  as  their immediate response to the question by NBC reporter Carey Sanders “Does that mean that you have considered the possibility that your daughter Casey killed Caylee? That Casey killed Caylee?”


Even though they talk the talk and try to defend  their daughter Case , body language wise  George and Cindy Anthony are not walking the walk . Both George and Cindy Anthony’s facial  expressions appeared to  leak out the truth  about how they  really feel  about Casey murdering Caylee when they were asked  blunt and to the core questions by NBC’s  Carey Sanders.

George’s resigned bowed head and Cindy’s shut eyes and pursed lips say that they most  likely may  know the truth deep down as to what Casey may have done to Caylee.

When George  stammers I don’t I don’t  want to believe that my daughter hurt her daughter and then  takes a big sigh and he looks as if he is about to cry as he looks in Cindy’s direction, to me it says it all. It says that he feels the pain as he knows very well what may have happened to Caylee.

But before George showed signals of  being genuine and knowing the truth, George showed signals of deception. He said   I want my daughter home . That would be would be great to have my daughter home. But  what is very  telling this in his statement, is he made this statement as if he was asking  a question with upward inflection at the end of the statement.

Facial language wise as you can see, his eyes are opened wide and eyebrows raised and his head is  cocked as though he was questioning his own statement.

George  knows very well Casey will never come home just like Caylee will never come home.When he says that it would be great to have his daughter home, he says it devoid of emotion and in a flat monotone. This is further evidence to me that he in no way thinks it would be  great to have his daughter home.

Even more telling is his signal of deception- the tell tale shoulder shrug. As he says That would be great to have my daughter home, you see George  immediately shrugs his shoulder. This  indicates the opposite of his statement that it would be great to have his daughter home. His body language is revealing his true feelings about Casey.  He clearly doesn’t want a daughter home who accused him of sexually molesting her.

Then, he  quickly  transitions to another thought which seems to be more realistic as he speaks the truth.  He  he bows his head down and in contrast to his previous statement  makes an emphatic statement  by saying in a rich tone ” “ But then again, we want to see this through”

George then lifts his head and in a confident tone says We’ve always wanted to find out what happened to Caylee, no matter where the road or the path takes us,”

George clearly knows what” path it will take us”. It will take us on the path of finding out that Casey may have very well murdered his beloved granddaughter which will take Casey on the path to life imprisonment or lethal injection.


To me, the above photo says it all. George contorts his mouth in an angry jaw projection while pursing his lips at the same time. This indicates that he is angry and can’t say anything else as he looks at Cindy with an angry furrowed brow as he knows what she is about to say is complete spin. He clearly does not believe what is about to come out of  Cindy’s mouth  and  his disdain has clearly leaked out in his in his facial expression.

When a person can’t give you direct eye contact, it shows that they have something to hide or they don;t believe what they are saying. Cindy looks down as she begins her spin to protect Casey.

I am  convinced  she is doing all of this spin  because of the immense guilt she must feel for her role in all of this. Remember it was Cindy who told Casey that she would throw her out keep Caylee.  That is no doubt what  must have sent sent Casey over the edge .  Cindy  no doubt knows that if she wouldn’t have been the catalyst for this,  Caylee might still be alive.

She  also no doubt, feels guilt over their awful relationship. When your own daughter is afraid to tell you she is pregnant and when she cannot tell you that her own daughter is missing or that something happened to her without your having to punch a pillow or choke her like Cindy allegedly did with Casey,then something is terribly wrong. Cindy clearly knows this and hence the spin.

So to assuage her guilt, she spins and spins and spins. Even though her words says one thing, her vocal tone, cadence,inflection or lack of it, and body language and facial expression say what she is really thinking.

She begins with “It’s a fine line here “because the prosecution is attacking Casey. They’re supposed to be doing justice for Caylee. That’s why I’m so emphatic that they need to look at every little thing.”

Her wide eyed wild look shows her desperation. It is her attempt to reach out and blame like she tried to do since the beginning in her attempts to throw innocent  people under the bus like  Amy Huizenga, Jesse Grund,  and a fictitious Zanaida Gonzalez .

Then Carey Sanders bluntly replies” They say every little thing points back to your daughter.”

Cindy was  not expecting that question  as her vocal muscles tighten up. She  doesn’t  know what to say to that. So she creaks out tones that are known as glottal frys where she is unable to speak with vocal fluidity. She also speak very slowly and very deliberately in an attempt to gather her thoughts as she spins.

Her body language and facial expression indicate that she is taken aback, She cannot make eye contact as she initially  pulls her head back and looks down. She continues to look down and mouth words and repeat herself as she spins her tale about there being no fibers or no hair. As she said the world “hair”  you really hear the glottal fry or creak in her voice.  When you hear that consistent glottal it is often an indication of deception where the person knows what they are saying is not the case at all.

Cindy sounds like a junior detective talking about hair fibers,  lack of evidence, DNA and fingerprints as she looks down as she mentions each of these words. She knows what the biggest evidence is- the duct tape but doesn’t mention that.

She speaks slowly and deliberately  as she is on unfamiliar territory and you can actually see her formulating her spin in her mind as it comes out of her mouth full of glottal frys. Perhaps Brad Conway  or someone else  coached her  on what to say in order to raise the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Casey.

But the real question is why is Cindy going on the air and pleading her case in the media?  Shouldn’t that be done in the courtroom?


74 thoughts on “George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language and Facial Leaks on Today Show Reveal They May Believe Casey Killed Caylee But Cindy Still Spins Blame On Others

  1. dr glass, well put article.

    I think that Cindy is guilty of pushing Casey to far, however ,if she did not help hide or help Casey then she has nothing to fear. But all of her lying and deseptive actions speak louder then words. Every parent ants to believe that their children would never do what Casey has done. It is time to tellthe truth..They need to stop listening to Bozo he is leading them down a path that is going to dig a ditch for them as well as Casey. jmo


    1. They are both crazy like their daughter. The kid never had a chance. Look at Cindys wild animal stare look . And George black eyes like a grey alien that has no motion to tell the truth or feel anything. They feel no guilt and feel above the law like their daughter and son.


  2. dr.glas ,thanks so much,this family makes me so sick!
    looks like she want justice for casey and not for caylee!and all this lies,guess cindy study forensics now!LOL


  3. Question: But the real question is why is Cindy going on the air and pleading her case in the media? Shouldn’t that be done in the courtroom?

    Answer: Because she’s attempting to taint the jury pool with information that will never make it into a court of law.


    1. Agree Mrs Norris. She is playing with the law. She’s going to be going on the state’s side in my opinion because I believe Baez is setting his client up to blame Cindy for Casey’s actions and get the death penalty off the table. He is going to claim Cindy drove her to it. That’s my opinion of course, but it seems clear she’s already begun the process of throwing George a few hints and her disdain for her mother is more than obvious.

      No jury on this planet will find reasonable doubt. Just a lot of unreasonable crap coming from Cindy. It’s sad and a lot of sick! This is not exactly the Shawshank Redemption going on here. I believe Casey is mentally challenged, but Cindy is a darn liar.

      Remember the jail visit when Cindy told Casey there was a $250,000 reward out for Caylee? Her response to that was, “That’s half my bail?” She was furious! Cindy loves to poke at Casey. She wrote of her good times with family and how well Lee is doing. She loves to torment her. This is the sick dynamic of her relationship with Casey. She may have truly drove her to do what she obviously did.


      1. Jo, you have got it completely right! Cindy is completely snide to Casey and veils it with professions of luuuuvvvv. You see through it and so do I. Cindy despises Casey and I believe it is mostly because Casey is so much more attractive than Cindy and Cindy is JEALOUS of her own daughter and has been all along. A jury might not be able to fully understand all this..but it would definitely be sellable in mitigation. Cindy thinks she can fool everyone with her big luuuuvvvv campaign. I’m not buying it one iota. She is like the mother in law across the street in “Everybody Loves Raymond”…she is a master manipulator, martyr and control freak. Casey KNOWS that Cindy is loving all the attention she is getting and she knows that Cindy loved Caylee far more than she ever loved Casey.


  4. (Good Job Dr. Glass) I watched these two foolish parents this morning on the Today show also. I can’t find a thing wrong with loving your child, for good or for bad. However, it would be better if they stayed off the airwaves. They are too subjective and continue to make fools of themselves. If they stood back and looked at this saga like they are not her parents, they’d know she killed that beautiful little girl. Cindy is a Chinese fire drill. Running around in circles getting nowhere. Of course there were no finger prints; the remains were in water for months.

    They’d both be better off to show their grief at the loss of two people they love, and say nothing more. The jury might give them a break and opt for a decision for, Life in prison. Perhaps the killer could become a human being with some regret, and gain some integrity (however late) as the years pass and they wouldn’t have to bury her. I see that George is not is as much denial as Cindy. He even accused himself of being in denial.. he stone knows what happened to Caylee.

    It’s apparent that her pleading the case in the media is desperation. She’s throwing everything she’s got against the wall to see what sticks. But, she’s wasting her time because her daughter and her attorneys are going to blame her for all of this. The courtroom is going to become her Waterloo. (As well as George’s)

    Thanks Dr Glass. You’re right on!


    1. They are getting paid and making big money.

      They don’t care about Casey they know she is guilty.

      They need the money and Cindy get’s all the attention she craves.

      She was jelous of her daughter and Kasey was also jelous of Caley.

      Every time you see Cindy sitting next to lee her hands are together or on his leg.

      She sits up against him and away from George.

      She is a control freak she seems to be jelous of lees girlfriend .

      Look at the pictures when she sits next to Lee and his girlfriend she acts like the girl is steeling him away.

      Lee reminds me of Cindy with the fake devious personality.

      I do believe Casey was molested and the mother would cover it up.

      And just tell people she was crazy to cover for people in the house.


      1. June 2011, She may be jealous because of the alleged sexual advances and alleged acts by George upon the daughter. I can see that as a reality but then can you believe anything that this narcissistic sociopath Casey says. I recently devoured 2 books that scientifically reveal a great deal about sociopaths like Casey. I would say her parents are also sociopaths to a degree as Dr. Glass points out a few tendencies in that direction.
        Guess that is where her daughter learned it. Cindy is able to pop out of reality behind religion and that in itself is a sign of sociopathic tendencies.
        on her suspension of belief via religion.
        “We Have Met the Enemy” by Daniel Akst/2011 and ‘Incognito’ by neuro scientist David Eagleman
        Casey Anthony’s ears, believe it or not ,have been found by many studies to be common for murders. Small and forward bending.
        Dr. Glass I am certain you will be able to reveal why Casey squirmed so today when the prosecutor pointed out the lock on the screen door leading to the patio and pool. /May 28, 2011 /Cindy testimony.
        This expose was fascinating .Thank you.
        I am finding it difficult to read anymore about this horrible 2 generations of parents in the Anthony family.


  5. I know the Ant’s say they did not get paid for this appearance, but WHY does ABC keep having them on TV? All that comes out of their mouths are lies, and they know exactly what happened to Caylee. They got a special deal to save their home, which many others didn’t get, and deserved it much more than this lying, murdering family did. They know that how they raised KC, and all they let her get away with, has led to the murdering of this precious baby, so the entire family killed her. I wish all the TV networks would just ignore them and not let them spew their lies every couple of weeks.


    1. The TV networks know this is a human interest story. That always sells. Its about money. Didn’t’ I turn it on? But it was a shallow endeavor. I agree with you. Caylee’s sacrifice was valuable in some way. I just don’t know what way as of yet. Perhaps to show the world what walks on it?



  6. Cindy talks about fingerprints? There was only ONE fingerprint on Casey’s car…after “two men pushed it into Amscot” per Casey’s claim…after Casey ran out of gas two times and put gas back into it…after it was put up on equipment to be towed to the tow yard…after George put gas into it at the tow yard…after Cindy opened the doors and trunk to examine and clean when George and Cindy got the car home from the tow yard. Wow. Think about it! Somebody made darn SURE this case lacks fingerprints. As Jo says above…we wouldn’t expect fingerprints; at the dump site itself, to remain after evidence was under swamp water for months…so why does Cindy even bring this up at all? No hair? There was a hair with a death band on it in the trunk. Does she mean no hair stuck in the duct tape? Well…I guess Caylee put the duct tape on herself then because NOBODY’S hair was stuck in to…how does this make Casey innocent? It must make everyone on earth innocent by Cindy’s way of thinking! Cindy looks very foolish defending Casey who is a grown woman. Casey is no longer a child who needs Mommy to make endless excuses for her which is one of the ways a person like Casey is created. Caylee was the child but obviously not the favored one.
    The prosecution is not “attacking” Casey. They are just a group of intelligent people who won’t put blinders on when it comes to what Casey’s all about. Casey is not the first sociopath they have encountered. They understand Casey in a way that George and Cindy never will. The prosecution is seeking justice for Caylee and they followed up on all the leads…real AND contrived. Casey was given ample time to tell the truth and she chose to tell one lie after another which is not what an innocent person would do.
    Not once did Casey ask the prosecution or the police to,
    “Please find the real killer of my baby.”
    Cindy and George never thanked Mr. Kronk for finding their precious grand daughter either.
    This family is oblivious to the way people really behave…they don’t have a clue.
    At least they didn’t pull up their tops and show us their tattoos…and George seems to have “lost” the diamond earrings for the moment.


    1. Yes! You’re right on and thanks for the info about the car without prints. I didn’t know that. That’s concerning because if they had an idea that Casey was innocent, they’d have wanted it to contain a stranger’s prints and not wiped it clean. Notice Cindy mentions no prints and none of any one’s in the family? That’s a little too much information wouldn’t you say, Dr. Glass?

      The hair comment was a brain mishap too! She forgot her edit button this morning.


    2. They understand Casey perfectly.
      *They knew the minute they smelled the car what had happened and began immediately to cover her tracks (cleaned car as best she could & washed Casey’s pants that were in the car) BEFORE calling police
      *They knew she was a pathological liar & had bailed her out over & over when she stole money from people.
      *they know Casey is a liar like Cindy, violent like Cindy, feel distain for the rest of the world, like Cindy. Casey is lazy & Doesn’t want to hold a job like George, is promiscuous like George (apparently)
      They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but THIS apple could still be on the tree.
      Cindy & George fully comprehend the true situation. They have never been holding on to the hope that Casey didn’t do it. But Cindy is the BOSS in that family and Cindy’s sense of guilt from having provided the trigger for Casey to go ahead and carry out her plans is what’s driving her to these lengths. I don’t believe she loves Casey at all For Cindy, the only person who counts in this is Cindy, and she wants to stop feeling the pain of guilt, doesn’t give a d__m about Casey.
      The perfect punishment for Casey AND Cindy would be for them to be on house arrest, forced to live with each other for the next 25 years.

      As Peter Hyatt at
      says, Something people don’t think about much is: Cindy knows this is a death penalty case. She was eager to throw others under the bus (Jesse Grund, Amy) to save Casey. That means if she had the opportunity she would have AN INNOCENT PERSON TO BE PUT TO DEATH that makes her a murderer in all but the dead. Casey & she are the same.


      1. jeannei, very, very well said! You read those people perfectly! What a terrific opening statement at trial! Bravo!


  7. Dr. Glass…thanks for this article–and so fast! I am on the east coast so this interview hasn’t even been aired yet! I applaud how you are keeping this in the forefront and keeping the Anthonys feet to the particular Cindy’s.

    I may be the only person on the planet who feels sorry for Casey–but I do, because this Mother should win a prize for THE most manipulative, controlling head case of a person I have ever seen in my life. My own Mother was quite a bit like Cindy and I can tell you from first hand experience that Casey’s actions and non-actions are a result of the crazy-making atmosphere that Cindy provided. No doubt Cindy has told Casey what a screw up she is over and over and over peppered with a little approval generally for Casey’s looks. It is no surprise Casey is disassociating and completely co-dependent.

    I could not agree more with what you wrote about how Casey was afraid to tell Cindy she was pregnant and also afraid to tell her Caylee “was missing” ..Cindy is a tyrant who pretends to be all ooey gooey when it suits her. She makes people into enemies or saints, there is no inbetween. It is tragic that Casey had to do away with Caylee in order to get Cindy’s loooovvve.


    1. Sure thing about Dr Glass’s obvervations regarding Casey’s fear of Cindy. I do recall her saying at some point, “My mother will never forgive me for this”, then left the listener hanging as she did in so many of her jail house letters to her pal.

      “Crazy making” lifestyle is a good way of putting it. I have no pity for Casey. However, she is definitely a victim in many ways. I save my pity for Caylee, who didn’t have a chance on earth to live as anything more than a trophy, as I’m sure Casey always was because of her looks. So there is room for pity for Casey, I suppose. Dr Glass, you said it best when you said,

      “I am convinced she is doing all of this spin because of the immense guilt she must feel for her role in all of this. Remember it was Cindy who told Casey that she would throw her out keep Caylee. That is no doubt what must have sent sent Casey over the edge . Cindy no doubt knows that if she wouldn’t have been the catalyst for this, Caylee might still be alive”


  8. Media tour, next we’ll see Baez with the same. They have no defense so their best defense is to attack anyone, anything as long as they point away from Inmate Casey Anthony. Cindy Anthony seems like a fool, she knows her own daughters capabilities or she wouldnt’ have threatened to take Caylee away and seek custody.
    Cindy just told on herself. She feels she and Inmate Anthony are cut from the same cloth, so if she couldn’t harm Caylee than neither would Inmate Anthony. NEWSFLASH..seems Cindy is also sociopathic but Inmate Anthony is more developed. This is all about image, family image that Cindy has tried to hard to maintain this out of a fairy tale family but Cindy is living in a fairy tale. She feels something happened and Inmate Anthony panicked, so, in essence, she knows Inmate Anthony is responsbile and yet will forage on with contradictions to taint that jury pool and create serious doubt. Only the prosecutors have investigated every angel. Those false Caylee sightings all arose from fraudlent psychics. As long as they said, Caylee was alive, they held onto that dream. Cindy always tells on herself for her contraditions are within every sentence. She needs to stop lying to herself and face the facts. The true facts not one she’s fabricated.
    George and Cindy need to be aware that they will come under fire for Inmate Anthony’s rearing. The family dysfuction will be aimed at for mitigation purposes. As Jose Baez will implicate innocent people, he will no doubt in my mind, implicate George and Cindy. Watch that train George, it’s heading straight for you.
    I still feel, Inmate Anthony, at the eleventh hour will change her plea to guilty, for IMO, the evidence is strong against her in spite of what Cindy touts..Inmate Anthony shows much distain for her mom and I can see her changing her plea just to cut more into Cindy’s heart…May God be with this family when that guilty verdict is reached.

    Justice for Caylee


  9. Cindy, in control as usual, is using the media AS SHE ALWAYS HAS! She has done so much damage control, that a potential juror can not ignore. It is amazing how these two adults represent themselves, and I hope they crawl back under their rock after Casey is sentenced!!


    1. No, Venice. Cindy doesn’t have control which is why she is racked with guilt. She can’t get Inmate Anthony out of this one, as she’s done her entire life.

      Inmate Anthony is in control and Cindy can’t stand that. Inmate Anthony holds all the cards.


      1. Yes, you are very right!! This mother/daughter relationship is so sad, and poor Caylee should have never been exposed to it!!!


  10. As for Cindy’s comment no evidence:
    Mother of allegedly abducted child never calls 911 to report this.
    Parties hearty for those critical 31 days while she makes excuses as to why Cindy or George cannot “see” Caylee.
    Caylee’s remains found with her blanket (which BTW, Cindy never told the authorites was missing) all evidence found with Caylee’s remains link right back to the Anthony home.
    Human Decomp in Inmate Anthony’s vehicle, which Caylee laid there for 2.6 days
    DNA evidence showed either Casey or Caylee’s hair had that death band, Inmate Anthony told the female bounty hunter, well, I’m still alive….
    DVD’s show 6 prints are Inmate Anthony’s, none from the phantom “nanny”
    False Caylee sightings all originated from fraudlent psychics
    Caylee was found 1/4 mile from the home she and her mother resided in…in filicide, the mother will put their child in a womblike tomb within 5 miles from home..

    I’m sure there is more but this is off the top of my head from reading the documents and watching media interviews.
    Cindy Anthony needs some mental health, lots of mental health. If she still believes Caylee is alive, who’s memorial did she put together? Who’s remains do this family wear? Why did they get tattoos memorializing Caylee?

    All this is doing is helping the State get that guilty verdict. As Cindy spouts her nonsense, little does she know, she’s helping the state aim that needle straight into Inmate Anthony’s arm.

    Justice for Caylee


    1. Linda Rose yes! She sure is driving that needle into Casey’s arm! Well said. I wonder if she can help herself?

      “Hate hurts most, the one who hates” said Elbert Hubbard.


      1. Thanks Jo…no Cindy should stay quiet but doesn’t have the ability to. She must control the conversations surrounding Inmate Anthony. She must change the publics perception.
        I believe, in reality, she’s showing why Inmate Anthony may have taken Caylee’s life. If she calls her own child a pathological liar and a sociopath isn’t she cut from the same cloth? She drove the train right into Caylee by being the controlling, vile, hurtful, demeaning, demanding mother who IMO, was verbally and mentally abusive. She needs to let go. Inmate Anthony is an adult and is repsonsible for her own actions. This one, Cindy can’t fix. She should have taught her child responsibilities and there are consequences for bad behavior. Not cover up for her. She needs to beg Inmate Anthony to come clean, tell what she’s done. Then beg the judge for leniency and mercy come sentencing time. For no juror will get past that critical non alerting authorites for 31 days..JMHO

        Justice for Caylee

        Justice for Caylee


  11. I don’t see Reasonable Doubt rising here at all! I doubt it will rise anywhere else either. What I see is a good number of books being written, lots of money for the Anthony’s, a million TV appearances for those two, a lawsuit or ten, a long range of appeals, a divorce, and the myth of immortality taking a bow.

    They’ll be keeping busy while Casey rots in jail. Bella Vita! She’ll outlive them both.


  12. Cindy should probably think twice before insisting that the investigators look at everything. Does she not realize that she, Cindy, is the last person actually seen with Caylee by anyone other than the family?


    1. Thanks Chica and I’d love the link for this.

      George or Cindy will never make it as an advocate for victims, no one wants their help.

      Cindy would not provide an article of Caylee’s when EQUUA Search came to look for her yet she can give a known allegedly fraudulent sensitive a teddy bear of Caylee’s. Cindy contradicts herself at every turn. When they showed up at HaLeigh’s memorial (poor child still not located) and Ronald Cummings asked them to leave, Cindy had the nerve to tell the media, he shouldn’t have turned away help. Yep, Cindy and Inmate Anthony cut from the same cloth!

      The mother of Casey Anthony admonishes Cummings for turning down their aid. “To him I say: You made a mistake,” she said. “When your child’s missing, you can’t turn anyone away.” Cindy Anthony even dares to give herself credit for netting Cummings national media exposure on the night his daughter disappeared. “We had just got back from [Caylee’s] memorial,” she says. “We hurried up and made phone calls, desperate phone calls, to people. That was a day I should’ve just been home worrying about myself.”
      Read more:


  13. the only thing these pathetic excuse for grandparenting !! are doing is validating what the public actualy thinks of them. I have no doubt that casey will get sent to the penn!! and with the help of her family. I have to reflect on Rick Plaseas (cindys brother) attitude towards them and his openess about the dynamics of that family. I can just see him turn green !! purple and more like the incredible hulk when he sees them on t.v
    because he knows what they are about. they arent fooling anyone they are damaging their daughter.
    I think that casey having baez for an attorney is perfect-0!!
    he will surely add a few nails to her coffin with his inept skills. I have no doubt that casey will never walk free!! never eat mommys homeade chili! never drive a car, use a cell phone or computer! never enjoy all the fine things in life that her former friends are enjoying. their lives go on !! her life is over as she knew it once. Even her former men will all move on have healthy lives have children, build their careers and hers is over!!!!


  14. Ok so I am disgusted!! I just want Justice for little caylee. This year she would have started school, like most kids this time of year! there are the exciting fun things like buying new school clothes new backpacks and supplies!! making new friends !! which is something I dont hear to much of caylee doing. I dont think she was allowed to interact with many little one’s her age. That is totaly no ok!! nor is it normal. her little life was spent being dragged around by her mommy from party to party man to man!! poor little caylee had to get her own breakfast because mommy was sleeping off a long night out!! it was all about casey than
    and now its all about casey now. why isnt anyone sitting behind the prosecution in defense of caylee!! no one there to show support!!

    Dr. Glass I love your site and thank you for keeping us up to date on your thoughts as to the body language of these idiots.

    god bless you for all you do.


    1. I think that Cindy’s brother should sit behind the prosecution for Caylee. Someone from that family should do it!! But no one wants to hurt Cindy or Casey. Why does the ENTIRE family tiptoe around these two? Someone, PLEASE sit there for Caylee!!!


  15. cycloneIam

    your so right casey is a carbon copy of cindy! now cindy is trying to look like casey with the long hair! two personalities so identical. two evils.


  16. I still have a smattering of respect for George. At least he seems resigned to the fact that there are indeed things to “find out”. Cindy, on the other hand, is completely invested in reinventing history to match whatever fantasy she has conjured for what won’t reflect too badly on HER. George seems to understand that he can’t bend the facts to be more appealing. It is just Cindy saying that the forensics are flawed blah blah blah.

    Did everyone notice how far apart Cindy and George were from eachother? Cindy did take George’s hand..but not the other way around.

    I like how George said something like “we want to see this through”–OKAY I can have respect for THAT..but, Cindy–if you are out there reading this please understand that your goodie two shoes act is not flying! We know that you would LIKE it if the forensics were wrong–but seriously….don’t you understand that you are trying to create a new reality? Your daughter was responsible for Caylee’s death. I personally think it was likely due to a neglectful situation (one that “snowballed” per George). Why don’t you see that there is far MORE humiliation in orchestrating the huge gyrations that you do in order to fit your square peg into a round hole? I wonder why you feel you are so much smarter than allll the police, allllll the FBI, allllll the forensics experts, allllllll the lawyers, alllllll the judges and allllllll of the state of Florida? WHY?


    1. Yes, Sag. This marriage will not survive, IMO. I believe after this trial George and Cindy will split.
      He is truly being weighted down and has been emasculated for long enough.
      I still have a glimmer of hope within George to stand up and be Caylee’s voice and do what’s right. I do hope he will especially after being accused of molestation. JMHO

      Justice for Caylee


      1. I do believe if it weren’t for the comforts of “Priviledge” in being married, that these two probably wouldn’t be together. They know as long as this goes on, the only ones they can talk to about it are eachother and the investigators can’t touch those conversations. I do feel in my heart and mind there is so much more info that these two could share, they watched Casey and Caylee interact, they all argued in the home, there were probably things said and done that would fill in alot of the missing pieces of the case… JMO


  17. i am a registered nurse with a background in psych- i have been following this case since its inception-the delusions is it an act i am embarassed for them-however the pathology is loud and clear-please lee or mallory -oops or someone help this storm of self destruction-but then again maybe this crazines will put an end to it all-cindy cleaned everything and wonders why there are no fingerprints-george thinks a blogger that wrote to casey should volunteer for a soup kitchen-maybe with george not working he could go to a soup kitchen–brad conway you are a fooll


  18. Did anyone see HLN tonight they had a full hour of the casey drama. The anthonys IMO did a poor job of convincing the viewers!! to the contrary they flunked it biggtime!!
    I agree with the poster that stated that the Anthonys are on shakey ground in their relationship. Evidenced by the distance between them on the couch. It was cindy that grabbed georges hand. I think it was very telling that goerge answered the question
    does if he believe his daughter killed caylee! he said something like I dont want to believe she did and right away cindy jumps in to do damage control. these people are doing their daughter and the defense no Justice quite to the contrary they are helping the prosecution. I am 1000% sure casey will not walk out of there. Oh and they made a stupid comment like!! casey will get out of jail and help with the foundation!!! these people are too much. I sure wished cindys brother rick was still posting! he believes casey did it 1000%!!! I am sure. He has said he believes her guilt. who the hell do they think they are fooling not the viewers its almost OVER KILL!!!


  19. The only way GA and CA separate and divorce, is if CA leaves GA, or throws him out. He does not work, he has always depended on CA to support him and the family. I don’t know if CA can get a job after this is all over, as she has proven she is an idiot, and who would want to hire her. IMO, they will have to stay together, if they separate they will lose their home, and neither one of them will have a place to live.

    If you stop and think about it, what kind of life would Caylee have had if she had not been murdered? She would have been raised by the same ppl who raised KC, and she would have turned out just like KC.


  20. the truth is casey killed caylee to spite her mom in a wild rage.
    if casey was to get out of jail WHICH WE KNOW BETTER!!!
    the anthonys would have to sleep with their eyes open. you dont fix a family that dysfunction that easy!! trust me there would be alot of venom spilled because casey is casey and cindy is cindy!! cant keep their mouths shut. Casey would be in full party mode. During the interview cindy mentioned moving out of state if casey got out! and the anthonys would continue to work the foundation with caseys help!!!
    isnt that a hoot???
    and as far as george goes he is living off of cindy and has no where to go but clearly you see the rift between them. Cindy henpecks all the men in her life including conway!! conway jumps when cindy says jump.

    I dont think they realy want her home but have to make her think that they are supportive!!! they want her sent up they know the truth their body language speaks for itself. cindy claims religion but is still evil and vindictive!! I think she should of been held longer under water when they baptized her!! till theire were bubbles coming out of her nose and eye balls speaking of balls george has none!!
    what she may realy need is an old fashioned exorcism first tie her up with the same duct name they used on caylee!!!


  21. so cindy says caseys a good mom or was and how do you explain this
    cindy and casey got into a very heated argument, which turned physical and Cindy started choking Casey,” Grund said. He said he was told this by Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother
    is that why she killed caylee ?? OH I think so!!


  22. I just read all the comments. People are angry about this family. We know much more about them than we should. If the Anthony’s stayed quiet and endured the tragedy in private, no one would know much and most would have sent a prayer when the news came out, and soon forgotten about these people. Bloggers do not need prayers, as Cindy promised she sends them. There would be no bloggers if she didn’t attack the human race for her family issues.I do understand her loyalty to what’s left of her family, but courage needs no defense. Courage is not self flagellating dissertations on national and international media. Courage is quiet and selfless. The word “love” and the word, “God” are not words kind people throw around like old socks. These folks are disingenuous from start to finish.

    It is amazing to see how difficult it is for Cindy to answer a direct question. She is trying to control all the public conversations because she either cannot answer or won’t let the question live for a millisecond. And, speaking of publicity, Mark NeJame is correct when he responds to their accusations that he and others are looking for media attention. with, “the irony is rich.” They have said this about so many, including Judge Strickland. Shakespeare would have responded well to that with his adage, “Thou dost protest too much.”

    Observing this saga is a lesson in psychology for sure. Getting angry with these people doesn’t do it for me. Learning the result of narcissistic parenting and control is what fascinates me about this case. Cindy Anthony is a classic narcissist and no matter how hard she tries to gain positive popularity, she’s already shown us her teeth. This woman is not convincing. In the uncut version of yesterdays interview on the Today show I saw her true colors, and they were edited out. When asked about their daily lives, she spontaneously smiled! She and George talked about the “lynch mob” outside their home driving by, taking pictures on a daily basis. She likes that. Obviously! She seemed to think it was funny, while George thinks those spectators have no heart. Maybe he’s right, but the reason for the interest in getting pictures of them or their home is their own display of self importance. Cindy likes to attack the public, but she doesn’t know she inspires the public constantly to react. Or does she? She is feeding the bloggers

    The victims in my opinion are Casey and Caylee, mostly Caylee. I’m of the opinion that this is going to be the premise for her defense. Not to say that Casey should be granted her freedom, or even forgiveness for this unforgivable act. But I can clearly see the cause and effect of the dynamics in that house. Sad, yes. Mercy? Perhaps. Innocence? No way.

    As for Casey’s accusations about George molesting her, I’m not sure Casey can tell the truth about anything. Why would anyone believe her about that? There is only one truth and all of it will come out in spite of Cindy.


    1. JO
      Very eloquently said. What do they think that the people that drive by their homr or hang out out side are the papparazzi geez their not stars at least not in our eyes.


  23. Dr. Lillian Glass
    Thank you for your professional opinion!!!
    Great comments here!
    JO – I agree with you. The Anthony’s are certainly not helping their daughter. Just shush!! Well, we all know Cindy does what Cindy wants to do, and in the end, KC will put the blame on her big mouth!!!! Way to go Cindy!!!


  24. actualy!!

    we should all be glad that the anthonys are doing what they are doing and also baez!!
    that is whats helping seal caseys fate. incompetent counsel and flakey parents. flakier than dandruff!!

    let em continue as is !!


  25. I see death as a transition. I don’t believe anyone dies, or goes in the ground to rot. I don’t believe we burn eternally for our sins. I believe we cross over to a place I like to call home. It is beautiful there. And there is no pain, no tears, just peace. All sins are forgiven and there is no hate. Here on earth is where we are stuck in our human jackets with all our imperfections and because of that, and nothing else, (speaking strictly for me) I wouldn’t want to see Casey Anthony die too soon. It’s much more uncomfortable where she is. I hope she stays in her cell for many, many, many years.

    Have fun in heaven Caylee! Bless your heart angel!


  26. Tainting a potential jury pool is exactly what is up w/ George and Cindy and their “oh, poor us” appearances. It sickens me.

    Yes, Cindy was and is a master manipulator down to her eyeteeth. She is furious that she is pulling strings hard and is not getting the result she wants. But would she really want the demonic Casey out of jail and on the loose? I don’t think so. It is an act. Right now she is just attempting to manipulate the public opinion of her own family.

    I agree that little Caylee looked very much like Cindy. That probably endeared the little girl to Cindy and not so much to Casey. One look at that little girl, one thing she said that reminded Casey of her own manipulative mother and Casey may have decided to hurt Cindy the best way she could, through the baby. Cindy could fight back if Casey tried to kill her; obviously the 2-year-old could not.

    Jose is fighting a no-win battle here, but that is what defense lawyers do. He has a terrible hand that was dealt to him, but he picked it up and he is going to play it through for the publicity, for the money he can make from a book later, and for other reasons. There is no question that he is sharp enough to have figured out his client is a monster and is guilty.

    Cindy and George underestimate the intelligence of the public since I see them trying to paint and repaint their daughter and themselves as victims here. We see through them. The ladies and gentlemen of the jury will see them all for what they are, and although they can only give the death penalty to Casey, they will no doubt be sentencing George and Cindy to a very long sentence of their own.

    This was a baby, an innocent 2-year-old, who was used by all these people for their own selfish and sick reasons. But Casey alone killed Caylee, in my opinion, and Casey should receive the death penalty. She would thrive in jail. She can adapt to any environment in which she finds herself. I pray she is not given a chance at life, but finds herself in the hands of those more powerful than she could’ve imagined.


  27. Sag- I think you may be on to hitting the nail on the head. While I don’t think Cindy was jealous of Casey, I think they obviously had a rocky relationship due to Cindy’s controlling personality/mental health issues. I think Casey was a disappointment to Cindy (didn’t graduate high scchool, lived at home, got pregnant, didn’t work.) Mind you, I think Cindy created the monster Casey was. When Caylee came along, Casey probably loved all the attention she got for her cute baby. She was able to live at home and have her parents help raise her child, while she could still go out and have her fun. It has been reported that Cindy was the first one to hold Caylee after she was born, not Casey. Whether Casey was ok with that, I am not sure, but I do think Cindy sometimes viewed herself as Caylee’s mom, seeing how she cared for the child. At Caylee’s memorial service Cindy said she had 3 children, (including Caylee.) Seeing how her parents and friends showered Caylee with love, attention and material objects must have irked Casey. Caylee was clearly very loved by many, (as she should be). I think with the Anthony’s treating Caylee like their daughter, made Casey feel pushed out of the spot light. In addition to this as Caylee grew older she got cuter and cuter, which again also made Casey jealous. As a result of Casey’s irresponsible behavior, Cindy threatened to kick Casey out and her and George would have custody of Caylee. To me this pushed Casey to the edge. Losing custody of Caylee would mean her meal ticket would go away. I believe Casey viewed Caylee as a possesion and was angered that her parents would kick her to the curb, but take her child and provide a nice life for Caylee. What it boils down to is the motive of jealousy and retaliating back at Cindy for showering Caylee with attention and taking the mothering role, while Casey must have felt Caylee was loved more. JMO.


    1. I don’t think Casey was jealous of Caylee, nor do I think Cindy was jealous of Casey. I think Casey didn’t have a choice but to live there because Cindy knew Casey was too incompetent to take care of Caylee and refused to risk embarrassment, so she debilitated her and forced her to eat from her plate. By the time Casey left, Cindy was exhausted and even appreciated the reprieve. Once she collected herself she began to want them back. Casey hated her mother for the above reasons and there was nothing that would destroy Cindy or her hydra-like heads more than to take Caylee away from her permanently. Destroying her was the motive.

      As for Cindy’s love for Caylee, I think Cindy is incapable of loving anyone. She’s a simple minded narcissist and control freak, nothing more. Having the pretty little token (Caylee) worked for her. Casey and her lifestyle did not work for her. She was messing up the curb appeal of her faux family.

      Just my opinion. I could be off by a mile, but I see it that way.


    1. Thanks FRG!! Looks like Jose is declaring war on Conway, Cindy, George and NeJames. He has to be angry with George for saying. “Sometimes I question his tactics.” So decided to UN lawyer him by filing a motion against Brad Conway accusing him of getting special privileges and making him a witness for the defense. We all know that Joe’s team was offered the same rights to view the 4000 docs as Conway was. Conway claims he has no choice but to walk away from the Anthony’s. Hmmm.. interesting!

      But Conway threw Jose a few sucker punches aye?
      Notice in his answers regarding the lack of jail visits he said, the defense team was working along with Casey?

      What next? This case is almost better than anything Dennis Lehane could write!


  28. JO
    Yes, it was interesting that Conway stepped down… but who can blame him? To have to put up with delusional Cindy is not an easy task. LOL
    If you like the twists and turn of this case you may like to check upon this website, it is great, Valhall has all of the discoveries and scientific releases in her blog, very organized, the discussions there are amazing:


    1. FRG! Thank you. I’ve read that site and you are correct. I admire val, she’s great! I’m wondering what attorney will take the Anthony’s on. It’s going to be hard to find one that will get his feet wet in this case. Is Jose vying for a mistrial?? I think so.


  29. JO
    KC in one of the times she was out on bail she told Tracy that JB told her she would have a mistrial or some to that effect, and that was back in 2008… well, in my opinion JB is in it for the glory, he is pathetic!!!
    Did you watch JB and CM presser yesterday? Meaningless!!! Judge Perry has changed nothing, his ruling on the TES records are exact the same as before, why call the press conference? Jealousy that Conway was on the Today Show.
    Take a look and see for yourself:


    1. Hey thanks FRG! I was just reading the val blog. Interesting and brilliant folks. Looks like a few legal Beagles posting there! So nothing’s changes since yesterday re Perry? Hmmm.


  30. George and Cindy are also financially living off the murder of their Grand-daughter Caylee! Another reason why she defends Casey,( even though she know’s Casey is guilty) to ease some of the guilt of all the blood money they have ,and will continue to make off a precious, innocent murdered little girl!! DON’T KNOW HOW THEY CAN LOOK AT THEMSELVES IN THE MIRROR, OR SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!!


  31. Hey Jo You asked Dr. Glass to do her thi9ng with the Tim Miller int. I’d not seen it before so thank you. I’m not trained like Ms. Glass, but I’ve read enough of her stuff to maybe take a stab at it. His eyes stay open all the time. He never looks away for more than a second to collect his thoughts; not because he’s thinking up a fabrication, but to refocus. He’s obviously upset with the scamthonys. He interupts himself sometimes … dunno what to make of that. He seems open and honest to me using the things Dr. Glass writes about as my guide. That’ll be a 12-pack of bud bottles for the analysis.


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